Tranquility: Reader Review

Sasha sent me this cute picture and her thoughts on the Isle of Tranquility Hunt. Her great looking dress here is from *amerie's NAUGHTY* MainShop -- Isle of Tranquility 43/145/26 which might be a good starting place.

There is a board in the courtyard of the complex that shows you all the prizes. Sasha reports that they are all good and that the earrings she is wearing but that you can't see here from +*Atelier AM*+ are especially lovely.

Here are her hints on this challenging hunt.

The apples are in PILES and change color depending on the store. So there are like five apples in piles that are silver or green or gold. The apples themselves are SMALL (like crab apples) and I was looking for something larger at first. Once you find one it is easier. I didn't see a "sample - this is what you are looking for" anywhere near the explanation board; that would have been helpful.
All but one apple pile is in the shop it goes with. One is in the canal area (that isn't a big hint as there are a lot of canals). Several people have reported that the apples weren't visible for them early yesterday. Not sure what that was about but they were OK for me late Tuesday night.
The prizes are all lovely and while I have no idea what I might do with a clothes washing line, it is SO cute! So I put it in the photo.

Tesla amd Pixeldolls

I know that the whole blogosphere will be posting on these outfits but I will post anyway because:

  • I want to give credit to two of our most generous designers.
  • My friend took the time to take these photos and send them to me (wink). AND she did a fine job too.
So thank you Tesla -- Tesla 42/79/54 -- and Pixeldolls -- Port Seraphine 14/129/56 for your continuing generosity! Many thanks from all of the women who wear your lovely designs.

Mechanism - - WOOT!

After three months and a hundred posts or so, I don't get too excited too often. But here I am excited. Yeah!

First of all, I want to be clear the Mechanism -- Kmadd Enterprise 187/240/26 --is a MENS store. Secondly, any decent fashionista knows that means NOTHING. And indeed there was another lady in the shop when I arrived. The jackets you are seeing above are some of the items from the free box. From the photos on the vendors I am sure they look AS GOOD on men - LOL.

Kobe Flatley opened on Friday and had his first Fashcon (Fashion Consolidated) post today sans LM. There was still a group of wise sleuths looking through his goods. The jackets are especially nice. There are pants and Tees also along with some accessories.

The free box items -- especially the latex jacket shown with the Hexed outfit many of you now own and the two toned tan opened jacket below -- are exceptionally nice (read that as nicer than many purchased garments).

So get DOWN there and get your honey down there if you have one.

Later: I got Wonder to go over and get the jackets so you could see what they look like on a (sigh) guy - wink. Thanks a bunch, Wonder! (He is NOT very fashion conscious.) LOL

Other credits: (Chic) Dress by Hexed, Jeans by WRONG. (Wonder) Pants by Nuclear Boutique, glasses by Digital Dragon.

Discord Designs 2 for 1L

Discord Designs -- Synchronicity 190/171/29 --has a new dollarbie (for two similar colors in a pack) out. Both color demos and style demos are available. The other hairs seem be be very reasonably priced. I like the two color pack idea as I hardly ever wear many of the colors included in some of the mega packs. Less "stuff" in my inventory that way. So if this looks like a style that would work for you, or if you just want to check out some of their other hair (and there are some cute ones here), drop on over and take a look.


Raeva's -- ModusVivendi 129/136/55 --is a small -- new to Fashcon -- boutique with limited stock but some real promise. She currently has a bright and cheery outfit to give away for a dollar. Find it at the very front of the store when you come in. Note -- there are TWO dresses to click on. Each dress has both versions so no need to buy both. The items are mod so if you don't like the full sleeves they are easy to tighten up. Her dresses all seem to be $50 which seems like a pretty good value judging from this dress. So take a look and see if she has something you would like.

I personally didn't think the brown skirt went well with this top as there is no "brown" in the top to coordinate, Still it is a good skirt for mix and matching with other tops and a nice bonus.

Beware. The TP point takes you to a club and you need to jump over the balcony and down to get to her shop. Plenty of people were finding it tonight though, so I bet you can too.

Samara's Halter Sets

Samara just sent out a gift to the existing members of her update group (interesting :D). A tan version of her newest release, the fabrics reminded me of tropical rain forests, lost temples and Indiana Jones. So -- I blinked on over to the jungles of Mexico to take some photos.

There is a beautifully flowing long skirt with two layers of fabric, some "city shorts" with prim legs, some slacks, regular shorts, and a halter top (on three layer) that will go with MANY things.

I wore my Untied Sandals (from Samara) and the Timetraveler necklace I camped for at Magika one evening not too long ago. Many great possibilities of layering here and adding to also. THANK YOU SAMARA for a great set of clothes that make me feel adventurous. Find them in navy, rose, teal and green at Samara Studios -- Gembong West/233/104/31.

Assorted Freebies - Sunday

One LAST post of the day to let you know that:

  • Nuclear Boutique has the Sassy Sweater in Dove (light gray) as it's free items of the week. I have had this sweater for awhile now from a hunt and REALLY LOVE IT! It goes with so much and has a very nice cowl sculpty neckline.
  • Piece of Candy has new Dollarbies out as well as new hunt items. I picked up my favorite of the dollarbies as well as a skin (Rory - peach).
  • Mela's has a new freebie skin called Sakura Sorceress (even the name is exotic).
  • SEY has a new necklace in one of the group camp chairs this week. 15 minutes.

Happy Sisters :D

Seasons and Facets are having a grand opening and hunt. Find them at:

In my opinion this is a very good hunt BECAUSE:

  • The items to find are not HIDDEN per se. They are in plain view. You do not need camera control skills or the use of wireframe mode to find them (yeah).
  • The items are very nice and you are likely to find something that you will want to keep -- or maybe you may want to keep it ALL and that works too.
  • The stores are roomy and tasteful and there was plenty to look at while searching.
This is an opening celebration of two stores across from each other. So even if you don't want to HUNT, be sure and pick up the very nice opening gifts prominently displayed in the foyers. And check the four lucky chairs outside too.

So far as the hunt goes, you are looking for small picture of two women -- the happy sisters -- a bit larger than a playing card. They are fairly obvious so you shouldn't have much trouble. There are 8 prizes in all with most being multi-pieced. Here are some of my favorites.

There are shoes and jewelry in both stores and clothing in one. Enjoy!

Be sure and teleport to the second floor. There is a smallish elevator type button that gets you there. That's a hint.

Cassiopeia Isle

I saw a post that there was an event going on at Cassiopeia Isle so I ventured over to see what I could find to show you.

First up is a very cute dress from LVS & Co. -- Cassiopeia Isle 225/25/22. It comes in MANY colors (see photo below) and comes with a cute pail with many details.

Now there appears to be some problems with this dress, but it may simply be my new release candidate viewer (the only one that works for me at the moment). But things to look out for would be 1. a seemingly INVISIBLE underskirt. It comes on as a skirt for a second and then disappears. I tried this with a purple one also with the same problem. 2. One of the inside panels of the skirt has reverted to orange and when I tried to unlink it and modify it, I could not. Again, this may be my client and you may be able to fix. I have read on the blogs that this is happening a lot so it is no reflection on the designer, just our VERY tough month of April.

Even if you ONLY buy this for the top, hat and pail it is a good deal. Note that there are no pants so you might want to make some in the appearance editor. I suspect that the ORANGE version of this doesen't have the inner texture problem. Shown with shoes by Tesla.

A bit of wandering found a variety of free and dollarbie items including something from Nissa Nightfire of our blog! Fun. I only bought a few things to show you as I really don't need much and many things looked nice but were not my style. Here are a couple more things you might want to look for at the marketplace.

Elate! -- Cassiopeia Isle 159/187/22 -- has some cute dresses for $1 for ALL THREE. Mint is show here. The other colors are teal and rose (same pattern). The vendor is hanging out front with the dresses on hangers. It is slightly retro and nicely made.

Splashing Doll -- (sorry no Cassiopeia Isle LM but it is near LVS & Co I believe) has two skins for $1. This one has lovely lips and other nice qualities. The other comes with blue violet (blueberry?) lipstick. Note that the swimsuit is NOT at Cassiopeia. It is from SWA's lucky chair (may no longer be available there).

Again there are LOTS of very obvious free and dollarbie items around, so just wander a bit and see what appeals to you. There are furniture stores, shape shops and art galleries intermingled with the clothing stores. Enjoy!

Lisa Marie's Firenight Lingerie

Lisa Marie's --Barks 20/120/24 -- is giving out an extremely fine bra and panties set in rose. The details are amazing. Her work is always lovely and she has some very cute overalls as well as some dresses (find them upstairs). So take a look around.

There is also a freebie box right below the lingerie box. It has some nice jeans as well as some tops. One set is shown here. This top is transparent and so today's gift goes particularly well as an underlayer.


A reader sent me a landmark to Shameless - Vicious Island 165, 94, 22 -- and said there was a new free outfit that I might want to check out. I arrived and while searching for the outfit in the picture she sent I found a plethora (I so love that word) of very nice free tops, pants and coordinates. Simply wander around the store and look for large pink arrows denoting the free items.

There are many cute outfits here and while the name seems to suggest something else, the freebies anyway were very tame. Many had cute animals or hearts on the tops. So, keeping in theme, I headed over to a kids park I had found yesterday. You got it -- serendipity!

Here are only SOME of the many free items (lots of tops not shown). Most all the outfits I saw for sale were $100 so the prices are very reasonable. Most for sale items include very short skirts and a bit more daring designs which may be why these items are now free.

There are pants, costumes and a few things for men also. Oh, and boots. Who KNOWS what I might have missed. Be sure and go upstairs also.

Violet Voltaire's New Digs

I've just come from the opening of Violet Voltaire's new shop in Haven Shire -- Haven Shire 89/218/22. The shop is VIOLET (well of course) and beautifully done. The elegant spiral stairway leads to discount merchandise with lots of cute hats and accessories while the main floor holds the newer merchandise. There is plenty of room to grow here as well as some lovely albeit a bit spooky landscaping (I really liked it). The whole sim is worth some wandering.

While I was there, Violet was giving out this lovely necklace that goes perfectly with the Lucky Chair prize of yesterday from Silent Sparrow. There are matching earrings too! Just love that serendipity! Stop by and visit if you get a chance. If you are into bows, there are some new ones on special as you first walk in the door.

Angels at Sn@tch

Well FALLEN Angels anyway. This IS Sn@tch — Pulse 175/219/30 — after all. This week's group gift includes a cropped T with a nice Fallen Angel design as well as some Punk Band Pants in black with very cool textures (unisex). And there is something (not quite so tasteful but who said guys want that anyway?) for the guys too. Think body parts and dimensions here - LOL. So if this looks of interest, sign up at the SubscribeOMatic so that you know when the new items are out and on the wall. It was packed tonight when I ventured over. Lots of good things in the lucky chair also. Thanks Ivey!

Shown with Hexed belt from today's lovely gift and ::69 Nightmare heels.

Hexed in Black and White

It's easy to wander into a designer's store, find things you like and sign up at the SubscribeOmatic. It is also easy to forget WHO you have signed up with -- especially if you don't get any messages - LOL.

Well as I was taking photos for the Silent Sparrow article, a message came in from Hexed saying that she hadn't sent out any notices in awhile and here was a gift. Honestly? I couldn't remember just who Hexed was, but assumed I had signed up so I accepted the attachment. Later on opening I found the cutest box with a picture of the garment on it. I was VERY excited from the photo to try it on.

It is SO cute and very "me". So I zipped over to an appropriate sim and took this photo. And happily after trying on the gift, I remembered both the designer and the shop -- and it was a VERY long time ago in virtual terms so I don't feel too bad for forgetting.

Anyway, if this looks like something YOU would like, venture over to Hexed -- Hex 123/99/39 and take a look.

Shown with :: 69 Nightmare heels.

The Chair - The Chair: Silent Sparrow

From posts by fellows on the blogs I knew the chair had changed at Silent Sparrow -- silent sparrow 201/88/21. And since I hadn't seen any posts of girlie things, I assumed (oh so wrongfully) that the chair had an outfit for men that women of course could wear. I had even glanced to see if it was my letter once as I passed by on a photo shoot the other day. But today I HAD A MESSAGE!

OK. So you don't believe in ESP and the like maybe, but I do. I TPed over to Silent Sparrow and walked over to the chair (by the stairs in case you don't know) and it was a "C". I actually WAS pretty surprised but it didn't stop me from hopping on.

There is a whole collection of mix and match goodies in the chair. I am showing only some here and also some that I altered in the Appearance and Build menus. Happily everything I attempted to modify was modify. Yeah! (insert clapping here). So we have a very pretty dress with lots of texturing detail and patterns. I am wearing the corset as well as the tutu skirt (darkened to match the color of the corset). I also have the bloomers on which normally go to where the stockings end. Being a bit more modern than many of hyasynth's fans I opted to make a copy and save a pair as short glitch pants. The stockings have cute details on the back. The bloomers look very cute just with the corset BTW.

There is also a jabot collar and some short gloves (not shown). The menswear outfit of course works fine for ladies also -- especially if you add the frilly cuffs.

Shown with :: 69 Nightmare heels.

WRONG Jeans: Review

It would be easy to say that you can't go wrong with WRONG jeans. And I am SURE it has been said before -- maybe many, many times. Still, it is true. Kaysha Sion, maker of these lovely jeans sent them to me this morning under less than auspicious circumstances. Still, she invited me to review them and they are easy to review. They are simply GREAT! Beautifully rendered with loving details, they could indeed become your favorite jeans.

Now, just with all things, they may not be great for everyone. They are LOW low riders (gaspingly so for some of you I suspect). Even so, with a bit of ingenuity, they can still be one of your favorite pair of casual pants. All you need is a long top or a set of "undershirt and undies" masquerading as a tucked in top and you are set.

Photo Credits: Get Lucky shirt by LaLa FooFoo, Estella heels by Tesla
:::: Crushed Cotton Tied Shirt by Body Polik, Wooden Wedges ICING
:::: Wild Child top by Sn@tch, Untied Sandals by Shoes Simply Shoes.

These jeans can go from casual to breathtakingly daring. They come in plain, faded, ripped, black splotched and dirty. And for the life of me, I can't figure out which is my favorite. It seems to be which ever one I have on!

Photo Credits: Dark Eden Gray Latex Jacket, ::69 Nightmare heels
:::: ETD Layered Tee (magenta) over Nuclear Boutique Sassy top, Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes.

Dress them up, dress them down. Cover up or get close to naked. These are simply GREAT JEANS!

WRONG - AlterNation 190/154/38

Dark Eden

By now, if you read the blogs faithfully -- or simply look at the pictures -- you know that Dark Eden is relocating to Olive --Olive 163/232/41. When I saw their post yesterday about their new store, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a camp chair. And, since I really love camp chairs as they are a kind of "pay for your prize" option, I went over to check BOTH the chair and the new store.

I will say the new store is very roomy and easy to find things in. I love the colors and the patterns on the wall. It seemed large enough for now and the not too distant future. I hope this move works well for them. Indeed there are two camping chairs and I chose to sit for the Gray Latex Jacket which is available for purchase in a variety of other brilliant colors. It comes in two sizes. Since I am 6 feet and not super thin, the regular size fit me perfectly with no adjustments needed at all. Yeah!

While I was sitting for my 45 minutes I had plenty of time to cruise the store with my camera controls. I was SO taken with this display I just had to take a snapshot. The model is beautiful, the outfits colorful and the display very tasteful. What more could you ask for in marketing.

Jacket in hand, I left the store to find that I had very little to wear it with. Oh NO! That inventory cleaning may have left me a little skimpy in some areas, but what I have left are favorites so that is a GOOD thing all in all. Anyway, serendipity came to the rescue this morning with a folder of low (low) riser jeans from WRONG. They will be commented on in detail in another post, but I felt they went very well with the jacket. Enough excitement to keep them from being boring, simple enough to show off the jacket. Now I think I need some DANGLY earrings! (wink).

Dark Eden Gray Latex Jacket
WRONG Splattered Jeans (black)
::69 Nightmare heels
SD Love Me Knot hair


I am literally heading out the door in real life but want to post that I just received a note from Kaysha Sion of WRONG that "You may not be aware, but your latest blog entry at ( is reviewing stolen content from a store with a pending DMCA. "

I of course did not know and have no knowledge about this but I am posting big photos of my butt so that you can have a look for yourself. I will happily blog the jeans from WRONG that were sent a bit later as I have NO TIME right now.

Earth Day - SSF

Samara Studios just sent out an Earth Day gift to the group. Some very cute Gecko fabric beach shoes with matching meditation pillow. AND for anyone who has a home, there is a copyable solar panel (two prims).

It's a beautiful, sunny day in my corner of SL -- if not in my real world so I had a great excuse to finally unpack the bikini bundle I won in a lucky chair at SWA ages ago.

THANK YOU Samara Studios -- Gembong West 229/143/31 -- and Second Wave Apparel -- Plush Omicron 168/221/34. Woot!

Oh, the notice said there were also sandals for guys if there any out there in the group. I think we are most all women however.


[12 PM inworld time] The fashion show at Rezzable Cascade Fashion Center is about ready to begin. Amongst the Beautiful People -- who really are impressive (smile), it is difficult not to inspect every prim to see who made what. I am being as classy as possible however and keeping my right clicks to myself.

The showcase is gorgeous with shades of cobalt and aqua ice surrounding us all. There are men here also which is a nice mix of energies. The showcase itself seems coolly masculine and is a lovely backdrop for dramatic clothing. All photos use the regional default settings, so hopefully the colors are close to what the designers intended you to see.

Designers included Moxie Polano, Callie Cline, Forda Fairlane. Since even looking back at my chat, I cannot be certain who made what in all cases, I will simply let you go explore the new stores at Rezzable's Cascade Fashion Center.

Be sure and where your jacket. It is icy there (wink).

Here are some photo highlights of the show:

Monday - Monday

Lots of news out there on the blogs today, and while yesterday was another problematic weekend at Phil's Place, it was personally very rewarding for me. Thanks so much for those of you that bothered to post or IM me with positive comments. I really do appreciate it.

So taking a deep breath. Here goes MONDAY ---

Mewf Demina is leaving Free Speerit --Quest III 156/151/22 -- and giving away her hair styles before she exits the building. I got there before the sim was full (chuckle) and grabbed fat packs of my favorite styles. There are quite a few to choose from so there should be one that looks good for everyone. Not all head shapes take to all styles as I am sure you know by now :D Shown here is Lyrlia in mahogany,

Thanks to SL Freestyle who now seems to be posting in Babbler? (maybe Japanese?) too - I found some nice overalls at the Rahz store -- Dentro 204/8/108. These are EXTREMELY NICE overalls. They are indeed dark blue denim with lots of hand drawn details. I tried to show you all that in the rear view (wink) but the front is just as nice.

ICING - Sangria Sunrise

A friend of mine just sent me this lovely picture of the newest Icing -- Mischief 131/157/24 -- group gift called Sangria Sunrise. What GORGEOUS colors. It was snowing at my house (and hale) today so I really appreciate the bright colors. If this looks like an outfit you would love, then check out the Icing Group.

Shop :SEY hits 700!

Shop :SEY --Honmoku 156/53/34 -- set out a gift for its now 700 members. A very appropriate T shirt (jacket layer only) with a 7 on it and the L.O.K.E. logo. Fitting for both guys and gals. Find it near the coffee table. You can ALSO camp for this newish (I haven't been there for awhile so not sure of the timing) VERY detailed bangle bracelet in leather. Comes in sizes for both guys and gals. Sit 15 minutes with your group tag on to get it. You can also camp for other items.

Also shown are my Bloody Mess jeans from Sn@tch -- Pulse 175/219/30 -- part of this week's on the wall hunt. Untied sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes (not free) complete this morning's outfit.

Envy Lingerie

Want to heat up your love life just a bit? Envy lingerie in Sangria is currently free at Nuclear Boutique -- Archipelago Wild 192/77/402. And it is SO lovely!

Love Not War + Shades

Just wanted to report a couple of great new designer free items. First there is a Love Not War tank from Rave Nation -- Candyland 28/214/27. Bright and summery with a good slogan (IMHO). Works for me. The tank is over with the other free items in a TINY box, near the OnRez etc. boxes not far from the door.

And, as serendipity would have it, Whimsical Creations -- Taber 100/204/22 -- just put up some really cute sunglasses. The free pair is in pink and matches the shirt very nicely. They also come in a variety of other colors for $75. The glasses are a bit hard to find and this is mostly a furniture store but they are directly in front of the entrance prominently on the wall.

Hair: Airy by ETD


The Muism group gift jacket was a popular blog item a few days ago (link, link, link). I am not a member of the Muism group so I cannot comment on that particular item, but it seems from other posts as well as these that there is a love-hate relationship growing with sculptywear. The style is often fantastic. The wearability is sometimes lacking.

Avatars, just like our real life counterparts, are of various shapes and sizes. Even the very best clothes designers can't make prim objects that fit everyone perfectly. So many of the designers have begun putting out demo models of their sculptywear item which is a wonderful help. Some demos are mod, some not, but if they fit you perfectly -- or close to it -- you can buy with confidence.

The upside of sculptywear is that the design possibilities seem almost endless. I have no idea HOW they do it, but it is amazing. The downside is that sometimes, no matter what we do, we just can't get things to fit. It seems like the more complex the sculpty is and the more pieces it takes the place of, the harder it is to modify. Simple sweater necks and cuffs almost always work for me.

The advantage of the older style prims that are linked is being able to edit just ONE of the pieces without influencing the others. With sculpties we are often resizing a large and complex item. We get the offending area to fit and that throws off another - LOL.

There was a gorgeous short jacket that I wanted and the designer had very nicely made two versions (one for bustier gals - a category I do not fall into). No matter what I did, it didn't work. But her demo gave me the chance to try it and that was great.

We give up a bit of fashion FOR fashion with sculpties in a lag situation. I suspect that you have been to events where some of the people never got the large gray balls off their feet, head, hands etc. :D But once they rez? Heaven.

I have also heard from a friend who runs around with the techie crowd that sculpties are actually polygons (I hope I have that correct) and actually take up six more times of the server's energy than a regular prim. Maybe someone knows the scoop on this and can explain it more.

I guess my personal decision will be to use sculptywear carefully -- much in the same way I use multiprim jewelry and leave it home when I go places that will be crowded. And enjoy every shapely nuance when I am in a calm and stable environment.

And you?

Credits: Everyday Tote by ETD, Sassy Sweater by Nuclear Boutique, Pepper Capris by Bossa Nova, Socks by PixelDolls (shortened), Untied Sandals by Shoes Simply Shoes, Melange Bracelet by Tekelili

Hunts and Such - A Followup

So MUCH conversation about an earlier post at I have several comments still in the queue there but wanted to do a new post anyway -- a designer's view of my blog thoughts of last eve. Here's the backstory.

When I logged in this morning I found two very nice IMs from different designers thanking me for posting my thoughts in the Hunts and Such -- Are We Simply Tired. There were some negative comments to my post by one person and some positive ones from others (thanks) and by the time I get this up there could be much more showing up as who knows what might be awaiting publication?

Anyway in my comments on that post I mentioned talking to designers but not giving names or their comments. Just after sending that comment in, one of the designers, Eolande Elvehjem (Ohana Isle) wrote back. We had a very lengthy conversation and she gave me permission to print her words here. All in all I have three designer's take on this. They all seem to mirror Eolande's so I will just quote her. This is a VERY SMALL sampling of opinion on this subject and any and all designers are VERY welcome to comment on this post and give YOUR ideas.

Excerpts from our conversation of the morning (some lines repositioned for clarity):

Eolande Elvehjem: I just read your post about treasure hunts, and thank you for writing it. It's been something on my mind for a while now, and a discussion we've been having at Ohana Isle lately.

Chic Aeon: Ah. You are very welcome. And thanks so much for writing. I have been to your hunts of course and posted before and enjoy them but wondering if "the market" is becoming saturated -- if that applies.

Eolande Elvehjem: Yes I think it's a real problem - the economy has really slowed and everyone's sales are down. I notice myself that I rarely *need* to buy anything because someone is always giving it out for free.

(Edited by Chic re Eolande at 2:12)
At Ohana we always put quality stuff (well at least we think so) in our hunts, but we don’t give away the farm and we try to inspire customers to buy based on what they’ve picked up for free.

Nonetheless, can’t change what everyone else is doing. We’re cooking up new ways to give people a reason to buy….

Chic Aeon: That is exactly my point and there is a LOT going on with my blog post right now :) I did NOT mention your name.
Eolande Elvehjem: Oh it's fine if you do.
Yeah and I'd like to see it opened up for comments. This is a healthy discussion.

Chic Aeon: I guess my point (and people on the blog asked for more info). Is that we are being given SO much that we don't have a reason to shop.
Eolande Elvehjem: EXACTLY
Chic Aeon: Glad you think so. I feel guilty sometimes.

Chic Aeon: Everyone is giving more and better -- like a competition. I can't see how that is really benefiting the designers -- just the recipients.
Eolande Elvehjem: Well it benefits us designers to give a very good sample of our work because then if it's liked the idea is people will come back for more.

Chic Aeon: Yes, agreed.
Eolande Elvehjem: You don't get a half assed freebie and then say to yourself "hmmm wonder if their stuff in their shop is better lets go find out".
Chic Aeon: True and my point which I have taken a LOT of abuse on the blog for :D

Eolande Elvehjem: We're shooting ourselves in the foot

Chic Aeon: Yes, but some designers (big name ones) have (or had a couple months ago anyway) HORRIBLE freebies with seams that didn't match at all. It seems like there needs to be a middle ground somewhere.

Eolande Elvehjem: Right. My middle ground - and the middle ground we do here on Ohana - is we release something that is a version of our current offerings for sale --but it is limited in itself. So we give our best work, but you'll want more to get the full use of the thing. So for instance, i made some lovely Celtic trinity jewelry in a variety of metals all with color change gems. For the hunt, i tinted the metal green and left the stones as diamonds w/out color change. People were in love with the stuff, and returned for more colors.

Chic Aeon: Yes, that is a good way. Does that seem to work for you?
Eolande Elvehjem: Ooh yes we do quite well. Over all people are buying less, but the hunts are our bread and butter

Chic Aeon: So if it is working for you what in my post "rang true" for you?

Eolande Elvehjem: Yes it very much did - and i think the overload of freebies has in the long run started to hurt us, and it will continue to do so -- unless people wise up about the way they address the freebie thing.

Chic Aeon: OK. That was my take on it from THIS side of the gifting.
Eolande Elvehjem: Don't give out your crap. Do give out your best - just a *version* of your best.

Chic Aeon: Thanks for the chat. I guess each designer will have to figure out a plan for themselves. If they follow the herd, they do.
Eolande Elvehjem: Right, and each designer will do what best works for them - who am i to say that they're doing it wrong? Ultimately it amounts to an overabundance of freebies. But each designer needs to do for themselves what they think is best.

Chic Aeon: Agreed. Back to my posting. Thanks so much. Good luck with your hunt.
Eolande Elvehjem: You're welcome, feel free to quote me on anything I've said.

Hunts and Such - Are We Simply Tired

Have I missed them? So far I have only seen one post on the Red Stick Hunt (thanks Serene) and nothing on Ohana which I think has started but have lost the post on that.

Are we "all" getting tired? Have we had way too much of too many good things of late? The designers (at least many of them) have definitely been VERY generous of late. It is difficult to say whether this is natural altruism or competition. I would prefer to think the former of course but pragmatically it is likely a bit of both. The fashion world of Phil's Place is not far it seems from its RL model.

We, the customers (hopefully we are actually customers from time to time) are the definite beneficiaries of there gifts, but it seems like there may be a saturation point. True, there are always "new folks" coming in and that is most likely good for the society as a whole. Still I wonder how the small shops can survive and the larger designers (despite their profits?) keep their enthusiasm if their events become less than resounding successes.

With so much out there now, even those with freebie mania (yes, I was definitely one but trying to wean myself off) can become overwhelmed. There are only so many hours in a virtual day and so much time we can devote in hunter gatherer mode (wink).

I am not a designer, but it seems like there needs to be a shift here. Then again, I am often looking at a much bigger picture (walking the perimeter of the forest) than most folks. Just some thoughts -- late at night.

PixelDolls Gift

PixelDolls -- Port Seraphine 36/128/56 has just released a gift to everyone. No hunting, no gathering (wink) although I have to admit that there are SO MANY LAYERS AND CHOICES that it took me a long while to get dressed - LOL. So there is a little bit of a challenge even if it isn't in the finding.

Four top colors in a huge assortment of layers, shorts, tall socks with top and bottom sculpty prims (you may need to resize these depending on YOUR size), full length legging (pants for boots) and the list goes on.

Thanks so much for such a great gift for the community. You can sign up at the SubscribeOmatic in the shop.

Inventory Blues

I suspect that we all have inventory blues. So fun to shop and try on and wear and even photograph (wink), but organizing? Not so much.

I have been pretty good from the beginning with my inventory. I deleted things that were things I knew I wouldn't wear. These either had BAD words (my opinion only here) on them, seams that didn't come close to matching, too much logoness to them (although I love my SEY logo tank). But what do I do with wonderfully made things that still don't seem like me? Well I kept them of course. You never know when tastes might change or a new outfit opportunity might arise. The Nightmare shoes from ::69 are a good example. VERY nicely made and the hunt was great, but was I ever going to wear shoes with skulls and bows? Well they went perfectly with the Granny's Bones dress from Sn@tch (thanks Ivey). Always surprises.

So when reorganizing my inventory I already had folders for things like "accessories", "jewelry", "dresses and formals", "jackets and sweaters" etc. I also had some outfits. But it was still hard to find things and sometimes I would lose my favorite top or jeans (not my '84s as they are easy to remember and search for-- but others). So in my NEW plan, I added folders for "favorites" and "maybe someday" for things I wear a lot and things I might someday find a need for. I figured I would check those "maybe someday" folders in 6 months and see if I still wanted to keep them.

I also added a new top level (under clothing) folder for "Purchased" as I have purchased very little and can remember those easily right now.


A couple of tips for those of you who like me decide that it is time to get some organization into your virtual clothing closet.

First, most of you probably know about the OUTFITS option. For those that do not, you simply dress in your outfit of choice, right click on yourself and choose "Appearance". From there choose the "Make Outfit" button and then click in all the little boxes where you want what you are wearing to be added to your outfit. If you change skins often (or hair) you may want to leave those off the list. It's all up to you. Save and give your outfit an appropriate name. This works very well with COPY items. If you have items that are not copy, it simply puts it in that particular outfit UNTIL you make another outfit with the same garment. So not so handy. Be aware.

Secondly a good trick for no mod items with less than descriptive names is to make a new folder for JUST that item (or all the pieces of it if it comes in layers or with prims). So something entitled "Tallys Top" (no such item to my knowledge) can be put into a folder called "Red sweater w front buttons and tintable undershirt" or whatever makes sense to you.

I also like having a folder for "sets" of things that came together. This is both handy and limiting. If your item is copy then you could put a copy of the pants into your pants folder for example as WELL as with the set. This will make your inventory even larger of course, but it makes it easier for me to find elusive separates.

That's what I have learned so far in my inventory rearrangement. About halfway done. Will I ever pick up MORE things? Most likely. But now at least there is a system in place that will make it easier to categorize my finds and purchases.

As an aside here it is interesting to note that as Chic I am a Capricorn (not in RL) and Capricorns are very big on linear thinking and organization. They LIKE plans and systems (wink).

How Much is Enough?

So the Haute Couture hunt was great fun. I find I haven't opened anything from there yet though. What's THAT about? Well it may simply be that I know what is there from other posts (thank you) or it may be that I simply have enough STUFF (insert big wink here). In two and a half months of manic hunting and gathering (most of it very enjoyable and not work at all) I have about 2000 clothes items. Now some of those are repeats from the outfits generator and some of course I purchased, but not all that many.

AND I was absolutely VERY good about deleting anything I knew I wouldn't wear. That is a LOT of things to wear. Some items of course are parts of a complex blouse for example, but even if you cut that number in half it is still most likely more than one could wear in six months (counting accessories here) if they only changed once a day :D

SO -- I have decided that I need to get that inventory REALLY organized and then maybe become a little less manic about the hunter-gatherer mode that I seem to have been in. It is funny as my real life wardrobe is VERY sparse and I am usually wearing the SAME thing when someone comes to visit. Oh well.

So, this isn't a goodbye really. I am sure I will be back and already have a couple of fashion post ideas (including maybe some inventory control tips from my trip into the depths of mine). I can see how Divine got burned out though. And even in my short time in SL I have seen other fashion find bloggers come and go, so I guess this is mostly expected. When something starts turning into WORK instead of play it sort of looses its appeal -- especially when we are here to PLAY.

We'll see how it goes. I am sure I won't stop blogging. I have several non-"virtural world" (almost slipped there) blogs of my RL person. And there is most likely a LOT of things in world to write about besides the newest freebie. HMMMMM>

Anyway. That's the news from Chic's Place.


That top picture is not of disappointment -- it is of exhaustion :D The Haute Couture Hunt is great. Many of the "little boxes" are easy to find. Some need camera controls. Since (letters we can't use) Free*Style did such a great job with photographs, just go here
to see many of the items to be found. I add the ZHAO shoes here as saw no photos of them. The red ones are the same as Callie Cline's friends week gift so some of you may have those. They are VERY nice though so be sure and pick them up.

I love the second pair of funky ones in dark gray. They don't fit me exactly right though. I am assuming it is because I am a BIG girl and my fat ankles get in the way. I am pretty sure however that these will work well with pants OR with my SHOP SEU leg warmers (previously blogged) so plan to work something out. Hint: ZHAO gave out TWO gifts; they are not in the same little boxes. They ARE however easy to find so broaden your horizons a bit from the "little black box" mindset and mouseover a few things.

ALSO if you have occasion to wear fancy jewelry be sure and stop by Alienbear Design as there is a lovely, large stoned, blue necklace suitable for formalwear.

According to Emee Flanagan (on site at the event) THE HUNT WILL CONTINUE TILL TOMORROW AT 12NOON SLT :)

Gray and Pink Bliss

I saw a post from Juliet about an extremely cute top that was a group gift from MG Fashion. I zipped over to their main store lickity-split to see if seemed like a designer group I would like to join. Indeed there were lots of great looking tops in an abundance of colors -- can you say full color spectrum five times really fast? I did finally find the group. The problem seemed to be the two letter search bug in the new client -- so keep trying if you decide to join. The top is extremely nice with great detail. (I had a close up shot in the collage but it was so distracting (boob shot) that I took it out. ) The trim on this blouse is pink ribbon. The sweater with and without detail (two versions) is available in most any color you would like. The large vendor is prominently displayed at the front of the store. This is a hand drawn item and there has been a lot of attention paid to "getting it right". That is very easy to see. So take a look. MG Fashions -- Mystikal 123/118/27 right across from Mystikal Hair.

Shown with Bossa Nova -- Amour 200/44/0 -- capris and bangles (hunt I believe) and Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes -- Gembong West 229/143/31

The second outfit screams Summer and those warm days will be here soon. This is from RAHZ --Sterling Heights 143/101/22, a very nice shop right across from ANA_MATIONS. I wandered over there last night after buying my AO. They have a large variety of bright and cheery garments including some for men. I think there is also a gift bag for men. This outfit comes with a long sleeved brief white jacket, but I preferred it without. It is very nicely done and could be a swimsuit also - sans garters and such. BEWARE that the LM inside the gift apparently goes to a private sex area and NOT the store. I had to backtrack to get the SLURL for ya :D Shown with Nightmare shoes in white by :: 69 --MIYABI 35/218/503.

Vote with Your $$$$$$

This is not really a contest. I just wanted to get your attention. It is really a move to be APPRECIATIVE of all the designers we love who "love" us and give us great things. We know who you are and they are different for everyone.

An aside here: I want to thank ALL the folks -- both friends and strangers-- who wrote positive notes on the blogs and sent me IMs on the latest freebie controversial drama on the blogs. If you missed it, leave it. If you suspected there was more behind it than met the eye? You are a good little blog sleuth. Enough said.

So it was a busy day for me. No, I wasn't hiding out anywhere :D. I was camping for a lot of hours in preparation for my afternoon sojourn. You see -- I had a plan.

My plan was simple. Support the designers you love with your lindens. And I did. Now for some of you, this is a very simple thing. You spend $5 or $10 US dollars and it is no biggie. You give up a latte or two on the way to work. We each, I suspect, have our own game plan within the "game" and mine includes the rules NOT to spend any RL dollars and not to form any romantic relationships. So, for "me" to spend $2000 Linden today was a BIG deal. I earned every penny camping at places that knock you off every hour (or half hour) or at trivia at Calla. That's the backstory.

And here's the fun.

My plan was a simple one really. Support the designers you love with your Lindens. Now I am SURE that many of you already do that. I am also sure that many of you do not :D. I have made a few purchases in SL since I came here 3 plus months ago. Not as many as I would have if I was using RL dinero (smile). So this was a BIG step for me.

First stop. Tuli -- Le Zoo 130/143/22. I loved the outfit from last night. I will most likely not wear the hair that often and will add some accessories of my own (not shown here) to the mix, but it was MUCH appreciated. I went out purposefully to buy something from Tuli to say "thank you". While there were several outfits I admired, I ended up choosing the same outfit only in green. One reason was that I felt it could move into Spring easily in the light green color. And without the belt (so cute but sort of Fallish) it does just that. I also bought this pose from the Tuli shop. Shoes are Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes. (And that's another story.)

Next up? If you read me often, you know -- Sn@tch -- Pulse 175/219/30. Of my total wardrobe I have more Sn@tch items than anything else. So WHO do you support with your Lindens? IVEY!!! Now I didn't spend a ton of money but the thought was there. Actually I have so many items on the wall it was hard to find something I didn't have. I found a REALLY fun outfit that I absolutely love (almost as much as my '84 jeans).

I have no idea what era it came from. No doubt before my time but it is colorful patchwork pants (they came bell bottoms but I modified to straight) and four or five tops in different colors. The BELT is wonderful and flow so nicely. I have to admit that since this was a transfer no copy item I was a bit worried about adjusting the size (Ivey admits she has a big "bum" (wink)). But I did it and it is perfect. Those building classes are paying off for sure.

I paired it with some disco hair from Bewitched (hunt) and my nightmare shoes from ::69 (those are getting to be a standard) and I have an outfit. Note the new cute poses? They are from the next stop on my spending tour --- Ana_mations -- Sterling Heights 122/95/22!

Ana_mations put out a fantastic Drama Queen AO a few weeks ago. I love it. But still, if I am tired of looking at the same poses, you must be too. This AO was heartstoppingly spendy for me (800 linden) but has 5 long animated stands, plus sitting (shown) and ground (laying) and the typical "sexy walk" so a great deal all in all.

Onward to my last stop of the eve. Running out of Lindens and I will be camping or at Calla FOR-E-VER. On to Samara Studios -- Gembong West 229/143/31. Firstly because I love her shoes, secondly because she wrote a very nice "defense" for me on "Thank you Samara." Now I am not a huge fan of Samara's clothes. They are a bit too close to what my mom would wear. And the truly wonderful thing is that she gave me (and anyone else) permission to SAY that. (Feel the breath of fresh air here?). But, I absolutely LOVE her shoes and already had three pair of untied sandals (one was a gift and one on sale but still). So to say thanks, I decided that I simply MUST need another pair of those Untied Sandals since I wear them so often.

I'll skip the long story here as this is a long post, but I now have FOUR pair of Untied Sandals (I obviously need to branch out here). So TY Samara for your kind words and gifts. You have seen these shoes often and will see them again so no need for a pic which is good as I am tired and need to go CAMPING again to replace my money spent today. (Actually the Tuli pic has my old ones in smoke :D)


The point to all this -- in case you missed it -- is that ALL our designers (your favorites, my favorites) are working folks. They spend tons of hour I suspect on their labors of love. Some make big bucks I hear, some do not (also here say). Whatever. They deserve our support. Pick your favorite(s) and BUY something this week. Especially if you don't do that often. If you want, post it here -- who you love and what you purchase. We'd really like to know.

And with that I'm going to go see if my favorite coffee cart spot is available (wink).