You've Got Mail - FLF

Just one land impact of goodness, this very detailed mailbox can be yours from {what next} for Fifty Linden Friday. NINE colors come in the pack  -- and if you are like me in need of a hue less than typical, you can TINT the mailbox to colors of your liking (use select face to accomplish this job).

From the notecard:

* the wall shadow can be hidden by selecting the texture and making it 100% transparent
* Each mailbox is 1 land impact.
* 9 styles of the mailbox are included.

* the mailboxes are moddable except for the script and can be renamed (for example you may want to change it to something like  - Winter Thorn's Message Box. or Suggestion Box or My Business Name Mailbox). Edit the box in build mode and change the Name and/or description line on the General tab of the build window.

Trompe Loeil Beach Bungalow

Classics with a New Twist

From eXxEsS : VEDMA  with two packed to the rim color huds to choose from. A straight casual style with a slightly messy look, it is perfect for warm weather and beach days!

And from Ducknipple, Acne, a silky romper that would be just as appropriate clubbing as lounging attire. Many colors to choose from via hud.

And a sneak peak at one of the Home Show (opens May 1) releases from Second Spaces.  The step shelves also come in white. Weighing in at one land impact, they offer lots of style and many design possibilities! Add plants, gacha items and other decor to personalize with your style.

Stones necklace by Meva (previously featured)
Painting by Trompe Loeil

Poses by: flowey, Diesel Works

Ancient Love Songs

From Atelier Visconti @ Fantasy Faire, the Morgana Fountain.  Three versions of ruins in different times of decay as well as the classic building in its original glory. This is really lovely and includes both single and couples sits.

Romance is definitely a part of this design with delicate water dripping from leaves in the inner fountain.

Fitting attire for both period and emotion, the Senzafine Vedris dress with skirt for Fantasy Faire. Choose your color pack (four mix and match color themes by hud) and step back in time.

Poses by: Vista Animations


Details galore mark this new personal bar as a winner.  The Chalkboard bar from Trompe Loeil is perfect for your urban hideaway. There are MANY styles to choose from including a larger version with two shelf sides.

The bar comes complete with animations and in both PG and A versions. There are lots of great poses for the guys too; a plus.  Find them at Uber.

My oh so cute skirt and top from Ducknipple, the Notre outfit, consists of separate top and skirt with a hud with TWELVE CHOICES FOR EACH PIECE. Mix and match or coordinate to your heart's content.

Chairs are available with the bar release and the neon lights can be used on walls separately for decor. So many options! Beer props are included.

Poses by: LAP (nla) and Diesel Works

Ending in Style


If it is The End -- let's go out in style.

New releases from current events gives us that option.

From CARGO for The End, the Bolted Cuff which I really love. There is a color change hud if you aren't into neutrals :D.

Happily it goes perfectly with one of the many oh so pretty color combos from BAIASTICE for Uber, Damie Zip Dress. This is the Ermine color.

I have had an empty 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Voronoi House sitting in the sands for -- well maybe years as I really love it. So many interesting angles. Well, now it has fitting furniture in that post apocalypse style.

Find several great after the crash furniture and decor items at the 22769 booth at The End.  Chairs, Pallet chest with seating (shown) cans and canteens; all are in evidence.  In the background and difficult to see in this arty shot is a GREAT grunge TV antenna from CARGO.  Since I am guessing TV doesn't work to well after "the pulse" I used it as a decor accent piece :D.

That works too!

Hair by Ploom.

Poses by: Pretense and the furniture

Wayward Hunt

The Wayward Hunt is underway. Most items have good hints and are easy to find.  Here are some of my personal favorites. Some I have already shown you :D. 

This is an exceptional hunt, so even if you shy away from these adventures -- you might want to give it a try. 

Find landmarks, hints and more prize photos here.

Poses by: Behavior Body, Helamiyo, Torridwear (nla)

LBD Revisited

There is a new Little Black Dress in town. Lots of sleek retro styling with a tuxedo flair. ArisAris Gangsta Girl debuts at the Gansta Fair opening the 25th. This link takes you to the event page AND info on a photo contest. We love those!  I have no link but you guys are good little sleuths so I know you will be able to find it from my breadcrumbs.

The outfit includes a very cool fedora and rigged (and non rigged) boots in a variety of sizes.  Some very cute nylons with garters are also included but I used the ones from my Lara body as of course texture stuff doesn't work for me :D.

So get your gansta on!

Poses by: Helamiyo "Little Black Dress" for the Black Fashion Fair  (five pack set with mirrors.

Find Your Shot

I was filming this morning. I had set up a scene within a new story video. I captured video, took still shots and generally had fun. I was trying to broaden my style a bit, looking for different angles.

It was great fun and I have a collection of shots to choose from.  Since I had such a good time, I thought some of you might too.

The spot is here.
Adjust your Windlight.
Find your Angel.
Take your shot.

Feel free to add the link to your photo (or film clip) to this post. Or you can add it to the Flickr group here

These new release boots by Ducknipple, Sappy, work well with Lara. They come rigged and unrigged and include a color change hud!

Suitcases by {what next} for The Liaison Cooperative's  'Bon Voyage' theme (previously featured).

Pose by: Vista Animations, Toridwear (NLA)

Spring Swing

I have just finished my inventory clothing purge (45,000 to 37,000). I deleted anything that didn't work with Lara (Maitreya) as well as things that were lovely but simply "not me". Along the way some favorites disappeared but I have faith that they will be replaced by new items that I hold dear.

Happily this new set from Ducknipple, DN Mesh: Evelien Suit works perfect with my can't live without it mesh body. Even the size is my normal "S".    The safari shirt top area is color change by hud and the high waisted capri pants are loose and comfy.

My jewelry is part of a new set from MEVA for the Black Fashion Fair. There are many more pieces in the set, so check that out!

Hard to believe but this hair is a release for guys (sure it looks good on them too) from MINA for the Liaison Collaborative.  Look for Harry.

This super cute tire swing is new from Cheeky Pea. The Myranda Tire Swing comes in both PG and A versions with singles and couple's poses.

Find it at :: KUSTOM9 ::. 

Poses by: the tire swing

Industrial Chic

I got a little carried away taking photos so this will be a 'scroller' post :D.

New building, new duds, new jewelry, new furniture -- and OLD poses.

So let's talk about those old poses -- the things that had me taking so many photos. Pose Fair is still going on for a few more days. I haven't been over but I was chatting with Nissa the other eve (inventory - Lara - procrastination) and she was there shopping. With my inventory (only clothes and shoes cleaned so far) down to 37,000 I feel much lighter in spirit and of course even though I have other things to do (a new film for one) I thought it would be good to keep going.

In my well organized from many years animations folder I have a sub folder called "need to go through".  Well, yep. What I can I say. It isn't too packed these days but up on top I noted one I didn't remember called "Bam Pack".

As I was trying out the poses I really liked them. But, I didn't REMEMBER them. aDORKable has been closed for some time now -- at least from my point of view. I often use my old poses as they really don't go out of style, but most are familiar friends.

Further sleuthing just now tells me that these appeared in my inventory at the end of January this year -- THIS year. Hmm. And a look on the Marketplace tells me there are NEW POSES.  How cool!   Filter for newest to find them.  So all you fans out there -- newness. And I am sorry these slipped by and I am tardy in reporting.

Other newness of note are some very well made items from CARGO.  Runaway Jeans (basic colors and several colorful packs by hud) and the Ribbed Tank (seven color options per hud) have tons of details and fit perfectly -- me anyway, and that's what counts!  The belt is also available and sold separately (male, female, leather and metal options).

There is a cute group gift tank with classy CARGO logo for freebie hunters.

This Cargo desk and shelf fit in wonderfully with the new Barnesworth Annubis Factory Loft for COLLABOR88. The skylights make lovely shadows and the large build could certainly work as a store.

This Bliensen + MaiTai - Wondertree - necklace ( black and silver version) adds a touch of class to casual wear. Find it at the Black Fashion Fair (and exclusive release).

Hair: Peggy by MINA (one of the new colors from the GRAY pack)
Poses by: aDORKable except for the pose by the desk which is mine.

Spring Picnics


It's looking a lot like Spring out there. Time to dig out the shorts and outdoor gear. I am ready!

The Wayward Hunt is going on.  I haven't been hunting in ages and this looks like a good one with lots of top stores in the list.  From {what next} this cookie plate and cookie jar (I LI each) that dispense a CHOICE of wearable cookies to your guests. I am very impressed with the cookies!  AND hungry!

When your tummy gets full of those delicious cookies, you can take a rest in the new Marta Spring Pergola from Cheeky Pea. Three color palettes are available by menu. Couples and singles animations and activities are included and there is a naughtier version if you have a partner -- or are looking for one :D.

Find it at The Seasons Story.

Outfit: Baiastice_short denim salopette-dark rinse
Hair: MINA - Peggy

Poses by: the furniture

The End Is Here

If you love to hang out in the wastelands, then the new event that started yesterday is just for you.   The End is a quarterly, post apocalyptic themed sales event.  All items created for and sold at The End are exclusive to the event.

This is one of two fall out shelters from Second Spaces. The other is the door sans cement walls.   I had the PERFECT spot for it. Maybe you do too!

The "M" Gals

Two new superb releases by the M Gals, MEVA and MINA. Put them together and you have a steamy midnight photo op.

From MINA -- Special color packs are out for Kayla (shown here) and Peggy (you see it almost daily; definitely my favorite) styles at KUSTOM9.  This is one of the new gray pack colors; the darkest.  

And some fantastic new ethnic jewelry from MEVA.   I am wearing the complete set (both bracelets and bangles on arms) which I would likely not do, but I wanted you to see all the goodness. I think the bracelets and bangles are my favorites.   Find them at Cosmopolitan.

Pose by:  Diesel Works

Take Me Dancing

I haven't been dancing in ages. My "Chicbot" has, but that's a whole 'nother story *wink*. She looked like she was having a fun time in a friend's video, but it isn't QUITE the same.

If you are luckier than I and enjoy a romp especially to vintage music, I have two new releases to tell you about.

From ArisAris the Nostalgically set of top and skirt. These come with texture change hud and three choices of patterns.

From 22769 ~ [bauwerk], the music set for the Xiasumi School FestivalThe set includes earphones to wear on head of neck as well as ones to rez.

Great fun.

Hair (new) eXxEsS : ILYA A

Pose by: Behavior Body

Digits Meme 2015

Happily Berry's Digits 2015 meme coincided with a really cute release from BAIASTICE for The Liaison Collaborative (opens the 15th).  The three piece set comes in both tartan and lacy varieties -- and of course many colors!   Look for FLING lingerie.

Now I didn't type out all my digits for this year but I did check for changes. Here are my digit numbers from 2012.

alas some favorite lingerie that no longer works for me.

Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while?

What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now?Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body?

Yes. Oddly my changes were pretty much opposite Berry's.  In order to fit into my favorite clothes, I had to change my breast size from 22 to 43 and lower my butt to 0 from 22. My thighs and legs are more muscular (bigger) with the mesh body. I noted that when I found some tall boots no longer fit in the size I previous wore.

Those were the only two changes. My fat had been 0 for a long while and my arms had been 75, so not new changes.

How do you feel about mesh bodies in general? 

I love love love my Lara body.  It would be my save running out of a burning building item *wink*.

What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies?

More shoes please!   I would so like to see some of my favorite Slink shoes rerigged for Lara.

I do agree that it would be MUCH easier for designers if there was a single applier system. I don't actually have any applier clothes besides the undies that came with Lara, but it would be nice to have more options. Lara seems to be the goto body in the "wars" so hopefully there will be more choices soon.

Pose by: Vista Animations


I was planning on featuring this new dress and hair amidst sunny skies and peach blossoms. But then serendipity had a hand.  I had been filming and when this Windlight setting appeared on my screen I simply said "oh my".

So here is the scoop on the newness.

Dress by SLC -- the Mesh Summer Double Layered Dress. Mine is the nature style but there are many others available. There are two pieces to this dress and one fits over the other in a lovely draped manner. Materials are evident if you see those.  

Hair: eXxEsS : ILYA -  a lovely asymmetrical style that leads itself to casual and sultry looks (in my humble opinion of course).  Definitely a show stopper if you like long hair with waves that go on forever.

Poses by Diesel Works

Trailer Trash - Upscale

I grew up in trailer parks. They might have had that new moniker of mobile home estate, but they were trailer parks. We moved a lot; sometimes more than once a school year. I learned to adapt. There was really no other choice.

Trailer parks are VERY nosy places -- or at least they were in the 20th century. Everyone new everyone's business; somewhat like a small town or a online group *wink*.

There are plenty of good reasons to make your way over to COLLABOR88.  My BAIASTICE Mile vest and Sava skirt for two.  The skirt comes with or without bottom lace trim. Both Spring colors and classic hues are available.  There is also a mesh bra in the release but I was feeling particularly brazen today. My Adain necklace is an older release from KOSH.

And then there are these darling Trompe Loeil Shipping Crate studios in many colors as well as natural. They aren't quite a trailer but they definitely have me feeling nostalgic.   

Along with impressive industrial lighting there are skylights and a ROOF GARDEN!  Now how cute is that?  And these lovelies are very close to free. You so need one.

Also at COLLABOR88 for the Pretty in Punk theme, armories with or without graffiti and in many colors. Find them at the Second Spaces area.

And while we are purposefully looking at my backside, I want you to note the from the rear view of this lovely new hair from eXxEsS.   TRIZNA comes in two color hud versions and is definitely spectacular when you want to make an impact walking away :D.  

New jewelry from MEVA for On9, the Asia set which includes bangles, rings (Slink and Maitreya) earrings and single long nails. Bangles have many color choices, earrings and rings some. 

Now if you have been noticing my poses, they are also new for Pose Fair opening on April 11th at 12am SLT from Diesel Works. Four sets of three poses each - Frontal, Side, Simple Blog and Turned Back. These are nice additions to your collection.

Boots: Chipolata by Ducknipple

Poses by: Diesel Works for POSE FAIR!!!!

Toolbelt Time

A few of you out there might be interested in the new beginning building tutorials that I have been making.  Now and then it is good to know how to build some simple stuff!

These are for PRIM building and Windlight Videos.

The channel is here:

And there are also tutorials for Blender, both beginning and more advanced.  The grand tutorial list is up on my Google+ page here:

Outfit details on this post:

Boho Shack

From 22769 for Shiny Shabby a terrifically cute and tiny boho shack -- with vintage toilet! Plenty of color and lots of back in time accessories, this  fun release is perfect to say "welcome" to Spring.

Hair by Vanity Hair