Gypsy in Me

snowy in style

There is a part of me that wants to go back in time when Love filled the air -- or at least we thought it did.

Photo taken at Cece's Secret.

GIZ SEORN @ Cosmopolitan - Morning Glory with many background colors with the same flowers. I'll take basic black!  Slink, Belleza, Maitreya

Petite Mort- Black Gypsy Beaded Scarf

Baiastice_Klum Bag-Black-Shoulder
=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Maree"

Pose by: Di's Opera

Freebie Saturday

Great finds this week include:

Clef de Peau Blazer Dress and Piper Pants with color change hud.

Clef de Peau Jogger Pants Black with color change hud for leggings. A baggy tee is also in the gift pack.

Group gifts here (free group).

Finale Couture Calista Gold includes shoes as well as leggings. Find it at The Free Dove (free group needed).

Di's hair (right is available for free at Besom. Clueless is currently behind the counter on a shelf --previous hunt prize.

Everything in this photo was free except for Sami's Lara Body and Letluka head :D.  

Poses by: LAP and Diesel Works [nla]

Dining FLF Style

Ittttttt's Friday!

Out for Fifty Linden Friday from Sway's, two collections.

The Judith Table and Chair (four colors of complimentary woods - white is constant)

The Judith Table Settings (three colors).

My outfit includes:

***ArisarisB&W~Alus32~Glastonbury Boho Pant with a variety of mesh body sizes but NO Lara (I am wearing eBody which magically worked for me so give the demos a try).  Many textures by hud including some fun bright prints which I really like, but we pick what works for the photo :D.

Mosquito's Way - Maxine Shoe at Tres Chic
Valentina E. Sara top

And .Enfant Terrible. Lotties darling necklace available on the B P E  SL Hunt.

Hair: Cleo by Wasabi Pills who is having a sale of older hairs. I got one for each of my alts an they are looking good.

Pose by: Di's Opera

ROIRO - "L'annulaire" Collector

the collector - looking out

There is a new kid on the block in H and G. Possibly not new, possibly not a kid but DEFINITELY notable. ROIRO first came on my radar with the gorgeous holiday tree at The Chapter Four. It decorated my abode and appeared in many, many Advent posts.

Then I noted the extremely well-made and creative gacha set at Cosmopolitan. Being a smart little blogger I always return to the Cosmo blogger room during the event, sometimes to pick up an item that I didn't think would fit into a post and sometimes to see "what's new". I was SUPER thrilled to find this set appearing late in the event.

the collector gacha set

I don't often spend half a day setting up a photo shoot. Actually I can't remember EVER doing that - LOL. But I have a plan you see and that includes moving this over to MOSP in January. It will fit in perfectly to the Terradale landscape and storyline.

It is a big set with 29 items including the building and a hud to change textures on the building and interior. Very classy. The build is beautifully detailed and textured with great LODs (doesn't fall apart at a veining distance)and low land impact mesh (around 78 for the complete set rezzed). You can rez on the floor :D.

It should be noted that the building has cast shadows backed in which will conflict with viewer shadows. I added a rug from one of my gachas to mediate this some.

There is a fashion section to this post too. Also noteworthy, the PLASTIX - Lorenin Dress at Tres Chic. This fits beautifully everywhere -- AND how many dresses could be challenged by this pose and not split in the back? I was amazed. Kudos for sure.

A new hair release from eXxEsS is a perfect companion, with fluttery tendrils mirroring the feathers in the hem. Add a sassy ponytail and this is a fun style for many occasions.

The Samira Necklace from Kunglers is both delicate and ladylike and comes in various gemstones. If you missed it at Cosmopolitan last round it is now on the easy to shop Marketplace and likely at the main store :D.

Landforms environment by ChiC buildings available in January.

Poses by: flowey [nla] and Diesel Works [nla]

Moving Days

packing boxes

It feels like it is already a new year -- well almost. My head is still spinning from Advent. We will need to scale that down a bit next year I think. SO much to report!

Meanwhile I will be in moving mode. A Steamy Mystery in Terradale (LEA12) will be coming down in a few days -- happily to find a new home at the Machinima Open Studio Project (LEA6). The storyline will be no more, though so if you haven't visited, now would be the time.

@ Cosmopolitan:

amias  FREJA COPPER necklace
adorsy Isabel Top Midi Loose Version and Bra (separates)
-:zk: (ZaraKent Shoes & Accessories) Andrew Boots Brown

Opale  Hermini Hair @ Tres Chic

Beautiful, Dirty Rich - Dreamer Jeans (appliers)

Top photo: Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage

Trompe Loeil - Maisie Cabin

I have been busy making mesh for the new build. When this new release from Trompe Loeil arrived, being low on prims at my building pad I headed over to my favorite sandbox.

THEN it hit me, I had a lovely space to rez -- a full sim layout for LEA6. So I jumped over there. Sometimes I get so busy  --- well we all do I expect.

The new Trompe Loeil - Maisie Cabin weighs in at 90 land impact as shown. There is also a version with string lights. A snow add-on is available. Find it at Uber.

Poses by: ChiC buildings Packing Boxes (gift at Gacha Guardians in Jan)

Looking Towards the New Year


Advent is over but gifts are still coming (whew!) and I will list a few here for those who still have inventories under 100,000 (mine is at 37,000 at the moment and that includes all my store products so "I" get a gold star).

It has been a great and very busy December and I have updated my alts (one building who seldom logs into the main grid and one very dusty gal who is now looking great). SL friends and RL friends also in SL got makeovers too at my prodding and with my help. Lots of inventory cleaning went on with all the hunts and gifts and trying on.

A guy friend reports cleaning out things from as long ago as 2006. Luckily he had some clothes folders with titles like "new clothes for 2013"; well THAT was an easy purge LOL.

So we are all moving into the new year looking better and with neat closets (well there is one hold out on the cleaning closet bit -- he still has outfits from MIA for those of you old enough to remember that brand).

First we need vista!

As the calendar turns to a new number a few things will change in my world.

I will be returning the Machinima Open Studio Project to the grid. It will be housed at LEA6, next door to it's old home at LEA7. This will be an all new build with a few iconic items no doubt working their way in as part of nostalgia. MOSP is a sim for photographers, machinimatogrphers and bloggers.  The is a 20 minute rez time for props and no group is needed. It can be used by all -- even for commercial uses like vendor photos.

I have been busy this month between all the advents and hunts and regular blogging making infrastructure and it should be open in a minimal state by mid to late January.

I have cut back on some store events because of this focus but ChiC buildings will still be in all the Gimme Gacha events and should return to more as Spring begins and things are settled down at MOSP.


A surprise to me this month was how much I enjoyed "being new" again and in freebie mode with my "dusty alt" (her name is Dion but we call her Di).  She earned money for her Omega Relay and head at The Realms and has been an avid listener (well reading past chatter now and then) on the freebie groups.  SHE found a lot of the gifts and hunts that were featured this month. 

So I will be letting her take part in the new year with hunts and gifts and such. She has one of the free eBody bodies which makes fitting tricky, so if YOU or YOUR ALT has that issue too -- well stay tuned. I am sure her finds will be of interest to lots of folks.


That's pretty much the news, but in case you didn't know--

There are gifts out at Maitreya Isle for Maitreya VIP members of which there are 90,000 so even being premium isn't helping to get to THAT tree. We all are presuming gifts will be out to the end of the year. The sim is currently set at 30.

There are now gifts under the tree at alaskametro including makeup, skin and nail appliers (that was intel so hope it is correct). Group fee. 

I am leaving up my advent calendar so if you missed any days you can get ONE a day by clicking that missed date.  It will stay up until the end of the year. And the leather and oak barrel chair will be free at the Hop and Shop until the end of the year also.

Group gifts from Hilly Haalan now out at the landing point. 

Now here is the info on all the goodness in that photo up top!

A Breakfast Convo @ Tres Chic - Knitted Crop Top and Knitted Shorts (many colors - Maitreya, Belleza and Slink)

[Gos] Ariana Thigh-High Boots v2.0 - four colors of red via hud (free group)

OLQINU : tasseled glasses free at The Chapter Four (group gift)

- Mikunch - Fire hydrant also @The Chapter Four (group gift)


Meva Ivey Bangle Left Black Silver
alaskametro nails

Pose by: 22769 (taken out of a prop as I really liked it :D)

Advent Wrap Up

Advent Wrap Up
It is the last day of Advent in most cases; a few calendars will continue on through the end of the month. It has been a wild time with the bounty of the season. I can't remember so many calendars, trees and gift boxes.

My gals hung in their like troopers and I imagine, like me they are somewhat relieved to see the process end for another year.  There has definitely been something for everyone and we will all be better dressed and decored because of the generosity of so many creators.

So a big thanks to everyone.

Today's gifts in this post:

Purple Moon - Season Pj's

MEVA's - Barron Slim Pants Brown (Justice shirt at the Hop and Shop)

Enitce - Valor Top and Skirt in Wine

There is also a nice leather coat at go! and a very pretty skin with Omega applier at WoW. Some of today's gifts aren't out yet as we meet again in the middle of some of our nights :D.

Two things to remember --

Tomorrow is gift card day at Entice, so stop by the tree for the last time this year and then do a little shopping after you catch your breath and clean your inventory.

There is once again an annual tree with presents from many creators at The Fallen Gods as well as some stores of the other creators. Some very pretty presents await you there.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Winter bird house VIP group gift from {what next}.

Poses by: LAP and Akeyo

Furs in Winter


"Freyja" Winter Fur Gown**XMAS 2017 EDITION**
!dM deviousMind   Group Gift

Location: North with quiet, near barren snowscapes where the underlying structure of nature is the focus.

Meva Trisha Necklace available at Cosmopolitan with an extensive texture change hud for all parts and pieces.

-FABIA- Mesh Hair Brenda is available at Tres Chic.

Poses by: Eternal Dream

BEP SL Holiday Hunt Picks

The BEP SL Holiday Hunt is underway. Didn't know that? Well neither did I!  Here's the story.

Bee heard some chatter on a new group that she joined, Volthair. People were asking about a hunt, how long it lasted, how hard it was to find the Santa wrapped package.  Always in the mood to find some great stuff, she zipped over to the store.

Of COURSE this store turned out to host one of the hardest packages to find. Hint -- extremely tiny AND tinted black (oh my). But in the end she did find it and with some further sleuthing and the help from Google found the hunt page (whew).  Once you have a list with hints it does get a bit better of course.  While she didn't find all the gifts, she found most and reported one not working and will head back there tomorrow maybe to see if the script (most are buy for $0) is fixed.

There are plenty of hairs and collars (both on her "I need more" lists) as well as many other things. This is definitely a GIRL hunt though so aside from some home and garden items, guys can skip it.

Her are a few of her favorites.

Top photo:

Fiasco - Lemaire Desk White, chair and rug
[Kres] Mugs of Chocolate

Decoy - Amiya Dress: Festive
Navy&Copper - Cinnamon hair (perfect on her)
Pretty Mess - Shiny Rose Choker Gold

Kaithleen's Must Have Shirt - Winter
Doe: Ruby w/ Santa Hat - Hunt Edition

Serenity Style- Fish my cheese

!deviousMind !dM Charlie - holidayChoker **RED PEPPERMINT** (also a green version in another box) - Top hat included in prize also.

Volthair Elise Hair (winter)- White included black beanie that doesn't photograph against black :D. White or black hair only.

There are plenty of other great prizes to find. It is not an easy hunt. Bee advises taking it a bit at a time :D.

Poses by: elephant poses (hunt prize)

Note that the prize at Dysfunctionality has to be PAID in order to receive. You get your $1 back but it is pretty confusing.

Advent Day 23

Shadow Play

Someone counted the stockings on the Cosmopolitan Advent Tree and reported fifty-five. I didn't bother to check and as I have been blacklisting after retreval they aren't all there for me. But there are lots and there are some lovely gifts, so if you haven't visited, be sure and do so.

Some highlights:

On Sami:

Seniha. Kora Dress - Black
.::Supernatural::. necklace Lina Star Red - Black Silver

On Moi:

Safira - Cosmopolitan Dress
EarthStones Ruffle Around Earring - Garnet/Gold
JF Design "Amberlyn" Necklace - Gold

Sami's hair by Mina, Mine by Vanity Hair

Poses by the ChiC buildings Final Exit Pose Prop - coming to Gacha Guardians this January

Advent Day 22

This Moon Chair can be yours today at Sway's. Hopefully you found Day 22's star! Don't forget to wear your hud.

Other great holiday gifts include a Sway's cocoa cup from earlier in the month and these oh so comfy sweats from Coco, a gift at FaMESHed.

Group gifts abound this holiday season and these two make a very pretty picture.

From {what next} a VIP Group, the Winter Bird Feeder (snowy). A non-snowy version is also included for those living in sunnier climes. The birdhouse comes in white; I tinted here for better photo contrast AND to coordinate with my winter abode which sits nearby but outside the picture plane :D. The birds are animated!

Bee's warm and cozy knits are a group gift from Coco.

Top hair Tableau Vivant, bottom eXxEsS

Poses by: aDORKable and the chair



At Cosmopolitan:

Paparazzi - SKYBOX - Basement

BELLAROSE  Industrial Floor Lamp

::Atolye:: My Favorite Books, Wine Set, Vintage Coffee Table

A&D Clothing - Pants -Jules

Free at Hop and Shop: etham - David Sweatshirt with all color hud

Free at altamura ($10 group): Altamura: "AARON" Bento Fullbody Gift

Hair: lock & tuff
Necklace: Meva Advent gift

Pose by: aDORKable

Holiday Glitter

Holiday Glitter

It's the season for getting dressed up all fancy like. Even us casual gals like to look preeety and ladylike now and then.

Another new holiday release from Baiastice, Elie, offers elegance with a dash of "posh".  Find it in many colors at the main store. Maitreya and Slink fits.

A perfect companion? These lovely Baiastice Kioto earrings, part of a jewelry set which includes a choker (and we know how in demand chokers are!) :D

Various metal tones can be found at The Liaison Collaborative.

My No Halo updo by no.match comes plain or with holiday themed add on.  Find all the colors at The Grab.

Lighted Wooden Tree CHEZ MOI from the Cosmopolitan Gift Tree (group).

Poses by: KoKoLoReS and Nantra

Advent Day 21

Another great outfit from Jumo -- with texture change hud for both fur and jumpsuit and many MANY fits.

Not an Advent present but a group ($20) gift, a pretty diamond collar (psst - covers neck seam) and diamond studs from Tabou.

And from PurpleMoon, this nicely tailored tuxedo dress!

Poses by: LB A&R haven place (free)

Free Full Body Male Altamura Avatar

Bro Gifts

Typically, the guys get left out of a lot or presents. They buy less -- there is less to buy -- it is an endless circle.

Once again altamura comes to the table with a gorgeous full body mesh avatar for guys. This one has darker skin and a beautiful one it is.

I have spent the day with some guy friends (one more to go LOL), getting them started with their new and improved looks. Along the way I found out a few things which will be handing when I put together my OWN altamura guy avatar.  Like previous full body avatar release gifts from the brand that is doing a very good job working its way into the "known" mesh body and heads brand list, this comes with a very nice and easy to use (and fast) hud.

You have some options and with some experimentation can get quite a few mesh clothes fitting well. in the list of possibles that we tried out today are a nice black Tee from JUSTICE at the Linden Hop and Shop as well as a hoodie with many colors by hud from etham - also at the Hop and Shop AND the necklace from Lapointe & BastChild Designs.  

As you can see the pants from MEVA (Was it only yesterday? Maybe the day before.) look great!  So smart of my friend to pick those up "for the future".

The one important option missing on the gift version is the ability to change skin. Now this is a great looking skin, but then again not everyone wants to look the same.

altamura AARON body and Akeruka ARON head :D
Now I had a friend using the previous altamura body AND he had the gift head from Akeruka (awhile back). I was wondering how well these would work together.

It took a bit of trying but as long as you wear the Akeruka hud along with the skin applier -- and of course turn OFF the altamura head, lashes, hair etc, it works very well. This is a 7 Deadly S[k]ins applier in EARTH that matches really well. So there is a hint there.

This is not the final look for either of my friends, but it is a good start. Rumor has it  -- from past experience -- that the full version of this body (with the ability to use appliers) may be in a pre-release to group at a reduced price. Here's hoping!  Meanwhile there is NO excuse for folks to keep their legacy bodies -- unless of course they are attached to nostalgia (and that's OK too).

One note, these bodies come with huds for hands and mouths and you really DO need to wear the hands one so that you won't have splayed hands all the time. The hud is small and you can move it out of the way.

altamura full male avatar GIFT

This shot shows directly out of the box using the default shape (important to use that as a starting place - for head parameters like mouth :D) OR copy the head numbers over and add to your own shape.

This is the altamura - teleport hub gift.  Right out of the box, no changes at the present.

My alt noted the lag when she went to check out today's altamura Advent gift. Low and Behold, this gorgeous avatar for the guys. It is $10 to join the teleport hub group --- which is a great group to be in ANYWAY :D.

Pants in "out of the box" photo by aphorism (old).

Advent Day 20

Only a few more days of Advent; it has been an outstanding year for gifts and all the fun that comes with collecting them.

Today ---

From go! Olivia Overalls in lots and lots of sizes.

And from MEVA -- super cute cowboy boots. Yea Haw!

Poses by: LAP and Torrid Midnight

Gacha Fever

Gacha Fever

Two superb gacha release combine for a picture perfect holiday card.

From !dM deviousMind @ Lootbox (opening tomorrow if my sources are correct) a big collection of the cutest and fanciest rocking horses I have ever seen. These are WEARABLE attachments, but if you have the prims, you can of course rez them too. Mostly I just wanted you to see all the details on both the horse and my outfit; silly vane me!

Some of the "RockinRudolphs" are sleek and stylish, others fun and playful. All amazingly crafted so you can't really go wrong! MY kind of gacha.

Now I really was having a difficult time trying to decide which Rudolph to show you, so I did what any good fashion and design blogger would do --- I coordinated with my outfit!

From MEVA for Pocket Gacha, the Corellis Outfit in black, brown, burgundy, red and white with silver or gold trim.  Very feminine!

Probably not warm enough to stay out in the snow for too long though -- even with bright sun :D.


Poses by: aDORKable and Helamiyo

Advent Day 19

Advent Day19

Bright colors and fun patterns are part of today's Advent Calendar highlights.

From Jumo, a halter jumpsuit with flare leg pants.
From Chop Zuey a fancy necklace and earring set with large drop rubies or garnets :D.

From go!, a super fun shirt worn backwards. Sami's red jeans are from Ladies Pleasure, a recent hunt prize you can most likely still find. We "think" it might be the POE10. No promises though; it has been a VERY busy month. 

There is a very striking necklace for the guys at MEVA and a matching necklace to go with yesterday's earrings at It!.

Poses by: aDORKable

Holiday Magic

Holiday Releases Baiastice

The Holiday Collection is out TOMORROW at Baiastice!  Sparkles and shine, satin and lace -- all thing girlie including "skin" LOL.

One of my favorites is the darling club dress, Roxy.

Now if I am going to be honest I am not sure that I am BRAVE enough to wear this "leave your undies at home" design -- but it is SO PRETTY!

With lots of pretty hues, I was attracted to the gold sparkly number that is part of the bonus pack.

But ---

When I saw that the new  shanghai  Wings set came in a perfectly matching copper AND coordinated perfectly with my alaskametro makeup -- well the color was chosen for me.

Find these new releases at the BAIASTICE main store and at Cosmopolitan respectively.

Meva Photo Box Small Cubes White backdrop

eXxEsS Mousse hair

Poses by: ChiC buildings

Advent Day 18

My gals found some lovely advent items on our 18th cay of the journey.

From .:JUMO:., the Lorena Outfit in white and gold which comes with some Oh so High HIGH heels.

From MEVA, the Steam Military Vest and Romper in Red  Both gold and silver trimmed versions are included.

These gorgeous earrings are a gift from IT! on the 12 Days Calendar. Follow the Snowflake path to the present wall. No group needed.  This comes with hud for metal choices.

winter sunset

And for the guys from MEVA, some striking roleplay pants in orange and leather.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works



On the horizon ---

At Tres Chic:

E-Clipse Design - Florence Coat with seven choices of colors. Maitreya fit.

Mosquito's Way - Maxine heels. Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and TMP fits.

.::Nanika::. Inna sunglasses

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - NOEL

Hair by no.match at Cosmopolitan - NO.BLING

Pose by: Diesel Works

Advent Day 17

So very pretty, this holiday gown from Jumo. This is for day 16 which is the latest on the board, but you can pick up all the gifts on any day; how nice.

Are you ready for the new year? This stylish decor piece is perfect to welcome it in. Today's gift in the PurpleMoon Advent calendar.

Those of you not in the 7 Deadly S[k]ins group, can still pick up some presents from under the outside tree HERE.

Poses by: LAP

Advent Day 16

Today's Advent highlight is a different take on the traditional holiday colors and so perfectly Sami I had to smile. Find it at PurpleMoon.

And I would say that my "dusty alt" makeover is pretty complete with the addition of a recent WoW skin from their calendar.

The cute Bento pose is from CNZ at the eBento Advent Calendar.

Poses by: LAP and CNZ

That Tree at Cosmo

Sequel - Snowy Shadowbox

Many of us have visited the Cosmopolitan tree in years past. I have to say this year is looking like designers are intent on outdoing their history of great gifts.

I did not add to the Cosmo bounty this year. Somehow thirty or so gifts seemed like enough from "my brand" LOL.  But I will definitely be going over to pick up some of the lovely gifts.

Meanwhile here is a tip on the Cosmo tree -- a lesson learned from other years. Stockings get added to the tree daily for some time. What frequently happens is that you end up grabbing and opening items you already have in inventory. Not all that much fun.

Sami came up with a very smart idea, one that seems so very obvious I am not sure why "I" didn't think about it. AFTER you are sure you have a copy of the New Gift in inventory, simply derender and blacklist the stocking (third party viewers only). Then you will only see items that you haven't picked up. Repeat as needed.

Some folks of course will wait until all the gifts are out and that works too :D.

Home and garden seemed to be the stars of today with even a building in the mix. But there was also a lovely set of heels with color change hud as well as some REALLY pretty earrings ^^.  Just not enough for a cohesive outfit to photograph.

Here is your taxi. You will need a free group tag if you don't have one already.

Note that a few creators have their stockings set to the wrong group meaning "I" could pick them up LOL (and I might just to do that) with my designer tag, but "fans" have to wait until they figure out their mistake.

Patience is good.