Working Late

Casual Corporate -- is that a style? Well it should be.

From Baiastice for FaMESHed, the Kirsten suit in many colors (Maitreya and Slink fits) as well as some prints in the bonus fatpack. Comfy and classic rolled up into one package; that works.

The Studio Clutch comes in many hues and with a choice of two holds or unscripted.

Over at Cosmopolitan you can pick up Bento ring sets from MEVA.  The rings come in both silver and gold with a ring hiding HUD. Left and right fits of course. These are for Maitreya.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the G&D Sandals Isotta for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. An easy to use hud lets you choose between many tints, tones and shades.

(Kunglers) Yvete necklace
Makeup and nails: alaskametro

Poses by: an lar and frozen

No Frills

I am purposefully posting a very simplistic photo of this clock so that you can see the details. Beautifully made with very good LODs, it is timeless in that industrial genre. Present day or long ago, it works.

Find it at Cosmopolitan at the ::Atolye:: booth. This Industrial Wall Clock comes in "worn" (shown) or in black.

Black on Black

20s and Beyond

Some things old, some things new:

From Amias at Cosmopolitan, Kiera applier for Lelutka in three skin tones. Matching body appliers are at the event.

I have been wearing Hope for some time now. Eventually after much "living with" testing, I purchased the body skin pack (all three colors) for Maitreya. Slink and Belleza are also available.

With no demos for the body appliers and being a demo, demo, demo gal I thought awhile before purchasing. But I can vouch for the seamlessness and overall quality of the body appliers. My photos are unretouched.

Kiera on my Stella head has a bit of an Eurasian feel for me. Very pretty and the face applier comes with a choice of brows, eye makeup and lips -- all very easy to use.

If you have a static Lelutka head you may need to turn off "shine" in the Lelutka head hud.  I don't like shine anyway so that wasn't an issue for me. That step may not be needed in the newer Bento heads.

An apparent last minute addition to this round, find Kiera on an Home and Garden Deco pad just to the right of the entrance.

From Krunglers past releases, the Belinda necklace in Onyx timelessly coordinates with no.match's NO SECRETS vintage hairdo.

My quite superb lingerie is from Big Beautiful Doll.  Maitreya and Slink fits in MANY colors. The applier nylons are especially well done and the fit is outstanding.  So many sexy sets in the shop; you will have fun with those demos! For this style, look for BELLA.

Poses by: Helamiyo from the Don't Break set
for the Heart Shaped Glasses Hunt (Sept 1), a Marilyn Manson/goth/alt inspired grid wide 5L$ hunt

Summer's End

More goodness from the upcoming ARCADE!

From Sway's a big [Workplace] set perfect for students. And what better way to step gently back into study mode, than to spend the last days of summer at the beach?

The "almost free" Trompe Loeil beach huts come in a variety of bright stripes and more sedate neutrals. At 23 land impact they are perfect for small lots, guest houses or rentals.

This calendar is one of my favorite pieces from Sway's. Click the month and day to move forward through time. Add you own photo to personalize.

Gacha Fever

With lots and lots of gacha activity happening the "addicts" will be very very happy!

Here is a very nice set that might otherwise slip by your radar -- not being in a gacha event that is.

From Raindale @ Cosmopolitan, the Lanefield gacha

Well made mesh and impressive textures, this pavilion is the RARE item.

One of my favorite pieces is this basket with pillows!

So if this looks like your style, get over to Cosmo and pull that handle.

Mud Room

Mud Room

The Arcade is on the horizon; always fun, I am looking forward to viewing all the offerings.

From Second Spaces, a big set called Mudroom which mixes laundry and storage in a fun way. The wood has a pinkish hue (at least in my Windlights) with aqua accents. Perfect for many styles.

My new super comfy jumpsuit is from  Seniha @ Cosmopolitan (opens Monday).  The Isabella Jumpsuit has a packed hud with lots of plains and solids. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Tie back curtains (tintable) are a new release form ChiC buildings, available inworld on on the Marketplace.

My location is the Barnesworth Anubis monhegan tinyhouse available at COLLABOR88.  I had to smile when I unpacked the house as we each have ideas what "tiny" might be and I was pretty certain that Barnesworth's and mine did not match.

This is a very cut "medium-sized" house by my standards with a screened porch and some very nice details including wood stove. A perfect beach house, it could also reside many other places.


Poses by: aDORKable


New from BAIASTICE at Uber, the Chloe Dress. This is the Friday Fever-VER_2 style which is part of the bonus fatpack. There are two versions of each dress in the packs and many colors to choose from.  Slink and Maitreya fits plus a color change hud for the metals add to your choices!

*AC* The jazz band can be found here.


Pose by: Eternal Dream

Golden Girl


Casadel "Julia" [Maitreya/Belleza] Shorts  and Chain top separates at  Cosmopolitan

Meva Poetry Bangle and earrings in Gold (Silver versions and a collar are also available) at Shiny Shabby

Hair: *barberyumyum*HairFair(GIFT)

Poses by: Di's Opera and Diesel Works



Sometimes you need rainbows to brighten your day.

[Have Unequal] Katie Oufit of top and shorts comes in various denim solids and ombres. Maitreya, Slink, Freya at Tres Chic.

Kunglers velouria bracelets at Cosmopolitan. Various colors and both double (shown) and single looped bracelets are in the pack.

Hair: Meeya but Dela at Tres Chic

Pose by: Frozen

At Home Victorian Style

At Home - Victorian Style

I pretty much took the day off today with no plans for a blog post. I was up in the wee hours finishing a building project and then the day took a fun turn when I delved into the depths of my closet wondering what I might have that fit in with Victoriana.

I have three outfits made now, one a gift of "school marm" attire from a long time friend and co-resident who thought I should look the part when I start teaching building classes in September. Another is my very favorite of all time fancy dress from Baiastice which is beyond timeless, Bia.

All in all it was a fun day and while most of my outfits are "older", they are still holding up well.

I tried to find the maker of this dress from long ago but the shop seems to be gone and the items were all full perm templates. It was long ago. I did however find the original post.

I do however remember the gifting of the dress after I compliment a lady (who turned out to be the texturer) on how lovely it was. This was four years ago and mesh was pretty new. Maitreya wasn't in the listing of sizes as you might expect.

Additions to this styling include:

TUKINOWAGUMA  Taube hair (newish)

lassitude & ennui Wayfinder choker (2014)
lassitude & ennui Wicked booties

Meva Bento Boho Rings (newish)
alaskametro-Nyla-stockings (newish)

H and G credits:

Table and Chair set and painting by ChiC buildings
Plant and books by {what next}
Loveseat and coffee table by Trompe Loeil
One Prim Drapes by ChiC buildings
Wren Books by CALM
Silver Leaves Rug by Storaxtree (old)
8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Hat Rack (gacha)

Maybe its time for YOU to check out the back of your virtual closet!

Let There Be Music

Let There Be Music

Black and white are two of my favorite -- well, non-colors. They pair up nicely in these new releases.

From Mesh India at Cosmopolitan, a big gatcha filled with musical goodness. Immense fun so check it out!

From ArisArisB&W the Watch Back dress which has four different texture options with lacy back detailing (all black of course). So fun the mix of hoodie and lace :D.

From **UTOPIA@Design** - "IRIS" boots also at Cosmopolitan. These have an easy to choose all one color option on the hud as well as color change for various parts. So you can be lazy like me or creative depending on your mood.

Out from Vanity Hair a new "do" with plenty of sass, Foot Loose. Band is color change via a hud option. Find it at Tres Chic.

This necklace is my favorite version of a set from MEVA.  Look for Marlene.

Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow

A Cozy Fifty Linden Friday

{what next} FLF

It is an exceptionally exciting FLF this week with lots of great looking products at that low low price.

From {what next} two set that coordinate nicely taking you into Fall -- or keeping you comfy as you move towards Spring.

The Bellevie items include:

(set 1) 3 outdoor chairs (with or without pillow /throw), a Bento animations version and non-Bento included , also includes a small table - all texture change , 3 wood options and many multi-seasonal pillow fabrics

and (set 2) fire pit and log pile decor

Perfect for your outdoor setting.

Kelby Deck by Trompe Loeil at Collabor88

Beach Babe

Somewhere between peach and nude lies this lovely color. With lots of other choice of hues for both cover-up and bikini you can mix and match as you see fit.

From Entice for Tres Chic, the Summer of 69 set which fits like a dream for Maitreya. Belleza, Slink and standard sizes are also in the packs.

Hair: Jacky by Mina

Poses by: Diesel Works

Over at ROMP


MEVA has been one busy gal. No summer break in her schedule.

Over at ROMP, you can find a big set of spectacular dominatrix style attire. Valery. Four colors (black, white, red and cream) and many pieces lead to lots of trading. What fun. Maitreya only.

My backdrop is the Aria Gazebo and wall decor from the MEVA machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Many gorgeous pieces are in the set. I think the wall decor is my favorite :D.

The rares are the shorts which are unbelievably detailed. I wanted you to see that up close and personal; amazing.

Even if "Romping" isn't so much your area of expertise, this is a great set for photo shoots and just strutting around feeling powerful :D.

Hair by Soonski

Poses by: aDORKable and Everglow

Simply Smashing

On the Town

Two smashing new designs dance a two-step in this stylish combo.

From Baiastice the Junya dress for Maitreya and Slink. With lots of pretty colors, I chose one from the bonus fatpack. Great fit and lovely detailing.  Find the color of your choice (or the fatpack of course) at COLLABOR88.

The austris  liarbird necklace is a rare in the gacha at On9.  Color change stones and metal let you coordinate easily.

Vanity Hair: Flawless

Poses by: Eternal Dream



New and newish releases come together for a look that let's you escape those mundane chores and mandatory work hours.

From JF Design, the "Nadia" Skirt and Top. A harness is also in the mix. So many choices for your getaway outfit! Pretty hues and some prints are available in Belleza and Maitreya fits. Find them at Cosmopolitan.

You need some stepping out footwear too of course. These G&D Sandals Summer come with a choice of color hud in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits. Also at Cosmopolitan.

If you put on your sneakers and sprint, you can find these Kunglers Paty earrings at Shiny Shabby.  If you miss them at the event, wander over to the main store.

Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA Barret [B] available aslo at Cosmopolitan.

Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: Vogue and aDORKable

Rewind Punk and Roses

If you love nostalgia.
If punk is your favorite mode of attire.

Head on over to Rewind and find not only this leather Punk outfit (Maitreya) but a big collection of collars. Many choices of hanging drape decor items let you decorate your pad in style!

Find them all at the MEVA booth.

My fitting tattoo is by .::Nanika::. at On9. The Clarissa tattoo comes in white, black and henna versions with three levels of ink (this is medium).  Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers.

Hair NLA
Poses by: Di's Opera



Arabian Nights, gypsy dances -- warm desert breezes; there is something about moving away from the everyday that is intoxicating.

From Kunglers at Enchantment, Claire earrings and Mirian necklace in a variety of semiprecious gemstones. The necklace comes in two parts so you can wear each separately or as a set as shown.

This is perfect attire for lounging in the new MEVA  Aria set available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

TUKINOWAGUMA,s new Barret hair style comes in two versions, both perfect for photos. This is the fuller of the duo. Available at COSMOPOLITAN (opens officially tomorrow).

Makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: couch

1001 Fantasies

1001 Fantasies

If you dream of those 1001 nights then the new Aria set from MEVA could make those dreams come true.

Lovely textures and rich colors are the stars here. There are two primary set colors, auburn and Turkish (turquoise) with a bit of olive in the gacha to spice up the mix.

Find them all at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

New Release Favs


I have to say that there are some GREAT releases this month. The middle of the "slow" season in SL; what a great surprise.

From here and there, around and about, I put together a pretty much me outfit. Here are the details.

Stories&Co. Debbie Bustier comes in several styles with this being Vinyl. Five colors by hud with Maitreya, Belleza and SLink fits. COLLABOR88

R.icielli - PEYTON Shorts are SO CUUUUUTE!  I love them. Lots of great colors; Maitreya or Slink fits. On9

(Kunglers) Camilla necklace is by far my favorite from the well-known shop. Sleek and sophisticated but not too fancy, it works well in many stylings.  This is the ivory version. On9

alaskametro's Cairo, Bali and London make up packs are avialable at On9.

Baiastice Plexy Platform Sandals (Maitreya, Slink and Belleza - high) with fatpack extras should you so desire.  Some really lovely color choices and a nice sturdy heel (I so like sturdy)  COLLABOR88

Nailed it  Ray of Light Set is perfect for this outfit. Tons of lovely color including TWO browns for upcoming Fall. On9

As an aside, I did a lot of exploring on my way to this photo shoot. If you are an art lover, the Vordum Mueseum and Gallery has a lovely exhibit on Japanese art print. The setup is much like an actual museum (those that cannot cam in need not venture in :D) and is impressively set up.

Museum Adventures

Hair: Syra by eXxEsS
Poses by: furniture, Helamiyo, Orc Inc., oOo Studio

Fetish Fair

While Fetish isn't my cup of tea *wink*, I can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship of the designs. With that said, what's a gal to do but get dressed up and take some photos.

At the Fetish Fair:

From MEVA, Desire Body Deco which might look like an applier item, but is really an impressively hugging garment set (top and bottom) available in five colors.

From Roawenwood: Madam Lyla Parlor seating. This is some mouthwatering mesh with lots of dominant animations made for the lady of the house.  Beautifully textured in rich reds and golds, be sure and drop by if this is your proclivity.

The parlor chair is the exclusive item.

Hair by Soonsiki
Pose by: Orc Inc

Natural Riches

Natural Riches

The rich colors of warm woods, antique gold mix with tones of Autumn. Still in deep summer, my favorite season will be coming soon.

From [Aleutia] at On9,  the Meghan dress, a perky summertime dress that offers woven patterned skirt with saucy tied top. A full color hud let's you mix and match top, skirt and back bow. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Also at On9, TUKINOWAGUMA Dubet hair, a casual updo with French roll back and high ponytail.

alaskametro offers three makeup packs for Letluka, Catwa and Omega/Classic heads. Named after the exotic locations of Bali, London and Cairo, the two eye stylings whisper of mystery while the lips are a perfect understated counterbalance.  Also at On9.

This is the Meva Marlene Collar 2, the second version in Gold.  Its stay at Cosmopolitan  will soon be over; after Saturday you can find it in the main shop.

Rounding out my warm tones outfit are G&D Eve Sandals Fatpack by hud. Straps, back and soles are color change for you styling pleasure.  Find them at On9.

It would be difficult to overlook my location in the lead photo. The textures are indeed seductive.

The Trompe Loeil  Kelby Deck and Kelby Copper Hot Tub are the Collabor88 offerings this month.  Not only are they gorgeous, fit on a 512 lot and have texture change shingles; they are super-bargain priced.  Both PG and A versions are available.

The Newchurch Collister Lounger in Antique Pine while designed for interior use (there is a wall bookcase in the set) can easily do double duty in the outdoors. Find the individual pieces at On9.

Plants by DDD, trees by Little Branch

Poses by: oOo Studio