Greeters - FLF

Want a welcoming addition to greet your visitors?  These new Penguin Planters from Sway's will get them smiling.  Or mix them indoors with other favorite decor items.  Out for Fifty Linden Friday.  

And Undies Too

Need a super cute date night club outfit?  Well there is a new one out with a great fit as well as a big mix and match hud. Prints and patterns and solids in various colors can combine to satisfy your every whim.  Well maybe not EVERY whim, but lots.

Best of all there are bikini panties that fit under the very very very short skirt. Ya kinda need those panties and it is sometimes a real pain finding a set that will work under skimpy attire.  Also handy should the night bring some romance ...

There are some great details in this set -- for those of you who like me cam into EVERYTHING for a close up view :D.

So grab a demo.  It is the ***ArisAris/B6W~Gara73~HeartBeat Outfit and you can find it here.  Hurry as supplies are limited.  

Hair: Kayla by Amacci
Poses by: Eternal Dream


If you haven't made it over to Cosmopolitan this round, there is still time. And should be one of the proud ladies wearing a Maitreya body, you will definitely want to take an up close and personal look at the new Meva Cubes Hole Dress. There are several colors available and gold trim as well as black. This the black and silver version.

Hair: Syra by eXxEsS
Pose by: an lar

Last Snows

Last Snow

The last snows will be coming soon. Clean, brilliant whites wrapping the world in quiet.

From Baiastice at Uber, the Kiara Dress with color change hud for the lace inserts. Flirty and feminine, this might be the perfect party dress for your New Year's Eve celebration.  Maitreya, Slink and standard sizing fits are included in the packs.

The Luna necklace is a fitting companion and is also available in just gold.

My hair is another new release from Ducknipple, Snorrie.

Makeup: alaskametro
Poses by: Di's Opera

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces

Clutter. Many people embrace it; objects take on a life of their own -- secreting memories, recalling times past.

I however revel in the spaces between the objects. Shadows, warm woods, energy flowing through cracks and window panes.

The new Trompe Loeil  Easton Restored Barn offers solitude within the emptiness. Strong lines and a sense of repurpose, it conveys a quiet homeyness with strong lines. Barn doors slide to reveal multi-paned counterparts. Clerestory window banks open the intimate loft to the heavens.

Find it at Uber.

My attire features a new form-fitting cabled sweater from [MYNX]. Many pretty wintry colors can be purchased in a wide, wide range of mesh body fits.  Find it on the Marketplace

I am really loving this new hair from Ducknipple. Casual and girlie, it is perfect for at home time.  Look for Mietjen.

My scarf is a gift from MEVA under the Cosmopolitan Christmas tree; texture change.

Poses by: Diesel Works and aDORKable

Happy Holidays

What will Santa bring ya this year? I bet you are wondering.

If you need a super sexy undies set in which to greet "Santa", then head on over to Cosmopolitan and pick up one of the pretty colors of the Elegance Boutique Megan set.  Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits.

It's been a gift giving season for sure and if you haven't wandered over to the Cosmopolitan Christmas tree, now's the time. Gifts have been arriving daily and there is a huge selection of wonderful items to pick up. Sami's present with pose is from oOo Studio.

If you feel like getting YOURSELF a present (and I totally support that idea) then how about some new jewelry. The Baiastice Elisabeth Bracelet is definitely something a gal would buy for herself -- that making your girlfriends envious thing. Find it along with other items in a big holiday release at the main store.

My very pretty and breast covering hairdo (often very handy) is one of the new releases from Ducknipple. Look for Magda.

One more bit of info to pass along. If you have missed my 12 Days Advent extravaganza, it ends the 24 with this skybox. The 15 x 10 simple studio is only FOUR LAND IMPACT and boasts baked textures and three large paned window for those great shadow shots.   Pick it up under the tree in the courtyard. Hard to miss.

And yes, you CAN rez inside - LOL.

Thanks for the many thousands of folks that came by for gifting; it makes the effort worthwhile.

Poses by: LAP [nla] and Torrid Midnight [nla]

A Sprinkling of Snow

The holidays are at our doorstep. Hurry. Hurry. Much to do.

If you are feeling a tad bit overwhelmed this season, relax take a deep breath and relax in something both cozy, sexy -- and warm in some places.  The new Ducknipple: Vest vs1  comes with color change area INSIDE the hoodie.   If 1965 wasn't a good year for you *wink* or if you weren't around back then, call this a retro outfit with fond memories of mom or grandmom.  It all works!

Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Werewolf (werewolf?) fits.

Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS
Necklace MEVA

watch (very old - nla)

Pose by: Nantra



Cold and clear

Brilliant moonlight


From Tres Chic:

Decor Junction  / Shutter Field Camp Bed dark (childs bed also available)

Petite Mort- Winter White Felted Wool Jacket
Petite Mort- Blackwash Distressed Skinny Jeans

From Lost and Found (opening today):

Jinx Store Winter Wolves (two multipacks available)

Little Branch Autumn Brise season change tree
:: Panavia :: Winter Tree "Fagus"

CARGO Moto Boots


Poses by: the camp bed

Deceptively Dainty

Contrary to what some folks believe, I DO like to get "girlie" now and then. So, when offered a big variety of colors to pick from last eve, I chose feminine pink. You can be daring and dashing and coquettish too of course, just pick your color.

This is the JF Design "Mia" Bodysuit and Cropped Knitted Top available at Cosmopolitan.

Also in the news, these sleek over the knee boots are from G&D -- also at Cosmopolitan. The High Knee Boots Leather Aria come with a choice of eighteen colors.

And while we are talking about things not to miss, how about the really big pack of nails from alaskametro on the Women Only Hunt 2.  Find the snowflake and get so many pretty patterns in wintertime pastels.

Hair by eXxEsS, Martini

Poses by: oOo Studio

Sizzlin in the City

Sizzling in the City

It might be cold outside your real life door, but you will be steamy in this new release from Legal Insanity.

The Betty Top and Gala Fringe skirt are also notable for their details. Awe inspiring for sure. Try a demo and do some twirls!  Then head out for a night on the town.

Find these new releases in a variety of colors at Tres Chic.

I am also wearing the fame femme: Milana Chocker - Black - Gold which is a present under the tree at Cosmopolitan. A full rundown on that event in a later post.

Hair by Amacci
Makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: Helamiyo

Advent Day 20

A Day of Dresses awaits you on the 20th! By now you should have all these addresses in memory :D

Azul at Kittycats




Poses by: LAP [nla]

Advent Day 19

Advent Day 19

A bright and cheery Advent Day 19 awaits you with lots of goodies.

From Entice, dress and boots in three bright pastel colors via hud.

From Amacci at KittyCats a pretty updo hair in a limited palette with choice of flower colors.

At zerkalo -- finally a new present (they have been stuck on day 3 for awhile if you have been checking) and a really pretty one!

And over at ALB Dream Fashion a third color set of some gorgeous exotic lamps. So pretty. (This is no longer a free group so hopefully you joined at the beginning or a previous year.)

If you didn't join the MEVA group at the beginning of twelve days --- well you may wish you had. There is still time of course. This great fitting jumpsuit is the gift of the day (Maitreya only).

There is a second gorgeous gift at KittyCats today, this statue from MedowWorks which comes complete with hopping and chirping bird.

There is also a dark red porch bench to match the earlier chair and table over at The Vintage Touch.

That's our picks from today's roundup!

Poses by: LAP [nla]

A Winter Walk

A Winter Walk

Timeless style. It sets you apart.

I have wanted that "great new trenchcoat" for awhile.  Maybe you have too.

at Tres Chic:

From [Hilly Haalan] the Jenna Trenchcoat in an abundance of tints tones and shades -- 30 in all with mix and match abilities via hud. The scarf can be coordinated for your look or you can opt for it to dis-a-pear (always handy for necklaces).  Maitreya, Slink and classic fitmesh fits.

It is indeed a good hair month!  From TUKINOWAGUMA, Taube -- a rolled style that has a special name; one which doesn't come to me now. Popular in the 1940s, the back is similar to some pompadour styles. This one looks better than any of the old photos I can find :D. Well we don't need bobby-pins with pixels.  Love it!

My perfect earring accompaniments are oldies from Eclectica,  'Solaria'.

Vintage pumps by Baiastice, North Pumps.

Poses by: aDORKable

Advent Day 18

A quick post to show off the gift of the day at MEVA's. While this is a paid group (Sami has been a member for over a year) it definitely has some great, great items.   This is the Seems Top in Beige (Maitreya only).

The backdrop for our late night  - early morning post is the KittyCats gift from Barnesworth Annubis, the [ba] classical garden folly.

Other items older and what Sami was wearing.

Pose by:  ChiC buildings (A City)

Let's Party!

Let's Party!

It's the holidays! Time to take a break, bust out of the norm and have some fun.

From Tres Chic:

Mimikri - Leather Dress / JouJou ice and trim feathers (optional). Lovely detailing and a great holiday statement mini! Other colors available. Standard sizing, Slink and Maitreya fits.

MUSHILU balloons (several packs available)

And while they didn't make it into my lead shot ^^ you don't want to miss these new heels from Amacci - also at Tres Chic.  The Samara shoes come in mini huds of three colors and lots of mix and match selections for parts via hud. Lovely and stylish -- with sturdy enough heels that you won't topple over :D.

My hair is the eXxEsS : X-MAS 2016 gift, an enhancement of one of my favorite new releases. The baubles have their own hud for color changing parts.

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Deco Desires

Deco in Grayscale

There have been times when art and style come together to make lasting statements. One of those times -- for me -- was the Deco era.  Bridging yin and yang with memorable silhouettes, bending classic lines with geometric and organic shapes, its influence echos from time to time in new styles that of course aren't so new.

From Tres Chic opening tomorrow:

Asteria Bella sets  - top, skirt and coat in a variety of brights and neutrals. Maitreya and Belleza fits.

ChiC buildings City Loft Skybox with texture change skyline by light switch.  16 x 20 and 24 land impact, it is a classic. Five skies to choose from including clear, clouds, snowy and night cities and Paris dawn.

I couldn't help but adapt my lead shot to black and white "film"; it seemed only fitting. Still, I know you want to see the modern day color version, so here it is.

I am really loving this new release hair from eXxEsS.   Martini is feminine in caps. Flowing but restrained, it too bridges opposites, a fitting "deco" style.  Two big huds of color, materials, plain, and breeze versions are available.

Bits and Pieces in Blue

It has been a wiiiiiiiild month to be sure. And it is only halfway over!

Here are a few things that I didn't want to slip between the cracks; fun items for holidays and beyond.

From {what next} at COLLABOR88 some pretty snowflakes in a variety of shapes and colors. Put them together, mix and match -- the fun is all yours.

From #bubbles, a Snowflake Shoulder Dress [Fitmesh] as a group gift. Nice to have a holiday break from red and green *wink*.

Also a gift and in that blue category, two of four very pretty paintings from Roawenwood at WLRP.   Find them somewhere under one of the four trees (free group required).

If you want to feel like a king or queen this season, then the {what next} Crown Lanterns ( silver or cream) are JUST what you need. Find them also at COLLABOR88.

Necklace NLA

eXxEsS Moouse hair

Poses by: Helamiyo

We Love Role Play Gifting

WLRP Gifts

Sami spent much of the afternoon unpacking the huge (really huge) amount of gifts that she picked up at We Love Roleplay (free group needed). We are showing some photos to entice you to visit. The list of gift givers is long and we are both past our point of --- well, we are tired, let's put it that way. So no mention of the wonderful creators that made this possible.

Note that these are just a VERY FEW favorites from a full folder. Some items were Slink or Catwa only, some are very niche role play and many are cross over items that will be welcomed by even the most mundane and "normal day" folks.

Both wearables and decor are included in the gifts. There is jewelry and several camisks, undies and lots of fitmesh. A red ball gown is in the mix too. The majority of items are for the gals (no surprise there).

Definitely a must visit gift bonanza this year.  Find gifts under  trees at EACH CORNER of the sim.

Poses by: LAP



Ice comes in many forms.

From Atelier Visconti for The Liaison Collaborative. a lovely ice drenched fountain, A.V. Frozen Fountain.  Animations come with.

From Kunglers at On9,  Efigenia earrings and bracelet in Turmaline (other stones available).

And from deviousMind at We Love Roleplay, the Snowflake OrnamentChoker **ICE** (part of a big pack with other colors and items).  Find presents under the trees in each corner of the sim.

Makeup and nails alaskametro  "Gala" set at On9

Baiastice kirsty top iceberg

Hair: Cafe by eXxEsS

Poses by: Behavior Body

Advent Day 14

Sami found her favorite so far gift from go! (paid group) as well as nice homeware items from Vintage Touch (chairs) zerkalo (pillow) and ChiC buildings (mini chest with book and vase).   No gift out at Kittycats today, but hopefully tomorrow. There is a very pretty snowflake necklace at Meva's (paid group).

That's the news and yes we are getting tired LOL but we are still here so that counts. Check yesterday's post for links to furniture and decor.  Full (well before Blogger trashed it) Advent List in the sidebar links.

Poses by: Vibe

Advent - Day 13

Advent Day 13

It's a great Advent day with some new 12 Day folks joining in.

Now there are a fair number of 12 Days events advertised that don't seem to be happening. Sadly, that was the case last year also. But of the few new entries to the party we have.

Vintage Touch -  Small wall display of green and red bags (landmark should go RIGHT to the area). Items available for purchase for $25 after the advent date. Today's gift "Vintage Touch Antique Happy Holidays Sign".  No copy - transfer items.

ChiC buildings - Packages under the tress. Today's gift "[Cb]  12 Days Ladder Shelves". Items can be purchased for $25 after the advent date.

[zerkalo] - RIGHT EXACTLY at the landing point (hence a little hard to notice :D) Join the free group.  Today's gift "[ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses - Red"

And from the folks who have been gift giving since the first of the month -

snowpaws - traditional wall calendar. Today's gift "Rustic Christmas Frame"

Rebel Hope at Kittycat's has a SUPER outfit including boots and various colors of kitty ears

Poses by: Torrid Midnight [nla]

Comforts in the City

Comfort in the City

It's pretty sophisticated over at COLLABOR88.

From Second Spaces a super collection of classic  desks with an updated city feel. Whites and brights can be had too of course but I picked the sedately rich black and gold version.  Look for the Sugarplum Desk.

Also at COLLABOR88, sequin leggings and a loose satin cardigan from Stories&Co. by flowey. The Quinn Shirt and Party leggings come in a variety of colors as well as a fatpack. Maitreya and Slink fits.  I love the little slits up the side and the sequins glitter and gleam authentically!

A perfect accompaniment is this collar from Slack Girl. The Turn Choker comes as a full version with hud and color choices or a hot pink and black version at a discount.  Find them at On9.

On9 Fan Club members (free) can garner gifts this month by clicking on the big gold stars in each booth. Have fun!

Hair: Lelutka Material (old)

Poses by: LAP [nla]

12 Days Calendars Begin

The 12 Days advent gifts are about to start and MEVA gets the prize (as far as I know anyway) with the first one. Last year's magical dresser garnered plenty of great gifts and this year is starting off in style with some well-worn hiking boots.  This is a PAY group. The dresser is in the main roof off the lobby with numbers on the drawers.

12 Days Gifts

Other calendars will be starting up soon. I will report after I have checked them out. My calendar begins late tomorrow night as I am putting things out by hand. Boxes will overlap a bit so that there will be plenty of time to pick things up. Decor can be purchased after the calendar date in the same area ($25). Most are on display. One is too big for that *wink*.

No group required.