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After a decade Blogger introduced a new set of templates aimed at readability on all devices. After 5,555 plus posts (I just liked the way those fives came together; there really are many more) I am switching over. Hopefully this will make reading more enjoyable.

Let There Be Dragons

Moth to a Flame

Fall Bounty

H and G Finds

Early Departure

Feeling Pretty

Coffee for Two

The Quietness of time

Trailer Life

Bellisseria Trailers and The Lodge

Sun and Rain

Desert Winds

Vegan Delights

the magic of balloons

Hay Bales and Falling Leaves

Sansar Avatar 2.0 Take Two

Sansar - Avatar 2.0 - the story

Getting Steamy

Great Free Stuff

A Pastel Fall



Saucy Schoolgirls