Bellisseria Trailers and The Lodge

As expected by a few at least, the trailers arrived at Bellisseria.  And while they are not quite ready to become residences, they look pretty spiffy!   Many of us visited the camp grounds at SL16B to see the new theme of the trailers. So, again for many, a vision of camping by the fire and all that jazz was permanently etched into our memories.

But that isn't the real story.  The new regions -- at least the ones I saw -- are more like a Northern forest trailer park where you purchase your own plot and park your mobile home. The abodes are still tiny of course and the lots are 512 but there is plenty of buffer for privacy.  That was easy enough to deduce from the SSP map where I counted an average of 26 trailers per sim -- a number fairly equal to the 1024 plots. So lots of trees (they are primmy so they need those land impact points) and some gorgeous outside areas.

The Lodge is impressive and while I didn't wander into the fray of the multitudes, it looks like lovely textures are part of the establishment. There is certainly lots of space for mini-events. A few houseboat plots outside will likely be coveted. It is quite lovely.

Until recently it appeared -- from looking on the SSP map that many more regions would get added to the trailer area as well as a completed train loop. So I was thinking October for the release, but then (oddly) the map was wiped of the lower train tracks and a very nice and neat rectangle of new plots prompted me to post on the forums about "immanence".   And here we are.

It is difficult to say the reason for the apparent change of plan. The railroad could have simply been placed in preparation for the future.   There is at least one other undisclosed theme in the works  to compliment the railway theme. Also, it's been fairly dull on the grid this September and some excitement is welcomed. And, no one knows as yet how well these new mini-plots will be embraced.

For those wanting one of the hundreds of new plots, watch the "get your home' section closely and maybe you will be lucky enough to snag one of the new themed abodes.

Here is the page to watch.  

Sun and Rain

A chill in the air greets me most mornings.  The clock tells me it is time to start the day even as the moon meanders across still dark skies. Flowers in their last hurrah turn their faces towards the welcoming rains.

An Fall begins.


**Mistique** Marloes Autumn, a very nicely made casual fringed blouse. Many mesh fits, it is a Teleport Hub group gift.

Kunglers Lisa bangle bracelets with texture change hud are coming soon to TrĂ©s Chic.  Pick them up on the 17th. 

:::ChicChica:::  has a gift of Umbrellas waiting for you on their counter. Take the teleporter to the shop. Many colors are included.

New hair? For sure. Find Elana at eXxEsS.  

Jeans - very old by Cargo.

Pose by:  Helamiyo and the umbrella

Desert Winds

If only the winds could carry away our sorrow.

*AGATA* Diane all in one with texture change hud at Cosmopolitan. Loose fitting cropped pants with side slits  happily give this a look away from the norm. Casual and comfy  the almost NSFW top adds visual interest. The under bust band is color change to coordinate with the varios main textures.

NO.MATCH NO SAND  at Cosmopolitan.  This comes with a four version style hud  (face covering, hair covering or both hair and face) as well as a texture change hud with patterns and solids. Both female and male sizes are included.

(Kunglers) Ionna bangles  - ebony

Pose by: Poppycock

Vegan Delights

You can find this scrumptious (so hungry!)  Vegan Hummus Party Platter from Lucas Lameth at Flourish, a new event.    It is a BIG tray packed with lots of lovely veggies and so very good for you!

Four land impact, it is fairly heavy mesh but I haven't noted any issues with framerates or loading.  So if you have the prims available and like healthy food, this is something you might want to check out.  Note that this is a NO COPY item! 

 Bar, poolhouse and deck furniture all by Trompe Loeil.

the magic of balloons

It's good to believe in magic and this fun Second Spaces  Anti Gravity table (both colors and grayscale) let's us do just that.  And then there is the SMILE that comes with -- of course.   Find it here.

My outfit of the morn comes from Hello Tuesday finds.

From Hilly Haalan, Angie pants and top in many mesh fits. A big color change hud for various parts comes with.

And from no.match, this really great casually messy hair in a blond pack, No.nothing.

Mesh India Wonder Background

Pose by: Behavior Body

Hay Bales and Falling Leaves

It looks like an early Fall in my neck of the woods  -- and that's OK with me.  I love the colors and the crispness in the air.   The first scents of wood smoke, a gentle rain --  all things Autumn.

From Ison (still available) for the Saturday Sale, ISON - tight tee dress - tan  which comes in many fabric versions and includes a texture change wrapped shirt accessory. 

From friday (also still available)  Shadow Boots (Muddy)

Meva Lisa Bracelet right Gold and Meva Lisa Necklace Middle Gold Rare


Pose by: Helamiyo

Sansar Avatar 2.0 Take Two

In only a matter of days, the avatar has improved.   Nope, this isn't the official 2.0 avatar; it is a very reasonably priced  custom avatar based on the Linden version.  This gal has curves! 

There are a couple of downsides as you might expect. No face morphing so your face is the same as others. Only one library hair really worked for her as her head is not the same shape, but happily there is currently a privately created hair (only one so easy to fine) on the Store.  I tinted it the same basic color that Chic SL wears most often.

She is young and before my makerover  had a Kawaii look going for her. Light skin with some freckles and eyes that don't keep me awake at night.

Now my outfit was tricky; I won't lie.  It took a bit of time (maybe two minutes but I have a lot of Marvelous Designer time under my belt) to get this jumpsuit fitting. But fit it does and she is ready to Par- Tey.

The bangle didn't fit her arm correctly but you can now edit attachments in the dressing room. In the case of bracelets and watches, it too is a difficult task since you can't cam in close enough to see the wrist well. It is a step at a time trial and error event, but eventually I got it working and now it is saved in an outfit. [Edit: there is actually a tiny camera icon at the bottom of the inventory that will let you get closer to items that aren't naturally in view range.]

She comes with smaller than the official bikini panties and "pasties" built in (mandatory).   The jumpsuit is one I made and not in the store (too hard to adjust). The bangle is mine also.

Find it here.

Pose by the dressing room library

Sansar - Avatar 2.0 - the story

I hopped over to Sansar today to try out the newly unveiled Avatar 2.0.  I wasn't sure I was going to get to visit, but no new TOS greeted me and the viewer updated nicely. 

The first thing you see when you venture into Nexusland (more on that later) is the loading message as the viewer installs or updates.

You are then given a choice of avatars, most looking pretty much the same in futuresce garb to go along with the new Nexus hub.  After choosing your avatar of the moment, you arrive at the entry to the nexus and are encouraged to go through the tutorial. I of course said, "yes".

The tutorial was fun and well done with a friendly AI character guide. There were a few skills to master.   One was walking. Unfortunately the instructions said to use the WASD keys. Those didn't work for me at all in the tutorial :D. So I stood there with the AI urging me to make my move and feeling very stupid (I mean most of a year in Sansar and I can't move forward?).  Well the ARROW keys worked for me and I made it to the next few steps.

Arriving back at the Nexus I was given more instructions for my quest. They came up in a floating sidebar. Happily I read them briefly --- because I took a wrong turn, ended up in a place that I could seemingly not get out of (oh my) and had to relog.   On relogging those goals were gone, but I remembered that I was supposed to find the EVENTS portal and a gateway etc. and I wandered enough in the main area that I did complete the quest.   I was not really sure how to claim my prize since the instructions simply said "claim your prize" so I went back to the AI questmaster and clicked on him and that apparently completed Quest 1.

The Questmaster (my term) then sent me on Quest 2 to find another questmaster in a party pad area. Happily I had found that area while wandering in Quest 1. But when I walked up to the new AI I was told to get out of her personal space. Not too friendly.  I clicked and tried to interact with the AI that I was supposed to find as my first step in Quest 2.  Nothing happened. Nada.  So I closed the program for awhile. 

The Socialite Guild features a futuristic club in the same darkness and light theme of the Nexus.  Dancers and music add ambience.

Eventually I remembered that Quests could only be done once a day -- at least that was the norm when I exited some months ago.  So while there is a Quest choice in the sidebar, I will need to wait until tomorrow before practicing more skills, I guess. [Edit: Agent Forma is evidently broken but on the list for fixing, so not a 24 hour thing.]


With the change to Avatar 2.0 not only did our avatars change, but most of our inventory that relates to avatar attire is useless.  Happily Linden Lab gave us our money back :D.

That will help with all the missing inventory.

I found that my choice of garments were limited.  I had only the Linden supplied hair, one pair of shoes -- and a fair amount of wearables that I had uploaded last year. 

At the end of my journey through my new inventory, this was my look.

My outfit consists of Linden supplied hair and boots as well as a top and skirt made by moi with Marvelous Designer.  My MD items have been left in my inventory but were not rigged for Avatar 2.0 and so many (MOST) of them do not work well. Even those that are "keepers" take some adjusting in the customization process.  Of the accessory attachments that I had uploaded, only three pair of glasses and a bracelet were still usable.  [Edit: there is a new tool to adjust and resize attachments now. So far not documented but you can get to it from the WORN tab (little icon next to the item) when you are wearing the item. ]  Once you have your look adjusted, it is a simple click to change clothes. Good news.

One of the most impressive features of Avatar 2.0 is the face customization which is a click and drag method for finding the perfect you.  There have been plenty of negative comments on the new female avatars. They are THIN and fairly androgynous with minimal hips and breasts.  I have been a fan of genderless for years so I am OK with that, but a bit more poundage would be appreciated.  Body sliders are in the works and a "priory" which hopefully be finished as 2020 rolls in.


Now I have no plans to create again in Sansar but the current avatar eyes are one of the worst bit of newness so I did list those three pairs of sunglasses on the Sansar store. Partly to be nice and partly to see how the current process worked.  It pretty much works the same and the steps are fairly self-explanitory.

I won't really need the income from any sales -- because I will have my QUEST money  which consists of10 Sansar dollars for each quest I complete as well as some sort of points that I have no idea what to do with -- and some bonus booty now and then (at least I got a new jacket on Quest 1).

I also somehow ended up with 4,000 Sansar dollars that I have NO IDEA from whence they came.  [Edit:  I apparently missed deleting a couple of items when I closed my store :D. Silly me. Happily one is the bracelet that still fits the avatar.] 

So far as tips on buying things for Avatar 2.0, I would be cautious. There are almost NO demos (I was one of the few that made them) and most of the MD clothes will not fit. Anything with long sleeves was a disaster in my tests.  Bandeau tops? Well avatar 2.0 gals have no breasts to speak of and can't keep those mini-tops where they need to reside.    None of my earrings were aligned correctly for 2.0 even though they were left in my inventory and only one bracelet mysteriously worked.

[Edit:  The MD clothing adjuster had an overhaul in the night and now MORE older things with fit with minimal adjustments. Not perfect and you need to drag things up on shoulders and out for knees -- but much better than before. Not sure WHY no one tested this before going live :D.  Still, anything made "tight" will likely be problematic, so be aware. ]

So my best tip would be to look at the vendor photos in the Sansar Store and only buy items that show the NEW avatar -- preferably wearing the garment inworld and in the dressing room.  Creators will be thrilled by the way with the better lighting and easier photo taking now available. SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Eventually there will hopefully be choices in hair and skins and shoes and we can expand our wardrobes with those Sansar dollars in our accounts.

So that's the lowdown on my first journey back to Sansar in awhile.   It won't be a home but I plan on continuing the Quests -- just to see what they are all about.

I would like to add that while The Lab keeps moving away from the original stated focus of Sansar, I think the Nexus and AI and even the sci-fi element is likely a positive step so far as attracting visitors. It is quite engaging, certainly better than the previous entry experiences.   So I wish them success. And kudos to Sansar Studios on the Nexus hub and all it entails. Really well done.

Getting Steamy


Goth1c0: Ethel Dress - Wood at We Love Roleplay

Deep Static Dakkar Industrial Glasses

Hair: eXxEsS : SAHARA

Poses by: Di's Opera

Great Free Stuff

Here are my favorite "finds". Go forth and gather.

From Loggin' Off Homes a great little log cabin with plenty of style. Find it on the Around the Grid 7 Hunt. You are looking for a hot air balloon with red and white striped fabric. The hit is "find the double red doors, then X marks the spot".  The Artist's Shack is only 29 land impact.

From Little Branch, the red bud bush as a group gift (free group).  Spring and Fall texture change on click.

From Khargo on the Around the Grid Hunt, a spectacular piece of wall art for music lovers.

And from Simple Reflections  on the same hunt, a Candelabra Trio. This comes with black and red candles but it is mod so I changed the candles to beige and added a bit of shine. Very pretty.

And if your walls are looking a bit empty there is a pack of wall art available at ChiC buildings. In the center of the atrium on the far side by the gift boxes.

A Pastel Fall

There is a change in the air. Summer is fading and Fall is finding its way into our world once again.  This is a time of Autumn rusts and russets, pumpkins and dancing leaves. Our color palettes turn towards more somber shades.

But do they have to?  I think not.

From Tres Blah at FaMESHed, the Maddie's Cardigan - Pattern with luscious shades of peach in finely knitted jacquard.  Optional peaking bra with color change hud.

Also new, this perky short "do" from eXxeSs, ALESIA

(Kunglers) Iris earrings


Today's post is not about fashion or design -- well certainly not primarily. With time on my hands these days, I took a shopping trip -- and I enjoyed my adventure.  I found two new creators that I didn't know about, ones that are doing a good job IMO -- contrary to so many creators who have moved from low poly mesh to high (sometimes OMG really high) mesh, the kind that can bring computer framerates into the molasses range for some folks.

So aside from supporting them a bit with my meager purchases, I thought some kudos was in order.  And I am thinking that this may be a regular series of sort as there are still some folks in SL who care about how well their computer runs.

This morning's adventure took me to The Imaginarium Event at Gimme Gacha.  Things have changed there over the last year, but there are still some impressive items to be had -- and of course some anti-impressive items to stay away from LOL.   I get so very tired of inspecting "pretty" items only to find that the triangle count is enough to model most of a city (and honestly I am not really exaggerating; I wish I were).

First up for kudos is  Kaya's Ray of Sunshine by kayaray.   Her offering is a set of Bamboo Baskets with singles, couples and adult animations.  There is a texture change rare as well as a collection of pretty fabric versions.  You really can't go wrong on this gacha -- and that's the kind I like to play.

The bed is ten land impact which is reasonable and that land impact comes NOT from heavy mesh, but from good LODs --- definitely a better plan.  The triangle count is 35,912 and textures are also reasonable for this size of furniture.  All good.

My favorite gift from the Imaginarium is the .: RatzCatz :. Nautica *Oscar* Mirror.  One land impact, good LODs, reasonable triangle count and SO CUTE.

I was wondering what I would do with this little fellow, but for now he is keeping me company in my Belli bedroom.

If you love the octopus theme, the RatzCatz gacha is for you. Get some brothers and sister for your gift. Many choices - no "losers" (again, usually what I am after in a gacha LOL).


A cute new group gift swimset is out at (Silenceillusion).  the summer flower top and bottom are separate so the top could easily be styled with white shorts or leggings.   

Hair: MINA Hair - Mena

Pose by: the Trompe Loeil Cydney Modern Pool

Saucy Schoolgirls

If schoolgirl roles are part of your Second Life, you will likely want to check out the new round of The Arcade where Baiastice has a big "College Set".   I am wearing the two rares, one is a full one piece with tie outfit complete with texture hud, the other is platform loafers that come with texture hud and include sock (some prints) as well as a no socks option.

One of my favorite pieces of the set is the tied book stack which also comes with texture change hud. This is a Bento hold pose that works very well with all the animations that I tried. You may need to unattach and reattach books in some cases but the hold overroad the priority 4 poses in my tests.  They also continue to be held while walking.  Kudos there!

Also in the set is another outfit with skits and tops as well as various other schoolish wearables.

Other new releases include these cute Patricia glasses from Deep Static at Cosmopolitan  and this manly watch (resizes well) from Ysoral.  Both come with texture change and resizing huds.

Hair: eXxEsS : Martini

 Poses by: Di's Opera

Sailor's Delight

An adventurous day helping a friend with a makeover ended in this lovely sunset photo.   While not planned, he ended up with a full outfit shown here plus several otehr jackets and coats -- all from the Gabriel "1 linden" room.   Sneakers are free near the entrance. 

These are mainly standard sizing clothing but they fit altamura bodies well, and perhaps others too. Jewelry and glasses were also part of the dollarbie shopping spree. Demos are available for most items. 

Photo taken at Cherishville

Pose by: the chair

Last Days

Tomorrow is the last day for LEA6 so while I was planning on some vagabonding, I decided to recreate an old favorite photo from one of my most well-used spots.  New FLF top and Arcade backpack added to the fun, but goodbye's are hard.


erratic / ness - top / SE navy stripes

Baiastice_College Set-Backpack  coming to The Arcade.


Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

Pose by: LAP

Primary Colors

Some great new gift are out! Don't miss them.

From Scandallize for Mesh Body Friends -- find this three piece set in two colors plus ombres -- at the store entrance.  Super cut and very versatile.

From Meva for L'Homme Magazine, this great set for men.  Great for the last days of summer. 

Poses by: LAP and aDORKable

Harleigh Ranch Cottage

The newly realeased Trompe Loeil Harleigh Ranch Cottage feels more like a lodge than a cottage to me, but that might be my interpretation of the word "cottage". The Harleigh is roomy with one large open planned room with nooks and fireplace that adjoins a smaller, more private area with its own entrance.

90 land impact, it won't take too much of your prim budget. Back to back fireplaces (one inside and one for outside use on the patio ) as well as hanging outdoor lights complete this modern yet homey abode.

Find it at Uber

Plants by [fundati].
Cliffs by ChiC buildings.


There is still time for Fall plantings --- or Spring if you are south of the equator. Find these cute seeding plant at the 8th anniversary Cookie Jar Hunt (almost over).   Find the donuts (outside) at Home Whimsy and get growing!

Other garden product by ChiC buildings
Water barrel by Shutter Field

Curious Steps


-:zk:- Paquita Dress -- perfect fit, beautifully textured and rigged.  Many colors to choose from. At Cosmopolitan.

Baiastice_Urban Sunglasses -- two versions plus full color hud. 

Hair: NO.MATCH   NO WITNESS -- with and without bangs. This is really BIG hair but photographs wonderfully :D.   At Cosmopolitan.

Lucas Lameth Stealthy Cat Sculpture, Grey Stone  -- a variety of finishes and 1 land impact (even at a larger size) makes this one of the winners for August -- in my book anyway.  I love it!   At Cosmopolitan.

Earrings by Metal & Stone (hunt prize)

MINIMAL - Santorini Backdrop

Pose by: Artis

Desert Glamping

Two superb bits of newness greet the dawn in this photo.

From (Fundati) at Cosmopolitan, a big Yucca Tree set with bonus rocks. Three tree styles in all with options within the styles. These are big trees with across the sim LODs and meant for large expanses. Really lovely, my New Mexico desert has become a California one.

And a sneak peak at the upcoming Arcade offerings, these back country camp tents areperfect as we mov into Fall.  Also appropriate for the soon to be unveiled Belliseria camping areas. Seven versions in the pack from Trompe Loeil.

Other plants - Fundati
Paver rocks and landforms - ChiC buildings

Bright Sun

Midsummer for many of us -- here in the blazing hot sun of a New Mexico day we have our heroin.

Her outfit includes:

From Baiastice at Uber, part of a three piece collection that includes jacket and shorts -- in of course a wide variety of colors as well as denim in the fatpack. This is the bodysuit piece of the Ellaine set. The netting can be made invisible if you so choose.

From Deep Static at Hipster, the Garret glasses with color and transparency hud. Look good on the brightest days out there!


Cydney Couch and Poolhouse by Trompe Loeil

Pose by: the swimming pool

Photography Tip - Lighting and Shadows Settings

After more than 20,000 SL photos I realized something today.  So I am passing that along.  This is on Firestorm; I am not sure about other viewers.

I was wandering around my new abode this morning and noted my framerate was 21 instead of 55. We'll THAT's not good.   Hoping this was not a return of network issues, I went through a personal checklist --- Windows Update?   Change in environment?  Change in settings?    Ahhhhhhh.

I had changed my Shadow settings in the LIGHT tab yesterday when taking a tricky vendor photo. I rarely fiddle with those light settings as they can put a big strain on computers. Happily mine is pretty hefty now and it isn't really an issue unless I crank a LOT of things up.   I set everything in Lights and shadows settings back to the default and my 21 FPS became over 95.  Well that's pretty important to etch permanently in memory.   I know many of you guys know this but for folks that don't (or have forgotten) there's my tip.

Pose by: aDORKable

New Roles

Lani is no longer spending her life on the beta grid and with her role change comes a bit of a makeover.  She got her first purchased hair this week, a newish release from Truth and she is enlarging her wardrobe -- something she hasn't done much over her almost eight years. 

Here she is wearing a new gift top from Wellmade. It comes with shorts but they were not rigged well enough to fit well-rounded buttox and thunder thighs (well not slim anyway).  Still, the top is quite cute and fits her style. It comes with a texture change hud, but this is the pattern with various colors and the prettiest I think.   

Wellmade [WM] Lalie Blouse
Blueberry - Denise - Leggings Full Length
Caboodle - Camille Tied Sweater - Teal

Hair: TRUTH Rumor - Grayscale

S@BBiA::Asymmetric Sandals Blue (Gift)   not shown but recent gift and match perfectly.

Second Spaces - Industrial Workspace - standing clock
HIDEKI - Pile of Stuff
Trompe Loeil - Framed Art Gray Eyechart (lean)

Poses by: Behavior Body


Hair Fair!  It not "just" about hair. 

This Native release from Baiastice is pretty spectacular.  It comes with a texture change hud for both feathers and bands. I have some native american mixed in with my DNA, so this photo shoot was a bit like a homecoming.

Taken at the Quest for the Ancients at LEA6 (closing in about a week).  I still love that build.

Pose by: SEMotion

School Days

It's that time of the year for lots of folks -- school!  Whether you are returning or your kids -- or grandkids, books and pencils and all things ed-u-ca-tion-al are in focus.

A cute new gift, the MonaLISA Seda Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass) is available here with a group tag. 

Deep Static Colin glasses
[Since 1975]- Casino Watch
eXxEsS  Cupcake hair

Pose by: Nantra

Alone Again

New releases, old favorites and a fun gift come together in this styling.


KUNGLERS - Aisha necklace with texture change hud - Cosmopolitan

ExXeSs  Hair - Elena


.:: New Line Store::.Natalia Outfit group gift on wall at the Fenix event.  This comes with boots, leg chains and choker in various mesh body fits.


KUNGLERS - Gigi bracelets (hidden by pose but there :D)
.::Nanika::. Flora Torso tattoo White

This Urban Backdrop alleyway is a new photo prop from MINIMAL at Uber (where you can now finally teleport in :D).  Super detailed and beautifully modeled it would be a great addition to any photo prop collection.  Not for the faint of heart land impact wise (191), it would also be a spectacular entry point for an urban role play sim. 

Pose by: aDORKable

Hair Fair 2019 - Opening Day

Hair Fair is open.  I journeyed over in the early morning hours wearing only a little black dress -- no hair, no shoes, no huds-- and had no problem getting in with premium status.  Crowds have moved into the event now but happily there are cam sims so those who really don't want to wait, can practice there sleuthing skills.

I was happily surprised with this year's event. The variety seems greater, there are many more styles for men than in some years past, paths were easy to follow without getting lost AND frame per second were high (I had about 27).

The build isn't the star of the show but its snowy minimalism  theme sets the stage for some lovely new releases by familiar and no so familiar names. 

My lead photo shows Montmartre from Baiastice. I really do appreciate hats with hair, and this saucy bob style works perfectly with the jaunty beret.  There are some very impressive role play headdresses in the same booth, so para folks are in for a treat.

My simple black lace trimmed tunic dress hales from the Little Fox (the Natalia set) at Cosmopolitan.

Gifts can be found in some of the stores, not like in the early days of Hair Fair -- but there are some nice styles to pick up while you are trying on and buying newness.    Here are a few of my favorites.  Most gifts come with color huds, some with style changes and options and some with accessory color choices.




Backdrop by Paparazzi
Poses by: Nigotine and SE Motion