A Country Fall

A Country Fall

Out exploring on a love misty afternoon, the countryside my locale of choice and not an unusual one.

From MEVA at Pocket Gacha, the Shara set with five calm almost neutral tones of dress, both brown and black accent accessories.  Maitreya fit.


Pose by: Di's Opera

Timeless Echos

Timeless Echoes

There are some designs that are timeless. They take their roots from the past and flow into the present. Two new releases fit this description -- make that three; no four.

While there are clear references to styles from decades ago, the Hilly Haalan  Gaynor Dress (Cosmopolitan) wouldn't have been at home in a WWII era office. Way too much leg!  But today? And tomorrow? Who is to say what will be "acceptable dress code" --- especially with women bosses :D.

This one piece suit comes in either patterns or plains with hud for Maitreya and Slink.

Purse: Baiastice Klum Bag Black

Inspiration for the Trompe Loeil Vivienne Craftsman Cottage (four colors with coordinating outdoor fireplace and patio) are tied to a previous era -- a style that has never gone out of style.  This new release can be found at Uber.

The  Dinorah necklace from Kunglers is perfect for low necked classics, suits or ball gowns. Find it at The Trunk Show.

I have been wearing the new amais Oxana skin for a few days now. This is the medium tone which is my norm, but the ivory version is especially fitting for this spooky season. The skin comes sans makeup for a natural tomboy look and is easily enhanced with makeups.  I love that the skin comes without bright colors or harsh eyeliners; it let's me choose what level of makeup I want to show. No interference!

Find this new release at Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: grafica

Solitary Beaches

Solitary Beaches

As winter approaches Northern beaches become abandoned when the cold winds move in. But happily we have cool or warm, sunny or gray sandy landscapes simply based on our Windlight settings. Can't ask for better than that.

From Elegance Boutique at Cosmopolitan, the Ruffle  Shirt with accompany skirt. There is also a version of the top sans ruffle for minimalist gals. There are SO VERY MANY choices of colors and patterns in these set (three in a pack for the tops and two for the skirts) that it will likely be difficult to find your favorites.

Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits.

The (Kunglers) Nicky bracelets, this in Peridot can be at home in casual settings or as a dressy accompaniment to your more formal attire. Plenty of color choices.  Also at Cosmopolitan.

Hair: Wasabi Pills Cleo

Poses by: aDORKable

A Homey Fall

Gray skies and inches of rain, it's time to wrap yourself in comfy attire and bake some pies and cupcakes!

From Stories&Co. for N21, cuddly sweatshirts. The Delilah Sweatshirts come with a choice of two huds  with Maitreya and Slink fits.

And if the "comfort" part of comfortable is utmost in your mind, you will want to check out the new instore release at MYNX. With lots of fun patterns and fits for most mesh bodies, these Pajama Pants are sure to be a hit when you simply want to get out of fashionista mode and relax. Flat feet only :D.

You will certainly need something to store your dishes and bakeware in and Sway's [Judith] China Cabinet fits the bill. A variety of finishes as well as filled versions and an empty give your lots of choices. A dish menu let's you change the textures on dishes and canisters. Find this new release at Shiny Shabby.

No kitchen is complete without plenty of kitchen clutter. You can pick up a variety of homey goodness at The Epiphany. Just head over to the Second Spaces booth and try your luck at the big Modern Farmhouse gacha.

This is my personal favorite of the set, the cookbook with rolling pins.


Pose by: Exposuer

Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt - My Picks

Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt
Stitched Tunic and Peaches Coffen
A new hunt just opened, Once Upon a Nightmare from The Epiphany folks. The theme is seasonal with lots of ghoulish gifts as well as some that can crossover into other times. Here are a few of my favorites.

I need to be fair here. This is a big hunt and with time at a premium I perused the prize photos before heading out hunting. There are items out for particular bodies of course and so not everything will work for everyone. Some lovely items can be found in this hunt which is a great thing to be able to say as we all know how hunts have deteriorated in general over the last few years.

I do have one pesky peeve. The hud has tiny buttons with fancy text and takes up about a third of my 2560 resolution screen. I really needed to remove the hud EACH time I went to a new spot in order to be able to -- well HUNT - LOL.  Hence I no doubt missed some great things along the way.

But here are a few to get you excited.

An Umbrella gift from deviousMind, the Spider Parasol which comes in both black and white.   My outfit is a companion store release, Widow which comes in Black Widow and White Widow versions; Hourglass and Lara fits. The complete set includes MANY more spiders.

Many Many more spiders -- with me not a spider gal. I LOVE the spiderweb skirt and flowing webs off the umbrella, but those little (or sometimes big) arachnids and I are not sempatico.

Spider pasties are included but I opted for some coverage from my Lakshimi hair, Wren.

[Top Photo Info]

A very nice role play outfit for the guys can be found easily (see the hint on the blog) at Stitched. This comes with a cape option and also in a dark tan color. It is made for the Gianni body but fit my Exmachina Davide very well. A tiny place in the back neck was off but long hair (very fitting) works nicely.

I also want you to know there there has been an update for Davide (and another in the works) and those pesky scripting issues appear to be a thing of the past. So if you tried a demo before and got aggravated, now is a good time to venture over and pick up a new version.

The very classy coffin is from Peaches.

Over at DDD you can find a nicely detailed set of aging skulls. We ALL need a set of those, don't we?

Not scary but definitely beautifully made (works for me!) this Drying Star from Kres.  (Kinda tricky to find ^^.)

Rounding out my report, these very nice earrings with metal changing hud and both engraved and plain versions are from OXIDE.

Go forth. Find great things!

As a caveat, quite a few of the photos on the hunt listings are confusing or misleading so you may not end up hunting for what you THINK you are hunting for. 

Poses by: Vista Animations, Diesel Works,  Beehive

Halloween Challenges - Monday Meme

scare me silly

I really hadn't planned on doing the Monday Meme this week. My mind has been on other projects. But there is also a photo contest going on for the current Team Diabetes event which I am taking part in.  So put the two together and it seemed like a viable few hours === and it was fun too.

I had the great succubus outfit from deviousMind as a starting place. I already had hair from the previous posting. Somewhere along they way parts of the outfit disappeared; but never fear, I save "odd things" from long ago and had a big choice of horns.

I also had a new skin from amais at Cosmopolitan and switched to pale mode from medium. I really like these skins and have been wearing them constantly for several months.  In this case I chose the no eyebrow version which seemed appropriate and added some wickedly seductive makeup from alaskametro (currently at On9

I didn't have any guy friends (necessary for the succubus part of the equation) that had Bento heads. Actually now that I am done, I remembered one, but hey. So I sent an old emote hud to a friend with a legacy head and he filled in. Some artful vignette filters and all is well.

My poses are beyond antique but worked quite well. It was fun putting together a story.

Poses by: Posemaster [nla]

Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring

Whether you are deep in Spring mode or simply dreaming out the first crocuses to emerge, there is a stunning jumpsuit to be had for Hello Tuesday.

The Seniha Isabella Jumpsuit offers plenty of solids and prints to mix and match as you mood dictated. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

From TUKINOWAGUMA at Cosmopolitan, Necke -- a casual over the shoulder braid.

You can find these very pretty Ionna bangles at the Kunglers booth at Shiny Shabby. A variety of colors are available including wood.

Poses by: an lar and Wetcat

City Streets

City Streets 1

All dressed up in ho-wear, I ventured back to my old stomping grounds to find that the Red Light district was no more. How can that be? After a nice OOC chat with a new arrival I moved on to my historical place of choice for all things dark and mysterious, Toxian City.

Now my garments of themselves are not all that "ho" but by the time I got my look together I was feeling pretty "lady of the night" as my mum used to say :D.

All fine quality items no matter how you style your wardrobe.

Kaithleen's Crop Fur Coat at Tres Chic

Dahlia - Madison - Choker at Tres Chic (some great looking earrings currently hidden by hair are also available so don't miss those!

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Sarina" at Tres Chic

City Streets 2

If you missed these beautifully detailed boots at Cosmopolitan, check the main store of  **UTOPIA@Design** - "LEXI" come with color change hud. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Ducknipple: WonderBra
Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: Everglow and Diesel Works


Erika - the jacket

Reigning as my favorite new release at Tres Chic this month, I give you the Erika jacket from E-Clipse Design (ED. Design).

The finely detailed jacket is available in a variety of neutral tones and comes in Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

I don't often spend a lot of time putting together "a look" but since I really really liked this jacket, I did just that. It wasn't all that easy really as I was looking of an understated classy mood, rich gal on the prowl. here is the rest of my outfit, mostly recent releases.

Mowie. - "Zarina" Legging

Amacci Shoes - Carmel

(Kunglers) Ticiane earrings in amber


Poses by: Eternal Dream

Contemplation on Fall

Contemplations on Fall

While I am fairly tired of "Halloween" *wink*, I am still in love with Fall. The leaves are just beginning to turn in my section of the globe; greens mix with the beginnings of gold and a crispness permeates the foggy morns and gives way to dappled sunlight.

From MEVA for Cosmopolitan, a variation on a theme, the Thalia Skirt and Top which come with optional belt.
Maitreya fit.


Also at Cosmopolitan, the [meisu] Apricity glasses with some lovely detailing. A color change hud comes with resizing options.

And, still from Cosmopolitan, another style of the Cici earrings from Amacci.

Over at Salem, you can find a large collection by hud of nail appliers from alaskametro. Materials appliers included for Slink and Omega, Maitreya nail appliers included (with mix options) for hands and feet.

Happily these can move beyond October nicely!

Poses by: an lar, Orc and aDORKable

Golden Girl

Meet The Countess -- or at least a few pieces from a many layered gacha set including hat, shoes, formals and more.  Find your favorite hue and be prepared for some trading. Better yet, bring your gal friends along with you.

The place - The Epiphany. The brand - Baiastice.

Elephant earrings! (and necklace). Sometimes we just don't know what we need!

Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: Eternal Dream

Monday Meme Revisted

We are revisiting astrology signs this week. Since I was VERY verbose last time I am going to paste in the link to my answers from four years ago.

And as an addition to my pasted link, I want to reply to the person that said Berry was technically "on the cusp". To some astrologers that is a valid statement; to others it is not :D. There are many MANY factors that come together in a natal chart but for some of us, one's sun is simply and definitely in the the sign it lies in.

Anyway, here are my answers.

After tubbing (always a morning ritual) I decided it would be good to finish this post adding the NEW info Berry asked.  I am not going to use the terms on the website she referenced but I had no argument with the adjectives given for her Virgo-ness.

What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are?

Aquarians think a lot; they often live in their head more than in what we think of as reality. Aquarius is both the sign of genius and madness, because we can often see and understand things that others cannot.

Aloof is a good adjective for Aquarians, but it is not so much a chosen thing as we are often busy watching from the sidelines. We "walk around" a scene rather than take part. We see the spaces between the trees rather than the trees themselves (also an artist thing so I can't really say how much is star inspired).

We often do things for the "good of the group" rather than for ourselves. We believe in progress and change but often find ourselves kicking and screaming (in our heads anyway) when faced with an actual need for change in OUR lives. 

We can be torn between future and past (Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius; Saturn the traditional one -- both a part of us and not all that simpatico in nature).  Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile these feelings and we find ourselves split. For example the typist has a super spiffy computer but I am one of the few people I know who purposefully doesn't have a cell phone.

There are so many influences in an astrology chart it is sometimes difficult to see where various characteristics come from.  I have always been an avid gardener. Digging in the dirt is an important part of my life when weather permits. That has nothing at all to do with Aquarius, but it very much is a factor pointed to by my Taurus ascendant. 

Hence I will skip the likes and such part of the question :D.

PS. I almost forgot to mention one of the most important Aquarian needs -- "personal authenticity"; being true to ourselves it of utmost importance.



From !dM deviousMind for the EPIPHANY this October --- "Succubus".

Tons of colors to choose from and some eye-catching thigh high boots.

The tail and wings are pretty darn spectacular with seductive movement!

Lara and Hourgalss fits.

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color, "Succubus" consists of 2 sets [set A: top & collar, set B: thigh boots] in 12 common colors each, for a total of 24 commons. On top come 3 rares: Bento Succubus Wings, Bento Gloves and finally Horns, Tail&Trident.

Hair by RAMA.SALON at Tres Chic - Carol which happily comes in a wide variety of sizes!

Pose by: Diesel Works

Leaves in the Fountain

Leaves in the Fountain

There is a chill in the air. That is a certainty. Warm attire moves to the front of the closet.

From Baiastice for COLLABOR88 the Francois Coat with hud that lets you change the color of the camisole. And if you have the fatpack you can add in some texture accents -- or of course choose a print version of the coat. With enough breathing room in the important places, it works nicely with many sleek fitting primary layers.

Now you can of course wear this with the very cute not too short (hard to come by so a good staple in your closet) skirt, but I was feeling more adventurous in my styling last eve and went for a leggings look. That works too.

Here's the additional info:

Mowie. - "Zarina" Legging
lassitude & ennui Lazy boots

Amacci has some new earrings out at Cosmopolitan.  These are Cici III, a great accent when you want to stay understated. An easy to use hud offers choices for both metal colors. You can ALWAYS be coordinated!

This  Fountain Octagonal Autumn (with animations) from Atelier Visconti is perfect in this location. Fall has come; the days are cool and a quietness envelopes the sleep town with shadowed mysteries.

Find it at the Fallen Gods Inc Dicennial .

Photos taken at A Steamy Mystery at Terradale where you can wander to find clues and perhaps solve the mystery of what happened to Sarah. 

My Seven Second Life Facts

Berry is starting up the memes again -- under another name but I am betting most of us will call them Monday memes anyway.  I am tardy as I don't visit her site often now that the focus is on mesh heads and I have no plans to get another.

Since I write SO much on forums and such I don't have a lot of unknown facts but I will try and share a few quirky things.

1. I still have my Firestorm Kitty, Pearl. And it is an important day for her; she is 1500 days old as I type this. Pearl has always had a home of sorts and has never been put away in inventory. She has a tendancy to fall through prims in the sky so I try and keep her on solid ground. Currently she is roaming LEA12 where she has lots of space and some visitors to keep her company.

2. I have 98 videos on my YouTube channel. Some arty, some tutorials, a few that are ads for products.

3. I spent much of my youth camping for lindens which gave me enough money to start my first store which was clothing. I was never very GOOD at clothing but it sold fairly well for the times. And I am so glad we have progressed in that area. 

4. Aside from some real life friends who I joined with, Nissa Nightfire is the only old timer still in my friends list. We met as early bloggers on Iheartsl when it was a community blog and not a feed.

5. A Steamy Mystery at Terradale is my fourth LEA build. The fist was an eighth of a sim city build with subway that I constructed (prims) in order to film "Lost in the City".  That was five years ago.

6. I seldom update my software as long as it is doing the job it needs to do. My graphics software is six years old.

7. I love to move and decorate, then I often lose interests. My favorite home was a Steampunk house won on a hunt that I set up in Winterfell.

The Dark Witch

Dark Witch

Packed full of goodness, here is the rundown on items in this post and where you can find them.

Casadel "Olivia" [Maitreya/Belleza] Mini Dress in Black comes with teeny tiny panties (thank goodness). Other colors are available at Cosmopolitan.

Dark Witch Close

.::Nanika::. Ardor tattoo at On9 comes in white, black and henna in three strengths. Appliers for popular bodies and Omega as well as a classic tattoo layer.

alaskametro "Lady Venom" gacha at On9 features lips, eyes, nails and faces in various spooky combos.

The Medallion Beaded Necklace Set from Metal & Stone features two separate black necklaces which can be worn together or apart.  This is the donation item at the 2017 Scare Me Silly event which opens the 13th.

This is my donation item for the event.

One more perfectly bewitching item is in the mix, **Dirty Princess** The Demanding Princess Boots are available at Cosmopolitan. A variety of colors by hud; Maitreya fit.


Poses by: Nigotine [nla] and Helamiyo

Farmhouse FLF

It's my favorite sales event -- Fifty Linden Friday.

And {what next} has some seasonal goodness for you including the Fall Farmhouse Decor -- perfect for the months ahead and beyond.

There are also a sets of outdoor string lights in white and amber with various pole choices.

So get your shopping bags out!

Pumpkin Caving Time

Pumpkin Carving Time

Tis the season for garden harvesting and Fall decorations. What better way to combine both activities than pumpkin carving?  You and your friends can get together and have a grand time!

From Sway's for The Liaison Collaborative, a pumpkin carving set which includes:

-Table with Pumpkin Lantern
with 8 animations

-Stump Seat A with 11 animations
-Stump Seat B with 11 animations
each seat has a different set of animations

-Crate with pumpkins
-Bucket with Pumpkin scraps
-Pumpkin scraps
-Pumpkin Bowl
-3 different Carved Pumpkins

Victorian Steam Shotgun House by ChiC buildings.

Little Branch WildOak.v1{4Seasons}*Animated



From Have Unequal at The Chapter Four's Gacha Room  a fun wearables gacha with a Steampunk flare, Satine. Corset, Thong, Skirt, Belt and Boots in neutrals and red. My favorite piece is the belt which fits perfectly. Maitreya.

From no.match at On9, some more perfection in the form of period hair. I was SO happy to see this!  A big hole in my hair wardrobe is now filled. No Shiver is the style.

And from the 22769 team for We Love Roleplay, the dysfunctional piano with some great detailing.  It comes with and without dust cover. A broken chandelier (great for All Hallows Eve) completes the set.

Collar: lassitude & ennui (old)

Poses by: aDORKable

Black On Black

Black on Black

There is plenty of goodness in new releases this week. Here are a few that caught my eye.

From Baiastice at The Liaison Collaborative, Nottee lingerie which comes in several versions and an array of colors. Super cute matching thongs are a bonus in each set. Personally, I think the lacy version can do double duty as a dress *wink*.

From cinphul, the tiandi decor collection at Cosmopolitan. Artfully delicate designs meet with technical expertise in the well-made furnishings.

Some fun shoes can be found at On9; look for Camelia shoes at the SLACKGIRL booth.

And if you are a redhead, don't miss out on the Hello Tuesday bargain at no.match.  Find No Surrender in the same Cosmopolitan shopping sim.

Pose by: Nantra

Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown

Hints of Autumn are moving across the grid. Time to delve into closets for warmer attire and earthy colors.

My 2017 guy avatar is looking mighty spiffy these days. Here's the scoop.

Out for Hello Tuesday from {Fe Style} the Witron Jacket  w/T-Shirt [Brown]. Wander over to the Fe Style shop to gather in the bargain. Standard sizes.

And from A&D Clothing Dexter Jeans which come with a great hud (and lots of bonus tones) in the fatpack. These have a great fit and a built in belt. Realistic wrinkles and a choice of material options by hud add to the value. Many mesh body fits; I am wearing the classic on my EXMACHINA Davide body and that works very well.  Find these inside the main venue shopping mall at Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Men Only Hunt 10 Is ON.

Men Only Hunt 10

The Men Only Hunt started this morning. I spent most of the day hunting. While I didn't end up with too many things that were my taste, I enjoyed the time spent; it's been awhile since I hunted.

This is a good hunt but not an easy one. There is a hud to pick up here. The hud works very well but since many of the participants were apparently lax in sending in their logos, it isn't always clear where you are headed. Now and then you end up in a mall-like setting wondering WHO is actually in the hunt.

A notecard with hints (for some shots not all) is helpful, both in finding the item as well as figuring out which of the stores at the landing point are actual hunt participants.

Most stores had there items out, some apparently not, one at least had an empty prize MUSTACHE (now filled so no worries) but a few seemed MIA and still in the hud.  No fault of the organizers; you can only do so much.

Shown here are my personal picks and a few mentioned of other things that didn't make it into my "beauty shot".

lock&tuft - cosmo beanie with color huds for cap and hair

Wilson's - M -    Rust pullover shirt

Yasum *Urban FU Bracer*

[Gild] Key nacklace_for male

INVICTUS - Glasses / Black

[Bad Unicorn] Darts Board  with dart attachment

Other notables:

[ZEX] Emilio - Polo shirt in MANY body fits as well as standard sizes. The one for DAVIDE fit perfectly which leads me to believe the others will too.

*Birth* 'Bushy' Eyebrow Appliers Tintable

NX-Nardcotix Finlay Backpack Commando [DAVID]

Volkstone Tyler Facial Hair

Plenty of posed and tattoos.

The most popular item on the hunt is BOUND to be (wait for it) the full mesh body BENTO avatar WITH HEAD ----- and ALPHA HUD.  Yep, really.

When I arrived at Altamura there was a huge crowd there. I had no idea WHY at the time, but opening the prize box answer that question easily.

The hud is simple and not arty but works just fine. The body and head conforms to the a standard legacy shape well so no odd looking deformed heads until you "fix" something.

The notecard says that the free body includes skin tones but I am not seeing where. There are some VERY impressive vendor photos at the shop, so the question is -- are their other skins sold for this body?

I had my friend test this as honestly I was way overtired after a full day of running around and opening and trying.  He is very happy with the skin provided but others might certainly be interested in adjusting for a more personal look. So keep that in mind.

The hands and mouth are in fairly constant motion which is a little jarring when you aren't used to it, but maybe other Bento bodies and heads do that too -- or perhaps it is my friends AO.   Not sure on that.

But a SUPER nice gift (and easy to find too).

His suit is still looking good but fairly antique and most likely another hunt prize.

Top photo (me) body Exmachina Davide

Poses by: grafica (hunt prize) and Diesel Works

Chill in the Air

Chill in the Air

If you haven't been over to Cosmopolitan, you have until late Saturday eve to take in the releases of this round.  Among them are the new arrival from MEVA, Thalia with double layered skirt and to-die-for belts. A variety of neutrals and hues, the dress is sleeveless.

I was feeling a bit chilly this evening so I added a faux fur jacket from AnaMarkova, the Marlena Jacket in Mink  (not new).

Jewelry by Meva.

Pose by: Verocity

Messy Witches

The Messy Witch

I have never really embraced my inner witch. My great-grandmother was pretty powerful though and my grandmother was way beyond a "collector". Put them together and you have the makings of a Messy Witch, the 22769 release for Salem.

It is a great gacha collection with some very nice furniture as well as plenty of witchy decor items, many more than are pictured here.

Happily another gacha furnished my attire.  The ~Nerido~ Witch Set (Maitreya) is available at The Chapter Four. Black, maroon and royal blue make up your colors. Try for one set or try for all. A witches hat is also in the mix.

Hair by eXxEsS

Poseby: Diesel Works


Minimalist - Closeup

I love simplicity -- clean lines -- no frills.

Here are a few new releases that fit the bill.

From LAKSHMI Hair at The Chapter Four, Wren. Smooth and sleek; understated and classy -- with some killer hair textures! Wow.

From MEVA for Industrie, Skyline Bento Rings in three metals with show-hide hud.

Add two more winners from the same venues:

From Newchurch at Industrie,  the Thompson Industrial Cabinet packed full of details without any fuss.

From Valentina E at The Chapter Four, the Vale Puffer Jacket Black (many colors are available).

Makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: an lar and Di's Opera

Corporate Connection


Now and then some of us have occasions to dress for success in that corporate mode.  A few of us wear that style in our day jobs. If either of these scenarios sound like YOUR life, then be sure and check out the new timeless suit from Baiastice at Fameshed, Kyren.

Many colors of course and bonus prints in the fatpack. Maitreya and Slink fits with a hud for the camisole hue.

Even if you never EVER get this dressed up, the Klum bag also available at FaMESHed is a release you really should check out. Just beautiful and filling a giant hole in my accessories inventory, it can accompany more casual attire. Versions for shoulder and hand, with and without pose.

Winter is a comin' and these lovely gloves will come in very handy. The Yoi gloves -- also from Baiastice but this time at Uber -- come in Bento (shown), rigged and unrigged with choices of open or closed.

Necklace: (Kunglers) Nadir necklace - Quartz

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SANDRA *

Poses by: Eternal Dream