Posh Dining

If you think back a month -- yes it DOES seem much longer ago, I agree -- the San Marino House from La Galleria was one of the hot spots at the Home and Garden Expo. Well there is new furniture out with it in mind. Some sets are casual and while that is often my personal preference, I chose the Dinner Party Dining Set for 4: Travertine & Linen Mesh (wow, that's a long name *wink*) for its elegance. This is one fancy abode and I wanted to match that.

The table comes with dining options for two or four folks. Choose from many meals of very realistic looking foods. There is even cheesecake as a dessert option. I only eat it once a year in our corporeal world, but here it is calorie free!  Can't beat that. Touch the food to get forks, cups and the like. There are choices of placemat fabrics and tinting can get you many, many colors.

My outfit is from Ducknipple and comes with  value-packed huds (2) for either striped or plain sweaters. Look for the Cowl Dress. My Summer Heels are also from Ducknipple. Rigged mesh they move beautifully with your feet. My shoe inventory needs a slash and burn purge really soon. Some older items definitely need to go. Happily there are some great replacements. The Summer Heels come with a color change hud and of course polish and skin picker.

Hair: Vanity Hair: Valentina-Nova
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works

Sunlight and Lace

IHundred has a new bodysuit (complete with Lolas for those of you who wear them) out at Cleavage, a Lubbly Jubblies Exclusive Release. With six pretty colors to choose from you are bound to find a favorite. I went with nude to coordinate with .....

My hand-tinted release set from .:UR:., a full perm store, is for The Challenge starting as the month begins. This month the GARDEN is in theme with a pergola and outdoor bed featured. Again, this is a full perm item complete with ambient maps so you could add textures as well as tint, your choice. The lovely painting in the background is also from The Challenge and can be found at The Viewing Room - Whiskey Monday's Gallery.

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 28 (NLA but fondly remembered)
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: BehaviorBody

On the Horizon

The month is coming to an end and that means both deadlines and newness.

Today is the last day for the Hair Fair  photo contest. Add your photo to the pool and you might win some goodness.

Coming soon is a new month for The Challenge, a very fun event where designers build to theme. This month it is GARDEN with some really nice items that will appear on these pages as the week progresses.

First up on my personal love it list is this :{MV}: Arcadia Pergola with textures to die for (well not literally; we wouldn't want that -- but very pretty).  The event starts with the new month, so mark your calendars and get ready to revel in some outdoor goodness.

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 28 (NLA but fondly remembered)
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Short Bytes

Akeruka has a new skin tone out for summer, Chocolate. Twiggy, Meg 2 and Manuela (shown) are now available for sun-lovin' gals.

Releasing SATURDAY from EMO-tions, this pretty jewelry set (there are bracelets that didn't make it into the head shot :D). Look for SALOME.

A little late to the party but I "did" tell you to check out all the specials at StoraxTree so I don't feel too guilty -- these were the Secret Wednesday specials. I just checked and they are still available, so hurry over.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Chocolate MK4

Poses by: Helamiyo

Digits-Digits Times Three

High rez version here.

Here is the link to the previous digit posts which include measurements. I am pretty much a standard small.

Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? – No

What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? –  The hands and feet have always been bad and that area near your crotch that is about one pixel and stretches horribly in texture clothes (or skin for that matter but not as noticeable).

Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? – No, but I do smile when I am over in the Brazilian area of the Realms and see the very hippy gals.

Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average?  No! We are definitely not all the same in real life, no reason to be that way in SL -- even less so as we have more options.

Very Berry

Ducknipple has released new skirts and shoes. Now two of the skirts are very very tiny *grin* but this one, also on the tiny side, was just too cute to pass up. Tons of colors to choose from via hud and a darling little built in belt for accent. Look for "Kyra".

Searching for a top to go with this faced me with the hard truth; it is once again time for an inventory purge. Even though I had another (count that as numba five) database loss a month or so ago, my carefully whittled down count of 15,000 is up past 31,000. Now I have a lot of stuff. I wear a lot of hats. Builder, blogger, designer, filmmaker -- all come with their baggage (literally). But I have some really old and outdated items in my inventory that really don't need to be there. So -- housecleaning is on my list.

StoraxTree has lots of new releases and sales coming up. The easiest way to find the bargains is to visit the main shop and see the ads. Here I have picked out a couple of outfit coordinating items to show you. The Native African Abstracts 3 Set (linked, no mod but with a resize script)  will be a PURE CONTAGION item at the sales room SOON (not out yet).  The Antique Forest Flower Elegant Shelf will be out for 55L Thursday.

These rigged mesh Summer Heels are another release from Ducknipple. They come in three sizes for a good fit. The hud let's you change shoe color, nail color and skin.

Click for a full sized photo

My top is antique :D
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair: EMO-tions Naomi

Poses by: Diesel Works

The End of the Story

Lots of research and searching tells me that The Long Walk folks dropped the Machinma Open Studios Project gift off at my neighbor's plot, the Sky-view Lounge.  I am not terribly happy about that since I made new gifts for the event and had no control over the hiding etc.

Mistakes do happen and I guess if I had been on the ball and doing a word search of their posts daily for "Machinima" earlier in my quest, I might have found the error. Anyway, there may be a very nice gift over at the Sky-View Lounge courtesy of moi. Or it might be on my plot, I know not.

Monday mid morning note: The gift is currently sitting in the middle of the MOSP plot (I just checked) and the incorrect blog post entry is being corrected. So go forth and find. Here is the CORRECT link to get there. Bonus points to anyone who already found it *wink*.

I tried going on the hunt earlier but it was beyond my searching skills anyway. So you diehards can journey over. You have another week. Something less complex would have most likely been a better plan. There were many parts of the SL10B exhibit that I enjoyed. This may be my swansong though :D -- at least as an exhibitor. 

I did enjoy the interview the other day. It was taped and should be available for viewing but I doubt any of you would be terribly interested. Still the process was enjoyable and a learning experience.

Deep Blue Fantasy

I took a lot of photos tonight over at the new Deep Blue Fantasy build. So very pretty. So very magical.  My outfit of the eve is of course from Chandra at deviousMind, the  Layali silks and chains. Lots of pretty colors and amazingly not quite as many tough decisions as sometimes. Honestly I just picked one and it was lovely.  My hair is from eXxEsS : WENDA chocolate.  High rez photo here.

You can see the lovely fountain from the Under the Sea hunt in the top photo. I built a mini world around it using many plants from Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations, the home of the fountain. These are so lovely and vary in prim count from one for the grasses to 17 for the double pitcher plant -- which can be huge; your choice. The plant packs come with color change menus giving you a many options. They are mod for size. The grasses are also resizable with a big variety of color combos in one set.

Be sure and visit. Bring your silks and take some photos *wink*.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Fast Cars - Faster Women

New 3rd Anniversary unisex group gift hair is out at Dura. A big pack of colors awaits you.

Photo taken here in my new pink Hucci convertible from The Arcade.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: the car

The Materials Viewer - Impressions


This is really a post about the new Materials Viewer which apparently includes project Sunshine (the new avatar baking project). This post is partially brought to you by Cheeky Pea who sent out a product not long ago which contained both regular and materials versions. Before I get to the story of my evening, I wanted to show you my favorite new release from The Garden, the Cheeky Pea Abbotsford Hanging Shelf. It weighs in at 7 which is pretty phenomenal for all these items. In the old prim days something similar -- and of course not as impressive -- would have cost 18 JUST for the pillows!  Yeah mesh.

Back to my story which I am writing a second time as I lost my first post in a fit of editing and a fight with Blogger :(.  So last eve I installed the official linden viewer, one that I only rarely use out on the beta grid when it is the only viewer that uploads that day. The process of using the unfamiliar viewer was a bit daunting, but I wanted to see what materials were all about. This was how the materials viewer saw the Cheeky Pea Chomper Shelf -- available at the Mens Dept. I thought it a bit odd, and this morning by accident discovered that it was my FACELIGHT (made with SL lighting on the build menu) that was the issue. Ah-Ha! 

As I headed to bed last night I had a lightbulb moment. I had BOTH the materials version and the regular version of the chomper and could compare. Click on the photo for an enlarged version.

There IS a difference. My first impression with the new viewer, whether I looked at a materials build or not, was that it seemed to be in higher resolution, like my 96dpi photo had become a 300 dpi one -- or perhaps a new monitor had appeared on my desk courtesy of the computer upgrade fairy.  Another thing that I noticed was that some older items with smaller textures looked really outdated. So super clear, high resolution (and possibly bigger graphics) will be ruling the world soon -- for those that want things the best that they can be anyway.

There has been some talk on the mesh board that the final release materials viewer was light years away from the beta release that people had been using to build with. I am not sure if this is part of the shine with projected lights issue, but I do know that several of the "materials viewer" examples that I had collected for testing don't look at all like they should. I feel sorry for the builders who put in the time, effort and lindens to bring items in that don't work properly. It will take some time before we are moving along smoothly, but I have seen some examples of how materials can add detail and that will be great to see.

Meanwhile this Cheeky Pea Abbotsford Bed looks fantastic. I am guessing it has materials added but it look great in my everyday Firestorm viewer too. Find it too a The Garden.

You should know my outfit by heart now, Ducknipple -- and new hair from Vanity Hair, The Meadow. This was my final outfit for my filmed interview yesterday at SL10B. It went well.

Poses by Diesel Works and LAP (nla).

Under The Sea Hunting

I finished the Under the Sea Hunt this morning. See the previous post for what you are looking for and more information.  This is a great hunt, not too hard and fun locations. There are some stellar prizes too. You can pick up a red version of my wetsuit (no tanks) at NDiver, a blue orca pet at Cetological Museum and the swimming kitty from KittyCats -- all shown in yesterday's post. Two other prizes of note -- for me anyway -- is this cute top and skirt set from :{MV}: and this lovely seahorse fountain from Cerridwen's Cauldron.

Quick notes: You MUST do the hunt in order to obtain the prizes as you go along. Click on the HUNT poster on any of the teleport boards to get started.  You CAN return to the hunt after a period of time and continue (I was a little worried about this when I quit last night). All the hunt pearls are out and working as I type this. Only a few are hard to find.

My new hair releases SATURDAY, from EMO-tions, "Dream".

Pose by: fri.day

Under the Sea Expo

The Under the Sea Expo is opening as I type this. I spent most all of the day at the event and then later making my own little place "under the sea" *wink*. Much fun. Here's the scoop.

The venue is pretty magical with that Lost Continent of Atlantis look. You don't need to wear underwater or fantasy gear of course to attend. It will be difficult to leave without some in your inventory though as there is so much to see and buy. There is also a hunt going on. I am not exactly sure how that will work this time. It HAS apparently started and each shop should have a prize (some not quite yet apparently).

This morning it was press time; this cute little orca a special gift from CETOLOGICAL MUSEUM where you can find some outstanding looking denizens of the deep to enhance your underwater area. Many of the bloggers were already in mermaid attire so I am guessing those that love tails will be giving you a complete rundown of all the shopping options. Tomboy that I am, the second I opened the scuba gear from NDiver, I had my outfit for the day. I actually wore it all the hours I spent terraforming and decorating.

My plantings include the Botanical Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama as well as underwater flora and animated fish schools from meadowWorks. I dug into the Linden Library and found some useful filler plants, added a few of my own designs and I was set. So very pretty. You can see my new underwater grotto here.

With lots of variety and photo ops abounding you will want to explore the Expo fully. My best hint is to wander first if you want and then check the teleporter boards to see who you have missed -- trust me it is easy to get turned around and with so many interesting and niche items you don't see often, you don't want to miss a shop.

I got to the press junket a little late this morning, but it didn't take me long to see the cluster of green dots in front of the Kittycats building. My new little friend here (not named yet) is a swimming kitty. So cute!  And happily he (or she) doesn't need much attention, just lots of water to swim in.  The log that you see in the background is the one in the top photo. It comes with a variety of mer animations with legs tightly together. A sign, static bubbles and a super cute crab add to the ambiance. Find it at FantaSea.

There are other breedables in attendance at the Expo as well as this shop, Bands of Cypher, which apparently sells a mix between a puzzle game and pets.

My brief research shows that there is a cost involved (well of course) and that after solving one of the puzzles, you get a pet.

There is MUCH more to it all, and if this sounds like you, read more here.

Poses by: Diesel Works, the log
Hair by Discord Designs (Leah)

Updated:  OK. Here's the info on the hunt. Click on any of the hunt posters on the TP board to be taken to the start of the hunt. You are looking for pearls and a note.

The next spot on the tour comes up when you click on the note and pearl. Sometimes it has the shop name, sometimes an SLURL. You MUST do the hunt in order to get the prizes.

I more or less finished the hunt and was at what I think was the "endgame" but had no idea where the sun temple might be. OH. I bet it was where we started!  Will try that in the morning and report on some goodies.

Watch the official blog for updates.

Blog posts will be listed there.

A Flickr group is here: 

Have fun!

Cobblestone Streets

If you love Victorian England... If you are addicted to mesh... If you appreciate the subtle play of light on well made textures ... you will want to visit Rougham.  It is a gorgeous spot where attention to detail is queen.

Strolling the cobblestone streets had me in Sherlock mode. But in this case it is "Dorian" mode as I am wearing (yep, it is me) a new release from AD Creations, Dorian Gray.

Now I remember that Picture of Dorian Gray movie. I was very young and it may have already been very old, but it impressed itself forever in my memory -- especially the scene when the painting was revealed. At least that's how I recall the plot.

The outfit comes complete with waistcoat, vest and hat. You only need some appropriate footwear to move backwards in time.

I enjoyed my time in Victoria, made a landmark and rushed back to share with you. I am guessing this outfit will one day make it into a movie. It photographs very well!


Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)

Dudded Up

I have an interview coming up on Friday at SL10B. Actually, when I agreed, I thought we would just be talking at my plot -- but no, it is at the auditorium (oh my!).  It is also going to use voice which I am nervous about, not the talking -- the techie part as I don't use it much.

And then there is the script and rendering naggers at the event. It isn't that I am against those, I am happy to fly around hairless at Hair Fair and the like. But when you are supposed to be the main event you do sorta need to look OK.

I knew that I had a choice between older textured clothes or new UNSCRIPTED mesh ones. Since many of my favorites are scripted, my list of options was getting smaller. Lots of putting on and checking script count -- tping over to the event to see if the nagger still hated me etc. Eventually I got completely naked and started out at .01 which I am guessing may be the integrated AO in Firestorm.

I came up with this lovely outfit which includes some new and UNSCRIPTED ( you don't know how happy I was to see that word) jewelry from Eclectica for Genre. The theme is deco which I love. The set is called rhapsody and includes a necklace, ring and matching bangle. You can purchase separately.

I am also wearing a jumpsuit from Hucci that I purchased (it was for a contest but I do love it) and Blossom sandals from lassitude and ennui. Hair can be an issue and so I went with mesh, a new very classy style from Vanity Hair, The Meadow. I currently count at .04 with no scripts (I so don't understand how that works) using the Top Scripts counter of the viewer. And I just got back from 10SLB with no nasty message, so here's hoping.

Now I have to admit that while this is a lovely outfit, it is way fancier than I wanted to be. So I might find something more casual to wear before Friday. But it is always good to have something posh AND low lag in your outfit folder *wink*.

My fitting backdrop is the new barnesworth anubis south beach penthouse skybox available at COLLABOR88.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: Diesel Works (from current gift set)

Monday Meme

I forgot it was Monday until I was wandering through the feed and found a mention. Yeah!

  1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Demondrille where I was taking down a hunt prize and putting it in the $10 area :D. Before THAT I actually went to several LEA AIR sims (much more impressive but trying to be honest).
  2. Does your avatar look like the real you? Not even close. 
  3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? Very seldom. With mesh I have a tendency to a bit more but normally I am wearing pants so not a big issue. I seldom wear those short short dress where you actually NEED panties.
  4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? Probably another sim ( I don't actually OWN mine except on paper) to create a new environment in. 
  5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before? I can't remember doing this. I buy so little. I have uploaded a texture for a build twice, forgetting that I had already uploaded. That's as close as I can get.
  6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? No. Very boring and rule following in both worlds. Sigh.
  7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be? Maybe Marcus Inkpen as I truly enjoy his work.
  8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? No clue or opinion. I am not much for measuring folks against each other. 
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld? Maybe not paying attention and walking on top of two folks who called me a noob (naturally) when I was not. Oh my!
  10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you? "You really need to get out and play more, girl!"

Collecting Memories

The Garden opened for a new round on the 15th and I was there in the very early morning hours. It was quiet then, but it didn't take long for the crowds to appear. There are many great beachy items to be had plus some that could do double or triple duty -- on or off the beach.

From Trompe Loeil there are a variety of photo holders. Low to modest land impact they come with areas you can add your textures to. They even come with a "everyone" option (more on that later). Of the room sized decor items my favorite is shown here, complete with festive lights and a plug for authenticity. This weigh in at 6 li at this size.

My comfy sweatshirt is a new release from Ducknipple, Anita. LOTS of color choices in this hud. There is a similar solid color version also. I have been in a purple mood for the last week so I am continuing the trend. My hair is Kimberly from EMO-tions, a new favorite (obviously).

There is more to this story and here it is. One of the styles of photo holders is a curvy fence background. It is small in its default size, perfect for bedrooms and such. I got to thinking that this would make a great photo wall -- especially when I spied the "anyone" version of the item.  I stretched that puppy big. And you know what? It was still only 13 land impact.

That worked for me. 16 photos, shadows and a nice backdrop.  I put two together and spanned a wall in the gallery. Now folks can come and add their MOSP photos easily. There are instructions included in the pack and I made a poster for the visitors explaining how it is done.

You can adjust the parameters of each photo space individually in the build menu. They are more or less 2 to 1 in nature, but are cropped as is. So depending on your photos you may want to change things some. I made most of mine to take a whole picture and made some closely cropped. We will see how that works.

Poses by: the bed and Vista Animations

That Long Walk Thing

I was going to add info to my previous post and then figured many of you would miss it. So here is my comment, rewritten this morning but still in a state of confusion.

From the first blog post on The Long Walk which was deeply publicized, I am disappointed. No mention of how to tag along on the walk, when the next one will be; no links to the places mentioned. Really not much at all.  Sorry, dear readers if I lead you down a yellow brick road going nowhere.

Rereading the journey logs again it seems like the plan changed. I don't see any hunting here and it would have really been nice to have a few landmark SLURLs along the way. SL10B is a very vast place -- one that I have been exploring from the beginning -- and it is still very easy to get lost.

You can follow along with all the journaling here. Perhaps there will be some clues later on.

I wish you luck on the journey.

Later update. There are NOW links within the posts. Yeah!

SL10B is Open!

The 14th was press day for SL10B with a tour including many of the larger builds plus a bit of info in the "good to know" vein. First up, here is a bit more news on The Long Walk Hunt with David Abbot.

Scroll back through the last posts if you missed them.

The Long Walk is a special guided tour of the Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebrations - with extraordinary gifts to find along the way.

Over the Birthday Week, David Abbot will be making a complete circuit of all the sims, posting an account of that day's Walk on the blog, describing some of the things he sees as fun, whimsical, beautiful and sometimes very moving. You can follow in his footsteps, and along the way you will discover one or two amazing gifts - not in every location he mentions, but in very special places where X will mark the spot!

The walk will continue throughout the week from June 16 - 23rd and, after David's gone off to soak his feet, you will still be able to follow the Long Walk and find the special gifts while the sims remain open until June 29th.

Keep reading the SL10B Community Celebration blog at http://slcommunitycelebration.com/blog/ to find out more about The Long Walk!
This tenth birthday celebration territory consists of 22 sims with 2 being donated by Linden Labs (the Cornfield previously mentioned and Bear Island). Now as a good reporter I feel I need to say that on my arrival at Mesmerize (one of the 20) the land was in the name of a Linden. And I thought, "Cool! The Lab decided to support the birthday this year". The land is currently listed as group owned. The official word is that an anonymous person donated many of the sims. There is nothing to say that anonymous person couldn't be a Linden. If so, many of us thank you (and yes, I forgot WHICH Linden but that is probably a good thing). Individuals count in many processes and this is one. And true,  it may have been a change of hands thing -- I know not.

I really didn't know about Linden Bear Island so it was fun to get a bit of the history. Here's the scoop.

According to Saffia Widdershins, one of the press guides -- In the old days it was traditional for each new Linden to make a bear that expressed his or her personality and residents who met a Linden could ask for their bear. Some people tried hard to collect as many as possible.  

That was so new to me and fun to learn. At bear island you can pick up many historical bears to add to your collection.  I am not sure where to get this year's bear; it was in my press pack. A cutie.

There are many impressive large builds at SL10B and the press junket took the tour of them all. Being a minimalist, my favorite was the nuclear reactor which spans two sims. Now I should warn you that all of the stages (dance and presentation) monitor scripts. Mine was pretty low at 21 according to my counter - 25 according to theirs -- and I still got a blue screen warning. So drop all the scripts you can if you are planning on partaking in the entertainment.

I watched the reactor being built but hadn't seen it finished. It is impressive with the stage down inside the largest cone. It is rumored that there are dangerous and foreboding tunnels under the installation; explore at your own risk *wink*.  The builder was KT Syakumi.

This is my wrap up of the event. Much to see, it is open for two weeks to let you have plenty of time to explore.


Before anyone does the "oh my" thing, I actually have on a body suit that happily comes with this set *wink*. All that shine isn't my toned skin!

Chandra has been working hard on these chains for some time. Happily they are out and quite impressive. They are rigged mesh so they move beautifully and  unrealistically with your body. Well, chains "might" move with your body -- I have no personal experience in that regard.

The release is called ChainedLust and there are various metal textures available. I chose rough metal as it seemed fitting for the MOSP dungeon. Find this set (which you can of course wear without the body suit if that is more to your liking) at !deviousMind.

My hair is a new release that from EMO-tions, premiering today -- NADINE.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Pffiou! (very old)

Apples and Apples and Apples - Oh My!

Head on over to Apple May Designs where there is a great hunt going on. Find the apples (8 for gals, 8 for guys) and reap the rewards. At a linden an apple you can't go wrong.  Shown here are some of the goodies to be had. There are also tanks and shorts. Most of the apples are easy to spot. Of course there ARE plenty of apples around too.  Still, not too hard a hunting.

There was a problem with the sim earlier but things are working again now and you can buy.

High rez photo here.


Poses by: Diesel Works, Lap, AKEYO
My hair is Kimberly by EMO-tions

SL10B Gifts

One of the biggest draws to the SL birthday bashes are the gifts. There are plenty to be had and I am sure that I only found a few of those available, but here are my picks from this year's event.

High rez version of photo here

Two horses, one rideable and one rezable, are the stars of the show for me. The riding horse (78 prims to rez) is from Carriage Trade which has a nice through the years exhibit, A Glance Back: Shenlei Flasheart.

The static horse is part of a historical horse pack from Rodeo Horses, not far from my plot. It was fun to see the horses of old. The new mesh ones are indeed lovely and the lower prim one (24) will be hanging out in Peaceful Valley for awhile.

SL10B Sneak Peak 2

While there are several impressive multi-sim builds this year, there doesn't seem to be as many artists as in 2012. The Artists for SL are represented in a nice gallery you can find here. I found this calm spot amidst the cacophony of buildings when I flew over and spied a photo taken at MOSP. It is indeed in the MOSP gallery. That led me to stop and venture in.

I am sure you will see many photos of the big builds, and honestly you really need to be there with your draw distance way up to see them well, but what I did find flying around Tuesday morning was this sight:

If you don't recognize it instantly, it is the Cornfield -- a place where bad boys and girls were sent in the early days of SL. Now I know I visited the cornfield and posted on it sometime in the past, not the actual one -- but at a time when it was resurrected for historical purposes. I even picked up some free cornstalks (now long gone in a database debacle). But, memory will have to serve as my blog's search function isn't finding anything. It was fun seeing it again.

Now there are places at the celebration that have signs posted asking folks not to take photos and I followed those instructions. I did find a truly interesting set of sign boards with pictures as a chronicle of SL history. When the event opens on the 16th, you can find the Second Life History Walk here. I remembered a lot, wasn't there for some, and puzzled over what was included and left out now and then. A great trip down memory lane.

Apple Tank by Ducknipple, hair (old group gift) by EMO-tions, cute bracelet antique.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Who's That Girl?

Tuli (new shop) has a Sara 2 skin out. Three skin tones are available with this being the darkest. Choose from two versions of eye makeups; I went with the more everyday "elementary" pack which includes several shadings. Lip tattoos make it a mix and match affair which is always fun. Cleavage layers and nail concealers are included.

If you are a Tuli group member, there is a free nude lip and teal shadow version of this skin (3 skin tones) on the group gift wall of the shop. Just put on your tag and click. 

My hair of the morn is a new release from Vanity Hair, Collision; this is the Noisette tone.

Just in time for warm weather, a new short tiered halter dress with "short shorts" (yeah) built in. A variety of colors can be had with a click of a hud button. This is part of a full outfit called appropriately - SUMMER from SLX.

It comes with necklace, bracelets and shoes.

Skin and nail changing hud comes with. Manual mod for size.

Click the photo for a larger version.

Poses by: aDORKable

For Love

Now I do have to admit I am getting tired of all the Stand For Love photos. That doesn't mean I disagree, just that too much of a good thing can be -- well, too much. And it most likely depends on the feeds one reads *wink*. That being said, you can pick up a nice mesh tee in go with everything black at the Vivace shop. Five sizes.

Photo taken on the brand new dock at MOSP.

Hair by EMO-tions
Pose by aDORKable

SL10B Sneak Peak

SL10B opens on the 16th. With lots to see and do you will definitely want to journey over. I have been doing some early exploring and wanted to share a bit. This is the MOSP plot, as far away from the center of things that you can get -- but there is a nice water view and I appreciate that. While much of the event centers around who can build the biggest and most noticeable edifice, I went for minimalism with a simple park and some gifts.  Pick up a multi-scene photo frame with owner controls for timing and on off as well as some film huds.

The MOSP plot will also be part of the The Long Walk: Led by David Abbot which features even more goodies to find -- and let's be honest, it won't be too difficult to find them in this park!

There are pods you can ride in again this year. Flying hasn't been that good lately with that going off into the ether happening often, so running or the pods may be your best bet. I have lots to show you over the coming days, so you'll have a lay of the land and some spots to visit if you choose. There are gifts too of course and we all like those.

My top which you will see throughout these posts as the photos were all taken in a couple of days is a new release from Ducknipple, the Apple Tank. I added an undershirt as while very cute (and color change) it is a bit too revealing for my personal tastes. My hair is an older group gift from EMO-tions.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Living in a Silver Cloud

Barnesworth Anubis has a new skybox out for COLLABOR88. It is always fun to see what he comes up with each month. For June it is a south beach penthouse and comes with optional 3D surround buildings on the sides. The skybox is spacious with an open plan and has some lovely detailing including an elevator door (who would have guessed that?), glass block balcony trim and an impressive spiral staircase.

My outfit is the .:pure:. Amira Harem Pants & Wrap Top. It is both silver and posh and fitting attire for this upscale home or shop. My hair is one of my favorites from Vanity Hair, The Hamptons (not too awfully far from South Beach -- at least in attitude). Shoes by Baiastice, old but still one of my go to sandals.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the Julie set

A Little Romance

Now and then we can all use a little romance. Here in the Orangery at the end of the day, I find myself in  the .:pure:. Christine Sashed Gown - Floral Coral  available at The Wash Beach Party Event.

Hair is Vanity Hair's The Meadow in Hot Tea (really like this one).

Poses by: Diesel Works


I am more of a hard edged gal -- design wise anyway. I like boldness and contrasts -- even with my morning tea.

In this photo --

*The new Barrel Stool and Tables (two other colors and a short backless stool can be had as well) from Trompe Loeil at COLLABOR88.
* Grunge artwork from CIRCA for The Thrift Shop in June.
* SLC Mesh Dress Stella in green (many colors available)

I journeyed back over to the great free hair event (see Sunday's post) in the late night hours and picked up a few more hairs. Still crashing continuously for some reason (unusual for me), but it was fun to go and know that I had been there.  All gone now. History.

This is one of my favorite hairs. Earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai (Fugen)

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works