Country Gal


A casual country look for the change of seasons.

From Petite Mort, Madison Dress which comes in many prints and denims; this is the Blk Ikat version. Find them at Tres Chic.  Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

From no.match out for Hello Tuesday, NO EASY, pack of reds.

I paired these lovely with two more pieces of the Lisa set from MEVA. It really is a vast set, and remember it comes in silver also. The Imaginarium is the place to try your luck.

My makeup is the new "ROSE GOLD" MAKEUP PALETTE from alaskametro at the 4Mesh event.

Poses by: Torrid Midnight [nla]

Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches - An Opening Day Report

Hartyshire  and  Glytch Hunting

We've got some serious fun going on here!

Linden Lab's new grid wide adventure opened today. I had no plans to zip right over, thinking it would be crowded; but as I was heading off to bed I decided to pop by. Two hours later I am reporting on my adventures.

After about an hour an a half I came away with an upgraded Glytches catcher (the net) as well as two RARE Glytches and an EPIC Glytch. A long list of common Glytches is also in my inventory. Obviously a new folder will be on my list of todos for the morrow.

My EPIC (non-transfer) Glytch is Ginger Jammies on the right. She is rezzed via hud and follows. She also poofs the pink stars and floats up and down and turns her head and such. She also disappears on my land because of my Object Entry settings. But she hung around long enough for me to get a snapshot.  She comes in that giant box with butterflies.

This is another RARE Glytch.

As you may have read, you start off with a jar in which to trap your glytches. With the jar, you need to be VERY close and click on them with your crosshairs while in mouselook. This was pretty much my first time using mouselook on purpose in almost ten years, and yet in a few minutes I was doing well.

Some glytches don't get trapped OR ring down havok on their hunters (that's me and you). They are a bit like decoys. Others are very fast and difficult to catch -- at least with the jar. I am hoping that the net will catch them from a further distance which would be quite helpful. That is only a guess though.

Honestly this was great fun. I only saw one other person playing as I roamed hither and yon. At first I kept cycling through the same few places as you are only allowed to get a certain number of glytches per area per visit.  But forty five minutes later I ended up in many different places.

When a glytch wins the battle of wills or spell -- jars, nets and bazookas you are in for a treat. Special effects abound. I took a few photos but I don't want to spoil the surprise -- and surprised you will be.

You can find Hartyshire and pick up your hud and jar via the Portal Park.  Once you have your HUD, you don't need to visit the Portal Park again.

Along with collection glytches, you pick up gems. These seem to be random in nature and even the easy to get glytches can be the bearer of gem bonuses.  That was a bit confusing at first as my hud said 11 when I had only captured a few glytches. Since the hud talks to you, I eventually figured that out. In one instance I received 10 green gems at once.

You need to accept the glytches you trapped before teleporting to the next location. Since I have auto-accept on, I could skip that step. So I would suggest turning that on -- even if only temporarily.  Watch the messages from your hud about moving to the next location, gems you have garnered etc.

So that's my late night report. I will be sleeping in tomorrow!  Then I may see how that net works *wink*.

The explanatory wiki page is here:

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Tres Chic is open with a new Decor Circle filled with Fall items.

The seasons have changed and with them the color palette. And of course we need to be WARMER now (or soon for some of us).

Two of my favorites in this round are pictured; the boots and legwarmers set from Mosquito's Way, Diana, comes with the option of having just the boots or just the legwarmers. A big hud to change each and every part is a bonus. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

In the leaves are part of a big Fall gacha set from Mesh India. There are plenty of fun seasonal items in the mix. The leaves can be put into piles as shown and resized as needed, so you can never have too many while playing to get your favorite pieces.

A winning set in my book.

Pose by: Helamiyo

A Breath of Fall

A Breath of Fall

A crispness is in the air. My favorite time of year -- as long as it lingers.

From MEVA at The Imaginarium, a new gacha event that blends pulls, gifts, exclusive prizes and sale item (oh my!).

The full set includes rings, bracelets, armbands and necklaces. Silver and gold can both be found in the gacha.

Ducknipple: WonderBra vs1
R.icielli - PEYTON Shorts

Nails by alaskametro
Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA Barret, a wild and free style

Poses by: Helamiyo

Mother Road

Mother Road

Now and I open a blogger box which causes my eyes to pop -- both virtually and corporeally. This Anetta Dress from ~Nerido~ is one of those wide-eyed numbers.  I can't imagine how difficult it was to make; well, I can really and that in itself is awe-inspiring.

Now there wasn't quite enough fabric in this garment for me to buy into the "dress" description *wink*, but happily I had some favorite leggings from last year that coordinated with one of the now-named sweater hues.

I added some beige biker-esce fashion boots and I was set.  Find a variety of color choices at Cosmopolitan. Maitreya fit.

As I was putting together this outfit -- as much for myself as for this photo shoot -- I noted that it was a bit too plain even for my minimalistic tastes. Then I remembered the tiny choker  in the new Lisa set from MEVA over at The Imaginarium.  The set is so very vast it is easy for something this small to get lost in the meelee, but for me it will likely be a long time favorite.

Just a finishing touch; and sometimes that is all that is needed.


Poses by: aDORKable and Eternal Dream


Some late breaking news brings you ---

From Trompe Loeil, a by-request matching chair for the Hudson Couch, a FaMESHed release.  This is a gorgeous chair, so get back over there and do some additional shopping!  Both fabric and leather versions are available.


A Tenth Anniversary Hunt at Sway's.  I am heading towards that tenth rez day, so Sway's was around when I came out of the pod.

Instructions at the landing point. Find the balloons then return to get your prizes.

Reading Pillows with 6 single and 1 couple reading animations
6 texture options (a third pillow is hiding in my shot)
Book / reading props

Stack of Books for decoration

Have fun!

Tall Grasses

Tall Grasses

Early morn on the moor. Tall grasses and hints of the past.

PurpleMoon Charlotte Blouse and Jeans are available in several coordinating sets. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits. This is the beige version.

Hair by .:EMO-tions:. * SAKURA *

Find both new releases at On9.

Poses by: grafica

Breathing Space

Breath of Fall

From Hilly Haalan at Cosmopolitan, the Aileen dress, available in two packs -- Glam and Plain. Both hud based  dresses come with many choices. One of my favorites is this subtle white wave texture in the Glam pack. This is a great basic for your closet and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Mesh bodies and standard fitmesh sizing.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the Nani set in various finishes. I chose the wood and silver version for a more casual look. A necklace is also in the release.

Find these lovelies at the MEVA booth.

Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: Pose It and aDORKable

Breaking Out

Breaking Out

Sometimes we just need to break out of our comfort zones and have FUN!  This full outfit complete with bangles, purse with hold, applier vintage lacy sorts (SO CUTE!) and over the knee peeptoe boots can be yours today at Hello Tuesday prices.

Hilly Haalan; Roxie outfit; here.

New Gala hair from eXxEsS comes in plenty of scrumptious colors as usual.

The Chronos wall clock from NEWCHURCH can be found at the new round of Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: Vista Animations

At Home

At Home

New releases abound and shoppers should be VERY happy with all the exciting items for both closet and home.

From Baiastice for Frou Frou, a special Lingerie fair with new exclusive releases, a big set of lingerie in both vintage and modern styles, lacy or satin fabrics and solid or semi-sheer. See? LOTS of choices and of course many colors too.

My favorites are the plain versions of the Paris plain panties and bra; this in solid and SNOW.

My backdrop includes the RARE item from the City Victorian 2 gacha from ChiC buildings. Find a big set mixing vintage with contemporary (think remodel :D) at COSMOPOLITAN.   A coordinating remodeled Victorian home is also available.

And over at On9 you can find drape packs with seven coordinating styles in each pack. These are gray scale for tinting and mod for size (instructions are in the pack) and should fit many window shapes. There is backing  (removable) that adds subtle shadows as well as a fabric view for those looking in your windows.

Look for the ChiC buildings area. A fatpack of all five fabrics is also available.

Also at On9, you can find this very pretty tattoo by Nanika.  Stella is the name of this white underbust beauty. Black and henna are also available in many appliers as well as legacy tattoo.

TUKINOWAGUMA's Bosio is a fun, young style with long tresses mixing with high side piggies. This comes with a clever styling hud that let's you have four styles in all. Also at On9.

Poses by: aDORKable


If you are a landowner, there are some impressive new buildings just out. Check these venues to find one just right for you. All fit on a 512 or larger lot. 

From Trompe Loeil at Uber, the Hudson Lighthouse which come with or without base. Definitely eye-catching!

Also from Trompe Loeil but at COLLABOR88 this time, the Amelie Pavillon. Romantic and dreamy; perfect for a Fall wedding!

If you love seeing the "bones" of a building then the Montauk Pavillion from Barnesworth Annubis is for you. Find it also at COLLABOR88.

Over at The Imaginarium (a new Gimme Gacha event) you can garner the Darkstone Manor as a gift for playing the gacha.  Look for the ChiC buildings area. 

And coming to COSMOPOLITAN , the City Victorian 2 with open railed loft that overlooks the interior; think "remodel".  Find it along with a furnishings gacha at the ChiC buildings pad. 

Getting Homey


A new five piece kitchen decor set awaits you at COLLABOR88. {what next} offers two themes (plain as shown or more "girlie":D) with color options by menu. These really great sets features access controls for those that need them.

Tied back curtains in three fabric choices can be tinted to your liking of left grayscale. These are a new instore release from ChiC buildings. Find them here.

Both offer long distance LODs for your viewing pleasure!

Curtains have backing for exterior views and to keep your neighbors smiling.



Lona was my great-grandmother's name. She was a strong woman; a suffragette and if family lore is correct, the first female school principal of Texas.  I can't imagine that she could have imagined how far women have come.

From MEVA for We Love RolePlay, the Lona set in either silver or gold. There are two versions of the collar; with and without the pendant.

The detailing is phenomenal.

Hair by *TUKINOWAGUMA* at On9 (opens the 9th). Look for Falla.

Poses by: oOo Studio

Victorian Times

Victorian Lady

It's Arcade time of course and if you are in a vintage mood, the 22769 guys have a set for you!

The Secluded House at The Arcade is packed full of vintage goodness.  Furniture, accessories, art -- all included.

And if Lady Luck is on your side, you might walk away with this grand Victorian mansion.

My outfit is no longer available but my necklace "might" still be found at lassitude and ennui. 


Poses by: Di's Opera

Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz

Let's celebrate!

From ArisArisB&W the Impactful outfit with a packed texture change hud. Tops and shorts are separate for mixing and matching pleasure. Maitreya, Slink and Belleza fits.

AND --

Bargains await you this Tuesday morn.

The {Petite Maison} Chat Sideboard & decor is tons of fun. I have renamed it the "Pop Fizz" set for the text on the pillow!

Sophistication mixes with brights and neutrals to make a citified statement.

Over at no.match, NO ACCESS; this pack of black and whites is out for Hello Tuesday. Short and sassy and fun!

Poses by: aDORKable

The Passage of Time

From Newchurch for We Love RolePlay, the Chronos  Side Table with hints of days gone by.  Lovely details!

The very nicely crafted bookstack is a gift from Artisan Fantasy at The Imaginarium, a new gacha venue mixing both gachas and sale bargains that count as pulls.

Leaves by PLAAKA.



Just out from {what next} this lovely Kissing Bridge with texture change menu ( wood, red+wood & red+white). There are plenty of optional parts including a welcome sign (texture change and non-text version included), various railings and ramps and lights.

Happily there is a winter version in the pack so that when the snows fall the bridge can reflect the change in weather. For my use, Terradale at LEA12,  the plain rustic version was perfect. I can just imagine this amid snowy trees with red siding and the holiday wreath (included); lights and carriages and all things for the holiday season.

The bridge set is half off for VIP members this weekend.

And if you are out and about stop by and see the rest of Terradale, do some exploring and attempt to solve the mystery of Sarah's disappearance.

Hello Fall

Hello Fall

Just a pretty picture to welcome in the season.

22769 - Vintage Wheelbarrow  from Harvest Fest at The Arcade

Recycled Victorian - Southern Comfort  by ChiC buildings.

Taken at LEA12 - Terradale where there will be an open house from noon to one.  Come chat!

Working Late

Casual Corporate -- is that a style? Well it should be.

From Baiastice for FaMESHed, the Kirsten suit in many colors (Maitreya and Slink fits) as well as some prints in the bonus fatpack. Comfy and classic rolled up into one package; that works.

The Studio Clutch comes in many hues and with a choice of two holds or unscripted.

Over at Cosmopolitan you can pick up Bento ring sets from MEVA.  The rings come in both silver and gold with a ring hiding HUD. Left and right fits of course. These are for Maitreya.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the G&D Sandals Isotta for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. An easy to use hud lets you choose between many tints, tones and shades.

(Kunglers) Yvete necklace
Makeup and nails: alaskametro

Poses by: an lar and frozen

No Frills

I am purposefully posting a very simplistic photo of this clock so that you can see the details. Beautifully made with very good LODs, it is timeless in that industrial genre. Present day or long ago, it works.

Find it at Cosmopolitan at the ::Atolye:: booth. This Industrial Wall Clock comes in "worn" (shown) or in black.

Black on Black

20s and Beyond

Some things old, some things new:

From Amias at Cosmopolitan, Kiera applier for Lelutka in three skin tones. Matching body appliers are at the event.

I have been wearing Hope for some time now. Eventually after much "living with" testing, I purchased the body skin pack (all three colors) for Maitreya. Slink and Belleza are also available.

With no demos for the body appliers and being a demo, demo, demo gal I thought awhile before purchasing. But I can vouch for the seamlessness and overall quality of the body appliers. My photos are unretouched.

Kiera on my Stella head has a bit of an Eurasian feel for me. Very pretty and the face applier comes with a choice of brows, eye makeup and lips -- all very easy to use.

If you have a static Lelutka head you may need to turn off "shine" in the Lelutka head hud.  I don't like shine anyway so that wasn't an issue for me. That step may not be needed in the newer Bento heads.

An apparent last minute addition to this round, find Kiera on an Home and Garden Deco pad just to the right of the entrance.

From Krunglers past releases, the Belinda necklace in Onyx timelessly coordinates with no.match's NO SECRETS vintage hairdo.

My quite superb lingerie is from Big Beautiful Doll.  Maitreya and Slink fits in MANY colors. The applier nylons are especially well done and the fit is outstanding.  So many sexy sets in the shop; you will have fun with those demos! For this style, look for BELLA.

Poses by: Helamiyo from the Don't Break set
for the Heart Shaped Glasses Hunt (Sept 1), a Marilyn Manson/goth/alt inspired grid wide 5L$ hunt

Summer's End

More goodness from the upcoming ARCADE!

From Sway's a big [Workplace] set perfect for students. And what better way to step gently back into study mode, than to spend the last days of summer at the beach?

The "almost free" Trompe Loeil beach huts come in a variety of bright stripes and more sedate neutrals. At 23 land impact they are perfect for small lots, guest houses or rentals.

This calendar is one of my favorite pieces from Sway's. Click the month and day to move forward through time. Add you own photo to personalize.

Gacha Fever

With lots and lots of gacha activity happening the "addicts" will be very very happy!

Here is a very nice set that might otherwise slip by your radar -- not being in a gacha event that is.

From Raindale @ Cosmopolitan, the Lanefield gacha

Well made mesh and impressive textures, this pavilion is the RARE item.

One of my favorite pieces is this basket with pillows!

So if this looks like your style, get over to Cosmo and pull that handle.