500 Fashion Posts - WOOT!

Well the day is finally here. 500 Fashion posts! Most from my current blog, Chic at Phil's Place and about 60 from Second Live Colors where I started. This milestone has been thirteen months in the making and lots of fun.

So, to celebrate -- well we HAVE to celebrate! -- I've got some presents out at my shop. I've made special editions of my best sellers the halter top and the bangles. I've also put in some magazines I made from scratch (not Vogue screenshots here :D). One can be held in a photo shoot, one is copy for you home or apartment and one can be sent on to friends.

Find them all at Love Chic.

Long Awkward Poses

A fashion blogger is a very sad girl if she has to stand in default avatar mode. I mean how many hands on your hips shots can you take? How many directions? That gazing off into space stance is -- well boring. Where would we be without our pose makers and animation experts?

I saw Nissa's post this morning about the Pose Maker Challenge. It seemed very fitting to do this post today. The "why" of that statement will be obvious a bit later in the day. Meanwhile, it is no surprise that I chose LAP as my poser to honor. You see those "poses by LAP" statements at the bottom of most of my posts. Not only does Dove make some great poses, she has always been very generous with her talents.

So here I am in the cutest corset set from Tokeo.Plastik, my Juicy slingbacks, Exxess hair and Tuli skin in the white room at Kyoot.

Takeoff is eminent!

Boots and More

Just a quick post to update you all on M'z black boots at THIS location. I checked back this morning to see if the boots were still in the chairs since there is an "until Feb 28" notice above the chairs. Indeed some of the chairs had been changed out, but the black boots on the lucky board were still there. Not only that -- Another chair and board have been added. So that is five in all and boots in two right now. The chairs change quickly so this isn't a TP your friends in kind of watch as rezzing will take longer than the chair time (wink). But it's worth the wait.

I won my boots last night along with some other goodies no longer in the chairs. Luckily I found a friend there that had just won and coerced her over to my pad for a quick picture. TYVM sweetie. This new brown suit is in the chairs now as well as some short brown slipper boots like the pink ones at the main shop. (See this post.)

After you get those great boots, you might want to TP over to Deviant Kitties and sit for this hair. There are lots to choose from with most being in the neon range color ranges. The sits are 100 minutes.

Countdown: T minus 2 :D

Elv'an Majika

There is a new shop over in Cutieland called Elv'an Majika. It is a tiny place and the selection is small still, but it has some VERY nice items -- and they are from $5 to $0 linden. The boots I am wearing are one of four colors (forest, leaf, water and wind) and you get all four sets for free. The very nice bra top is EXACTLY what I needed under that ALB outfit a couple of days ago. It is tintable so very versatile.

This lovely glowing necklace is also free and named the "necklace of hope". Lovely and delicate, it still makes a statement -- and hope is a good one.

There are tip jars in the shop, so think about giving a little extra if you can. There is always rent to pay.

I added a skirt from Dark Eden. It is still available as a camp prize. I tinted it slightly to go with the top; it comes in a brighter white :D . Tights are from GLAM and hair from HOH. Pose from LAP and skin from Tuli.

Countdown: T minus 3 :D

The Gypsy in Me

So -- I had no plans to blog today's dollarbie from Lemania. That was until a friend stopped by my place and I saw the gorgeous colors it contained. Now, anyone reading this blog often knows I am not a long dress gal. But, there is always a but. I made a few changes and I had a gorgeous gypsy dress.

The original dress comes with both system skirt and long gloves -- all in this same pattern.I always look too hippy in system skirts even though I have practically NO hips. But, the dress works just fine sans skirt and gives a much sleeker profile. I also changed the transparency on the skirt to 0 to give it a less fancy look.

Then, I added a great belt from Phoenix Design. The belt is scripted for color changes. Again, it was my lucky day as the color I had made it last was a perfect subtle contrast. I zipped over to a new photo op spot I found yesterday and with the serendipity holding -- we have the photo above.

Hair by Amacci, earrings by Love Chic, Pose by LAP

Countdown: T minus 4 :D

Studio M'z

MORE great boots. These are from Studio M'z which has one lucky board with these ALL the time and three lucky chairs where these trade off with some cute pink short boots and dog tags. And, amazingly they go will with MANY of the items I have blogged this week.

There are lots of great boots here. Around the corner and in back of the lucky chairs there is a $1 area where you can get these short tie boots as well as the slippers below. The slippers come in a two pack with both plaids available.

Countdown: T minus 5 :D


OK. I admit it. It's been a long afternoon with not much accomplished. I've been trying to use the viewer search feature to find some good prize camping places. I decided there simply must be more than we "all" know about -- and that some of them might be great. I actually LIKE prize camping. It's sort of paying back for your gifts and that works for me.

Some of my favorite prize camping places have disappeared including Magika. Magika is still THERE (whew!) but the prize campers appear to be gone. My aim was to find some little known -- perhaps not English -- prize camping places. I did find a few, but nothing I feel excited about passing on. They were either too long a camp or nothing many of us would like. I am SURE there are still some great ones out there; I'm just not finding them.

I DID -- as you see -- finally get my Bukka Boots. Yeah! and I did find this fun paper bag head along the way. You can get your very own from *kaguya* . Find it on the wall next to some other gifts.

What DID I find with all those hours of exploring? I found that there really are some places I would rather not return (LOL) and I won $2 on a lucky chair which asked me to name the color of the chair before collecting my dinero. Interesting and presumably an anti-bot addition? I'm guessing. I found a cool photo op which you'll most likely see in an upcoming blog. The lingerie from the previous post was the only bloggable (is that a word?) discovery.

So, day is done and I am ready to take off this paper bag and go put my feet up. Love those new white chairs.

Countdown: T minus 6 :D

Quiet Moments

It's been a busy afternoon and I'll post about some adventures a bit later. But it was time for a rest and some quiet moments. The undies set above is from Kathy Kat and is one of several colors in the pack. Both pieces come in two layers. This is a lovely present - very feminine but also with a bit of drama. Find the gift bags near the prize camping chairs.

It goes beautifully with the just out skin from Tuli, Natalie. This group gift just went out to a few thousand folks, so you can expect to see it here and there :D. Shown is Sunkissed which is my typical skin tone. I choose Windsong from House of Heart to complete the peaceful afternoon photo.

The Natalie skin line will be released this Saturday. This makeup version will not be available in the store.

Pose by LAP.

Countdown: T minus 7 :D

Lucky Chair Watch

In case you missed the sirens (LOL) there's been a lucky chair watch going on at Bukka for awhile. The grand prize is a very nice set of engineer boots in saddle tan. They come in three sizes with the largest being for guys. To say it is laggy there is the height of understatement. People arriving (and there were lots of other folks off screen in that picture above) come decked out to the max. It's a real fashion show and lots of fun.

Languages vary and I've seen a few oriental gals show up in the same very cute school outfit so I'm guessing these are regular hunters and gatherers as well as friends of the watchers. While I haven't won these boots yet, I've TPed a lot of friends in so I get some points for that :D

Along with the boots shown above, there is the iPod Touch that I blogged about a few days ago at Neo Japan. The third chair grants you a very detailed 50 prim watch in three sizes. The smallest works for gals.

Countdown: T minus 8 :D

The Exotic Side

I don't do RP and I don't venture over into exotic realms often, but I have been a long time fan of ALB Dream Fashions. I love the local and elephants and the tents -- we'll I love a lot of it. So when I saw a Fashcon notice about a new dollarbie outfit, I TPed right over.

The outfit is called Featherstone and is only available to group members. It's free to join of course. Find it on a wall vendor mixed in with others. I am pretty sure it was on the first floor. There is a hat too which I'll blog another time. It is on the second floor for sure :D

The outfit comes in a colorful and earthy print with sculpty collar and flowing turquoise sash. There is a head piece also but that didn't work for me. Shown here with a very cute hair called Penny from MAU's & MEJ's and a necklace from Bliensen + Mai. Ah, I just noticed I lost the collar when I added the necklace :D -- so "optional" jewelry.

And if you don't like showing SO much skin, you can add tights (mine are from GLAM) and an undershirt, cami, tank or whatever your pleasure.

Remember you need a tag to buy this outfit. And while you are there, explore some of the surroundings. It's a great place.

Poses by LAP.

Countdown: T minus 9 :D

Mix 'n Match

There's nothing I like more than mixing it up. So when I tried on Lemania Indigo's new dollarbie for the day and found that the skirt looked GREAT with last nights top from Prism -- what's a girl to do? I went mixing crazy.

Now today's outfit called Carmel Latte is cute by itself, but its real value (to me of course) is that it coordinates with so many things in my wardrobe. New things, things I really love. So I was doing a happy dance. Shown above is the Carmel latte sweater and glitch pants made into leggings with Dark Eden skirt and boots in blood.

And here is the original outfit that you can get until Friday morning when it retires forever. Shown above with art deco gloves from Lemania's Beaded Butterfly outfit and Gigi retro hair from HOH.

I could make another five outfits to show you, but it's a lot more fun for you to work on your own :D

Poses by LAP

Countdown: T minus 10 :D

Pretty in Pink - with BOOTS!

Journey McLaglen is well known for some great outfits. Her newest gift, Candy Heart Tunic with boots, is NO exception. So very cute and very versatile! The boots alone would be a great addition to your wardrobe I bet.

Hop on over to Prism Haute Couture and get this great outfit for a buck. Be sure and look over the other offerings while you are there!

As an extra bonus there are some some really cute coordinating leggings. You could wear them with the skirt, with heels, without the skirt -- the options are endless. Each item is great for mixing and matching. Here I went for a bit more casual look and added a black Maitreya belt and some boots from Dark Eden.

Hair HOH, Poses by LAP and ANA_Mations.

Countdown: T minus 11 :D


I am a big believer in basics. Give me a fantastic fitting pair of jeans, a nicely patterned turtleneck sweater and show me to my accessories folder - LOL. Today's retiring dollarbie from Lemania Indigo is one of those basics. Nothing fancy, but oh the possibilities. It's all up to you. Dig out those hunt oddities you saved, those perfect little items you bought a year ago and forgot about and make this empty silver canvas your own.

It doesn't always have to be about the big skirts. Many outfits are great as pants. Just go into appearance and make your glitch shorts into slacks - or capris for boots - and you have another way to express yourself.

Silver Dream is $1 until sometime Thursday morning.

Accessories by Sn@tch, Juicy, WoE and Prinny's Prims. Hair by HOH. Poses by Vain and LAP.

Countdown: T minus 12 :D

Urban Mod on The Strip

Today's Dollarbie from Lemania Indigo is called Urban Mod. Well, I definitely fit into that category and true to its name, it worked for me. It's always fun to make these outfits "Chic Style", You of course could make them "Susie Stlye, Latricia Style" etc. by adding your own accessories :D

The original outfit included a cute top with cuffs and hoodie collar. Pants and belt were also included.

I gave up the hoodie collar to add a fun jacket from Schadenfreude. The hair with cap (tinted to coordinate) hales from Joyful Designs, the Time Traveler necklace (a fav) from Magika and the boots from Dark Eden. Poses from LAP and skin from Tuli.

Countdown: T minus 13 :D

It's All About the SHUZ

It all started with the shoes :D She's So Unusual Shoes is having their annual Mardi Gras Party at Studio SL, Feb 24th 8-12 SL time. The theme is Studio 54.

And as a special gift, Rowan Carroll sent out an invite and shoes to all of Fashcon. Now this is not a Studio 54 look, but I did have fun putting it together. It is more a Madge the Hairdresser after a long day escapes to the disco still in hairdresser garb -- look :D And it DOES show off those shoes. So if you are a Fashion Consolidated member, check the archives quickly for the invite and disco shoes -- those announcements timeout speedily.

Worn with previously blogged items from Sn@tch, Bewitched Hair, Little Heaven, Tuli and VJ Eyewear.

And here are the shoes that started it all. Dance the night away!

Countdown: T minus 14 :D

Neo Japan by Chic

Well of COURSE I had to get over to Neo Japan (see previous post) and see what I could find. Benicia can't have all the fun. And I did very well also. The extremely -- EXTREMELY -- lovely dress is a gift from Pink Clover, the department store along side of the mall. Find the dress in a smallish vendor on the second floor near the dressing rooms. So pretty.

I checked the lucky board at Pink Clover while I was there and won some cute jewelry -- bracelet, earrings and necklace all included. I also found some free sunglasses in a mall shop (one of two styles shown) and I won a BUKKA Ipod which is fun. As you can see, I also found the hair. VERY cute hair IMHO.

The violet zipper tank is a dollarbie for JUST awhile longer at Elle, so get there quickly. This has nothing to do with Neo Japan, just a time crunch post (wink).

Have a great eve.

Countdown: T minus 15 :D

Neo Japan - Benicia's Style

I was busy today in the pesky real world, so I suggested that my friend Benicia do some exploring and see what she could come up with. And boy did she do a GREAT job. Here's the story -- at least a close proximity of the one told to me.

Benicia used to do a LOT of lucky chair hopping in her youth - LOL. So she decided to go to search and type in lucky chair and see what she could find. Her first and only stop was Rabbit Resort Camp and Lucky Chair in Neo Japan. Now this doesn't sound very glamorous really and she wasn't expecting all that much. When she arrived she found lots of the old red style round lucky chairs placed throughout a shopping mall.

With visions of those bad old BIAB lucky chair days, she started on a circle of the sim. She picked up a lot of items from the chairs, many with "?" as letters. The prizes sounded pretty good and in fact they were. A bit more exploring garnered a lot of free items from the shops. She wanted me to point out that this is a Japanese sim and we know how great things can be from those, even if the vendors aren't always as flashy and upscale as our western versions. It didn't take her too long to figure out that the lucky chairs were indeed filled by the stores in the mall. Woot!

She also went into a nice shopping center with lucky boards and won some very nice scarves. The other gifts there looked great also. Many of the prizes and gifts came without landmarks so giving specific directions isn't in the plan here. But it seems like just wandering a bit might garner a lot of great things. Some of the shops had landmarks to their main stores available. Who KNOWS what you might find.

Great job, girlfriend. You get a big gold star.

Top picture: HAIR by YUZUKAMIYA, shirt by *La Yakito Design* (logo), belt and scarves PINK CLOVER (lucky board) all free.
Middle picture: Dress and accessories by DoTi DESIGN and glasses V J Eyewear (a pack of different colors and attachment points) from red lucky chairs. Shoes not free.
Bottom picture: belt from BUKKA (she's not sure if it was from shop or chair).

Poses by Vain.

New @ Love Chic

It's getting to be spring -- time when we can get a little more bare the weather gods willing :D.

So I made some shortie cable sweaters just for the season. If you aren't a bare midriff gal, you can of course wear this over a long undershirt -- or with higher pants (wink).

The sweaters come in four colors and include prim collar and long sculpty rollback and scrunched cuffs. Prims are mod-copy of course. And in case you were one of the many people that sat for or purchased the Ruin skirt or Vagabond boots in blood from Dark Eden, the rose version of the sweater coordinates beautifully -- not my plan, but a happy surprise. I love those items!

The four colors include teal, rose, cocoa and tomato. They are $10 each and the tomato version is the current dollarbie at Love Chic.

Countdown: T minus 17 :D

Party Girl !

Be on the lookout for a new group gift from Lemania Indigo this week. It's short. It's sassy. And it's fun. There's a cabaret feel to this design, so I zipped over to a cabaret (well of course) to take this shot. The outfit comes with black pumps but I switched to Juicy's blue version for a bit more pizazz and added a Rebel Hope black boa and an oh so long cigarette and holder courtesy of Animah. A hat and nylons are included as well as a matching bangle bracelet -- worn but hiding behind my skirt.

So check this out. You too can be a star. Well admit it -- you really want to be don'tcha?

Hair HOH, Pose LAP, Skin Tuli.

Countdown: T minus 18 :D

Two Looks: She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge sent out a gift to all of Fashcon today, so if you are one of those folks that doesn't have announcements on, you might want to check the archives. I can see that many fashionistas are visiting the shop as there are LOTS of green dots on the map. This is good :D

The outfit is very cute and also very versatile, so I thought I'd have some fun and play the accessory game. Since thousands of folks got this outfit, feel free to do your own thing and make this a challenge if you want.

My first look was a cyber punk take, with some of my favorite accessories and hair including items from The Stringer Mausoleum, Lazy Places, OMFG, NOP and Sn@tch.

My second take was a lot more sophisticated and included items from Sirena, Rebel Hope, Juicy and a great cigarette with holder from Animah. Those super cute Past Midnight sunglasses are from [SpeXx] and are a dollarbie for this week. Since there are transparancies involved, only certain hairs work well, but I bet you have some :D

Countdown: T minus 19 :D

Tuli Hunt at Journey

Most of you know there's a hunt going on at Tuli's sim. There are little treasure chests scattered around, in and out, up and down, in crevices and corners -- you get the idea. I spent a few minutes gathering, and here are a few items that I found. There are many many more of course. This is simply a sampling.

Among the items shown above are:

Cable Knit Cropped Vest by Tuli
Skinny Pants by NOP
Long Sleeved Gray top by NOP (for guys and transfer)
Kalista Skin (Valentines in three shades) by Tuli
Quill and Thorns tattoos by CoLLisions
Pearl Rose Earrings by G Field

Hair by HOH. Poses by LAP.

Countdown: T minus 20 :D

Mechanism -- Girl and Guy Gifts

Mechanism has three new gifts for guys and gals. They are sized for the menfolk, but are mod and shrinkable (and tintable) for gals. I've been a Mechanism fan for a very long while. I was actually one of Kobe's very first visitors at his tiny little premier shop. Things have changed and the new store is large and classy -- and when I was there earlier today, complete with a galloping horse in attendance as well as lots of fans.

The three gifts are in very classy black "free" boxes to the side of the front desk under a giant poster. They include a really nice brown and olive tee as well as a scarf and belt. (They are a little less green than in these sunset photos.) The belt leather is white so you can tint it -- assuming you have some building skills -- any color you would like. I turned it to a charcoal color here to go along with the jeans.

The jeans are group member gifts and have logos on the front and the back. Two logos on one pair of pants is a bit much for me, but the cuffs are really great and a good way to try out some of the wares featured at this upscale location. The jeans come in both guy and gal sizes and have sculpty bottoms.

Serial Dollarbies 'n Beauty

Lemania Indigo is retrieving her previous hunt items for a one time swan song. They will each go up for a day and then be retired forever. So a dollarbie a day for a very long engagement. Many of these will be new to lots of folks and if you ARE new (wink), it is a great and inexpensive way to get your wardrobe closet filled.

This first offering called Wheaties goes up on February 18th and will go down on the 19th at around 8 am SL time...depending on when Lemania puts out the new one.

I'll be showing you some of my favorites along the way. You can also join the group to get daily updates (I'm guessing with pictures :D ).

Today's outfit includes some cute textured system pants and a white top with prim accents. The flowered belt is sculpty as well as the collar.

While this is most likely not a NEW find, it is certainly fun -- a beautician's belt from Little Heaven. It is free and you can find it in the hair department with some other free goodies. You can also camp for hair and there are a lot of lucky chairs to check. And, if you haven't BEEN to Little Heaven, it is an experience in itself. Not gonna tell you any more than that. Turn your sound on though.

The hair shown is Nite-life from the newest release pack at Bewitched (see yesterday's post). Poses by LAP, skin by Tuli, shoes by Juicy.

Fun and Free

G&N Quality Design has a cute new shorts outfit for free. It's this week's gift. The shorts come with and without texture belt. I chose to add a bit of extra fun with a bright red belt from Slink. The real star of the outfit is the very cute top which could be a great addition to your mix and match wardrobe.

Shown with a new Bewitched hairstyle, Brandy -- one of three new hairs in a release gift pack. Find the vendor on a stand several places in the store.

And while I am not doing a lot of hunting and gathering these days, you'll find this cute, slightly retro dress in a small Greatest Love style hunt box -- also at G & N. It is right next door to the this week's free outfit. So how could I NOT pick it up? This is a large store with diverse styles, so wander a bit and see if there is something you "simply must have" .

Shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP. Skin by Tuli.


This lovely kimono is available with a 30 minute camp at the KonohanaSakuya main store. It comes complete with sandals and tabis. The obi comes with resize menu. Be quick as you have until the 22nd. The outfit is available in other colors too and sells for $250.

It was fun to revisit some of the Oriental sims today. They are often very peaceful. The KonoahanSakuya shop features an indoor sitting room as well as two garden areas. It's nice to have some nature close buy while you are camping - LOL.

Hair by Magika, Pose by LAP.