Sophisticated Lady

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Just a quick post before I go off to dreamland :D. I did finally get over to .hc&co., home of those great jeans I blogged this morn. While I was chatting with the owner/designer Heather Connolly, a wildcard came up on the lucky board and Heather was nice enough to alert me. I was busily typing as I sometimes do and completely missed that happy "?"s arrival.

I of course was VERY cool and didn't mention that I had left myself there earlier so that I could watch the board -- LOL. Ah vanity. The dress is super cute and sways like soft silk when you move. The style is feminine enough to remind you why you like being a girl, and the print is classic enough to remind you that being a "woman" is even better.

So drop by the 10 minute board from time to time and see if your letter comes up. Here's your TP.

Shown with some of my own bangles -- soon to be yours if you'd like when I reach that 1000th post in a few days. They are just part of a goodie box I have made up for you guys. I hope you like it.

Shoes by Juicy, hair by Tiny Bird (poop hunt), poses by LAP.


Sometimes hanging out means a cup of tea and a plate of cookies with your buddies. Especially if you have a kitchen, but even if you just want to have some folks over for tea in the sandbox (yes, you really can do that -- us prim challenged folks are very creative at times), Belle Belle has a great new group gift out. See the extremely detailed kitchen organizer on my wall? That's it and it is a beauty.

My wonderfully textured jeans with primo cuffs came in a DSN pack this morning. The shop is .hc&co. and the product is "Basic Jeans - Light" which I am guessing means there are other colors to choose from. It's a busy morning for me, but I'll be heading over there soon to take a look around. My Gypsy waistcoat is new from Trubble and is perfect for showing off my colorful new tattoo from last eve. Shoes are corset wedges from She's So Unusual Shoes.

AND -- if you would like more kitchen goodies, you can zip over to the Belle Belle (group) Midnight Board and slap that puppy.

My desk is from the never ending goodies box :D.

Poses by Ana_Mations and Torridwear.

Time Limited Goodies

Here are a few items of note that you need to get like lickety split! Both the cute top and the very nice short boots are A'Bomb's free items in the Sn@tch City hunt. There are also two items in douche bottles to purchase. They are easy to find and inside the A-Bomb store. The skirt is one of many, many prizes from Sn@tch :D.

click for larger photos

There are simply tons of prizes -- both free and to purchase in the two sim complex. They are easy to find and wandering will get you a truckload of items to go through. I found quite a few that I recognized, so if you are an old timer and a Sn@tch - Retox fan, you may already have some of these gifts. But if you are a young resident or new to Sn@tch, they will likely be discoveries to YOU and that's what counts.

The A-Bomb top comes in three layers with the jacket choice being full length with ribbing.

Other favorite finds at Sn@tch City were these cute rose choker and corsage from Harlot. I believe the colorful bottle was very close by the store :D. Also shown above are one of several "bloomer" sets (I'd call them leggings) from Vth Column . The pack comes with both layers, two colors of striped legging as well as two sets of boxers which work for girls or guys. And the stripes? They really, really match on the sides. Something you don't find that often *wink*.

The Douche Hunt runs through the 31st.

The tattoo above is not from the Sn@tch hunt but out today for free until about 7 pm at Saint Of Ink. Find it in a giant vendor in the middle of the store. It is lovely.

All the poses shown here came from Posemaster, a new shop. So stop on by and take a look around. Most of the current pose sets are action themed.


This started out to be a post on new free skins and hair, and it still is; but in the process of taking this photo, I couldn't help but reflect on how different we all all. Each day -- or sometimes several times a day -- we can reinvent ourselves with new skins and hair, outfits and even shapes. We can explore ways of being that we would never try in our real world.

I doubt you will recognize anyone in their new looks, but all are in Tuli skins. The Goth gifts are for the group in case you missed your notices and in the big red mushroom with floating text behind the giant tree. Sami in the middle is in the current Picks gift. Find the reward poster on an easel in the front of the store. The gift is still from June, but if you didn't get it you might want to do that. Who knows when it will be replaced with a new item.

And yes, this was a "come as you are" party. No one changed for the shoot. We're supposed to be looking at their HEADS anyway :D.

Now let's see some close ups and talk free hair.

Benicia was the one that found the hair boards at " D!va ". There are two upstairs in the main shop. There are ALSO TP givers to other satellite shops. She didn't try all of them, but it looks like there is at least one board in each shop. Yeah. And so far they have all been different. So you can zip around and find ones that look like your style. The one she is wearing came from a RYOTAN LAND cart.

This is the lucky board prize from the ""D!va"" store at Marcos Mall. You'll need to fly up and follow your beam to get to the shop. The "Rina" prize comes with a pretty strawberry blond color called Amber, both in the same pack. It comes in versions both with and without the diamonds woven in. Very pretty. This is the current Tuli Picks Reward skin.

And here is a last minute addition, one of the hairs from the " D!va " main shop. Wow. Lots of lucky board free hair today. This version comes only in this Amber color, but in two lengths. This is the longer. The other is an updo similar in style. Meet Dion, Divine's RL sister. And where IS Divine these days? Too much RL is a "bad, bad" thing. *wink*

Xia's hair comes from the lucky board at ++AY.LinE++Ginza. There are two lucky boards. This style comes packed with a variety of lovely colors, so there is bound to be one you like. This is Tuli's Group Gift Goth skin.

Pick your favorites and watch those boards while you do email or read the fashion feeds :D.

And by all means, HAVE FUN!

And as an addendum, Xia had been over to Festivale and picked up the Vagabonds Poop Hunt gift -- along with yet more hair :D. Find the Roadkill Couch easily in the Vagabonds store. It comes with four poses including one along the top of the couch. They are poseballs and not menu but you can hide the balls with the /1hide command. SO glad that is sort of universal. Handy.

Ice Cream Colors

Two new hot lucky board prizes and some gifts for the weekend here. You've no doubt seen the = Hal*Hina = lucky board hair. I've certainly seen the ad posters :D. Well I'm here to tell you it is just as lovely as it looks. Two colors, brown and blond in two lucky boards. The numbers change ever 2 minutes so you have to have friends on speed dial if you want to tp them in *wink*.

The peachy outfit comes from the *LFS*=Lycee feelings shop=. The LB is five minutes there. It comes with a choice of layers as well as a top with toys in the pockets. An optional bow can be worn on the front strap.

My studio props are yet MORE items from the pack mentioned in this post. I'm definitely like a kid in a candy store.

And if you are into cutie girl accessories, be sure and pick up this ice cream backpack from :::[NEEDFUL THINGS . Find it in a default prim size box with descriptive photo on the ground floor of the shop.

Top pose by LAP.

Pretty Pretty Props

First of all an apology from me. I just realized after four hours that SL(R) in its wisdom had turned down my graphics to LOW after a crash last night. I knew my skin looked odd but couldn't figure out why. So these pictures are not near the quality that they should be. After a couple of hours of picture taking however, I am NOT starting over. Click any photo for larger versions. There is a lot to see. Here's the scoop.

Miabella Foxley is leaving SL and giving away some truly fantastic furnishing and props. These are just some of the wonderful items in the box of goodies. Everything is copy (n mod - nt) so you can add accessories to your home, shop or photo shoot as you need them. I never have to worry bout losing them out on the sandbox :D. Yeah!

I love the suitcases! And the radiator that steams :D. Really wonderful.

There are so many things in the box, I really can't show them all here. I haven't even unpacked them all. There are lots of beautiful books and accessories to add to your environment. Everything is lovely and works perfectly. So a giant THANK YOU to Miabella Foxley and many good wishes from us all. Also a big thanks to Callie Cline who tipped me (and a few thousand others) to this opportunity.

To get your box of goodies, just join the boxed group. The group will only be around until September 9th so time is limited. Go to the archives and pick up the box of goodies. If you can't find the group easily, it is listed in Miabella's profile.

My cute pajamas were a hunt gift from the Rha! store (NLA).

Props and Accessories

Props. I love them. Whether just for fun or simply beautiful, they definitely make a fashion shoot. Today I have a few to share that I've picked up along the way as well as a fantastic cornucopia of goodies that simply take my breath away. And yes, it's all free. Edit: Sorry, graphics card was set to low and it took me awhile to figure out the problem. Imagine how great everything would look with Windlight - LOL.

First up are some goodies that I picked up along the hunt trails. Some of them were hunt items and some simply freebies. My food bank grocery bag is from the clever -RC- Cluster shop. Find it in the freebies section upstairs. My strawberry ice cream sandwich was my gift of the day from the GatyaGatya Machine at [KUE!] . My hair is from Tiny Bird, a Poop Hunt Prize.

The cute black and white backpack is from .:TRoUBLeD ReBeL: (Poppy Hunt ends Aug 31st) and my bandanna let tie is one of three in a freebie pack at ::Like A:: . My luscious red pants and bandeau top are part of the latest Marleen gift from G&N Quality Design .

OK. Are you ready for this? Part two coming up soon.

MM Poses

Need some poses? This already paid out earlier today with 300 slaps. Get in on that second wave. Here's your TP.

Good luck :D

Hunts and All That Jazz

I've been thinking a lot about hunts lately. Are they here to stay? With posters popping up seemingly daily, I'd say that is a given -- at least until the end of the year. Like many folks I went through the hair pulling " too much, too many, too little product" lament. It seems that content creators are catching on of late, and this is good news.

There are shop hunts, sim hunts and grid wide hunts. Each have their followers and their pluses. There are so many these days, hunters can pick their favorites or their themes and still get in half a dozen hunts each month with ease. For those that have hunt madness, there is most always a new hunt somewhere. What seems to have changed is the general quality of goods.

Just like the days of the fifty lucky chairs filled with &#@^, we have had some pretty time wasting hunts in the past. When you toss over 90% of the goods? This is not good. The best hunts get the most press. The better the reviews, the more people that join in. In the end, giving away something notable to 20,000 folks is better than giving away something less than great to a few hundred.


Personally, I never keep everything. I have a wonderfully diverse and large enough for me inventory. So, for me to keep something it needs to be well designed, well crafted and either versatile or so unbelievably different that I can't give it up. Still, I find my inventory growing by leaps and bounds these days despite my best efforts at culling.

This say A LOT. It says that our content creators are getting more skilled. It says they are getting more creative, and it says that they are sharing generously. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing economically? I'm out of that loop now and cannot comment with any first hand knowledge. I do know that many of us work -- whether paid or not, whether profit or debt laden -- to fulfill some creative urge. It could be sharing with folks we don't even know. It could be bringing beauty into our virtual world. It could be fulfilling our personal dreams.

We do it for our own reasons and ones that many folks will never understand.

Ivory Perfection

Porcelain dolls, fragile beauties, Gothic ladies of the predawn; Tuli has released a new skin tone of Hope in ivory. The makeups are similar to the Goth set, but the rosy undertones of the skin give them a different look and feel. Since Hope is my skin of choice these days, I was delighted to see this release. There are many artistic possibilities :D.

click for larger photos

I took the new ivory Hope skin out for its first spin in today's gift release from hO wEAr. The delicate nature of the skin worked well with the oriental flowers. I added an old favorite hair from Magika (most likely retired). While the mico-mini skirt is more modern than traditional, I chose a place of history for my photo shoot, juxtaposing times. In the early dawn light, the glowing beauty shines.

My poses are from the Mela's kimono dollarbie set. Find it on the third floor near the three camping chairs.

Cleaning Up

Dove and Company throw a great party. The sim has been nearly full for most of the day, but the lag was manageable. I of course wore my almost primless hunt outfit and others did too. That helps. The gifts were great. As there are some very talented designers at Festivale, I wasn't too surprised. Shown here are a few more of my favorites. I just love the glow curtains from Zut! At only two prims counting the valance, I'll be using them often :D.

Along with lots of great poses a la last year, Tiny Bird has joined the event in a major way with five or more sets of hair. I admit to not finding one (sigh) and so who knows what might be in that poop package - LOL. Along with hair, there are some nice pale mod skins as well as some poses. It seems that Tiny Bird tried poses and Dove tried hair. While Dove's hair gets lots of points for originality, I think Tiny Bird won the contest *wink*. I am sure it was all in fun as it should be. The photos above feature both hair and poses from Tiny Bird. My personal favorite Kissy-Kissy hair has been well documented in my previous posts on the hunt. I have to admit it was difficult giving that one up in order to show you the others, but they are great too!

That's my wrap up of the second -- and hopefully not last -- Poop Hunt. Be sure and pick up your souvenir pooper scooper and pail in front of the LAP store. I now have a set for both years; let's see how many more can be added to the collection.

Go forth, have fun and SCOOP!

Festivale is the place to be this weekend.

Deep in Poop

I am happy to report that the Second Annual Poop Hunt has lots of items for the guys. Many gifts are unisex. Yeah! I did some unpacking this morning and coerces Wonder into a brief hunting expedition so that you could see a fellow in the pictures.

Our jeans are not part of this hunt, but our tees most certainly are and come with great worn out holes here and there. Very inventive.

click for larger photos

Since most of the gifts are spread over the sim, I'm not going to tell you which gifts are shown in the photos. Just pick them all up and find your own favorites. I have more to show you and I'll be going back to get more when the rush lets up a bit. The paint print hands come on two layers. I actually liked the tan (undies layer) versions best, but my bare butt would be against some of the feed guidelines, so you'll just have to get your own to see. Lots of fun.

I will tell you that the great multipose block furniture is from Mudhoney. You probably guessed that already. There is only one poop from them to find; all three versions are in one gift. These are really great for either homes are photos. They adjust and the green one ever rearranges the blocks for the different poses. Magic!

While I had Wonder in my studio, I wanted to try out some of the props and poses available in this hunt. As you might imagine they were my personal favorite finds. There are several packs of poses including ones especially for guys. Girls can use them also of course.

There are at least two pose ball sets for couples. These are wild and fun and I feel very limber to say the least.

The hunt is officially on now. It has been UNofficially on for some time. Now that all the prizes are in place, here's a list of how many and by whom. If you want to find them all, you best keep up a count - LOL. There are LOTS.

SMUDGE - 3 Toilet Papers Out.
CHIKKA Designs - 2 Poops
Vanitas Vesture - 2 - 1 poop, 1 TP
PIG - 7 Poops
Moonshine - 2 TPs
LAP - 8 Poops
Mudhoney - 1TP
Gritty Kitty - 4 TPs
Sweet Antidote - 2 TPs
Masquerade Parade - 1 Poop
naith smit designs - 1 Poop
This is a Fawn - 2 poops!
Vagabonds - 1 Poop
Zut! - 1 Poop

That's 50 gifts to pick up -- all in one sim. This is definitely a not to be missed hunt with great gifts and fun decorations. Go forth to Festivale and hunt.

Poop Hunting?

The second annual Poop Hunt doesn't officially start for a couple more hours, but I wasn't the first one here when I arrived about nine. It's wild and funny and I yelled greetings to a few folks I knew even though I had no idea where they actually were :D. My pooper scooper and bucket (following photo) are from last year's hunt, but Dove assured us there would be new ones out in a bit. You can hunt without your accompanying paraphernalia of course. Latex gloves from a tattoo chair might come in handy here. *big wink*

You are looking for a few things, not just one. Brown "soft serve ice cream" poop with red bows as well as toilet paper with either red or yellow bows. There is actually one hot pink pile of poop and while I have a huge list of goodies in my recent tab, there are plenty more that I didn't find. So there might be something else containing prizes. Just mouse over anything poop related :D.

This isn't really a hunt; it is more of a gathering. There is so much poop and paper that it would be difficult NOT to pick up a lot of goodies. Most are out in the environs, but some are in the stores. I have only just begun to open my packages and they will need to wait until tomorrow, but I wanted to alert you to the party.

There are clothes of course and poses and hair as well as jewelry and furniture. I LOVE this Kissy Kissy hair. It is one of many from Tiny Bird. My very cute dress is from Chikka Design and the poses are of course from LAP. The pose above is called Bright Light So Pretty. There is a pack for "chubby" gals (which fit me perfectly) and a pack for guys too. Yeah!

Get on over to Festivale and have some fun. You have a week.

Chic out :D.

Mark Your Calendar!

You don't need to be a parent or a child to have a great time collecting goodies at the upcoming Mother Daughter Hunt. You don't even need to be female, although most items are geared for that gender. Whether a mom or not, the designers have made sure that your personal taste is still covered. Dolly, mime, casual, dressy, neko and daring -- there are plenty of very nice prizes to find. The outfit above is the prize from Holli Pocket. It comes with a innocent white tank which is definitely balanced danger wise by the low, low (really LOW) cut pants. All that skin real estate is great for showing off tattoos. The ruffled cuffs add a bit of disco fever to the mix. Don't click that link yet though, the hunt doesn't begin until September 6. You will be looking for two colors of pink hearts, one marked mothers and the other for daughters.

***Bookmark this page for later reference :D.***

click for larger photos

The bathroom sink and vanity set is from ::Razzberry Inc. and the comfy low prim mother daughter sitting cushion is from *~*Sunshine Design*~* (many landmarks so I'm not sure which store is in the hunt). My cute and casual outfit is from KK's Designs . I so love waist wraps and it is a great color to go with other separates as well as into the fall. The pretty Innocence Anklet hales from LacieCakes and has a HUD for changing color, metal and gems. Finding a matching outfit is definitely not a problem. The Sansevieria plant that will be living in my stone house in just a bit is from Gumi's Flower Shop. At two prims it is a fantastic value.

Treetops Spa is giving away a lovely and detailed makeup table with settee, brush and animation. The daughter's prize is a similar set of of play makeup all for themselves. Take the teleporter at the landing point to get to the spa. Chicatique has mime outfits for both mother and daughter. Young, fun and very nicely done, you can wear this anywhere, not just for miming *wink*.

Jewelry, eyes, superbly creative ears, bright and fun tennies, there seems to be something for most everyone in this hunt. These are just a few of the items you could find. So bookmark this page and mark your calender for the 6th.

Explore *~ZcZ~* and find the Mother Cat outfit above. I do love purple :D.

Have fun!

Poses by LAP.

Eclectic Newness

E! - Eclectic has some great new basics out this month. The Gothic Lace Vests and Shirts come in many colors and lots of layer choices. In the photo above I chose an undershirt layer for the long sleeved shirt and topped it with the vest. A touch of lace on the vest neckline gives a hint of girlish charm.

It's probably no surprise that my personal favorites include the tailored shirt with the low neckline. It's perfect for showing off jewelry such as my Parvati necklace from Rhiamon's Realm. Add a saucy mini skirt (mine is from the Covet dress at Pout) and some of the new capri fishnets and you have yet another look. You can even wear the fishnets alone if you are a brave gal. You won't get arrested; I promise. Make up your own look with the mix and match items new this month at E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.

While "eclectic" isn't part of the store name, we all know that She's So Unusual Shoes is just that. You are bound to find something to fit your style there. For me, it's these super sexy open toed wedgies called Magellen Corset. The lacing is so cute and the perfect touch to a plain outfit.

The hugging pose (Cold Winter) is from a new to me pose maker shop, ESSENTIAL SOUL STUDIO N POSES. Others are from LAP.

Flower Fantasies

We have so many wonderfully creative folks here at Phil's Place. Some are trying to make a living and others are here simply for the creative outlet. If the rent gets paid it is a plus. Whether it is strictly business or ultimately pleasure, those of us at the receiving end reap the rewards.

The Mystical Tree House is one of collection of fantasy dwellings from Gecco. I have neither the space nor the prims to live in this magical structure, but you might. The details are inspiring and include a radio that works even on the sandbox, so no land owner permissions needed.

[Edit: The creator says that it music of the avatars uuid. The flower said it was playing music. I "may" have placed the house on top of a radio? Have no clue, sorry LOL. And neither of us are techie.

You techie folks no doubt know all about how that works, but it was new to me. Music, butterflies and flowers, I had it all while taking these photos :D. A teleporter is included.

click for larger photos

If you venture over to Gecco, you'll need to navigate down several levels to find the fantasy dwellings. You will be rewarded though, as this is still in the Midnight Mania board. Slap that puppy and it may be yours. If you are in a hurry, don't worry, the prices here are very very low. As you arrive you'll find another MM board with a castle and a couple levels down one with textures. Again, the prices are very good, so peruse as you wander down. Not all the buildings are high prim. Of course most of MY favorites were (sigh).

My super cute flower overalls are from the new releases at E! Eclectic. Casual and fun and youthful they seemed the perfect outfit for playing in my temporary fantasy home. They come in a variety of colorful denims with flower accents and prim cuffs. Choices of layers are of course part of the package.

I added a pink tuck in bustier from MichaMi to go with my Primagine Sandy flower earrings. Shoes aren't required in fantasy land, so I skipped those.

Poses by Lap, Sugar Mill and Glitterati.
Hair by Cri Cri.

Waves of Goodies

Xia was up early (or maybe to bed late :D) as she arrived on my doorstep with newness. She'd been over to a store called Wave after reading a glowing report from Beanie, Queen of digging up new spots to explore. Xia was in the Wave camp for sure and started showing me some of the great free items she had picked up. They were definitely fun and original with many bright colors in the mix. I TPed over to the store and found a creative cornucopia with lots of gifts and plenty of items that won't break the bank linden wise.

Her outfit above includes jeans, bra top (both gold and orange come in one pack) and a bright quilted rocker jacket. There are other colors of both jackets and jeans. Honestly there is just lots there.

click for larger photos

Here is a sampling of the items she picked up. All were free except for the pink pants ($1). There are plenty of unisex type items too, so guys can enjoy. This link goes to the freebie area but you can walk down the difficult to see ramp to get to the rest of the store. There are a few dollarbies on the main level as well as lots of other fun things to buy.

Her tattoo is FG Underground's new Subscribo gift. Just join that Hippo group and it gets delivered to you as a gift. There are small tattoos on the tummy and buttock in the underpants layer.

Dollarbie Heaven

click for larger photos

Sadly, Slanted Fox is closing. On the plus side there is a wide assortment of goods to be had, each for a buck. The range is vast from little girl outfits to pawed boots and animal hats to a kimono. Divine picked up a few items this eve and was happy to share her choices with you.

Everything you see came from the shop. While there are many coordinating $1 outfits available , she opted for some mix and match items. The knee length sculpty shorts come in a choice of four colors of belts; red is shown here. The back has a plaid section and the sculpty pants are quite original with fun stitching. The off the shoulder top was part of a skirt set that has boots and a hat -- all purchased individually. The fun cuffs come in six colors and you can get all of them for $4 as a fatpack. The purse complete with little blue man (no idea what that is about) comes in four colors also.

There are a few items for men and these shorts would work for the guys also. The prims are touch resize -- even the purse. How nice! There are some tennies and some little girl pastel totes too.

This complete outfit was only $4. So venture over to Slanted Fox and do a bit of shopping. Your pocketbook will thank you.

Household Hunting

You have less than a week to pick up some great stuff at the Heart and Sole Hunt. The furniture is fantastic and matches the "Aurora borealis" rezzbox house (Designer Showcase Network) from TusSim Dreams . How cool is that?

There are 25 prize boxes in three stores at the Heart and Sole sim. My skirt is from Kitsune Couture while my shoes are from *Heart & Sole* (natch). There are many pairs of shoes as well as clothes for the gals. Start your hunt at any of the three stores. The smallish gift boxes are easy to find.

Here's your starting location.

The complete bedroom set shown above is from Sommerfiends. I especially like the small tables with semitransparent cloths and bold shadows. The bookcase is a BIG winner for me. Both are low prim for us folks on a budget. The bed chest opens (even in diagonal mode) to reveal bedding. You could add your own goods of course.

My hair is from the Black Keys Hunt, ++AY.LinE++ and my top is the tinted cami from blogged here. VERY handy :D.

Poses by LAP.

Musicality & Hunting for Guys

You still have a few days to get to the Black Keys Hunt. I finished (in my version of if I can't find it I move on ) the other eve and have to say that there are some super prizes. This oversized hat from Tweedle was by far my personal favorite. So fun and so creative. The piano keys play and particle notes appear as if by magic. I definitely feel like a Mad Hatter :D.

Alas, Tweedle is closed and the landmark leaves me flaying in the air. That doesn't mean kudos should be forgotten however. So let's all clap a bit for TommyTom Jun, who has made a few of us smile. Here's hoping Tweedle 2 will arise from the ashes with even more wonderfully fun designs.

If you love this hat as much as I do, you can find it HERE. No hunting necessary. Thanks to TommyTom and Mikayla Ares, organizer of the Black Keys Hunt for making it available to us all.

The musical note prop comes form Khargo and includes a long animation and shadow. My outfit is the GUY prize from Cutie Honey. In my previous post I mentioned that there seemed to be few items for men in this hunt. Happily I can report that there were many more towards the beginning. Some stores with men's items include ++AY.LinE++Ginza (hair), *Dreams* (Tees), Cat Crap (black star hightop sneakers), Iced (necklace), Goth1co (outfit posted yesterday, Another World (tee), Kissed By Lithium (tee and jeans), Alexohol Fashions (board shorts and sports tank). And I'm sure there are others that I missed. So go forth guys, you only have a few days left.

Special thanks to Sterling Artistry for the black texture pack which I hope to be using soon :D.

Top pose by Vain.

Still in my Hope Goth skin from Tuli's new release.

Forever Gothic

Tuli has released a Gothic version of the very popular Hope skin. A large variety of makeups are available from delicate to deadly, brightly hued to monochromatic. Unpacking items from the Black Keys Hunt, I came across an outfit from Goth1c0. The bells in my head went off and I was happy I hadn't lost ALL those brain cells. I immediately started trying on the Tuli skins with the Black Key outfit from Goth1co. Of course they worked beautifully together. There was no doubt in my mind about hair; I immediately went to my Stringer Mausoleum folder. Well of course I did.

The Goth1co outfit includes short pants and suspenders as well as a jacket with tee shirt option. I went for skin :D.

Style notes: Skin - Hope Goth 03, Hair - *TSM* Medusa - Crimson tipped (sans snakes).
Pose - The Express by LAP.

click for larger photos

Here are two more of my favorite goth skins paired with Stringer Mausoleum hair. There are many more colors and options including runny eye liner and bloody lips, so stop by the shop and try some on. And if you are a Tuli group member, check the recent notices for info on how to get the natural version of this skin as a gift. Those notices go astray often I know, so here's your heads up if you missed the news.

Style notes:

Hope Goth 09 and *TSM* Xeranna - Dirty
Hope Goth 02 and *TSM* Infusion - Mahogany tipped with liquid hair sticks.