What Have We Lost?

This is a lengthy non-fashion related post. Philosophical and dealing with the current and future atmosphere of Phil's Place, it may or may not be of interest. Treat it accordingly :D.

Three holidays coincide tonight. Energies are strong and if you are one of the people who feel those energies, you already know that. Like most holidays, I celebrate this time of year in my own way. I turn out the lights, not willing to feed candy to already undernourished kids. I light some candles in remembrance and take a long bath. Other activities come into play and after a few hours I return to the the normalcy of life, see what's awaiting me at Hulu and continue with the familiarity of the typical.

This years "other" activity is a reflection of where we are in our virtual lives as citizens of our world. I'm almost two years old now. Not ancient by any means, but I have several RL friends who are over three. They arrived before that the moon sailed across the sky with that one million written across its face, when English was pretty much the only language spoken and when the grid evidently went down weekly for an update.

Some of you may be even older than that, and some of you may be very new. The time we were born -- both in RL and VL terms -- has much to do with how we see the world. I've been listening to people of late, most of them older than I. They aren't complaining about the state of things. In many ways SL(R) is working much better than it ever has. But there is an ennui that permeates their days. Something is missing. Something is lost.

It can't be the quality of goods. We have more exceptional and actively creating retailers than ever before. It can't be our interface. We have choices of viewers now with promises of even greater abilities in the future. What it seems to be, after long conversations and several glasses of wine, is our sense of community. It has pretty much left the building for many of us, and the people entering are having a difficult time finding it at all.

This is what my friends tell me. Feel free to comment about your perceptions of these earlier times.

In the "olden" days, there were no lucky boards, groups weren't all that active and quality give-away freebies didn't appear in at least a dozen stores each day. What there was, were freebie boxes filled with all sorts of (mostly old) full-perm items which the new kids on the block happy sorted through picking out the best of what was available. There were a couple of free shops like the Nubie Store and Free Dove, but picks camping, product camping, hunts and group gifts were not the big ticket give-aways they are now. There were stores to shop at certainly, but so many less than what we have now, no one was willing to estimate the percentage. A low number was the best answer they could give me.

Life was simpler then. With few skins to choose from (even purchased) people looked more alike than we do now. There were more furries and odd little cartoon avatars. I remember reading that on a blog lately, and my friends agree although they hadn't thought about it much. Men's appendages were huge, bright pink, long and curved (OK, I admit we had had quite a bit of wine at this point).

So what were the good things from that time that are gone?

There was free land (I think it cost $512 for a 512 piece -- the only size you could buy under that program). New folks with premium membership could buy plots of land. A sim or part of one would be opened and people flocked in and purchased. Everyone was relatively new. No one really knew how to build all that well and prefabs weren't what they are now so, yes, my friends admitted it was pretty ugly. BUT, they were all in it together. They lived in close quarters; they battled the lag and the downtime and sometimes nasty neighbors that threw fire balls from a neighboring sim. They made alliances. They made friends.

There was a lot of free education then. The Lab paid people to teach, schools had free land and classes abounded. The new folk met other new folk in classes. They learned to salsa together; they learned to build together. They helped each other after class and sometimes became friends. Later (I'm not sure of the timeline here) LL decided it wasn't their responsibility to educate the masses and took away teacher payment. Later they took away the free land for the schools. Now we have only a handful of education establishment and many have agendas attached.

I took a few classes when I was new. It was a time when there still were quite a few to choose from. The teachers worked for free with tips. I enjoyed those times; I'm guessing I would have enjoyed the earlier times even more.

I saw a notice the other day that The Lab was hiring folks to update and enlarge their "what to do" area of the website. The people would get a list of sims to visit, take a photo and write up 200 words about ths spot. This sounded like a great job to me, until I read the fine print about how many you needed to complete in an hour (for the hour of pay anyway). It worked out to 20 minutes a spot with photos and proofreading. HMMM. Not my thing. BUT, it does show that LL understands, like many of us, that something is amiss.

New folks have no clue what to do, where to go, how to learn. The world was much smaller when I joined and possibly much, much smaller when you joined. There were only so many places to go, EVENTS actually had events listed instead of the same ads day after day. Search might have worked better then -- or maybe it has never worked well *wink*.

There is a lot of talk and action (Nov 5th's shut down) about content theft lately. I listened to the podcast on Emerald (3rd party viewers) and content theft. I yawned a bit, but I listened to it all. I would never ever knowingly buy stolen goods, but I'm having a difficult time believing that theft is the biggest problem we face.

We can only buy (win, hunt or camp for) so many clothes. We only need one house at a time, one set of furniture. We need activities. We need communication. We need a sense of community. Maybe this is merely a sign of a greatly enlarged world, a mirror of how many real lives work, but I can't see us moving to a new level without regaining some of what we seemingly have lost.

Dias de los Muertos

We have set your table -- favorite foods, bright colors

Candles burn, awaiting your arrival.

We will dance; we will pray.

We will remember.

Visit the Day of the Dead celebration in Terres de Mortes - all day November 1 >>

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

Style Notes:
Hair: Exile Cloe scarlet
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (goth) 03 PU
Clothing: Sparkle Skye Dias de los Muertos (new release - review copy - on sale this weekend)
Accessories: included with outfit


Sparkle Skye has released two new outfits, both with intricate wings. The Dias de los Muertos features skulls, blood or bloodless shirt layer, spiders and webs.

Lovers of satin and lace will enjoy the mix of patterns over patterns. The veil with headdress is simply amazing.

I chose a Gothic skin from Tuli to accent the bold nature of this dress. Blood red hair blends with black roses, skulls and diamonds so easily, it is difficult to tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

Red, black, gray and ivory -- a wonderful accented neutral palette by day or by moonlight.

You can read more about the Day of the Dead, its origins and celebrations throughout the world at Wikipedia.

I've spent many winters in Mexico; not of late, but when a bottle of soda was a dime and only came with sugar :D. I spent much of my time in mountain towns such as Pátzcuaro and Querétaro
as well as a few towns where you could go a week and not see another gringa. I took part in several celebrations, but not a Day of the Dead.

I was pleased to find that Phil's Place will have an all day event at Terrez del Mortes. It is definitely an interesting place, so stop by if you have a chance.

The poem on the postcard is a Day of the Dead calaveras (short poem) from the web; author unknown.

Trick or Treating

H and S Village is having a trick or treat event. I think it is through Halloween. A couple of pumpkin groups weren't active yet, so the designers may be on European time OR it starts officially at midnight . Wander through the shops and pick up some very nice gifts from various stores. You are looking for a three pumpkin set and they are obvious; no hunting necessary.

Shown above are some accessory boxes as well as a cute chest from Second Spaces. There are four unisex (all short and one color each) hairs from Bryce, some fun poses from Pulling Strings and various eyes from Eponym.

My outfit is very similar to this mornings. I went back and purchased a couple more colors of tops from LARK. I wanted you to see that the tops tuck into LOW (in this case Sn@tch Backstage) pants and work well under the Miseria sweaters. So lots of mix and matching in my future. Fun.

That's it kiddies. Enjoy your trick or treating! Here's your magic pumpkin chariot.


I had lots more to share with you about my morning adventures at Annamaria Bushido, so here it is along with the backstory to the backstory *wink*. The newish (guessing here) sim is composed of three stores including Agent Orange, LARK and Industrius. There are a couple of empty shacks (the building is in rustic mode from Alir Flow of 6pi) so perhaps there will be some others joining in soon. It is a homestead sim which I rather like. Less prims usually translates into more open spaces and / or water -- both which work for me. In this case there are four general areas. Flying around a bit will let you discover all the great spots.

I started my early morning with some new hunts which unfortunately didn't hold my interest long. Ya never know. Then I remembered that Agent Orange, a very creative and fun shop, had something going on soon. I couldn't remember just what that was, so I decided that heading to the shop might give me a clue. My old TP point left me falling from high in the air; I'm sure we've all been there, so some searching was in order. A few clicks and I was at Annamaria Bushido.

The event in question turned out to be the 80s hunt which starts on November 1st. I am really looking forward to that one; many of my favorite designers are taking part and that is usually a good sign. Anyway, the sim was so cute I did a bit of flying and exploring and found a grand opening gift at each of the shops. The red dress in this post was the gift from LARK, a very cute shop with some creative touches. Items come in the branch that you see in my photo. Complete with egg and feathers, it would be a cute addition to a garden should you have an extra 13 prims to spare.

This is a REALLY cute dollarbie sweater I found as you enter the shop. It is in a vendor on a wall and while there is a small (very small) artistic tag that says "dollarbie", it is difficult to buy. So zoom in and be persistent. While the vendor signs are very original and cute, I'm wondering how well the system will work. Only time will tell. I was wearing a sweater from Miseria at the time and I liked the layering effect, so I added just the glove layer and prim cuffs from their Ash Cardigan in cornflower, my shiny leggings from MALT and my Decoy Jully Boots in seabreeze (a few thousand of you must have those :D). Voila -- a simple and cute outfit suitable even for high traffic locations.

EDIT: A friend just went over to get the sweater and informed me that there are FOUR colors to choose from. Click on the color feather that you want to purchase. Hence my difficulty in buying :D.

Cam in close and click. I think I'll be going back for a least one more!

They are TRANSFER, so you could buy a few for friends while you are there. Happy Halloween and Samhain!

Agent Orange is giving away a dear avatar letter complete with broken glass and lots of prose :D. You can add your own photo to the frame and pine away, sobbing over lost love.

A rustic, industrial, steampunk-esce candle and holder is the gift from Industrius. When I take down my Halloween decorations, I'll have enough prims to use one or two in my shop. I'm looking forward to that.

So do a bit of exploring, take some spooky photos and have a great time at Annamaria Bushido.

The Comfort of Forgetfulness

Golden grasses sway in the foggy waters --

Alone with my thoughts and the forgotten gravestones

I remember those that came before me.

Whose lives gave mine meaning.

They have left, but I remain --

And I remember.

Visit the Haunted Graveyard at Annamaria Bushido >>

Style Notes:
Hair: = Hal*Hina = Hair -sasha- [cassis brown]
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed/br) avenue
Clothing: #1 My Precious by Agnes Finney* Fairy Princess Black (new release - review copy)
#2 {Lark} Bustier Dress (opening gift free here)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: #1 Alienbear Design (Sirvart Dark Set (black) (new release - review copy)
#2 **DM Designs** Isabeau set (white) (new release - review copy)

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


There is so much of a backstory on this post, that I'll be doing another just on the Anamaria Bushido sim.

As promised though, I am adding studio shots of the clothes. Arty is fun, but I know you want to see the way outfits look in the sunlight too *wink*.

Another new addition to the blog will be notes on review copies. This comes from a post at Gogo's about readers wanting to know. I have made it clear many times that I don't buy things very often so if an item isn't free, you can assume it was either a gift or a review copy. Still, it's a simple enough addition and if it helps some of you, I am happy to do that.

Alienbear Designs and My Precious released their items together. The jewelry as well as the dress come in a variety of coordinating colors. Being a neutral gal, I chose black. The dress is saucy and has a bit of a cabaret feel to me. Hence the BAX boots choice. You could easily wear heals if you want a more ladylike look, or add fishnets if you are really in that black widow mood.

The necklace comes in two parts. The spider piece is separate from the actual necklace, so you have three looks. I am guessing that wearing the spider alone was not the designer's plan, but the fragility of those spider webs that seemed to grow out of my shoulders sucked me in and I found I liked that piece the best.

I also like the attention the spiderweb gives to the back. It glows in the dark -- seductively. Be sure and click on the thumbnails for larger pictures so that you can see the details. You can of course wear the necklace without the accompany spiderweb.

My second set of jewelry hales from DM Designs. Also a new release, the pearl set comes in a variety of colors. Again, basic little me chose white :D. The set includes earrings, bracelet and ring as well as the long pearl necklace.

Extremely adaptable, they can go dressy or casual, and if you keep your outfit simple as I did in the photo above, you can wear them all together without overdoing. Yeah!

The cat suit shown in the photo essay is part of a set from LARK who I will tell you more about in my next post. The outfit comes with optional leggings (just past the knee) so there are a variety of ways to wear this. An opening gift, find it in -- a gift box *wink* in the small store.

Even though the swampy graveyard was meant to be spooky, I found it quite comforting. More on that part of the story soon.


Out of the mist -- in the dark of night

I come.

I do not bring death -- only its message of arrival.

I am the banshee.

Visit the graveyard at Duskwood >>

Style Notes:
Hair: Alli&Ali Designs Crazy Magician Hair Red (new release)
Skin: *Illuminati* Female - China - Mashup (free Nightmare Eden)
Clothing: hO wEAr :: Lady (hO) Gaga (new release), E! Eclectic Apparel Fishnet Leggings (Black)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black
Accessories: Grim Bros red fog module (group Halloween gift)

Some items may be gifts, prizes or simply no longer available. If you are having trouble locating a particular item, feel free to send me a message in world or add comment here on the blog and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

This dramatic skin is part of a gift from the [Gauze] Gift bag! at Nightmare Eden. Find it at the beginning of the adventure when you come out of the cryo-chambers.

I went back with my gal friend yesterday and we redid the hunt -- this time solving ALL the puzzles with logic and aplomb *wink*. The ending was the same, but I am happy we did it again. So if you are stuck somewhere, send me an IM or notecard in world and I'll do my best to come up with a hint or two.

I was very taken with this skin. Actually I wouldn't exactly call it a "skin" as it is fairly unfinished in many ways. It is more like a skin colored bodysuit. I do, however love the face; my favorite October themed skin of this season. There is a guy version too with the same face. I am guessing that the torso is a bit different :D.

Find the skins along with some nice striped leggings right out in the open. These were obviously added after the premier, so if you went in the first few days, you missed them.

What do you wear with such unusual "make up" ? Why unusual hair of course. When I first opened this relatively new release from Alli&Ali I went " WOAH!". I mean this is big hair; not something I would wear often methinks. But it is perfect for this skin. Surprises abound.

My skimpy attire is part of yesterday's hO wEAr gift. A free new release every weekday, this business model seems to be working. The sim is packed most of the day and group chat has people mentioning what they just bought. So it is a win-win.

My red fog cloud was part of an outrageous Halloween group gift pack from Grim Bros. You just never know when you might need a red fog. I attached it to my foot since I couldn't rez at the sim. Thanks Greenlife coders for giving users that extra attachment point -- even if Emerald users are the only ones that see things correctly.

You can read up on banshees here at Wikipedia.

New Bangles

Every once and awhile I get the urge to be creative and build something. The spirit hit me and I just put up a new set of bangle bracelets at Xstreet. There are two of the larger bangle sets and one of the smaller (left arm only). Each of the separate bangles is color change with 17 color options. The metal trim also has choices. So thousands of possibilities here :D.

They are $15 for all three bangle sets.

My poses are from the Jazz Hands collection from [LAP]. So much fun! I hope you made it by during the sale. Gloves from SPORK and cami from .: WEiRD.DESiGNS : .

Homemaker Halloween Freebies

A quick post here before the bewitching hour gets me.

You've probably heard that there is a trick or treat event going on at the MALT and Juicy sims. Quite a few designers have joined in with some fun prizes that won't hurt your pocketbook. Pay $1 to click on the very pretty harvest basket and get a prize.

I did a little perusing of some of the offerings and decided to try my luck at Mudhoney. Not only do I love Mudhoney's designs, I need housewares more than clothes these days. The joke was a tad bit on me, but I have no complaints. I was busily clicking the trick or treat basket thinking that one of the prizes was the chair I am sitting in above. Ten tries or so and seven prizes later, I figured out that the chair wasn't in the basket.

Now I had seen a box for sale for $1 that said it was a garden set, but the contents said it was "just" the table. So, logically (or not) I assumed that was something you could purchase to go with the chairs you won. Well, DUH!

I did buy the table for a linden only to find that when it appeared in my inventory it was an aggregated item. And it turned out to be the set I wanted all along. So #1 this is a wonderful set with some great poses and animations (one where you almost fall asleep and wake yourself up) and #2 you can get the whole set for a buck -- VERY hard to beat that -- in that pink box in the top photo. There are five poses in the chairs and they are adjustable for body placement. I think the chairs are 12 prims a piece.

The Mudhoney prizes include a really cute building block Happy Halloween set, some nice luminarias in various patterns, and two very nice styles of pillow -- both going well with my easy chairs. So, I am a very happy gal.

I should mention that like this basket, many are not all that clear just what you are trick or treating for. There are no bad prizes as far as I know, no wormy apples and the like. So it is a little like a grab bag.

Another great Halloween gift, albeit in a different mode, is the Vampire Cuddle tub from Parajen Homes . They are the makers of the stone house I've lived in since July. This is a superb SOM to join if you have a house or need a house. The tub arrived a couple of days ago and I am guessing it is still in the archives. It has a poseball rez set for cuddling and biting, and it comes with a separate blood splattered floor piece. You could use your own poseballs of course if you are single.

If you TP over to Parajen, you also have a chance to win some great prizes. There are five pumpkins at the TP point. You can pick one and get a prize. One per avatar. I won the grand prize last night, but TPed a bunch of friends in to find out what was in ALL the pumpkins. (Oh-I-am-such-a-good-blogger.)

The biggest prize is this Gothic castle. Three floors and somewhere around 87 prims if I remember correctly. It is BIG.

Other prizes include a fireplace, a bed just like mine (built in poses in foot and poseball system in bed) but with different textures, and an chest with books. There is also a side table not shown. So if any of these would work in your home, come take a chance. If you join the Subscribo, you have the opportunity to vote for next month's prize which is a skybox. When I was there last night, the special feature that was winning the vote was a secret room, and the style most favored was Steam. Works for me.

Whew! That's my news. Have fun out there. Make your homes beautiful.

Moving Appendages

So ---- :D

There have been more Emerald updates lately and I downloaded twice a few days ago. My timing was definitely bad and I downloaded about five minutes before a LL update caused yet another update in Emerald. There are some new issues, or at least "I" have some new issues which I'll mention further down as they are important to retailers, but I just had to show you this shot of the forum posts.

Click for a larger picture as needed.

A lot of folks seem to have some inventory issues. I may have lost some inventory but all steps to regain in either viewer have proved fruitless. Note, however, the post with the BIGGEST number of views and replies. Gals joke about guys and there need for "parts" in SL®, but look at those numbers on bouncy boobs! How funny.

I haven't tried, I haven't cared; my breasts are tiny and most likely don't move anyway, but I thought it very indicative of how our RL obsessions move into our virtual worlds with us. Just wanted to share.

Edited: Problem solved and text deleted so no to confuse further. No worries. It was me, alas. And I learned a new trick. This is good. Thanks to Toy on the Emerald Forums.

Sleeping City

Quiet city. Sleeping. Put to bed with sodium vapor as its night light.

Stardom is fine in small doses. Loneliness attaches to the fame.

Without an audience, I am free to be me.

The shadows are my best -- and sometimes only -- true friends.

Visit Eugene >>

Style Notes:
Hair: Maitreya Piper II - Copper
Skin:[] ::Tuli::[] Hope (ivory) 03 (PU), *AnnaH* - Nailpolish (gloves) *black nightmare*
Clothing: [LeLutka] - Penelope a Part Time Pirate dress Dusk (recent group gift), G.L.A.M Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights
Shoes: ABOMB Lei v2 Ankleboot (new release)
Accessories: [} Jasha {] Acaex Bracelet (pre-release)

Some items may be gifts, prizes or simply no longer available. If you are having trouble locating a particular item, feel free to send me a message in world or add comment here on the blog and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


This post highlights some not quite out yet bracelets from Jasha. I'm wearing a prototype here. The bracelets on my left arm are actually in two parts, so you could opt for just the dainty set or just the matching -- or both. I can't guarantee that the final version will be exactly like this, but I can say they are VERY pretty. Click for a larger photo. Well, I bet you knew that!

PACADI Jasha is the result of the style collaboration between Lotta Shelman and Julia Tower. Lotta worked under the MAEVA brand when she met Julia in February 3rd of this year. Together they decided to focus on the development of their new brand PACADI Jasha and the lifestyle-oriented enterprise was born.

Enjoy PACADI Jasha Style Book online : http://issuu.com/glanceinternationalagency/docs/pacadi_jashafall09collection

Also new, boots galore from A-Bomb. The ones shown here are my favorites of the new releases. Like most of the A-Bomb shoes they are color change and resize. Some good news -- albeit a little confusing if you are used to the older A-Bomb system -- the color change now is in just ONE shoe and works for both. Much easier once you figure that out. Reading the note card is always a good thing *wink*.

Tipping My Hat

Have you noticed?

After a period of yawningly boring fashion shots, the feeds are blooming with new creativity. They are once again a pleasure to peruse. Whether it's news kids on the block or oldsters working a little harder, I for one am thrilled.

Just tipping my hat to those that are raising the bar!

Said hat is another great gift from Vanilla C. Designs at the Sn@tch Nightmare Eden Hunt. This is the larger hat of two. I'll be heading back over Wednesday to see if I can't REALLY solve that puzzle. Pose from the Jazz Hands group by LAP.


Darkness lies behind the facade.

It is a town known for its propriety.

Well dressed ladies dance gaily at balls, attend lectures -- and sometimes venture too close to the insane asylum on the hill.

I heard that Brigette was one of those proper ladies, until one foggy night when she lost her way.

What happened to her? No one really knows. But she lives alone now -- with her rats and her razor. Afraid of the bumps in the night; afraid of places she dare not return.

Visit the rats in Arkham >>

Style Notes:
Hair: top: Maitreya Piper II - Autumn, bottom Alli&Ali Designs "Rock Out" Hair Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (ivory) 03 (PU)
Clothing: Brigette (new release - two styles - Dainty & Disturbed) by ~L&S~ Medieval Gowns & Swords
Shoes: ::Duh:: Women's Rust Cowboy Boot (new release - this color in the Lucky Chair)
Accessories: "Wild spirit" authentic INCA TEMPLE necklace, .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - A Small Cutting ? legband, Silent Sparrow sweeney straight razor, BLOODY MESS + Fallen Gods Inc. + blood splatters (pants layer)

Some items may be gifts, prizes or simply no longer available. If you are having trouble locating a particular item, feel free to send me a message in world or add comment here on the blog and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


This was a fun shoot with little traveling as it was my backyard. Just as in my story, there seem to be two sides to the Miskatonic Valley, one calm and collected with lovely Victorian houses, and the other -- much darker *wink*. I am sure there are plenty of life parallels in that statement.

The lovely dress -- and not so lovely but very cre-a-tive dress, are two sides of the same design. The Disturbed version includes a large bloody flesh slash in the back. It also includes a worn and disheveled skirt. The is no blood on the pantaloons, but there is plenty on the skirt. While I will be adding the Dainty version to my Arkham outfit folder, I'll probably not be wearing the blood stained one too often. At least I hope not; you never know in my neighborhood.

The boots are the newest release from DUH and come in tons of colors including a free light gray pair in the SOM. Fat packs, as always, are a great value. These include resize scripts and optional shoe for AO and walk sounds.

The leg band is filled with all sorts of little vials, scissors and an assortment of straight razors. I am guessing this was a hunt prize from last year so most likely not available, but if you need something like this, check with lolly Carlberg, the designer. The blood splatters that I wore over my long undies were indeed a hunt prize from long ago :D. I KNEW they would come in handy eventually.