Hunts and Such

The Gone Fishing Hunt is starting April 1. The starting location is here. There appear to be over 110 stops on the tour with some high numbers adults only.

And after this I get a bit confused :D The note card available at the starting point gives several locations. The instruction note card says you need a fishing pole and either type of 7 seas pole will work. So if you have a pole you are set.

MEANWHILE, Shabby Chic put out a notice about this hunt and there were fish plaques to search for downstairs. I came, I found, I gathered some nice things there including the dress above from Ella's Victorian Fashion and a really lovely antique oil lamp from LONDINIUM FURNITURE.

This brown suit from Deadwool (most likely for guys) also came from the fish plaques downstairs at Shabby Chic.

So, even if you don't fish, you might want to go searching for some plaques. I'm guessing it will all become clear with some more blog posts from people associated with the hunt??? We can hope.


The Spring is in the Air hunt also starts tomorrow (midnight - 12 AM whatever). The big news there is that it is filled with GUY stuff. Half of the vendors have things for the less than fairer sex and that is BIG news. Gals of course often wear the guy stuff so that works too.

The website for the Spring is in the Air hunt is here. I'm not sure where the official starting point is, but you can of course start anywhere in the train :D . Many of the vendors SLURLs are listed in the sidebar.

So good luck with the hunting and gathering. I think I'll be taking a break, but I am sure there are some wonderful places to discover.

Je t'aime - Fashion

Je t'aime is well known for its leather and latex. The new designs come in a rainbow of colors. I showed you some of the Party Pack in sunny yellow in my previous post, and here we have the blood red version. Dark and mysterious, the color calls to passion. The new outfits all come in the same rainbow of colors so are perfect for mixing and matching.

Not everything is latex and leather of course. This lovely sheer lace dress comes with many many options of how much to show. I chose somewhere near but not quite the "hottest" designation. Well why not? It is a lovely Spring yellow and I picked it up at the lucky chair next to the Leather and Latex store. There are lucky chairs all around the sim including some with guy stuff.

And for those of you that want to try out the new designs, you can find the undies and bra top in a lovely copper color for a Linden in the center of the Leather and Latex store. The donation goes to RFL. Wear it as undies or as swimwear if you want to show off a bit.

Oh, and there is a MENS department starting in the underground. Go to the middle of the sim and take the escalator down.


Je t'aime - A New Sim

Je t'aime has a new sim. It is grand and opulent, charming and serene. It is experience shopping. Like many content creator at Phil's Mascha Boa dreams big. Her dreams are coming true in this labor of love build, and with 53 new items on the wall, yours can too. Shown here is just a small part of th Leather & Latex Party Fatpack in sunny yellow. Find it in the Leather and Latex building. Use the teleport board near the land point if you don't feel like exploring. Me? I'll take the short walk and enjoy.

I spent a delightful morning with Mascha Boa touring the new area, talking business and the like. The sim felt bigger than the regulation size. Perhaps it is because there is so much to see. One edge hosts a bathing beach with some impressive sand over cobblestone effects. The shops facing this area are about swimwear -- ah the logic. Many of the shops are empty now, but don't look for rental signs; they are space for future Je t'aime releases.

There is a RFL vendor marketplace set up in one corner of the sim. Mascha is a big believer in charities and you will see RFL vendors sprinkled liberally around the sim with her best selling items.

A major portion of the sim is taken up with a palace, a baroque Hofburg replica to be exact. It is huge and includes a ballroom and even a parade "dance floor" for horses. Oh my. Some lacy dress vendors grace the walls in part, but mostly it is waiting for an occasion -- a grand one.

The Fashion of Je t'aime continues HERE.


Time for an addendum and some additions. Last night I was blogging JILL, a new find -- for me anyway. It turns out that the boxes weren't completely opening. Like NO prims in some cases. So this morning when I went to clean up my inventory like a good girl I found that there was MUCH more to one of the outfits I blogged than I thought. So, HERE is part of the outfit called Chocolate from JILL and it is a free one on the wall near the main entrance. I liked it before; I love it now. Shown with pearls from Sister Strawberry -- part of an outfit that includes a dress (wink) available now at her shop.

Shoes by Adam and Eve, Pose by LAP.

I visited ((fine)) a couple of days ago on the Bunny Hop hunt. It's a nice shop with one of those "can you get there from here" TP points. To be fair, when I went back -- by accident actually -- I found that the carrots that seemingly lead away from the shop, lead TO a teleport board. That's great when the graphics are rezzing. Constant blurry TP boards are pretty much of no use.

ANYWAY, rant over. So I was there again last night with things working better and found some extra goodies that are not part of the hunt. The egg of course when I found it had the same prize. DUH. Sometimes you can just be places and not know you have been. The necklace above is in a box near the entrance and is an opening present. It goes really well with the black Discord dress from the lucky chairs. I finally scored my own!

Here is the thigh belt from the egg at ((fine)). And below is the very nice and immanently useful brown belt opening gift. Find it next to the necklace. It is sure to fill a place in your wardrobe. So many possibilities. It has large brass links in the back so it's not just another belt (wink).

That's the morning wrap up. Enjoy the day.

Hardly Just Jill

There are few things more exciting for a blogger -- at least for me -- than having serendipity step in and lead to a "discovery" of a designer. They don't need to be new, just new to me and of course in blogger land, that means not on the blogs or feeds. So an undiscovered gem so to speak. Or perhaps just someone I overlooked.

I felt that way when I first started blogging Ivey (Sn@tch) long ago, when I discovered MALT and now with Jill. I'm not sure exactly what makes a designer's work speak to me. Partly it is simplicity and line, partly perceived comfort -- something I would like to wear in RL. There are simply tons of talented folks out there. And some unfortunately are not in the spotlight they deserve.

The two black and white outfits above are new group gifts that can be found in the archives. What a pleasant surprise! Yeah.

So I was thrilled to find the shop as well as all the free examples -- both group and off the wall freebies. I love the little charcoal suit in the top picture. It comes with two pairs of stocking and there are many, many stockings on the wall inside the main shop for free. The zip up jacket above comes in a version for guys also. It is a group vendor gift.

This very cute Springy top is a free item. Find it along with all those stocking inside the doorway of the main shop. There are so many enticing things here, so take a bit of time and look around.

The group gift area is here, outside the main shop in a separate building.

Poses by LAP and Vain, shoes by Juicy, Hair by Amacci.

Dark Eden Camp Roses

Reading that Dark Eden has brand new items in their camping flowers, Benicia and I went over and chatted for a bit while we sat. This necklace and earring set is a 30 minute camp. The items are mod.

And these rustic boots are in the brown rose camp chair across the way. Sit for 45 minutes . Boots are of course available for purchase in a variety of colors. Now these are big boots but they resized down easily. I am thinking they would work swimmingly for fellows. They have giant invisiprims on the show area so there is no problem with a too wide foot showing through.

And if you get really attached to the rose chairs, I noticed that you can now buy them in a variety of colors (I think it is a fat pack) not far from the vendors for the boots.

Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 6

Here's a quick late night show and tell for your hunting preview. It's an evening of girlie stuff that makes you want to cuddle those bunnies and smile.

This complete outfit comes from Tyranny (#90) -- pink flats and all. The pose shown is from kialabon ( # 236)

This super colorful backpack comes from Boof (#81). A hand held egg filled basket is also in the gift.

What's in YOUR tote bag, eh? Well if it's this cute straw and lace version from Lauwarme, it comes complete with plenty of "stuff". Ah the authenticity :D .

And from amplify (#237) comes a pair of resizeable (for guys too maybe and kids for sure) bunny trimmed slip on tennis shoes.

Fantastic and Free

I've been checking the chairs from time to time at **Phonix Design**and**FireFall** . This afternoon was THE time and not only did I TP in Benicia to get the great outfit you see above, the same chair (one of four) turned into a "C". Woot! So we are both decked out in period garb. I feel a bit like a Robin Hood follower and that is OK with me.

Each outfit comes with TONS of choices. Mine has a full skirt, undershirt, different collars -- you get the idea. The golden beauty comes with both brown and rust pieces plus all the accoutrement's, so it might take you a bit of time dressing should you win these, but the end result will be spectacular.

There are other items in the chairs of course including jewelry and skins and hair ornaments. These seem to be the stars of the show as far as I am concerned, so we are both very happy.

Need some femininity in your life without going over to the cutesy side of the street? This print mini by DCNY should fit the bill. It comes with two choices of skirts. This is the sculpty one which fit me perfectly. It is free for 48 hours starting a bit ago. It is only available at the main shop.

Pastel Sets - Peaches - $1

The new color of the Pastel Sets this week is called Peaches. Cami, bracelets and choker -- all for a buck until next week. Find them at the new Love Chic shop. Last week's color is now $10 in case you missed it.

Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 5

Off Brand Furniture (#43) has this very entertaining accessory for your home. It's a tea cup. It's a bathtub. It's a sex palace -- well not really -- LOL, but it does have a "make out" pose included.

The water is color and texture change so your tea cup can look like coffee if you so desire. It says it will seat three, but I haven't tried that. I can guarantee that it's lots of fun. It fits perfectly in the free house I blogged earlier.

I had heard a lot about Sister Strawberry, but hadn't visited the shop. It's a small one with lots of eclectic goodies including some dollarbie furniture. This is the Bunny Hop gift. Easy to find in the middle of the room. Yeah! Very cute. Very girlie.

The basket I am carrying is from Candy Nail. It is on a counter across from the lucky boards. The EGG there is in a very unfriendly place not too far from the entrance. Many of us spent a very long time finding it. Even when someone told me where it was, it was difficult to find. If you don't know how to use your camera controls, you will not find it.

So --- NEXT stop is Forbidden Apple. I don't want the guys down the line to miss out here. So if you too got stuck at Candy Nail, go forth.

And while you are at Sister Strawberry, be sure and check the Lucky Board. This sweater set and mini are the current prize.

Newish News

There is a support your content creator wall with lots of dollarbies and some free things at the Starlust Motel lobby. Just walk through the crime scene tape -- it's a long story :D . There are other goodies too for a bit more money and a great sculpty unicorns in bed cake on the counter free to copy. So just explore. This is the free dress from KataOnik . It comes with the socks too.

This is the cutest tea kettle and steaming tea cup from Bettypage Voyager of the BP Shop.

Also, there is a lemon hunt at House of Heart - Bewitched. By the Lemons for $0. Some of the retailers have gifts out too in lemons.

You can get this couch as well as the boots for free a the Dominion Fashion District.

And speaking of couches, thanks to this post, I have new furniture in my abode. It's great as long as you like purple and I do. The kids beds are very cute too and would work for shorter gals.

Oh yes, the dress. You want to know about the DRESS you say! It's today's dollarbie from Lemania and called Eggplant Elegance.

Dark and Dangerous

I finally got my own version of the new outfit for guys (guys?) from Discord. I so love it. Shown with Mia Sofa Wild Woman hair from a Halloween Hunt.

Pose by Striking Poses.

And 300 folks clicked on the Midnight board at Dare Designs. As one of them, this is my reward. Leggings, lace nylons and lace undies also included. The set is called She-devil

Hair by Exxess, Pose by Vain

You too can have these for free. Just some waiting and clicking :D

Discord Lucky Chairs

Discord has some new items in half of their lucky chairs. I noticed a group around them while egg hunting last eve and went back to see what was up after exiting egg hunt mode. While no "C"s came up, I got my friends over and they were thrilled.

The outfits come in various colors. I think the one above is supposed to be for guys, but it is super hot on Xia. She is tiny but didn't have to resize the skirt much. You could of course ad a bra top or shirt if you are more modest :D .

These are two colors of the ladies outfit. There is at least one more color in red. The outfit for men does have a tasteful logo on the back. If you haven't been to Discord, there are a ton of chairs -- maybe eight on each side. The far side with no one stalking (wink) is the older side and the side you come to first has these new items in it.

The chairs turn over fairly fast with people watching and the Bunny Hop going on. Don't forget to get that pretty teal dress while you are there. You will find it on the path between the TP point and the chairs. A GIANT egg but easy to miss while things rez.

Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 4

For anyone reading this on a feed or alternate site, this is a show and tell of items found at the Bunny Hop hunt.

This cutie pie house comes from The Sea Hole (#4). I put the link to the shop here because last time I blogged a cute hunt house I had lots of folks writing. This will save us both time. It comes in pieces (house, roof, curtains) and you put it together on your lot. Pretty easy for even new folks I think. Not tons of prims as a lot is sculpty. I'm not sure if it would fit on a 512, but maybe. I rezzed in a sandbox.

And even if you don't need a colorful house to call your own, there is a couch included and those curtains could find a spot for some too I bet. The creativity here is obvious -- and appreciated. Maybe sometime soon I'll get a bigger spot and have some prims to spare. Meanwhile, it's going into my virtual storage truck.

Update: A friend got this and it has a automatic rez feature if you are on your own land and not the sandbox. Also it doesn't quite fit on a 512 but you can modify to fit or float it in the sky as needed. She loves it.

Teal daisies and lots of ruffles set the style for this KYO-JOU Obi dress by Discord (#12). It has a huge bow in back and a smaller one in front. I opted to go sans bow and added my Maitreya belt (not in hunt). Semi-sheer black patterned nylons ae included in the gift. It is in a HUGE egg that you can't miss. Just use the teleport board amidst all the effects (always disturbing to me, but hey) to get to the shop. Don't bump into that egg - LOL.

Pose by Vain.

On the Cover (#15) -- I shop I hadn't visited before (yeah) -- has a pose stool as its gift. There is only one pose, but it is a nice'un.

There are some problems along the way in this hunt. I found one egg with no LM even on opening the gift; I reported and hopefully it will be fixed soon. And last night I got stuck a LOT along with a bunch of other folks. So don't get too discouraged if you can't find the eggs. Some are apparently really well hidden. Not the best plan for a 300 stop hunt, so maybe some of the owners will make them a bit easier soon. In the meantime, remember there is a list at the hop website. You can always start over. I've been doing that a lot - LOL.

Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 3

I wasn't trying to start at the beginning of the hunt when I TPed to Little Heaven. It's just one of my favorite stores so I suspected I would like was was offered there. Logic was prevailing this eve. It is, however the second stop on the hunt and there were plenty of folks running around with green egg baskets, so I am betting those came from the official starting place.

The outfit is a beautifully made sexy bunny suit, reminiscent of the Playboy Club. Even if you aren't into that look, there are plenty of pieces of the outfit that you could wear with other things. The fishnet nylons are some of the finest I've seen for example. And, ya never know when you'll be in the mood to play bunny.

This second picture has nothing to do with the Bunny Hop really, but I did find the attachment that makes this effect at Little Heaven. I was REALLY searching there and found some places I had never explored. If you go straight ahead at the entrance intersection (rather than left to hair and right to clothes) you can go through a door and up some stairs. You'll find this scripted attachment for sale for $0 on the wall all by itself. Perfect for next Halloween. I have no idea how this is done but it is pretty impressive.

Another great find on the hunt this eve was from Junk in the Trunk (#274). The gift there includes tank, jeans and these great boots (in sizes for kids too). The jeans while very nice don't exactly work with the boots as they are pants layer and can't be modded to be shorter, but they are nice all by themselves -- maybe with sandals. Actually they might be FINE for a smaller avatar. I may just be too big :D

The hair here is another color of the hunt hair from Tiny Bird. I found this super cute and classy rustic Hippy van on my travels tonight. I so love it. It looks like it is from Shade Fantasy Outfitters. Not part of the hunt of course (wink).

Hip - Hop- Hop Hunting: 2

Bounce (#182) has a bunny skin with animated ears and tail for you. It comes with a nose and whiskers too, but that was a bit toooooo bunnyescent for me.

And I am cheating now. I bet you are looking at those really really cool boots. No? They are from Bounce too and are free for a 45 minute sit. You have your choice of gray, red, or white. They are mod and I downsized the tops bit.

The very cute hair comes from Tiny Bird (#265). You get this color separately to try out and a fat pack of tons of colors if you decide it is you; what a great idea!

The pillow set with animations comes from Altamura Interior Design (#222).

Need a buddy? Well you've got one to carry with you if you pick up #184 from Acid & Mala. He's furry and friendly and comes with his own carrot. The hoodie comes in styles for guys and gals. The jeans are from WoE (#99) and are loose cut boyfriend jeans. There of course is a box for the guys. A dragon shirt is included also and a belt.

This retro purse with matching shoes (below) is one of several color choices in the #180 egg from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy). These would be great with black and white outfits, but I am losing steam here, so you get a slightly coordinated color photo :D . This dress not part of the hunt, sorry.

Get out there and gather. I am going to take a quick look at some lucky chairs and relax a bit.