As we move into a new month additional hunts are on the horizon. So many these days it is difficult to choose which to follow. But especially for those of you who shy away from searching and such there is goodness of the go and gather variety at Paradisis. This very cute "Falls" top and socks (see below) in all layers in both violet and wine can be found HERE for free. There are plenty of others colors to be had of course as well as a super short coordinating mini-skirt, just out (not shown).

 The socks are asymmetrical which is fun. I especially like the sleeve extensions -- nothing new there.

If violet is your color, you will love these pretty flower earrings from .:CoLLisions:.  So pretty!

Ah, the "milestones" in the title refers to moving past the 2,200 blog post mark. Always nice to get to replace that number. I am looking forward to post 2,222 :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Four To Go

We are nearing the end of the road in our fifty-two week trek through the color wheel. Congrats to those that started at the beginning and are still in the game. My moss is made up of old favorites, most but not all named "moss". It is a fitting color for this time of year in the Northern climes. Mother Nature gives us a wild burst of color and then we move into the calm and hopefully serene days of late Autumn and early winter.

I have to admit that I have a few colors on my personal list that seem to be missing. It will be fun to see if they appear in our last four weeks. 

Pose by: LAP

Victorian Red

I finished -- in my manner -- the On The Hunt hunt last eve.  While there were several nice prizes in the mix, this is my pick for today -- a saucy Victorian burlesque outfit with shoes from Blackhearted Clothing.

It is just before dawn and all is quiet in New Toulouse Jardin.

Poses by: Juxtapose

Last Days of Summer

We have a few more days of warm weather in my neck of the woods. The mornings are crisp; the afternoons a remembrance of bright summer days. My outfit made up of new releases echos this time. Of course we can have warm weather all year in our virtual land and some of you on the other side of the equator are working your way into it as I write.

Here are the credits for the lovely new releases which happily went together effortlessly. Always nice.

Hair: Pomme d' Amour (formerly I Love Olive) SOMEDAY HAIR / NATURAL RED
Top: e! Eclectic  Seda Wrap Top (Teal)
Skirt: JANE - mini skirt.lil patches.pinks (MESH)
Necklace and ring (earrings are also in the set - exclusive For XYROOM) by *I <3FashiOn*: Find them here.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO


My early morning tip of the day is this super feminine hunt dress from Utopia on the Four Seasons Plaza Hunt. It is a frilly number but still very sophisticated with nice detailing. I love the slits and ties. There are some giant belts in the front (optional).

I can't say it was an easy early morning jaunt. I tried several new hunts including the Make Her Over Hunt which while several days underway does not seem to actually BE underway. My frustration level got a little high finding hidden boxes with only landmarks inside. I doubt they were decoys as the stores were familiar and don't normally do that. So my advice is to wait until the weekend when hopefully the kinks will be ironed out. Note: According to a note from a reader (see comments) the MHO hunt is a GROUP ONLY hunt. Not too obvious, I must say.

Poses by: LAP

The Quest - Ist Act

I went out tonight on a quest. The prize? An impressive complete avatar from Ist Act. Follow the clues, pick up the shards and claim your very nice prize. THIS, however, isn't the prize, it is my hunting outfit -- a new release from Beautiful Dirty Rich.  When I arrived at Ist Act I was still in Victorian garb. That would simply not do. So after finding the first shard in the store proper, I TPed home to change. This NeurotiKat outfit was perfect attire. It comes in a large variety of colors and includes enough mix and match options -- even a skirt, ears and tail -- to keep you playing for a long while. I chose the brown version as it seemed to reflect the nature of the role play sim.

The game within a game is quite simple really and I suspect my total time exploring was under an hour. I took a detour along the way -- at least on the quest for THIS complete avatar. There are four prizes in all with the three being for the guys. Gals could wear them too of course, just not the skin and shape. I am using my own skin and shape here; I feel most comfortable being "me".

Choose the avatar you want to claim, follow the clues on the HUD provided and then come back and retrieve your prize.

Your journey will take you into the role play area, both city and desert -- at least that is where the gal's clues lead. There is much to explore. The build is nicely done and I love the desert. I will absolutely return. No doubt there. So venture over, pick your avatar of choice or go for all four if you are a greedy person *wink*. The quest is worth the time, the prize is simply a bonus.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO

Fall Fete

I journeyed over to the Fall Fete this morning, a week long fair put on by the 25 Linden Tuesday bunch. I haven't been on any Tuesday treks in a long while and it sounded fun.  My photo doesn't look like it has much to do with Fantasy - Gorean role play, but it does. My baking table, complete with three animations and props was one of those 25 Linden bargains.

While most items definitely reflect medieval eras, this baking table can easily span the centuries. It is mod and I have downsized it a bit and made the legs taller to fit my size perfectly. There are /1a adjustments too. The original table is a light grayish worn wood. I have tinted to go with my other furnishings. Yeah for MOD. You could easily turn the whole table a solid color paint to go with your more modern house.  The typist just ordered a new baguette pan so perhaps that is what put us in the baking mood. It looks smashing in my 1900s swamp shack! Pick it up amidst other 25 linden bargains at the Roawenwood booth.

My attire, while perhaps a bit too fancy for actual baking is a lovely new release from Sangre Noir -- simply entitled "35". I especially like the ladylike top with tiny buttons and intricate collar. The set comes with a short skirt as an option, but really -- this is vintage; for me at least. So happy to have a new outfit for teas and such.

And here is the last photo in the story told from end to beginning which seems perfectly OK for a day filled with fantasy.

The fair is VERY crowded (53 folks when I was there) and while walking was OK, textures were loading very slowly which is not a normal condition for me. I weighed in at 300 ARC and no scripts after taking off my mermaid necklace shortly after this shot. The winner of the overdressed category during my morning trek topped at at 19754. And no, that is not a typo :D.

The fair is at an adult sim, so not everyone will be able to get in. You do not need to be age verified, however. So feel free to get a bit naked and help the lag some. Others will not be, but at least you'll know you did your bit.

Poses by:  baking table, LAP and Vista Animations Most Wanted AO

Mermaids - Take Two

There's lots of news over at Yasum Designs. Happily I listen to the group chatter. There are so many things happening over there that it is easy to miss out. This gorgeous mermaid outfit with very nice floaty spinning AO (only one animation as far as I can see but very nice) was a fashion show event gift. It is now upstairs in the new freebie area. There are lots of free skins mixed in with some low cost ones also.  Group gifts abound in that area so take a look if you haven't been there before.

I really can't say enough about this tail; it is spectacular!  Make you way to the teleporter HERE. Then when you arrive at the freebie and sales room, go up to the next floor. The mermaid gift is in a bag on the floor next to a skin vendor. You will need a group tag on to claim your present.

And if you picked up the FAWN avatar the other day, there is now one for guys out to match. His and her fawns (or maybe we better say "stag" for the fellows). Find it next to the lady's version on the main floor near the lucky chairs. 

Poses by: the included AO

Foggy Morn

It's a foggy Fall morn in the Louisiana Bayou. Harvests are underway and roadside carts are being filled with squash and pumpkin, melons and corn -- all the hearty vegetables that announce the change of seasons. Just out from JANE, this super cute mesh dress. It comes in two patterns and color choices within those styles. This it seems is my favorite although I have to admit it was difficult choosing. For the record, this is the "cinch waist dress.austin.browns". Four sizes to choose from and demos at the shop so if this looks like your style, you know the drill.

The harvest cart in the background is a hunt prize from Hanya.  I have forgotten which hunt, but you will want to find all the available prizes anyway while you are there!  Along with the filled cart, you get an empty version as well as the crates of veggies separately. I think a few of those crates will find their way to my front porch soon :D.

Poses by: LAP


There is a new retro bar prop in town. Perfect for role play or decorating your vintage club, it comes with lots of poses built in.

Stools are separate and contain their own menu. The bar comes in regular and low prim versions. Drinks to hold are included. Find it at (*chanimations.

My impressive and sultry dress is a freebie from Yasum Designs.

No group required, just pick it up at the marketplace. Two sizes are included; I am wearing the smaller of the two. I have to admit that I needed to lose a point in body fat to keep from popping through the seams of the dress *wink*, but dieting is good sometimes.

The dress is a sexy number and can span the time differential in style from classic vintage to modern day clubbing attire.

This is a MESH dress if you haven't guessed. And in the mesh news, Phoenix will be joining the mesh viewers soon. Thanks to the work of the Cool Viewer's Henri Beauchamp the newest big news in SL will be backported into Phoenix. Great for the die hard Phoenix folks that don't want to move onto Firestorm, it is good news for everyone in that more folks will have the ability to see mesh and therefore its success is pretty much assured.

Read more about the news here.

Poses by: (*chanimations

H is for Hunting

I've been On The Hunt some more and have a few great things to show you. Up first is a complex couples animation from X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS (adult sim) called "body shots". It is very nicely done and quite lengthy with lots going on. Honestly, you probably have better drink and lime props in your inventory, but the animation is stellar!

Also in the animations and prop category is one of my favorites of the hunt so far, this Cuddle Hipbar from Off Brand Furniture. It is both texture change for the padded rubber piece, and full of great single and couple's animations and poses. You have the ability to sit as "A" or "B" should you be doing poses with friends of difficult sizes and you can even fiddle a little and get interesting combinations.

My outfit is new and includes pants from Trapt  (part of prize) and a bra top from Gothica (some nice panties and a very feminine corset comes with the set). My extremely cute cap and hair is a freebie at Ronsem. No hunting required; just find it on the wall.

These are two of the single poses and animations included with the bar. So many choices. So much fun!

Last up on this much longer than usual post is a very impressive fantasy scene from DramaZone. This is actually on the Twisted Hunt. I found it by accident while looking for the On The Hunt prize. I was amazed as I seldom find Twisted prizes :D. 117 prims in the build plus the deletable rezzer (a rock). It takes up space though so 512 lots need not apply *wink*.


Long ago and far away in SL times, I featured the Menstuff Group.  Now there is good news for the gals, as a Womenstuff group has just started, complete with its own board of freebies in the lounge.  I have been busy hunting and making props for my next video, but Sami took the time to open all those boxes and improve her oldtimer wardrobe. I challenged her to put together her favorite look from the current gifts, and here it is. She reports that there are two other skins, several shapes and poses, some very nice western jeans from Lashware as well as dresses and bikinis. Enough to give a good start to a newbie gal or spruce up an aging wardrobe.

Here are her personal picks and the designers.

*Maverick Skin ~ Destiny ~ Pale ~ White-Scarlett/hair(cleavage)
[...[D&B]...] Tattoos & Body shop Face tattoo "Floral heart"
 .:EMO-tions:. *VIVIEN *ponytail
VERO MODERO / WomenStuff gift (whole outfit shown)

AIDORU BlackGothKross necklace


For those of you with a partner -- or even those of you that just like pretty Fall themed furniture and have a friend, there is a new bench for you.  The Autumn Couples Garden Bench is from -Hanaya- . The bench comes with three synced animations and my tests showed that it worked well even with avatars of unequal sizes.

The bench is quite lovely as a garden decoration. You can sit by yourself, but in order to use the animation above, you seem to need a partner who has left you. Perhaps this title should be contemplation :D.  The new release is available for testing at the shop. /1a adjustments are included. The bench is mod and I have tinted it darker here to go with the Bayou decor. There are lots of hunts going on there, so keep an eye out for goodies as you peruse.

Also in the couples arena, there is a very nice Endless Love Walker from Kabuki. It is on a dollarbie hunt that started mid-month. I figured out where the prize "should" be when I was hunting there for STEAM and happily remembered to go back and check. The clue has something to do with "relaxing after a long day" and the prize vendor is on the second floor. Easy to figure out really. The good looking two prim tree comes with the poseball set. You can use the walk with or without the tree. You could even use the tree without the walk - LOL.

Late Night Hunting

I was On The Hunt today. Here are a couple of quick pics of my favorite things. I will say that the hunt is generally easy in that the blog has both SLURLs and hints so if you can't find a prize you can easily move on to the next stop.  Along with the items shown which of course may not be YOUR favorites *wink*, there are several nice pose ball sets for couples.

Photo one includes a very (VERY) nice smallish studio skybox from {Bastian}. The textures are premium and the skylight wall definitely staves off claustrophobia. I am wearing the gals gift from Wilson's Designs. The gift for the guys is right by the gals so no extra hunting needed. I added a belt from Eclectica.

Also on my personal favs list is the very classy bar with drink giver from Low Prim Living.  The textures and sculpts are extremely nice and it is fairly thrifty on your prim budget.  This is a no copy item so you may want to pick up a spare; I went back. Paranoid on losing things these days :D.

That's my quick evening report.


I have lots of goodies in my "New Stuff / Jewelry" folder. Some have been lingering too long, waiting in the partnering game. So, I've decided to show them off on their own -- no clothes, minimal background. First up is this Kiowa set in amber from Elemental Earth Designs. Bracelets and a ring are included in the set. Definitely bright, distinctively bold, this set will add some pizazz to the simplest of outfits.

Both feminine and refined, this necklace is part of the Cassana set from Magpie (currently at the Jewelry Fair). Bracelets, earrings and ring come with the set. Choose from four colors and wear with your everyday garb or for fantasy role play. You can pick up just the ring in a Jewelry Fair gatcha machine.  The purple version of the Cassana earrings are a free subscribo gift. Good job, Nissa!

These lovely Good Fortune Earrings are from Addiction Jewelry. I know I have tried these on before, but they don't seem to have made it into a blog post. Somewhere between Victorian and Gypsy, these intricate beauties offer a hint of mystery that I love.

A new arrival, this ~*Star Kindler*~ Filigree Platinum Mask is available now at the Jewelry Fair. Many sizes are included so fitting is a breeze. A similar gold mask is the charity item. So very pretty and quite magical, I filed it under jewelry :D.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO

What Color IS Khaki?

Our color for the upcoming  week is Khaki. What exactly is khaki? It has little to do -- in my mind at least -- with Luna's color swatch which looks like a palish yellow on my computer screen. So much for technology. Actually I posted my personal idea of khaki long ago when we were doing taupe. I added a second outfit to that post when I decided I was highlighting the wrong color.

In the end, I opted to go with the majority's idea of the hue. Most of the items I am wearing are labeled "khaki" by their designers. The color seems to be a bit greener and cooler than my version and can be a variety of values (light to dark). So I am smarter now, but I doubt that my idea of the color will actually change much.

Most of my outfit is old, but my beautifully rendered hat is new. It is what I think of as a fisherman's hat. [Soren Jaakobs] - Shuan's Boonie Hat {Camo Commando} is a wonderful example of what mesh can be. The detail is astounding. The typist is heading to bed as I proof this post, but I couldn't resist going over to see what else might be at the shop. It is a small, modern and tastefully decorated establishment -- a store for men. Well of course "I" don't care, I wear guy garments all the time. But especially if you are of the Y chromosome set, journey over and take a look. Happily the hats are all rezzed and on display, so you can see exactly what you might be purchasing.

My other bit of newness is the ring I am wearing. Just out for the Jewelry Fair from Magpie, it is just one piece of a full set I hope to show you soon. My long time blogger buddy (although she isn't blogging much these days -- hint, hint) Nissa sent it over. It is a very pretty set, just a bit too fancy for my camp gear attire of the eve.

Photo taken at the aviary at Ctrl+Shift+H.

Neutrals On The Dock

Decked out in some new mesh releases, I ventured over to The Looking Glass -- Viewer 3 (the Firestorm version) as my constant companion.

Gogo will appreciate the backside shot (her latest challenge) and you will most likely appreciate the details on the mesh mini. The hadlee denim mini skirt hales from JANE and comes in light, classic and ebony denim. This is a great basic skirt for moving through the seasons with ease. I needed to move up a size in this item, most likely because of my height -- I am not exactly what most folks would think of as "petite".  There is a more summery release in this same general style that I really like, but coordination won the coin toss and this worked best with my other show and tell items.

These new mesh shades are both striking and classic. The SG 90's from Role Optic come with a hud that includes a kill script option as well as these features:

▪ Elegant size changing through the menu
▪ Move "On Head", "On Nose" and a custom position + optional Avatar Animation
▪ Adjust the whole frame or single parts of it
▪ Colors of frame
▪ Colors of lenses
▪ Gradients of lenses
▪ Lens Flares
▪ Transparency
▪ Reset back to manufacturer settings

Now to be honest, I didn't read the notecard until after shooting :D. But once I did, I definitely wanted to try the on head option and see what the animation was about. So cute!  (/me things of ways to work this into a machinima) The animation has you pushing the glasses up to sit on your head or bringing them down to wear as glasses. Clever! I love it.  With rhinestone trim, these are definitely an uptown, stylish accessory.

Last but definitely not least (except that they are FREE) are these great shoes from Flax Pye . They come with a complex but very easy to use HUD that lets you change not only skin and nail color, but allows you to choose how much detailing and contrasts you want in your look. Change the color of the studs or have them disappear, your choice. I really like the shoes in this shop. A little retro, a little boho, a little today -- it all works. Find the magnifying glass for On The Hunt and get these as your prize.  Thanks to riri for the photo and the word "hunt" which lead me on my journey of the morning.

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO and the purse.


I am so loving this skin! Such a pretty color.

A quick post in the early morning hours to let you know that the group gift, Playful Faun, that was supposed to disappear at 1 pm yesterday is still out and on the floor at Yasum Design. The full avatar includes a shape (I am wearing my own) and hooves (just not a hoof gal here) as well as a minimal forest fae outfit and ears with hud.

I didn't post about this when the 1.5 hour call went out as the sim was packed; so packed it seems that my purchase of the gift never actually completed. Happily, when I went back to check, it was still on the floor.

So zip on over, but hurry!

Poses by: Vista Animations Most Wanted AO


Last weekend I suggested that Chandra and I should do something fun. She knew what that might be. I only knew that it entailed getting a mermaid outfit (pun intended). Luckily I had seen a post on the feed showing a pretty mermaid set for free. I hadn't been in a camp chair for a very long time, but was perfectly willing to sit for an hour for my choice of fishy attire.

Our dual photo shoot was this morning. It is always fun doing these. We see things so differently that our photos are always surprising to compare. I admit that this underwater shooting was difficult for me. I cycled through my very long list of Windlight settings trying to find some that didn't make us complete black or green *wink*.  I am fairly happy with the results, the top photo being both my favorite pose of the set and my favorite shot. I got a little dreamy with my post processing software, but it seemed fitting.

Along with the free mermaid gear that I picked up at the Haven of Mermaids camp chairs, I am wearing some pretty natural pearl bracelets from [Acide!]. These are actually the prim part of the new  Enlace moi -  Gris gloves, so a double duty accessory and very fitting for mermaid attire. Chandra is wearing a mix of old and new including a ancient but still impressive fish avatar outfit from Tekeli-li (still available) with Deviance - Mermaid Tail and Shell Top - Fairy Moss (sold separately). Her skin is from Anglerfish and hair from RedQueen.  Note: See Chandra's comment if you are interested in the details of her outfit.

The real star of the show -- besides the lovely fishy women -- is the new pose prop soon to be released,  (*chanimations - The Siren's Song. Lots of nice poses including swimming are available by clicking on rocks. There are versions for above water and beneath as well as an indoor pond version. /1a adjustments let you move those tails as needed *wink*.  The poses, as always, come separately also.

Poses by: (*chanimations

Catching the Moment

Sometimes -- when you are very lucky -- the perfect moment just happens.

I had taken my photos for the eve, a collection of nice fashion shots processed and ready to post -- when I spied the swing.  It was a hike away, but I knew it offered possibilities and so I took the time to explore. I was happily rewarded with this shot.

Not only is it a lovely moment in time, it is a perfect example of the upside of mesh clothing. So natural. So beautiful. I don't want you to think I have jumped completely on the mesh bandwagon, but when it works it is a glorious thing. My maxi skirt? It is from Jane, a store I featured complete with demo signs *wink* not long ago. There are many new releases, but this lillith maxi skirt is my personal favorite. It might just be that I lived in these skirts a decade or so ago. Memories are powerful things. The patterns are lovely, delicate and vintage, the colors soft as the fading summer.

Fit is the key with mesh clothing. Get the size wrong and you look like a kid playing dress up in her mom's clothes.  With four sizes to choose from and demos in the store, you have a very good chance of finding the perfect fit at Jane. Once you know your size, it's a breeze to see if the style is for you. Viewer 3 or equivalent is needed of course, but you KNEW that :D.

My earrings are also mesh, one of several style recently released at PixelDolls.

Poses by: Vista Animations and the swing