Something for the Guys

Just a quick late night post to let you know there are group gifts at Spearsong. I have to say their designs for the group have been impressive of late, so you might want to drop by. There are things for the ladies too of course. I was just feeling the need to let the fellows see some newness.

Pose by: LAP (NLA)

Love Potions

Love Potion 9.9, the latest MadPea hunt, starts tomorrow. I won't be showing you the goodies which I am sure will be impressive; the hunts have gotten too hard for me and this one will be tougher than the last. The REAL hunters (and I say that with all respect) will love it as mysteries abound.

What I can do is give you a tiny sneak peak at the starting locale. Gorgeously romantic it is also very laggy (3.6 fps with shadows on for me) so turn down what you can and be prepared to walk slowly if you are among the first hoards to unravel the story.

Later note: I heard from one of the organizers that the lag issues will all be taken care of by the time the hunt begins. So no worries. 

It is heartfelt tale with a little witchery in the form of alchemy thrown in. One of the new hair releases from EMO-tions (YUKI) paired with an older role play outfit from the same shop  form an appropriate show and tell outfit. I also got to wear my new Tuli skin with RED eyebrows!

I know more than I can tell; mums the word. But I can let you know that you will be looking for fifteen DIFFERENT (see, I said it was harder) prize objects. So you will need to figure out what the object is, and also where to find it. The item at my shop is TINY. I have no idea about the others. The story does seem to have a happy ending, judging from the end game locale :D.

This is the prize from my shop; an alchemist's work area. If the mystical nature doesn't go with your style, you can always use the cabinet on its own later.

Wishing you happy hunting!

Poses by: Diesel Works


You just never know!

Nothing to report today fashion or design wise. End of the month. You know the drill. BUT, on the personal side of the equation I had a big (really big) surprise this eve. I have been rearranging things on my store lot, making room for a new innovative surround I'll be unveiling soon and trying to save some prims where I can to have room for more displays.

Along the way I decided that the new surround had much more atmosphere when nearly empty. I had some furniture left over from when there was a house there and that worked well for me. Add the new tree and grasses I made today and I could hang out there for a long, long time.

What the hey; here's a photo that will be a vendor picture hopefully tomorrow.

I call it The Meadow and what makes it different is that it has NO corners. It isn't a dome either; they lose a lot of space. Instead, it is a rounded corner square. I made the ground on one side hilly and left the rest flat for a house. Custom textures and all that jazz, I am proud of my little creation and expect to spend a lot of time meditating in this spot. The decor includes two of my favorite leather chairs from Trompe Loeil and a credenza, planter and rug (over to the side there in the photo) from Cheeky Pea.

This is the tree and some of the grasses that were today's project. The tree and surround are both mesh and fairly thrifty. The tree being ONE land impact point wins the prize. Because the surround IS mesh, the pattern on the sky only repeats once giving it a much more realistic feel.   Anyway, that's what I've been doing.

And my SURPRISE was that when I went down to ground level to see about putting the casita down there -- low and behold, someone had bought the sim in front of me. It was abandoned land and so a good deal. What impressive neighbors! I couldn't be happier. And their arrival lead me over to POST just now where I picked up that cute little house from yesterday. I have enough prims for the house next to my neighbors new forest,  but not much else as this IS supposed to be a store plot *wink*. Still I love being outside and what a wonderful park to gaze at; way better than the folks that have been there the last year or so.

So a happy gal is signing off. Tomorrow I plan to give you a sneak peak at the Love Potion 9.9 hunt. At least that's my intention :D.

That Mesh Thing Yet Again

I listened in on a multi-person chat this morning, a merchant group that I belong to and that you can't see in my profile so it's safe to mention *wink*. I kept my mouth shut and listened. The theme was balancing quality (yes that's a quote) with prims. Note that the term "land impact" wasn't used.

The premise of those voicing there opinions was that you needed prims in order to keep the quality of a product. Now, my dear readers, YOU know better. Week after week I show you some spectacular designs that are nearly prim free. How low can you go? Well the answer is one land impact.

We are moving into a new age in SL, the age of mesh. There is no point hiding from it, it is here. I went though my inventory in a cursory way this morning -- looking for items that I might pass along to a friend that had just bought this little house from POST on the Cold Winter Nights hunt. While most of my inventory is from review copies, I have purchased items over the last year and some hunt prizes are transfer. I found some things, pulled them out and then shook my head. Most of them were way to "primmy" to be used on a small lot.

When you can have beauty and functionality for a very few land impact points versus a dresser say that is 27 -- whatchagonna pick? 

Now I haven't seen a lot of blogage on this great hunt prize and I have to admit I am a bit surprised. It is just spectacular. It isn't the lowest of the low land impact wise, but 22 or 25? That works pretty much for anyone and it is beautifully detailed.

It was difficult for me not to chime into the discussion this morning. The idea that you couldn't possibly have decent furniture for one or two "prims" - LOL. But sometimes keeping quiet and listening is more instructive than joining the fray.

So here's to the designers who are doing their best to give you more for your "prim" allowance no matter the size of your plot. May they continue to to make an impact on our world.

My outfit is ancient and the designer long gone from the grid. I do have a few oldies but goodies left in my closet. Memories are a good thing.

Poses by: LAP


I am a shorttimer here at LEA20. One more month and I move on to new territories. So I decided that when the muse hits me, I'll take some photos at MOSP as a reminder and a history of what I made.

In truth I thoroughly enjoyed the frantic creative month of design, so much to put together, so many venues. After that I was just a caretaker, visiting now and then with folks that stopped by. I am happy that so very many photographers and machinima makers have been using MOSP over the months. The traffic is still very high and "I" am over at Aditi much of the time so it isn't me *wink*.

My outfit of the eve includes a corset from {MV} called Cirque. Find it this week at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. My hair is a new release from EMO-tions, Suri.

Pose by: aDORKable


A hearty welcome back to Tuli with the new release of Helena. I wore Tuli skins for many years. Some favorites of Hope and Tanya come to mind but I am sure there were many others. One thing I had forgotten about Tuli's marketing model -- eyebrows!!!!  I was a redhead for many years and loved that I could match my brow color.

I immediately went for the red brows and tried them all on, finding one that fit my most often everyday look. But you know what? I have most all my hair packed away for inventory control, leaving out a color or two that I wear most often. Not much red in the mix and very little vintage *wink* which I really needed to show of this superb new set from Eclectica, Antique Hearts. Certainly a timely release, it is lovely and comes with three choices of earrings plus a bracelet.

So in the end I opened the brown brows to go with this Ayana hair from Amacci which is perfect for the look.

Besides the eyebrow options (including a light choice for you platinum blonds and light gray folks) there are dimples. Lip options come on tattoo layers so you can mix and match to your liking or even layer. The default skins for the most part are fairly plain giving you the option to add boldness with your favorite eyes shadows, rosy cheeks and the like.

This is Helena Pearl 09 with Deviant Misfit lipstick. There is another skin tone, powder, which is a shade darker. These are soft skins, one that give you a feeling of fragility and daintiness. Sometimes it's nice to feel that way.

Oh, I just found matching nail concealers! How nice. And of course there are cleavage options and eyebrows shapers too.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Cupcakes and Valentines

I am over at the new Cupcakes sim this morning. Frosty water flows under the bridge amidst the snow covered grounds. The sim has been reopened and  there are specials for the week, some nice ones. So take a stroll and don't forget to look UP. There is a whole section of shopping on floating islands.

It's almost Valentine season with hearts, flowers and plenty of pink. My cute and casual tee which reads, "You are the best thing that has ever been MINE", is from T and C Clothing, a member of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

New hair!  At Vanity Hair! This is Delicate in Bordeaux. Find your perfect color of this freedom loving side braid.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Apple May Men

Get your guy -- if your not a guy -- and check out the new store for men at Apple May Designs.  The really nice zipped hoodie is an opening gift this weekend. And while there you can try your hand at the gotcha machine for these pants.

The quality is superb and the prices are WAY less than you would expect. Just sayin'.

Poses by: AKEYO


Dryland, I'd been wanting to visit for awhile. A new art sim designed by Anita Witt who I can guarantee you has a heftier computer than I *wink*.  Framerate at 1.9 with shadows, I didn't stay around long. Still, it looks like a great place to explore sans shadows or for those of you that have a spiffy new machine you want to put through its paces.

 My outfit which is a one piece affair featuring cropped pants, is a new release from SLC (new location). The Mesh Cowl Blouse comes in several colors and features a really pretty texture bra -- which of course gets shown off a lot in this outfit. And, for those of you still using Phoenix, there are combo alpha layers just for you!

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Fairy set

Rewind 2011

There IS some brand new goodness in this post, mixed in with the theme.

It is 2011.

Now we didn't have mesh then so my slacks as well as my newly released Short Rolled Neck Sweater from SLC (lots of colors to be had of course) wouldn't have been around. The midriff baring topper is very nicely textured and happily for me, not terribly busty *wink*. So I'll be hanging around in this for awhile.

What was around? This skin. It is from Tuli. Remember Tuli? She's been gone a very long while, but she has returned and is releasing a new skin on the 26th. That's all I really know, but I wanted to say welcome back.

I also found it quite interesting that while she has been gone for-e-ver in SL terms, there are currently 4278 members still in her group. Now some of those folks don't log in any longer I am sure, but I bet there was a big contingent hoping for a return. Well, it's here.

 I got out some vintage hair to go with this post. Actually this isn't an unusual look for me; it is very close to my Aditi grid garb. My inventory there was left over from Learn Avatar days (oh my) and so I am wearing Tuli skin and Calico Ingmann hair there daily.

This wintery bench complete with ice, cardinal and on-off snow is the [CIRCA] prize on the Cold Winter Nights Hunt.

Pose by: Vista Animations and the bench

Glass Houses

They say that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. In the real world they would be way too busy with the Windex to have time *wink*. Luckily in our virtual world we often have spotless windows with no upkeep involved. That's true of the  "Infinity Cloud" Glass Studio from [CIRCA] on the Four Walls Hunt.

With three living areas and three skylights there are shadows galore. The 30 x 20 abode weighs in at 29 LI.

My very pretty bracelets are just one set of a large release from ::Zup:: at Cosmopolitan.

There are tons of luscious colors, but multi and solid hues. The bracelets come with both bright and no bright versions.

Poses by: BehaviorBody

Midnight in the City

A new bed by Trompe Loeil. There are texture choices of course; woods and PG or adult animations. I went for neutral; what can I say -- I am NOT boring, just understated. This is actually an updated version of a previous design; this one features an  array of linen options. Who doesn't like new sheets now and then?

This is one romantic bed, perfect for next month's holiday.

My backdrop is the renovated warehouse I've been working on. It needs a roof yet -- or does it really? I am liking the night sky open above me.

I will undoubtedly add a roof since very few folks want to live in the open air. Me? I am thinking this works *wink*.

I am going to leave myself lounging here and perhaps both Chic and the typist will have exceptionally sweet dreams.

Pose by: the bed

Sunday Update

Sorry, no photos today but here is a bit of an update.

The hunt dra-ma behind me, (see previous post if you missed that), I was extremely pleased to learn that I was accepted as a vendor once again for MadPea. This next hunt sounds great and is about love and alchemy and magical stuff. I am glad I was accepted as I've been working on a great prize *wink* and not sure just what I would have done with it had I not been. Ah that creative spark.

From the little I read it sounds like this one is going to be even harder than the last. Happily the hot shots in the group are willing to help us not so great hunters. 

My new renovated warehouse with city surround is looking so spectacular, I am thinking about buying the adjoining land currently abandoned and in "maintenance" mode so that I can move my shop into it. It is BIG for a 2048 lot -- probably bigger than I need, but I am in love.

Since the Love Potion 9.9 hunt begins January 1 I will be waiting until after that is over for my big move. This assuming LL will sell that land. I have heard they will, so we'll see. I don't want to move. While "I" flitter around a lot, my shop has been in the same place for three years or so and I'd like it to stay there.

So that's my news. Sorry there wasn't enough time left in the day for a pretty picture.

Mardi Gras

Now my title might not seem to fitting for the accompanying photo, but hang in there. A story is unfolding.

Mine was an exceptionally great day in the virtual world. At the top of my personal list, I had an wonderfully pristine and best-ever bake on my mesh project (only mesh designers will care, but they will nod in understanding). Lots of other things added in the mix including the arrival of some new releases from K-CODE.   Now there is a very cute schoolgirl outfit behind these boots, but let's get honest here. You will be wanting the outfit because it coordinates with these BOOTS!  *wink*  I was all dressed in red an black (another of the color combo choices)  when I had an important thought.

And that leads me to --- the rest of the story.   Some dra-ma entered my virtual world this morning. I shy away from that part of our realm when at all possible. The story doesn't really matter, but the end result is that I either left or was removed from (point of view) the current Bourbon Street hunt which started today.  A few folks got my $2 prize, but then it was no longer in the hunt. I worked more than a day on this "momentoes" prize which weighs in at 1 land impact for everything you see. (Those are real beads by the way, not a texture :D). So, I hated for it to just disappear. Instead I put it out for sale with other past hunt prizes. It's a secret but it is still the $2 it was meant to be.

I have a note at the door explaining that I am no longer in the hunt, so most folks will just scurry along, but for those of you reading the blog that might want a very nice Mardi Gras prop, you know where to find it.

And THAT's why I switched from red and black to green and purple!

Pose by: aDORKable

Enjoying the Moment

I took a fair amount of photos this eve, but this one pretty much says it all.

FOOD. I love prim food -- or mesh food; any food where calories don't count. This is Sway's prize in the Four Walls Hunt.  Wall decor is part of the mix as well as an empty plate for when you have been a bad, bad girl.

New hair out tomorrow at EMO-tions includes Maresol which is probably meant to be for a fancier occasion than a party with me and the cupcakes *wink*.

And I am really loving this "sleep shirt" from SLC. There is also a geranium print and some lacy versions (most likely if you have a partner to impress). The shirts come with a thong but I am evidently way bigger than the thong maker intended so I slipped into some Flirty Jeans from PARADISIS, my goto jeans in a huge variety of colors.

That's the news from my corner of the world. If it has seemed like our virtual land has been a bit under the weather the last few days, it's not you :D. I have stories. BOY, do I have stories. But another time ------

Pose by: Diesel Works

Yellow, Green, Violet

It's almost Mardi Gras! I have never been to the actual festival, but I love the colors and the costumes. Chandra has been a very busy lady working on outfits for the occasion. She thought I would "really like this one" -- and I do.

The mask, collar and gloves won me over. And then there are the "pants". Hard to beat in my book. This, as you might guess, is only the tip of the iceberg in choices which include a dress, a feathery shoulder adornment, some side bustles and even more choices of masks (love the masks). It looks like about fifty or so pieces in the set; no, I didn't count. A LOT is a close enough assessment for me. The folder reads, "!dM deviousMind "Bayou Belle" **FACES OF MARDI GRAS** (BIG BOX)" and it is not kidding.

I haven't been on the road much of late, but let the destination guide do my walking and ended up in Animagique Productions - New Orleans, a great photo op spot for all things pertaining to the celebration.

My hair is the last new release from Amacci, Anastasia in Blueberry. Now I don't normally wear those wild colors, but this seemed perfect for my styling. I had to stop back at the shop to pick up the new (free) hairbase pack as blueberry seems to be a relatively new color *wink*. I am wearing the purple Phoebe boots for the very first time I think. lassitude & ennui is the place to pick these up.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Lazin' Part Two

I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday, if we think sequentially -- so let's backtrack.

Before the Four Walls Hunt lounger, there was the Cabinet Hutch with Sink; Trompe Loeil @ COLLABOR88 speaking that is. With lots of colors to choose from, I instinctively picked blue, thinking it would look great in the Newport Beach House. And of course it does. It features cabinets and drawers that open.  The fridge hales from a previous Trompe Loeil kitchen release.

These shots echo my attire of yesterday but with a twist. I added a jumper (well, it wasn't actually designed as a jumper) from :{MV}: (main store). Find it this week at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

You may have seen a blogger challenge going around, the "Base Zero" one where you show folks your starting (very little on) outfit that you base your painstaking styling upon. I had to smile as I don't have one. My stapes are skin (currently Meg2 from AKERUKA), eyelashes (Amacci) and of late, nails from Laville - a hunt item). Most of the time I try on the new release while I am wearing the previous day's garb. That's how I ended up with this not-how-the-designer-planned-it styling.

Sometimes there are happy accidents.

Here's the up close and personal shot I promised on the new lassitude & ennui boots for L'accesories. I'm not sure they will replace the Phoebe boots that find themselves so often on my feet, but I really like them and can see lots of casual or role play uses. There are of course other colors besides basic black.

Hair, new from Amacci.

And that's my roundup for the very early morn.

Pose by: aDORKable

Lazin' Part One

A little of this, a little of that -- and a two part post so stay tuned for the morrow.

Shown here a new Four Walls hunt prize from Trompe Loeil. Not quite out yet, but you know the drill. There aren't too many photos of the goodies to be found, but this one is a real winner. There is also a Trompe Loeil shelf in the Cold Winter Nights hunt. Very cute, I don't have that to show you (OR the delivery service went amok as they often do). I have to smile as I remember that LAST year, I spent a very long time looking for a Trompe prize. I understood  -- or so I thought -- the hint, but FINDING? Didn't happen. We do know that I'm not the best of hunters.

Also in this post are the Cold Winter Nights prize from Paradisis (sorry map isn't working for me), and the cute Linda hair from Amacci. The great new boots which I will show you up close and personal tomorrrrrroooow, are from lassitude & ennui for L'accessories.

OK. Trompe Loeil, Paradisis, Amacci, lassitude & ennui. Got it?  Good.

Pose by: the lounger

Endless Drama

I was in the mood for drama this eve -- and you know what that means, AD Creations.  [AD] Gotch1c punk cloth MOD 1 is, as you may have guessed, one of several versions on a theme. In this case the magic number is four. I chose this one as it borders on steamy and I love the hat.

And, for those of us that DO love hats, Amacci has some great new hairs out, and at least one (and I am thinking more than that but I haven't tried to confirm), is great "hat hair" -- so hard to come by. This is Gloria in Sangria. There are bangs in the front and this could certainly do double or even triple duty in the retro and ballgown camps.

Thanks to out to Momo who posted about this Cold Dreams installation at Megastructure. Definitely a great photo op spot.

Pose by: Snook

Midnight At the Oasis

A quick post and a heads up to keep a look out for the Cold Winter Nights hunt which starts very soon. This is a $10 hunt with some great looking prizes -- not to mention a preponderance of shops you most likely know well.  With an overflowing inventory and a very long ToDo list, I won't be taking part, but if I needed anything, this would definitely be my hunt of choice next week.

This lovely star watching set from -Hanaya-  Yummy Collectibles has room for three. Sadly all my buds were out getting ready to start their work week. The "waiting" animation that I am in is much fun with rocking, boredom and anticipation all in evidence.

Outfit by PARADISIS; boots by Prim and Pixel

Pose by: the telescope set

Yellow Brick Road

We're off to see the wizard, Doll Coco style that is. A New Year's gift is available for all at the shop. The set includes all the familiar characters in rezzable form as well as a Dorothy avatar. Take care and be aware that Dorothy will displace your skeleton when you go back to being yourself, a scary thing the first time out. A relog fixes the problem easily.

She is a pretty little gal.  Whether you want to BE Dorothy or just have her as a companion, this is a beautifully made set.

My poses are a sneak peak at an upcoming release from Diesel Works, Fairy Female poses. I thought they might be perfect for this young at heart adventuress, and they are. So if you delve into the fantasy realm, keep watch for their arrival.

And there of course is Toto with a hold that works with your AO.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Morning Shadows

Still loving the Newport Beach house from COLLABOR88, I give you Lavina, one of the new hair releases from EMO-tions. Along with the weekend hair release comes good news: more hair colors. This is my favorite, autumn. New hair packs include four colors for the same price as a single. Yeah!

My appropriately color themed attire is the {le fil casse} claudia mesh dress in sketchy blue. This simple, not too short (thank you), sheath as my mom use to call them comes in a big variety of colors and patterns. I loved the "sketchy" ones with their carefree look and top stitching. This came to me via Cosmopolitan Sales Room, so check for it there too later; nothing available as I type.

There is a story about the cute desk in the background. It is from Cheeky Pea and called the Bruine Desk.  It comes with  many many animations, some with props. This I figured out. I didn't know it was multiple texture change until I visited the shop and read the vendor info. Sometimes I am just plain dense!

The story behind this desk is the personal challenge from Isla to herself to make something "really low prim". She may have actually said "land impact"; I suspect we will be using those terms interchangeably for awhile. Anyway, I gave her my personal award for Queen of Low Impact. The whole set (yes, the whole set) weighs in at ONE.

And that's my very early morning news.

Poses by: the chair and aDORKable

That View Thing

Our world keeps getting richer. Details abound. And in my mind, that's a good thing.

Just out (yes, late again but he beat Hucci ) for COLLABOR88, Barnesworth Anubis gives us the sodermalm skybox with optional view. It is a modern lofty place with 18 meter walls, tall enough to add a loft if you need it. The skybox proper is 16 x 26, fitting on a 512 and weighs in at 25 land impact for two big rooms and a fireplace.  If you want the view (and of course you do), you'll need a 64 x 64 meter parcel and 45 "prims".

The view is again "real" with a distinct California look -- to me anyway. I can see myself in Santa Barbara or somewhere close by.

Now, I am betting you noticed my new pony tail. If memory serves correctly, I wore something similar in my youth. I doubt it looked this good. I am SURE it wasn't this long and full. As a bonus, you can wear the main section of the hair with bun separately. So from fun filled day to posh event in the evening; all you need to do is detach that pony!  Pick up this new release at Vanity Hair. Look for "Candice".  

Pose by: aDORKable


AKERUKA has a new skin release. Giorgia comes with freckles and includes cleavage options. This is the bare version, but lip tattoos are available.  Grab a demo and see if this playful new design works for you.

Pose by: aDORKable

Getting Cosy

Once the scary database issues were over yesterday, I did a little decorating Cheeky Pea style. I made it over to COLLABOR88 late last eve, but after a few minutes all was still gray -- so I'll be a patient gal and just lounge in the new releases from Isla Gealach. This also gives me a chance to show you more of the Newport Beach house from Tromple Loeil. I am a sneaky gal.

The Cheeky Pea release for COLLABOR88 includes both furniture and decor items for living or family room areas. Low land impact reigns of course. The couch is packed full of animations for single, couples and friends including a huge variety of you and your computer animations. There is also an adult version of both couch and chair.

My personal favorites are the photo shelf and decor items. You can add your own photos to the paintings. That's me at least a winter ago in a sim that no longer exists. Memories are good. And here's a tip. If you are short on prims, you can link two book stacks together and the two "1 prim" objects (actually .5 land impact) will switch from 2 to 1. Handy.

That's my morning report. Saving the html just in case Blogger does another rollback (sigh).

Pose by: the couch

Heads UP - DON'T log in

The All Clear has been sounded  (5pm), but check that status page anyway as we know that sometimes all clear can only mean "we think we are OK" and then we go backwards. 
My inventory did load some more. It is still "lite" but I won't know if or what disappeared until I go to look for it *wink*. Still only a few hundred things and maybe I just thought I had more :D.

So it is VERY VERY bad in SL right now (3 pm ish) and apparently has been that way for awhile.

I have played two games of Scrabble while waiting for my inventory to load. Since I have already had three major inventory losses in my lifetime, I am not comfortable with the scenario. I am definitely not willing to log out with only part of  my inventory though *wink*. So about 3000 more items to go. Typing in a new search term every now and then sometimes helps.

DAMN. It is stuck at 3000 or so LESS than what I should have. And "no" they don't always (or even often) come back :D. This isn't a cache issue.

So if you aren't in world, don't log in guys. VERY MESSY.

Check the status page before journeying into Wonderland.

PS. You know in the REALLY olden days they used to put out a worldwide note through the viewer when things were bad. A blue dropdown box would tell you that you shouldn't rez or buy or maybe try to move LOL. I guess the world is too big for that now :D.  

Living in Newport

This is not going to be a well-kept secret *wink*, but I didn't want to be TOO late to the party so the typist's bathing chamber is currently empty.

COLLABOR88 has a new round and with it a brand new release from Trompe Loeil who last month gave us the cute little snowy cabin. This time out we move to sunny California where the rich folks live.

This is the Newport Beach Cottage which boasts a footprint of 17 x 34 and weighs in at under 100 LI of meshness. While not tiny, this is definitely a "me" home. Lots of outdoor areas including a full porch along the back. The rooms seem cozy and there are lots of great windows making lovely shadows. The woodwork is amazing!

One detail that I love is the home control center panels are mini paintings. How cute is that?

My only caveat would be that the house is designed for flat land so that the stairs and posts are all the same length. So you may need to do a bit of bulldozing with the land tools. A small thing really.

Then again, you could just go buy a new lot. LOL. That works too.

A really gorgeous home, if you can't wait to see it and can't get into COLLABOR88 where grayness reigns, feel free to venture over to LEA20 where I'll be decorating it in the next day or so.

Pose by: Diesel Works