Retro and Vintage

This months theme for The Challenge is "Retro - Vintage" and that covers lots of territory. It was fun to see what the adjectives meant to different folks. I imagine some nostalgia came into play along the way.

Here are the full of the designs. See the whole list here.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] (chair)

[hate this] (game)  - ChiC buildings (plants)

%Percent (TV)



That Prim Thing

It's the end of the month and while there are venues beginning I am in waiting mode in order to make 'the best' post I can.

So rather than leave the blog empty, here's what I have been thinking.

WHY am I still receiving very lovely but extremely primmy items? Mesh is no longer new news. According to the wiki (an interesting walk down Memory Lane) mesh went gridwide August 23rd 2011 -- so almost three years.

Today I opened a release package with some furniture. Pretty; nicely textured. I went to put it into a rustic house to find that the land impact was six times (or more) than what I had expected. I put it back into inventory and may indeed just delete it. I have houses that have fewer "prims".

On the plus side (happily there is almost always one), today -- by happenstance, I found a great place for low prim vehicle props. Most of the vehicles there can't be driven but I don't want to drive them anyway. I simply want them for backdrops.

This "Old Ford" weighs in at 4 land impact and delivers plenty of ambiance for that low number. I also picked up a taxi at 2 li (TWO!), saving myself 9 points each over the ones I had rezzed a year ago.  Several very nice props (taxis included) are free at the shop. I have my eye on a harvester for the half sim country road. There are also plenty of industrial and war items if that is your thing.

The place is ArmyStone's TOTAL - DESTRUCTION.

After 6 Days

Another new venue has appeared -- and I bet you aren't surprised.

This one has a twist however, and I will let you read about the intricacies at the official website.

Baiastice has a big selection of mix and match tops and skirts as offerings. Both prints and plains are represented; the blouse comes with and without feathers. Well I love feathers, so it was an easy choice for me.

There is also an angelic French horn as a welcome gift and a stellar photo op area right next door :D.  So definitely journey over!

Hair by Dura
Pose by Diesel Works

Manly Stuff

If you have a guy that is wardrobe challenged -- and one that is a cowboy at heart, 20.FIVE has a new ONE PIECE outfit that might be perfect. One mesh addition and and alpha and they are set. Well the hat is separate of course. Now this will not work for all guys, it is designed for the smaller members of the sex (no XL size and runs small), so be sure and check out a demo. A vest comes with for the cold winter mornings.

These poses are from flowey at the Mens Dept. You have just a bit of time left to get over and pick these up.

I know how hard it is to make realistic poses for the guys -- well maybe not so much if you ARE a guy, but still -- these are very realistic.

Poses by: flowey @ Mens Dept

Beautifully Champagne

Just out from ISON, the "leather trim dress". Beautifully detailed, it comes in many lovely colors.

I was in a champagne mood (now when really am I NOT in a champagne mood?). I added a matching hued hair from eXxeSs and journeyed over to the lovely and still empty building by Barnesworth Annubis.

This is a ladylike lower mid thigh skirt. Dress it up or wear it to a business meeting (glasses would be good -- you don't want too many passes).

Bracelet by Fusion
Pose by: oOo Studio

Coffee and Cigarettes

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  has a new  Bistro Set out for the L'Amitie Summer Market. It comes with some great animations as well as coffee and sandwich (whole wheat of course; we want to stay healthy). I downsized the table a bit for these photos and added the really excellent astray and cigarette prop from a 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  main store recent release.

There are some lovely details in this set. Quite posh and European.

My outfit is newly out from 20.FIVE and made up of separates (color change by hud of course). The Cami Top and Skinny Jeans (just above the ankle and fit nicely with some rigged mesh boots) are perfect for summer weather.

Shoes by ArisAris
Hair by MINA

Poses by: the chair and PRETENSE from the new Bikini Lovin set

Creations Park Hunt

Stroll through a parklike setting with winding paths and plenty of photo op spots and reap some rewards. There are twenty five gifts in all. My favorites are shown here but there are also clothes for gals, vehicles and the like.

Just follow the blue arrows to find the large boxes with touch to get presents. 

Read the notecard for the story behind the sim.

And here is your landmark.


!dM "Sarah La Seductrice" is deviousMind's contribution to Genre's "Baroque" round in July/August [ends August 12th 2014]. The detailed pearl chest harness is materials enabled and available in 8 different colors.

This is a fitted mesh design and requires a fitted mesh viewer.  Be sure and try the demo.

Make a statement. You know you want to!

Hair  Silvia -*X*plosion @ Hair Fair
Pose by: Striking Poses (nla)

Ms Fixit

Need a great present for the guy in your life OR some realistic "clutter" to make the garage more realistic? Here's something I bet you don't have.

The Home Craftsman Decor A from Storaxtree gives you a tremendous amount of ambiance for only 10 land impact. There are so many shops and outlets (and lots of gifts and specials) that I am not exactly sure just where to find this, but it is available on the Marketplace here.  And you can see it up close and personal here.

Outfit: Salopette by BAIASTICE
Hair by Vanity Hair

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Moonlight Swim

I am going to let the pictures tell the tale this eve.

Hair: Discord Designs - Nisha

Swimsuit: 20.FIVE Mesh: Bikini (color change hud)

Earrings: MIEL UVA EARRING (old)

Poses by: Behavior Body

Red White Blue


There is plenty of newness in the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] arena. Clothes, accessories and furniture can be found in a variety of venues this month. My personal favorite is the Travellers Clutch (many color combos) for L'accessories.  It comes with its own hold of course. I did a little sneaky blogger magic to get this shot.

You can find this My Grunge Corner console along with a steel ashtray and hanging banner at the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] main store. Out for a Dreaming Tree special, be quick like a bunny as you only have until Sunday Midnight.

Extra thanks to Manuel Ormidale who sends out one of the most complete and easy to use blogger notecards that I have seen!

My summery outfit is from abuu4her on the Starfish Hunt at Old Europe Village. There are a limited number of stalls but some nice gifts. Look for the VERY easy to find starfish and pick ups some summer clothes.

Hair by Vanity Hair
Pose by: oOo Studio

The Peaceful Garden

It is a serene stroll through The Garden this month. Fully into the summer season for us north of the equator folks, many designers are on holiday.

But quality always wins over quantity for me (yes, especially with chocolate) and there are some very nice items out for your decorating pleasure.

This Isabelle vanity from {what next} includes color change menu and both animations and static poses.  It is PERFECT for hair shots "wink".

From the notecard:
It's available as a set, or decor sold separately and comes with 10 custom animations with self-rezzing beauty props including lipstick, nail polish, mascara, nail file, hairbrush, powder compact, blusher/brush and also 7 static poses for photography. Table/stool and fabric all have texture options and the full set is 9 land impact.
My outfit consists of two separate releases from 20.FIVE; the Evangelie Top and Rabarbar leggings. Both are color change and complement each other well. The top runs small; the pants to size.

Super long and definitely sleek, the Reaching Edges hair by Vanity Hair is very modelesce! Add a huge range of colors by hud and you have a very fashionable release.

SLink shoes by Mon Cheri.

And if spiffying up your living room is more on your agenda, this classic Helena sofa and armchair from Atelier Visconti might be just what you need. All but the table come with an extensive and easy to use color change huds. The rug is part of the coordinating release.

So head on over and take a stroll. The Garden is always a beautiful spot for some easy exercise  -- and shopping.

A Painterly Affair

The queen of niche-ness has done it again.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday from Second Spaces -- the Refresh - Scout's Dresser' set. It adds so much to the storyline.

Don't miss out!

Latin Flavor

After a very long photo shoot, this was the winner.

I wanted  to dance you see. This new little skirt from Ducknipple may be leather but it really reminded me of Salsa dancing. A brand new head turning hair from Miamai, Ferina @ Hair Fair definitely had me in the mood.

I found a lovely setting, played with Windlight and started through my static dance poses. You know what? None of them worked.

Those of us that have been around for awhile KNOW our 2003 or before avatars were never designed optimally. I found myself really wanting that mesh body. But of course these clothes wouldn't have worked with that mesh body. So for now we are at a crossroads.

Meanwhile. Great hair; great skirt; great pose. Ya gotta flow around those rocks now and then. It is worth it.

You know by now that the skirt is color change by hud :D

Top: Baiastice Mini top in black

Pose by: Diesel Works


For the Gothic gals that love gachas, out from Blue Blood for The Witching Hour  two new releases -- this being Acasia.  Plenty of colors to try for, standard sizes are included.

My hair is a new release from ISON @ Hair Fair -- Ruler.  Color choice is by hud. This is very natural looking hair, and if you (like me) don't often look good in center parts -- give this one a try!

Poses by: Diesel Works, aDORKable

Hair Fair Divas

Manta Hair_Black Satin_Naturals - Miamai
Certainly one of the most head turning styles of the Fair, this is sure to win a second glance. Quite regal; black, silver and red versions are available. Hair bases are included.

 Silvia Magic - *X*plosion

Of note not only for the show stopping big hair windblown style, Silvia Magic has animated glowing streaks. Perfect for clubbing or fantasy role play. Different sizes come in the pack. There is also a non-glow version for everyday wear.

HANAYO - [sYs]

Simple shapes with a timeless quality, I don't know if I am in the past or in the future.

* MEDUSA * - .:EMO-tions:.

A role play hair in the nth degree -- and FREE.  it doesn't get much better than that!

Poses by: Vista Animations

Summer Apples

New out from ArisAris a cute summery release with touches of crimson. The Come To Me set includes top and skirt; matching flat sandals are available. Here I went with a previously released platform wedge, Simmering Altitude.

Hair: [LoQ'ue] Mezcal @ Hair Fair
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai - Samedi - Spirals

Poses by: LAP (nla) and aDORKable

Hair Fair GIFTS

Rosy Mood
A bountiful array of gifts await you at Hair Fair. All styles are covered and there are even some non-hair presents.

Most gifts are free, some are dollarbies. Here are a few of my favorites. Most come in many colors. Color change huds are in evidence too.


[LaNoir Soleil Designs]




[ Oblivion ]




Poses by: Vista Animations

Be On The Lookout - Hair Fair

 Sayaingen - Discord Design

Hair Fair is underway and there are styles for everyone. Here is a quick look at some of the very many choices available for your buying (and donation) pleasure. Kiosks are marked with donation percentages; some give 100% to Wigs for Kids.

 Iris - MINA

Eilana - Damselfly


Flirt - Vanity Hair

 Sand Snake - Bliensen + MaiTai

 Greta - Amacci Hair

Hair 52 - Eaters Coma

Absinthe - [LoQ'ue]

* Eilana -Purple Moon Feather Earrings
* Sayaingen - Bliensen + MaiTai - Quel Night - Earrings FREE@HairFair

There are four sims this year.


Poses by: Vista Animations, Behavior Body, aDORKable, Diesel Animations, Amacci