The Loft is Open

I decided to declare the loft open to the public. Feel free to come visit and photograph. Find it here.  This is a continuation of the previous post, so if you missed that -- by all means scroll back :D.

Same new release from Ducknipple; just a couple of clicks of the hud and you get a whole new look.

The wall and floor art in the lead photo (and more) is part of a new group gift from [we're CLOSED], a really fun shop.

The -JoHaDeZ- (Sim 7) Sideboard "forgotten tres" is available at the Home and Garden Expo. It includes many choices of decor panels and lots of poses and animations (couple's included).

Items from Atelier Visconti (Sim 4) give a homey touch to the open living room.

The rug is from La Galleria (Sim 3)

 (click for larger photo)

The new modular kitchen from Trompe Loeil (FaMESHed) works nicely in the kitchen.

The paris loft is available at COLLABOR88 but hurry.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: STATUS

Black and White and Red All Over

Earlier in the month I showed the the Paris Loft (rainy day version) from Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88.  As we near the end of May, I have completed my decorating. A tour is in order. There was no deadline; I took my time and enjoyed the journey. Almost everything in the loft is new, many items from the Home and Garden Expo. Two items just out for The Challenge (this month's theme is industrial - warehouse) completed the look.

The architect's drafting table and accessories is from Follow Us. 26 prims in all, it comes in four parts (helmet is separate if you are a gal) that you can adjust to your liking. With great details, it is indeed a winner. 

I love the Pipe Lamp from Kuro, one of my new favorite stores. It comes in either black or gray and goes exceptionally well in the room, b e c a u s e - - - -

there are coordinating items from the same store close by *wink*.  If you missed the earlier post, the chair and lamps are also from Kuro and the bookcase is from Second Spaces (Home and Garden Expo). The art is from a hunt awhile back. The very cool dresser will be out at the Arcade tomorrow from Trompe Loeil. All together it makes an arty work area which I love.

My outfit of the morn is made up of two new releases from Ducknipple, the Campi top and Imker skirt. These play quite well together with just a tiny bit of a bow string falling into the drape of the skirt. I can live with that. Color and pattern hud of course.  While I normally where a S size, that was a bit too small for me on the top. I was very pleased to note that the deformer size fit better than the M; so progress is being made on that front it seems.

Last up is Silvia, a very pretty hair from MINA for Numerology, an event -- not a hunt as I suspected. It starts the 1st. This is a very cute and casual style that moves well with the body. I love the little clip which is texture change and can be invisible. There are two styles in one pack (I can't tell the difference but I am sure Mina can). Both natural or two tone colors are available.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: BehaviorBody aDORKable

A Change of Seasons

May has been a super busy month for me -- maybe for you too. June is filled with promise with lots of great new venues changing the guard. Of particular note it The Challenge for designers, with this month's theme being INDUSTRIAL. Some outstanding items are coming in and I am very much looking forward to showing them to you. Also soon to come is a new round of The Arcade. I am not a gatcha gal, but even I will be journeying over this time when the crowds cool down. There are some outstanding things including some machines that I would be happy to have any of the items -- that works for me. At the top of my personal list (some things I have you see *wink*) is variety of games form Second Spaces. I would CHOOSE the backgammon, but all look good.

There are some good looking hunts on the horizon including Numerology (sorry, not a hunt - an event :D), Cookie Jar 2nd Anniversary and The Silk Road. Watch for info on those blogs. Join the Historical Hunts group to get the list of shops.

My outfit contains newness as well as some freeness. Both good. My new hairdo which I really like is an upcoming release from EMO-tions (Saturday). Look for Ellen.

My outfit is the Midnight prize (actually two boards) from Sakide. I tapped them as I was picking up those great bikinis yesterday. Notable is that the top comes in many sections even though mesh. So the buttons, tie, and cuffs are all "add" items. It works really well -- for me anyway. I think fitting might be an issue with the top, but certainly worth a try. It is very nicely made. The skirt runs large.

Speaking of The Arcade, this pose and flowers (different colors for different poses) will be the offering from aDORKable.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: aDORKable at the Arcade in June

Big Little and Short

I went on the Little Big Hunt this morning. It is short and if you don't lose the trail (no URLs) and read the hints you will be in good shape. I found many of the prizes, but not every one. Had to pick a vendor from the list and follow the breadcrumbs, but all in all it went well. It is a short hunt and it ends tomorrow. So haste is the word of the day. There are lots of great gifts, only a few shown here. So I suggest you do all the hunt. For the most part this is an adventure for the gals. There are a few prizes for guys and some for petites.

First up a set from SS (# 13).

It is easy to see this is the "little" end of the spectrum. This mesh bikini set comes in standard sizing with three colors to choose from. Find it at Sakide and be sure and check the midnight board and lucky letters while you are there.

Not exactly my style but very nicely made, this Naughty pink top hales from Razor (#10). The skirt complete with various sizes comes with a texture change hud that is very easy to use. Find it at PurpleMoon Creations.

My ladybug adornment is from long, long ago :D

And with that, I give you a fashion and hunt post. Yeah!

Poses by: Vista Animations and Diesel Works

Preety Preety

Coming up -- a post on the Big and Little Hunt which ends tomorrow so speediness is a necessity. And indeed this lovely long gown which features a subtle flowered jacquard pattern on the lower skirt is an item from that hunt.  Find it at Sassy.

I was extremely happy to have something with which to pair this necklace and earring set from lassitude & ennui for TLC. There are many colors, gold or silver metals and demos available.

If you like feminine and posh, these items are for you.

Poses by: Diesel Works


This post is in part a story of items already mentioned, but before we get there -- let's talk about the HAT!  

New from Eclectica, the 'Flora' Sunhat offers almost infinite choices. First you have a choice of hair or no hair, then hat colors, then flower and trim colors -- well you get the idea. I have no idea what the actual permutation number is, but it is a big one. I went for pink tones to go along with my new landscape. From there I added a dress by Ducknipple which of course had a pink choice in the hud (love those huds).

Now while we are here at this shot, let me start my story. A few days ago I showed you some flora from Forest Feast (Sim 4), a veteran in the flowers department. They are lovely. Later when I journeyed over to the blogger platform from Home and Garden Expo to see what newness may have arrived, I found myself with another box of flowers. Bleary? A bit. Long hours this last week for sure and it is hard to remember what you picked up and what you did not, even when you aren't tired.

Anyway --- I opened the box and pulled out some things to find newness. Now I am guessing it wasn't really newness, just me missing something the first time around. What I found was a really nice set of roses that have an extensive hud with many choices. Best of all, you actually get three different kinds of Wild Roses. You can choose pale pink with greenery, just greenery or rosehip (what you see here). You can also turn bright on and off (handy if you live in a "no bright allowed" sim), choose glow or not and how much, decide on transparency etc. The bushes are also mod so you can make them larger or smaller as needed. A great value on many fronts.

Now back to the hat.

There are a variety of basic hair colors in a short 1920ish style.

You could of course wear the chapeau with your favorite hat hair, but I am a pragmatic gal (a tired one at that) and I liked this nostalgic look.

The tall rose bush in the background is also from Forest Feast. It goes really well up against the mansion I showed you yesterday from La Galleria (see yesterday's post for more info).

Another "if I would have known" backtrack concerns the new pavers from Barnesworth Anubis (Sim 2) for Home and Garden Expo.

I saw these at the Expo, thought they looked well-made and classic, but I didn't try to use them.

They are SO EASY!!!!  They fit together effortlessly with little thought or planning needed. They also resize to much larger without increasing the land impact. So I made a large entry patio for 7 land impact.

So take a second look at these. There is just ONE paver piece and it fits amazingly like a puzzle -- again without any complex thinking. I really can't wrap my head around how he did this, but it works. 

Poses by: aDORKable

Let's Talk

So I looked for an "outtake" to go atop this "Strawberry's being nosy again" post *wink*, but alas there were none. It may seem like I am avoiding fashion of late but honestly I am not getting much fashion arriving in my inbox. So, I blog what comes my way.

There is that mesh thing and not everything fits or looks good. It would be a disservice to feature non-fitting attire. We saw too much of that when mesh was new.

On the upside there are some great hunts starting in a few days, plus SL10B (my plot is already filled and waiting with goodies to pick up).


This is for Berry's communication meme.

  1. Who did you speak to last inworld today? LaPicean, somewhere between mentor and boss.
  2. Who has taught you most about SL? No one person really. I read a lot and get much of my info from tutorials and forum post and the like.
  3. Who do you turn to for help? The SL Forums which are filled with some very wonderful and helpful folks. 
  4. Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list? Chandra as she often makes me laugh.
  5. Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL? I had RL friends that joined SL before I. I still talk to one of them daily.
  6. Are you part of a community or family inworld? No, I’m not. Loner. Worker. Mad creator. No time for family. What can I say?
  7. Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? Alone, at MOSP these days. Often on my building pad gazing at the somewhat clear skies.

Through My Window

One of the most striking and prominent builds came late to the Home and Garden Expo Party.  We'll skip the dra-ma report and simply say "Welcome"!  That means if you zipped over on opening day, you really want to return :D.

La Galleria (Sim 3)  has a striking home to show you, the San Marino House .

It is opulent and grande (yes, with an "E") with some outstanding details. There are four versions in the pack (two sizes and two styles of balconies). There is an option to rez a front patio (partially seen here) at the entrance or a simple stone pad. Click the doorframe for a choice of options. The rear patio is spacious and perfect for very classy entertaining. A huge box of accessories is included; a backyard pool with patio is in the list.

As I typed that last sentence I remember that I actually had tea (the English version) in a home very much like this in Barbados, West Indies where I lived for awhile. I didn't hang out with too many of these folks, but now and then serendipity took me into Upper Crustville, and trust me -- it is there *wink*.

Indeed this mansion would feel right at home there with the glassed doors and open plan.

There are furniture sets to accompany the build or to go into your existing home.

Many details and accessories are built into the house.

I took many more photos but you really need to see it for yourself.

The prim count as you would expect is in the high range spanning the 330 - 397 range without additions.

I was so impressed with this house that I took up some vehicles at MOSP in order to have prims to rez. Look for it in the Cherry Blossom Romance section.

Skin: Izzie's - Asia Skin tanned
Outfit by Ducknipple
Hair by Amacci

Pose by: the furniture


I have to admit that while I am fairly literate I didn't know the word "dystopic" until it appeared on Cajsa's sim list long ago. Actually, while I remember the term as dystopic, it may have said dystopia(n) as that appears to be the correct term -- so sayeth Google and Wikipedia and they of course are the authorities.

I always assumed dystopian was a post apocalypse cousin. It seems that while it can be, it ain't necessarily so. That If A and B then (maybe) C logic thing.

Anyway, this leads me to my post of the afternoon (where did the day go?).

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  (Sim 7)  released the Voronoi House at the Home and Garden Expo. Now I admit that I opened and rezzed the house a few days ago. I really liked it but I was also puzzled. With big points for departure from the norm and low prim count (25 with decks), I was having trouble putting it into a category. Now of course there is no reason TO DO that, but just me.  Then I saw a post on this house from another blogger. It was dark and sepia toned and for whatever reason it was a light bulb moment.

For ME, the Voronoi house is a perfect sci-fi, dystopian, post apocalypse abode. I love the industrial strength leaded glass walls. The light patterns are fantastic.

So, it is being added to the barren landscape of the SAND area at MOSP.  I definitely feel like I could be in an outpost in Tatooine :D. I will be modding this design some and happily that is fairly easy to do. It is a LONG build in its default size and would need a fairly large piece of land. But I found it was very easy to size down as a whole or take off the back deck etc. So many options are available to you. I will mostly be roughing the wood up a bit so that it looks less sleek and spiffy and more desert dweller.

Let you imagination be your guide.

My outfit isn't new at all and isn't even an outfit but bits and pieces of older items that I had great fun styling into my role play attire.

Hair from Discord, Goggles from K_gs, clothing from EMO-tions and ExXeSs, Boots from CARGO on the Marketplace.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Bits and Pieces

A quick late night post with a couple more Home and Garden Expo items featured.

It was a fun afternoon all around catching up with friends and  taking some snapshots. This is a staged photo -- I shall not lie. It was taken in hopes of getting the Machinima Open Studio Project into the destination guide. I will keep my fingers crossed. You just never know.

Part of the reason for showing you that shot was so that you could see the environment where the new Second Spaces (Sim2) Industrial Baker's Rack will be living. I just loved it, but not having a bakery I was scratching my head with where to put it. Well all those hungry crew members go through both food AND plates. So this works and adds extra ambiance to the scene.  At only five land impact, the nicely designed mesh is a deal!

I also wanted to show you this super fun Toon Town set from RE Blueprint Designs (Sim 8). Now I don't really expect a lot of folks in my audience to be in need of this set, but it definitely brings a smile and it is one of the most original builds I have seen in awhile. Clapping for the creativity.

That's my late night post. More tomorrow.

On the Water


The hunt at the Home and Garden Expo is going well -- judging from my transaction history anyway :D. There are some great items to be found for sure.

The PRIME prize is a couples raft that includes some nice animations with adjustments and swapping. Some are definitely romantic and others not so much. Some you can use on your own and that works well too. Yeah! 

Hunt photos, hints and SLURLs are here.  This is supposed to be a blind hunt so I am not allowed to give you any coordinates, but any intrepid hunters will find things easily. My prize which you may have seen featured (yeah) is a wine glass, book stack and show tickets decor piece.

There is a matching 2 LI inter-tube with animations as a PRIME RLF item.

Feel free to try them out in a lag free environment HERE.

I am wearing a new pair of mesh jeans from SLX. It is part of a complete outfit. What is the most notable perk for me is that they work with the new Ducknipple The Tank which I have been living in a lot. Finding tops and bottoms in mesh that work well together is sometimes tricky. So in case you zipped out and got The Tank, check out the new Dollie jeans.

Di is wearing two new group gifts from COCO, a tank (there is a black version also) and some very nice boots. So check that group gift wall if you haven't lately.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: the raft and tube

Basement Band

A new release from Vanity Hair is both striking, feminine and hard edged. I'm not sure how it manages all that in one "do", but it does. Look for Dry Martini.

The Home and Garden Expo posts aren't over of course. This feature is brought to you by IONIC and Second Spaces.

If you like music and pastel colors, the piano and drum set (sold separately) from IONIC will make you smile. The drum set is missing sticks, but I plan to make some soon and they will be out at MOSP for free near the percussion instruments, so no worries. The drummer animation is quite realistic.

Also from IONIC (Sim 3) the Teen Riot Set includes lots of decor items like shirts on hangers, an amplifier and skateboard.

Sunday note: IONIC is no longer at the Expo.

The small dresser to the right is from Second Spaces (Sim 2). There are many versions and colors of this item, all in well used form.

I spent a long time looking at the easy to peruse area that is Second Spaces @ HGE. There are so many great things and I will be showing you more as the week goes on. But I wanted to be sure and let you know about this really fine bookshelf. Packed full of details it weighs in at a measly 2 LI.

The messy bookshelf (that's its name) has rolled up plans, storage boxes and open files with magazines. It comes in basic light gray and is mod. I did a little experimenting and found that you can tint the shelves themselves any color you would like. Here they are a dark taupe. This would work well in so many places.

I think a copy is going in my slowly being decorated rainy day skybox from Barnesworth Anubis. I decided to live in there for awhile during the decor period. Well, honestly I spend most of my time on my building pad or taking photos, but I have HOME set there and it is nice to see the shadows coming through the rainy windows. Eventually I will be done and eventually a new design will present itself and I will move into that and let the MOSP visitors have access to the nicely styled abode.

That's the plan anyway.

And yes, I finally changed clothes a bit. Very old painter jeans but newish MOTO boots in crimson from CARGO on the Marketplace.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable and the props

HGE -- The Houses


Houses come in all sizes and styles at the Home and Garden Expo. Here is a taste of some of the offerings.

One of the most interesting of the Expo is this beautifully detailed house from Pixel Mode (Sim2). I am not exactly sure "why" that is -- it seems to be the feeling I get when I am inside; an energy thing. It is architectonic in style with squares, rectangles and edges dominating the design.

Details abound with windows taking on unusual ratios and decor shapes built into the walls.

It is a one story house, roomy but not big enough to get lost in; a good size for many people.

There are some darling path lights and a paving stone set, both RFL items.

Many edges take on slight curves which give a feeling of calm.  The finishes are smoothly spectacular.

Barnesworth Anubis (Sim 2) presents a California styled home with Spanish influences; the Santa Barbara Bungalow. It boasts both front and back patios as well as a tiled kitchen nook.

It is a welcoming place with arched doorways and window walls.

The back patio includes and outdoor fireplace for those nights with a chill in the air and shade offering louvered patio roof.

The RFL items are the greenery filled planters and the flagstone pavers.

This two-story, beamed ceiling cottage is named Gale and hales from Cheeky Pea on Sim 2. Numerous design details add to the charm; high ceilings offer coolness on warm summer nights.

The cottage comes in a variety of colors, both pastels and brighter tones.

RFL items include a cute little calendar shaped like a house and a bright sunny gold version of this cottage.

And from CIRCA (Sim 4) there is an ultramodern glass house with attached entry vestibule.

Winding Down

The Home and Garden Expo opens its doors to the public at noon.

With plenty to see and do -- and shopping  of course -- I suggest starting at the entertainment sim and moving out from there. Flying will most likely be your best plan for general exploration. With all the pretty trees planted lag became more evident.

Each sim has a board with merchant names and teleporters. So if you are looking for your favorites, check those boards and get to where you need to go speedily.

My featured designer (see I snuck that in) is What Next (Sim 7) and this is one of their RFL sets. It comes in other colors and comes with optional food and daisy decor. This reading and having coffee animation is so very realistic. We have come a long way with the advent of mesh and with motion capture animations. Every little bit moves our worlds closer together.

Now I have a little favor to ask dear readers *wink*. I found this super cute kids desk with lots of great accessories. I really, really want those crayons (yes, for a film). But I am not a gatcha gal.

So in case you are interested and try for some goodies. I would be very happy to buy your extra crayon box. Find it all at the Robin (Sojourner) Wood plot. Don't forget to look for the hunt prize there!

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: the furniture



Not just about houses and furniture, there are plenty of wonderful bits of plant life at the Home and Garden Expo (opens at noon - watch here for a post publishing on the dot :D). This colorful lilypad is from Organica (Sim 8) and is an amazing 1 land impact. This is one of the RFL items.

Forest Feast (Sim 4 right across from my bus stop *wink*) has some lovely items including some spring grasses and old roses. I put them together for a wild garden look. Very pretty. Many items come in either copy or transfer versions, so you can choose the type of pack you need.

And a thumbs up to the garden build from Heart Botanicals (Sim 5) who has a lovely and calm forest getaway at the Expo; a perfect place to take a rest.

A Peaceful Sunset

Stephan Visconti (stephanvisconti) was nice enough to send me his octagonal fountain. It is original mesh, quite beautiful and adds a peacefulness to the new garden area at MOSP. The fountain comes with 21 animations including some for couples and is original mesh -- oh, I said that; well good to note; original. Find it at the Atelier Visconti area on Sim 4 at the Home and Garden Expo which opens at noon tomorrow. A post with SLURL is already in the queue and will publish at noon along with a few tips on navigating the multi-sim complex.

Landscaping by Two Moon Gardens with my low mesh hills for visual interest.

See it here at MOSP and the large version of this photo here.

Sneak Peak Home Expo - Outdoors

Just a few shots and general locations of some of my favorite outdoor builds at the Expo. I am sure I'll find more on my explorations.

I just love this little hen house at Kismet, Sim 1.

Also in Sim 1, a very happy Autumn garden with Fall peas, onions and pumpkin. So cute. Find it at Dysfunctional Designs.

It would be difficult to miss this huge build by Studio Skye at Sim 4. Lots of paths to explore. Photo ops abound.

This country lane is so very nice. Find it at Sim 2 along the outer edge. This is by Two Moon Gardens. There are many lovely garden areas in the Expo. In my personal tests, this was one of the most framerate friendly. The path meanders through varying flora and it feels very much like you are on a country farm road.

If you love plants, don't miss out on the garden tour. Just click any of the signs you see along your journey to get a list of all the lovely garden spaces at the event.