Friends and Family

The Trompe Loeil - Shelter Island Cottage (this in Vanilla) is a friendly house. It makes to pretenses, just welcomes those that come to its doors. Soft colors (three palettes to choose from) and sheltered deck and porch offer comfort in any season.

The 17 x 21 one room home fits easily on a 1024 lot with plenty of room for trees (these lovelies from Gypsy Wolf Creations at Fantasy Faire).

The super cute truck is one of many in a big gacha set from Mesh India. These are decor trucks and do not move. I for one am thrilled as I need a truck for my construction site (there is a perfect one in the release) and all my other cars keep "wandering" despite being owner only and parked (who knows?). So PERFECT for simply looking good.  Try your luck at Cosmopolitan.

Both couch and chair come in the Shelter Island duo set and coordinate nicely with the cottage. Texture choices for the fabric let you mix or match.

Find  them all at Uber.

Friends and Family 2

Also at Uber the Baiastice Ralph Oversized Shirt (this the Baitik version) and Mare Cutout Swimsuit (this is Sea). The shirt comes in both sheer and opaque versions and could easily be worn with pants. The sleek-fitting monotard is definitely not safe for work, but you will be assured of some jealous glances as you walk away *wink*.

These new Amacci Lindsay earrings (there is a coordinating necklace) have SO MANY  metal, wood and bead choices it was easy to find a perfect combo with three clicks. Look for them at Cosmopolitan.

House plants by {what next}.
Clutter (books and shoes) by ChiC buildings

Makeup by alaskametro

Hair by Truth

Poses by: Belle Poses from the Janis set (Bento hands) at Cosmopolitan, aDORKable

Fantasy Faire - Chaddul Ro

Chaddul Ro

Dragon Armor Top from Rainy Fey Creations at Dawn's Promise

Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and standard sizing fits.

Bliensen + MaiTai - Grasp - Armband in black

Other metals are available at The Spirit Pool

Wasabi Pills Cleo Mesh Hair
Makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow

Plants 2 - FLF

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Well probably, but pretty plants don't fall into the same category as gelato *wink*.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday some companion plants to a {what next} previous release. These come with and without stands and have a texture change menu as well as simple color changes for the plains. I used the "select face" option in the build menu to tint the plain pots to my liking.

Public, Group and Owner Owner options via menu.

You don't want to miss these!

Fantasy Faire - The Spirit Pool

One of the most impressive and well made builds of Fantasy Faire is The Spirit Pool. Both massive and vast it seems larger than it's sim borders would suggest. Be sure and visit.

From Independent Objects, this is the Elf Warrior Danicya Grey set. Mesh body and standard size fits are included in the pack. Other colors are available.

I had been wearing my Bento Rings from MEVA all week, but in gold.  Aware of a fashion faux pas in the making, I unpacked the silver set. Just a pretty!  Find them at Epiphany.

My sleek hair is Monica from Rama.Salon. The huds include five base colors per color set (blonds dark, blonds light, blondes pale for example) with two choices of roots.  Very pretty. Three sizes are included in the pack. Find Monica at Tres Chic.

My ERSCH  Hannah Necklace in black is also available at Tres Chic.

Pose by: Di's Opera

Who Am I? Vlog

My Very First Video Blog - Who Am I?

For a Strawberry Singh's blogger challenge.

Take Me For a Ride

Take Me For A Ride

Missed the bus.


Maybe a burly construction worker will appear.

(Kunglers) Barbra necklace and bracelet at Shiny Shabby. Bronze, gold (shown) and silver metals are available.

JF Design's "Anna" Mini Dress comes in many pretty colors. Belleza and Maitreya fits. Panties are happily included.  Find your favorite hue at Cosmopolitan.  While you are there, pick up the coordinating G&D Sandals Swirl High Knees with color hud. Bonus mules come in the pack.

Mesh India's trucks come in all colors with various uses. This is one of my favorites. Try your luck on the gacha at Cosmopolitan.

Construction set, trusses, bus stop and surround by ChiC buildings.

Vanity Hair:Waimea

Poses by: EverGlow and aDORKable

Make Mine Music

Make Mine Music

These are just a few pieces from a very impressive 22769 gacha set at The Epiphany. Lots of work and tons of creativity can be seen; if you love music -- you don't want to miss this.  There are eighteen items in all with the exclusive store, a twenty-six land impact charmer.

Really lovely, the Gypsy Lights season change trees are only 3 land impact. Find them at Fantasy Faire. Look for the Gypsy Wolf Creations store at  Chaddul Ro.

The Ricielli - Larissa Leather Pants, just out at Cosmopolitan, are so very realistic! Packed full of subtle details they come with a big texture hud for both leather and metal parts. Belleza, Slink and Maitreya fits.

{MYNX} Aria Crop Tank - Maitreya Black Floral
Meva Bento Boho Rings

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cheri"

Poses by: the stool, aDORKable



There are plenty of great new releases out. Pick your favorites and make your own statement.

Here are some of my favorites.

From Newchurch at Cosmopolitan:
Flatiron Console, Antique Pine
Flatiron Framed Prints
Messy Books

From 22769 at Shiny Shabby:
Plants from the Home Dschungel set

From ChiC buildings at Fantasy Faire:
 Perry Piper - Reader Chrome

From [[ Masoom ]]  at Cosmopolitan:
String top with color change hud for leather and stones. Maitreya, Belleza and  Slink fits.

Also at Cosmopolitan, from TUKINOWAGUMA Hoya hair (small, low, wrapped pony in back).

And from MEVA, some great Bento rings also at Shiny Shabby. Super easy to use, all rings come together and you can make the ones you want invisible as well as change metals (gold or silver) and some stones. I am SO happy MEVA is making some jewelry again -- especially since my old rings of hers don't work on my new hands :D.  Woot.

Look for Bento Boho Rings.

Poses by: Status, Exposure, aDORKable

Fantasy Faire - Rivendale

Location: Raven's Perch Sponsored by Rivendale

Silvan Moon Designs The Light of Sarin Gown Set

The full outfit includes overskirt and belt and is available in Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and standard sizes.  A large variety of colors let's you pick your favorite.

Plastik Grolda Necklace
A full range of hud let's you change both metals and gems.

Hair by Diva (gacha)
Poses by: Di's Opera

Fantasy Faire - Dawns Promise


The Mistique June dress comes in a variety of colors for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink as well as standard fitmesh and TMP.  Lots of pretty detailing make this a winner for day-wear.

Candle and Cauldron Magical Bottles

If you love magic (real or imagined) -- or simply like very pretty things, then the various bottles from Candle and Cauldron are for you. Kick and the tops open for a few seconds. A menu let's you choose the shape of the pattern for the reagent. A notecard also explains the typical uses.

OR they just look stylish sitting on your hearth.

Dawn's Promise Sponsored by The Looking Glass

Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * MARIT *
Poses by: Status

Fantasy Faire - Questing

Fantasy Faire Quest

The Fairelands Quest seems dark and dangerous this year. There are however rewards for those that dare to solve the mystery.  More info on the Quest (hunt) here. 

glYph Aneksi Red (Lara)
Spider Productions Ascendant Wings Fallen
The Aneksi outfit  is simply gorgeous; also available in black or white versions.

Ascendant Wings come with a complex hud for both color change and usage and are also available in a white version. Large and small sizes are included in the pack with small being shown here. 

Vanity Hair - After Dark
Makeup - alaskametro
Poses by: nigotine and flowey -[nla]

FLF Brights

If you need a some bright and cheery accents to your home, don't miss out on the Fifty Linden Friday release from Sway's. Three  sets of tryptic paintings and three styles of candle holder (texture change - owner or public).

These are definitely mood enhancing decor pieces!

Tables release next month as part of a gacha from ChiC buildings.

Fantasy Faire 2017

Kakushi Pasu Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire opens NOW with adventures, explorations and shopping! Dress lighting. Prepare for lag. Be patient. I suggest bypassing the entry sim and be adventurous. Find an interesting looking color mosaic on the map and just GO. One without a cadre of green dots would be a good choice.

If you are looking for a favorite designer you can search the sims from the drop down list at this website.  An easier to use designer list will be coming along soon.

One of my favorite sims is Kakushi Pasu Sponsored by Sanctuary Roleplay Community. Beautifully built it offers serenity and a sense of peacefulness.  Wander the paths to find creative surprises.

This beautifully patterned gown is one of the Elenoria Gowns by Moon & Back Creations in the Anansi sim. The gown comes in many mesh body fits as well as standard sizing.

Also in the news, long wrapped and curled tresses are feature in Vanity Hair's My Castle My Rules new release available at The Crossroads.

If you have a Maitreya body, newly updated with Bento hands, then you will definitely want to check out the MEVA Epi gacha at Epiphany.  The collection is vast with various metal choices and some colors in the mix. There are also rare ornate nail sets.

makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: flowey, Kirin, HelaMiyo


Tres Chic opened yesterday. Here are my favs!

From Elegance Boutique a shorts and bra set, Tina. Super cute and definitely saucy, bright accent colors set of a collection of plains and patterns. Belleza, Slink and Maitreya fits. A bow hud lets you choose from twenty-five colors.

From Opale, Rene Hair, a very natural and casual short style. Lots of interesting hair colors by hud.

And from Amacci, Aceline earrings. These come with a hud for both the pearls and the metal.

Get your SPRING ON!

Croquette selection, part of a Second Spaces gacha at Bloom. See previous post.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Spring Day

Second Space at Bloom

Over at Bloom, beyond the cupolas and sidewalks there is a hidden (well it took "me" awhile to find it) gacha grove.

There you can try your luck for items in the Spring Day release from Second Spaces.  A mix of food, picnic necessities and activity items, it is a fun and happy set -- perfect for celebrating the new season.



Am I ready for Spring?

You betcha. And while I am waiting in the corporeal world, I can pretend the new season is here, with cheery flowers and outfits that offer us the ability to soak up some Vitamin D.

Bloom - a pop-up springtime market running from April 15th through April 30th is just what those of us still deep in Winter mode (shame on you Mother Nature :D) need!

From {what next} a texture change wheelbarrow with choices of flowers as well as some coordinating pots. Watering cans give out animated watering cans to your guests so they can help with the gardening chores.

And from BAIASTICE a super cute top and skirt (one piece) outfit with a texture change hud for the skirt. Tops come in both sheer and solid versions with  a flower and bee "corsage" optional (not rigged).

There is a slit in the back of the skirt that moves in a convincing manner. Easy walking, and we like that! A large assortment of blouse fabrics can be found and the outfit comes in sizings to fit most everyone.

Hair: Kayla by Amacci
Makeup: alaskametro
Caravan by 22769 (see previous post)
Tree: Little Branch

Poses by: HelaMiyo from the Subtle Set -- exclusive for Pose Fair 2017 which opens at noon today the 14th.

Piece of Heaven

Piece of Heaven

If Spring cleaning and tax time have dampened your shopping escapades of late, you still have a few more days to swing by Shiny Shabby and see this impressive ----

what shall I call this?

How about "meditation caravan". Lovingly made it is packed full of details including overhead lights that seemingly flicker. The caravan is 30 land impact including  some impressive bamboo shades. The Muted Relaxing Rug includes both singles and couples animations.

Look for your next Piece of Heaven at the 22769 booth.

Quiet Whispers

Quiet Whispers

I love the emptiness of rolling hills, swaying grasses and endless roads. There is a peacefulness that reaches within and calms the endless cacophony of worry.

One of the first things I notices with my new Maitreya Bento hands was that my favorite ring set from MEVA no longer worked. Well of course I could use my old hands, always an option, and I won't be discarding the older rings as they are definitely "friends". Still, it would be nice to have rings that worked with our new gestures.

Happily a recent release solves the problem. The new MEVA Bento rings come in both gold and silver and there are -- wait for it -- seven in all. Wear them singly, in combination or all at once. They are really lovely!  Also available for Vista hands.


My outfit includes my favorites from opening venues.

EMO-tions unisex  COLE  hair with hat. Huds for changing both hair and hat colors. @ Cosmopolitan

MESANGE - Mesh Eyes V2 @ On9 with an extremely classy hud that lets you resize easily plus more! These are really lovely.

Scandalize. Zoe Skirt @ Cosmopolitan. Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits with a full range of colors.

Nanika Olga tattoo. Available in Black, Henna or white @ On9

fame femme: Milana Chocker - Black - Gold

Photos taken at The Last Forever.

From the destination guide:
The latest sim from the creators of West of The Rain, The Last Forever pays tribute to the beauty and unique environs that is Marfa, Texas. Once a sleepy forgotten town best know for the location of the James Dean classic "Giant," it now houses an artistic installation movement like no other. The creators pay homage in their work to the great Donald Judd and his inspiring designs.

Poses by: Fox City @ On9 and aDORKable

A New Leaf

A New Leaf

It is time for a blog shift of focus.

This is post number 4589.  Things have changed over the last nine years; I have changed too. In some ways I miss the olden days when there were about fifty active bloggers who mostly knew each other and hung out at lucky chairs and chatted while we waited for our letters to come up and garner some really good stuff -- for the times anyway.

Back then, there were no review copies. We bought or hunted or won our blogables. We posted stories of our adventures and even had posts showing demos of things we liked. A few folks will remember those times.

I still blog for a fair amount of designers that I featured many years ago. We know each other a bit; we now and then chat. I like supporting other designers, even those that could be considered my direct competition. We all have our different styles and I believe there is plenty of room for all of us as creators.

My pattern of typically only blogging things that garner my enthusiasm won't be changing. But I will likely be posting less with longer stories and more info.

Today is the first of those posts.

All these items were chosen for their quality and their style. Lovely textures, careful rigging, long distance levels of detail -- all in one package.

TUKINOWAGUMA  Bocek hair at On9 (opens the 9th).

* alaskametro "LUXE" EYESHADOW and "LIPSLICK" LIP MAKEUP at anyBody.

Meva Denise Dress Beige (Maitreya) at The Seasons Story (opens the 10th).

FOXCITY. Cutie Pie Bento Set poses at On9.

{what next} Palma Set at Collabor88. Texture change rocking chairs and pillows, table, cups, books and plant pot; either white or wood toned lanterns.

Elusive Spring

I am almost convince that we are skipping Spring in my neck of the corporeal woods.  Gray, rainy, wind -- nasty. Three short clean up sessions are the only notations in my gardening notebook. Bring on the good weather.

Happily we have good weather when we want it in our virtual lands.  Time to get out to the yard and WORK!

From Second Spaces for COLLABOR88 (opens on the 8th natch) the Greenery Potting table which comes in a variety of colors -- both filled and empty.   My favorite part is the drooping hose; hoses and I are NOT friendly.



They say every man wanted her.
Now you can BE her.

For We Love Roleplay, the Cleo headdress (crown) in several versions and hues. I love the beaded hair, but if you prefer your own tresses, there is are styles that accommodate.

Being a rather sedate gal, I chose one of the simpler models. Have fun finding your favorite. An extensive hud let's you change various parts, choose glow values and more. The braids show in the back with the metal areas just covering the sides.

Look for the deviousMind booth

Makeup by alaskametro
Ring by Kunglers

Poses by: aDORKable