From the Toes Up

So I found a cute outfit from Top 2 Toe (thanks Gabby). And while I planned to blog that as the lead, I couldn't resist opening with the picture of these HUGE shuz from Shiny Things. I went over for a look see as they are so gorgeous in the ads. And you know what? They are just as great in person -- maybe better! And of the available colors, I think tan goes the best with the outfit below -- just in case you're wondering (wink).

Visit Top 2 Toe and pick up a cute and very versatile set called April. The dollarbie is in shades of tan but of course other colors are available at regular price. The set includes some very nice jewelry and lots of ways to wear your new duds.

The browns are light enough and colorful enough --- yes I think brown is a color -- to work for Spring. The skirt is luxurious, the capri pants have trimmed edges.

Shown here is a new release from Dark Mouse called Krystina. This brown hair texture is SO yummy. I love it. So many layers of color, I feel like I just came from the salon (wink).

Poses by LAP.

RFyre for Guys

It's not often that there is a lucky chair GUY watch, so when I heard about the new outfit from RFyre for guys (thanks Winter) I convinced Wonder to go watch for awhile. Admittedly that 60 minute chair can stall no matter how many folks stop by. So, after an hour he gave up. We can only expect so much from our friends after all, so I'm not upset. Since he has been living in his Firefall outfit (and I might add looking very scrumptious - don't tell him I said so), I doubt he has much enthusiasm for anything else.

BUT, there is a good twist to the story as he had a friend he TPed in to sit and HE got the coveted prize. Happily he was willing to pose for me. I had to get him over to IZUMIYA to get some free guy poses as he had none. Some guys aren't all that fashion conscious ya know.

Anyway -- the outfit comes with both black and white shirts and two lengths of coattails. It comes with a top hat but that didn't seem to work so well.

So guys, get down there if this is your style or if you think you might want to try out the style! Beware that rezzing will take awhile. Just head toward the green dots. The round lucky chair is in a corner and not too far from the landing point.

Have fun!

Peaches and Pinks

Jetdoll is a fun place. I hadn't been there before, but I saw a post that it was their anniversary and they had a gift, so I wandered over. A retro airline terminal greeted me as well as a cake and prezzie. This cute little stewardess hat (it's OK to say stewardess if it is a retro shop) is perfect for a bit of role playing if you know what I mean (wink). And while I was there the lucky chair was generous too. This shiny peach dress was the prize. There are two chairs -- one ten minutes and one at least 30 so check them both.

Shown with Maitreya hair and one of the new line of Dutch Touch skins from the recent hunt.

When I visited IZUMIYA awhile back it was so laggy I couldn't see anything. This time was SO much better - yeah! A friend tipped me off about a cute waist scarf in the lucky board. It is indeed cute and I was indeed lucky as it only took two brief trips to garner this great accessory. A couple of my cronnies got them too. We are all happy gals. The scarf comes in two sizes which you can mix and match to make fit. Styles with and without chain are included in the 10 minute board.

Right next to the upstairs lucky board is a wall of free pose vendors -- for gals and guys so stock up as some are very nice.

The rest of my outfit includes the top and very cute headphones from the latest Jill group gift, some old but often worn jeans from Adam and Eve and some super cute pink wedgie sandals from Neko Yo. Yes, they have "paw print" decorations on the toes, but to me they just look like a design, hence they work with more basic styles. They are TRANSFER and a buck and also come in a black version. There are some cute looking kid sized unisex tennies for your young friends also for a linden.

Hair by Catbird. Earrings by Primagine.

Top pose by LAP, others IZUMIYA.

Late Night Victorian

Just a quick post to let you know that Chemical Kisses has this full outfit (including hat with veil and hair -- and shoes) for $1 for 24 hours. It's difficult to tell when those hours started so the sooner the better for tripping if this is your style. The dress is named Hermione. Watch carefully, it comes with a fairly anorexic shape included :D

This isn't my normal garb, but I do like it. I feel SO much the lady. There are lots of things in the store at very reasonable (lest I say cheap) prices, so do a bit of perusing if you drop by.

Bed time for me.

Mashooka and Friends

Mashooka has a new sim and with it comes a grand opening hunt -- now until the 3rd. There are nineteen TINY mint green boxes to pick up in the sim. They aren't hidden, but you'll need your spectacles on to see them. Find them mostly in the walkways and near the store openings. I found most of them and we know I am not the best hunter, so you can do it (wink).

Gifts (all are $0 except for the couples pose balls) range from this traditional dress, to the mini above and even pants and coordinating shirt.

While this is the very beginning of the hunt, there were plenty of folks with their magnifying glasses out looking far and wide (wink). Still the sim stayed pretty stable and not too laggy -- certainly an unexpected pleasure. The build itself is lovely: I tried to give you a small taste of the ambiance. You'll need to come see for yourself though.

My new little friend here is from Sway's Creations. Their is a small shop in the courtyard. S.LOVES has a shop here too with four gifts (two couple's pose sets and two girl poses). So journey over and help celebrate. There are some festivities planned too.

Poses by LAP. Hair by Hair Solutions.

Coveting - SL Discovery Hunt

Coveting -- we'll I definitely covet this garden layout from Belle Belle. I went by to check the Midnight board (now filled with the chair lounger -- part of the great living room group soon to decorate my new abode) and saw THIS. It is so cute -- definitely the nicest garden layout I have seen and I have been looking.

Now I have no place for this and no prims for it either. I have no idea what the prim count is, but if you have to ask? You got it. Still, it was so fun to see and play. It even comes with a gardening animation in case you miss those good old camping days. Happily I do not (wink).

And the cute little jumpsuit is part of a three ways to wear new release from Pout. It's called Fusion and comes in a total of eight colors.

This is the Pout outfit with one of the skirts. The fabric is lovely. OK, maybe a bit dressy for gardening, but I am a classy broad (wink). Worn with jewelry from Primagine. Watch that Midnight board. I suspect this will show up as a prize sometime in the not too distant future!

I'm going to work in that "covet" mention in my title once more. The Covet dress from Pout in lilac will be the gift for the SL discovery hunt. This starts May 1 with well over 500 stores and lasting two months. I'm not planning on "doing" the hunt -- too big for me, but I am sure that I'll be places and find that magnifying glass by accident. So I'll have a few reports for you.

And -- in that vein, the unbelievably nice barbecue set I am posing with (and I think it comes with the benches and umbrella not actually in the shot) is the SL Discovery prize from Belle Belle. So there are going to be some great gifts to be found. Get your sneakers spiffied up!

Poses by Vain, Vago and LAP.

A Morning of Gossip

The GossipGirl sims have been around for awhile now, but I only explored them long ago. I went over this morning to check them out again. I did indeed find a group of folks from all over the world (guys too) gossiping in this cafe. So, should you feel in the need to chat cattily, this is the place for you. Actually everyone seemed quite friendly and interested in each other :D

There aren't many shops in GossipGirl. It is mostly a facade town with only a few actual places to visit. But while you are there you might want to pick up a few free goodies. The top photo has a Gossipgirl gift from Kataonik with some shoes by Juicy. The second outfit came from the Costume Depot. I got in trouble wearing the bullets (oh dear) so don't try it on in the PG sim. Worn with boots from DD Style. Pose by LAP.

You can pick up a free phone and GossipGirl hud so you can find out what people might be saying about you. It's in the main welcome lobby.

My personal favorite gathered gift of the day is from Nicky Ree. Made for Spring, it definitely fits my mood. Jewelry from Primagine, shoes by Adam and Eve, pose by Lap.

And, just in case you were wondering about the new hair, it is a limited time (20 minute camp) item at Little Heaven. There are three colors to choose from and lots of camp chairs. Waiting to sit shouldn't be a problem. If you haven't been to Little Heaven, go through the entry room with the mess on the floor, down the hall and turn left. That will get you to the hair department :D.

Blue Monday - Not so Blue

Prim and Pixel Paradise has an oh-so-Springlike outfit as a gift to chase away those Monday morning blues. It's called the Monday Summer is Coming outfit and comes with some great matching shoes, a cute bracelet and a fantastic hat. Love the hat! It takes awhile for PPP to rez so have some patience. There is a lot in the store. Find this gift in the back on a large vendor fairly close to a cute rocking chair. As you wander back there be sure and notice all the fun things in the store including pets and shoes :D. This is a MONDAY ONLY gift, so don't procrastinate!

Pose by LOTTA.

Personally my Monday was looking bright already as I finally (FINALLY) found a great apartment with loads of prims and a super view. That's the cupcake diving bed from Jena-ration X Designs that you see through my patio window.

You can try for this great gift once and hour. It's definitely worth going back a few times (and I definitely did). I love the bright colors. You will most likely see more of it in the future -- up close and personal. Meanwhile, just get over there and do the "yummy" with the cupcake (wink).

Animation by Vain.

Every home needs pets, and you can pick up these very loving and well fed kitties at the Rouge Forest. There is a simple hunt going on. The kitties are in one shop and there are clothes in the neighboring shop. You are looking for small brightly colored mushrooms.

EDIT: While the hunt is still going on, there is a central TP point in force now and no way to "show location" -- at least that didn't work for me. So my best advice is to fly straight up and look for the lake. The shops are underwater at the edge of the lake. I am guessing this happened because of LISTS. There was someone there yesterday using one. So good for the shop owners (IMHO). Once you find the shops, finding the mushrooms should be fairly simple (wink). I LOVE my kitties! Still wearing the big one :D

Be careful as there are some tiny mushrooms clumped with larger ones that are NOT gifts (wink). There are five mushrooms in all. One gift includes many colored versions of the mushrooms -- I hope I get to use those someday as they are soooo pretty.

It is DARK in the forest and it took me a long while to figure out I was under water. So there is a bit of a challenge. Both shops have lots of cute items and I may get back over to the forest and pick up a bed for my kitties (wink).

Beach Scenes

Cool as the sea and green as the summer hills, Badoura Design has a gift bikini out. Find it under the stairs in a smallish vendor. The colors are especially lovely.

Luckily enough -- from a blogging perspective -- Harlot has some super nice (and matching - oh my) bangles to go with. Theviolet hoop earrings in the box are a bonus.

And speaking of hair, this is from the Hair Solutions freebie wall and a style called Tamesia. You get four colors in the pack.

The top pose is from StAr Poses. I found it along with a few others while looking for the new couples pose that is out. Everyone's asleep in my world so I opted for this singles one :D

While it would have been great to "jet" over to Morocco for another swim, this photo was taken using the Photo Hud from P 3 Designs Midnight board. I went over today and the board has changed, but you might want to check it now and then as many retailers repeat their offerings. It comes with a large assortment of options from curtains to borders to filters. You just wear it on your screen, adjust it as needed and take your photo. Instructions are included. I suspect this is also for sale at the shop. And while you are there, check the camp chair not far from the Midnight board. There are some cute things in there for a 60 minute camp.

Other poses by LAP.

White Magic

Sn@tch has a new gift out and if you think this is the antithesis of Sn@tch you might be right (wink). There are always surprises with Ivey and this fluttery mini was a made for the end of the Diamond Dogs Fashion show. It comes complete with leggings and sculpty prim cuffs, puffed sleeves and gloves.

The feathery skirt makes me wonder if I wasn't a ballerina in another life (very doubtful). Worn with Dark Mouse hair and Alienbear RFL necklace. I've blogged these boots so many times, I'm gonna let you remember if needed (wink). I took off the tops to wear the legging cuffs and that worked well. Find this in a bright pink gift bag somewhere in the store. For the location, join the SOM and look in the notice archives :D

It's difficult to tell where the flowers end and the dress begins with this statement making outfit from Serene Sensations. It comes with a plain short skirt also and you can wear it as a jumpsuit. Lots of options here to make your own personal style. It comes from a 2 minute lucky chair. I have my eye on the pink mini and may venture back a time or two. There are several outfits in the chair, each a completely different style. So stick around a few minutes to see them all. It won't take long at 2 minutes a switch.

Pose by Dela.

Urban Shopper Birthday Bash

A I mentioned at the bottom of my earlier post that Urban Shopper is having a 2nd anniversary party today. There are pretty jewel colored boxes scattered around in many of the stores with great gifts. There is also a big party starting at 4 pm SL time, so you might want to go shake, shake, shake your bootie and perhaps win some lootie (sorry I couldn't help it).

This top is only one of many colors from OuT.Rage! You can wear it with or without the glove layer, and matching pendants come with each color. The shape I am wearing is called Hallie and is also part of the OuT.Rage! gift. It is mod - copy in case you might want to tweak. I think it is lovely as is.

There is also a very beautiful, purple trimmed teal gown by SD Wears. And one of the pendants from OuT.Rage! goes perfectly. Yeah!

There are a lots of gifts for guys too -- including a variety of tee shirts and this suit from Impossible. The color change shoes with prim toes are the ladies gift in the same pack.

Hair by Dark Mouse, Poses by LAP.

Flower Fields and Warm Fires

A partner and a giant prim allowance are both wonderful things. Belle Belle has this amazing chair on their two lucky boards. I went to sign up on the Midnight Mania board for the first piece of the living room set that I may someday have prims for and found a "C" on one of the boards. The chair is completely gorgeous -- all 44 prims worth.

The chair comes with poses for a couple, but with a little bit of AO magic I managed to get a sit pose that worked with the chair. So those of us alone can also use it.

I've been blogging Dark Mouse for what seems like forever, but it was mostly jewelry and shoes - both good things. Well, now Dark Mouse is doing hair. And one of the new styles is free. Just pick out the colors of your choice and buy for 0. I got several colors :D. This is a nice updo that would most likely work with some hats. Classic and ladylike, it is a great addition to your hair cache. The headband is black and white, but I tinted it here to match my top.

The top shown is from Mischief's greedy pack -- greedy and free -- I like that! See my previous post on the cropped hoddies if you missed it. The necklace I am wearing is from Porcelain Decay. I went there trying to start the cupcake hunt, but couldn't find the first cupcake. What I did find was this SL Discovery hunt gift which isn't supposed to be out yet. Go figure (wink).

A thank you goes out to Shayariel at Runway for posting Midnight Mania board finds. I'm not a group gal at heart so I couldn't make myself join the maniac group. This is a great service for us all. And to the very nice fellow I met who gave me the landmark to this photo shoot area, smiles.

Boots by Image Reflections, pants by Vette's.

PS. In case you read my blog directly and skip the feeds, be sure and see this post on Urban Shopper's 2nd anniversary. I'm moving today so doubt I will get there, but I bet "you" should (wink). That's a mighty pretty dress and who knows what else you might find. The area is much larger than it used to be :D

My World Today

-- Click photo for large version --

New spaces, new furniture. In need of a bed? Jena-ration X Designs has at least two colors of beds (olive and navy) in its lucky chair and a super colorful number in the giant cupcake. Just take a bite and you might win the Electric Pop Bed set. I did, but haven't opened it yet. The package looks mighty cute though. There is also a VERY popular Midnight board that has been in lockdown mode each time I visit so check that out.

I saw Teagan's post this morning -- the daily hair review -- and she looked SO cute, I just had to go over and try it out. I looked cute too and while I don't "buy" much or often, I think you may be seeing me in pigtails sometime soon. The pack includes tons of colors and the $200 price tag goes to good cause (RFL). While I was looking for the the Hannah style at Hair Solutions, I noticed a bunch of gals camping for hair. There are six chairs and several choices of packs to camp for (guy versions also). I picked the one everyone seemed to be camping for simply because if they all liked it, I suspected you might too. You get four colors, black, brown, auburn and blond. I've show you several of the colors in the photos above. Camp time is 200 minutes. These are most likely NOT a new find, but I'm not sure I had ever been to the shop before, so new to me -- and maybe you.

I told you about the great cowboy boots in Studio M'z , but at the time I didn't know that there were also white boots in a completely different style. These are extremely detailed with lots of delicate chain. So five great gifts to pick up there -- and some fun glasses at the shop near the chairs. Look for the lucky board on the floor.

Love/Hate posted about some great looking boots in the Dare Design chairs, so I went over to see what I could see. I stop in often but it has been a few days. There must have been at least 30 people there and I went back a time or two throughout the day and Divine dropped in (still loving that roller skating outfit) and we never saw any of the new boots come up. No one else there at the time had either. So, by all means go and watch as there are some great things in those four chairs, but I suspect that just like the last new release put in the chairs that I never saw come up, these boots may be scarce - LOL. Still, you might be the lucky one!

The good news is that there is a new set in the Midnight Mania board. So click on that while you are waiting -- well of course you would. The outfit isn't "me" (wink) but it might be you so I wanted you to see it up close and personal.

One of my favorite new gifts of the day is a set of cropped hoodies from Mischief. Three colors come in the pack and of course they are very nicely made. Buy them for zero off the new releases board right near the entrance. You have until Sunday. I'm telling all my gal friends to get there. These will be great for summer.

Poses by Vain.

Closing Gift - Love Chic

I am closing Love Chic for awhile due mostly to sim issues. So no SL Discovery hunt for me (wink). But you can still get my gift from that hunt. If you are a Fashion Consolidated member, just look in the archives; I sent it out to all the thousands of you. If not, you can pick up this new unisex, resizable book belt (two attachment versions) at Love Chic.

This is for three days only. When I am gone, I am gone -- for awhile at least.

Thanks to those thousands of you that bought my bangles. It's still hard to believe how many of those I sold. You kept me in dollarbie money for sure.

Want the other goodies in my outfit? The top is from CS Fandango and part of a huge set that I love and the skirt is a current lucky chair item at M'z.

Pose by Lap. Hair by Amacci.

Changes - Changes

Computer problems are solved (whew) and I am back in world. But the world changed a lot in a couple of days!

With some real life events moving up on my priority list, I decided yesterday to leave the hunts I had signed up for and also cancel the one I was putting together -- that was sad as I met some wonderful folks. But life marches on.

Then this morning I went outside my shop to find most of the sim for sale. Now there may be a tier increase coming on as I left the land group. The only posts they sent out were invitations to their new bondage island parties (in German which I don't speak - LOL) so I saw no point. And the new bondage island along with the bot farm might have been a bit too much for some people -- ya think? It was lovely when I bought my land, but not so much now. That virtual world pace is awe inspiring at times.

So, when my tier payment is up in a few days I'll be closing Love Chic -- for awhile at least. I'm getting tired of moving so often and it's summer and time to enjoy the real world a bit more.

I'll still be blogging, but most likely not at such a frantic pace. So that's the news in my corner of the world. Just wanted to let you know.

And yes, I do have stuff in my "to be blogged" folder, so it won't be a long rest period. I just need to take a few deep breaths.

Login Issues & Info

Well you won't be seeing any posts from me for a bit. My computer is fine, but I can't get in world. This is not handy as I am very busy :D

I also can't post on -- same problem as the forums. This is definitely a mess!

Taking a break. Hope to be fixed and back soon.

Busy Busy

Just a quick note to say I didn't forget to blog today (wink). Very busy with Heat Wave Hunt stuff.

I do have two more styles of boots to show you from M'z in case you didn't get over there. I sort of "camped" there while doing my hunt work.

All is well. Things are good. I promise to give you some new stuff tomorrow!

Outfit Essentials

Everyone needs a pair of country kicking or urban cowboy boots in their wardrobe. If you are missing some, you can get these great boots (resize scripted so for guys too) from Studio M'z. You may have those great red engineer boots from a few months back. If so, you know how nice these boots are.

There are four lucky chairs which contain two colors of boots. The other is a dark taupe color which I love so I'll be venturing back from time to time to check on those chairs. There are also two versions of mini skirts with belts. If you or your fellow are in need of some great boots, tp in from time to time and check those chairs!

I see a lot of green dots there tonight. It was completely empty when I was there this afternoon. So the word is getting out it seems.

Serenity Style has a great new sweater set out. You of course get the sweater (jacket layer) with prim sleeves, but you ALSO get the sweater for wearing tied around your shoulders or waist. I so love these.

This pink version is a 15 minute camp (like almost nothing). I was very lucky this eve and found the newly stocked chair empty AND a "C" on the lucky board right next door. Wooo Weee!

Shirt from Ivalde, purse from LeLutka, jeans Samara Studios, hair HOH. Pose by "the purse" :D

And here's my prize from the lucky board -- the new Moonlight collection. It comes with lots of ways to wear including a long skirt. And the very pretty dark pink shoes come with. The sleeves here are actually the jacket layer so you can wear it with just the bodice or another jacket or whatever! A great prize.

Pose by Diesel Works. Hair by Catbird.

Summer Footwear

Just a late night post to alert you to some great white sandals that can go with most everything for Spring and Summer. And they are free from PIXELFASHONS. How wonderful! Find them on the right side of the store behind a model stand (with model when I was there). Click on the GIANT white sandal and you get this great gift.

They come with both walking sounds (you can turn these off or adjust the volume) and sexy walk ( no turning off and it is a higher priority than MY AO anyway). Any way you look at it, this is a super find. So enjoy!

Luscious Patterns

Prim &Pixel Paradise has a gorgeous dress as a gift. It's a little tricky to find so watch the beam or coordinates from my SLURL :D. I love both the colors and the pattern. Hope you do too. It's style is called Dare and the pattern Hummingbird. This same outfit comes in a variety of jewel tone colors. You'll see them right near this smallish poster vendor. Enjoy, I know I will.

And if you aren't into long flowing skirts you can use the second option of plain pants. It's still yummy. EDIT: So people are reporting being dropped at a very different landing point than the SLURL. Not sure why as it is correct (hmm). Sorry. You can cam up, look for the beam and sit on the stool nearby I guess. Wasn't my intention to make this harder (wink).

Pose by LAP. Shoes by Juicy. Hair by HOH (Reese).

And if you are in the mood for something a bit steamier, you can pick up this outfit for $1 this week only at Love Chic. The back scoops dangerously low and the long, open in front skirt flows around the pants. You can of course add your own belt or sash and make this a jumpsuit.

Pose by Vain, Shoes by Juicy, Hair by Candy House.

Period and Fantasy Goodness

Dany French touch in an oh so cute new to me shop has a great outfit for guys. Actually I found two but this one really impressed me so I got a friend to come over and I think he looks fab! And while it looks like it should cost a lot, it is only $1. Woot. The dress I am wearing is also a linden and on the lady's side of the shop.

The shop and village neighborhood is so very charming. Be sure and take a stroll. There are other dollarbies here including a nicely made rocking chair with pose (and it does rock - see comment below :D) and outfits I have blogged previously. A lucky chair is also in the tiny shop. Watch your head, the confines make it a bit difficult to get around, but the ambiance is worth it!

The Bunny Hop Hunt is just about over and I took a very quick tour of some stops others had blogged which lead me back to Elv'an Majika who I have blogged a couple of times. Almost free prices and very nice quality make this a must visit for almost everyone. While many styles are in the fantasy vein, there are also more mainstream items. I just checked and the egg is still there. The outfit is a lovely combination of deep green and misty purple. Very glen-like :D. Very pretty.