Soleil Greenhouse

The Trompe Loeil Soleil Greenhouse boasts plenty of windows with a one room (two "tipouts") floorplan perfect for casual living. Privacy shutters on touch and a variety of pretty plants adds to the charm. A deal at 61 land impact -- for sure.

Find it at Uber!

Take Me For a Ride

A great new gift is out on the Marketplace -- actually TWO gifts. What's a gal to do when faced with choices? Well pick the brightest and flashiest version I guess.

I took my new convertible out for a spin on Bellisseria. Rez zones let even us on walking paths drive the roads.  Amazingly I did very well.

I will say that sim crossings are BAAAAAAD so going very far is problematic. This is not the car, but the crossings :D and hopefully those will improve over time.

After I took these photos and did this blog post I realized the car was against the TOS so I am deleting all the info on where to find it. Sorry. But the pictures are great, so that's a plus. And it was a fun photo shoot.

Pose by: the car

Gardener in Me

Such a great time I am having decorating my new Linden Home. Since I prefer to spend most of my virtual days outdoors (even it if is just on my building pad :D) a good portion of my 351 land impact points have been used to enhance my Winchester two story home and to give my backyard a lived in feel.

Today I remade a greenhouse. Tiny with plenty of details it fits easily in my spacious backyard. The new Linden Home Greenhouse comes in eight siding colors in a fatpack and will coordinate with any of the new traditional styles. Other items including the wheelbarrow are new releases. I even found some older decor pieces that had been misplaced. It's all good.

If you have a Linden Home or hope to get one soon, check out the new ChiC building  releases on the Marketplace or main store.

Water barrel with hose by Shutter Field.

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Looking Towards the Future - Second Life

What we know -- or think we know; This month in SL.

A  wrap-up of current knowledge on important matters in Second Life -- mostly so that I can go back and reference my tidbits of information in the future. 

Long time teleport disconnects are better for some but still not completely stable. Work and testing is continuing. Many citizens and some techier folks have noted that the issues began when EEP hit the grid. There was one comment from a developer that the same roll out of EEP also contained some Linux code.

The newest comment this week is from Simon Linden from the User Simulator group (see Inara Pey's post for more info)

But not all of The Lab seems to be on the same page.

A quote from "the communications team" via this post at NWN.

From that same post, the team answered the ongoing last name question.

While the delay is not a surprise (there have been many mentions of "working on it" over the last six months) this was as close to a timeline goal as I can remember seeing.

EEP in general is still problematic with long lists of complaints and issues on the forums.  Included in this  lengthy diatribe by Niran V Dean of Black Dragon Viewer fame.

Personally while I am not having issues while still using Firestorm, I hope EEP gets put on a very slow track with the code disappearing from many of the servers until it works well.

While last names are still in the future, disconnects still being worked on and EEP taking a lot of criticism -- the SUPER BIG PLUS for Linden Lab has been --- drumroll please: The NEW Linden Homes.

Watching the dot patterns on the Bellisseria map as new sims opened for claiming it appeared that half the continent had been claimed in less than a day. 

In less than 48 hours both houseboats and houses were claimed. [see official statement here].

A new houseboat area is currently under construction at SSP and just today some community areas (not much room for that) can be seen on the map.

This new "pickle" (Patch's term) will be going south of Myopia Falls.

Somewhere around 500 closely packed houseboat slips will be available (I am guessing next week just from watching the progress) so that all those homeless people screaming "Where is my houseboat?" in anger will have a CHANCE once again.

Be aware that these will like go VERY quickly. Pay attention to the official Second Life blog posts.

There WILL be more homes (many official statements on this both from Patch and Abnor Mole) but they won't be appearing any time in my personal definition of "soon". It takes months. Time to build more styles of homes. Time to terraform and build roads and make a hand-made organically derived communities.

Watch the SSP map (just type in a number like SSP25 to get to the staging area) to watch the progress.

So far we have seen what many believe are trailers on what SEEM to be 512 lots. These have appeared and disappeared along with some green-roofed houses with red "chimneys".  This is all my interpretation of pixels on a map of course. Inara wrote on her blog recently that there might be another Linden Home Preview at SL16B --- and that certainly sounds like a good plan to me. I hope they have enough to show us by June.


Tensor's Flying Market  is one of the most engaging builds I have visited in awhile.  Both calming and beautiful, it asks us to dream of possibilities. And, something we don't see enough of these days, it is smartly built in that optimized sense of the word.

Whether or not you are an American Cancer society supporter, I encourage you to visit soon before it disappears into the mist and celebrate the work of Riven (lrriven).


Baiastice Ali Belted Dress with both sheer and solid fabric versions, on off panties and bra with many colors and patterns -- this from the fatpack extras. Find it at Uber.

KUNGLERS - Martina bracelet and ring (texture change by hud) at Cosmopolitan


Pose by: Vibe

Shadow Dancing

shadow songs           shadow singers

i look for myself

in shades of dark and light

content to dance on

           and on

              and on


Cherry Bloom - Belinda Bodysuit @ Cosmopolitan

Hair: eXxEsS Cupcake

Pose by: Dance Studio Pose Prop - ChiC buildings

Bellisseria Car Boat and Plane Rezzing Zones

Airport and large boat dock at Coral Waters

For those of you that don't hang out at the SL Forums, here is a list of brand new rezzing zones, graciously typed in by Abnor Mole :D

Plane rezzing zones

Dogbone Island Municiple Airstrip

Boat rezzing zones Gulf/253/64/21 Auk/149/110/21 Gulf/202/170/21 Waves/151/129/21 Cove/201/231/21

Car rezzing zones (Sections of road you can rez a car on):

For those of you wondering why they are where they are and not in every region, it has to do with Land Impact. We have to be extra careful to reserve enough Land Impact on the main parcel to support the LI of everyone's houses. So we placed most of these rezzing areas in regions with no resident homes in them for now. -- Abnor Mole

Spring Dresses

It's Spring and that means bright and pastel colors, pretty prints and short skirts (well we seem to always have those short skirts!). 

Three great dress -- all for free. Here's the scoop.

Left: ND*Vivian Ruffle Dress-Pink  ...::Nala Design:: for Teleport Hub group 
Follow the red arrow - fixed landing point

Middle: Blueberry - Danni - Corset Dress - Cream (free with group gift certificate; group join 5 linden - short time offer).

Right:  [>Ma'De<] Sofia SUMMER- Teleport Hub group

Poses by: LAP and the Brocycle

Biking Across Bellisseria

From  coast to coast on the new continent -- a few of my favorite snapshots.

My European hour escaped (even though I am not in Europe) began in the late night hours from my home on the beach in Heathstone (west coast). My goal?  My friend's house in Fox Chase across the continent.

Like many places I have lived there was no direct route from Point A to Point B. But with my map close at hand the long circuitous journey was made.  My top photo chronicles my stopping place for the eve, the bridge at Shanty  --- somewhere near halfway -- at least in my mind.

North, East, South, East, North == and the journey continued in the very early morning hours.

Not everyone has a home yet. A few mailbox home-givers refused to present to their new owners, but this creative citizen was not to be deterred, giving passers by a visual treat with smile attached.

Roads twist and turn. Hills offer peddling challenges and visual interest. The new Linden Home continent is truly awe inspiring.  Most new residents have yet to settle in, but some have created homey escapes with their 351 land impact points. I only spotted a few laws broken on my long drive -- certainly a plus.  Bellisseria is definitely NOT a cookie-cutter world and the builders of the project have a right to feel proud.

Outdoor space are different from one another in shapes and size. Some lots have fences as in my neighborhood and others have none. Some of those without built in barriers have added their own buffers, giving even more variety.  

A few lucky folks have lots adjoining park-like areas with the appearance of "double lots".   Rocks and trees mingle in a natural dance in some neighborhoods, in others there is the feeling of a gated community with dictated rules. All in all the environment feels very REAL. 

Within the community housing areas, short distance viewing is the best plan, but those that can may want to opt for super long distance settings now and then -- simply to get a feel for the vastness of the project. 


My outfit hales from Stories&Co. and includes the new Mallory Bodysuit which is available in several hud pack choices. Find it at the newly opened Kustom 9.  A really superb fit, this can be worn under "some" clothes or used alone as swim or exercise wear.  Here I paired with Stories&Co. Ash Shorts (also with texture hud options).

Amacci Shoes - Tahiti Boho Sandals with Straps

Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

{what next} Sonoma Bicycle - Cream (super easy to use - other styles without flowers are available also).  

Poses by: the bike

Salt Water Escape

Many places on earth have their own special magic. Tropical locales are high on some lists including mine. Whether tourist or resident, the warm breezes and soft sounds of surf invite us to dream.


- Safira - Rebecca outfit @ Cosmopolitan through today.    Made for high platform heels; check the demo and your shoe wardrobe. Solid pants also available.

Bracelet (retired creator nla)

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cheri"

Location: Salt Water

Pose by: Helamiyo from the new Act Naturally set

Seven Billion Stars

There are of course many more than seven billion stars. For all we know there could be an infinite number -- ever growing and expanding.  We are but a speck in an unfathomable darkness.

A gigantic set of futuristic avatar part can be found at the Baiastice both at The Epiphany. Oh so many parts, pieces and colors. Here I have used pieces from both sets as well as the VIP reward mask. There are also regular common heads as well as a set of RARE heads with color change hud.

A shape is included in the pack but I used my regular shape and it worked well.  This outfit is rigged differently than our regular bodies so adding accessories may or may not work well. Still with so many options in the release it should be easy to find your own individual look.

Photo taken at the spaceship at MOSP.

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Rye Whiskey

An impressive new release from No. 59 for Tres Chic, a wide range of whiskey props including a wearable version of bottle with glass and Bento hold.

This is really beautiful work  and the detailing is ...

well, phenomenal seems like a good adjective. These are perfect props for bar or home (there is a tray version also).  

As I was taking my photos, I kept hearing a very old song that my great grandmother used to sing, "Rye Whiskey".  I am not sure if she ever DRANK whiskey, but she did love that song.  I found a few renditions including one by Pete Seeger, a name I actually recognized amidst some long departed artists.

Background bar: Trompe Loeil - The Dragon & Orchid Home Pub Dark

New Linden Homes at Bellisseria

A bit over 24 hours now since the 2019 Linden Homes (and houseboats) opened to the public.  I was among the first over (maybe number 25 or so) and have a lovely beachfront lot with picket fence and endless ocean view.  It has been great fun watching the flow of green dots on the map and is someone on the forums wrote "never have I seen so many green dots sprinkled across a continent.

Add that that, no yellow for sale signs on the map and it is a pretty good-looking picture.

While the abodes are being claimed quickly there are still obviously area that haven't been opened yet. The dark brown areas are what I call "mother rock" areas with smooth surfaces softened by time. A close friend is living the those rocks as here nearest neighbor - right across from a cute traffic circle on a cul de sac.

The Linden Homes Preview was impressive, but there was no way it could import the feel of the area. As Patch mentioned this was not a cookie cutter installation; streets meander, paths lead to community areas and simple surprises are found without much exploring at all.

For me, it is somewhat like the OLD SL, but of course much prettier and classier, but the comradery -- at least for now -- is certainly evident and reminiscent of times that used to be. To that end, The Lab just announced that ban lines will be -- well, banned. And within the next week rational security orbs will be added to the packs for home owners, available from the mailbox or the life preserve of each lot.

One of the funniest tidbits in my personal world is that all four of the beachfront houses in my sim are the same style. That's not terribly shocking as while there are four styles to choose from, this model offers the most room. What is comical is that all of the house in a row -- except for mine -- have been painted white (again, the house owner's choice).

So today I dug out my old toolbelt from Opensim days and made a front porch out of prims, transferring that into Blender for a sizing sample.  Those 28 prims became a 9 land impact item which not only gives me shade and a great place to watch the boats sailing past, but sets my house a part a bit more. Happily rationalization (within theme) is encouraged on the new continent.

I hadn't really planned on getting a new Linden Home -- but I am glad I did!

You of course need a premium subscription to own a home in Bellisseria; only one per avatar.


Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top
Toolbelt - moi!


Pose by: LAP [nla]

Aqua Dreams

Shimmery Satin mixes with mythological styling in this new release from Baiastice, Amanda.  The long open dress can be worn with supplied panties or over leggings or tights. As always, a full selection of colors and neutrals.  Find Amanda here.

KUNGLERS - Jaiwen necklace - Peridot

Hair: eXxEsS : ARAHNIA

Pose by: Eternal Dream

A Touch of Nostalgia

If antiques are your style, you won't want to miss this lovingly created treddle table -- recycled of course from a sewing machine stand.  Look for the *PAN* display at Cosmopolitan.  

Also shown older items from Digs (paintings, Terrashop (flowers), {what next} (book stack) , and hate this (magazines). 


Some great new creative lamps can be found at Cosmopolitan.  The Build Works Decor  Lipstick Lights come with covers and without and have their own colored light source.  Super fun for photo shoots, they would also be perfect for cosmetic shops!

Also at Cosmo, this cute jacket and bra top. A fishnet overshirt is also an option in this three in one garment with on off abilities. Several colors are in the mix. Look for the United Colors  Adrianne Jacket. Best with long hair.

The Baiastice Tassell necklace completes the styling. Not new; check the main store. 


Pose by: Behavior Body

Springtime Melody

Sami is a VERY big fan of SCANDALIZE. I can't say I blame her.   A new group gift is out compliments of Scandalize. You can find it at the Vanity Event and it is yours with a free Vanity Event group tag.

The set includes a hud for various colors of the belt as well as a houndstooth checked set of pants. Many mesh body fits are in the pack.  The small gift poster is in the corner, not far from the Scandalize booth  -- viewable from the landing point.

MINA Hair - Kimmy

Photo taken at No Man is an Island.

Pose by: Torrid Midnight [nla]

Asian Dreams

The Neo Japan event is in full swing and the hoards have calmed, a great time to shop in my personal favorite venue design.

Once again there is a lovely gift from Gabriel, the host :D.  Both guys and gals are covered and there are swords for pose props or when you are REALLY mad at your significant other.   Maitreya fit for the gals and Signature and Belleza for the guys. This is an easy to wear hoodie though so it actually fits "most" mesh bodies and likely classic bodies with someone else's alpha :D. 

I think this is my favorite of the Gabriel gifts; I love the layered look!

My local features the new release from Trompe Loeil, the Kumiko Courtyard which comes with and without pool.   Find it here.


.:Pulse:. Tip Toe Stocking -Maitreya Mid / Black

Hair: Vanity Hair:Flawless (older)

Poses by: the swords with Helamiyo and ChiC buildings


A new round is up at Cosmopolitan.  Lots of goodness abounds. Here are some of my favorites.

From Kiwibo - Athena Skybox with super-yummy textures and plenty of space.  I downsized it a tad since most of my friends are "human sized" and came in with a land impact of 31.   After the photo shoot I have been decorating for a homey place for friends and family. Much fun.  The windows let you see outside but are small enough if your view is less than pristine *wink*. There is also a large room in front of the stairs in the photo. Lots of space.

A simple but saucy dress from -:zk:- , the Maggy Dress has a darling little gored skirt and some nice detailing. Lots of pretty hues to choose from as well as a fatpack.

LAKSHMI offers a new hair, Treat -- smooth and classy with gorgeous


My jewelry hales from Kunglers and is available for a bit more time at Tres Chic.  Texture change hud gives the ability to coordinate easily with outfits of the day.

Poses by: Amitie @ Cosmopolitan -  Paint Me

Afternoon Reading

An Easter Egg Hunt is underway at JUSTICE.   Plenty of lovely items to find (gals only) with this being Bee's favorite, the [JUSTICE] SCARLETT DRESS.

Zip on over and look around to see what you can find. Completely free; no group required.

Hair: MINA Hair - Myrtle

[Cb] Book Hut - Open Door Natural

Pose by: the stool

Personal Spa

Part of my daily routine is a long morning soak (and sometimes nap) in a warm and soothing tub. Happily those special moments can be recreated in our virtual world.

From NEWCHURCH @ Driftwood, the Marlena Stone Bath available in both PG and A versions.  Candles are soft-linked for easy removal. Flower petals add a special touch and there is plenty of realistic steam.

Both single and double animations are included.

When I ventured over to Driftwood it was very laggy, so turn down your draw distance and perhaps your general viewer settings to cope. Follow the elevated walkways to the magical build.

Lucas Lameth: Brand Spa Set
Dutchie stack of towels

ChiC buildings Sphere Home, plants and landforms

Succubus in the Ruins

There is a photo contest going on for a magazine cover. I doubt any of us will get a ton of fame points (LOL) but I like to be supportive and sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is just that.

My entry may not even be considered as the rules were a bit iffy at the beginning, but I had a great time anyway -- AND got to dress up in a very memorable outfit.


deviousMind "Succubus" set with some really REALLY impressive wings. This isn't new so look for it at the main store.

[Stargazer Creations] Ursi Tentacle Head Piece

Hair:  eXxEsS : COOKIE

Pose by: Diesel Works