Hair Fair 2017 Gifts

One of the fun parts of Hair Fair is wandering the buildings and seeing the new releases -- and of course picking up some gifts along the way. Here is a sampling.

Hair Fair 2017 opens tomorrow.

Dress simply. Leave your huds at home. I suggest doing one sim at a time as it is easy to get lost :D.

Exile Evie - Full range of color huds
wins prize as my personal fav!

Exile Judd - Full range of color huds

MINA - Haley - Reds with reds hud

enVOGUE HAIR - Beyonce - single Diversity hud

ICONIC:HF:KATHERINE:TOTAL STYLER with hud to make a second style, hairbase appliers for Lelutka (Bento) and Omega and other extras.

Sintiklia - Hair Lida  in both rigged Bento and resizer versions
blonde with latte roots or black with violet roots

Analog Dog Joga - 8 hairs in base colors
(color change huds did not work for me)

*TUKINOWAGUMA Razo - Full range of color huds

adoness : thalassa : ALOHA : mermaid
(one of three bright color hairstyles - one color each style)

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Sniper 'Ombre' with color change huds
(not working for me - who knows)

Mowie. - "Zarina" Top available at Tres Chic. Coordinating legging are available. Many colors by hud.

Pose by: Beehive

Weekend News

My Fifty Linden Friday personal pick is this oh so clever and very nicely made with good LODs -- ANIMATED fortune teller machine. Find it at NOMAD.

Perfect for my new Steampunk Mystery sim which begins tomorrow or soon after at LEA12 as part of the Aritist in Residence program, it was a find.

It has been awhile since I have taken part in LEA and I am looking forward to the fun and the adventure. The sim will be open as I put things together since I believe that process is a big part of a project. And of course picture taking and machinima filming are all encouraged.

Along the way I have been making lots of new items for that installation and many to most of them will make their way into the shop and Marketplace. Here are my latest releases in that Victorian - Steampunk genre.

Victorian Steampunk Shotgun House
Steampunk Floater

And for those of you creative types that might want to learn Blender -- or work your way up to the Cycles engine, I have added five new intermediate tutorials to my list (now at 15).  If you are brand new to 3D modeling, don't worry, it starts at the beginning.

Available on YouTube or SLartist.

Summerfest 2017


If you have been feeling in that beachy mood, two great releases can be found at Summerfest which opens tomorrow.

From Second Spaces the Surf's Up Motel Sign -- perfect for retro or grunge builds -- or just to make you smile. It also obviously makes a great photo prop *wink*.

And from Baiastice a big collection of Strass bikinis in many many hues as well as bonus prints that come in the fatpack. This is the geometries bonus version.

Summerfest 2

Now the wind can really mess up our hair, so you might want to tie bits back in short little pigtails. If that's your plan then the new style from eXxEsS is for you. Look for Oxenia.

You still have time to pick up the Trompe Loeil - Lilah Beach Awning at COLLABOR88. Be sure and check out the rest of the summery set that I have showed you over the past weeks.

Poses by: Pose It

tres en dehors

From ArisArisB&W, the ~Alus04~Surprise Dress which comes in many mesh body fits. Four patterns in the easy to use hud, I chose this Bohemian style.  Very cute and definitely summery!

Also in the fashion news, some new rings in various colors from Kunglers at Shinny Shabby.  The Sheddy rings come for both left and right hands with the left being a simpler coordinating style.  Nails by Nailed It at On9.

This post is a day early and happily so. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go and then I looked though the Fifty Linden Friday offerings.


This is the  tres en dehors build from ANHELO, a shop that I had never visited. It is gorgeous and beautifully made. Since those of you following me for almost a decade (oh my) know that I seldom buy anything --- (chuckle) well, that says it all. If you have a spot for this or even if you are a blogger or designer always on the lookout for props, you want this.

Choice of white or blue.

Earrings RealEvil Industries a gift at the SL14B shopping event which closes soon.

Hair: Raindrops by Vanity Hair

Poses by: Eternal Dream (Connie 02 at Cosmopolitan)

Flowers for FLF

Friday! That fun day of the week when we can shop without spending a lot of lindens. And of course there is that weekend off thing for many of us to look forward to.

From {what next} some colorful  -- and texture change -- planters. Two versions of hanging (one with the same flowers, one with multi-color) and the very pretty standing planter. Out for Fifty Linden Friday.

So don't miss out!

Victorian Greenhouse by ChiC buildings - not released yet but perfect for this photo :D.

Wanderlust - Egyptian Style

An Egyptian Adventure

Sometimes life just surprises you.

This is the new Lootbox release from !dM deviousMind,  "Bastet". Since Chandra can never do anything simplistically, the set is filled with lots of options and various pieces to add as your whim takes you.  Gold, pearl and onyx are the three common colors and there are two rare sets also.

Here is a small portion from the notecard. Note that I am not wearing ALL the items offered (oh dear, minimalist me).

Each round of gameplay rewards you with a random set of "Bastet" Goddess Silks. The gacha consists of 5 different common sets in 3 common colors, for a total of 15 commons. The sets are as follows: 
• Mask and Collar
• OrnamentTop
• OrnamentSkirt
• PearlBelt
• SilkTop

Extras -- such as the cuffs I am wearing -- come with some of the sets. 

Lara and Hourglass fits.

And here is the rest of the story.

I was all dressed in my finery and looking for a place for photos. Typing "EGYPT" into the places search returned a long list of gambling spots. But being a good sleuth I scanned  down and found a listing that looked promising -- and it was!

The Larl Vally is Eqypt in the 1700s and opens -- wait for it; Thursdsay at 3 pm. Is my timing great or what?

I wandered the sim which is very nicely done with some beautiful architecture and soothing apartments for resting out of the hot sun. My new "Misty" Windlight setting has the environment looking a bit like a dream, and in some ways it is.

 SirCharlesMormont, better known in-game as Mansur Marawi. was nice enough to chat for a bit and I was happy to compliment him on his build. Since we all know I need to get out more -- this was a grand adventure.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works

Dappled Light

dapppled light

Softly filtered light breaks though rustling leaves as the misty distant landscape meets the sky.

From Kaithleen's, the Greta Bohemian Dress in a varitey of pretty summer colors. At Tres Chic.

From Kunglers at Cosmopolitan  the Yvete necklace in quartz. Four other color palettes are available.

And rounding out this perfectly coordinated outfit, Mosquito's Way  Zoe sandals with color change hud for each of the shoe parts. Mix and match to accompany most any outfit.  Also at Tres Chic.

Hair by Dela

Poses by: aDORKable

Grecian Clouds

Grecian Clouds

There once were gods and goddess -- at least that's how the story goes.

The theme is GREECE at Tres Chic and plenty of designers went back in time with the theme.

From .:EMO-tions:. * ALESSIA * hair
From  -Narcisse- the Hera Dress
From CHAIN - Chloe Necklace

Makeup: alaskametro
Nails: NAILED IT at On9

Poses by: FOXCITY. at Tres Chic


On this misty morn I took a trip back to Elysium City of Templmore. It was quiet there in the misty morning hours. My shadow walked with me.

JF Design "Aysha" Mini Dress at Cosmopolitan

misty 2

.:EMO-tions:. * MALINA *hair at Cosmopolitan
:::ChicChica::: Teya  earrings at Tres Chic

misty 3

Meva Flower Rings Silver at Cosmopolitan

misty 4

G&D Wedge Jane at Cosmopolitan

Find your favorite color or finish!

Poses by: EverGlow and Helamiyo



More lovely releases at Tres Chic. Wanderlust is creeping in through my open window.

From [ Have Unequal ] the Gaya dress where ancient meets modern. While roleplay uses are always possible, this would also be a great little clubbing dress. Panties are included with many colors available.  Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits. Gladiator sandals add a bit of authenticity if you choose.

Opale's  Aurora Hair is impressive. Not only is it sleek and stylish, the rigging is excellent!  Three sizes come in the packs. Many pretty hair colors of course.

My backdrop is the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Sacred Fountain which serendipity brought to me late one night. Not new it may still be available on the Marketplace or at the main store.

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works



Women warriors come to mind when I look at some new releases with ancient appeal.

From MEVA, Meva Armor Top Leather Black and Meva Scales Collar Silver. Other colors of the top are available and there is a gold version of the collar. There appear to be shorts in the release (thank you Seraphim) but they didn't make it into the blogger box :D.

Very nicely done with great fits, you'll want to zip on over to We Love Roleplay and try a demo. Maitreya only as always.

A great combo in the hair department is the new release from TUKINOWAGUMA, Laine at Tres Chic. A subtle braids adds interest on the hidden side.

makeup by alaskametro, Wytch (a favorite)

Poses by: Helamiyo - Symmetry

Grecian Sun

Grecian Sun

So fun. I feel like an old-time movie star on the Riviera.
From Baiastice for Collabor88,  Resort Hair &Foulard with texture change hud for the fabrics and various hair colors.

I should have worn my dark glass with this LOL.

Also from Baiastice, the Pin-up Bikini (this the blue dots version but there are MANY more choices including extras in the fat-pack.  There is a full skirt to match should dancing be on the agenda.

And from Second Spaces a great little lounger (other colors available) for besides the pool or in the hot Grecian sun.  Look for the retro resort lounger - also at Collabor88. The lounger comes versions with back up or down.

The  Greek Garden House from ChiC buildings will be available Saturday at Tres Chic. It comes complete with animations and can double as a pose prop or outdoor decor piece. Too tiny to actually USE, the insides are finished  for peeking in but the door refuses to budge -- pesky door.

Poses by: the lounger and aDORKable



Tres Chic opens on the 17th with a Grecian theme. Historical bits and pieces mingle with modern touches to present you with exotic goodness.

From .Enfant Terrible. Salome in various colors. Maitreya fit.

From Dela, "Thira", a lovely style which easily spans genres.

And one of my favorites so far, these .:E.A.Studio:. Era Bracelets with texture change hud for various metal parts.

Poses by: [KoKoLoReS]

WOH Part 2

WOH 3 - Part 2

Not only is swimwear prominently featured in the Women Only Hunt, so are girlie things.

Left:  ~Nerido~ Millie Dress Fruit version in both Belleza and Maitreya fits

Middle: Hilly Haalan - Karla Dress  which comes in many mesh body fits as well as standard sizing. Note that the Lara version was not rigged well in the shoulder area, but a plus for standard sizing gals as it fits them perfectly. There are very few clothing items on this hunt for those with classic bodies, so this is a winner for sure.

Right: a really beautifully made delicate dress from Petit Morte, the White Serene Lace Dress

The Ariskea [Artsy] Malibu Neon Sign is super fun and a great prop or decor piece.

Accessories are also in evidence. Here a color change necklace from NOeditiON. There is also a very nice gold necklace with orange stones from BEO.

If you love hats, then this Glitz Flower Sun Hat is for you. It will not size down, so if you are a tiny avatar it will likely not work for you.

Once again Essenz comes through with some darling heels. Three colors of leather plus a choice of soles and metal by hud.

There are plenty of great items to find on this hunt, so take your time and enjoy the journey.

Poses by: Oomph! Poses [NLA] and aDORKable

Sun Babes

Women Only Hunt 3

It is bikini season and time to oil up or lather with sunscreen, whichever is your preference. Happily neither is necessary in our virtual world.

Another part of a big Trompe Loeil release is this Lilah Beach Tent with texture change menu for all your moods an color combo needs. So cute, it comes with lighting. I have downsized this from its default size. My mini tent is 12 land impact.  Find it at COLLABOR88 along with some other beachy goodness including the Lilah Beach Hut (featured previously).

Our swimwear (well mine is actually lingerie but it could double IMHO) is all from the Women Only Hunt 3 going on now. It is a big hunt with lots of great prizes. Some coconuts are easy to find, some not. Sami did most of the leg work, so you can thank her for this and subsequent WOH posts.

You need to pick up a hud to get you from stop to stop. All the info is on the webpage and there are hints and prize previews too.

Xia in the middle is wearing the bikini from Slipper. Maitreya fit.

I have on the very cute lingerie from Envious, Baby Metal.  It comes with a cute tied top in maroon. Many many mesh body fits are in the pack; no standard sizing.

Sami's bikini is from Ines Schridde Couture; Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits.

Tattoo from Endless Pain Tattoos; many applier versions that should cover most everyone as well as legacy tattoo layer.

PINKRANGER Circle Shades come in a wide variety of lens colors. This is clear with gold metal.

Hair: Sami and Xia both have gift hair from  the SL14B Shopping Event. Sami's red do is from Tableau Vivant; Xia's from The Alice Project.

My hair is Cleo from Wasabi Pills.

Poses by: FOXCITY Showoff (top photo) at On9 and aDORKable

Gifts for the Garden

Three really fantastic garden gifts came my way in the last two days. True I did a tad bit of hunting for two but SO worthwhile.

Here is the scoop.

The khargo log planter and khargo barrel planter are two hunt prizes. One was on the current Historical Hunt (Bizantine is the theme) and the second I found by accident while looking for the other. Both are easy to find without any hints.

So GOLD PAGODA statuette and PINK FLOWER texture. Find them both at Khargo.

The GARDEN PATCH w HOLLYHOCKS is from EED Home&Garden and will be available at the SL14B Community Celebration  when it opens in a couple of days. Sorry NO landmarks. Lips are glued shut.

This are all highly detailed mesh plants. They are NOT low land impact. So if one prim is your style, better skip them. But if you have some room on your plot, these are some really lovely presents.

Call Me "Red"

Call Me Red

Some days the most important thing is just to have some FUN!

Today was the day with a little dra-ma added for good measure.

From {Letituier} at On9 Samba Hair - really spectacular

From Baiastice for The Liaison Collaborative, Tassell sets. Necklace comes in single and triple as well as this multi version. Plenty of color choices and some lovely details.

And from Nailed It, the leather set (three different patterns and four colors in this set. Lots of great stuff. There is also a lace set which I really like! Classy! Also at On9.

Poses by: Helamiyo from Geometry Set (a fav)

Playin on the Chess Board

Chess board

I had lots of fun playing on the giant chess board at Chess Wonderland. So many great effects can be had with Windlight and this is a perfect place to push your creativity. Note that Levels of Detail are iffy here; I had to turn up my setting to 4 in order to take these shots. And lag is in evidence -- so challenging as well as fun.

New releases in these photos include some stylish new hair from no.match; one of my favorites for sure -- NO_WISH available at On9.

My necklace is the .:Avanti:. Bibi Choker + Chains - White currently at Cosmopolitan.

This cute little not so schoolgirl, schoolgirl outfit with a top that fits like a dream is from Casadel at Cosmopolitan, the "Kelsey" Top and skirt come in many colors (ten of each)and are sold separately. There is also a body belt in the set.  Belleza and Maitreya fits.

Poses by: aDORKable

SL14B Gifts

Some friend's made the rounds of the birthday event, found a few new shops to add to their "check it out" lists, and picked up some gifts.  Amazingly they both picked the same set of cargo pants using their Addams $300 gift card voucher. And I can see why. They are superbly made and textured.  The belt is color change as well as the metals.  Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and standard sizing fits.  Unless something else calls to me, I may use MY gift card on these also *wink*.

The gals also agreed on the cute summer top from Ison which comes with a texture change hud of three choices. The third is a white and navy stripe.

Something you definitely don't want to miss is this [Tia] Grimoire Table. Only five land impact for all this goodness. A great addition if you are fond of mystical matters.

Xia is wearing the L&B Swear Dia De Muertos Charm Necklace from Lapointe and Bastchild.

And *Alice Project* Kara hair which comes with a basic hair color hud.

KC- Couture Kara heels complete the outfit and what a great one it is!

MINA Hair - Myrtle was Sami's pick. It comes with a basic color hud. Her daisy ring is still available at MEVA (pay group).

Other items of note that didn't make it into our photo shoot.

My hair in the photo above (featured yesterday) is from Ayashi.

Some very nice !APHORISM! Brogue Boots. The men's gift box included fits for women. A fun computer pad let's you pretend click to order :D.

RealEvil Industries has some striking gold earrings that I really like.

[Deadwool] Erik gloves has some nice gloves for men.

alme has some pretty pink nail appliers.

Tableau Vivant has some sleek short hair that my alt loves. Many color huds are included and it is unrigged mesh so easy to fit.

eXxEsS has some cute headphones with ears.

With sixty stores you will want to take a sim at a time most likely. Plenty to see and lots of things on sale!

Go forth and find your favorites.

Poses by: Belle Poses (top shot - gift at Women's Only Hunt 3)