A Change of Cultures

A Change of Cultures

Inspired by the new Baiastice NeOkobo Shoes from Uber, I went out exploring. Alas, the official Destination Guide was of little help. As I have found often of late, sims have been deleted or sold with no changes in the guide.  But, not to be deterred, I  did a bit of searching and found the lovely Village of Hirado-shi, a Japanese themed, exploration friendly, peaceful escape.

Grab a visitor tag from the board and enjoy a bit of serenity; there is much to see.

The NeOkobo Shoes come in many colors with some specialty prints as a bonus in the fatpack. Sizes cover most mesh bodies as well as unrigged versions. These are really cute and I especially appreciate the platform soles as I am vertically challenged in our corporeal world.

The not so traditional, traditional footwear pairs nicely with modern garb. My choice here was the new Elegance Boutique - Dress - Harness  with texture change hud for the leather and tiny buttons.  Fits for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya. Several colors are available at Cosmopolitan.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the nicely detailed and delicate skin from [LAKSHMI]. Ava Lelutka Mesh Head Applier comes in a variety of skin tones with Peach being somewhere in the middle. Matching body appliers cover all the bases for Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Slink and Omega.

I am wearing one of the Lipsticks available for the set.

Here is a close up out of the sunlight shot so that you can see the fine detailing.  [raw shot]

Leggings by Beautiful Dirty Rich

Hair: ++AY.LinE++ KDC.LB hair[[Charcoal]]   (very old)

Poses by: Helamiyo

Handyman - Female Style

Handyman - Female Style

For those of you that enjoy being handy around the house, the new Arcade selection from Second Spaces, the You Better Work Bench set, is perfect. Tons of very detailed items to collect. Happily my years as a remodeling contractor (who knew?) let me arrange things appropriately *wink*.  For some reason I am most attracted to the industrial outlet. Nope, I can't explain why.

This is lots of fun and a great photo prop or addition to your garage or shop.

Stories&Co. by Flowey / Ami Crop Top
Beautiful Dirt Rich No Fear Jeans applier
Ducknipple: Outfit vs7 - Boots
Toolbelt - homemade

Amacci Hair - Kayla

Storage Unit buildings  and city by ChiC buildings.
Tree by Little Branch

Poses by: NANTRA

Lacy and Ladylike

Lacy and Ladylike

I do venture over to girlie mode now and then, and when I do -- it is often in role play fantasy garments.

If you like frills, Victorian or Steampunk, this new outfit from MEVA is for you.  The Dace set at Whimsical comes in three tones with black being the rare gacha item. Cream and taupe are also featured. Feminine rose bouquet nipple covers are part of the set, but since I have been wearing this out and about for a day or two I went with a lacy applier bodysuit and that kept me in safe for work mode.

Mine underlayer is an older Apple May hunt gift, but I similar styles are plentiful if you are a  demure gal.

Other accessories include this great new bootlets from fame femme at Tres Chic.  The Terra heels fit Belleza, Maitreya and SLink and come in a variety of colors.

My applier nylons are from alaskametro; Nyla stockings.

Hair: Mousse from eXxEsS

Poses by: Everglow, Eternal Dream and Grafica


A quick post so you don't miss these great Fifty Linden Friday deals.

From TETRA, a  Leather Jacket with Hoodie  with color change hud for the hoodie as well as the sweater. A non-sweater version is also in the pack.  Maitreya and Slink fits.

TETRA - Double Wrap Bootie with sock option and color hud.

Both in a nice neutral celery-tan color (Pebble). Plenty of other colors are available for your shopping pleasure. Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.

Hair: -LaViere- Zoey

Poses by: A City Animations



From MEVA for Shiny Shabby, Harem Pants and Off Shoulder Sweater in a variety of textures.

Gazebo, bench and decor are part of a ChiC buildings set found at Cosmopolitan. A white version is also available. Transfer Gacha or Copy Full Set.

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.PERMISSION also at Cosmopolitan

Tattoo by Nanika

Pose by: Diesel Works

A Girl - A Chair - A City


Maybe that should be in capitals.

From Mowie, the "Miranda" Dress (Maitreya) and "Kasia" Choker at Tres Chic.  Many colors to choose from.

From Kunglers Sabine earrings at On9 (a variety of hues for your pleasure of course).

From Ducknipple,  Hayley hair at the main store.

March aproacheth and that means The Arcade.

From Trompe Loeil (way ahead of the deadline) is this intricately detailed  Arboreal-Accent-Chairs. Nine in the set; no rares and an almost free playing fee. You won't want to miss these so mark that calendar.

My two-toned spectator pumps are from Amacci. The options seem endless and there there are optional straps and bows (made invisible here) if you are more girlie than dangerous. Find the Juno release at The Crossroads.

Applier skin by [Avenge] at Tres Chic
with lipstick from alaskametro

Poses by: aDORKable

Leaving on the Next Train

Leaving on the Next Train

Trains are my favorite means of transportation these days.  Planes are quicker of course but not so much fun after the turn of the century. There is some nostalgia mixed in there too, a remembrance of simpler times.

The ***ArisAris/B&W~Gara91~Inspiring MiniDress comes with an easy to use hud for a variety of patterns.  Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Tonic and eBody fits.

If you aren't an especially brave gal, it works very nicely as a cozy tunic.  Find it at at the Hipster Fair

Melania, a new skin applier  for Lelutka from [Avenge], comes in many tones with this being peach, somewhere in the middle range.  A choice of brows or no brows is available by hud.  Shown on STELLA.

Find it at the new round of Tres Chic.

Corduroy Flares by MYNX.
Necklace by MEVA (older and likely nla)

Hair: Amacci Hair - Kayla

Poses by: flowey and Diesel Works

A Matter of Style

A Matter of Style

There are times when classics are called for.

From Belle Epoque at Tres Chic the { Lauren } Champagne dress; sophistication to the max. Many colors to choose from for us Maitreya gals.

I LOVE these [evoLove] - Cat - Eye - Sunglasses!  Three metals to choose from; lenses are color change by hud.  Find them too at Tres Chic.

Over on the other side of town, some darling retro pumps are waiting for you. Both plains and patterns can be had in a variety of colors with more on the way in the future (clap, clap).  Find the new Carmel style at the Amacci booth at Cosmopolitan.

These come in a two pack of print and plain with choices for heel colors and soles. You can hide the bow. Why would anyone want to hide that pretty bow?

Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Ducknipple Hair: Snorrie

Poses by: Di's Opera and Eternal Dream

Movie Screens

Movie Screens

Here are a few new releases you don't want to miss!

[Kres] Electric Love Signs (tons to try for - gacha) at Cosmopolitan. 66 colors via hud and color strobing option.

Also at CosmopolitanAsteria's  "Kim" Bodysuit, this in Ivory with other colors available. A mix of girlishness and sophistication. I simply love this. Now what I need is an occasion to WEAR it; or maybe wearing for myself is enough.  Belleza and Maitreya fits.  Bow and lace color options via hud.

To add a little bit of exotic into the mix, how about the new .::Nanika::. Spring is coming  tattoos in white, black and henna.  Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers. Available at On9.

Hair: DeLa Leonie

Poses by: Eternal Dreams

Midnight Serenade

Midnight Serenade

For those of us living at the beach there is never any real reason to bundle up -- unless of course we go traveling.  The new {what next} Penryn Arbour Seat for Collabor88 is a cosy spot to hang out and enjoy the company of others or simply get in some rest and relaxation time alone.  There are plenty of animations to choose from -- some coming with props.

The arbour is texture change and the lantern turns on and off by touch.

Casual clothes are my favorites for work and  with {MYNX} releasing a big set of Graphic Tees, I am definitely covered. Patterns and plains and mixes, the fit is great!  Main shop or Marketplace.

My jeans are also my {MYNX}.

This hair from TUKINOWAGUMA isn't new but I found a new hair color I just love. The huds are many and extensive so  surprises do happen. This style is David.

Poses by: the arbor



Hot desert sun, buildings scarred by fire, artfully burned out fabric  ... burned.

From 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Ghost Town  at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival,  Burned wooden buildings and destroyed stone can be arranged for photo backdrops or added to a role play area.

From GizzA, the XOXO Hoody Dress  at On9.  Four tones to choose from, the pack includes fits for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP and standard fitmesh.

A cute XOXO can be seen as you walk away!  Comfy.

If you are in need of some new colors of polish (and really who doesn't need more choices?) there are some very easy to use all in one huds packed with many colors from Nailed it at SWANK.  "Basics" come in reds, pinks and skin (my favorite). Plenty of color choices to get you through the seasons.

Salvadori  Oxblood 'Valentina' Lace-Up Leather Ankle Booties are available at On9.  Maitreya fit, the come in a variety of colors.

Poses by: Everglow and STATUS

Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

For the folks that love our Hearts and Flowers holiday or even the ones that typically avoid but have promised themselves to "try" and get in the spirit, there is a super cute wall display out from Zen Creations for Hello Tuesday. Both copy and transfer versions are included in the pack. These are individual pieces so you can use elsewhere or also throughout your house.

And if you are a casual girl with or without romantic entanglements you might want to check out the new release from Stories&Co.; the Celia Shirt comes in both neutrals and brights -- my favorite being the tiny dots. The back has a saucy slit and it is very comfy!  Find your perfect color at Collabor88.

From NO.MATCH, NO.PERMISSION hair sized for both gals and guys. Smooth and silky its perfect for showing off your girly side. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

Jeans: {MYNX} Corduroy Flares - Black

Pose by: Di's Opera at Cosmopolitan

Travels in My Mind

Travels in My Mind

Where have you been? Where are you going? What worlds do you want to explore?

Dreaming ....

From Decor Junction and Shutter Field the DJ / SF Trunk Seat - old leather. Three other versions are available at On9.  Lots of nice animation for both singles and couples.

Clutter - Books and Shoes (pre-release ChiC buildings). Magazines ChiC buildings

New at the 90's Throwback "Rewind" Event, the Kurtney Slipdress in many colors as well as a transparent version for each hue. Slink, Maitreya and standard sizes.  From BAIASTICE.

Fittingly in the "rewind" department these oh so pretty nylons from alaskametro at On9. I don't actually remember ever wearing nylons with seams -- they may have come back into style after I gave up wearing nylons altogether *wink*, but I DO remember my mother wearing them and having me check her seams for straightness. Very sexy. Various colors and applier are available.

Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS

Poses by: the trunk seat and Vista Animations

Isn't It Romantic

Isn't It Romantic

Romance. It's the season.

From BAIASTICE for Collabor88, the Sevilla  dress, long and full, perfect for dancing and the Avila shirt, a shoulder hugging bolero type cover up that is bound to make any guy who prefers "his woman" in skirts shudder at the loveliness.

My favorite part is the little rose and delicate trim. I picked the brown version and solid (rather than the semi-transparent version that comes in the pack). Slink, Maitreya and standard sizing fits.

There is also a belt and while I really liked the look of it in the photo I have to admit that I didn't even try it on (bad, bad blogger) as I was completely entranced with the look as is  (well a good excuse anyway).

My nails are a great match with small bundles of flowers as part of the design. They are available at On9 at the Nailed It booth. There is a large variety of colors in the pack -- one is a perfect match for my brown (ish) ensemble.

While these new Amacci group gift Brooklyn heels are not technically "brown" they coordinate nicely with my attire, so keep that in mind as you shop.  There is a big gift vendor inside the new shoe shop.  (free group)

Hair by no.match: NO DREAM

Poses by: Pose-it and Nantra

Love Me - On9

Love Me

If we are lucky we have someone that loves us, maybe more than one. There cannot be too much love.

Not everyone is blessed with friends, partners and lovers though. Sometimes there is longing; sometimes searching.

May this be the year you find a perfect match in whatever form you are looking for.

Newchurch Daphne Chaise in either PG or A versions is color change by menu -- both chaise and individual pillows.

Word Play "Love and Lust" lattice words gacha let you express your feelings. Always good.  By ChiC builidings.

The *PetroFF* Alghero Watch available in many colors, is really lovely and can be worn with your fanciest attire, like .....

the PurpleMoon Creations Ava gown.  Red, pink, black and black and gold combo. Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and standard sizing. This is a floor length gown with gently flowing skirt.

Find them all at On9.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cleo

Pose by: aDORKable


I am not sure that I have made an error like this in the last 4000 posts or so, but I did and so here is my apology.

In this post, I  originally (fixed now) credited the  Story Time Dark Bookcase as made by Second Spaces. In fact it was Cheeky  Pea and they were working in collaboration -- so says Seraphim (thank you Seraphim).

All items came in a folder marked "Second Spaces - blogger & friends pack - C88 - Feb 2017" with no explanatory notecard so it wasn't too difficult to make that error. Still, I should have caught it.

I hope they both do well at COLLABOR 88 and in the future.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

A fun makeup vanity, some feminine applier lingerie and a minimalist modern chair make up the new additions in this post.

And let's NOT forget the great new saucy hairstyle, just out.

Here's the scoop.

From Quasi, the Makeup Addict Vanity at On9. Some quite realistic animations for putting on makeup are housed in the stool, so  tp over, jump on and have some fun -- you know you want to.

Appliers certainly have a roll in our mesh body wardrobes and I am happy to see designers keeping up and improving on our legacy attire.

"Jolene" sheer lingerie with embroidered flowers includes full system layers + materials appliers for Slink, Omega, and Maitreya. Six colors to choose from, you can find the packs at anyBODY.  Head on over to the alaskametro booth and grab a few. Discount at event.

I am really liking this new Vanity Hair at Hairology. It makes me smile!  I am not all that "young" or all that "girlie" but we don't need to always be in adult business mode and this is simply fun.  Look for Pip.

See that comfy chair in the background?  That is the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimalist Ball Lounger Black Wood/Black. Other finishes and leathers are available. There is some great detailing here so if you like modern, but sure and venture over for a closer look-see.

Tall plant:  CCDesign
Small plant and magazines: ChiC buildings
Painting by Charles Hera (very old hunt prize)

Poses by: the makeup stool


Leather and metal are again the choice components of Meva's new outfit, Kamila.

This is only part of a big set which includes mask, necklace and earrings. Jewelry comes in black, gold and silver; skirts and tops in three choices.

Where? The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

My coordinating leg tattoo is from White Widow and is available in a variety of  colors for many mesh bodies.  Head on over to On9 and veer toward the left back corner :D.

Hair: eXxEsS : MILVA
Nails: alaskametro

Poses by: Di's Opera

Moolto Hunt

Moolto Valentine Hunt

My friend Sami and I went out hunting yesterday. To be fair, Sami did most all the work. I mostly tagged along, noted interesting stores and watched her unpack her bootie.

The Moolto Love is in the Air Hunt is a good one. We got together and picked out outfits that suited each of us (Girl Party!) and there were plenty of very nice things that aren't getting featured.

From left to right here are the shops featured:

Y o K a n a  Loving You set (standard sizing).

Kaithleen's Francis Dress (Maitreya, Slink and Belleza) comes with and without fur stoll.

Wicca's Wardrobe - Jenny Dress [Hearts]

{diva!} Heart A Flutter - LITA - Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP plus standard sizing. Slink heels are included for Slink feet gals.

Now I am sure you have noted our backdrop wall shelvs  -- perfect for readers OR fashionistas.  It is part of a Second Spaces and Cheeky Pea set for COLLABOR88, the Story Time Set.  It comes in both neutrals (shown) as well a brights and there is a loveseat as well as lamp and very clever poster. My favorite piece though is this "personal library" with so very many details (there are even numbers on the library stamper).  

My in the spirit boots are from Ducknipple as part of  Outfit vs7 - Boots

Hair by no.match at On9 (  you should know that by now :D)

Poses by: Helamiyo and aDORKable

Subway Lounging

Subway Lounging

Hurry hurry, scurry scurry -- it's rush hour.

Or not, LOL. Alone am I more or less in the subway, but that's a good thing for a photographer.  Coming here to show off my city duds which include:

{AnaMarkova} Naida Dress and  Boots Onyx at On9 (opens the 9th). There are plenty of pretty patterns and colors of both dress and boots. I went with classic and lover the tiny little stripes which add a bit of pizzazz to that little black dress idea.

This outfit spans the good girl and bad girl themes with style. The boots fit tightly and well (a plus in my book).

A stunning addition to the not so simple attire is a new necklace from Baiastice at The Liaison Collaborative. This comes as shown, with a second necklace AND with just a plain chain (so very handy in many occasions). There are also earrings and items are resizable by menu. Many colors to choose from of course.

Hair: no.match NO RISK at On9 (the 9th) which I am definitely loving a lot.

Poses by: aDORKable and  Nantra


Muse - The Artist's Loft

Do you want to be inspired? Or be the inspiration?  Either works for me, but deep down in that girlie area that hides sometimes I would be happy to be someone's muse.

The Artist Loft offers a full studio complete with draped pose bench and lots of detailed items. Gacha or full set copy sets are available at Cosmopolitan. Look for the ChiC buildings area to the right of the entrance.

Every muse needs to look her best and these applier undies from Milk Tea are artfully made and would do well on any canvas.   Look for  ~Sensia~  at Cosmopolitan. Red, black and white sets area available.

My just got out of bed and I don't care if you know it hair is from no.match at On9 (opens on the 9th) ---  No Risk.

Poses by: Eternal Dream