Morning Shadows


There is nothing like an early morning walk on a deserted beach. Add palms and the daybreaking sun against your face -- magic happens.

From Baiastice at the Vanity Event opening on the first, the Camila dress which comes in solids (both pastels and bolds) with bonus prints in the fatpack.  The skirt is quite walkable with no breaks in the fabric so this isn't just a photo shoot item. Slink and Maitreya fits.

And for intrepidly bold gals there are optional armor parts. Me?  Not so brave - LOL.

Happily these necklaces from ROZOREGALIA at Cosmopolitan worked perfectly.  ZAJUR is a gacha with three necklaces in various colors that can be mixed and matched and work perfectly together. There is a single choker without gem in the set also -- and the rare items are a set of all four lengths combined into one easy to wear item. Saturday will be the last day for this item at the event.

My hair is a casual whispy style from eXxEsS, Espresso.

Very pretty!

Poses by: oOo Studio and aDORKable

H and G picks


There are some fantastic Home and Garden releases this month. Here are my favorites plus one I think you guys will like!

Up top a chair that coordinates perfectly with the Emma Wicker Lounger, a well-used seating area for friends and familia.  This comes with a very lovely bed packed full of animations (PG or A) and a nightstand. There are texture change options via hud. Find the set right at the entrance at Cosmopolitan. Chez Moi!

Also at Cosmopolitan, a garden arch and bench (or just the arch) from Raindale. Very pretty with great LODs and animations. If you are a girlie girl (or guy) this could definitely be your next garden addition.

If a new abode is in your future, the Finnley Lake Cottage might be just what you are looking for. One large "L" shaped interior with lots of yummy wood textures and of course a fireplace.  Find it at the Trompe Loiel booth at Uber.

I absolutely LOVE this tiny little "fishing shack" from Hive. Character to the max!  It is SUPER tiny so not really made for living inside, more for ambiance -- and of course there are plenty of outside areas.  Also at Uber.

Fashion covered in previous posts and I am lazy tonight. Sami's jumpsuit was a FaMESHed gift and my top is from Massom. More than that, just scroll on back if you missed the news.

Black White and Red All Over


Backdrops seem to be the new pose accessories these days and that's just fine with me. Lots of fun and no need to leave home. Two good things.

From Mesh India at Cosmopolitan a stairs set with color change stairs and alcove. In a long shot this has a paint spilled look at the bottom of the stairs. Can't wait to try that out!  Look for the Wonder Background.

We are SO coordinated with our black and white checks theme!

New from JF Design "Aurora"shorts and top in many fabric choices -- also at Cosmopolitan.

Di's parachute short are a new release from MOZ which of course fits eBody and eBody FREE as well as other popular bodies.

Her bandeau is a older gift from Sn@tch.

Her hair is a gift from =DeLa* at Tres Chic (free group) : Mesh Hair "Ruby".

And this pretty necklace is a group gift form ALTER at The SENSE EVENT.

Not to be missed are these super cute wedge sandals from Amacci. Sicily heels come in a large variety of colors with texture choices of different parts via hud. Great for our upcoming warm months.  Find them also at Cosmopolitan.

My hair is also from DeLa, Melina.

Poses by: Everglow and aDORKable

Details - FLF

jewelry boxes - FLF

I love details; small items you need to cam in to see -- and that give you great rewards for your curiosity.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, jewelry and accessory boxes for guys and dolls.  Some color choices are included by hud and there are closed boxes for additional decoration.

As you might have guessed these Aston and Emily cases can be found at {what next}.

Closet, island and accessories by ChiC buildings.

Photo taken here.

Patterns of Sunrise

sanoria sunrise

Two new releases come together in an exotic locale.

The MEVA Nila Set (turban and headpiece) is available at Whimsical.

Matching Nila earrings as well as a necklace  can be found at Cosmopolitan.

Both turban and jewelry pieces in various metal choices come with  texture change huds. Lots of choices.

Casadel "Julia" Chain Top  Gold
Skirt by Dreaming Thicket; Verbena.

Plants and ruins by ChiC buildings.

Photo Taken here.

Poses by: EverGlow

Accessories at Home and Garden EXPO

Orchard Dreaming

Can we have too many H and G accessories?

I am thinking not -- and that includes plants!

From Terrashop at in Sim 5 - Daisies in The Vase and House Plant 1 (a second similar plant on a stand comes in the house plant pack). Both of these items are RFL donation goods.

From Digitize in Sim 1- the Orchard Apricot Tree 4.0 (apple and apricot are also available). A lime tree and a pot with catnip are the RFL donation items.

Table and chair (older) from {what next}.

And for those of you that prefer your leisure times INDOORS, may I present the
Espressomachine M-DS42-S7MDST3V5.1 (wow, that's a mouthful :D). 

Details abound in this multi drink giver. Along with color and use options you can chose to give the drink when completed to the avatar or place in inventory.  Cycle through the choices and then click the SELECT button to begin the drink making process.

Yep, there is a process complete with coffee maker sounds. When the drink is complete, it disappears and is given to the avatar that chose the drink. Wearing the drink adds a nice drinking animation and when you have had your fill, a message appears that your drink is empty (now, I really didn't expect that!).

So lots of fun from the No.59 booth! 

Another bit of technical wizardry is the sale certificate that comes with the drink maker. It fills in upon rezzing.

Oh my we have come a long ways in fifteen years!

Outfit credits here.

Pose by Helamiyo


drago at man cave

The Drago Outfit from MEVA is available at Man Cave. It comes with a texture change hud as well as a vest.

Signature and Belleza fits, the pants and boots will likely fit other mesh bodies.

Head for demo!

Necklace also from MEVA.
Hair by MINA.

altamura AAron fullbody

Photo taken here.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Farming Virtual Style

farm girl

Farmers.  High on my list of "must have" folks -- especially the ones that follow sustainable, organic practices.   If the Back to the Land bug has ever grasped you in its chompers, you understand the nostalgia that can accompany homesteading.

I have experienced the ebb and flow of farm life, the rooster's crow as dawn breaks -- or other inopportune times of day and night. But if you have missed out in corporeal life, you can still have the experience.

Enter Digital Farm System with a demo site at Home and Garden Expo.

With a full range of animals, plants and other products you can set up your own mini-farm, for yourself or for roleplay.

Like pets and pet plants, your farm props will need water and other specialty items like fertilizer in order to give you food or wool or simply pretty flowers.

The main store is here.

And a side note.

I have lived next to a couple of farms in Second Life, watched the crops and the animals wondering just how popular was this game within a game. Well as EXPO opened DFS was the spot to be. Homestead folks looking for new items to add to their locations filled the sim. So, this reporter is a bit smarter now -- and that's a good thing.

My not new but fun to put together outfit includes:

*LACUNA* Camille Gingham bra applier
Meva Fringes Vest Suede Brown
*KOM - Kale Jeans
Ducknipple: Outfit vs7 - Boots


POST: Old Water Well Pail

Pose by: LAP [nla]

A Clouded Past

meva WLRP

The Meva Lailanid release comes in four neutrals with flower add-ons. Maitreya fit.

Find it at We Love Roleplay.

Baiastice Elefth Sandals offer color change options for beads, leather and tassels. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Flat. Find them at COLLABOR88.

Hair: eXxEsS : TOFFEE

Pose by: Helamiyo

Come Sail Away

come sail away

Entice has a darling sets of skirts new in the no group needed Midnight Board.  That's pretty much the news. Standard sizing, Maitreya and Physique fits. Maitreya fits Di' eBody classic perfectly. No alpha slots needed so eBody FREE gals can use also.  Find the room with the round glass atrium. The boards are there.

Di is wearing the new release crop camisole from MOZ previously featured.

Little Xia is wearing the new Coco group gift cropped top which comes with five colors via hud. A great staple.

Poses by: aDORKable

Home and Garden Expo

remembering greece - stairway
ChiC buildings

RFL Home and Garden Expo opens on the 19th.   With five sims of indoor and outdoor goods to peruse, flying is -- as usual -- your best bet.

I suggest starting at the event sim and using that as your anchor point, but as long as you watch where you are on the map you should be able to explore all the areas in a few hours.

There is art mixed in with flowers. Horses roam and of course the Breedables area is adjacent for those of you into that game within a game.

The entry photo is the favorite part of the new ChiC buildings Remembering Greece two story home.

Here are a few shots of some of my favorite builds so far. Bungalows and castles are also in the mix -- of course!

Mavin Homes
Also Known As
Also Known As

And there are some lovely interior layouts also.


More news coming up so stay tuned!



Home and Garden delights with an arty flair -- one coming in; one heading out soon.

From Newchurch @ The Liaison Collaborative, the Doucette Art Deco fireplace  in either white or black. Plenty of style with quiet fire crackle and fittingly low land impact, it could be your next snuggling spot.

And at Cosmopolitan through Saturday, this lovely sculpture from Lucas Lamth, Angelfish Sculptures in Silver, Gold, Rose and Copper. Three LOD versions are included in the pack. I chose the standard version which will work fine for most folks. Land impact 2.

Difficult to believe but this lovely slip dress gift from Witch)O(Craft at the Garden of Shadows Fair fits eBody FREE (how cool is that?)  Along with eBody friendly Maitreya there are Slink and Belleza versions. Another great TeleportHub ($10) group gift. Shoes are a part of this set but do not work for eBody. Maitreya and Slink gals can no doubt use this bonus.

Depending on your use for this pretty little thing, you might just need some undies to go with. Happily Di found some applier undies along with a fun looking top that she hasn't tried yet.  Beautiful Dirty Rich is the maker of this $5 super practical item that was happily added to the eBody hud (woot).

Lovely textures abound in the new D!va group gift (free group). There is an option for a side ponytail and the unrigged hair  comes with resizer.  Really lovely, this doesn't have the longest LODs so best for intimate engagements (hence pairing with the slipdress). 

These smashing attention getting earrings are a SLO&F group gift (free group) from ALTER at The SENSE Event.  They are very oversized and I have made them smaller here. Happily they come with the traditional resize script. You will need to reposition them also. Think of it as a skill building exercise. They are worth the extra steps.

Poses by: Le Poppycock and aDORKable

Remembering Greece

summer whites

The RFL Home and Garden EXPO is on the horizon.

My unplanned new release turned out to be a shop / living area built for some friends. Then there needed to be decor -- and so it goes. Sometimes unplanned is a good thing.

Along they way I had an opportunity to revisit some memories of my first big mesh creation using Cycles (the "more authentic" Blender baking engine). I had a vision back then three years ago in OpenSim. It turned out well, but I was happy to see that those extra thousands of hours spent in Blender did indeed improve my skills.

wall greece

This isn't really a post about my new releases, even though I am disguising it as such. It is actually a meme and perhaps a diary entry to myself.

I have made some changes recently in my virtual life, pairing down events, saying goodbye to some brands that I have been blogging for. They were difficult choices, but I feel good about making them.

Those of you that read New World Notes may have noticed me in headlines. I do believe there should be credibility in blogging. I DO believe that we owe our readers a fair view of products. And, I do believe as creators we owe our customers "wise" mesh as well as gorgeous :D.

So I am working though my beliefs and moving them to the forefront.


There aren't many actual SL blogs these days, most fashionistas have moved to Flickr photo-journalism with a few credits via link -- if viewers are lucky. And yes, I do miss the olden days. I plan to keep on blogging and taking pretty pictures, but  my self-limiting choices of late will most likely move me away from daily entries.  So that 5000th post will be a couple of months away still.

At the same time I plan to keep showing you items that I appreciate for both their style and craftsmanship.

So stay tuned.

Fashion credits:

[[ Masoom ]] Luscious Top  @ Cosmopolitan 

Available in the top 3 mesh body fits. Hud for buttons and belt. Hud for fabric choices. Honestly I never got past white and gold and I have been wearing this for a few days. Very realistic wrinkles and it is a pleasure to see something not perfectly skin tight. Get a demo and try for yourself.

Previous releases:

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings - sure to be my goto pants for the summer months.

Meva Boho N4 Necklace Gold2

pr!tty - Girim - :Short

Poses by: Le Poppycock *Heartache* (many gold stars from me - check them out; some props included plus pose ball versions)

Shadow Self

shadow of self

Hiding inside

The person

No one

Will ever see

From FashionNatic  @ Cosmopolitan, the Michael Cardigan with vast color and texture change hud.  Signature, Belleza and Slink fits. Shown here on Exmachina Davide.

A&D Clothing - Pants -Jules-

Hair .:EMO-tions:. * LEIF *

Photo taken here:

Pose by: Diesel Works [nla]

Chill in the Air

leather and lace

If you live in the southern climes, you are moving into the colder months of Autumn. If you are from my neck of the woods, you are looking forward to warm Spring days.

Either way it is handy to have your jacket close at hand and the new Baiastice Leather Shoulder Jacket  is perfect for the job.  Add the Haider Fringed Camisole for "visual interest" *wink* and you are set.

Also in the release but not making it into the final shot -- Marcel Shorts with a great fit and many colors to choose from.

Find them all at FaMESHed.

A perfect jewelry pairing comes with one of the Meva Mandy sets from Blush.   Choose from a variety of all in one necklaces each with a color hud for metals and accents. This is the Collar Bands + Necklace version.

And a note to fashionista's. While the carefully tossed over shoulder jacket (two styles to choose from) walks very nicely with the interior hold, for photo shoots you will need a priority three pose.

Helamiyo features priority 3 poses that work well with the jacket.


Pose by: Helamiyo, the jacket and Amacci's neck hud



Di loves this new gift from .:AMUI:.  for the group ($10 to join). The Belinda outfit comes in plenty of sizes including standard sizing for non-mesh bodies so your chances of finding a fit are good.  This is not a PERFECT fit though and if your avatar is less than average in their build, it may not work for you.

Still, if you like the style then it is certainly worth a try. This will NOT work for eBody Free. Sorry gals.

A bit difficult to find, it is on a short entrance wall here.

Pssst - I just heard on the eBody group that there is an update coming soon. When I know more, you will know more.

Pose by: aDORKAble

Gentler Side

gentler side

Sometimes it is just about quiet beauty and magical surroundings.

From Stories&Co. @ Collabor88, the  Lois Halter Dress which comes in three texture hud versions, this being the plain.

Hair from pr!tty @ The Chapter Four  - Sunny

The .:JUMO:. Rosary Pearls are an anniversary gift at The Chapter Four. There are two versions with hold poses. I opted for a static pose and adjusted the pearls for its use. Those long ago far away jewelry designer skills still come in handy. 

Photo taken at The Looking Glass.

Pose by: *PosESioN*

Sunset and Urn

Sunset and Urn

If you love roleplay, eclectic accessories or simply presents -- you will want to journey over to WLRP to check out all the birthday bash gifts. Some are group (free) and others are buy for zero. There are a few pay ones so click carefully :D.

While I have a few new items in my "you never know when you might need this" accessories folder, my favorite find was this very pretty outfit from glYph.

The Aneksi outfit comes in three parts (dress, sleeves and "slip"). Only for Maitreya.

My hair is a lovely new release from eXxEsS : Latisana. So soft and subtle.

The Dornish Pottery is from UU (Unorthedox and Underworld) at the same WLRP event.

Adept Ruins and fireplants by ChiC buildings.

Pose by: KoKoLoReS

Blue-green Fantasy


She met me in the blue-green forest where rippled waters kissed stones birthed in a time before our imagination. 

!dM deviousMind "Cassia" **Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 2018**

Four pieces make up the outfit with a myriad of colors to be tired for. A forest nymph has never looked so good.

Lara fit only.

alaskametro "Alchemy" nails 01


Photo taken here:

Plants by Cerridwen's Cauldron

Pose by: SEmotion available at Cosmopolitan

Glamping in Flowers

glamping in flowers

Glamping has a new definition, raising the bar on the "glamour" part of the equation and adding in some pret-ty to the mix.

From Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed a lovely Beiwen Flower Tent.  Not for the prim challenged, it is so romantic!

Be patient if you don't have premium status. With all the gifts to be found (including a lovely firepit from Trompe Loeil) it may still be a few days before those with less than special status can get in :D.  There is most of a month, so don't despair.

Di's outfit is from MOZ Designs and includes two new releases that fit eBody and eBody FREE.

I have to tip my hat to this brand for filling in a much needed slot fashion wise. There is now no reason why everyone (well gals) can't look outstanding! 

!MOZ "Renata" Skirt & Ranger Belt  (skirt can be worn with or without belt)

MOZ Crop Cami *

Color huds let you choose your look. eBody Curvy (and I am guessing Curvy FREE) can also wear these cute and summery styles.

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Fameshed Anniversary

If you are premium folks like my gals here you have likely already visited the festivities at FaMESHed. Along with tons of lovely gifts there are some pretty impressive new releases. You can of course check out the catalog at Seraphim, our go to event website -- but if you are wondering out the bountiful gifts, here are some favorites from those who have been.   I will be waiting a bit longer I guess. I have my eye on that lovely planter and succulent from N4RS *wink*.


!APHORISM! - Eve Jumpsuit Ltd Ed Gift
**UTOPIA@Design** - "IRIS" - Fameshed Gift (heels)
Empyrean Forge: Cumulus earrings
Legal Insanity - Silver cross Necklace *Fameshed* gift

MINA Hair - Kimmy (one color) FaMESHed gift (happily Sami's color!)


NYU - Mini Qipao, Fameshed Anniversary Gift
-Narcisse- Andrea Lace Up Heels - ML - BLACK
Hair: Navy+Copper - Black Tea

Home and Garden item:

Ariskea[Fameshed]May (pink cherry blossoms)
N4RS Fasciata

Garden Shed by Mesh India - Tree by Little Branch

Poses by: LAP [nla]

An Evening Respite

emozine and grass

It's easy to forget how important poses and animations are to our virtual world. Anyone who has beta tested a new platform will recognize how odd we feel when we can't "move" as we would like.

Tomorrow is your last day to pick up the pose from EMOZINE @ Cosmopolitan. After that a new round begins, but I am guessing this "Once in your Live" pose will be available in world and Marketplace -- so test if you are tardy shopping.

There is a story behind this outfit. It was made for a photo contest that I decided NOT to enter after I visited the sim LOL.   Oh well. I had a great time putting the look together and this pose definitely highlights the Baiastice Circle Sandals which I loved but have been hanging around my "to blog" folder for way too long.

Also in this shot:

Mesh India Garden Shed
[DDD] Seasonal Sculpty Gift Grass
Asteria "Kim" [Maitreya] Bodysuit - Ivory

Poses by: Emozine

Fading Light

losing the light

Brush stroke scurry across the canvas.

Controled but carefree.

So little time to catch the light.

From Chez Moi at Cosmopolitan a painting set including easel with painting and supply cabinet. Three animations (standing painter, sitting painter and pondering).  Palette and brush giver when painting.

And out tomorrow at The Chapter Four, a very fitting set of painterly attire, Rust Republic's Too Sweet Gacha. Various top colors some with sayings. Pants are rare. Maitreya fit. Note these are skinny pants and will need alpha layers.

Other artist items from The Artist's Studio gacha - ChiC buildings. 

Hair: eXxEsS : AVELA

Pose by: the easel

Backyard Patio

22769 backyard patio

The Gacha Garden is back and jumpin' with lots of goodies to try for.

From 22769 a big outdoor set perfect for summertime get togethers.  Couch and building are the rares. Two other urns make up the remainder of the prizes.

Spring Blacks

spring blacks

Most of us think of Spring as a "pastel time", but there are plenty of great DARKER outfits that work well in the season.

From NyDesign as a Fitmesh Fantics group gift, the Tulip dress in many fits.  Big three plus eBody CURVY fits.

From NyDesign's May lucky chairs (group) the Summer Spirit Outfit - Blossom Sparkles Mix which includes a hud with three colors of print. Big three fits.

From Rosary, the Veronica romper with many color choices via hud. Big three fits. Maitreya fit eBody (not free version :D)

Photo backdrop by Paparazzi at Cosmopolitan

Poses by: K&S Only Girls (Gacha Garden Group Gift May)