!MPOSSIBLE has a few on the wall items marked down to dollarbies. I grabbed mine around midnight on Saturday and just went over to check and they are indeed still out. Since there is a large variety of nice things in the store, the looking is a pleasure too. You never know what you might find that you simply can't live without.

Both this cute dress and the shoes with diamonds were prizes late last eve. These items are also TRANSFER which means you can pass them along to a friend if they turn out not to be you. An extra plus -- aside from the cuteness factor -- about this dress is that the pants are on the underwear layer. Hence, you can wear this as a top under lowrider pants -- always a bonus in my book.

Shown with jewelry from Mooontan.

If you love long skirts and feeling regal, this is for you. And, if you are not into outfits quite so formal, simply lose the skirts and you have a fancy jumpsuit. Add a white open jacket and voila -- another fab look. This also comes in a blue version. See, I WAS looking at the vendors *wink*

So what are you waiting for? Let's go shopping.

Poses by LAP.

And guys, this on the wall hunt is for you too! Yippee. I found some items in the male section of the store, so head on over.

Donnarama @ Baiastice

There is a launch party happening at 1 PM today at Baiastice. TP up to the spaceship to party.

From the notecard:

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice announces the release of her new skin line, Donnarama Gloss. The skins are available in 7 tones, with 44 makeups for each tone. Each skin comes with 4 different eyebrow colors: Blonde, Red, Brown, and Black. The makeups range from day to night to special events.

The skins are lovely and with ALL those makeups there's bound to be a perfect one -- or two or twenty for you. This is the sunkissed tone which is number four in the tints to shades offerings. There are two gift skins at the landing point at Baiastice. The come in different eyebrow colors to go with your hair shade of the moment.

My back to the seventies top is New Yippie by Baiastice. It comes with the gold belt with sash. I paired it with some shiny leggings from MALT. My earrings are from Lilith, eyes from Treasured Visions, hair by Exile.

Pose by Torridwear.

From the Blogs

I thought I'd feature a few items and posts from other blogs here. Some give you new views of things I blogged, some give you new things I don't have time to check out but look good. You may already know about these if you are a blog connoisseur, but if not ....

  • Suri took some great pictures of the Tantric Loving lucky board prize from Belle Belle should you need more convincing to check for your letter during the month. Further down the post there is the CS Fandango tropical bikini in all its glory.

  • FabFarah posted about the leyda styleEliezel dress. It's a linden and looks good from her picks!

  • There is a new kind of "hunt" going on for three days - KINKY. We are in day two. Items will be out at stores during certain times but you don't know which day. I went a few places but didn't find anything so can't report any more than that. If you are an avid hunter though you might be interested. The prizes look very nice. Scroll down to the bottom for pictures of all the stores and SLURLs.

  • The SXY2ND magazine with the free bikini is now available.

  • ICING has a very pretty new dress in the lucky chair.


Melt the Guns, Ivey!

This is simply and easily my favorite outfit from A-Bomb. I am in love! Melt the Guns is the outfit. The matching shoes are called Ivey. Put them together and you could easily start a riot! So cute.

The capris have cuffs with straps and a prim belt is included. One note here. If you are a tiny avatar you may need to edit the waistband a prim at a time as shrinking isn't an option. The belt is copy and mod so that is certainly possible. If prim manipulation isn't your strong point? Just add a black belt. Not a biggie.

The shoes are platform stunners. There are six colors of sets to choose from. As a bonus, the pink outfit AND the pink shoes are on sale at 25L until Wednesday! I'd call them a dark magenta actually. Not a little girl pink for sure. Other colors are $150.

I added giant black hoops from Ticky Tacky and a double bangle onyx bracelet (NLA).

Poses by LAP.

DSN - Guys 2!

Two nice surprises showed up in my Designer Showcase Network dropbox this morning. The first was this shirt from Has Been Designs. Now -- it is from the MALE clothing channel of DSN. I specifically signed up for that to keep you guys abreast of any new great places. It turns out I really like this shirt. So we'll call it "unisex" shall we? The shirt came along with some matching board shorts, some tees with Hawaiian motifs and such, but this one is the star. The details are extremely nice with the tiniest buttons down the front and fine white trim. The shirt comes in a variety of colors. Tucked in a corner of the store amidst unisex and gal stuff, they sell for $50.

The second sample of note was from Eclectica. It contained a great bangle set in tortoise shell, matching earrings and the cutest scarf. Shown here with a top from L`Abel. This will be such a great set for Fall and Fall will be coming around again. Mother Nature rules. I TPed over to what I thought was a new store to me and found I had been there not long ago. In fact, I featured a gorgeous necklace from there in this post not long ago. I so love that new search feature in the sidebar. Yeah!

So, not a new discovery, but still wonderful things. Definitely stop by! The designs are superb.

Poses by LAP.

Dulcet by Moonshine

Moonshine has a new shop (party and sale info at the bottom of this post) as well as a cute new release, Dulcet. It features some above the knee pants in a nicely matched check pattern, a great belt and a top on all layers.

I'm not sure if it was the chilly day or my temperament, but I felt the need for a bit more covering up, so I added a jacket from Schadenfreude and a cap from Fashion Nomads. It's breezy on the waterfront after all. With the top on all layers it is easy to build all sorts of looks.

The details are extremely nice on this set including the prim work. I love the laced cuffs, and the belt makes a great mix 'n match accessory for other outfits.

Dulcet comes in pink, tan, aqua and charcoal. Find it near the center of the store on the new release board.

Moonshine is also participating in the Make Him Over Hunt which starts tomorrow. I'm happy that the guys are having their own hunt. Yeah!


There is a reopening party Sunday 10 - 2. Special gifts are in store during those times, DJ spinning tunes and store cards are half price all day. So says the sign.

Have fun.

Poses by Torridwear and LAP.

Style File: Harlow by Journey

If you love PINK and FUN -- and who in their right mind doesn't? -- then Harlow from PRISM is an outfit for you. Full of shimmering highlights with a muli-level skirt and daring front "V", it's difficult not to feel a bit like a showgirl or movie star. The dress comes in two different patterns, plain and striped. If my math club memory can do the permutations, that is two pieces in two colors so -- that's four different dresses in one pack.

OK, the math wasn't that hard. But add all the changes you can do with accessories and the number grows. In this first styling I added some fine fishnet leggings from another Journey set, some gloves from Sn@tch and a hat from Sentou Yousei .

Harlow comes with these stylish, lace up the side, boots. What a great bonus.

Poses by Torridwear.

For a different look, I changed to the sparkly pink top and skirt --the ones sans stripes, added some shiny leggings from MALT and some tall heels from WISH. The great pearl drop necklace called Teaser goes so well with this. It's from Artisty by E.

Hair by Shop Seu. Pose by LAP.

Gardening in Style!

There are a few things I like more than gardening -- but not many. It's something about digging in the dirt, watching the colorful flowers emerge and eating your own just picked produce. And now, for those of us that like to garden in SL too, there is a fun new outfit out at the French Farm. Even better -- it's the dollarbie for the next week.

The great shoes shown here are just like the ones I wear to work in the garden in RL. How's that for realism? They are by Lestat and you can get them here. They are $200 and very cute. Ya just gotta have matching shoes! Well I do *wink*.

I added some old, well used and probably no longer available gloves of my own. They are from SF Design. The very cute sculpty head wrap comes with the set. I love the little flower applique on the back of the short vest.

Poses by [u:ka], Flowering and LAP.

Fade To Black

The designs from Prim and Pixel Paradise keep getting better and better. There is a lovely picks gift out for the ladies called Belladonna. It is darkly Gothic with a huge skirt and very pretty. The male version of the set is shown here, It is available for free until almost midnight on Saturday. With many ways to wear from full regalia to a simpler version, you can fit most any mood. As you can see it looks good on the ladies also. Find it next to the giant picks vendor outside the shop. You can of course have the gown AND this outfit. We are so lucky as women. Yeah!

There are two skirt versions with sash and two cuff versions. You can wear it with the collar or without. So many choices. The skirt flows so nicely and the sash is very nice. Guys can use the sash too if they like to be a bit more Edwardian than my friend here. So zip on over and check this out -- and the store too as there are lots of great things to discover.

Shown with my black leather ankle boots from Shoe Fly.

KaoSome has a new gift out. It is a basic black mini. This isn't just any "basic" dress though simply because it works so well. You can MOVE in the sculpty skirt without walking through the edges. The tiny lace edging, low squared back and built in texture belt add just enough details to make it special and still let you accessorize to your hearts content. For me, that makes it a winner. It comes with a cute lace system skirt option but systems skirts aren't working for me at all currently. So I'll save that for the future. Thank you Linden Labs :D

Find this on the main floor in a giant vendor. It will take a bit of patience for things to rez, so stay calm. If you didn't get the gifts I blogged earlier in the month they are on the second floor on a FREE board. The quality of the design work is excellent in these gifts, so you might want to scan those vendors. You never know what you might find.

I just finished categorizing all my jewelry; it took about eight hours - LOL. But I found a few things I thought I had lost and discovered some I don't remember at all. The necklace shown here is perfect for this ensemble. It is undoubtedly ancient and most likely not available any longer, but it was made by Joanne Capra, so thanks Joanne for making such a fun item.

Second pose by Flowery from Blogger Appreciation week. Thank you!

Hues and Shades

We are a brightly hued bunch this morning. Benicia and Xia are both in free outfits from PasDeDeux. Benicia's Bonbon dress in green was a 10 minute camp at the main PasDeDeux shop. Xia's dress is from the PasDeDeux SLD hunt which is actually at this location. We are all wearing the ballerina leggings gift from the main shop. So this gets a bit complex but there is also a black version of the Bonbon dress at both shops for $1. There is a very cute peach dress dollarbie at the satellite shop. Both stores have lots of other cute clothes to peruse.

I am in New York Couture's Technicolor Dream Coat which arrived in a DSN box this morning. The coat comes with both jeans and plain black slacks but I wanted to match my gal friends so donned a pair of shorts from CS Fandango. The beauty of the coat is that it goes with most anything :D. The jacket comes with a system skirt overlay in two sizes, but neither fit me. Luckily it looks great without it. New York Couture has an eclectic mix of designs. Some very far out and some very traditional. The jacket is in the unisex area of the store and yes, the shirt does come with the jacket; it's an all in one layer.

As a side note, CS Fandango of the green shorts above, has a lot of great things to check out and the summer give away board outside seems to be changing daily. That's pretty exciting. There is also a very cute swim set on the wall by the lucky chair as a dollarbie and the one I blogged the other day is now $10. The great Tropical outfit is still in the MM board. At least that was how it was early this morning :D

Same room, same poses, same gals -- but what a change. Benicia on the left is wearing the feather dress from Never 30. Remember the gift a day for Memorial Day? Well this was one and it is still available at the shop. Xia has on today's free outfit from hO wEAr. It's a sexy black cat suit with very little back involved *wink*. Get it before 8pm as usual. Click the vote box before you head out as a TY and of course shopping is GOOD.

If you've been around Tuli's sim looking at the new skins and such you might have wandered into the Ivalde shop. This Vinca dress is a dollarblie. Find it on the wall in a large vendor. Lots of pretty colors and fun for photos. The big skirt doesn't "walk" very well as you might expect :D. By the way, L`Abel -- the sister label to Ivalde -- has a whole new summer line on the horizon. Lots of great looking things.

Poses by Juicy and Cyanide.

Smart Shopping 'n Prizes

Once again Belle Belle has a fantastic new lucky board prize. It is JUST out and the watch is already on. There are two boards in the two neighboring stores, so four chances and lots of time on the boards to call in friends and let them win. Lucky me, I showed up just in time for an "O" to turn to a "C". Yeah. So I am one of the first with this lovely item.

Here is the info from the notecard:

Retreat for meditation, cuddling, kissing, or relaxing with your favorite person in this beautiful sphere with pretty particles and light effects.

If you're ready for a well deserved break in your long SL day, come and get one today!
Belle Belle Fantasy (two boards here also).

The beautiful -- and color coordinating -- silks are from Analise.

My MM box from SD Wears showed up today. I heard there was an issue with the older boards not sending out after breaking. So nice that they regained their "memory" when they got rebooted. Yeah. This is a super cute outfit. I love purple so it gets extra stars from me. Check out the MM board at the shop. It changes from time to time and has been known to have some really great thing in there if you are up in the early morning SL hours. As I write this there are ten slots left. There is also a landmark giver to a satellite store with another board. Today or tomorrow looks like a good time to get this outfit. And of course if you love this, return and SHOP :D .

Viviane is a small shop with some good values. This tank set arrived via DSN this morning and I took a quick trip over to the shop to see what I could see. Prices seem to range from free (SLD Hunt cute tank) to $250 for the newest releases. Most items are in the middle of the road category -- things more than a few of us would wear in RL. But many have a quirkiness about them and that makes it a place you might want to check out. For the budget conscious I found some $1, $5 and $10 items and I wasn't looking all that hard.

The tank above has layers so that the dark teal addition can be left off if you choose. The pants are nicely textured with designs on both front and back and the pockets are where pockets should be -- always a plus. I added some bangles from Pretties by JB as an accent. A gals gotta have her jewelry.

TOWA has one of the new balloon dresses as a limited time dollarbie. Find it on the wall -- soon would be good. While not *my* style, it certainly could be yours. The colors are yummy for sure and they go very well with my Duh! teal clogs. Always nice to have matching shoes.

Other News:

Some of the vendors at the MALT sim have joined to put up a free and dollarbie cart which will change from time to time. From the notecard:
The talented creators at .: MALT :. Village have pulled together to offer you an ongoing Free Stuff Stand. Every item placed on this stand is exclusively provided for you to enjoy, and will be continuously changing freebies/dollarbies so make sure you check back regularly to see more stuff.

Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by Pffiou and Torridwear.

NEW @ ! RFyre: Providence

Debuting this Saturday, Providence from !RFyre reaches into the depths of your soul. Darkly urban with beautiful textures, the twenty one piece set offers options for every mood.

Shown here with sleeve extensions, cape, sheer leather tunic and one of two pants options -- action is the word of the day.

The lower trench coat with shimmering textures and buckle accents flows gracefully. A resize script is built in for ease of adjustment.

A harness top and alternate pants offer additional choices. Gloves are included as well as open (bare breasted) versions of the tops. Find the new release at !RFyre this Saturday and beyond. It sells for $800 for the 21 piece set.

Black Leather Ankle Boots with Bullets by Shoe Fly, Olivia hair by Tiny Bird, Goggles by Eat Rice (NLA).

Poses by Torridwear and 5ifth Order.

Style File: Black Mirage

Drama is a word I often associate with Sissy Pessoa of BAIASTICE. Black Mirage definitely adds to her legacy of outside the box designs. The shiny belt is extra wide, defying you to ignore it. Buckles and sculpty pieces abound. I especially like the gloves and the scallop texture on the peplum. While the very brave could wear this as a dress, I'm not quite there. So I riffled through my inventory to see some of the various looks this lovely piece would inspire.

For a casual look I peeled off my gloves and added some Where the Boys Are cropped pants from Sn@tch. My new clogs from DUH! are definitely coming in handy and they were perfect for this unconcerned look. Adding some giant black hoops from Ticky Tacky , I'm set for a fun and stylish day. Hair by Tiny Bird, Pose by Mela's.

Switching to the alternate set of shoulder prim pieces gives this a more feminine look should that be your style. Skirts are a bit tricky as so many attachment points are filled, but clever folks can make a copy of existing skirts and attach to a spot not taken. I found the skirt from Lemania worked without adjustments and looked cute to boot. I added some Juicy slingbacks, some bangles from Harlot and I was set for a ladylike adventure. You may have noticed that the belt changed colors. It is mod, so tintable and that gives you LOTS more options. And we love options, don't we?

Pose by LAP.

Dark and dangerous, a creature of the night Black Mirage moves into RP land. Changing skins and changing character, I added SYD - Vampiress Skin - 9/11 Makeup (now Tea Lane), leggings from the Roxy outfit by MALT and Manhattan boots from ORA TREI DESIGNS. My Medusa hair with snakes (natch) is from The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine.

Pose by Lazy Places.

Pastel Pleasures

Freebies, gifts and dollarbies add wonderful touches to our existing wardrobes. We can have splashes of color and try out new styles (and designers) without breaking the bank. Donna Flora has a fun top and super scarf for a dollarbie on the bargain table. This outfit comes with a short system skirt that is quite nice. That is until you try and wear a system skirt under the new server code. For me at least, it isn't an option. So until SL(R) gets it together and fixes that, I suggest you save the skirt and go with pants or shorts. I got on my new [LeLutka] - MICK pants and the super belt that comes with. What a cute outfit. Boot credits below. Hair from Tiny Bird.

LeeZu! has some gifts out in the bargain area. Find them wrapped up prettily and grouped on a large table display. The outfit I am wearing came with a short open skirt. I gave that up in favor of the white stole from Peppermint Blue (an IZUMYA gift previously blogged). I added some white stocking (NLA) and my Image Reflections short boots. The oh so pretty necklace I blogged a few days ago from Shine goes perfectly. My Total Betty tank (NLA) keeps those abs warm.

Poses by IZUMIYA.

RP to Mainstream

hO wEAr which I have come to love has a great free outfit out today until 8 pm. In all its glory, it is a pirate wench dress and comes with sword, beige blouse with flowing sleeves and pirate hat. I went without a bit of the RP accessories to make it more mainstream. I did keep the snake armband *wink*. The red skirt, open at the side is very fetching -- as a pirate wench might desire; the nylons are super cool. All in all there are lots of possibilities in this set, so if you have even a bit of wenchiness in ya, you might want to journey over to HeidiHo's place.

Hair by Magika, shoes by Juicy and poses from Torridwear. The poses are part of a sample set from DSN and they are fantastic. Very different with lots of character. And what is RP without a bit of character thrown in?

The MM board changed yesterday at RBZ Design. There are two leather biker jackets up for clicking. This is the guy version which I actually like better, but who says you can't click on both? The male version has a eagle on the back, the gals a rose. This style comes with an opened look option so you could wear all sorts of shirts and undershirts underneath. Ah the possibilities.

Worn here with leather pants from the same store. Find them upstairs or wait patiently for a DSN box to arrive. The boots are from Ora Trei Designs. Poses by Torridwear (DSN).

Also of interest:

SD Wears has a cute new summery outfit on the MM board. Not enough folks clicked last night (or failed delivery which happens) so I don't have a sample to show you. It is locked down now, but keep your eye out in the next few days as it supposed to remain there.

Belle Belle's MM board has changed to the other couch if you are collecting the set.

IBIZARRE has a cute sweatshirt set out as part of an upcoming hunt. The hunt doesn't start until the first and you might be busy then with the OTHER umpteen hunts premiering. So getting this now could be a plan.

If you are part of the TULI update group and didn't receive the new Hope skin gift pack, check the archives :D With so many people in that group, SL often fails to deliver. There is also a Picks prize of a special makeup for Hope.

Style File: Lemania

I started to write "Lemania released a new outfit ...". This is true, but if you know your fashion even a little bit, you know that it is always true. The very cute Kate Bosworth Ethnic set shown above came out a week ago and I actually went over to scope it out. SL wasn't being kind to me that day however, and so I never made it out of the gray phase. Then this morning it was offered to members of one of the blogger groups. And, since there are so many of us, I wasn't planning on featuring it. I guessed that you would be seeing it here and there and I'm trying hard to find the "undiscovered" stuff out there for you.

Not long after that somewhat hasty decision I read a post on Shayariel's blog about the dress and agreed with her. I would definitely like to see more outfits like this coming from the castle and farm. So aside from a big thumbs up here, I decided to morph this post into something about "style".

Pose by Torridwear from her DSN set.


I am certainly no authority. All I have is a largish (I clean house a LOT in SL, even more often than RL) inventory and lots of practice. My choices certainly wouldn't be your choices, and that is the beauty of personal style. But I wondered about the many ways you could wear these pieces and which would feel the best -- for me.

So, I worked on a little experiment. I added the belt and leggings from the last (and my personal favorite) MALT group gift. Since I am trying to categorize my inventory, I decided to make that part of this process, disguising work as play I guess. I made it though my multi bangles and while I had several that would have worked, I found an old and very lovely set from Silent Sparrow, so that went into the mix. I made the scarf quite a bit smaller, and was thrilled that was a possibility. Yeah!

Hair by Exile. Pose by Vain.

In this version I traded the scarf for a necklace from WoE, the contrasting texture belt for a sculpty black number from *juelles* and boots for my Juicy slingbacks. I added a cute summer hat from ::69. This is another of my great new poses from Torridwear (DSN).

Whether you chose to wear this outfit straight from the box, or add your own touches, it is indeed fun. You can find it here at Lemania's.

FrantastiFree News

CS Fandango
has a great new gift bag out chocked full of wonderful things. The set includes two pair of shorts, bikini tops, tanks, flowers for hair wrist and ankles, extra jewelry, shoes -- and the list goes on. There is even a visor. The waist wrap is my favorite; now who would have guessed that? Find a huge poster before you enter the store and click it to get your pink bag. And if you missed that fantastic Tropical Breeze set last week, it is up on the Midnight board again and the number is getting close.

Hair by A&A Avril from the weekend. Pose by LAP.

Beanie has done a superb job of keeping us non Japanese speaking folk apprised of what's going on in her world. Today she posted about a great looking freebie store as well as some old man skin. I went over to have a look see and indeed there is a huge selection of items. I, of course went for the props first. Then I picked up a few things just to show you. You can venture over to -Milk Hall- Fair's Attic yourself and most likely find something you can't live without. A tip jar is over by the counter.

The dress, hair, bench and picnic basket are all from Milk Hall. I also picked up a couple of coffee trays, some textures, fencing (soon to be installed I hope) and other fun items. There is something for everyone here including furniture and buildings.

HiediHo is back from vacation and there is a new freebie out at the store until 8pm. I really love the pants with this. Not sure personally if I would wear the top without a jacket, but we all have our styles and this one might be tame for you *wink*. Join the group to get all the news before I get it to you.

Worn with my new boots from Ora Trei Designs. I'm sure you'll be seeing these often. Hair by Exxess (still $1 on vendors out in the open area). Pose by LAP.

ELISA - Poses For Friends is having a $1 closing sale. This is on everything from poses, to pose balls, to giant cupcakes with poses to flying umbrellas to a house. I was at the last closing sale a couple of months ago and so I had already purchased many of the items. Be sure and check upstairs though. I completely missed that last time. There weren't that many people in the sim and the server said full so be patient. I'm out of the loop on the mini sims and the rules but this might be part of that -- or who knows? I do have some new purse poses to use and that will be fun.

Through the Looking Glass hunt has started. You can find the vendor list here. The magnifying glasses are much like the SLD ones and some stores are in both so if you actually FINISHED the SLD hunt (gold stars for you) you need to find the other one. If not, you might get two prizes in one store. That works.

Fashion Mode Mall is opening officially at 6 - 9 pm with a party and many freebies provided by the merchants. This is a huge two story mall with tons of shops. If that works for you, then zip on over and explore.

Phoenix - Firefall - Free

**Phoenix Design**and**FireFall** have new items in their lucky chairs. Hence, you guessed it, a watch has been on for the last couple of days. Benicia has been the lucky one of our group winning all the items I have been lusting over AND a new one. Those "B"s just kept on a comin' I guess. Good for her. My friends know the drill and so Benicia was waiting for me this morning at the teahouse to take some photos. This is the Darkside set. The belt is fantastic as you can see. And the good news is that it is small. Benicia isn't big at all and she had to enlarge it. So no worries about having a huge belt. It fits her perfectly. Two armbands come with the set as well as earrings. She's wearing them beneath her Maitreya hair. The Marquise Dress is also in the chair now. She detached the skirt so you could see her new adornments better. I have her trained well *wink*.

She also won the boots and the elusive equestrian belt. I told you the chairs were smiling on her. She is wearing part of the Robin outfit no longer in the chairs. The Marquis dress is the only clothing item in the prize list at the moment. There are plenty of other accessories though as well as the skins and necklaces that have been there awhile. The guys aren't left out either; both accessories and boots are waiting for them to claim. The prizes are posted around the four chairs which are in the middle of the store. You won't have any trouble finding them. Just look for the green dots. Depriming is a GOOD thing, or at least lowish prims. It can get laggy and we don't want those chairs confused.

Pose by Glitterati.

The detail on all these designs is superb of course. That's why the fan club is stalking so heartily. I heard one gal say she had been there three hours. I just drop in and watch while I read Fashcon notices and peruse the feed. And, sometimes I get lucky.

Wonder garnered the Fighter Belt to find that it contains three sizes and is transfer. Wonder, a big guy by my estimation, wears the medium so even the big boys can enjoy this without too many alterations. A unisex gift to share. Yeah!