Beach Peach

beach peach

A striking release from *InsomniaStore*  this round of Cosmopolitan -- Lazy Wrap Briefs and Tops. Lara and Freya only.

(Kunglers) Cleuza necklace - peach (older)


Pose by: Helamiyo

Morning Contemplation

morning contemplation

Just out at Uber:

From Baiastice, the_Farly Blouse with two lengths of Farly Skirts. Plenty of color from which to pick your favorites. Both sheer and solid fabrics with the ability to change various hues in parts of the blouse.

From Trompe Loeil, the Kelsin Papasan chairs, with or without texture change pillow.

(Kunglers Extra) Eliza leaf earring - Golden rose

Baiastice_Yezy Open Toe Boots


Di's outfit includes:

Safira - Renee Dress and Belt Gift (free group) Maitreya fits classic eBody (long hair needed for shoulders).

eBODY - Andrea - Shoes Classic

Safira  Fayna Necklace (various metals - find on the group gift wall)

Hair:  just out group gift from no.match -- No Longing

Pose by: the chair and aDORKable

Morning Coffee

coffee at dawn

Night shadows give way to dawn 
The smell of freshly brewed coffee flows across the empty streets
Time for Cinderella to pack away her slippers

From BAIASTICE for the new A + Event, a wear it many ways one piece ensemble with color hud. Options include longer skirt, bra and of course a variety of color including many plain satins. 

Necklace: (Kunglers) Camilla necklace - Ebony
Hair: ICONIC:Michelle

Pose by: Di's Opera

24 Hours

24 hours

Happily there are more than 24 hours left to the Designer Showcase 8th Anniversary round -- you have until the 28th. Some very cute item can be found along with great gifts including this romper from ello. Many fits including a "Curvy"version. 

Shown here the Maitreya version on eBody classic. 

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Love or Something Like It

love or something like it

Sometimes memories are what we hang onto the most.


Meva Adina Jacket Pink Silver at Cosmopolitan.

eXxEsS Arahnia hair

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings

CHAIN - Chloe Necklace

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Love Scene 1

Pose by: SE Modeling

Morning Coffee

morning coffee

I thought the US was a big consumer of coffee  but Google tells me that we aren't even close to European connoisseurs -- Finland apparently the winner.

Wherever you live, the new Espressomachine S-Profi S7BT3V6.0 from No.59 is pretty spectacular -- especially for those running a restaurant or a diner.

This is a commercial sized machine with color change hud that dispenses a huge variety of beverages. Beautifully detailed with sound effects and plenty of delivery choices.  Find it at Tres Chic.

Midnight Swim

midnight pool

You never know what surprises might await you ----

Stories&Co.  for FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY Goldie Dress - Black (Holographic white is also available) Maitreya, Slink and Vtech fits

NO.MATCH NO COMMITMENT  (high and lo li versions - unsex) at Cosmopolitan.

Paparazzi - Serene Pool Skybox (gold trim also available) at Cosmopolitan.

Meva Spiral Spheres Bangle and earrings

Poses by:LAP and Diesel Works

Eastern Accents


I was very taken by Chandra's new release for deviousMind -- Azumi  for EPIPHANY.  Mostly it was the colors and patterns and exotic nature of the design -- something that even non-roleplay gals can embrace simply because the outfits are so pretty.

I started out accessorizing this as a role play outfit. Missing a sword after a not too distant inventory purge (it was likely sculpted and not all that great anyway LOL) was a little daunting. Where is that katana when you need it!

Abandoning that I went for some impressive fantasy hair, but that didn't work all that well for my temperament. In the end I decided to forget about fantasy and just enjoy "the look"; and that I did.

24 commons and 3 rares --- I am wearing:

!dM Azumi - LARA CorsetDress **LAPIS**
!dM Azumi - LARA DressSleeves **LAPIS**  (left and right)
!dM Azumi - LARA ThighArmor **LAPIS** (left and right)

Shoes, arm blades and scarf are also available. Many colors of course.

As I was exploring my wardrobe I found two lovely older items that fit my mood of the day and enhanced the look I was after.

Meva Dee Necklace Gold which echoes a similar flow of feminine curves

Hair:  pr!tty - Girim - [Bang B] ( I am pretty sure this was a gacha)

Poses by: aDORKable

Earth Magic

earth magic

Natural --

Soft hues from the landscape
Gray skies meet mossy grounds
In a quiet and peaceful place that reminds us to just breathe.

Some special items from Cosmopolitan come together in this post.

adorsy - Candy Top Loose Version Fatpack  -- Change individual parts via hud. Patterns are included. A more snug version is also included in the pack.

The Dreamland Designs Wire Lamps Set is beautifully crafted with three versions of lamps -- each in their own partially rusted texture. The smoothed by wind and water dead tree is really lovely.  The LODs are a tad patchy with this so make sure and see the item at the distance you will be using it.  An inside atrium would be a perfect place!

ChiC buildings Sphere Homes Set (both right and left entry pods) falls somewhere between cyber and Earthship. The inside spaces are organic in feel and hold a great enegy. I am looking forward to decorating soon.   Fits a 512 or larger lot.

Over on the other side of continent you can find the newly released KUNGLERS - Genesia necklace which comes with texture change hud --- lightening up that inventory number. Plenty of pretty gemstone hues and a choice of metals, this can move from casual to dressy with ease. Find it at the SENSE Event.

Mowie. - "Zarina" leggings

Hair: pr!tty - Sunny -

Poses by: Eternal Dream

Unknown Future

unknown future


It calms the soul in the midst of confusion.

Biker Cap by Meva @ Vanity ---  many color combos to choose from.

Stories&Co. Signature Tank Dress - the perfect goto "little black dress" when casual is the theme of the day.

And my tip of the day -- perfect "hat hair" for the cap (and other times of course) --  Selysa by eXxEsS. Super sleek you will need to alpha out your ears (or make them super tiny if you are using a legacy head).  A long thin ponytail drapes down the back for added interest.

Pose by:aDORKable

Beach Walk

Most of the time I am a casual gal, so the new Baiastice Echo shirt and pants fit easily into my everyday wardrobe.  Loosely fitted and somewhat off the shoulder it has that laid-back weekend look.   Lots of pretty colors to pick from plus bonus tones in the fatpack.  Find both shirt and cropped pants here.

Necklace: (Kunglers) Pietra
Hair: lock&tuft - sierra (hat and pony tail as one)
Beach bag by Ison (NLA)

beach walk

The Cape Florida Lighthouse and Park is a lovely tropical landscape with rambling weathered walkways and plenty of flora. It reminds me a bit of the Botanical Gardens in Barbados, one of my favorites spot.   Mid range computers need not apply as my framerate after turning off DOF was 10.  Still, lovely.

Poses by: LAP and Helamiyo



Backdrop of the day -- which of COURSE can double as the actual furnishing it was designed to be is one of several colors of wall fireplaces from Second Spaces.  The newly released Bradley fireplace measures approximately five meters wide and can be found here. 21 land impact with good LODs.

Outfits for this photo are gifts from :: New Line Store::. for the group ($10 to join).  Both include shoes as well as many mesh fits.  The Maitreya version of the ruffled Amalia Dress fits eBody classic. Slink shoes fit eBody also.

Both outfits comes with fabric change huds. Shoes are single color.

My hair: eXxEsS : LATISANA
Divine's hair: no.match No Escape

Pose by:  Couple Pose **Promised**!

Like Riding a Bike

like riding a bike

Some things our bodies remember ---
Some things our hearts.

Enigma Apparel  - Valentina Dress ( group gift - $10 to join)

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Leggings

KUNGLERS - Darleen ring

FuLo - "Wen Ling" earrings  (older)

Hair by eXxEsS - Cookie (new release)

Nail applier by alaskametro - New Year Black/Copper

Pose by: Kirin



It has been half a year since I built Sanoria for Fantasy Fair. Currently housed in its full-sim glory at LEA6 (4001 meters up), it beckons to me now and then. So I was extremely happy to have a reason to spend time amidst the sandy hills and pink skies.

From !deviousMind  -- "Eclipse"  for LOOTBOX ; a huge set of Voodo Priestess goodness with oh so many bits and pieces for collecting.  Nine colors of fabric are available in this not quite safe for work outfit.  Jewelry items can easily do dual duty with everyday garb -- well maybe not the voodoo necklace LOL.

Bring out your inner priestess; you know it shouldn't be hidden ALL the time.


Poses by: AE (old) and SEMotion

Then and Now - 11 Years

then and now

It was a fun trip down memory lane this morning, following breadcrumbs to complete a blogger challenge for Monday.

There were plenty of photos to choose from of course, but I wanted something with a little "sass" in the mix.  February 2008 is almost eleven years -- and I am just that by a week. Over 5000 posts, it is still an enjoyable adventure.

Here's the scoop:

Baiastice Mare Cutout Swimsuit -Pearl-
***ArisAris/B&W~Gara41~Ascot~Pamela with Scarf~HAT

Hair: eXxEsS : SELYSA

My new Acute Banana floatie was a find for sure. Texture change with nice pose, you can find it here.

Poses by: LAP and the floaties

Winter Light

morning light

Sunlight on snow, the light cascades though windows - both brilliant and comforting.

From NEWCHURCH at Cosmopolitan, the Nicholas Sleigh Bed in both PG and A versions.  Clean lines and lovingly made textures meet in this classic piece. Choose from fifteen linen themes!

The Snow Daze Lodge skybox and surround comes with its own snowy surround to fit either 32 x 32 or 64 x 64 lots. The open plan Great Room leads to a cosy bedroom (or office or bath). Dark cherry wood reminiscent of styles of the early 1900s, it is a friendly home for both living and entertaining.

Matching Open closests (filled or empty) are also available. Find it at ChiC buildings.

Paintings by Storaxtree and Trompe Loeil (older)
Book clutter and closets by ChiC buildings.

New Directions


The calendar page has turned and a new year unfolds.

The year is filled with possibilities.

I am back from Sansar, waiting to see how the pieces fall into place -- or not as the case may be. It has been an enjoyable and  educational  five or six months (I've lost count) and my skill sets have been polished a bit. No regrets for energies expended.

It isn't difficult to tell that things are shifting in Second Life. Events have lost their glamour; both participation and attendance is down for most of the well-known venues. Many of us need a change and whoever comes up with that "light bulb moment" will be applauded.

Adjustment are sometimes planned and sometimes called for against our wishes. This year, I believe, will be a combination of shifts in attitude and direction -- for many of us.

For my purposeful part of the equation I will be blogging a bit differently. There will still be fashion and design posts, but I hope to regain a bit of my enthusiasm that was so much a part of my early days.

More adventures; more discoveries.

Following the breadcrumbs.


My outfit is a lovingly crafted fitmesh kimono for males.

See, I told you -- new adventures!

It works well for gals of the boyish figure variety. Some alpha slots will need to be enabled for protrusions of course.  There are many color varieties to choose from including many neutrals and a pretty cobalt blue. An arm warmer version is included.

+HILU+ I hate the cold outfits can be found on the wall here.

There are printed jacket versions to the left of the free versions and there is a cute looking puppy carrier add on to purchase should you so choose.

There are also many colors of Buddhist monk outfits on the wall nearby as gifts.

The wall across the courtyard features some impressive designs which again would likely work for either gals or guys (try the demo of course).

A few weight painting issues in the back are easily camouflaged with long hair. My choice was  TUKINOWAGUMA's Barret.

If you are a good sleuth you will find your way to another area packed with older free items, some made for gals (alphas still needed for breasts on the ones that I tried).

Find that area here.

My photo was taken in the lovely (but very laggy) Village of Ahiru.

Pose by: Exposeur