Of Seashells and Mermaids

Seashells and Mermaids

Serendipity stepped in with two new releases (well three really) that go together spectacularly.

Coming your way TOMORROW, the deviousMind "Loreley"  set for the GACHA GARDEN. Lots of pieces in plenty of colors to collect. I chose Amethyst, they typist's birthstone. The bustle is especially fun and great for photos. Click and hold let's you choose your matching set color, so an all in one item. Both bustle and headpiece (not shown) are rares.

Hourglass and Maitreya fits.

Over at Indie Teepee you can pick up some really gorgeous makeup (Aquatica) and nails (oh so many lovely nails! - Beachcomb). While you don't NEED to be in fantasy mode for these, they are a great accompany.  Loof for the alaskametro booth. 

Catway, Classic, Omega and Lelutka versions of makeup; Maitreya, Omega and Slink nails. 

Hair: Magarita by eXxEsS

Poses by: Diesel Works and aDORKable

Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

It's Tuesday AND Uber which makes it a great shopping day.

From Trompe Loeil, a new home and a new bed; both with simple, modern elegance and a touch of Asian influence.  Find the three room Emerson Cottage and Platform bed at Uber.  The cottage weighs in at 104 and amazingly fits on a 512 lot.

Lovely details and beautiful textures as always.

My wearables hale from Cosmopolitan where you can find:

the Casadel "Sare" Bodysuit in many lovely colors (in the event area). Maitreya and Belleza fits.

NO.MATCH NO.CRIME hair in a blonds pack out for Hello Tuesday in the no.match store. Male and female fits are included with two choices of fronts.

Little Branch's DownyBirch {Seasons}*Animated is also out in the shop for Hello Tuesday and comes with the tall grasses shown.

Don't miss these cute sandals at the Cosmopolitan Events area. Find them with a big color change menu at the OHeMO booth.

Poses by: Di's Opera and Torrid Midnight [nla]



Out for Fifty Linden Friday from {what next} a new version of a decor bike favorite, this time with cheery sunflowers. Not into exercise? That's OK. There are versions in a bucket for decor. Some color change options are part of the package!

Also in the brighten your day category, a fun sweater dress with many choices of color and pattern from  a v a l e; look for the Nelly dress at Tres Chic.

My super cute shoes with color change hud can also be found at Tres Chic at the Mosquito's Way booth.  Betty is the name!

Pose by: aDORKable

Color and Dance

Color and Dance

If you haven't journeyed over to The Home Show, you still have plenty of time. Lots and lots of goodness there.

Case in point, these beautifully textured items from Paper Moon. Various colors are available.

My outfit is comprised of new releases from venues.

From Scandalize at Cosmopolitan, Zenda shorts and tanks. Lots of lovely ombre colors with a fine fabric texture and gorgeous folds.  You need to be pretty brave to wear these shorts, but the brand name IS "Scandalize" *wink*.

From TUKINOWAGUMA also at Cosmopolitan, Piirto hair, a lose and messy long casual ponytail style.

And from Earthstones at Tres Chic an echoes of the past Boho bracelet with texture change options. With many colors to choose from as well as an all in one fatpack, you can coordinate easily.

I was thinking back in virtual time to when Earthstones first opened. I had a long chat with Abraxxa Anatine in the way ahead of its time luxury lodge.  I remember going back later and seeing her smoking on the deck. I had never seen anyone smoke in SL before and was in awe.  Well I was VERY young at the time :D.

Fond memories.

Poses by: BehaviorBody and Pose It

Depth of Field

Dark Manor

Another gacha set from MEVA for The Epiphany; (you will be able to get in eventually :D).

Alanna comes in several pretty common colors as well as full sets of blacks as the RARES. Lots of detailing as well as drama make these a winner. Maitreya only.  The mask is the exclusive and comes in silver, gold and black.

Darkstone Manor will be ChiC building's Gift of Imagination at the new Imaginarium Event coming in September.

Photos taken at LEA12, Terradale in process.

Hair: eXxEsS Asha

Poses by: Diesel Works and aDORKable

Simple Things

Simple Things

Sometimes it's the simple things that mean the most.

From Kunglers at Cosmopolitan the Sedora bracelets. Five versions to choose from, each with their own unique style.

From MYNX for Limit8 opening tomorrow, Aviator Sunglasses in a choice of finishes. Oversized and statement making; much fun!

I am not sure if you noticed, but clothes in general are appearing with less and less material these days. I am all for showing off those lovely mesh body curves, but now and then it is nice to simply dress like a lady. So I was happy to see this new style out at Tres Chic.

The #Colivati  Amy Halter Dress comes in several pretty colors including dotted versions. Take a break from bare and see if you turn any NEW heads with this pretty offering.

Hair by MINA, Jacky

Poses by: Everglow

Epiphany Stars


Yesterday's Epiphany post is followed by two more great new sets to try for.

From MEVA the Penny set which comes in both silver and gold. The top and pants have color change huds. There are many, many Maitreya fit pieces to gather!

My personal favorite item in the set are the barefoot sandals.

Over at the 22769 booth you will find The Refugium, another big set with plenty to collect including sculpture and plants. The RARE in this set is the Refugium (hideaway in English but I am guessing that isn't a perfect translation *wink*)  building.  It is quiet, dark and somber.

And this is the 22769  Un Hommage de Ligier Richier  Exclusive Item.

My perfect for roleplay hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, Dream Catcher. It comes with optional feather attachments. Find it at Tres Chic later in the day when the doors open.

Poses by: Nigotine and Torid Midnight [nla]

Night Dance

night dance

Somewhere between the exotic and the call of the sea lies  deviousMind's "Nixe" for Epiphany.

From the notecard:

Each round of gameplay rewards you with a random set of "Nixe". The gacha consists of a total of 20 sets you can win: There are common bikini set in 14 common colors, as well as 3 common fish net decor add-ons in 3 colors with color script. So there is a total of 17 commons. On top of the commons, there are 3 rare outfit boxes to win: **LATEX** (as the name says), **PEONIE** and **ALOHA**.
COMMON BIKINI SETS (Bikini Top & Bottom w/ Hip Wrap):
The hip skirt offers sheer and opaque option by menu.

This is a gorgeous set with some lovely details. The Nixe - Ocean's Trident is**EPIPHANY EXCLUSIVE**.

 The Trompe Loeil - Teigen Glamping Tent  hosts a texture change menu and come with or without string lights and hanging lights.  Twenty fabric options are included. The bonus campfire is quite impressive and perfect for year round enjoyment.

Rumpled rugs, either colorful or neutral palettes, host either PG or A animations for up to four.

Find this lovely at COLLABOR88.

Hair by eXxEsS

Poses by: aDORKable and BehaviorBody

A Colorful FLF

The weekend is on the horizon and that means Fifty Linden Friday.  Two items out at Sway's guarantee you a colorful time.  Both [Agwe] Moon Chair and [Agwe] Tapestry come with texture options.

The Moon Chair with wicker base and pillow has ten Single and eight couple animations with six chair and six pillow texture options.

The Tapestry includes fourteen texture options; two designs, each in seven colors.

Closet Additions

Even when our inventories are large and our virtual closets packed full, there is always a place for something new!

Two of my favorites from Ducknipple's July release -- drumroll please --

Ducknipple: WonderBra which comes with a dozen color choices by hud and fits like a dream (I am in the Lara version).  The necklace comes as a bonus. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Ducknipple: Outfit vs 14 - Carpis  which come in a big set for a complete style. When I think back to the clothes available in my youth, I am amazed how far we have come. These are full of fine details, both in the mesh and in the texturing.

Closet Additions

If your inworld closets are overflowing, then of course you need some organization.

The closet organizers from ChiC buildings come in five finishes (walnut, oak, white, aged and driftwood). On off shadows and the option of owner only or public are part of the mix. Sections can be purchased separately or in a discounted fatpack at The Home Show. Animations are included in the island seating.

We can't forget about shoes! Perfect for our summer casual days, the alaskametro "Miami" flipflops come in lots of fun patterns. This is pineapple. Find them at On9.


Poses by: Kirin and Helamiyo

Mainland Oasis


I have lived much of my virtual life on mainland. There were private lands too of course, but somehow I cling to history and long ago -- there was mainland.

There are gems among the clutter and finding them is always a thrill.

This is the Italian Village of Ciampi, Italy where -- for absolutely no lira or long waits in airlines queues you can visit a calm and lovely place.

I am grateful that we have so many spots in our virtual world.


Home Show Favorites

Home Show Favorites 1

The Home Show opened today. Stores are filled with a wide variety of House and Garden goods including houses of course. Furniture and decor fill the stores and many styles are covered.  While my pick may not be your picks -- hence that "go and wander" edict that shoppers love to embrace is in effect.

First up are some truly gorgeous bushes in a variety of shapes AND a color change menu. Not only are they lovely, they move gently in the breeze, have excellent LOD and seem to be very friendly with the server.  I immediately added them to my Terradale installation at LEA 12. Just perfect!

Find them at the Dysfunctionality store, a cooperative venture of several designers.  Easy to find, near the main landing point.

Home Show Favorites 2

The [ETNIA] Rustic Summer  Rattan Chairs and Table are notable for style, design, meshwork and texture. If these fit in with your decor, you do NOT want to miss them! As you might suspect the throw is texture change with many choices.

Home Show Favorites 3

Sometimes its the little things that grab our attention and that is the case with the succulent on the table and poppies in a wall jar from TERRASHOP. These too are very well made mesh with super low land impact.  The shop offers many types of flowers and foliage some for garden and some as houseplants.

On the right are the Wren Books by Calm Designs. Very special. Chair by Trompe Loeil (not in the Home Show).

Most of the Home Show shops are of the mainstream variety but LORE stands out marching to its own drummer with some superb fantasy items that can also work into our more mundane abodes.

Coming - Going - and Here!

Coming - Going and Here

Looking for some great new releases? Some are on their way, some available now and one close to the exit. All are notable!

Here's the scoop.

From MEVA for We Love Roleplay the Kamy Leather Scarf in black. Brown with gold and Gray with Silver area also available.

From amais at Cosmopolitan - HOPE applier for Lelutka available in ivory, medium and tan (shown). Happily this fits the older, non-Bento heads ^^. I don't switch skins often as you know, but this one is growing on me. The tan version has a reasonable match to one of the Maitreya default skins, so I will be trying it out to see how well it fits my personality.

The lips are especially gorgeous - soft and realistic. The hud comes with choices of eyebrows, shadow and lips and super easy to use.

The Home Show opens July 8 at noon. Some lovely home and garden items await you as well as houses and a few fantasy items. Of my favorites, this sci-fi mesh skybox from Vicious Decay, 'Chaos', is definitely going on my "Save" pile. A great photo backdrop as well as a fun role play area. If you are a fan of the future be sure and take a peak.

Coming the ninth at On9, some pretty beach nails in blended hues along with some patterns. A water set is also available. Look for the Nailed It booth.

My super sleek top and leggings are from Mowie at Tres Chic. You need to be fast like a bunny to pick these up at the event, but I am guessing they will also be available at the main store. Many colors to choose from, these are great basic items that work with lots of accessories -- a canvas for your stylings.

Hair: Toffee by eXxEsS

Poses by: aDORKable

Details in Pink

Details in Pink

Accessories -- they make our outfits shine.

Three new releases from three talented creators. Mix and match or wear them all -- it's your choice!

From  {MYNX} Beach Bracelets - RARE from a gacha at The Chapter Four. (left)

From MEVA at Cosmopolitan the Sally Bento rings. Left and right hands, gold or silver, three finger choices.

From Kunglers the Cora bracelet  in  Crystal. Left and right fits, various other gemstones. Find them at We Love Roleplay.  

Nails by Nailed It -- All in One - Basics - Pink set.

To round out my outfit I present:

Stories&Co. Luna Sundress available in many colors as well as a fatpack which includes exclusives.  This is a just above the knee day dress.

eXxEsS  Alyona rounds out the newness. An asymmetrical mid lenght front blend with two skinny pigtails in back.

makeup: Blossom by alaskametro , pretty and subtle shades for daywear.

Pose by: Helamiyo

Summer in Snow

Verdi Creek Camp Cottage

About this time of year I start feeling nostalgic for snow. In the middle of winter, I can't wait for the sun. Funny how we long for the things that are just out of reach.

The Trompe Loeil  Verdi Creek Camp Cottage comes in many, MANY exterior hues.  Wanting to remind myself that the clear skies and grayscale days will come again, I chose to show you the all white version. One big room with multi-paned windows and cozy fireplace, covered deck at one end and open skied version at the other; it is perfect for indoor and outdoor living in any season.

Forty-nine land impact, it boasts many details. The Verdi Creek Chair is a fitting companion piece and comes in natural, dark and this painted white version.

Find all the goodness at FaMESHed.

Not So Red White and BLue

It is a long weekend for many folks in the US. Having fun in the sun -- and shade -- is in order.  With all the dancing and laughing and fire works watching you might just forget to keep your hairdo in pristine fashion -- and casual is a big part of this holiday, so it is only fitting.

If you want your virtual life to mirror that corporeal one then Amacci has a great new release at Hair Fair, Lani.

Bargain hunters can smile on July 4th when Hilly Haalan offers the  full length Ellis Maxi Dress. Fushia, teal and silver keep with the celebratory spirit but don't mark this as a holiday only dress. A beautiful shine is a plus. Find it out for Hello Tuesday!

Mesh body compatible with many fits, it comes with a big, big hud for both solid and print textures. The top can be one choice, the skirt another.

Also out for Hello Tuesday, willow trees from Little Branch. These are texture change and comes with bonus grass and small land sculpts (can be resized).

Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable

Passage of Time

Passage of Time

Showstoppers, we all love them. Getting attention is part of the fun.

From MEVA at Shiny Shabby a fun gacha set in a Harlequin theme. Five common colors and rare black.

Sometimes a spectacular outfit calls for "big hair". I didn't see much of that flavor as I roamed the buildings at Hair Fair, but never fear, Amacci has you covered with a super fun "do" that has four different bang options via hud (I really LIKE that).  This is Inia!

Not to be outdone by fashion, NEWCHURCH presents the Zodion Wall Clock in Obsidian. Two other versions can be had at the upcoming We Love Roleplay round.

The clock is 2 land impact at its default size, but if you are going to make a statement -- well, let's really make one. So I supersized the animated wall decor. Either way, very pretty.

Makeup by alaskasmetro
Sami's hair by MINA
Poses by Helamiyo (Chic's) and VAIN [nla] (Sami's)