Beaches and Memories

Sometimes our virtual worlds and corporeal worlds collide -- overlapping times and places. Bits of memories seemingly lost float to the surface of our daily perceptions.

Huntington Beach California, a quiet sleepy beach town in the middle of the last century.  Oil rigs touched the sky as you moved north towards Long Beach and Los Angeles. A small nuclear power plant (one of the first I believe) marked the expanse south on the way to Sand Diego. And the beach? It seemed to go on forever.

I spent my first years of life in that simple town, one where the library took up a good portion of the main street.  I was in the "bookworm club" each summer and would read a portion of a book to the librarian and tell her the story IN the book.  One of my favorite books (this in the children's section of the library) had the word "ennui" in the title. I remembered that when a friend gave me a pair of lassitude and ennui shoes; that was our first holiday season in Second Life.

Things come together in strange ways.

I can remember walking down main street with a girlfriend. It was maybe four blocks then, perhaps five. We wore our dad's oversized white shirts and curlers. Curlers of course let everyone know that you had a "date" that evening, so you wore them as a status symbol -- especially if you were too young to date.   The tiny bakery sold the best ever chicken pot pies. These came in heavy duty pie plates which you were charged for. You traded them back for a refund on your next visit.

A five and dime sold everything a young gal could want including lots of linens printed for embroidering. And as you reached Huntington Beach Boulevard (Highway 101) you found the pier. It was very famous back then and surfers would come from all over to "shoot the pier" which meant navigating between the pillars. It was illegal of course and dangerous, but that didn't stop the free-spirited surfer boys with the woodie station wagons and sun-bleached hair.

 The Huntington Beach of Second Life isn't "my" Huntington Beach really, but the creator has done a notable job in recreating the FEEL of my birthplace.

Be sure and visit. Be sure and take some sunscreen --- and of course your swimsuit. 

Swimsuit by Cherry Blossom at Cosmopolitan
Hair: Opale . Elly Hair

Some historical photos from the last century. 

Pose by: SEMotion


Those wintry days will be upon us soon.  I love snow --- well, VIRTUAL snow!  If you have a family or simply lots and lots of "stuff" the new Trompe Loeil - Ellison Mountain Cabin may be the perfect abode for this year's  colder months.

 Now this is way too much house for me, but it is lovely with gracious textures and plenty of details.  There is one really really big central room, a master bedroom with office or sitting room alcove and a second bedroom. A roomy sun room is a bonus. This will fit best on a 4096 lot giving you some space around the perimeter as well as plenty of land impact points to decorate with.

There are three colors to choose from as well as an optional snow roof. 145 land impact points without the snow add-on.

Find it at Uber.

Sun Dappled Morn

It has been a lovely October in my part of the corporeal world, translated into virtual life with the help of a few Windlight sliders.  Bright sun, clear skies with spectacular sunsets and sunrises offer sharp contrasts. 

If you happen to be one of the folks living in the newly released Bellisseria trailers -- or otherwise "prim challenged", you will definitely want to check out the new release from Second Spaces.   This Kirby Sofa comes in both light and dark (shown) versions, with good LODs and pretty textures. Add to that  singles and couples animation choices and it gets interesting. Add to THAT a 4 land impact rating and it becomes MORE than interesting.    Couches and beds are always difficult to find in the low land impact range, so if you are hunting for ways to get more for less be sure and visit Uber.   This is part of a big retro set that includes a really nice well-used sideboard, some fun window frames and other decor items.

Also at Uber, the new Cristy releases. Here I mixed the Cristy set (pants and tank) with the Cristy blouse. The tank became invisible to show off some extra cleavage.   Lots of great colors on the fatpack hud which includes patterned pants in various styles.  Belt and choices of textures come with the pants.  Look ffor the Baiastice booth.

The KUNGLERS Shana necklace features animal inspired touches including a jaguar and a full texture change hud.  Find it out at Cosmopolitan.

Guitar: {what next}
Sculpture: Lucas Lameth
Plant: Roiro

Pose by: the couch

A Freindly Fall

Out at the new round of Cosmopolitan, a big set of nicely made Fall-esce decor for both indoors and out. Bowls of nuts and mushrooms abound; russet leaves add to the seasonal appeal. And of course there are our outdoor friends the squirrels and hedgehogs. 

This is my kind of gacha as there are no "loser" pieces. You will of course have your favorites as I do.

Find these along the wall at the Old World Back to Nature Gacha.  Items are no mod. 

Also in this shot:

NOMAD // Rake and Basket and leaves
22769 - Vintage Wheelbarrow  (gacha item)
Felix 1 Prim Mesh  3 Birch seasons change 20m High


We don't seem to use words like "clever" and "imaginative" and "creative" as much as we did when SL was young. Partly Second Life has become more of a business for many folks -- those who have spents hundreds of hours learning a craft so tha they could create in the post mesh world that is now SL.

It wasn't a pretty back in the times early days, but the playing field was a bit more flat and I at least remember us laughing more.  So in a land where items are often created over and over with only slight variations, it is refreshing to see a release with some surprises thrown in.

This is the :: MS Design :: Mime Outfit  currently available at Cosmopolitan.  One color and for Maitreya only, it offers lots of fun and thoughtful extras.  The outfit comes with playing cards to store inside the front chest pocket as well as a beret and a jaunty scarf.  Animations are included along with the set (oh my) and if you have Omega for your mesh head and hands there is mime face paint  and glove appliers.

I took myself over to the Eiffel Tower because the first thing I connect Mimes to is Paris.   Wikipedia tells me that miming dates back before that city came into being, but also mentions several well known French actors the introduced many of us to the art.  Hence -- PARIS.

Hair: Vanity Hair After Dark (old)

Pose by: the Mime Set

Good Morning Autumn

A great round at Cosmo again and that makes me happy.   Clothes and hair and lots of great Home and Garden items abound. More are coming up but here is  a selection to peak your interest.

At the main event:

Your Dreams{YD} Peace of autumn -  Small garden
Your Dreams{YD} Peace of autumn - Bed PG/A (rumpled an on the floor; so many memories there)  Color change menu

(Fundati) Dead Tree Twisted -- my favorite from a big collection which includes colorful dead trees, stumps and a great new spooky tree

//Ascend// Jenna Cropped Leather Jacket - MAITREYA   -- so many colors to choose from. The detailing is spectacular and you can change zipper and tank colors with a separate hud.

.::Supernatural::. Kali Set Gold - necklaces come as a set or separately and in various metal choices.


And out for Hello Tuesday, the ..::THOR::..Riverside Refuge - Complete  -- This is a super tall build that can be lowered into the ground. Lovely detailing, the living space is tiny but cozy with plenty of deck space. It would work well on water also; just park your boat at the end of the fenced deck and ladder. This is a LOD 3 or 4 build so checking out the demo is of course advised. 

Pose by: SEMotion


And a fun time was had by all. 

If you are in the "good old days" group -- you know the one where you are busily chatting and remember "the time when we .... " and laugh, then this post is for you.

There is a hunt going on at the Hallow Manor event -- one with lots and lots of prizes to be had.

This isn't a free hunt (see the "hunt" link above for all the info) but you are given choices in participation, so YOU get to decide how much you want to spend.   Among the outfits and accessories and decor to be found, the Calavera set from !dM deviousMind is a stand out.   I was smiling all the while with flexi prims a waving in the breeze. Sculpts and mesh are also featured so this outfit is indeed a time capsule of fashion.

Maitreya and Hourglass fits.

My perfect for the styling hair is a new release from eXxEsS, SUSPIRIA.

The pasties under those carefully placed hands are from another !dM deviousMind set and not included in the hunt prize.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Ice Cream and Neon - K 9 Gifts

Moving away from the sophisticated French-girl look of my last post, I give you a youthful and girly styling which includes many Kustom 9 Anniversary gifts -- including the backdrop.


May's Soul - game necklace (K 9)
Yokai - Fish Ice Cream  (K 9)

Polar Bear. Fastlane - Blue/Red - Backdrop (Texture Changer)   (K 9)

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings
Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top

Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Taura hair-Anime set

These Maitreya lace up camo boots  from Gabriel  are quite spectacular! 

::GB:Nubuck leather boots (Maitreya) Pinkcamo

Some very nice Home and Garden presents can also be found.

Mithral * Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Black Pot)
Trompe Loeil - Fabric Pumpkins Decor
[Merak] - An Autumn Delight
..::THOR::.. K9 Bday Gift - 2019
Kalopsia - Farm Fresh Vase (brown) K9 gift

Poses by:

K 9 Sixth Anniversary Gifts

There are so very many lovely gifts at the Kustom 9  6th anniversary round!   Really, it is a cornucopia of goodness.  This first post highlights some of my favorites.

Watch this space for more to come!


=Zenith=Leather Collar
[ILAYA] Polly Earrings
*AGATA* [Maitreya] Helena dress
Moon. Felt Beret - Stone
alme.   Halloween Ombre Gift   - nail applier

 [ ninety ]  kustom9 [ Gift ]  - photo backdrop

Hair: Vanity Hair: After Dark-

Pose by: Nigotine [nla]

Desert Color

Color abounds this round at Cosmopolitan.  Bright, hot, scorching color; hues mix and mingle in patterns guaranteed to keep you warm when the winter chill knocks on your door. 

From BananaN, rainbow teepees that can't help but make you smile.

Little Branch's tropical croton plants off companionship .

Duvet Day offers up the Leyla Bed with bright colors and plenty of animations.


Easy to hide in the shadows ----

Too easy.


ISON - kylie dress -maitreya- (leather). Black is one of four colrs available on the Saturday Sale. Many mesh body fits.
ISON - choker harness - Free on the Saturday Sale (maybe longer?). Rigged to many mesh body fits.

Deep Static - Jess Glasses with texture change hud and tinting options at Cosmopolitan. Resize.

Baiastice_Alyssa Thigh High Boots at FaMESHed.  These come with an extensive decorating menu with various shapes of studs (not shown in this photo).

Pose by: 22769

Witches Brew

Just to make you smile ---

Out for Fifty Linden Friday,  the Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Latte Tray -- one of three styles in the pack. Along with orange and white versions of the festive Latte giving trays, there is cake. Well of COURSE there is cake!   And naturally, a pumpkin. 

Find them at {what next}.


Classics and beauty --

So that we can pause --
and remember


InsomniaStore at Cosmopolitan - Glitter Lady Gown  in NUDE which carefully craft almost not there fabrics into elegance "almost" safe for work.

"Killer's" Timeless Love Seat (PG) also at Cosmopolitan features lovely details and a working clock. While not a long distance viewing item, it is a superb pose prop.   4 land impact

KUNGLERS - Aimee  necklace

Hair: eXxEsS  Margarita

Pose by: Helamiyo and the bench

Witches and Devils

There is a special round of the Arcade this month.  I went over on day one and tried my luck -- and did well :D.

One of my favorites of this round is from Baiastice's The creepy family set. This is the Black Horns Child_F. Honestly I have been wearing it for a few days and feel quite a home. THAT'S  a scary thought.   It was appropriate attire as I worked in the Witch in the Steam-House installation at Babbage.  Much fun. I have to admit that I dropped the wings while I worked. Very impressive and dramatic but not terribly practical. I kept having to say "excuse me" as I hit people with the wings -- well my AO did I guess.

All that aside this is a really fun set with lots of heads and masks to win.   So be sure and take a look. 

The rest of my attire has been dredged from my inventory but happily came together in a great look.  The winners are:

Stories&Co. Signature Velour Leggings - Fatpack / Maitreya
amias - ABBE gloves 2 black
[SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Ascend 2.0
RFC - RFL Dragon Top - Fitmesh Maitreya

Location: The Witch in the Steam-House.

Pose by: LAP [nla]

Something Spooky This Way Comes

The Babbage Schpookyhaus is just about open.  It has been a fun couple of days with many forgotten props unearthed.   "A Witch in the Steam-House" is happily taking visitors for photos and fun.   So stop by Quarry Hill with your Windlight set at local for the best effect.

Here is your hearse.  Avoid the witch at all costs.

A Dusky Morn

With plenty of fun for Fifty Linden Friday, you can find this country gal hair and hat at elikatira.  Along with a variety of colors by hud, there are color choices for all parts of the hat. 

Vest: Meva Fringes Vest Suede Brown
Earrings: Meva Feather Earrings

Pose by: Kirin

Fall Farm Kitchen

Smells of warm apple pie and bread a rising.

Wood smoke and coffee on an Autumn morn.

Tis the season to watch the chilly day from the warmth of the kitchen.

Newness in the foreground:

Second Spaces - Autumn Harvest - canning table - black  (I LOVE THIS TABLE!)
Second Spaces - Autumn Harvest - pendant light - black
Second Spaces - Autumn Harvest - orchard baskets (modded from a larger set)
Second Spaces - Autumn Harvest - canning pot & tongs
Find them at Uber.

{Your Dreams} Autumn Wishes - Feeling
{Your Dreams} Autumn Wishes - Cosiness
Find them at Cosmopolitan.