Sailor's Delight

An adventurous day helping a friend with a makeover ended in this lovely sunset photo.   While not planned, he ended up with a full outfit shown here plus several otehr jackets and coats -- all from the Gabriel "1 linden" room.   Sneakers are free near the entrance. 

These are mainly standard sizing clothing but they fit altamura bodies well, and perhaps others too. Jewelry and glasses were also part of the dollarbie shopping spree. Demos are available for most items. 

Photo taken at Cherishville

Pose by: the chair

Last Days

Tomorrow is the last day for LEA6 so while I was planning on some vagabonding, I decided to recreate an old favorite photo from one of my most well-used spots.  New FLF top and Arcade backpack added to the fun, but goodbye's are hard.


erratic / ness - top / SE navy stripes

Baiastice_College Set-Backpack  coming to The Arcade.


Hair: eXxEsS : CUPCAKE

Pose by: LAP

Primary Colors

Some great new gift are out! Don't miss them.

From Scandallize for Mesh Body Friends -- find this three piece set in two colors plus ombres -- at the store entrance.  Super cut and very versatile.

From Meva for L'Homme Magazine, this great set for men.  Great for the last days of summer. 

Poses by: LAP and aDORKable

Harleigh Ranch Cottage

The newly realeased Trompe Loeil Harleigh Ranch Cottage feels more like a lodge than a cottage to me, but that might be my interpretation of the word "cottage". The Harleigh is roomy with one large open planned room with nooks and fireplace that adjoins a smaller, more private area with its own entrance.

90 land impact, it won't take too much of your prim budget. Back to back fireplaces (one inside and one for outside use on the patio ) as well as hanging outdoor lights complete this modern yet homey abode.

Find it at Uber

Plants by [fundati].
Cliffs by ChiC buildings.


There is still time for Fall plantings --- or Spring if you are south of the equator. Find these cute seeding plant at the 8th anniversary Cookie Jar Hunt (almost over).   Find the donuts (outside) at Home Whimsy and get growing!

Other garden product by ChiC buildings
Water barrel by Shutter Field

Curious Steps


-:zk:- Paquita Dress -- perfect fit, beautifully textured and rigged.  Many colors to choose from. At Cosmopolitan.

Baiastice_Urban Sunglasses -- two versions plus full color hud. 

Hair: NO.MATCH   NO WITNESS -- with and without bangs. This is really BIG hair but photographs wonderfully :D.   At Cosmopolitan.

Lucas Lameth Stealthy Cat Sculpture, Grey Stone  -- a variety of finishes and 1 land impact (even at a larger size) makes this one of the winners for August -- in my book anyway.  I love it!   At Cosmopolitan.

Earrings by Metal & Stone (hunt prize)

MINIMAL - Santorini Backdrop

Pose by: Artis

Desert Glamping

Two superb bits of newness greet the dawn in this photo.

From (Fundati) at Cosmopolitan, a big Yucca Tree set with bonus rocks. Three tree styles in all with options within the styles. These are big trees with across the sim LODs and meant for large expanses. Really lovely, my New Mexico desert has become a California one.

And a sneak peak at the upcoming Arcade offerings, these back country camp tents areperfect as we mov into Fall.  Also appropriate for the soon to be unveiled Belliseria camping areas. Seven versions in the pack from Trompe Loeil.

Other plants - Fundati
Paver rocks and landforms - ChiC buildings

Bright Sun

Midsummer for many of us -- here in the blazing hot sun of a New Mexico day we have our heroin.

Her outfit includes:

From Baiastice at Uber, part of a three piece collection that includes jacket and shorts -- in of course a wide variety of colors as well as denim in the fatpack. This is the bodysuit piece of the Ellaine set. The netting can be made invisible if you so choose.

From Deep Static at Hipster, the Garret glasses with color and transparency hud. Look good on the brightest days out there!


Cydney Couch and Poolhouse by Trompe Loeil

Pose by: the swimming pool

Photography Tip - Lighting and Shadows Settings

After more than 20,000 SL photos I realized something today.  So I am passing that along.  This is on Firestorm; I am not sure about other viewers.

I was wandering around my new abode this morning and noted my framerate was 21 instead of 55. We'll THAT's not good.   Hoping this was not a return of network issues, I went through a personal checklist --- Windows Update?   Change in environment?  Change in settings?    Ahhhhhhh.

I had changed my Shadow settings in the LIGHT tab yesterday when taking a tricky vendor photo. I rarely fiddle with those light settings as they can put a big strain on computers. Happily mine is pretty hefty now and it isn't really an issue unless I crank a LOT of things up.   I set everything in Lights and shadows settings back to the default and my 21 FPS became over 95.  Well that's pretty important to etch permanently in memory.   I know many of you guys know this but for folks that don't (or have forgotten) there's my tip.

Pose by: aDORKable

New Roles

Lani is no longer spending her life on the beta grid and with her role change comes a bit of a makeover.  She got her first purchased hair this week, a newish release from Truth and she is enlarging her wardrobe -- something she hasn't done much over her almost eight years. 

Here she is wearing a new gift top from Wellmade. It comes with shorts but they were not rigged well enough to fit well-rounded buttox and thunder thighs (well not slim anyway).  Still, the top is quite cute and fits her style. It comes with a texture change hud, but this is the pattern with various colors and the prettiest I think.   

Wellmade [WM] Lalie Blouse
Blueberry - Denise - Leggings Full Length
Caboodle - Camille Tied Sweater - Teal

Hair: TRUTH Rumor - Grayscale

S@BBiA::Asymmetric Sandals Blue (Gift)   not shown but recent gift and match perfectly.

Second Spaces - Industrial Workspace - standing clock
HIDEKI - Pile of Stuff
Trompe Loeil - Framed Art Gray Eyechart (lean)

Poses by: Behavior Body


Hair Fair!  It not "just" about hair. 

This Native release from Baiastice is pretty spectacular.  It comes with a texture change hud for both feathers and bands. I have some native american mixed in with my DNA, so this photo shoot was a bit like a homecoming.

Taken at the Quest for the Ancients at LEA6 (closing in about a week).  I still love that build.

Pose by: SEMotion

School Days

It's that time of the year for lots of folks -- school!  Whether you are returning or your kids -- or grandkids, books and pencils and all things ed-u-ca-tion-al are in focus.

A cute new gift, the MonaLISA Seda Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass) is available here with a group tag. 

Deep Static Colin glasses
[Since 1975]- Casino Watch
eXxEsS  Cupcake hair

Pose by: Nantra

Alone Again

New releases, old favorites and a fun gift come together in this styling.


KUNGLERS - Aisha necklace with texture change hud - Cosmopolitan

ExXeSs  Hair - Elena


.:: New Line Store::.Natalia Outfit group gift on wall at the Fenix event.  This comes with boots, leg chains and choker in various mesh body fits.


KUNGLERS - Gigi bracelets (hidden by pose but there :D)
.::Nanika::. Flora Torso tattoo White

This Urban Backdrop alleyway is a new photo prop from MINIMAL at Uber (where you can now finally teleport in :D).  Super detailed and beautifully modeled it would be a great addition to any photo prop collection.  Not for the faint of heart land impact wise (191), it would also be a spectacular entry point for an urban role play sim. 

Pose by: aDORKable

Hair Fair 2019 - Opening Day

Hair Fair is open.  I journeyed over in the early morning hours wearing only a little black dress -- no hair, no shoes, no huds-- and had no problem getting in with premium status.  Crowds have moved into the event now but happily there are cam sims so those who really don't want to wait, can practice there sleuthing skills.

I was happily surprised with this year's event. The variety seems greater, there are many more styles for men than in some years past, paths were easy to follow without getting lost AND frame per second were high (I had about 27).

The build isn't the star of the show but its snowy minimalism  theme sets the stage for some lovely new releases by familiar and no so familiar names. 

My lead photo shows Montmartre from Baiastice. I really do appreciate hats with hair, and this saucy bob style works perfectly with the jaunty beret.  There are some very impressive role play headdresses in the same booth, so para folks are in for a treat.

My simple black lace trimmed tunic dress hales from the Little Fox (the Natalia set) at Cosmopolitan.

Gifts can be found in some of the stores, not like in the early days of Hair Fair -- but there are some nice styles to pick up while you are trying on and buying newness.    Here are a few of my favorites.  Most gifts come with color huds, some with style changes and options and some with accessory color choices.




Backdrop by Paparazzi
Poses by: Nigotine and SE Motion

Whispering Desert

So taken with the Fundati palms, I journeyed over to the main store in search of other treasures.  The new desert collection is some of the best flora on the grid. Impressive for sure. 

This four piece ensemble (heels are in the mix) is from Furtacor and come in many mesh body sizes; a texture change hud is included. All bright and exotic, it even comes with a lion (yes, a lion LOL).

This is a group gift.  Find it in one of the boxes on shelves. The boxes are small so you will need to cam around. Look for the sticker on the box.    With lots of other groups covered you may find some other treasures as a bonus!

Pose by: Di's Opera

Moving In - Flora

With most of my sim styled, I started work on my personal place.  I chose the newly released Cydney Modern Poolhouse from Trompe Loeil.   A small footprint with plenty of outdoor space, good LODs and low land impact all figured into my choice. The  pool on the upper deck? A bonus!

I am not in a hurry to fill all the nooks and corners of this modern dwelling. Taking ones time is rewarding in its own way. Little by little.

In this shot -- one of the entryways and some great new plants just out at Cosmopolitan.

In the foreground, three plants from the Armonia Decor  PinaMar set. Chair and tables are also in the mix.

And outside? A gorgeous palm tree from (Fundati), the Sabal palm II. It has subtle animation, very good LODs and some lovely textures. Palm shown here is 10 land impact.

For those of you paying attention you will note that I pushed the house's deep foundation into my landform.  I wanted to be closer to Mother Nature; head is in the clouds often enough as it is.

Trompe Loeil - Kenna Cot PG

Pose by: the cot

Farm Gal

I am SO enjoying my new sim!   It makes me happy just to visit.  Today was "add" day and I have been digging deep in my inventory for things that will make The Road To Nowhere come alive!  That's the good part of the move. The bad part is redoing more than two hundred Marketplace ads. Oh well, the price of excitement.

In the meantime here is a cute new gacha outfit from Sucreries de Fairy at Cosmopolitan.  The Olivia set includes both jumpsuits and similar attire with skirts in various colors. These are nicely detailed and fit well. Maitreya only. 

So cute!

Hair: eXxEsS : ANGURIA

Farmer's Market Stand by Sese (gacha)
Shed ChiC buildings (gacha)

Pose by: Helamiyo

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Two posh and ladylike releases come together in styling.

From Baiastice at Collabor88, the Kazan dress with many many choices of lace, solids and prints. The dress can become a mini via hud choice.

From Kunglers, a multi-stringed necklace with texture change hud. Find the Inga release at Belle.

Hair: DeLa Cheri

Backdrop by Paparazzi

Pose by: Eternal Dream


A new and exceedingly superb group gift (free group) hit the stands recently.  This is the [ContraptioN] Roamer's Top *SUNDOWN* version for the L'Homme group.  The detailing is truly out of this world.

Find the gift vendor HIGH on the wall in back of the counter.

This is a male gift of course, but I found a good fit among the many male body brand choices.  Adjusting shape sliders in the breast area will add a little more feminine shape, but I was happy just to use my regular one.

While you visiting the store, check out the super creative accessory items. A fun place to shop for sure.

Stories&Co. Signature Latex Leggings

Poses by: Wetcat  -- Ilicit

Road to Nowhere

Phase 1 of my new sim is completed.  There will of course be additional touches here and there as the future unfolds, but I am very happy with its beginnings.

Road to Nowhere is a melding of the Machinima Open Studio Project's installation of that name, and the countryside elements of A Steamy  Mystery in Terradale.   These are now happily co-mingling on a sim with endless skies  and no neighbors with their sometime eclectic and "interesting" builds :D.

Framerates are high, default skies are early winter bright sunny day.  Machinima and photographer friendly; come film and shoot!

Fashion Credits:

Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top
Beautiful Dirty Rich Absence of Fear applier jeans
iS Tied Shirt FATPACK

Hair: no.match No Breeze

Pose by: SEMotion

Love in Lavender

Another superb gift (free group) is out at Vanity -- which also has a collection of new to me creators; always fun to see a variety of brands.   

From Scandalize, the Angelic set in Pale.  A dress as well as a bikini set is included in the pack. Bikini panties work with the dress and are definitely needed :D.    Popular mesh body fits.

Hair: eXxEsS : Espresso

Backdrop: Paparazzi

Pose by: SAAL

Rose Dawn Morn

A new group gift (60,000 members Oh My) out from Scandalize is perfect for summer flirting. An optional belt is included with hud as well as hud for the laces. "Sleeves" are optional also and there is an ombre version in the pack.  Many mesh body fits. 

This is a pay group but there is a whole wall of past group gifts, so definitely worth the fee.

Hair: MINA Hair - Mena

Pose by: Torrid Midnight

Endless Sea

Summer sun. Infinite vista.

From Kunglers at Spellbound, Osana seahorse earring with texture change hud. So many color combos! So enchanting. 

From bonbon,  Vina hair, a new gift on the Marketplace.  Extensive texture hud.

Stories&Co. Signature Tube Top - Pastels

Poses by: Pose It


Some of those "tipped" photos -- presumably taken with the Black Dragon viewer -- can be quite evocative. I am not one to install a lot of programs, but I am happy to experiment with the ones I am familiar with -- and that was my plan of the day. 

Here is how I made to photo above.

I took a screenshot larger and further away (more background) than I intended to have in my finished photo.

I duplicated the photo layer and then rotated the top layer to a pleasing angle.

I then MERGED the two layers into one.
And then cropped them making sure that the crop included only parts of the merged shot.

I am using Corel PaintShopPro 2019 but most graphics software will have these capabilities.

From there, you can add any special effects that you might want and make additional changes as needed.   I used the "vignette" filter in this hallway shot.

This is a different style and look using the same technique.

My outfit is new from Baiastice and comes as separates for later mixing and matching. There are many fabrics to choose from as well as a fatpack hud.  Perky and summery, this is a fun addition to your wardrobe.  Find the Jenny Set here.

The Trompe Loeil - Cydney Chair and Couch as well as the Cydney Modern Poolhouse are available at Uber.

(Kunglers Extra) Eliza leaf earring

Hair;  no.match_ ~ NO_STRESS

Poses by: SEMotion