Play Time

Mid summer and a long weekend. The virus statistics in the US are VERY BAD for many areas. Gold stars for New York though. Leadership DOES HELP. 

Please be "tough, smart, disciplined, united and loving" this holiday weekend; saving lives is a good way to celebrate.

Merry-go-round pose prop new at Cosmopolitan at the ChiC buildings pad. Both animations and poses included.

Pink outfit by SCANDALIZE
Ohemo - Lenn sneakers (gray)

Poses by: the merry-go-round


It's that season again == a hunt at Witchwood.  This time no hints.   Never fear, I will give you a couple. There are plenty of great items to gather ($10-$20 lindens each). I was after the very pretty flowered midi dress with lace trim and the combat boots.  I never really adopted this style in the corporeal world, but I love it virtually.  Find all the hunt info including a item key at the landing point. 

Find these great boots in the graveyard and witches house area. The dress is in one of the stores on a shelf.

 A perfect and oh so lovely accompany bit of jewelry are these KUNGLERS - Emilia bracelets with texture hud == just out at Cosmopolitan

Hair: MINA Hair - Jacky

Pose by: Kirin and SEmotion

Even on Sunday

Chores. They never seem to disappear. Cross one off the todo list and two more have taken their place. Even weekends aren't exempt.


*AGATA* Gillian skirt and top at Cosmopolitan - both prints and solids available

Trompe Loeil - Torryn Modern Ranch  at Uber -  A super spacious modern house with plenty of "distancing" opportunities. Separate areas can be bedrooms, offices or whatever you need them to be. 

Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - chemicals & stuff
Second Spaces - Pool Upkeep - robot vacuum    both at Summerfest  (other props available)

Cube Republic Water Bananas - a Hop and Shop gift.

"D!va"" Hair "Jinia"

Pose by: Behavior Body

Romy Cay

More great gifts are out at Trompe Loeil. They just keep getting better.   The Romy Cay Cottage is a stilt house -- perfect for beachy areas and summer fun.  The chairs come in two styles and in either fabric (shown) or leather.  Don't miss these.

The nicely made [Rezz Room] Can of Milk is a gift at Access.


[;Ma'De<] Desiree Dress Golden Feather - a TeleportHub group gift

Fonde - Cat Eye Sunglasses - Black also at Access.

Pure Poison - Mandala Platforms

/Wasabi Pills/ Cleo Mesh Hair

Pose by: the chair

New Last Names Revealed

Chic in 2010

Some new last names have been added to the Second Life last name choices; some I rather like -- more than the original list for sure :D.  I have no need of a last name and doubt I would spend those US dollars anyway; but for those of you in angst over being "whyaretherenogoodnamesleft1978" or something similar, here is your chance. Grab them while they are available.


Additionally, three names are being made available for purchase in honor of Second Life’s 17th Birthday theme: 


SL17B Ho9p and Shop Picks - Day 6

This years birthday even theme has to do with travel. These days travel plans are off in the far distance for many folks. But we can still travel virtually and explore countries we may never get to visit in our corporeal bodies. And then of course there is Netflix *wink* and the long time escape standard of books.

Whatever your travel plans -- stay safe.

See the SLURL post for your taxi.


{le fil casse} Kennedy Dress - Ice

Adora Fun -  Shards Necklace with Resizer *

MALified: Mask (Blue): Unrigged COPY MOD are HERE

Blueberry - SL17B - Gift - Bow Slippers

DOUX - Candice Hairstyle [M] (full color huds and various sizes)

 [Lemon Chilliz] Window Frame Decor
Case de Bebe {CdB} Vellum Suitcases - sm
Laminak - SL17 - Birthday Gift - Blue Stool (also in white - color change pillow - very nice kitchen table in the set)
Sway's [Clio] Stack of Books

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Stilt Homes for Belliseria

People have been waiting and wondering for some time -- what is going in the official demo area at SL17B.   There were hints. There were guesses.  And this afternoon the new Florida (USA) style stilt homes were unveiled.  Four styles in all, there won't be too many prims needed for flora since it water and sand form the landscape.

Tropical plants and boardwalks complete the theme of the casual coastal lifestyle.  When these may appear seems a bit of a mystery -- or I am not following the correct folks.  If you missed Patch's talk today you can find it here (audio only) .

The homes are bright and airy and can work for single folks or families.  Hopefully we will see them before the end of the year.


Don't miss these great camo shorts -- a gift at ACCESS from RKKN.

SL17B Hop and Shop Picks - Day 5

And yes there is fantasy and creatures and particles and glow :D.  Here are my favorites. And check out the Plastik Syliste skins (male and female BOM).

See the SLURL post for your taxi.

Silvan Moon Designs Iona Destiny Elven Set

PIXEL BOX Design Steampunk Book

Simply Shelby Rustic Elvish Garden Lantern

Sintiklia - Hair Ruby

Pose by: Helamiyo

Late Night - Early Morn

Gift gathering isn't a major activity for most guys,  but the anniversary bash at Man Cave makes it fun and easy. Lots of great gifts are offered to group members (free group) and you can shop while you gather!


[Moonstone] Merana MANCAVE Gift
WINGS-OE0818 HAIR  (unrigged)
VELOUR HOMME: Kiss Marks - Vs.4
/fake society / chain necklace / silver


VARONIS - AfterDark: Night Call // PayPhone Booth  - new release at Man Cave

Pose by: Diesel Works

SL17B Hop and Shop Picks - Day 4

Ah the goodness. Day five brings some modern home and garden items to the spotlight as well as some more traditional wearables.  Ajd don't forget the balloons!

See the SLURL post for your taxi.


*HolliPocket* Breezey Bia Mini-tropica

Sweet Thing. Bday Sandal: Pink

(Kunglers) Anais necklace - teal

Love [Lovely] Hair - M

Trompe Loeil - SL17B Gift - Wireframe Chair
Fancy Decor: Antony Sculpture (black & wood)
K&S - // Photobooth with drapery

Pose by:  SEmotion Libellune Heart Balloons 5 Animesh

Waiting for Input

Another fun post featuring gifts from Access!

The main sim is still full as I type this, but another cam sim (now two) has been added, so you have a SLIGHTLY better chance to get in.   I used all my non-premium tricks to get in a couple of days ago, and I was still lucky. By the time you read this things "may" have slowed down some.

Be sure and pick up demos while you are there as getting back in might be tricky :D. 


Meva Antonella Dress Complete Gift
[Enchante'] - Linda Shoes - Maitreya - Yellow -
.euphoric ~Jamie Lashes Applier~[Genus]
[VEX] Diamond Studs V1
ENVIEE - TT's Flip Phone {Calling}
MEMOIRE Von Bag Noir (Hand-Held/Handle)

Sintiklia - Hair Will  -- this is the male hair gift with two color huds. Love it!

K&S - // Ice cream shop. (Backdrop)

Poses by: the attachments and Vista Animations

SL17B Hop and Shop Picks Day 3

Today's picks highlight celebration - and what better place to enjoy the day than at the beach.

See the SLURL post for your taxi.

Dead Dollz - Silene Swimsuit - Tropical

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Ayumi hair(Resize)

alaskametro  SLB17 nail art - (bright aqua set)

Dragon Magick Wares RoadSide Stand
CHEZ MOI Party Balloon (High LOD)
Myth -  Balloons Colors

Pose by: Foxcity (includes sparklers)

A Restful Sky

It's the weekend, but it's not time to laze.  Don't miss out on the striking daybed from Ariskea on The Saturday Sale.  Extremely pretty with fine texturing, this will work best for folks with good quality video cards :D.  OR it can be a pose prop.  Definitely feminine. 

Other highlights include:

KUNGLERS - Sidonia  earrings with texture hud newly released at Belle
[Eternus] Raspberry Dress Maitreya (Pink) - gift at Access

Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Will at  Access

Pose by: the Ariskea[Zigi] Tropical  Daybed [Couples & Singles]

SL17B Hop and Shop Picks - Day 2

There is plenty of "pink" over at the Hop and Shop. Cute little things for cute little gals.  But even those of us not enamored with those teenage years can find some fun items amidst the goodies.

See the SLURL post for your taxi.

From .::WoW Skins::.  Daisy Tan with Omega, Genus and BOM.

From Candy Kitten, the Teddy skirt and top set (and yes there is a teddy bear choker which I did NOT wear *wink*

From e.marie // SL17B Latte Gift

From K&S - // Photobooth with drapery and color change hud

Pose by: Body Language  (HUD AO MixPriority)SLC Bento AO 17's Map

SL17B Hop and Shop Picks - Day 1

With 200 shops to peruse and gather from I am thinking a few of you will simply sigh, roll over and head back to sleep.  But there are some great bargains as well as a collection of lovey gifts. So I will do my best to show off my favorites.  Now MY favorites may not be your favorites of course; there is something for everyone at the big event. Still, perhaps I can entice you to venture over!

See the SLURL post for your taxi.

Infinite - New York Skybox
MINIMAL -  SL17B Gift -Black- (the bed)
DaD "Nobu Composition" c/m (the vase grouping)
*OA-MEO* =EggChair=

Son!a-Edge Sierra Dress
.::Supernatural::. Tita Necklace Rose Gold/Gold (many metals)
Chop Zuey Frost Womens Ring

Sintiklia - Hair Ruby Fitted breast size 1[MOD]

Pose by: Infiniti  (big pack of poses with pride flags)

New Arrival

If you haven't been to the Access Anniversary round, you probably want to get over there.  Included in some of the over ninety gifts are these lovelies>

BOOSH - Ember Ribbed Dress Lara Cream
-MONCADA PARIS- Medusa Bracelet model 1
[VEX] Diamond Studs V1
EQUAL - Fringe Handbag
MAJESTY- Icey Girl Shades [rosegold]
Essenz - Florida (Pack 4) Maitreya
.euphoric ~Jamie Lashes Applier~[Genus]

Hair: TRUTH / Poetry

Pose by: oOo studio

SL17B Hop and Shop - SLURLS

The SL17B Shop and Hop event opens the 18th to the "Second Life Birthday" group and to the general public June 19. It runs through July 12. With 200 creators represented most folks are bound to find something in that 'must have" category. All items are discounted at least 20 percent with many stores having items at half price.

Doubling the size of the event "should" make getting in easier but there are overflow areas north and south of each sim. as needed.  A few things seem to always go amiss during the opening days. The servers are working very hard. So shop carefully and by all means CLICK carefully.

SLURLS to the stores

Except for a couple of booths that still need to be filled and one that moved, these should be correct. Note however that if the store owner resized their store with walls and forget to set a landing point, you could likely end up in or behind a wall.  So stay sharp. 

Most creators put out a gift as requested. Some seem to have hidden theirs well as several tries garnered no goodies for me.  Perhaps you super-slueths will find what I did not.

Daily posts with picks from the event (six in all) will appear daily.  This is for those of you who really don't want to wander through all 200 stores.

The official Flickr group is here:

. Hanzel .
. Infiniti .
.: Runic :.
.::WoW Skins::.
[ Aleutia ]
[ keke ]
[CIRCA] Living
[satus Inc]
{CdB} Casa de Bebe
{le fil cassé}
* SK * ( Sweet Kajira )
*Elite Equestrian*
*paper moon*
1313 Mockingbird Lane
3rd Eye Perceptions

A&D Clothing
alaskametro<3 http:="" ilded="""" nbsp="" p="" secondlife="">

ALMA Makeup
Aphrodite Shop
Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers
Belle Epoque
Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute
Bowers House Designs
Breaux Willow

Candy Kitten
ChiC buildings
Chop Zuey
Crowded Room
Cube Republic
DaD - Virtual Living
Dark Passions
Dead Dollz
Devinz Designz
Digital Farm System  (DFS)
Dragon Magick Wares

FaceDesk Creative Creations
Fallen Gods Inc.
Fancy Decor
Fantasy China
Fantavatar & Moonstruck
Fourth Wall
Gabrielle Hamelin
Ghoul 喰種
Glam Affair
Hayabusa Design
Holli Pocket
Infinite Furniture

Inner Demons
Juna Artistic Tattoo
Lapointe & Bastchild
lassitude & ennui
Lemon Chilliz
Lilith's Den
Luane's World
Mandilena Gestures

Mini A Chuu
Miss Chelsea
Moon Rabbit
Native Urban
Paragon Dance Animations
Petit Chat
Pink Cream Pie
Polenth's Mushporium

Rainbow Sundae
Rebel Pill
reBourne prefabs
Rumah Kita
Sahi Designs
Salt & Pepper
Secrets of Gaia
Silvan Moon Designs
Simply Shelby
Spargel & Shine Homes

Sweet Thing
Tableau Vivant
Tachinni Clothing
The Annex
The Stringer Mausoleum
Trompe Loeil
Umi Surf and Snow
United Colors

Valentina E.
Vanity Hair
What Next
Wilds of Organica
WK - Wild Kajaera

Unopened Doors

I found this superb tattoo at Vanity. Now I don't wear tattoos that often but I do appreciate the artistry. I also have had occasion to notice an abundance of not so artistic and not so well made items of late.  Honestly I think tattoos had their heyday when SL was very young, but hopefully they are coming back.

There was no demo for this tattoo --- and indeed I notices many booths at Vanity with no demos.  I hope that is not a trend.  Even though I couldn't try before buying I did purchase this offering from Vegas, Tattoo Dark Live this Moment.  Light and medium versions are included as well as solid black versions in three tones. Both BOM and appliers are included in the pack.

It took me all afternoon (yes, literally) to find an outfit that would show off the tattoo in its glory.  I delved deep into the recesses of my inventory, yep I did.

Here are those supporting actor credits:

Dahlia - Madison - Choker
{MYNX} Yoga Pants - MAITREYA Dark Gray
N-Uno - Dina Bra // Maitreya

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Jinia"

Poses by: SE Modeling

Late Night News

Some days it is better just to hide under the covers. 

A new round of Cosmopolitan --- are you ready?


[Eternus] Wave Top

NO.MATCH_NO_STUDY (comes with and without pencil through updo.

YouNeed! .:YN:. Pallet bed MUSE  - PG and A versions. Pillows and quilt come with color hud and are also tintable. 20li at this size

Pantie from Scandalize

Pose by:  the bed

Surfer Girl FLF

Some fun items out for Fifty Linden Friday!

Astralia - Surf Beach shower FLF with showering and couples animations included.

MINA Hair - Elowen with tintable hair as well as hair texture versions.  I didn't figure out how to change the accessory colors though :D.

Baiastice_West Bikini (daring and older )

Pose by: aDORKable

Morning Mist and Quiet Thoughts

Quiet times are the best for thinking.  Early hours of summer; birds waking and sunlight beginning its journey  for the day.


""D!va"" Hair "Jinia" at Collabor88   -  I hardly EVER buy hair but couldn't resist this lovely number.  Aside from style it offers a low price point; always a bonus. 

KUNGLERS - Skyler earrings at Cosmopolitan - Just my style; casual and attention getting. These can be resized and have a texture hud with numerous choices.

Trompe Loeil - Solstice Chair Natural Plain at Collabor88 - light and dark versions with pattern or plain seats. Very impressive.

Pose by: the chair

Back in Time with BOM

Remember that Exmachina mesh body giveaway?    Well today I got around to upgrading my best friend's avatar (RL).  After mesh bodies came in he upgraded at my nagging of course, but never got back to his favorite look. My plan was to see if I could get him there now that we have the ability to use system skins with Bakes On Mesh.

I had some issues getting him set up == even though I had worked through most of the BOM ropes when playing with my own prize body.  My viewer kept crashing each time I took off or added clothes or hud. This was NOT helpful. Eventually I decided to try the Linden viewer and all went well there -- hence it appears to be some strange bug in Firestorm -- one that hasn't affect me or my alts.

Unfortunately the viewer change reminded again how much I hate EEP which is missing some of the choices that come with Windlight -- contrast for one, which I use A - LOT! I plan to go down screaming but will likely be OK if I import all my old Windlight settings and tweak from there.  Hopefully that will be a long ways off.

Once I had his body together (new shape of course as the mesh body fit VERY differently than his system style) all went well.   He didn't have any pants that would fit the Exmachina avatar though so I went out to find some demos.  A few shops made clothes for Davide (sometimes written David) but those no longer seem to be out OR don't really fit this upgraded avatar. 

I did though find an outstanding pair of jeans at Cold Ash. These are SIG GIANNI Size - HOLLOWAY Ripped Jeans (Straight) - DarkBlue. The set comes with an optional belt with color hud and also a rolled up cuff version.   These are gloriously made and look great. Gianni fit my friend but of course try the demos.  His bracelet is a group gift from Cold Ash.

I was really amazed how great those old products still looked. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise as I have some favorites still from that era. 

Here is the scoop and the nostalgic dates of the items:

His ZMOKE SKIN STYLE 6 BY TELLAQ is at least five years old (maybe more as it was on a midnight madness board back in the day when TELLAQ boards actually paid off LOL. 

His MAGIC hair is from 2015 also.

His Legend tattoo is from 2009 and was a gift at some "event" before we actually had venues.

Pose by: LAP

Music and Coffee

I have been working on clutter lately, that bit of styling that leads the viewer to believe our virtual world is as real as our corporeal one. The theme of my loft is a creative confluence of people who love music,  the outdoors and of course coffee.  Their view is high above the streets of a city -- their world filled with items that they use daily. 

This is where I am at the moment.  A bit more to go; we wouldn't want any empty spaces -- well not many anyway.

Adventures in Shopping 6-5-20


RUST REPUBLIC [Manila] dress at Cosmopolitan --- Nicely textured and styled. Really a top which works well over applier or BOM leggings. Optional panties are included with a very limited choice of colors. 

D-LAB SHOWER2 adult with wall
Trompe Loeil - Nicolina Basket + Towels
Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Drying Rack / 4
Dutchie stack of towels 1LI
hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . purple

Over at the new LEVEL event you can find a huge array of nicely made bathroom accessories at the SIIX booth.   Be sure and pick up this great bathroom scale gift while you are perusing the bottles and towels and other  goodies.  Unfortunately the decor only comes in a fatpack of 29 items. More than what I needed, but if you have a gorgeous modern his and hers type area, the set may be perfect for you.

Also of interest , two items from Contrast at The Arcade. Shown here is the boat and the hall rack.  Nicely made and textured. LODs are a bit less than I would like so plan your placement accordingly if you run at LOD2 or lower.

Bike by {what next}
Sign by Mesh India (now Madras)

Another new venue, the WIP event features an engaging sim styling with major build from The Bearded Guy.  I tried a few demos and didn't find anything that was "me" but loved seeing something different in venue design; best in my book since The Food Court.   So journey over and have a look.

Rounding out  this week's shopping sprees, a nicely modeled hanging planter from Ariska -- out for Fifty Linden Fridays.  Be sure and check out this sessions offerings. Some great deals can be found.

Pose by:  the scale


This is my third post in a row on SCANDALIZE.  No, I am not getting paid; I am not even an official blogger. But I ("we") try and show you things we love and I haven't been finding a lot in that category lately.

Still, let's focus on the pluses, shall we?

From SCANDALIZE as a gift at FaMESHed this round,  Katherin. PinkPale which includes plain and dotted versions in many mesh body fits. Super cute, it has a texture change hud for the strings. You WILL need panties (not included) :D.  Best bet for now is the cam sim!

Another gift at FaMESHed is this pretty necklace with Springtime umbrella and texture change hud. Happily PINK was a crystal choice.  Look for the MIDNA - Zaza Necklace in a FaMESHed group gift box in front of the Midna cubical.

The new release that I am most excited about is the .PALETO. Backdrop:. Canalle -- available at the new round at Cosmopolitan.   This is billed as a photo prop, but it is fully finished sides and back and would fit into a large build easily. It has long rangd LODs as well as some impressive texturing and weighs in at 86 land impact, kind of heavy but very nicely made.


Now here is my little op ed portion of tonight's programming. 

I went to all the newly opened events today. Some of my friends did also (we shop and decorate a lot during these days of confinement).  I wanted to buy; I really REALLY did -- I just couldn't find anything I was willing to spend my money on.

It isn't a new story but this month's offerings seem to call for underlining and bolding. I couldn't find ANY (and I do mean any) clothes that jumped out as being creative and well-made. The large majority were variations on a theme. A new button here, a bigger ruffle there\and in general what many of us already have in our virtual closets.  The same theme rang true for shoes -- except for one super cute pair WITH NO DEMO (I passed).

Several friends have bemoaned this lack of actual innovation; it isn't just me noticing. To the handful of creators that still read this blog, I encourage you to push that envelope a bit, try some new things. Stop making a sleeve longer and a buckle bigger  and start from scratch.  Make fewer but unique products; rethink perhaps why you are working at all.  Cut back and use your time more wisely if that is what you need to do.  There are folks out there that WANT to spend their linden dollars.  They just need a reason to.


I am still here. I am still blogging. But if the post get a bit less frequent it is simply because I am waiting to share some REALLY GOOD STUFF with you.

Hair by Truth

Pose by: LAP