Twisted Rose in Lace

Twisted Rose has a gorgeous freebie available. Find it in a white and black box on the reception desk NEXT TO the boxes filled with gift certificates. The lovely tattoo and a nice plain silver necklace are in adjoining boxes. This is truly special. THANKS SO MUCH!

Hair by House of Heart (Doll) and shoes by Juicy. Poses by LAP.

What a great way to end the month. Post 50 completed. Woot!

The Good and The Bad -- and the really fun!

More shapes to try? Well at least one. Janey Bulloch put out an unreleased shape for $0. Find it upstairs at Shoe Fly. This shape is busty and hippy and TALL (over my 6 feet anyway) with a pretty face. Everyone has a different idea of beauty of course, but if you are a gal who always wanted to be taller in real life -- like me -- this could be the skin for you.

And then there is the Fashcon retailer who sent out a post reading Free Skin and Shape when with further reading we found that "free" was $29. /me shaking head in wonder and amazement at the audacity of people.

BAIASTICE has put out the August freebie and WHAT a freebie it is. A whole closet of clothes! I haven't opened all of them but if you have a few building skills and some prims left on your land, this is a really fun package. A note of warning to our newer citizens though. The gift box is actually a real closet with clothes on the hangers. The items to wear are inside the clothes. VERY clever! If you have NO building skills, however, you could get into trouble as the item is a coalesced object (sort of semi linked). Anyway, if it doubt, go to a sandbox and give it a try. LOTS of fun for sure.

July's Finalle

It's been a wild month at Phil's Place. I am hoping to get my 50th post in for the month by the end of the day. And of course I can DO that -- even if I have to emote to fill that last post. Sure 'nough.

So here are a few items to check out before we arrive in August.

InStyle has a very cute monokini for free at their shop. Find it right near the entrance. There is a lot of clubwear here as well as formal attire, so if that is your mode of dress in our virtual land, be sure and peruse the offerings.

EarthStones has a table of gifts (some old, some new, at least one for men) in their store -- all for $0. There is also a toe ring on the mantel behind the owl. And a lucky chair.

SLink has a new necklace set in its lucky chair. I thought I would try my luck and TPed over. There was a B on the chair so I called my friend Benicia and she got a set. Yeah! THEN the chair went to a ? and I got one and then an X so Benicia called HER friend and the fun just kept happening. I just had to take this picture to remember the moment. We didn't know any Q folks so the excitement ended. A closeup picture of the necklace and earring set is below.

Samara Studios has a new shape out called Shandra. You can get a copy only version for $1 for 24 hours (from about 11 am). I felt just like a movie star in this. And I think I look vaguely familiar -- ah Sandra Bullock? Maybe so. Anyway fun. I was tempted to stay in star mode but switched back to my old shape. TOO MUCH change is very disconcerting.

Necklace and earrings by SLink :D Top by Imperial Elegance (see previous post).

Evening Releases

Two new releases of note out this eve, plus a sale that even "I" bought something at. Hard to believe!

First off -- Imperial Elegance is offering a free basic AO (stands are small movements, nice ground sit etc and sexy walk - see the photo) for $0. AND they have a wall of retired merchandise for $1. I got a pack of four tops in luscious deep colors with MANY layers for a buck. Can't go wrong there. Many accessories and other tops too. So take a look. There is a lucky sign to check for poses also.

Prism Haute Couture Clothing is giving away this outfit (there is a cute belt you cannot see and several other choices and many layers) for $0 this evening only.

Default ME credits with poses by Imperial Elegance.


Midweek Update

There are some new outfits out at two of the best places to be -- for freebie fashion that is!

While I admit to not finding ALL the boxes at the Cal Gal groupfest, I did find two new great ones including lingerie! Yeah. The cute capri outfit also comes with a skirt -- also very fun and retro.

elDee sent out a group message that she put out a Retrology gift a bit tardily. There are actually two outfits in her box. The jacket top and the tank shown are separate layers so good for mix and matching with other pieces.

As always, you can click the photos here for larger views :D

Hair by Diversity, Shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP.

And if you haven't guess it yet -- this is the NEW default "me". For awhile anyway!


Lots of different looks today which is always fun. Here are some of the nicest gifts I found around and about.

From Kunglers we have a very cute babydoll dress suitable for an evening of culture AND fun! Available for one week.

Ardigraf Designs Group has a wickedly sexy catsuit (it comes with optional lacy skirt panels) that goes perfectly with the on the wall hunt item from Sn@tch -- "the shoes! the shoes". I added a cute necklace from Tomboy to finish the look. All free!

If you are in the mood for some flamenco attire, check out this shop -- a whole store dedicated to the dance. This outfit including shoes and cute earrings is a gift from the owner.

Hair - House of Heart, picture 1 shoes - Juicy, Poses - LAP

Happy Anniversary Retrology: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this post, it is HERE.

It's a new dawn and the early morning brought with it even more wonderful goodies. Here are a few. This is not ALL of the offerings, just a sampling. There are also some non-wearable items. So journey over to Retrology and have some fun. And be sure and EXPLORE while you are there. Much to see.

EDIT: I notice from this morning's posts on the feed that there have been more gifts added that weren't there on my visit. So if you were an early adventurer like me, you might want to return. You can see them all HERE. (NOW I find out! - LOL) I still had a GREAT time with all the cute locations. Thanks to all the designers who took part!

Shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP, Hair by Diversity.

Happy Anniversary Retrology: Part 1

Retrology is one of my favorite place. Simply FUN! Lots of photo ops, great details.

AND they are having their first anniversary. To celebrate many of the retailers have given US presents -- isn't that great? And they are extremely nice ones too. I went over this eve and did the tour. It's getting to be turning into a pumpkin time in my little corner of the world so I will finish my photo shoot tomorrow. Meanwhile here are some of the great items available in the gray boxes.

So come on down.

Shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP, Hair by Diversity.

Diner Blues

elDee has a very nice retro pants set in THREE COLORS. Camp for an hour and it is yours. The other colors are olive and raspberry. It comes with a prim collar that I didn't love. Works fine without it :D They also have a VERY good looking and different one piece swimsuit with a cute green cover up for $10 so check that out. (Like I NEED more clothes? - but you might.)

Also shown is the new gift item from ZIBWARE. Find it next to the lucky chairs upstairs. Previous gifts are still available. The set includes bangles for both left and right arms as well as earrings.

Shoes from Juicy, Hair from Diversity, Top pose ANA_MATIONS,

Yeahs and Nays for Sunday

YEAH! - Cartunno Couture has a lovely vintage dress available for a limited time for $1. It flows beautifully. You will most likely need to shrink both skirt and hat -- unless of course you are OVER six feet tall (wink). Find it PROMINENTLY displayed in a huge vendor in the middle of the shop (no hunting here - wink). There is also an oriental dress at the entrance for $0.

Hair by Calla, Pose by LAP (new - TY Dove!)

Lilleth Mills Couture is offering a $1 pre opening gift. Find it on the wall near the entrance. HARD to miss (wink). It comes on various layers and includes sculpty shoes. This is very nicely made and suitable for most any formal event. I'm not sure I will be attending one (ever) but I am making an outfit just in case (wink).

Hair by House of Heart, Necklace by Hexed, pose by "the waterfall".

A yeah goes out to all the retailers who are now SAYING that free items are only for their group. THANK YOU!

And a special thanks to Dove Swanson who sent out poses to her update group because LL had ME$$ED things up big time. I love them LAP poses!


OK. Here are my two current "you've GOT to be kidding" issues.

1. When did a Dollarbie become $20 Linden?!?!?!? People are advertising dollarbies in their Fashcon posts and in the notecards (thank you for telling us there anyway) we find they are $10 and even $20 Linden. Enough is enough. A Dollarbie IS a dollar -- not a family of them (wink).

2. One store in particular (no names here) seems to be sending out very iffy freebie announcements. Last week there was a problem with the freebie items. This week there is a free item "on the wall" somewhere but the vendors are the type with no prices on mouseover and in order to FIND the one among the many, a person would need to click through each one. Now this is NOT fun by any means and the chances of buying by mistake are greatly increased. I noticed that the sim was almost deserted when I ventured over to check it out. Enough said.


JE*REPUBLIC sent me a cute pair of earrings this eve. They are the summer group gift -- so the notecard states. They come in three colors which you can see on their website.

Being the good little blogger, I zipped over to their store to have a look. VERY CLASSY as the pictures show. They have hair and clothes and jewelry etc. and room for expansion.

I also found a couple of dollarbies - a logo purse and hair. So you might want to check those out as well as the shop of course.

Below are some pictures. I am heading to bed in that other world we call RL. See ya soon.

PS. I'm doing pretty good settling in to "new me" mode. Change is good. Change is difficult (wink). So what ELSE is new?

OMG, I'm still in the same outfit as earlier today. Tired. Look in the archives for credits :D

Head to Toe Freebies

Dark Mouse has a very pretty gift necklace on the coffee table at the Taber store. These sandals are $1 and are under the New sign near the couch. There is also a very pretty new necklace release and don't forget to check that lucky chair. Goodies in there.

AND ...

House of Heart had a HUGE release of hair last night. Find the color demo pack (I got mine on a stand near the door to the other shops) to try on the latest from one of our most generous designers. There are UNISEX styles here too. Below are some of my favorites. There is a huge variety this week so check them out.

Necklace shown from Bonita's Jewelery - free if you can find the satellite shop it was in. Sorry :( Too many stops today.

Cal Gal Freebie Geebies Week

It's a big week at Callie Cline's new digs. You can read about it all here.

I ventured over to see the excitement and was very impressed with the HUGE new build. Flying is GOOD there as it is indeed cavernous. No doubt waiting for lots of new things to be put out. This is good.

So, in case you were wondering what you might FIND during this week of giftdom. Here are a few pictures along with the designers names. I don't promise to show them all to you. I do -- now and then -- need to venture over into real life territory and accomplish a few things. But here is a preview. These gifts are still out. You need your Cal Gal tag on to collect them. Look for big gift boxes and don't forget the second floor.

Hair by Diversity, Poses by ANA_MATIONS.

Ethereal PIxels Designs

Ethereal PIxels Designs has a cute new purple top for you to try. "It is from the Impressions Set and celebrates the beauty of all women: gracious, feline like and inspiring." You can buy the set in other colors at her shop.

There are two other gifts in her shop plus a collection of what appear to be carefully crafted period and current era clothing. The shop is small. I am assuming it is new? New to me anyway and I am happy to have found it. I especially like the pants from gift one with the top from gift two. Today's gift is very lovely and well made. Take a look at her shop; I bet you'll be happy you did.

Hair by Diversity (free as color demo), Shoes by Juicy, Poses by ANA_MATIONS, LOTTA and Tuli.

Ohana Isle Hunt

The Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt is on. Look for small sand pails with blue, white and yellow stripes. Watch carefully for the floating text. I suggest WALKING is best :D

Here are a few of the items that you might find. They are all over. I only got a few. Have fun. Click for larger pictures.

Oh So Pretty in Pink et Noir

katatOnik has a new $1 hot pink and black set at the freebie store at Free*Style. Two colors of leggings and two skirts with resize scripts are included. These are very nicely made and you can mix and match to make various looks. Not a skirt gal? It's simply a matter of leaving it off; that works too.

There isn't much yet at this apparently new store, but there are skins and shapes to pick up if you are in need :D

Hair by Calla, Shoes by Juicy, Poses by ANA_MATIONS and "the rock".

Love Those Lucky Chairs

Not all lucky chairs are created equal of course, but I have been doing SO well with them of late and not even in lucky chair rounds mode -- way too busy for that. Still, when I was at Sn@tch today checking out something, the chair was a "C". And oh what a C it was. Now I KNOW it is the middle of summer, but I am wearing this tonight anyway. I added a very cute necklace also from a lucky chair (SLink - previously blogged) and I am feeling my way with the skin business still. So while this isn't really "me" (could it be? yes, it could. Somethings coming ....) it is certainly a LOOK (wink).

Hair - House of Heart, Stockings Celestial Studios, Shoes Juicy, Pose ANA_MATIONS and LAP

Feminine Coral & a Touch of Silver

When I was visiting the MARIANELA Skins shop for the review or her skins, I found a VERY nicely made dress as a gift. It comes with both short (shown) and long skirt.

I added cute earrings from Moontan Jewelry. Find them in the middle of the floor in a box. Thank you Moontan, they are lovely. A gold version is available for purchase in the shop.

Shoes by Juicy, Hair by House of Heart, Pose by ANA_MATIONS, Skin by MARIANELA.