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I joined the ReKa group the other day when shopping at the Nutmeg store.  You may have seen the lovely fire bowl gift in a previous post.  A new gift is out now; one for Spring.   Not only did I run over to pick up this beauty, I was clever enough (this time) to notice that past group gifts were also available.  Some lovely presents are nestled inside those plain paper bags.   This draped chair was also in the mix along with some really nice vintage frames with still life paintings. Add some Christmas decor for next year .....

These are fairly high poly items and come with beyond one land impact price tags, but for some of you they will be per-fect!

Trompe Loeil - Soleil Greenhouse Cottage
Onsu ~ "Grandpa's Urn" Planter ~

Randelsham Forest in Belli

A new community spot appeared in Belli this morning. Slightly secret still as it isn't appearing on the map. The area includes a cozy tree house, an outdoor pavilion and an impressive train station. The landscaping is lovely.

Like other community areas before it, the tree house is able to be reserved as a community use space to gather with the community, your friends. socialize, hold events, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The train station carries along the rustic theme and while the tracks don't go far at the moment, the ambiance is definitely in attendance; you can almost hear the steam engine coming round the bend.

Stop by and stay awhile enjoying the beauty of the forest.

Here is your train car!

Kaius - Granite and Water

If clean modern lines and complex architectural shapes are high on your favorites list, then the Kaius Modern Ranch house from Trompe Loeil is definitely something you'll want to explore.  There is a museum-like quality to the build.  Granite, and water mix with dark metal accents to form a dramatic backdrop for your decor styling.   You will most likely want a largish lot for this lovely; a 4096 would give you plenty of space for some minimalist landscaping. Or, accent the strong lines with lacy trees for a softer look.

Two see-through fireplaces act as dividers in the main floor open plan. Upstairs, simple rooms and wall sized windows set the style with enclosed hallways perfect for plants.

So make a plan for a walkthrough of this new release; find it at Uber.

Staying Home

Another great gift for those hanging out inside their own four walls, the Scandalize Stay at Home set comes in a full fatpack of textures, many mesh body fits AND boots!!!!   Clouds and bunnies and comic characters add fun where fun is much needed.   

Poses by: Vista Barnes and the Trompe Loeil bed


I can remember days when I actually felt carefree. Not lately though. Still, our AVATARS can shuck their worries more easily and this new summery and sassy Estherdress from Seniha is perfect attire.  You can mix and match textures and plains to style the dress to your liking.  Platform sandals are available to match.

If you are in need of a quiet getaway spot, the ::Code 8:: Little Courtyard is perfect.  Add it to your backyard or use it freestanding in the sky. There is a cosy feel either way. Plants are not linked so you can easily use flowers of your own.  This modern minimalist set features a great hud (a type I haven't seen before) that let's you pick the color as well as the intensity of the color.  So I chose a muted purple.  Brightness can also be adjusted.  Very impressive.

Find both new releases at Cosmopolitan.

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_SURRENDER

Poses by: Helamiyo and the couch

EEP versus Windlight - Another New Normal

EEP has been in the works for years (yes, really - YEARS). When I first heard about it and all it would do I was very enthused.  I gave it a try when a project viewer was first revealed and my enthusiasm faltered some.  Over the years I have watched the issues arise one after another. Still not all that thrilled from what I saw. On a personal level I was wondering how my photography would change when the new system was forced on us.

Well today is the first day of the "new normal".  Windlight will be disappearing over time.  I am sad really. But wanting to be fair I spent the afternoon testing. While it seems some of the major issues have been fixed (such a good thing), I am really going to miss the Old Windlight Skies. 

Here is a short rundown of what I found and some early thoughts.

My premier test was a simple comparison of the default skies at my new place in Puddlechurch.  I was pretty impressed.  For me, the EEP version looked better than the Windlight. "This may not be so bad after all!," I thought.  Firestorm viewer on the left, new EEP Linden viewer on the right.   Enlarge to inspect up close and personal.

My next comparison was with indoor lighting. I used a recently made Windlight setting called  "Kitely Sandbox" :D.  This is a Windlight with few shadows and low contrast. Easy on the eyes and good for inspecting objects closely.

The differences here were confusing. Sometimes an area had more contrast with the EEP viewer (Lani's black pants and the lighting fixture for example) and in the SAME screenshot other fabrics were more vibrant with the non-EEP Firestorm viewer.  Also note that the texture in the bricks is not showing up in the Linden viewer.

Pondering -- pondering.

My final example of the day (lead photo) underlines my thoughts of the afternoon.   EEP appears to be very inconsistent. There is no way I would suspect that the settings were the same.

I am HOPING that I can take some of my favorite skies and tweak them so that they will resemble what I would "expect" them to look like.  Firestorm users will eventually have EEP in their viewer whether they want it or not due to the retirement policy on older FS versions.  The only choice then would be to switch viewers.

That isn't at that top of my personal list. So I have fingers crossed that I can come up with some settings I am happy with.  I would also be very happy to be surprisingly impressed by some new exciting skies that can only be accomplished  with EEP.

You can upload your favorite Windlight settings within the viewer. Some will likely look similar and some most definitely will not.  Now you know.

Instructions for uploading taken from the EEP wiki under the CC3 share alike designation.

House by Trompe Loeil

Moonlight and Waves

What to do when at loose ends?  Some folks party, some get their nails done. I decorate.   Following some breadcrumbs on the forums I found a great not so new area called Puddlechurch. With some outstanding landscaping and fun public areas it is a great place to call home --- or have a "summer house". 

My place is on the water. Small and currently getting believably cluttered on the inside, I turned toward my large weathered deck.  Happily I found a new gacha set from thor, a boho beauty with tons of pieces including palette chairs, poofs, fences, decor and a lovely ultrarare couch.  I played and played and while all the pieces didn't work in my current area, many did.   The carefree style is just perfect for my new home.   Check out the demos and of course the gacha machine at Kustom9.

Most of the items shown are from the thor set. Magazines and books are mine (and old).  Wine bottles are Apple Fall (still free on the Marketplace I believe). Fencing by Cheeky Pea (:CP: Okugai Supa Screen  -- VERY old). 

The very stylish ReKa. Fire Bowl is a group gift that can be found at the entry of the Nutmeg store.   

Another Morning Alone

Forty seven days in for the typist, perhaps longer for a few of you . The world gets small.   Last night I was up typing at "bar closing time". I heard a car on a crossroad near my cottage. It was out of place now. Night sounds are rare these days after the evening train has passed. 

Out for Hello Tuesday, a full set (includes shoes, purse not shown and color change hud) from Hilly Haalan, Peyton.  Also on Hello Tuesday, no.match ~ NO SURRENDER ~ Pack of BLONDS. Grab them on special!

Backdrop by Dead Row Design. 

Poses by: the loveseat and an lar poses


Moving into a new "summer house".  Well not much else to do but decorate these days and it is fun. I found a super lovely three sim group with beautiful landscaping and great vistas. I haven't explored all that much yet but there is certainly plenty to see.  My house is the Trompe Loeil - Soleil Greenhouse Cottage which I remember from awhile back.

I made the greenhouse area into an artist's studio and the main room acts as a kitchen, dining and seating (library) area.  A hanging daybed fills the other greenhouse area. Definitely open planning. 

My new addition in the forefront is the No59 Beverage cart GIN which of course is also a drinks giver.   Since the name specifies "gin" for this model, I am thinking there will be other versions down the road.  Just a guess of course.   Amazingly this is only 4 land impact with ALL those details and clutter!   Find it at Tres Chic

Fiora Fantasy

Flowers, vines, wings and fantasy come together in the new !dM deviousMind "Fiora" release for The Epiphany.    So many pieces to try for in lovely Spring colors. These are some of my favorites.

!dM Fiora - LARA LeafBodice **RARE** (color change)
!dM Fiora - LARA ArmWrap **ALL COLORS** (right)!dM Fiora - LARA FlowerChoker **ALL COLORS**
!dM Fiora - LARA WristWrap **ALL COLORS** (left)


Pose by:  aDORKable

Another Day

the sun breaks softly
seagulls skim the worried clouds
numbers - each a soul


JF Design-Kyra Top and skirt (many colors)

Hair: pr!tty - Dakota

Poses by:aDORKable


Escaping from complex and painful realities let's a breath again. A few minutes. An hour. Each virtual minute takes us away to a hopefully more peaceful time -- one where we can connect with the parts of ourselves that have been lost this last month or so.

Getaway is a perfect place to simply EXHALE.

A Nutmeg brand showcase, items from times past mingle easily with the sparse but beautiful landscape designed by Jacky Macpherson. 

I journeyed over yesterday late afternoon on a photo safari. Not only did I find plenty of areas worthy of capturing, I also found presents.  Oh my!

 Tucked  away in a seen better days shed, the offerings are plentiful and lovely.  I am not going to give you a rundown, but if you are a Nutmeg fan I can pretty much guarantee that you will come away pleased.  These are medium to high impact items so if you are in a low prim budget you may need to save some of the presents for a later more bountiful time.

When the days get to heavy, come escape in Getaway.


A quick heads up for the not to be missed vintage corset dress from Salt and Pepper.  Get it for free (or on last chance if you miss the cut) at The Saturday Sale.   Another pretty pastel version comes your way at noon.  There is also a full color hud available for purchase.

If you haven't participated in the Saturday Sale before you will need to join the free group AND get your avatar rendering cost way down (or just go invisibly :D).

By accident Sami and I ended up with poses very similar. Sami's is well over a decade old, mine more contemporary. Some things just stay in style.

Poses by: Torrid Midnight and Eternal Dream

The Hardest Week - New York Tough

Most of the official virus modeling gurus say that this week will be the hardest for the United States  === At least they are hoping it will be the hardest.

Most of the world is under some sort of "stay" order or quarantine.

Tired, bored, scared, angry -- people watch or read the news hoping their IS hope.

Let's remember our humanity.

Let's ALL stay "New York Tough".

NEXT DAY EDIT:    Very sorry if you missed seeing this and hopefully it will show up somewhere else, but the link I had below goes to another video now.  It worked great yesterday. 

TODAY (Saturday) this link works ---  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilMDAc-yqr4


From this morning's video briefing.  I couldn't find the stand alone video anywhere :D.

Waking Up Mediterranean Style

Early morning in a Mediterranean Coastal town. The coffee cart has just arrived in preparation for the flood of tourists with cameras in hand.  Laughing and smiling they grab their totes and guidebooks and gaze towards their days adventure.

Kitties look forward to some pampering.


adorsy - Marissa Denim Top  (smooth fabric version also available - fatpack with tons of texture choices - on off bra top (not worn).  Maitreya/Legacy

also adorsy - Marissa Shorts  -- cutest little ruffles!  giant fatpack of textures available also.  Maitreya/Legacy  

KUNGLERS - Anessa necklace  (texture change hud)

{Limerence} Polly hair (simple hud with tinting feature)

All from the just opened round at Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: SEMotion

Wrap Me in Ribbons

Fantasy mixes with girlishness over at the !deviousMind booth at Gachaland.  Flowing ribbons abound and as most times I am wearing a minimized version of the full Cheshire set. Ears, tall and more accessories are in the set. There are six common colors to choose from.

My favorite pieces once again are the arty backdrops -- this time depicting nature scenes with plenty of "spilled paint" additions. Much fun. 

Hair by Ducknipple (old)

Pose by: aDORKable

The Corornavirus Garden - Free Online Class at OSU

Most summers have found me puttering in my garden. Some years it has been an acre, some years it has been a few pots outside the front door.  I even had a backyard winter garden in Barbados one year.  Barbados is of course near the equator so that worked just fine.   For me, it is the process as well as the fresh vegetables.

During World War II  people were encouraged to plant "Victory Gardens".  If you are among the many folks confined to their homes, gardening can give you a purpose, some exercise and certainly some fresh air.  all things that you need.  Your plantings can be in a backyard garden or simply a few pots on a balcony.  It all works.

You can order potting soil, pots and seeds online and have them delivered. Stay Home - Stay Safe.

To help fledgling horticulturists, Oregon State University has waved the fee of its online gardening class.  It won't replace several decades of gardening experience, but it will give you a starting point.

We really do need to start taking care of ourselves BY ourselves and learning (remembering) how to produce some of our own food is a step in the right direction.   There was a time when almost everyone grew their own food. Yes, really.

Witchwood Ostara Hunt

Once again there is a fun hunt with some great prizes at Witchwood.  Prizes from Petite Mort and Oubliette with a prize preview and hint sheet at the landing spot. Prizes are 10 and 20 lindens each.

You are looking for Easter eggs (solid color) which aren't all that big. The good news is that each egg is near a white bunny -- so easier to look for the bunnies really :D.

Lots of fun in a pleasant and picturesque sim. Happy hunting.

Pose by: SE Motion and Torridwear