Golden Words

This post features two of my long time favorite designers and I do mean long time. I have shown you my early posts from BAIASTICE a time or too, so let's move on to LARK.

Now I featured Sienia Trevellion way back in her wilder grungy days over four years ago. If memory serves she told me that was either the first post about her shop or one of the first. (Happily I have made some progress in my photo skills since that time :D).

I have plenty of LARK goodies in my inventory, most I have featured on these pages after a  buying frenzy. Some of my very favorites are books from a year and a half ago. They are scattered through MOSP and have often found places in my home when I was more of a vagabond gal.

There are new books coming. Very fun and creative books.

By now you probably know that these will appear at The Arcade gatcha festival starting the first.

There are a variety of library shelves with curtains and some really super books. They have a sort of fantasy feel for me -- knights and castles and witches brooms; that may just be my Windlight setting and my imagination.

Who knows?

My outfit is the new release from BAIASTICE for FaMESHed. The top and skirt are separates and come in a myriad of colors; mix or match to your heart's content.

The minute I put the top on  I was in love. Classy and feminine, it fits me perfectly. The ties in the back are lovely and realistic looking. And happily it is made with "B" cup gals in mind. OK, I may actually be an "A" but I have cleavage shadows after all. It looks really good.

This is absolutely beautiful so be sure and try on a demo when the event opens and the crowds clear a bit.

My new hair is SERENDIPITY, a great name, from Vanity Hair. The rigged mesh style (very long and full in the back) comes in three sizes. I am wearing small. I happily played with the new color huds which is SO MUCH NICER than guessing at the colors -- and easier on your inventory count to boot. Oh yes!

My bracelet is from Eclectica; always lovely. 

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Teenage Memories

The theme for this month's challenge is "Teenage Years" and that is indeed the theme of this post. But before we get there I want to mention some other items of note.

I have had this Talulah belt from EMO-tions for some time now. I loved it from the beginning but no new outfits appeared for a pairing. So yesterday I decided to give it an outfit of its own. I am very comfy in what I am thinking of as my Teenage Years outfit, AND it is quite appropriate really. I so wanted a belt like this back then. My Kimberley hair is also from EMO-tions. Outfit from 1Hundred.

Behind me are two of the three dimensional posters from Sways for The Arcade. There are all sorts of themes in the big gatcha collection and they resize easily;  great additions to many room styles. Now for the reader who tracked me down looking for an landmark to The Arcade, here it is. Remember it ISN'T OPEN YET!!! And it will be close to impossible to get into and very gray when it does. Patience my darlings, the items will still be there when the hoards fade.

Now I haven't opened all the Teenage Years packages yet. Some designers are burning the midnight oil; the event does open at MIDNIGHT tonight in each of the participating store locations. Here is the website where you will be able to see all the creations (soon).  I won't be showing you everything so you will want to check that listing for more info.

One of my favorite pieces so far is this bunkbed set from [hate this]. It comes with one of those kneeling chairs. Both chair and bunks are packed with poses including ones for couples (PG of course) AND there is an extensive menu to change colors and patterns of the fabric and woods.

What's an era of angst without posters to declare your choices?  These handmade ones are also from [hate this].

The woodwork is especially lovely on this set and the land impact very good, so if you have a kid in the house or even want to relive some memories, venture over and have a look.

You can also see this set up in the BRIGHT blue cottage on the ground level at LEA7.

Some handmade magazines are offered from ChiC buildings. Purchase singles, collections of four or the fatpack at a discount.  I should mention that most merchants have their items on discount for the first week, and some for the whole month.

The lava lamp is a textured SAMPLE from Naked Mesh, a full perm mesh store. If you have some building skills you can add your own textures to the base mesh. Four lava textures are included in the pack (this one has more colors than my photo shows) and the lava MOVES inside the glass so it is quite realistic. There are teeny tiny legs and I think the land impact is one. Remember folks there are user licenses that goes along with any full perm builders tools, you can't just pass things around. ALSO, my info card noted that you CAN purchase the textured models if you IM the designer (Charles Hera). The textured items will not be for sale at the store in order to cut down on confusion.

Another part of the set from Naked Mesh are these posters. The textured posters use creative commons graphics so you can feel guilt free hanging OR just add your own photos or posters. Most anyone can slap on a texture *wink*. The tiny push pins can be colored as you like using the select face option in the build menu. And that is my building lesson for the day.

Stay tuned for more great items from The Challenge and get ready to revisit your younger years.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Just One Shot Maenad at Tempura Island

It has probably been two years or maybe three since I had been to Tempura Island.  I remembered it in shades of gold and orange and my memories had not faded.  On several lists in this weeks meme, it is exactly as I had remembered it. Like Babbage, time seems to stand still here. And perhaps that is not a bad thing.

My dress is one of many versions in a pack from deviousMind.  A version that came into being during the making of her limited edition item for The 24. While similar, this one seems to be more suiting for me somehow --  a bit of fantasy like a forest princess. There are many choices including some long flowing golden skirts. Me? I like the leaves just fine.

This is from the Gold-Canary pack. Other colors are available. Find them for sure at The 24 (follow your beam). They may also be in the main shop.

Boots: Phoebe by lassitude & ennui
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair Sheena by eXsEsS

Pose by: aDORKable


New fashion releases from Ducknipple incude these leather pants and cropped tank. Kneepads change color by hud and the top has a huge variety of hues. Look for the Loes Tanktop and the Padded Pants.

My friend Sami has returned after a long SL absence. It is great to have her back. She has had a hard time getting her "look" back as she left during the new days of mesh. I have had other friends tell me how difficult finding mesh clothes can be for them. I feel very lucky that most things fit me naturally or with a tiny bit of tweaking. After two days of shopping she finally came away with an outfit mixed of new and older. The big find she made that I want to tell you about are her new jeans. While she was very willing to pay, nothing was fitting -- until she found these gift jeans on the Marketplace. So that's my tip of the day.

On the horizon we have The Arcade opening soon. {what next} has the cutest golf carts. You play for a hud that let's you rez the carts. There are three places to sit WITH adjustments (woot). While I am NOT a good driver, I seem to be able to handle this little guy very well -- at least up on my building pad. You may still need to watch out for me on the streets. There are tons of options in the menu including the ability to set this to group so your friends and alts can use the car once rezzed. With lots of fun colors (there is one that I just have to show you soon -- need corresponding clothes), this is one of the rare ones, camo.

I plan to leave a couple rezzed for props at MOSP.  You can visit this one up in the full sim city here. While cars can now be "primmy" and still drive (it is apparently the physics LI that is important), this darling weighs in at only 24. Even if you don't drive often, this makes a great prop.

Hair, Kimberly by EMO-tions (Sami's old from Truth)
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Diesel Works, LAP (nla) and the car

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

We will be turning a page on the calendar soon. That means lots of new venues opening. More shopping, more adventure, more decorating. The Arcade's gatcha machines will be fill anew and ESPECIALLY if you are a girlie girl, you will be thrilled with the goodness from Second Spaces.

Now I can't recall actually being a very crafty gal. I was very "neat", hated finger painting and spent lots of time carefully drawing inside the lines of my coloring books. But even if you don't have fond memories of ink and ribbons, glue and glitter -- you can't help but marvel at the details in these sets.

And they ARE sets. Each photo is a linked mesh that weighs in at one (oh my!).

I am not a gatcha gal at heart. For me the perfect gamble is one where you can't loose. And really all these pieces are worth going after.

Now I have to be honest and say that these were difficult to photograph. Lots of details to pack into shots. If you are like me and like to see what you are buying, then please do come by and see these in person.  There is nothing better than up close and personal.

Favorite Places Meme

This week's Monday Meme (a little late and many of us may have been panicking) is about sharing our favorite places. Now I had been to all of Berry's spots and it is certainly possible that you have been to all of mine. I did attempt to pick different areas though. No point in repetition.  Up at the top of my list is The Looking Glass. (The Mother Road would have won but apparently seems to be gone. If you know where it might be lurking, please give me a shout.)

Timeless and always photogenic it is a perfect photo spot for many genres from burlesque to Gothic.

Next up is Babbage which is timeless in another way :D. It is about in the same state as when I first visited many years ago. But, if you get your Windlight just right, it is still quite magical. A free to rez zone, it is a great place for showing off Steampunk memorabilia.

Now to be fair, I hadn't visited the Arabian Market in a long while, but it never fails to take me to an exotic place. Almost magical in that regard, its narrow streets speak of other times and places.

Last up is Peaceful Valley at MOSP. This was my home on the Bayou for many months. The Bayou is still around but much smaller, it has changed hands and doesn't feel like home any longer. This, for me is a reminder of those happy days. It is larger and fancier than its predecessor, but the memories still remain. I don't hang out here of course as I do like my privacy. But I visit often.

Keeping It Simple

It is going to be a simple post this morning.  I am struggling with getting my system back to normal after I got a " your graphics settings have been reset because of a change in the rendering system" message. Getting them to STICK doesn't seem to be easy and in order to get this shot with everything seemingly set back to normal I had to take a 4000 pixel photo WITH DOF on -- not my norm -- and then retouch. So whatever is going on with the rendering system, I am not terribly happy *wink*.

Slightly later note:  I see a few examples of my problem (sort of an anti-aliased black line between avatar and background) on the feeds from yesterday so apparently I am not alone. Check your settings folks. Mine were turned way, WAY down. Uncalled for.

I AM happy that Ducknipple has some new duds out. This is the Corrie Dress with color change hud. You get the full dress as well as just the corset and skirt should you want to wear different tops or in case you are a VERY brave pasties gal.

And yep, this is the RARE black latex snake from the deviousMind gatcha at The 24 event.  See previous post for more details.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Ndispose @ The 24

Almost a Day Off

It's heading towards noon and I really am taking a day "off". Well almost. I went to the  feeds and saw this post which peeked my interest. Thoroughly enjoying it, I made a long comment, then decided that it might be something that both hunters and merchants -- as well as some hunt organizers needed to think about.

And in post, she "may" have answered the question of how I got banned from two sims long long ago. Always nice to have answers *wink*. 

So here is my comment on her

Hey there. Taking the day off (oh my) but saw your post and actually read it all. I admit I am unusually a pics and links gal -- only so much time. 

Just wanted to say that I completely agree and if you toss my rainbow house you can do it with absolutely no feeling of guilt. When Chandra told me what she wanted -- well, it was a stretch for neutralesce me. Still, that hunt (no names, not try[ing] to plug) has been the best one that I have been in maybe forever. Since the general caliber of the gifts is higher than the norm these days, I think a different set of folks are hunting. Amazingly, they are also BUYING -- something that most merchants don't associate with hunts these days.

So maybe -- this is a good lesson to lots of folks. Maybe small and "elite" is the way to go not two hundred stops or trudging through a whole hunt to get your prizes.

And now that I've been so eloquent I think I am going to post this on my blog, day off or not and link to your post as I really enjoyed it.

Hitting the Target


A new pose prop (PRETENSE POSES AREA 51 SHADOW BOX) is being introduced today, part of the Poser Pavilion, a Liaison Collaborative event. The box was created in a collaborative project between Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza, two well-known and slightly "antique" bloggers. I mean that in the NICEST way of course. Good to see folks sticking around!

Cajsa is the architect of the box; Gidge is the creator of the poses.

The box uses projected lighting to cast shadows on the wall, but even if you can't use shadows, there are still some great poses from funny to fashion included in the mix -- eleven in all.

My outfit is fully chronicled here,  except of course for the new addition of the snake from deviousMind, available at Chandra's gatcha machine at The 24 event.

Here is my little buddy -- up close and personal. There are five colorful patterns to win as well as solid black which will probably come in handy in the future. Today I was feeling "dangerous" :D.

And here is a long shot of the box. Lots and lots of possibilities. These photos were NOT taken with a materials viewer by the way, just plain old vanilla Firestorm.

The 24 Event: Fashion and Home

It takes awhile to visit each of the 24 shops in 4 areas of The 24 event. Today's post is brought to you by Womensware (pink) and Home (green).

My outfit is Frida from Faster Pussycat; my skin from Modish, both limited release items.  Now I am going to be honest with you -- I was not too sure about this look when I started putting it together. This isn't exactly a style I venture into often. But you know what? It really has grown on me!  I feel sort of brave and timeless.  My Naomi hair from EMO-tions sort of pulls it all together. I also have on EMO-tions boots.

This is the: Cheeky Pea: Francesca Window Nook, also a limited edition item. And if you are good little thoughtful readers I bet you are wondering what about "all" the blogger copies that went out -- how limited edition is that? Well, guess what? Those were very limited also. So your "limited edition status" is really pretty safe.

This brand new original mesh set includes many lovely details. I especially like the curtain which has a tiny little pull tassles that look very, very real. There are two versions in the set, PG and Adult. For those of you that are Photoshop gurus, there are ambient maps that let you add your own textures (with shadows) to the various parts like pillows.

Best of all (well for me anyway) there are a whole lot of NEW animations included. I really didn't have time to try them all out, but the ones I saw looked great.

So hop on over to The 24 and have some fun. There are fashion shows going on daily which have been very well attended so arrive early and turn down your draw distance. Plain dressing of course will be appreciated by your fellow shoppers.

Skin:::Modish:: Yndra {dark brows} from The 24 event.

Poses by: the windowseat

In Profile

New releases from EMO-tions include this Twilight necklace and earrings set (also available in silver) and Allegra, a slightly messy bun. Classy! 

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Vista Animations

Good Shopping

Now I haven't had time to look at the feeds today but I am guessing that this Fifty Linden Friday dress from Miel is all the news. It is indeed a great week for FLF, so if you are in need of newness, get out your sneakers and make your way through the stores. I did in the very early hours and it was crowded even then.

I am busy modeling (yes really -- my, my) so a friend let me take her photo. The dress fits her perfectly (demos are of course in evidence). The back has a really low dip with cute ties. And best of all ---- TWELVE colors via hud.

The HUD reference gives me a segue to this DaD DESIGN "Rosa Rosae pouff", a limited edition at The 24 event.

It comes with poses for both singles and couples and has a hud that let's you change colors on poofs individually should you have several out.

There is a big variety of color choices including lots of bright hues. You can see them all in the shop at the event.

I of course picked the neutral color as it coordinated so nicely with the decor.  The hud is a little tricky so read those instructions.

Go shop!

The 24 Event: Romance


Romance. If you have a couple of X chromosomes, it is pretty much guaranteed that you can never get enough. Well, I can think of a time or two when there was more than needed -- but a time or two hardly counts when we are talking about decades.

As I was taking these shots I couldn't help but think about the old time movies that I used to watch with my great grandmother. Always a handsome and well-dressed lead. Always a beautiful (sometimes coy -- sometimes vixen) heroine. In fact, I was so enamored with the setting and the exceptionally nice animations that I pulled out my movie camera and filmed a bit.

My dress is the Nicola limited release from Gizza Creations. It qualifies as timeless in my book. A full and very flowing long skirt is perfect for dancing.

The bridge fountain from Atelier Visconti comes with some amazing animations. The beautifully flowing water offers an extra touch of realism.  It weighs in at 21 land impact at the default size (shown here).

So get on your shopping shoes -- or feet if you are a barefoot kinda adventurer and head on over to The 24 event.    Here are your SLURLs. Well honestly, they are all the same one. It's a choose your path venue. Click your choice though -- just for fun.

* Womenswear
* Menswear
* Home
* Pose

Larger photos on my Flickr page.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4
Hair by Vanity Hair
Wonder's suit by Yasum and hair by Dura

Poses by: the fountain

The 24 Event : The Pink Zone

The 24 opens tomorrow. Limited edition goodies and fun gatchas abound. A four sim venue with plenty of special activities, it's nice to know you can't get lost here. Well, you can get lost in the shopping experience certainly, but the sim builders did a great job. 

Pick your color. Pink is for girls of course. Blue for boys, green for housewares and yellow for poses -- you get the idea. Exclusive vendors sell just 100 of each item with a few stores opting for two items of 50 each. There are gatchas in evidence with something for everyone. 

With no flying, you will want to cam a bit. Happily the designers added a few seating areas here and there.

It will likely be crowded. You know the drill. Turn off shadows. Honestly you won't need them anyway. Limit your draw distance. (Again, the smart sim plan let's you do this without losing any of the glamor). 

I'll be posting SLURLS tomorrow for you. You have over a week for general shopping, but don't wait too long on the limited edition items. And, while you are wandering, if you happen to see me on a pose stand, say "hi". Long story; more on that later.

And OF COURSE I'll be showing you some of the available items very soon.

Don't forget that Discord Designs hair gatcha! (pink section but unisex hair)

Outfit: Ducknipple
Shoes: lassitude & ennui
Hair: Vanity Hair
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: Diesel Works

Summer's Sunset

We are nearing summer's end in my corner of the corporeal world. Warm days are still in evidence but you can feel the hint of Fall in the breeze. Autumn is my favorite season so I don't mind too much that the days will be getting shorter.

Sway's is happily open again with three new releases and a gift for visitors.

Newness includes this mesh dock with various version of land impact thriftiness.

And if you have a dock, you need a way to get to and fro -- of course you do. This wooden boardwalk set comes with a big variety of shapes to let you build the path you need. I made a game of it using all the different pieces, then adding a few more. I had to backtrack a bit as logic escaped me at the start. Naturally I should have started at the HOUSE, not the dock which is easily movable.

There is also a tiny beach hut suitable for swimwear changing or just a quiet respite. 

This cute and homey picture gallery is the opening gift.

Add your own photos to customize and make it a memorabilia piece.

My hair is once again Estra, a new release from Amacci.

Clothes are very old and no longer available, but I DID change for ya.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: Behavior Body and LAP (nla)

Welcome Wagon

Now they didn't really have Welcome Wagon in the birth decade of this Atherwood Home from Barnesworth Anubis @ COLLABOR88, but I am sure it made its way through the decades and eventually had some ladies knocking at the door. Did you know that there are rumors (well maybe more than rumors) that the US government used the reports from the nice little welcome ladies (my mother in law was one of them) to keep track of folks? That was long, long ago. Things haven't changed.

On a happier note, there are lots of new hunts (good ones, yeah) on the grid at the moment. I went on the Atooly Colors of Summer hunt this morning. It is a short one with photos on the blog of some prizes as well as SLURLs. All good. While I didn't get every prize, I found some nice things. My friend went along and she is happily wearing new duds from Adoness #17.

My outfit hales from two stops, the top from [QE] and the skirt from {ZINAS}.

The new home is open and airy with plenty of glass that happily we don't need to wash in our virtual world.

There are SLIDING doors that swoosh gently and dark toned wood trim. Accent doors are orange as is the front.

This is a large house and could certainly be a home for anyone with lots of possessions -- especially those that like to entertain.

There is an atrium in the middle of the home that leads to other rooms. This is definitely a house for those in San Diego and similar climates.

I was thinking of other uses for this building -- besides the obvious home designation.

It would be a very nice office space with each worker having their own space but being able to see what's going on in the building -- and greet customers when needed.

It would be a great building for those that want to share a dwelling. Each room feels like personal space without the cramped space vibe.

There is a fireplace in the largest room in the back of the house and doors to a roomy exterior patio.

The chair, step table and flowers in rusty pot are newish releases from StoraxTree.  You can find the chair and the three step shelf at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The teapot with flowers is at the Outlet Sales Room Event.

My Hair: EMO-tions Ellen
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

A Note To A Fledgling Blogger

I answered a post on the forums this eve. It was from a brand new blogger asking about sponsorship, free stuff, early access, blogging events and the like. I thought it might be helpful to a few folks out there that are thinking of joining the ever-growing ranks of Those That Blog.

Here is what I wrote:

Five plus years and well over 3500 posts, I may have some insights *wink*.

First of all there is often a difference between "early access" and "official blogger". Early access gets you into a venue before the crowds descend (like Hair Fair).

"Official blogger" MAY or MAY NOT have strings attached. Sometimes samples, hunt prizes and the like are put into the group pool (there is most often a group involved). Sometimes there is a list of "approved bloggers" that designers can -- if they choose -- send items too. There is no guarantee they will send and there is often no guarantee that the bloggers will blog.

There are actually very few venues that have chain-like strings and criteria. These should be noted on the blog sign up sheet or in the notecard you received. If they expect you to blog everything? Well that doesn't work for me, but starting out it might be OK for you. You are the one that has to decide.

Ask questions.

I am not really sure what your mention of "sponsor" covers. Normally those are people who put ads on the sides of some blogs (Blogger doesn't let you do that and I hate ads so wouldn't do it anyway). Maybe you mean you have been asked to be in a blogger group?

Whatever -- the important thing, now and forever in my mind, is to make sure you LIKE what you are blogging and respect the designers, their work ethic and their customer service record. You are connecting yourself with them after all.

It takes awhile to climb your way up the blogger mountain. It is a long journey, hopefully fun and if you are lucky filled with little dra-ma. Eventually if you do a good job, keep your reputation clean and earn the respect of the blogging community and the designers -- you get to blog for some of the best. It won't happen over night.

If you are in doubt about a designer who has asked you to blog for them, get some demos and CERTAINLY visit the shop. Don't start blogging for someone just because they asked - LOL. I know it might be tempting, but it could hurt you in the long run.

Good blogging is not about the "free stuff". It is about doing your part in the giant wheel of fashion and design. Bloggers ARE important, but how important depends on skill, commitment, attention to detail and -- morals.

Go forth. Learn. Grow, Enjoy. 

That was good for me to write on many levels and hopefully helped her a bit.

And on a personal note -- now and then even those most savvy of us can get sucked into something we later regret. That happened to me this last month. I can't go back. Deleting a post is immaterial since you all read it long long ago. What I can do is not make that same mistake again. Giving someone a second chance is a good thing -- one that often comes with a hard set of lessons.

Thanks to all the designers I "blog for". I do indeed respect your work and work ethics or you would not be in that sidebar *wink*.

Getting Girlie

Lots and lots of newness in just one shot. Here's the scoop.

Very cute new hair from Amacci, Thea has a neat little low ponytail in back. It is gently whispy and very "real" looking. We like real looking!  I went with the Graphite color as a thematic counterpoint to my schoolgirl outfit from PARADISIS. Top, skirt, socks, panties and gloves (not shown) are all in one very special priced set. Look for Marie.

My Ducknipple Seabird Wedges are color change by hud (well of course they are) and perfect for running from all the boys.

The chair in the background is one of four Trompe Loeil grayscale releases for The Neighborhood. Apparently (I did some research) these have already come and gone with me not finding them until Sunday, alas. Note to self to find and sign up for The Neighborhood subscribo.

Later note: Lots of looking and visits to shops that participate in "The Neighborhood" have still left me sans info. If anyone knows the webpage or where a subscribo is actually located *wink*, please IM me or leave a note on this post. Thanks.

Later note: a reader sent me an IM with the group to join for anyone interested.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Come As You Are

It is a can't get anywhere from here morn with restarts slower than the norm, possibly because of the new baking system code. Logging into Smith, I tried all my favorite landmarks without movement. So I looked on the map to see what was online and found the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives. Now I "must" have visited this place in my youth, must-n't-I?

I decide to challenge myself to a post "as I was". The windlight was dark and sharp (my alt had been over on the Realms and this is good crystal hunting light *wink*). There wasn't much that was photogenic around and derendering once again saved the day.

My outfit is a very pretty one from {MV} on a hunt. Now I think it was the Atooly Hunt, but since I have taken part in three in the last couple of days, I'm not making a promise on that. I have a similar dress as another {MV} gift, but I prefer this color.

Amacci has some new hairs out. I actually wrote about the more casual style first, but as scheduling goes you will see that post later in the day.

This Estra updo comes with OPTIONAL color change flowers.

While I thought it was very pretty on opening, I had no idea what I would wear it with -- then, what do you know? A perfect pairing arrived.

There are many lovely orchid colors to choose from -- and who doesn't love orchids!

While I was at the tower and sandbox, I took a quick scan at the learning facility. I remember my struggle to understand building methods in my first months here. I am glad the schools will be getting tier reductions again (although it seems that some were all along in a "quiet" way :D). Hopefully some new schools will pop up for the folks wanting to learn to build.

And you know WHAT?  This is really hard to believe -- and I am marking this as a newly discovered secret in case Berry ever asks that, but until about a week ago I was not using the red, green and blue grab bars to stretch. Only the white ones were viable in my building world. I know; it seems quite insane.

I was so structured into my learned skill-set of plopping those numbers into the boxes, I just DIDN'T. Now I am building with prims so much faster. So we learn as we go along, one day at a time.

Which makes a nice segue into a recent film I made which actually won the Centenary award at UWA. It is about learning over time, structure, changing paths. Find it here if you are a film buff. And for the person that sent me those crayons *wink*, here is another big "Thank you!".   Drawing Outside the Lines --

Shoes by Ducknipple
Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable

Cafe 51

Still in my Ducknipple cherry wrap from yesterday I present Cafe 51. Not yet completed but tons of fun to make, a New Mexico diner filled with paintings and UFO memorabilia. Plus a super cool retro jukebox. Here's the scoop.

The Standby Inc. retro jukebox hales from -- well you guessed it, the TLC Area 51 themed event. Several styles to choose from it is no copy item (something I actually missed with the vendor photos but will live with keeping fingers crossed) and amazingly detailed. Truly beautiful mesh. It has a built in list of stations and I believe a list of alternatives (I did save those). Happily, it also let's you choose "none" from the menu as having music playing when trying to film at MOSP would not be a good thing *wink*. I am very thrilled.

Standby Inc. is the same shop that brought us that $44,000 RL gaming console at a very reasonable SL price. Oh the thrills. I zipped over to the shop and found a few other very nice items. I am definitely looking forward to future releases.

Also in this pic, some of the Area 51 accessories from Second Spaces. There are various sets to purchase, some with furniture. I love the bulletin board, books and comics.  The cafe is filled with Trompe Loeil Retro Cafe stools and tables. They are so easy on the land impact I had no guilt whatsoever.

So stop by the cafe when you have a chance. I'll be adding things over time of course. There isn't quite enough "clutter" for my realism level to feel at ease.

See yesterday's post for styling.

Poses by: aDORKable