Ibizzare is having a grand opening today. It starts at 11, but many if not all gifts are out. This is a nicely designed shopping sim with a variety of vendors. With clothes, poses, shapes, furniture, pets and more, it's likely you will find something you like here.

The special opening day gifts are in small red jewel boxes, but there are other gifts around too, so watch for those. Shown here are three of my favorites.

Top photo: The gift includes some very cute nylons and a sheer bolero (not shown). Shoes by Juicy, Hair by HOH, Pose by LAP.

Middle photo: Top only from the hunt. Jeans by Adam and Eve, Hair by HOH

Bottom photo: Hair by Exxess, pose by LAP.

Exotic Textures

Snatch has some great jeans mixed in with some other items as a group gift until Sunday. Find it on the wall not far from the entrance and be sure and check out the lucky chairs while you are there. The set includes a baby pink halter and some black and pink bangle bracelets.

The jeans are dark blue with a great Moroccan design on the front legs and back pockets. I shortened them here so I could wear them with the current camp chair item for Dark Eden -- BOOTS (see earlier post).

Dark Eden

Dark Eden has some fantastic new items in the prize campers. An exclusive (only for campers right now but possibly available in the store for purchase later) Vagabond Boots. These are simply lovely and the nicest boots I have seen from Dark Eden. Yes, I have a few.

Find the campers barrel and crate campers in the middle of the store. Camp for 60 minutes for the boots. And if you want the matching skirt? It's another 45. Be prepared to check back for a camping spot. There are two for each product but they have been busy of late. I'm sure that will calm down in a few days.

The matching skirt called Ruin comes in two attachment versions and includes a thong. I paired my new items with tights from Glam, a tank from Imperial Elegance, and a shirt from Callie Cline. Hair from Exxess, poses from Ana_mations and LAP.

Bewitched Hair Gifts

When I saw a post that there were new hairs gifts out at Bewitched, I zipped on over. Some of my favorite hair colors are here and who knew what might be included in the release gift pack.

Indeed, there was a style in canapl (RED) that I really love as well as some others that worked well for me too. Here are some of the styles included in today's release.

There have been lots of changes in the last week or so at Bewitched. I like it! It is more open and the other shops are easier to get to -- at least it seems that way to me. Also, while these may not be new, I hadn't noticed them before. There is a freebie wall of some nice styles in the bargains and free stuff room.

Poses by Lap.

Heads Up

Lots happened in my RL nighttime which only goes to show how global Phil's Place is :D. Divine came over this morning early to show me the new beanie hairs given out to the Philotic Energy group. There is one for guys and one for gals and the gals can -- of course -- wear either.

Also in the night came an announcement from Tuli about new Meredith makeups AND a skin pack of hardy partying Meredith called post party available for everyone. Just buy it for 0 from the large poster vendor in the shop. You should be able to find it easy enough from the crowd of green dots.

The skins come in all skin tones with four eyebrow colors and include a brow shaper option. Eyes by Treasured Visions.

Lucky Board Hair

Black Maria has four great punk hairs on their lucky boards right inside the entrance. While I wasn't lucky enough to get any hair, my friends got all these (Wonder got a green mohawk also) in maybe five minutes.

So if this is your style, get over there and check it out. There are lots of other similar hairs as well as some free things there at the store. Enjoy.

Thanks to Dahlindah for posting this. A fun picture for sure.

Outfit shown are from OMFG, Bare Rose and Tuli.

Poses by LAP.

OMFG for Guys

I was so happy that Wonder sent me a picture of his choices of OMFG dollarbies. This is all one set and comes with a giant hammer and some other things. Jeans by WoE. AO by LAP from the Noob Hunt :D

So now the guys can see the outfits in guy mode and this is good. Again, most things are sized for guys. Wonder said he had to make the belt a bit bigger but everything else fit well. Wonder is a BIG guy.

Over 200 items down in the vault at Forgotten City. Be there or wish you had been :D

OMFG Mix 'n Match

I haven't had so much fun in ages! Woot!

After a problematic time with my earlier post (Blogger not happy with new RC viewer it seems and I can't figure out the new Wordpress at Iheartsl -- sigh), I did finally get things posted -- a few hours after my plan. But by then, I was free from the real world, and guess what? I went back.

I bought the assign's cloak, the wings of anchoring free and a couple pairs of boots. I may go back and get the stilettos as the other shoes are definitely sized for guys and while I appreciate the big boot look on others, I'm not too comfortable with it myself.

Anyway with lots of mixing and matching, I came up with this outfit that I love. For like $3 or $4. Hard to believe.

The assassin's coat belt and "skirt" mods fine for gals, the arm cuffs "could" mod but some parts are below the small size limit so it would be a piece at a time thing if you are a builder. The collar fit me perfectly however and I paired it with the leggings from the space suit. All in all just a lot of fun. Guess I'll go back and get those stilettos.

I'm off. EDIT: Stilettos are oversized too. CUTE but BIG :D

Hair by HOH, Pose by LAP.

OMFG - Dollarbies!!!!!

This has got to be the hottest deal in town. $1000 multi-pieced outfits as well as TONS of accessories, gadgets, eyes, wings, motorcycles -- the list seems endless. All for a linden each. Yes, for the SETS as shown here -- not per piece.

These costumes are extremely well done. The environmental - space suits seem to come with sizes for both men and women. They include items not even shone here. So if this style interests you, get over there and SHOP :D

Find them at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zamyatin/226/20/2990

Take the manhole grate opening down to the vault. You'll see the green dots so you can't get too lost.

New Gifts at HOH

Just a quick post to let you know there are new hairs out at House of Heart. Five new styles are showcased in the release gift pack. This was my favorite -- and also went with what I was wearing. I am SO lazy these days.

So a heads up to head over and check them out. HoH landmark is HERE.

Bangle Sets - Gold Dollarbie

The last version of this bangle set went up this afternoon -- in GOLD! It is a dollarbie for January. The other colors are available for $10 each color. They come in a set of two - left and right.

Find them at LOVE CHIC.

2008 Goodbye - Hi 2009

I'm sad to see 2008 end and sad to say goodbye to a lot of friends here at Phil's Place. But they have their lives and they need to go where the wind takes them. It was a good year for me. I never got to that post # 500, but I can probably do that THIS year.

When I logged on today I found a fantastic New Year's gift from Phoenix Designs. This is a great shop with lots of fun products. Since I really loved this bag, I decided to make an outfit for it to show it off.

Included in "Le Look" :D are a few of my favorite items from 2008 as well as some I haven't worn much at all - I was such a busy bee blogging I rarely put on anything for ME - LOL.

I am wearing:

  • Treasured Visions Clubbing: Bloody Rust eyes
  • Laqroki Pilot Shades in brown
  • Velvet pants from Love Chic
  • Grey Uni Sweater from Dutch Touch
  • Maryjoanna hair from Exxess Designs
  • New Crys_SK SmokeEyes_IceLips_BlackEB from PXL Creations
  • Juicy Slingback pumps in peppercorn (not shown)

Here's to a great 2009!