Endings and Beginnings

The year is coming to a close. It has been a good one. As my 500th post for 2011 I wish you all the best in 2012.

If virtual partying is on your agenda for this New Years Eve, you can do it is style in a new Good Girl set from deviousMind. With tons of pretty pastels to choose from and lots of layer choices you can be as good or not so good as you choose. There are of course more bare versions of attire found amidst the many-pieced new release.

These bejeweled Hollywood shoes are perfect accompaniments to the showgirl attire. Metal, gems and pearls are all color change. Shoes are available in a variety of colors; find them at Eclectica.

My hair is one of those great holiday gifts out at Analog Dog. Find this and two other styles each in several colors on the wall here

These perfect holiday poses, so very full of life, are new releases from Long Awkward Pose called Gettin Down on Friday.  The cigarette holder is from deviousMind, but not in this set.

Poses by: LAP

Spanning Decades

It is no secret that I love retro. 1890, 1970 -- they all work for me. Eclectica, maker of fine period accessories has some very cute new releases out. This Little Black Pillbox hat and matching long black gloves could be fairly sedate. I paired them with a more modern and slightly more revealing than the 1960s norm to make a great set that spans decades.

And that's pretty much all you need to know *wink*. Dress from Hot Mood and hair from Pocket Mirrors.

OOPS - forgot to mention that the pearls are color change :D.

Poses by: Juxtapose

Room With A View

It is time for me to pull up roots again. The Subway will be dismantled at the end of the month to make room for a new artist intent on creation. Knowing that time was short, I spent the afternoon the other day looking at rentals. The story doesn't end there of course and this will be a long post, but since I did ALL that research -- and since my friends seem to think I have some of the "best land karma" around (read that I spend a lot of time researching), I decided to share my top finds. These will all be in the low prim, low rent area. I know that plenty of you are prim rich and many even have whole sims, but for that guys and gals on a budget as well as new arrivals, this one's for you.

Happily I have two new releases to show you on our housing tour, a new peasant blouse from Graffitiwear. It goes perfectly with these overalls from Leri Miles Designs. I love these!  Honestly. They come in tons of colors. I picked red purposefully to go with my new decor.  My elf boots were one of the advent gifts from Yasum Designs, so hopefully you picked those up along the way. Fun.

So, stop one on our housing tour is an unfurnished flat in London Mayfair.  Roomy, white walls with bay windows, a deck overlooking rooftops; it is 100 prims for $150 a week -- 4 week minimum. There are actually two or more of these available.

Darling little snow covered cabins from {what next} complete with holiday festive furnishings are yours for $350 a week with 20 personal prims. Extremely realistic snow adds to the ambiance at Fennville.

A similar cute little cabin in a picturesque village comes furnished with 30 personal prims. Cabins 1,3 and 7 are only $100 a week and FREE until January 7. Rent for four weeks and get one week back.  With lots of open space, these are indeed winners. The place? Jasper Island. You can purchase extra prims if needed.

If you are hankering for some place different to live, this very nicely made treehouse is available unfurnished at Butterfly Hollow.  There is a hollow tree stump with elevator to the open air living space. Privacy as well as fresh air!  $374 per week with 150 prims.

So where did "I" end up?  On one of the best view lots of the mainland!  Yesterday late afternoon after several hours of video editing, I decided to see what was around land wise. I started at my friend EE's sim which is on the same continent as my long time studio. I found a lot in his sim for something like $120 linden (to buy). I was surprised that the land bots hadn't purchased that. 

Anyway, after an hour or so perusing 512s near the water I found a lot with the view of the long suspension bridge. It was cheap (not $120 but definitely a very good buy) and has a protected view looking out at about 20 Linden water and waterfront sims. I have always loved this bridge and had looked at property there in the past (mucho dinero).  I can't own land, but I have one real life friend left who has the ability and doesn't use it. So I sent him the purchase price and he will "pay" the tier.

I built and furnished the house and he can stop in when he likes (like almost never - LOL). So a win win situation. The shadows are great. Windlight and the sky and the bridge are hypnotic. I am a happy gal knowing my land karma is still in force.

And, if you actually read this far, I want to let you know that Vista Animations has a really nice holiday gift out for everyone. Male and female idle animations as well as a really nice low key dance are yours for $0.

Poses by: Vista Animations


If you have a thing for shoes you won't want to miss out on these beauties from Lassitude and Ennui. The MESH Bird of Paradise boots come with large flexi bows in back and they are free in a stamp rally event.

From Jackal Ennui:

I'm super excited to be part of Ozimals' Puffling Presents Pursuit event! To help welcome Ozimals' newest breedables, the Pufflings, there is a stamp rally event happening from December 22 to January 12th. Event details and a list of participating stores here: http://blog.ozimals.com/2011/12/welcome-to-pufflings.html

The boots  will be available at the shop after the event. When visiting the store doing my research, I found a poster for the Cafe Hunt starting January 15th. So keep that in mind. With so many hunts going on, I check my favorite stores first and THEN follow a path *wink*.

Poses by: aDORKable

Happy Holidays!

I really wasn't planning such a bare holiday card *wink*, but when Chandra sent over this big pack of holiday burlesque items, I fell in love with the boas (four styles in all). I zipped over to Winterfell and took this photo quickly as it is chilly in the snow.

The ShowTime CouturePack *XMAS EDITION* from deviousMind is filled with all sorts of goodies. There are pine fans, top hat, gloves, some darling candy-cane and bow earrings, a variety of scanty undies and of course pasties :D.  

So if you want to be in that holiday mood and under dressed, you know where to go.

Have a great day!

Poses by: deviousMind and LAP

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Newness abounds for the guys today. They often get left out of the mix, hence why there are often a lot of RL guys being SL gals; it's simply easier.  Now and then though great items appear on the scene.

This tuxedo is the final Advent gift from Yasum Designs. It comes with some sci-fi styled boots or you can adjust the pants to fit with regular dress shoes. Look for the big present with a "24" on top in front of a giant vendor. You shouldn't have much trouble finding it as there are 11,000 folks in the group. Earlier this morning the lag was so bad no one could get the gift :D.

My other bit of news is this new AO from Vista Animations. It is called The Boss and comes in both basic and fully packed versions. Amazingly, I was buying this newly found AO for my friend EE (of the real life computer repairs drama) when the notecard came in about the release. I had planned on getting him the one I have for Chav, but this one fits him better. I went with the simpler version as EE is a bit behind in SL technology and choices are not a good thing for him *wink*. Hence, wear and leave alone is good.

The new AO has some very manly dances in the "well, I am here and I will dance but really I have my standards" sort of way. Much fun. There is also a talking with hands animation, a chimera etc. So this basic AO is not really all that basic -- just not so many choices of stands and walks and such.

You can of course try out all the animations before buying but there are also shapes included in the pack, so a perfect fit is assured.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Last Minute Gifts - for YOU!

I love Alchemy Immortalis. I can even remember my very first visit -- long ago. If you are one of those folks that waits to decorate until just before Santa comes, then you are in luck. You can pick up an assortment of trees as well as lots of styles of ornaments, for free, here in the Christmas store. I am thinking that these were available last year, but if you are new or missed them (or had your inventory deleted by the database gods) then you are in luck.

And a quick TP over to the Patisserie will garner you this pretty copper tea kettle. Just buy the box beside it for $0.

My outfit is an oldie from Firefall  -- a place I should go check out again very soon.

Poses by: aDORKable

Cool Gifts

There are so many lovely presents around the grid, it is difficult to pick your favorites let alone pick them all up *wink*. Still, here is a wrap up of a few that you might not want to miss. First up and not to be a secret for long is the new gift skin pack from Laqroki. Ebba not only comes in the pale wintry shade on the vendor; there are two darker tones. This is the middle value called "peach". A very pretty skin with cool blue eye shadow and pale lips; Ebba definitely qualifies as wintry.  Hit the subscribo to pick up this pack of six skins.

My photos are taken at The Looking Glass which is currently covered in snow with many new additions since my last visit. 

My very pretty teal sweater hales from Ducknipple on the A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt.

Need new poses? This is one of several in a gift pack from Diesel Works. Some for the guys as well as a couple's pose makes this a gift for all.

If you missed the news about these jeans, they are one of my favorite Advent gifts of the year. As a reminder, they are number #17 at La Rosa.

Click the photo for a close up version.

The Giving Circle has lots of wonderful presents under the tree. Teleport to any of the shops to pick up all of the packages.

This weathered North Pole sign is one of several Giving Circle presents from The Looking Glass.   My boots are today's Advent gift from La Rosa.

Poses by: Diesel Works (gift pack)

Military - Holiday Style

There seems to be a zillion hunts this month, way too many to explore fully. The Diamond is Mine hunt (version 3) seems to have lots of impressive goodies, two being the makings of this crimson military outfit. A bit of holiday flavor tempers the austerity making this an impressive find.  The outfit including a short skirt version as well as a long skirt sans sword hales from Shade.  The boots are right next door albeit about ten stops away on the trail; find them at Drakke. This is an extremely well-crafted outfit, so if it looks like your style -- you know the drill. Find the diamonds and get the goodies.

 I added the leggings. It's chilly out here in the snow!

Poses by: Juxtapose

Forest Fae

Angelwing has a gorgeous new release, perfect for frolicking in the forest *wink*. And, even if you don't frolic, it is still delightful. I have a lot of Angelwing outfits in my virtual closet. Most are from last year and still holding there own design-wise, always a good thing. So when I found this free (did I mention FREE ?) outfit in the archives of a blogger group today, I was happy to have a new costume to unpack.

Here is the hunt info from the notecard. Honestly? I am a bit surprised I haven't seen this on the feeds. But the Angelwing fans appear to be out in force nevertheless as I see lots of green dots at the shop as I type.
**Fairy Xmas Hunt 2011**

This year I have put out 6 fairy sets and dresses for you all for free!
None of the outfits are sold in SL!!

One of them is a brand new outfit that I made especially for the hunt... it will not be on sale until the hunt is finished!!

The outfit comes with a very pretty necklace, but minimalist me was already in overload with all the pretty accessories AND I wanted to show you this new hair from EMO-tions

I kept this hair as I thought that "someday" it might come in handy. I filed it under "specialty hair". Did I think I would get to show it to you the week it was released? Not in my wildest dreams. You just never know. Hence my ever expanding inventory count. The style name is  *MANDARA*.

Photo taken at Chakryn Forest, a lovely primeval spot. Bloggers? You can REZ here :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Can It Be Spring?

It isn't really Spring of course, and I am quite content in the snow -- for awhile at least. Still, this new Advent gift from Urbanized via the KittyCatS board had me thinking in those greener terms this morning. My jeans are a previous KittyCatS advent gift from Callie Cline and the very pretty necklace was or will be a 12 Days present from Bliensen + MaiTai.  Their gift giving event is in conjunction with  .::La Flat::.. From the info that I have, I am guessing that a gift appears one day at one shop and the next day at another. They are only available for 24 hours. Now, I admit to dropping the ball on this event. Many deliveries seem to be failing these days and I only just now found the review copies while looking back over blogger group archives. Still, you have a 50% chance to pick this up :D. There are plenty of other nice presents too, but this is definitely my favorite.

Back to the gift from Urbanized, I can tell you that it is 47 prims (or impact as the new viewer states) with lots and LOTS of texture change options -- all in the neutrals category. Virtually every surface has texture options (well I don't think the pine cone does, but you get the idea). Easy to use and menu driven, it is fun to play. There are poses on pillows as well as a cuddling your cat animation for the rug. This is a no copy item and you can only pick up one package from KittyCatS so be sure and "accept". If you have an alt, you might want to send them over (Yeah Lani!) to get a backup copy.

A new skin is just out from Akeruka.  Kia is young and perky with a shyness that is quite endearing. There is a new skin out for the guys also.

My hair is an on the wall freebie that I picked up at Dark Mouse yesterday.  There are three packs of Buy for $0 hairs to find. Peruse the other hairs while you search as they are on sale at a very good price.

Lead Pose by: EverGlow

Drama in Black

There is a contest going on over at the Rue d' Antibes Flickr page.  Now, we don't know what the prizes are yet (oh my) but it is still fun to enter. When I opened up this new oh-so-dra-ma-tic dress from eXxEsS, I couldn't resist heading over to take a few shots.

Now this isn't exactly a dress you would go dancing in. It is bold, eye-catching and makes a statement; but it is not the friendliest to walk in. Still, if you want an artistic photo that gets some attention, this is up there at the top of my list.  And, the good news for us non-ballroom gals is that you can detach the voluptuous skirt and have a sharp looking jumpsuit. The jewelry goes perfectly and is definitely in that notice me category too.

And here is the fashion shot without the blue Rue globe (mandatory for the contest :D). The outfit comes with either silver or gold accents.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Bundling Up

My subway installation will be closing in less than two weeks. Time does fly. I'll miss the rainy sidewalks and spectral denizens but moving forward is most always the best plan. And I have started on a new project already. Meanwhile, it is good to come back and visit, cementing memories.

Winter can be dreary at times, but this new poncho set from Gwen Carillon Designs can lift your spirits with a mix of muted blues and greens. A cosy poncho  is the key piece of the set. Soft and comfy leggings work great with your favorite boots.

My slightly modded umbrella is a great find on the Marketplace. I came across it while looking for sculpt maps for my new project. For just a buck you get a nice umbrella with two poses. Click the umbrella to change from open to closed and back again. Click the handle to change textures. Manually mod what you like. Hard to beat, this gift is from Silk Aeon, presumably a distant cousin *wink*.

And, you can still be color coordinated when you move to warmer territory. Just take off the poncho and you have a nice hoodie sweater!

Poses by: Vista Animations

Walk With Me

While I have a few very nice new release items to show you, I opted -- in part -- for time sensitive advent gifts. Well, ONE anyway. I love these jeans!  Only in retrospect did I realize that this is happily one of the holiday gift spots that let you pick up items anytime. So no excuses for you. Get over to La Rosa "sometime" and pick up number 17.  There is a guys version in the pack as well; I am guessing it is similar :D.  My tank (billed as a dress but really really short *wink*) is from Beautiful Dirty Rich, one of three colors in a big pack on the Hardcore: XXX-Mas Hunt.

In other news, I am wearing the new Liane skin from Amacci. Now many of you have met Liane in "grayish" form as a hunt gift on the POE Hunt (earth globe). This is a really pretty skin and definitely one of my favorite releases from Amacci.

Lily is the hair style name, also from Amacci. While I am not really in the hairbase camp -- says she of flowing locks -- it definitely shows off this skin nicely. And that works for me.

My necklace and earrings are a new weekend release as part of a full costume set at EMO-tions where it seems VERY busy at the moment. Get out there and fight those gals in your dose of lag enjoyment.

Make note that are also unisex jeans in the Callie Cline gift at KittyCats as well as some fun retro leggings and other goodies (who doesn't need jeweled kitty ears?). There are green exercise pants (guys and gals) at 22769. Nice elf boots at Yasum. See my Advent List if you haven't journeyed to these shops before.

Poses by: aDORKable in the upcoming days of Advent gifts

Free and Fab

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or deep in computer repair) you know that one of the hottest Lucky Boards is  at Bukka, This great coat is up for grabs on one of three boards at the shop. No need to worry about finding the location; just look for the green dots.

I, of course, haven't had the time this week to wait for my letter to come up, but a few of my friends were lucky enough to garner the prize. I can attest to its loveliness. It is well worth the board watch.

The boots are from the Winter Holiday Village store at Prohibition.  Look for the present icons along the walls and find lots of gifts.

If you plan to do some traveling, this nicely textured suitcase is out until about 4 SL time as gift number 17 from Swayland. +trifoglio+ is the maker of this wearable holiday luggage.

Vintage luxury can be yours if you find the Ren hunt prize from the Julia Collection. The sideboard entry table comes in several pieces so you can mix and match with an eye to your prim budget. This is a no copy item, so clicking twice might be wise.

Note: SLURLs are still problematic it seems -- for me anyway. Just rattle my cage if I send you astray. I do check when I put them in. It is a puzzle. Seems worse with Viewer 3 (Firestorm). Sorry

Bargains and Better

With lots of great items to be had today and through the weekend, it is definitely time to shop and gather.  First up, two today only Advent gifts. This modern furniture set with menu driven tree (choice of colored lights) and multi-pose lounge chair is the SLinfo Advent present from CONSTRUCT. Look for the wrapped present not too far from the landing point.

These not to be missed holiday texture change boots are today's gift from GOS at KittyCats. Later note: You can actually pick these up any time at the advent calendar. Wow, I have a couple of things I missed. Happy to go back. 

My hair is this week's Advent special at EMO-tions. Look for lanterns on the FINYA vendor. I believe this starts Saturday.

 If holiday comfort is your thing, then the four pack of comfy moccasins from Argyle Anonymous is for you. Red and green accents play with two different base colors and add some subtle holiday cheer to you tootsies. Look for these tomorrow on Super Bargain Saturday.

Poses by: aDORKable

Cyber Suave

If the future is more to your liking than the present, then the new release, "Sci-fi Tuxedo set" from Egoisme is made for you. Sharp and sleak, this outfit (boots included) definitely means business. Manual mod and transfer, you can add it to your holiday gifts shopping list. We all like presents. Goggles by Bother.

Location: AeonFlux - Synthetic City - Coruscant.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Perfectly Period

A new hair release from EMO-tions ( ELECTRA* /black with hair base) pairs very nicely with this Twisted Christmas hunt prize from Sassy. Put them together, add one of the soon to be yours for free poses from aDORKable (just pick it up on the 18th) and you have a lovely holiday picture.

Poses by: aDORKable from the upcoming days of the advent fest.

City Style

A quick post -- after 24 hours of computer repair, there are a dozen more to go. Thank goodness for my RL friend "EE" who did way more than he should have!  Not complaining.

This new release from Sassy seemed to fit that city lifestyle of the Advent gift from Yasum Designs.

The complete living room set / pose prop is a current gift (#14 or #15) at the shop.  Two bits of good news there. The items shown are separate for the most part so you can use the decor items that fit your space. AND all the group Advent gifts at Yasum are up for the duration. So no hurrying.

See the Advent List post for how to get there.

Poses by:  Vista Animations, aDORKable (upcoming advent gift)

Computer Issues

Creative Commons photo by J.Kleyn

Life in SL is quite different on a six year old notebook and 1.23.5 *wink*. With a beautiful new 27 inch monitor that I love I was in heaven for a couple of days,  but either Windows or hard drive (still working on which) are no longer viable. So, I'll be back in full force when I can.  Keeping fingers crossed.

Be good!

Fashion Victim

Egosime and Gabriel collaborate in this new release entitled Fashion Victim. With a myriad of ways to wear, I am choosing the less clothed version as my lead. Don't we all want a man in chains? *wink*

Leather pants boast great details, both front and back. An optional tank with prim collar is provided as well as a short sleeved shirt.

 For more protection from the elements, there is a full length leather coat with fur collar.

All pieces are transfer, so you can purchase for a friend or even share.

Boots by Gabriel (group gift)

Location: LEA6

Poses by: Diesel Works

Advent Favorites - Day 11

Leading the pack in my personal Advent gifts of the day is this lovely cookie and candle tray with pine bows from nonino at Sways.   You need to find the secret password to pick up this beauty. Scour the sim for a box marked with an 11 and pick up the notecard with the answer.

If you happen to have a house by the water, this sailor's advent gift from the Old London Docks is perfect. Find it here.   My unisex shirt is from 22769 and a very nice full body tattoo that you see a bit of is the gift from LaRosa. See the Advent List for info on those stores.

Poses by: LAP, Pffiou