Loving It at Love Soul

Love Soul -- the whole sim -- is having a grand opening! Follow the paths and bridges from one store to another and pick up some really nice gifts. And if you have some extra lindens in your pocketbook you can easily spend them here. So many pretty outfits. The Rising Star mini above is by Honey Soul and comes with a choice of traditional mini skirt or sculpty tunic. I added Lick Me earrings from Ticky Tacky. Find them in the dollarbie section WAY upstairs.

The background behind me is not a Photoshop effect, it is one of fifty photos on a texture change photo studio backdrop from The Frame House. I won it on a high numbered MM board today, but you can also pick it up at the lucky chair close by. While I personally don't use RL backdrops, I can tell you that these are very clear and high resolution. The interface is very nice and you see a variety of thumbnails as you cycle through so picking by color or landscape type is fairly speedy. The studio comes in two sizes -- big and huge.

Love Soul has a gift pack that includes these very classy Modern Girl nails in gray. Some bloody nails with splatters is another gift -- and yes, I'm keeping them. You just never know what you might need some day for a photo shoot :D.

Something I had never seen and never knew I needed was also in the gift pack -- a MOLE. It is a very cute mole and me likes it :D. It comes with or without facelight: this could definitely come in handy if you sometimes wonder if you have your facelight attached. I should also mention that there is a huge crowd at the group lucky chair so something big is going on there *wink*.

Parellel Love is giving away ($1) this long plaid sundress in celebration. Perfect for a walk in the wildflowers, it whispers of summer afternoons and picnics. The long strapless dress from SD Boutique is my personal favorite. I love the colors and the watercolor geometry of the print. The double skirt flows as you turn.

There are other stores and places to explore, so if you have time, journey over and spend a little time at the celebration.

My heels are Sally shoes from PIXELFASHION.

Poses by LAP.

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries, cherries everywhere! ^^Moulliez sent out a darling babydoll dress with cherries a plenty via DSN. It comes with two skirt lengths and multiple layers so it is very adaptable. I added some Juicy slingbacks in lime and a leaf necklace from !* Rebel -X- *! and I was set.

click photo for larger pictures

A visit to one of the shops confirmed that there are lots of bright, fun colorful outfits to be purchased. Along with the regular vendor goods, there are free items to pick up. Shown here is a cute capri set and a very nice all white gown. Put the three outfits together and you have LOTS of mix and match options. And we like those, don't we? In the top photo I used the shorter babydoll skirt with the capris and the top from the gown. The cherries top looks great with the capris too of course.

My breakfast tray attachment is free from Milk Hall Fair's Attic where there are simply too many things to mention. I have shown you items from there before and I'm a bettin' that there are some new ones out I haven't even seen. So stop by when you have some time to look at the large collection of mostly free items.

Poses by LAP.

You've Got That Glow!

There is some really lovely new skin out for free today. For how long I have no clue. Benicia -- actually her friend Dion -- found it. Here's the short version of the story. Yesterday there was a very popular skin in the MM Board at JC Model Skins and Shapes. Both Dion and Benicia slapped that board and were rewarded with the skin shown below in sunkissed.

Today, Benicia went over to see if the board was still active and found it gone. There was still a large crowd around though and after the gray fog cleared she found that there is a lighter version skin out for free. She liked it better and it is shown above.

Both skins are notable for their glow and pouty lips. There are eyelashes built into the skins. Benicia is showing just the skin, while Dion has on prim lashes. The skin tones are very realistic in hue and both girls were very happy with their new look.

So obviously I needed to pass this info on to you :D. I'm not up on all the skin news as I seldom change my basic look. I can say that the shop is almost empty of vendors, if not ladies. If that means it is new, then we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future. There is a group joiner below the free skin on the wall. It may be a SOM; I can't get back to the sim right now. Definitely a challenging day in Phil's land.

When you CAN tp in, give the shop a look and the skins a try. You might end up with a new favorite.

Sizzling Boards

The hot new lucky boards are definitely at Hair SHOP *JUNWAVE*. This is simply fantastic hair. Three boards, three shades and LOTS of folks to keep those 15 minute boards a rollin'. There is competition of course too, unless you are an obscure letter *wink*. Please note that these are GROUP boards. Xia didn't know that when she arrived, but an X was on the board in her color and she was more than willing to join. This is a Japanese shop but the group notices include English versions and pictures, so that works.

click for larger photos

She tried out her new hair look with the IRSL free gift set at hO wEAr. The office attire includes a pink and black stars flexi tie, glasses, and pencils that attach to mouth or behind ear. A jacket, calculator and briefcase are also included. Dilly Dolls Plain Janes from the Cinderella hunt complete her outfit.

Poses by LAP.

Relaxing in the Keys

Virtual Key West has much in common with the actual Florida town. For those of you not in the USA, Key West is as far south as you can get and still be in the United States. It takes a long while to drive there from greater Florida and it is very much a cross between the United States and the Caribbean. I visited the virtual version a few times, but for whatever reasons it is always extremely SLOW to rez. Tonight I decided to sit back and let the town unfold. A little unvirutal ice cream helped with my patience.

Key West is architecturally unique, a blend of Victorian styles with echos of Martinique and a smattering of Hippiedom thrown in. It's fun and as you can see colorfully bright and clean. Walking is important in Key West. Parking is premium and it's simply easier to get around by foot. That's NO problem for me as I have some brand new texture change skater shoes from Duh! to cradle my tinder tootsies. The new release is full of styles and options with a choice of white or black basic colors and both color and texture change panels. The shoes are also click resize and fitting is simple. It was difficult to pick a favorite, but this watercolor spattered texture fits with the arty energy of our most southern Key. Oh, I did I mention that these five texture option cuites are a buck? And you get both black and white in the pack? That should get your attention *wink*. Find these in the center of the room and other fatpacks on the wall. And don't forget that lucky chair.

Other newness includes my puppy named Pete. Complete with color change backpack (pink, blue, violet and olive) Pete is a quiet puppy, yelping only on rezzing. That works well for me :D. He comes from sf design. I added my Shine leggings from Tuli's new release, an old sweater from Dutch Touch (NLA) and some new to me hat and hair from Redlick (free).

Poses by IZUMIYA.

It's All in the Details

sf design makes some great menswear; I've shown you some examples over time. I enjoy "cross dressing" now and then and I've been known to buy guy stuff in RL as well. I hadn't really explored the more feminine side of Swaffette Firefly's work until recently. Why? I have NO clue. Definitely my bad :D.

This, my ladies, is one of the performance suits from the gal's shop. Are those great sculpty cuffs? Woot! The outfit comes with thirty-four pieces including various sizes of prim parts to help with that perfect fit. Let's call it virtual tailoring. There are also many shirt, tie and pants options; so much more than I suspected from the vendor picture. Many layer choices are included and the prims are touch resize.

The shirt has the option of prim cuffs with silver and diamond cuff links. I added a sfd color change bandanna and lost the tie for a different look. The suit separates are great for mix and matching. Add a mini skirt and change the bandanna color to a hot pink or lime and you have a totally different look.

Hat with hair, Mya makes bank, from Posh (new and free). Shoes from Juicy.

click for larger picture

In my grandmother's day proper girls were required to have matching shoes, purses and hats. If you are into retro, the color change Ascot set does the work for you. Menu driven with a variety of colors you can coordinate with your vintage wear. The set comes with a great hat, clutch purse and pointed toe shoes with bows. And if you simply want to be a rebel and wear pink shoes with a violet hat? That's OK too.

My Ladies Day dress above comes in a variety of bright colors as well as my I-so-love-neutrals gray. The black fur bolero is great for when the evening starts to turn a bit chilly. Perfect with formal wear, leather pants or dress jeans, it comes in many types of feathers.

The cute little white voile topper jacket is a cover up from the free bikini set now in the store. Find it prominently displayed for the next couple of days. Once July is over, it will disappear.

Poses by LAP.

The Darker Side

Zenith isn't just about sweet and young styles. There are plenty of harder edged outfits and accessories in the shop. While I was watching the lucky campers, I did some pan and scanning as I often do and noticed that there was a watermelon on the premises. Not to let the watermelon in an upscale shop go by, I did a bit of hunting and found it easily.

Now to be fair, you could easily accessorize this black and white mini to fit in with the sweetness of my previous post, but since variety is -- well variety, my aim was to take the outfit into the opposite direction.

My paisley tattoo is the one I mentioned in this post. I saw a BUNCH of you guys stalking that chair (and there were plenty of guys - yeah!) so I hope you won one or two or three :D! It works well with this dress, not too harsh but still edgy. I am wearing the socks and the undershirt here. No need for more. And the cute shoes? Why they come with the dress -- how cool is that? My beaded cross necklace is from WoE but no longer available. Statement making hair was an important part of this look and I chose Talita from Hair Solutions.

Guys aren't left out of the watermelon hunt at Zenith. A nice pair of slacks, a sleeveless dress shirt with texture tie (we know how you hate to tie those things) and some nice tattoos make up the prize. Arm straps are included. I added my Lazy Places JAX boots.

Poses by LAP.

Growing Up Slowly

Sometimes we simply want to feel young, pretty and carefree. Thanks to a post from Beanie, both Xia and Benicia can do just that -- all courtesy of Zenith.

I helped a bit too. I was the one standing there chatting for an hour and THEY got the goodies. To be fair I did hop on a wild card and have a cute bear in a backpack I'll show you in a bit. There are tons of great things in the two five minute lucky camp pads. More than either Beanie or I are showing you. So you know the drill. Get some friends and make it a party. The lucky campers are on the second floor.

Xia's peasant girl dress and basket came as one prize, Benicia's pink dress as another. The color changing donut was also a prize. Xia's hair is from the lucky board at W&Y Hair Shop. Yesterday there was one board. Today there are two. Just walk straight ahead from the entrance and follow the green dots *wink*. Numbers are on the boards if you are a number named gal. The big lace bow is both optional and color change.

Benicia's white tights are from *Pas De Deux*.

Need a friend to accompany you on a play date? He's a cutie and has an automatically color changing heart balloon.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.

Post 900


Sari's is such a wildly exciting place to shop. Colors bombard you in a oh so friendly way and you wonder why the rest of the world isn't as full of the vibrant hues that abound. Things haven't changed much since I first visited Sari's newly opened shop. Patterns and colors combos are still the stars. The freebie is still in the same spot *wink*. Good marketing. Stability is a comfortable thing.

I was so pleased to see a DSN sample come in this morning from Sari's. I unpacked it hurriedly, tried it on, and smiled. The colors were brightly bold as always. A little bit of India, a little bit gypsy, a little bit retro -- a great combo.

One of 550 gals that slapped the MM board at EarthStones the other eve, I had the perfect jewelry to compliment my new outfit. Delicate silver with gold and red beads, the pairing worked perfectly. I just ventured over and the prize has changed to a gold multicolored stone bracelet that's certain to go with many things in your closet. I did my slapping to help get to 400. Head on over and you might win the 192 prim beauty. Shopping to and from the MM board is allowed - LOL.

Wedgie sandals from Baby Monkey.

If you feel like visiting your (or your parent's) Hippie days, Sari's current freebie will take you back in time. The split skirt comes with enough ruffles and patchwork layering to have you feeling just like a flower child. I added one of my layered tanks from E! Eclectic and some new bangles I picked up at the Ticky Tacky shop at Lemania's. There are twenty-four different dollarbies at the shop during the Prozac hunt. That ends very soon, so hurry on over.

Poses by Torridwear, Luth and LAP.


Is it hot out there? I think SO! Wonder saw a post about some free shorts at SF Design and visited this morning. Happy to show things for the fellows, by the time I was done taking pictures of Wonder, I was definitely interested in the set for myself. How often do we want something very open to show off another top? A LOT! and white is perfect as it goes with so much -- as well as showing off a tan should you have one.

The set comes with two shorts styles (regular and low rise) as well as some shirt options (with and without flexi. The prim pieces downsized easily to fit me, so if you have a few building skills it should be no problem.

Wonder arrived just in time top pick up the new-he-thinks beach towels. One goes around the neck and one is for the beach with a nice animation.

My new hair is from IrEn's midnight mania board.

Poses by LAP.

Body Art

Have you noticed what I have? Tattoos are moving into mainstream fashion. You don't need to be a biker babe or into role play to add a bit of body art to your outfit. As accessories go, these make a big splash -- and in our virtual lives, they are painless.

Finding the best tattoo for your style is of course a personal thing. For me, it meant faded or tinted, not black, fine lines and complex patterns, and an all over feel but with some skin left exposed. I know there are some lovely tattoos that escaped me; finding specific items in our ever expanding and changing cyber reality is daunting. But I did find a few shining stars and a couple of great bargains. Can you say "free"?

Grunge Mania 2 from ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** comes in all possible layer combinations as well as faded and dark versions. I prefer the faded styles; I guess I'm a well-worn type of gal. I really love this design for its creativity and complexity. I was admiring this and its sister design, Grunge Mania when I noticed some brightly colored teleporter type pads across the room. Curiosity of course got the better of me and I found it was a Lucky Stage.

Wow! Newness. The letters change every ten minutes. Hop on when your letter comes up and 30 seconds of dancing gets you this great set. There is another version in the second "lucky camper" and a third at the satellite store. So if you are really a stalker, you can have THREE different styles to start or continue you collection. Yippee!

My outfit is comprised of bits and pieces of favorites including oldies. Some are still available and some most likely not. The Adventurer Backpack was a gift from The Zoo long ago. My Marlon Brando hat is from *ALEIDA*. cropped sweater from Project Kiwi, Parker in Pinstripe shorts from PRISM, nubby socks from Shiny Things, Persuaded Black Leather Riding Gloves from Rfyre, and MK Super Sneaks (color change) from MK Fashions.

This lovely henna toned, "dirty" upper body tattoo is from CyberStar BodyArt tattoos. It comes on all three layers. Richly detailed, the pattern continues on the back. If you want to see how you feel with designs floating across your body, this dollarbie is an excellent way to start. Should you find yourself craving more, check out the Full body tatto, mehndi; HERE. It is a beauty.

My *tal* Chalise Silks are from *Analise*. Poses by LAP.

Ranching in Style

Ye-Haw! I've had this really cute (free) hat and hair for a few days. This morning was definitely the time to put together an outfit to show it off. Not being too much of a farm gal, I ended up with a city-bred, tenderfoot look. But that's who I am, so that's who I'll be.

My super cute hair comes from Redlic's freebie board. With short messy pony tail and escaping tendrils, it is young and carefree and perfect for the countryside. My dotted top is part of the Slice of Summer gift from Acid and Mala, Raine leggings from DCNY and my Negligent Cardigan from Nenashigusa Nest make up the rest of my outfit.

Oh yes, the shoes *wink*. It was difficult to miss the Grandma's House Shoes release from .::Tyranny Designs::. yesterday. They were mentioned in quite a few blogs as group gifts. They were cuties for sure. This morning while I was looking in my objects folder I found them. Not sure how they got there, I was still doing a happy dance. A bit later the mystery was solved when I found them in the Fashcon archives. I had accepted them yesterday from Fashcon. So, if you are one of the thousands of members, start rifling through those archives before these great free shoes disappear. Yeah!

Both my kettle (Starlust Motel Unicorn vintage) and my mouth sprig are from BettyPage Voyager. The sprigs are a free gift from the shop in Drowsy.

Poses by LAP, Tuli, and ANA_MATIONS.


Just a quick post to let you know I haven't abandoned you. I know that a "a day without a post from Chic" is a sad thing for some of you guys *wink*, My Internet connection was out to lunch today.

All is well now and hopefully I will have some great things to show you tomorrow. I'll work on that.


Pink 'n Green Privacy

Is this cute or what? Most of us don't even have a bathroom, but sometimes we just need to get away for some privacy. Not only is this cosy, the colors are so fun. A *BP Update giftie from BettyPage Voyager who make so many creative things -- like my teapot which I so love! The bathroom comes in two versions with different prim counts. This is the heftier 43 prim version. There is also a version you can wear anywhere.

My sleepwear - lounge wear - underwear set is from the 15 minute lucky board at =Nenashigusa Nest=.

Talk about color coordination -- it's perfect!My Moppeh hair from Philotic Energy is just sassy enough for the outfit.

Poses by ANA_Mations and LAP.

Turning Back Time

~L&S~ sent out a lovely Illyria medieval gown through Designer Showcase Network. I don't want to lead you astray here as I know you might come IMing with "I can't find it" comments. According to the notecard, the richly textured rust and black dress is only available by DSN dropbox. Still, you could find something similar and just as elegant at the shop. See my pictorial hint at the bottom of the post for clues.

While designed as a medieval gown, in many ways it is timeless. A choice of accessories could easily nudge it in the direction of your choosing. Add some long black gloves for one look; choose a plain black camisole or bustier from you closet for another effect.

For jewelry I choose the Samantha set from **DM** Designs. While not a period necklace, the square and diamond shapes echo the pattern in the dress, drawing them together in a stylish dance. OK. Maybe that was a bit too poetic for a fashion blog *wink*, but the pieces work very nicely together. Good design is good design in my book.

I am happy to report that when I ventured over to the ~L&S~ shop, I found this outfit on the wall. Not the same as what I am featuring here, but for some of you I know -- even better. Enjoy!

Poses by LAP.

EDIT: Just a very quick late night shot. I was out on the sandbox changing and lo and behold, look what is under my dress *wink* - LOL. So cute.

Zip Me Up!

Group messages seem to go astray a lot these days, and for those of us without a Japanese keyboard and knowledge of the language, all those "X"s in some group messages leave us wondering anyway. So I was happily surprised to find a new to me group camping outfit in the chairs at = Hal*Hina =. With lots of great detailing and many ways to wear, it is a bargain at a 20 minute sit.

There are two skirt lengths as well as pantaloons which I am guessing were meant to be worn under the longer skirt version; thus keeping the ruffles as part of the skirt no matter how you move -- smart. I opted to make them into a third choice -- a summer romper of sorts. However you style it, this is a very versatile outfit. Adding a cropped jacket would give you another fun look.

My accessories included Lick Me earrings from Ticky Tacky, Teddi shoes from Digital Knickers, some bracelets from [spork] (NLA) and a *juelles* Isa Waist Sash.

My hair, just out yesterday, is a free gift from Junwave. Vivi comes in this poppy red color only. Find it high on the wall in a smallish vendor.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.

Let's Talk S-E-X

I won this great bedroom set on a Midnight Mania board thanks to Shayariel's MM alerts. And yes, it is a S-E-X bed and even comes with a S-E-X chair. The lamp, I think we can safely say is asexual*wink*. For those of us sans partners there are less sensual poses included as well as some solo sex choices (oh my!). It has a poseball rezzing system, but one of the best features in my book is the large assortment of colors and textures.

If you want to go slap that board and get this lovely set, or simply BUY it or a similar version, then head on over to D&D Furniture. The MM board is on the third floor; watch your beam as needed.

The outfit? Ah yes, the outfit. It comes from **Moonshine Designs and is available in six colors. Actually a top, it comes on several layers and with an optional bra. I opted for pasties as I loved the paint splattered voile look and didn't want to detract. Actually, I liked it best braless, but I aim -- most of the time -- to keep a PG / OK in the office rating. With no panties and no bra, it is definitely an item fitting the theme of this post.

For journeying out into the world, I added some shiny leggings from MALT along with my new ::::QC Designs:::: Time Zones Stack Bangles which actually shimmer. Woo! Tingly. My I-SO-LOVE-THEM LYA Valentina boots completed my public look.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.

Mirror Mirror

~*Pulling Strings*~ has a fun new prop in its SOM. Just out, this will be SO fun to play with. I'd chatted with Elle Kirshner a few times, but I hadn't been to the shop in awhile so it was fun to return and see the new automotive poses and other goodies.

The mirror comes separately from the poseballs, and yes there are two and yes, there is a friend on the other side of the mirror pretending to be me. I chose a complete outfit we both had from :WhoNose:, the new Tuli group gift skin , Calico Ingmann hair and we were set.

Here is the setup before a little Photoshop magic. And I just noted the missing bracelet *wink* but time is short this afternoon so I'm sure you will forgive me. A good thing to watch out for next time. You can activate other poses while on the balls of course. To be a true mirror image you would need mirror image poses, but even using the same or different poses -- or different colors of outfits would be a fun shot. I'm so looking forward to playing with this when I have more time.

And in other poser news, Dove has a new set for the ladies out at LAP. Find the stand right inside the front door. Ladies to the right remember :D. This one is called The Haver.

Blogging: POV

Bloggers, this one's for you. Fashionistas, freebie hunters and even designers can bypass this post :D.

Blogging is supposed to be a personal endeavor; our identities as well as our egos come into play. We may not look like the avatars shown on our blogs, but we make the choices for them and do much of the work.

If someone wants to have arty, "blurry", Photoshop pictures in their posts rather than clear close ups of fashion items -- that is there choice. Sometimes art is more important than the business of fashion. If they prefer Blogger over Wordpress, Poses by X rather than Y, shooting with green screens and real life backgrounds rather than in world --- those decisions are up to them.

There is NOT only one way to blog. We are hopefully doing a service, yes. But we are also supposed to be enjoying ourselves, and when a person or a group of people become dictatorial and pointing fingers, this is simply uncalled for. It doesn't matter if it is during in world conversations, group chats, Plurk, Twitter, blog posts or Flickr comments; it's simply wrong.

We need to be supporting each other in our personal creative endeavors, not following a set of rules by any group or pseudo dictator(s). I haven't seen any negative comments pointed in my direction, but I've seen how they have affected others. I've tried to help some fragile egos get back their enthusiasm after an attack. I've wondered what the point of it all was anyway.

If you must comment on how blogging "should be done", then perhaps prefacing your ideas with "on my blog, I ..." or "I think X and Y do the best ..." would be taken in a friendlier vein. Let's try to remember that if we all did everything the same way with the same look, there would be little point for readers to bookmark more than one blog.

Newness: Updating Old Favorites

I guessed that by this morning most of you would already know that Tuli released some new duds last eve. And as I suspected there are lots of pictures in the blogs including a lovely Photographing SL post here. I'll be taking a different look at the newness. That was my plan last night after dressing and it looks like a good one *wink*.

We all, I suspect, love trying on new things. We love it even more when we find something -- sometimes after a very long while -- that lets forgotten items work together. The minute I tried on the new Shine leggings in taupe I was entranced. So smooth, so satiny and with optional cuffs making boots a choice, not a necessity. Yeah! I'd like to tell you that I had this outfit in my mind during that instant, but that would definitely be edging into falsehood territory. I did remember I had a Maitreya Savoir top that I thought would match. It did.

click photos for larger pictures

I had my canvas, but what would the focus be. And then I remembered the sash from MALT that I have loved forever but never really showed off to its best advantage. It was perfect and I was smiling. Still a little plain, I added an older cable knit cropped vest from Tuli for some textural interest and my *Primagine* Sandy Pastel Hoop Earrings for a counterpoint. I had the perfect shoes in my closet to bring out the dark peach in the sash. Unfortunately, though new, they are no longer available (insert sad face here).

There is a new VIP group gift out at Tuli's -- another makeup version of Hope which I really love. It has dark plum lipstick and sultry eyeshadow. Find it in the mushroom behind the giant tree in the store. I'm wearing the tan shade along with Kate hair by = Hal*Hina =.

Poses by Pffiou and Torridwear.

Unisex Camo

While I was out hunting watermelon the other day, I found some great boots in the men's section of Heart & Sole. And no I didn't find the watermelon so there could be something wonderful in there too - LOL. But even if you aren't a good seeker, you can get these boots upstairs in the men's section. Look for a large box on the floor. They resize for gals readily; I just hit the smallest button once on each piece and moved the tops down and I was set. Oh, did I forget to mention they are FREE?

And today -- yes, I AM sometimes a bit obtuse -- I found that these are color change too! So you can make the metal toe pieces a variety of colors. Woot! A great addition to wardrobes of both guys and gals, there are similar boots in the store for purchasing :D.

I've reported on the Magi Take shopping center and their lucky boards, but when I saw Beanie's post about new $10 sneakers and a pair on the lucky board -- well I was there of course. Beanie was too and it was good to say "hi" in person. I came back a bit later to find an "E" on the board and luckily I got EE over there to tap that little prize giver. The camo chucks are very nicely made. To be fair the texture on the bottom is a bit off, but how many times do we look at the bottom of sneakers? The lucky board changes every five minutes and there are wild cards so you have a good chance to win if that is your mode of shopping :D.

The sneakers come in small and medium and they are mod - transfer. EE had to enlarge them just a bit for his size 0 feet, but he gets gold stars for a job well done. While I was waiting for him to arrive another board with a camo hat had a wildcard and I picked up this nice bonus. It comes in two sizes, with and without hair in three color choices. So, a very good prize pack for either sex.

I'm wearing a Wildchild top from Sn@tch and my Kloe midnight jeans from WoE. I have no idea what EE is wearing but there is a SL logo on the shorts and I think I can safely say (NLA) with confidence *wink*.

PS. Sorry for the odd quality of the outside photos. No matter what I did they looked overbright and strange like my settings were off. The previous photos were taken with the same settings but in a different sim, my regular one. I am so hoping this isn't a sign of things to come with new server codes, but in case you have the same type of problem here and there, blogger sisters and brothers, you are not alone. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Poses by Ana_mations and LAP.

DCNY: The Clothes

I've shown you highlights of the new city build at Xalapa this last week or so, but what about the CLOTHES! Well today's your day. New items and old favorites from DCNY are the stars for this morning -- and of course there's the subway to explore. So grab your coffee or glass of wine depending on your time zones and temperaments. The tour is about to begin!

Elinor (shown above) is a comfy sweater set with built in texture belt, sculpty collar and cuffs and colorful applique. The included skirt is exceptionally well textured with hemstitching and uneven panels. The fabric is a muted jacquard pattern in rusts and browns with a bumpy textures. Very nice. I added shoes from Sun Made Fashions which I tinted to match :D.

Pose by *V* Poses.

When you just gotta catch that subway, these Raine striped leggings with built in knee pads are the perfect choice. The leggings come in both pants and undies layers for mix and match options. Loose plaid shorts come with these as a duo set. I paired the leggings with one of my DCNY Jaana Jackets and added a Transitions waist sweater from Serenity Styles. Socks from Shiny Things and Super Sneaks from MK Fashion complete the outfit.

I can MAKE that second car! Yes I can!

Pose by *V* Poses.

click photos for larger picture

Whew! Just made it. At my destination I'm ready for some sunshine.

OK. I love purses. That's not a secret and this new Rainbow Bag is a real summer cutie. Wrapped straw textures with various rainbow colors (four color combos available), it comes with notebooks and pencils. You have your choice of scripted and unscripted and the standing animation works very well -- a sort of a flowing twist. When walking with my AO off, the purse moved naturally around my leg :D.

The peachy pink top with sculpty babydoll is called Gisela and fits me very well with some room to spare. It comes on the jacket layer and both texture and sculpty are mod-copy. I added the tight version of the Nora pants in white which are so versatile.

Legwarmers from the new A-Bomb Distracted set and pink textured flats from 50 flats complete my easy going look.

And for those of you who always want to see the newest and pre-releases, here is the the DCNY 2009 swimsuit. It comes in a rainbow of colors as well as gold and silver and ALL layers. You might not want to hang around Central Park too long in this sexy number, though. You just might get arrested.

Poses by Torridwear.

That's a sampling of some of my favorites at DCNY -- at least some of my favorites I hadn't featured before *wink*. There are always lots of colors to choose from, so you can find pieces that fit your style and coloring, then mix and match to your heart's content.