Hot Boards

One of the hot new boards on the grid contains this sophisticated dolly outfit. Super cute and bare breasted in its natural form, this is not for the under 18 crowd *wink*.   The Checkmate outfit is your for free. A little time and some luck may come into play. Find it on one of the lucky boards at Violent Seduction.  I was surrounded by "C"s  this morning but I did manage to get in touch with lucky X, Xia who happily TPed over to garner her prize.

Xia, not being big on topless or nearly so garb, added an undershirt layer. You could of course add a shrug top too if your viewer handles stacked clothing layers.  The second lucky board holds a mesh fawn outfit. There is also a group gift in the entryway.   You really will need a "hands above the waist" AO for this should you wear it out and about. No real surprise there.

Thanks to wise Sandalwood for posting on this fun find!  Check out her very cute photo to see the front of the outfit.

Poses by LAP.

The Advent of Mesh in SL

Did you know that "tubbed" is not a word? How could that be!  I am sure it must be in some more relaxed language. As I was tubbing (also not a real word I see), I was thinking about mesh coming to the grid -- what it could mean, what direction it might take. So after completing my tub (a real word), I decided to put down some thoughts. These are mostly for myself, to look back on at a later date. I have no real seer powers (well, perhaps a few), still it will be fun to read this in a year or so.

But first on my agenda of the morn was to add the word "tubbing" to my email dictionary. Blogger of course isn't smart enough to learn important new verbs *wink*.

Mesh came into world about a week ago with the introduction of the new server codes to all regions. With it came Viewer 3. Kirsten's viewer has already incorporated new codes and the ability to upload mesh on the main grid. Word on the street is that Firestorm will have a mesh viewer ready in a couple of weeks.   Currently the number of folks actually using the new viewer is bound to be small. Some folks simply can't use the official Viewer 3 and others, like me, are waiting for their viewer of choice to incorporate the code.

There will be a fairly long period (just a guess here) of people moving towards the future and the ability to see mesh. Some of us, even with the new viewer, will most likely take it slowly. Mesh clothes work well for photos, but going out into the world in what others will see as a giant round blob covering your body with perhaps some of those body areas invisible because of alpha layers is not my idea of beauty :D.   

I was going to take some photos of what the new mesh objects look like on older viewers (even the current V2 Firestorm) but I don't have to. Here is a great page from the Phoenix folks that shows you the differences. No clothes photos, but you can get the idea.  Also from the Phoenix website:  " There are also one or two Third Party Viewers who are trying to backport mesh capability into the V1 code base and if they succeed that's great!"  What a wonderful thing for people who cannot use the newer viewers.

So the future looks bright, perhaps brighter than we expected a couple of months ago. Most of the luminance is courtesy of the hard working programmers intent on giving us a choice of viewers. Lots of kudos there from me. Content creators fit into the equation of course; without their creativity and energy there would be no mesh products to see.


As I was tubbing *wink*, I was also pondering. With so many possibilities for mesh, what will be the most well received. Since this is a fashion blog for the most part, let's think about clothing. Again, I have not tried any of my new mesh items, gifts or review copies; but I have paid attention to the opinions of others and of course looked at the photos of the new designs using mesh.

The good news of course is that long mesh skirts and such move WITH avatars. The bad news is that mesh garments are static shape and size wise. Every time I read a "some shape tweaking will be needed by most" comment I twinge. Aside from adding a few pounds more than a year ago and changing my hand size to an even 20 so I could wear prim nails occasionally, I am in the same shape I made when I came into world.  Now and then I venture into another shape entirely for theme or effect, but CHANGE myself?

I can't say for sure, but in many cases this will be a deal breaker for me. Then again, the very clever people out there may find a way to add resizers to mesh. So out of my area.  Current vanguard designs seem to be coming in one or two sizes with demos available so you can see how the dress or pants or shirt will work for you. I have seen some designs that looked fantastic on folks and others that looked like they were wearing their big sister's garb; the style lost in translation. I think we need to remember that this is just the beginning, that growing pains are part of new invention and that the creativity and imagination of our populous seems endless.

So aside from all the great cars and furniture and such that can make their way onto the grid, what are the best possibilities for mesh in our wardrobes? Here are a few thoughts. Note that they are just thoughts; I am not a mesh person by any means.

"Barbies"  -  Mod shapes included in with the clothes so that folks can change their faces. Outfit lines made to fit those shapes so that buyers always know things will fit. So "Sultry Sally", "Slim Selina" -- you get the idea.

Complete avatars - Not a new concept by any means, but one that might be better embraced with the advent of mesh. All mesh avatars complete with costumes, you could change your look all at once much like characters in adventure games.

Fantasy figures - This is really my personal favorite for what mesh might bring to the grid. Imagine newly designed centaurs, merfolk, dragons and characters no one has yet dreamed of roaming the world!

Those are my morning musing. May the future of mesh be bright.

Shark Warning

 A brief but brilliant post to show off a new tank from a new store, Ariel. The NIX tank is special because A. the straps are wide and work even for us big shouldered gals and B the tank bottom on the undies layer is as long as you can possibly make it. You know what that means? It means you can tuck it into really, really low cut pants like these satine pants from Paradisis. How cool is that!

Pose  by: LAP

Swing Time

 In a quandary about genre of my styling of last eve, I decided it was a retro look -- the theme being a trip to a vintage store if you were living in the 1960s *wink*.  My jumpsuit is actually a dress from the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt courtesy of artMEfashion. I added some wild hair from Beautiful Dirty Rich (Chelle is the style name) and love the unexpected look.

 Wondering where to shoot my eclectic outfit, I remembered that (*chanimations had a new prop out, the BurlesqueSwing. With a vast color change menu and lots of sassy poses, I was set. The prop set comes with many sizes of swings as well as variations on stands for setting out your swing. For these photos, I used just the swing for an outdoor look. You can set the swing to -- ah "swing" -- or stop that action for easier to take still photos. Lots of fun; many possibilities. A multipose ball and stand alone poses are included as always.

To accessorize my neutral outfit, I chose some new earrings from Addiction. These Good Fortune earrings have a bit of a gypsy flavor, but could work just as easily with Victorian or Boho outfits.

Poses by: (*chanimations and Vista Animations


Just a quick post to let you know that LISP has expanded it $10 and under garden to include all sorts of comfy furnishings. I already had many items from the old garden but added a very fun photographer's lamp -- a great prop that I couldn't resist. Those of you who do not need to stick to an early 1900s Louisiana poor folk theme will find LOTS of decor items and furniture to choose from. It is a little tricky finding the new garden so here is the direct SLURL

My outfit isn't new, just one of my favorite of all time Fall to Winter get ups. Even though the summer seems to have sped by, I have to admit that Fall is in the air.  I believe this great jacket, once a hunt prize, is still available at a very low price at Runo Runo.  Yep, I just checked and it is!

That's my evening news!

Poses by: Vista Animations

Metamorphosis - The Journey

I have been over at Metamorphosis the last couple of days working on a film. It is an impressive place, not new but an area I had never visited and was very happy to explore.  The film won't be viewable for a few days, but you can always see what's happen at my channel here.

Happily, I had some appropriate new duds to wear for this shoot, something arty (artists in my experience almost always wear black so not to clash with their paintings *wink*) and futuristic which fits right in with the theme of the installation by Igor BallyhooBlue Blood is the maker and Sigyn is the name attached to this bodysuit. It comes in this covered version as well as one with much more skin showing for you braver gals. You can opt for styles with single colors accents  or a rainbow mix  So many choices!

Edit:  video is now up at YouTube here.

Poses by: Vista Animations


I really had to smile this evening when I looked at the stats for my current popular pages and found that a post about the first STEAM HUNT was in the weekly mix. This isn't that photo, but this IS a photo from my all time most popular blog post (since Blogger started keeping track a year or so ago anyway).   I am guessing people found that entry over the years while looking up info on a current or upcoming STEAM hunt.

That "You've come a long way baby" saying is definitely meant for my photography skills.  A little over two years CAN make a difference. We learn everyday.

The fifth hunt starts September 1, 2011. As usual there is little info to be found. Join the hunt group to get a list of all the SLURLs in notecard form. And where pray tell can you find the group to join?  Search for  "STEAM Hunt Punks" under groups. Three top store picks on my list that I will surely be visiting are Noctis, The Julia Collection, and Builders Brewery. Head to one of those shops if you are looking for a good starting spot.

I am going to make an effort to do most of the hunt this season.  I was a retailer last hunt and I was so very depressed by the nastiness of some of the vendors that I quit hunting AND quit the group. This year I am just a hunter so I will miss the drama.  If I find anything wonderful, I will be sure and share!  Historically it is much less stressful to wait until day 3 when everyone (hopefully) has their goodies out. This is traditionally one of the most creative hunts on the grid, so if you like steampunk, don't miss it.

It was fun to take a look back.

Light to Dark

In an attempt to break a few rules -- well, yes, my own rules but they count too -- I am going to post my brown color challenge outfit now. Why? Principally because the photos are done and I am still wearing it. And who knows what  I will be doing this weekend. The color for week 43 is "Liver". Hmmmmm.

The newness in my attire includes this really lovely full body tattoo by CoLLisions called Kelly's Enchantment. The confetti-like dots roam down the hip and over the neck creating a very feminine and magical look. 

The second new release is this pair of leggings from from SD Wears.  This Pretty Patch version is just one of seven patterns and colors. These are designed to be worn with boots or socks and jacket layer tops. I especially like the flat felled seams.

That's the news for today in my world. Mesh is hitting the grid and while I am not jumping on the newest viewer bandwagon, I am surely saving all the mesh items coming my way for the not too distant future.  It will be fun to see how this new creative option changes our world. I have been impressed with some designs and not so much with others. That only makes sense of course. In a few months we will begin to see the effects. I am looking forward to it.

Poses by: Vista Animations
Location: NN City

Working My Way Back

I have really enjoyed my time away from the blog-o-sphere, more than I expected actually. Reflection brings a few changes to this blog, but ones I am guessing you as readers can live with :D. That is my hope anyway.

I am no longer going to try and keep a schedule. The daily post before tub and breakfast is no more -- at least that is my intention. Old habits die hard as we all know. I have given up fancy borders for the moment so that designers wishing to use my photos for promo pics can do that easier. And, insert fanfare here -- I am no longer going to list every item I am wearing at the bottom of the post.

Now, I know that is "tradition" but I also know that most of you want to know what is new and what is free. Older items, some that may no longer be available really aren't the point of the post. So I am going to save myself time and energy, and you confusion by letting you know about the good new stuff and leaving out the other.  If you see something you think you really must have that isn't mentioned, just IM me and I will do my best to let you know if the items is available and who made it.

Believe it or not, this is my chartreuse post.  A quick search of my inventory brought up NO items with that color name. Are we surprised? Not so much *wink*. I like chartreuse well enough, in fact when I was about 12 years of age I wanted to redo my room in chartreuse, yellow and purple. Definitely ahead of my time in the color scheme area - LOL.

The greenish part in my chartreuse outfit is made up of mostly new releases.  My bra tankini is from ~famless~ (SummerShirt green). The canvas belt with lots of eyelets is from E d e n. (studded belt (green)) and my  Espadrilles (Lime Green Straw Espadrille Flat ) hale from Duh!.  

And the cute bucket of icy cold treats?  You can find them at the Miss and Miss Project. They come with a matching Popsicle mouthy.

PS. For anyone interested in how that hurricane turned out in New Toulouse, you can see the video here.  It is VERY good to get out of those same clothes *wink*.

New Outfit? Not!

OK. So I have been in the same outfit all week. That's what happens when you are fighting a hurricane and trying to protect your sheep! The waters are abating and we are all safe. It has been an adventure for sure and one I would not enjoy had it been corporeal rather than virtual. I filmed away and have a documentary of sorts that will be finished soon.

Meanwhile I ventured over to a fun event, the Summer Festival at  minaHeavens Island. While my attire does not match the mood, I still had a great time.  There are lots of inventive Japanese items here, things you don't see all that often.

The carnival theme is evident and color abounds. There are lucky boards and  gatchas as well as a magic goldfish pond "dip" where you can get five prizes and then need to wait five minutes to try five more times.

Some items are copy, some transfer and some come in both versions. So you can share with friends.

Definitely a breath of fresh air after all the lightening and watery turmoil of the last couple of days, it reminded me how much I miss Beanie Canning's Beanie Loves Japan posts :D.

I have a small collection of prizes in my inventory along with a large collection of new release designer items that will be making it onto these pages in the not too distant future.

I am enjoying my time away from regular posting and as often comes with a bit of retrospection, have decided to make a change or two in my posts. Nothing very major; don't worry. The photos as always will be the stars.

See you soon.

Hurricane Bernadette

I am not really "back". Actually I am enjoying my time off more than I expected to *wink*. BUT, there is big, big news for those of you who are more adventurers than shoppers and I wanted to let you know.

Tomorrow a hurricane (yes, you read that correctly) will hit the New Toulouse sims. I will be there participating and filming. My biggest worry is getting my new sheep (free on a lucky board at Stray Pig) to safety. I have both black and white faced sheep now. Animated, they do not require special food and are happy to drink from the nearby waters of the bayou. We have bonded.

I built a boat last month after hearing the news that a hurricane might be eminent. I have remodeled the original version a bit to make room for the sheep. I feel they will be safest in the hold of the boat. Only time will tell.

You can read all about the hurricane here.

Venture over if you are in need of some excitement.

Swansong For One

With life moving slowly in our virtual world and so many folks on hiatus, it seems a good time to take a break.
Honestly there is little reason to be posting when there are so few folks reading :D. So I will be taking some time off. You can be sure I will return; rejuvenation is a good thing.

To finish up my current responsibilities -- cause I am traditionally someone who finishes projects -- I wanted to show you two new releases from Les Petits Details -- a fun tee with bold and arty patten mixed with fringed sleeves and some extremely creative sandals.  Both are perfect for our lingering summer days!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Dura Group Gift (04/2011)(Dark Brown)
Clothing: *LpD* - *Eagle* T-Shirt Pink; MALT Scooter Jeans Scarf - Medium; =^^= MIAO Pink Ribbed Tights
Shoes: *LpD* - *Lilly* Shoes Green Right

Poses by: LAP and the cello

Very Berry

I have to admit that we have had a lot of mysterious hues in our color wheel for the year. This week it is Jazzberry, a red on its way toward blue just a bit. My choice of outfit is a new release from Reasonable Desires. The Frou-frou can can costume comes in a variety of pretty hues, and originally I had picked a bright green to show you. But since I have made it through forty-one weeks of posting Luna's color choices, I wasn't going to flake out now.

My backdrop is the When Roses Turn Black garden from Panther3D Textures and Sculpts which happily missed my unplanned inventory purge a few months back.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Rinoa Hair Midnight I (new release)
Clothing: *RD* RED FROU-FROU

Poses by: Vista Animations

Exotic Dancer

Two new releases meet in this photo spread.

 The 1001 Nights Photostage from *(chanimations fits on a 1024 lot and comes in this detailed version as well as a lower prim model. Both curtains and wall colors can be changed via menu.

The fountain is separate.

The door can be open or closed; permissions set to let others make changes. I especially like the scaling of the textures; much closer to actual people size than you often see.

Click small photos for a hight rez version.

I traveled in Morroco a decade ago, something that is rare for those of us in the States. My visit was life changing in many ways and so it was especially rewarding and reminiscent to return in an sense.

SEE THE YOU TUBE VIDEO of 1001 Arabian Nights HERE.

The video shows off these gorgeous silks to best advantage. The Arcane Dancer Silks from Deviance come in a rainbow of colors. The detailing is superb!  Chandra is wearing one of her own shapes. I am wearing the shape that comes with the silks.

This is an all prim outfit so super shy gals need not apply. The pieces are manual mod; the shape is mod also. Between the two and with some tweaking (in my case it would be bigger breasts), most avatars should be able to find a good fit.

We can all use a little fantasy in our lives. This was mine.

Chandra took photos during our somewhat group shoot (my facelight, needed for this dark skin washed out her pale version so shots together were out of the question).

I especially like the composition of this one.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Ebony
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Tanisha Dark Special - Natural (PBShave) B
Clothing: Deviance - Arcane Dancer Silks - Arcane Waters

Poses and dance by: Vista Animations

Staying Power

It's old home week in my neck of the woods, and that ain't bad. Yesterday I chronicled Charlie and his new look compliments of Make Him Over 6 (as least I think that is the current number). Today Sami came into world happy to put on some old and familiar duds. I was so impressed with her look from long ago that I felt a post was in order.

Now and then we have designers who are ahead of their time, whose skill level is beyond the norm and whose work transcends the years. The outfit she is wearing is one from Last Call. For those of you new to the grid, this was a brand of a well respected and very early designer who died. There was a giant sale of his (her) goods; most everything was $100 linden including this signature outfit.

I managed to fight my way into that venue. I was very young and didn't exactly know "why" I wanted to be there, but it took days to get in so I figured that I really did want to expend the effort. I purchased a very cute outfit, but sculpties were new then and the prim parts were no mod. That didn't work for larger than average me and so I donated my outfit to a Relay For Life auction. Hopefully it moved into better hands.

The point I guess that I am trying to make is that sometimes we get caught up in Quantity and not Quality. Quality lasts for a very long time. I asked Sami to look up the date on her outfit and she acquired it January 13 2008. Just think how long ago that was ------

Her hair is also old, a flavor of the month from times past  (acquired Mar 2009) and amazingly still available at Shop Seu. I have a hair from there that I still wear now and then :D.

Those are just my thoughts of the eve.


I have a fair number of oldtimer friends, ones that I know in the corporeal world, that used to have "lives" in SL and that seldom log in any longer. I have noted that like many of the older folks in that place we call real life, these elders often get in a rut. They no longer shop or update their looks and who can blame them really if they don't venture in  often? Still, for those of you out there still wearing your favorites from 2009? It might be time to do a little shopping.

My old friend Charlie came into world this afternoon -- primarily because I let him know that a new Belleza gift skin was out and that he should check that out :D.  Charles is a sweetie, a now retired artist who at one time was fairly famous and now lives in obscurity, most likely by choice. Still, even for those who only venture into our fantasyland every week or so, it is good to look sharp. So he did a little "shopping" on the current Make Him Over hunt, hitting his favorite well-remembered retailers for the most part.

I have to say he did well! I haven't seen him look this good in awhile *wink*. The new Belleza skin fits him much better than it does my male counterpart, Chav. It is appropriate for his scholarly, artistic type.

The MHOH SLURS are here

FREEBIE:  I don't have much of a shop any longer. I mostly sell on the Marketplace, but now and then I like to share. Yesterday I played around with the webpage on a prim feature. Nothing new, but for many of us formerly in old style viewers, not too useful. Now, most of us it seem to be moving onto viewers that support mesh -- just in case it actually takes off *smile*.

Happily by the end of my building period, I ended up with a nice You Tube interface for my personal channel. It works well and is sized to eliminate all that advertising *wink*. So for any of you who would like your own, drop by my studio and pick up a copy for free.

Believe it or not, I am not egotistical enough to think you would want one to watch "MY" channel. I left it mod so you could change it to any You Tube channel you like -- even your own. I suspect it would work fine for a Flickr channel also. Some adjustments might be necessary.

You can pick it up here.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Uw.St  Reed-Hair   size-L  brown (old)
Skin: -Belleza- Jacob SK Group Gift
Clothing: Roughnecks - Jeans - Unzipped Black (MHOH); n-creation shirt mhoh (MHOH)

Accessories: Kumaki Glasses Style  K_gs Stomp/MHOH6 version (MHOH); *Muism* Chronotech G5_Navy (MHOH)

Poses by: LAP

Let's Hear It For the Boys

New gifts abound for the fellows this month. Lots of hunts as well as some presents. Just out from Belleza is this Jacob skin, check in the group archives if you missed your delivery. The skin pack comes in all tones.

And if you are getting in that back to school mood, this month's gift from sf designs is a handsome baseball jacket in blue. Find it in the center of the store as usual. Both manual mod and resize scripted prim parts are in the set.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Jack ~ Onyx
Skin: -Belleza- Jacob Tan Group Gift Hair
Clothing: sf design baseball jacket;  funkstar - one group; INDI - Jeans blue

Poses by: Vain

High Seas Morning

New robes are out at Dutchies! What a surprise:D.  And these just aren't any robes, they are sculpted and WITH AN AO which works extremely well! Black, white, salmon and red (shown here) versions come with or without resize scripts. The collar comes for small breasted gals like me and those of you more ample.

My Summer Adventure Camping  Drinks Cooler is a prize from Aphrodite Shop on The Wild One, a Grid-Wide Biker Hunt from August 1 - 15th, 2011.

Click the Drinks to pick your choice of beverage.
Click the coolers body to get a colorchange menue for 4 color-options.

The Colorchange can usually be initiated by the owner (level 2) but the owner can allow others (level 0)

And just how did I end up on a yacht in the early morning hours?

Well my standby sandbox was offline and the other Linden Lab ones under siege, so I ventured over to a school sandbox which had apparently just given back its sim and moved to a small mainland plot (sad).

As I was unpacking my new Arabian photo stage (more on that soon), I noticed this VERY large yacht floating at about 50 meters. Not to let a good photo op go to waste -- well that's the story. The yacht is made by Chandon Dollinger.  Picks have been missing often the last couple of days, but I assume he has a store that you can find if you are in the market. It is an impressive (and BIG) yacht.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna
Clothing: Dutchie red bathrobe

Poses by: the bathrobe's AO

Exploring On Cue From A Stranger

A simple but pretty post for the day taken at the landing point at HuManOiD, Gilmore where giant dandelions meet with poetry in a magical spot. Walk through the door to find more picture perfect, inspiring vistas. Visiting again? You know I will.

Style Notes: 

Hair: -dDx- Ariadne
Clothing: *BOOM* Aruba Top (teal) (new release); PARADISIS Satine : pants black
Shoes: sf design ramses sandal with toes womens
Accessories: *ByKay* ~ Kalya ~ *Dark Blue* (Set) (new limited release until 8-14)

Poses by: EverGlow

Padded Rooms

aDORKable Poses has a new prop out for Platinum Hunt 2, appropriately called My Padded Room. It comes with a collection of poses -- this being one. The poses are all named and the interface let's you know which pose you are currently using (TY!). To my mind though, the real star of the release is the prop itself. Along with being a clever idea and one I can pretty much guarantee will end up in a video sometimes soon (I have a great straight jacket ya know), it is  FANTASTIC with Windlight. This top shot is raw with no filters or retouching as I wanted you to see the natural shadows (without shadows on).

You can easily use the prop with other poses. My glazed state above seemed very fitting; it is from the new Stance II set from Long Awkward Pose. The collection features simple stands in a variety of degrees of "straightness", perfect for those prim skirts that are lovely but don't always wear easily. This shot is enhanced with some extra lighting filters.

And while I really can't do shadows well with my ATI card, I turned them on anyway to show you the effects that can be had. My fittingly dramatic heels with hot pink soles are a new release from NX-NardcotixBoom get's the credit for the striking one-piece, and my hair is an oldie from Garage  (now Koketka).


Becoming seduced by a new graphics program can lead you astray. That is what happened to my APRICOT post for week forty of our year long color wheel. Hence, many a detail has been lost as I played with filters. But never fear, I was so entranced with my look and the lovely sim that my imagination went to work.  You can watch the short machinima film unfold and catch all the details in high definition (full screen is best if your connection will manage that).

See the video, Waiting for Prince Charming at You Tube !

 And for those of you who just want a fashion shot, here it is. I think I spent way too much time this week looking at my backside and this cute bow *wink*.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Mimi - Chestnut
Clothing: *LpD* - *Susan* Skirt Gold (new); :[Plastik]:-Carnival Dress-J-Daisy (top only)
Shoes: [PixelMode] Fae Wedge [B] - LF - Khaki
Accessories: *Elemental Earth Designs* Shizen Black~ Jade Vines Bracelet and Earrings (new); ROMEO watch by Donna Flora (old hunt prize)

Poses by: Vista Animations AO

Hire Me

A quick post to let you know that if you are very lucky, you can pick up this cute Executive Decision costume in the Reasonable Desires gatcha machine. It is marked as rare so you may need to try a few times *wink*. I do love the costumes at Reasonable Desires, my all time favorite being the Cabaret set which I showed off in my footer and profile for many months. There is other newness at the shop which I will be showing you later.

I want you to know that the greeter fellow who you can barely see in the background did a very nice job of keeping a straight face (well you know what I mean) when confronted with a scantily clad gal in the lobby. I wasn't there long. This was good :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: >TRUTH< Melinda - auburn
Clothing: *RD* Executive Decision *
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

Poses by: Vista Animations and the breifcase