Second Life Advent List 2016

{what next} Christmas Gift Box set - copy and transfer version choices
:: PANAVIA :: Conifer Tree "Picea" @ Cosmopolitan
ChiC buildings 
Boxes and Ornaments - 2016 Winter Showcase (Dec 8)

This file became mightily corrupted. After more than an hour of "fixing", I gave up so a few stores near the bottom are missing. Sorry. Hopefully you have your list of favorites by now!

- Updated 9:30 AM Dec 7 -

If there are any particularly exciting items I don't want you to miss, they will NOW appear in their own post. 

Sway's 10th Advent Calendar - always fun! Pick up a hud at the landing point. Find the hunt items and turn them in for presents each day. Home and Garden

KittyCats  items each day from creators around the world. Pick them up daily for fun or gather in bunches. One per person. Variety

Entice  (free group) - Big baubles calendar on the wall complete with preview pictures. Pay either $1 or $25. $1 is returned.

Snowpaws  (MOVED) - calendar - clothes for women

Amazing Creations - Big tree in the middle of the store. Presents for guys and gals (a clothing store) Group - Adult sim

Cleo Designs - furniture and decor (small tree calendar)

United InshCon - find the numbers mix into the LARGE Christmas Village and click :D

Home Whimsy - Home and garden items from the Home Whimsy creators. Packages in boxes with dates at landing point - Group 

ABRANIMATIONS - always quirky and fun - Group

PRISM - traditional calendar - Group

Emerald Couture (gals) - two boards (one traditional with $50 group); One boxes of previous hunt items (no group).

Christmas Advent-ure Hud (Timeless Textures and Lantian Flox) - wear the hud and it will teleport you to various stops each day. Free or possibly with group join or small fee so watch for that. There is also a notecard if you aren't the hud type. 

Botanical - Potted Poinsettia (KittyCatS Advent Calendar 2016) Dec 7 gift should be available thoughout Advent

12 Days (starting later in the month)

ChiC buidings - No Group. One item free each day (will overlap a bit because of time zones). Home and garden. Items on display and will be available for $25 each after the free time has expired.

DE. Boutique - fashion for women

Cosmopolitan - gifts on the tree will arrive in groups so check back.

Also advertised:

The Man Cave - Home and Decor 

Moonstar by the Sea - traditional wall calendar - womens

[Sunora] - traditional calendar by the tree - eclectic (group)

Helping Haven - 30 meters from landing point in a grid of colorful boxes. Free group needed. 

~XM~ DESIGNS - traditional wall calendar - eclectic  (group)

OLLIES FOLLIES - Clothes and Decor

Moonlitecat Creations - men and womens clothing

Baci Shop - traditional wall calendar - lingerie and jewelry  (group)

Pumpkin Village  (Alli and Ali gals) - single day vendor - hair

Caledon Oxbridge New Residents Help - boxes at the gazebo (long walk from landing point). Apparently they will stay and be available once they are out; so sayeth the sign. 

Special Mentions (fee): 

The !gO! store had such a super cute display Sami took a picture AND joined the group ($50) which seems very reasonable judging by the quality of items in the store. So a special mention and we'll keep you apprised as the month ventures on.  (landing point - walk straight down the path to the main store)

Purple Moon - Traditional calendar  ($50 fee) guessing clothing for women :D

.:C!L:. - Vintage womenswear ($50 fee)

KMF Fashion - traditional wall calendar hard to find - follow the beam :D - texture and mesh womenswear ($50 fee)

Manly Stuff


Girlie stuff; manly stuff -- it all depends on our likes, not our gender. I tend to gravitate to clean lines, rustic, industrial and modern. Boho sneaks into my world from time to time and of course there are plants and -- well let's call them "trinkets".

My home and garden tastes often flow over to wearables and here is a case in point.

From Mowie @ Cosmopolitan:  "Sienna" Jumpsuit and separate belt, each with their own color change hud. With ten colors on the fits-like-a-glove jumpsuit you'll be sure  to find a favorite -- or a few.

I added two of my closet favorites, parts of the Bongo Set from Meva and Amacci's Kayla hair. Definitely more dangerous than damsel in distress.

At Draftsman:

From NEWCHURCH:  Alpha Industrial Dining Table, Chelsea Dining Bench and Tribeca Triple Screen Panel (a single panel is also available). Walnut or Pine woods.

From BLUE SKY: "Short Fan Propeller - Black" (many styles available)

From Onedecor: blackboard_V1 (back side has no writing) part of a big brewery set

Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle

Posesby: aDORKable


How May I Help You

New at Dutchie , a great vintage desk that works comfortably with many eras. Sleek with plenty of details and a color change menu for the metal, it comes in a sedate office version as well as naughtier choices.

9 to 5

The animations are superb and many come with props. There is even a sequence menu to get you successfully and realistically through the day.

Desks comes with props built in (the coffee cup seen here is from THOR @ Cosmopolitan but there are at least two animations that include coffee -- really, such an office necessity) as well as a visitors chair.

There are even animations with props for a second person.

Waiting for Mr Right

I couldn't resist a sultry midnight at the office shot. Of course not!

I am wearing (not new):

Asteria "Lady Faith" Skirt and top
{MYNX} Stiletto Peep Toes
Meva Sporty 2 Sunglass
Amacci Hair - Liza

Horizons House by ChiC buildings (releases at the beginning of January)

Poses by: the desk

Wine Barrels

Wine Barrel Shower

Now honestly when someone mentions the words wine barrels, I think of Napa Valley, endless casks of rich grape essence waiting for the time to be right to come to our tables.

But --- wine barrels have other uses.

Case in point? The new Trompe Loeil Winery Barrel Shower. Beautifully rendered, with plenty of details it comes with animations -- both nice and naughty; your choice.

Find it at UBER!

Rugs by Cheeky Pea also at Uber. Towels by Dutchie.

Fire Trees and Icy Stars

Fire Trees and Icy Stars 2

Saying goodbye to Fall is difficult. At its best it is my favorite season. Colors blaze with brilliance and warmth. Cool nights remind us that time moves in cycles.

Fire Trees and Icy Stars

From Roawenwood, the Autumn Fire Tree Pack at We Love Roleplay (closes November 30). Eight different trees in all -- all very lovely and all very low land impact.

From BIGBULLY, the Grid Pavilion at Draftsman. Tons of character and lovely shadow patterns, this is a photographers dream prop. It of course could JUST decorate your home :D.

Also at Draftsman, this Twilight - Romantic Telescope from  WarmAnimations.  Texture change with lots of couples poses, it is only 3 land impact.

Ducknipple - HipsterF - Vest
MEVA rings

Poses by: Warm Animations telescope

Advent at The Arcade

Advent 2016 at The Arcade

The Trompe Loeil  12 Days gacha at The Arcade is always great fun. Something for everyone. This year the items are both large and small, both indoors and out. Some very holiday themed and others in the  more general category of winter.

My personal favorite -- well favorite among the favorites -- is this little metal train. It really makes me smile.

If you haven't taken part in a Trompe Loeil December Arcade Advent Calendar you are in for a treat. You win keys that light up the Advent "calendar" (this year the tall steepled church) to garner you prize.

Only a few days to wait!

With Marshmallows Please

With Marshmallows Please

We are moving into that fun holiday season. The December Arcade is just around the corner -- always an occassion for smiles.

From Sway's a big set of cocoa goodness with crate seating, stand and lots of food props. The couples and friends bench is the extra prize!

From Baiastice for the Tannenbaum Holiday Market a set of fun coats that can work over other garments or be worn alone if you are feeling in a "leggy" mood. Various colors with knit sleeves as well as some pretty prints are included in the release. Maitreya, Slink and standard sizes are offered.

You can find these fashion friendly bootlets with lots of style AND a big hud that let's you change different parts --- at Cosmopolitan. Look for the R.icielli - JILLIAN Boots!   Really cute!

Also at Cosmopolitan, some very pretty ethnically inspired earrings from *PetroFF*.  The  Arch Earrings can add a touch of the exotic to your life!  We need that from time to time.

Poses by: aDORKable and Kirin


Sometimes the best times are those spent with yourself -- or maybe with your bestie kitty!

From THOR at Cosmopolitan a big Vintage Reception Set filled with TONS (and I do men tons) of details.  Chose your favorite pieces or opt for them all but be sure and get the kitty.

From MEVA for Shiny Shabby a cute day dress in both solids and a big choice of subtle rainbow hues.  Look for the Abbey dress.

If casual long hair is your style then the new  MALINA "do" fromeXxEsS  is for you. The band has a color change hud with plain, dots and stripes in various subtle tones.

And don't miss these rings from Kunglers at Cosmopolitan. Pick your favorite colors and enjoy!

Pose by: Diesel Works

Snow Daze

Snow Daze

Is it time for snow?

Well in my corporeal neighborhood the answer seems to be no. We have had lovely October weather in November. October was pretty much like the typical February and who knows what December will bring. Mother Nature is definitely confused.

But in our virtual lives we have the power. So if it SEEMS like it should be snowing to you -- then it can be.

If you have one of the many Trompe Loeil houses that appeared on the scene this year, making it snow is as easy as -- well pretty darn easy.

Zip on over to Trompe Loeil and find your snow add on. Buy. TP home and unpack.

Rez the snow add on for your building. Then copy the POSITIONS from your existing house to the snow add on. Make sure you get the X coordinate in the X field and so on or your snow may end up hither and yon :D.

And you are ready until Spring thaw.

Last Stop

Last Stop

A winter wonderland can be yours this season.

The CULCO "Last Stop" gacha features both full sized and mini electric trams (very impressive) as well as this RARE station  with ten poses. Tracks and electric poles are in the mix as well as this sign and two types of tracks. Details abound and the land impact of the full sized tram is 97 but if you have the space for this, you likely have the prims too. For role play and themed sims its a not to be missed. The train station even has gutters that are hollow inside.

Try your luck at Cosmopolitan.

A Winter's Rest

The "Fagus" winter tree is really lovely. Feminine in nature it can soften harsh landscapes with ease and add a bit of fantasy in our sometimes mundane world. Pick it up at the Panavia booth at Draftsman.

The ChiC buildings Snowy City Surround (mesh) is perfect for photo shoots or a getaway in the sky. It comes with snow covered ground and in two default sizes, 32 meters square and 64 meters square. Available on the Marketplace

My attire is made up of new releases.

From ArisAris/B&W the Chord Dress which comes with a six texture hud filled with pretty patterns. Maitreya, Slink and Belleza fits.

Sleek, over the shoulder long hair is the offering from mo.match this round at Cosmopolitan.  Look for NO TOY.

Gals seem to always be in the market for new shoes, and these lovely number are both stylish AND sturdy. Great for dresses or pants.  Eighteen colors; gold or silver metal; Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and TMP fits.  G&D is the booth to search for at Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: the train station, status and exposeur

Quiet Thoughts on a City Skyline

Quiet Thoughts

So many great new releases are coming your way from COSMOPOLITAN.

Here's the rundown:

From [MONKEYGirl] a SKYLINE Wall with so many possible uses!  The set of animated building lights are a real attention grabber. A big hud let's you choose color and patterns as well as messages if you so desire. Lots and lots of fun; be sure and try the demo.  There is furniture too including this SKYLINE bridge table.

From Newchurch, the  Amelie Lounge Sofa offers classical comfort as well as a big choice of colors. Find your perfect pairing.

From ChiC buldings, the Ribbed Planter with Leafy Greens id available in either silver or gold and features different leaf tones -- so try them both and let them keep each other company.

JF Design - Adriana top and skirt features lots of fringe and a great fit. Find it at COSMOPOLITAN. There are nine colors to choose from.

Hair: NO.MATCH NO.ESCAPE out for Hello Tuesday on the Cosmopolitan sim.

Poses by:  .:Q:. Poses (sitting shot - NEW at Cosmopolitan) and Di's Opera

Draftsman is Open!

Draftsman - Details
Welcome home!

Draftsman - November

If you are looking for a great new venue dedicated to Home and Garden, Draftsman fits the bill. Big houses, small houses, furniture and decor all come together in a spectacular setting by the sea.

From Cheeky Pea, selections from the Wander set including couch (partially texture change), table, rugs and wall art.

From [-BLUE SKY-] a superb "Propeller Coat Rack" as well as framed prints.

Other decor pieces from ChiC buildings available at Cosmopolitan.
  Sunrise Beachhouse at Draftsman

Also at Draftsman, the Sunrise Beachhouse by ChiC buildings fits on a 512 lot. More room? Add patio, walkway and lighting (sold separately).

Optional fireplace and plant balcony give you a head start on decorating.

Gates of Melancholy

Gates of Melancholy

I was a fan of Andrew Wyeth in my youth; the quiet stillness that permeated his world -- the subtle brush strokes that told his stories.  The Gates of Melancholy is a sim dedicated to the life and work of this American realist painter.

At Tres Chic:

From MEVA, the Anna Blouse and Skirt is  complimented by the Anna Back and Front Necklace -- a perfect pairing.  I am wearing the gray version but other more colorful shades are available. Maitreya only.

From =DeLa*= mesh hair "Cheri", a carefree long style in a myriad of color hud choices.

Salvadori's  'Nancy' Pointed-Toe Pumps add the perfect touch blending silver, gold and gray in a classic uptown manner. Other color accented versions are available; this is charcoal. Maitreya.

Poses by: an lar



Coming to you this evening from Draftsman, a new venue that opens on the 20th. Sky and sand, waves and palms frame an impressive event area for home and garden. Architecture is the lead actor in this production and while most designers are still working -- or perhaps taking a break FROM working -- there are some impressive items out already.

This is a fencing set from Peaches; featuring softly glistening textures (I am suspecting Maya here), the modular pieces would be at home in many genres.

Draftsman is one of the few places you can stroll and wander though builds at your leisure. Very large display pads nestle between concrete pathways and ocean; smaller areas say hello from across the way.

If you have a home or are thinking about getting one, be sure and stop by. The builds will be up for two months before the next round begins; take your time, explore at a gentle pace and enjoy the ocean breezes.  I'll be sure and let you know when the doors officially open.

Over on the other side of town, Tres Chic has an expansive new layout for your shopping pleasure.  Two notable items come together for a pricture perfect profile.

From TUKINOWAGUMA, Montez -- a side wrapped chignon with messy tendrils.

And from Earthstones an extremely realistic earrings and necklace set in a Southwestern style. Metal can be silver or bronze and there are various stone to choose from.

Stories&Co. Signature Tank Dress

Poses by: EverGlow

Bus Stop


Sometimes  I get tired of waiting.

New releases include:

***ArisAris/B&W~Gara64~coziness outfit (four sweaters  - four jeans colors) for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya at On9 the 9th.

And at Cosmopolitan:

[meisu] Limerence glasses

G&D Bootie Pointy Jamie

lock&tuft - cosmo beanie hair

Hud includes ability to change many parts of the booties including the toe.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Lumae - Eirtae skin applier

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Helamiyo  and aDORKable

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

London, Cairo, Sydney, Kona? Who knows what time it really is?

It all depends upon perspective.

New releases include:

Cheeky Pea's  Herman Apothecary Set at Kustom9

[LAKSHMI] Fiona Outfit - color packs with three colors each  (Belleza, Maitreya and Slink) at On9

Ben's Beauty  - Anastazia Hair  at On9

Meva Bongo Necklace 1.1

Baiastice_North Pumps-Leather-Brow

Poses by: Nantra Jet Set  - includes suitcase

Linden Lab's New Mainland Experience - HORIZONS

New Horizon Sims

Some unplanned late night adventuring came my way when I read two articles on the just announced Horizons area built by Linden Lab. 

A new game experience as well as thirty six sims of residential land has been unveiled. The land (adult rated) goes on auction beginning the 18th. Info on land can be picked up (in a box) here. House demos don't seem to be active yet and this info hub isn't showing up on the map so it must be new.  

The land can be single owner or group residence. 

From the notecard:

Your Horizons parcel is a 32 m x 32 m square, with a land area of 1024 sq m. Anywhere else in Mainland regions, a parcel that size would have a Land Impact allowance of 351. In Horizons, however, your parcel has a L.I. allowance of 702.  You can do a lot of building and decorating with an allowance that size.

You have two options for building:

        1. You may build your own house or other building on the parcel or
        2.  You may use a Horizons Home.

If you build your own home, you have freedom to choose the style and size of the building, as long as it fits on the parcel and is within your L.I. allowance.
If you choose to use a Horizons Home:
        *  Your Horizons Home is free of charge and will not count against the L.I. allowance for your parcel.
        *  You may choose among 6 standard styles
        *  You may place any one of them in a preset location on the parcel, and you may change the style as often as you like
        *  You may choose from a menu of colors and style options for the house, and you may change them as often as you like.

You may change your mind about whether to use a Horizons Home or build your own at any time, as often as you like.

Some of the houses are quite nice and others not to my taste, but residents can choose their abodes from a magical mail box and decorate a bit with tints and other choices. According to the official post you can also rez your own house here -- hopefully fitting with the theme which is to my mind a cross between Disney's original Tomorrowland and "Little Boxes On the Hillside". 

A new game, also futuristic, is available for those that want to test their skill. There are prizes to be won (not so great from my point of view, especially for adults) as well as 'random' money rewards. But not everyone can win the money. There are some hoops to make your way through if you want those lindens in your pockets.  

The game looks interesting nevertheless and the build is fun to explore. You can be an active gamer or an observer; your choice. Or, you can be sneaky like me and just cam way into the first area. 

There is a hud of course and you need to complete the quests in order. You can come back when you like and continue from where you left off; so sayeth the info panels anyway. There are videos to watch but even though I followed the instructions they didn't show up for me.  (Edit: I am guessing this is the QuickTime issue which is apparently fixed in the Linden viewer but not in Firestorm yet.)  Hopefully they are also on YouTube somewhere.  [Yep; a little difficult to understand but it is here: ]

My outfit was unplanned for my jaunt, just what I was wearing. 

. a v a l e  - L I N D A - Tres Chic (opens Thursday) Exclusive dress has many great color combos (some wild and fun) as well as solids. A great fit and nice detailing are bonuses.

Vanity Hair::Suite in G Major also at Tres Chic

Poses by: Helamiyo

Snow Walking

Snow Walking

It's time to bundle up -- and you can do that in style with the new jacket from GizzA . The Ashley Faux Fur Jacket comes with a gorgeous warm scarf to keep you toasty warm and a hud with many texture combos to choose from.  Find it at On9.  Three lovely tones to choose from, it comes with jeans (denim and leather mix). I went for an uptown look adding slacks. Either way, a great outfit.  Belleza, Slink, Maitreya.

Also at On9, The Oak - Astrud Round Glasses with a big choice of colors.  Super cute, they give you a wide-eyed innocent look -- or maybe not so innocent *wink*.

My very pretty nails are from Nailed It. Many colors and patterns in packs can be found at On9 for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya. Drop by and see all the goodness.

And for tripping across the snowy lanes, we have Garbaggio // Wrap Booties.  Many colors available and both Maitreya and Slink fits.

Baiastice Cigarette Trousers


Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Lumae - Eirtae skin applier

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Behavior Body, Status and Adorkable