The Spice Trail

It is getting pretty spicy over at Uber; exotics abound and some pretty cool stuff for the guys too. This Dhriti turban from BAIASTICE is definitely one of my favorite releases in awhile. 

Patterns are in evidence in many of the releases including this Lotus spa tent from Cheeky Pea. There is a neutral white as well as a brown print choice for the interior.

The tent itself is very detailed -- even tent pegs to hold it down in harsh winds -- and intimate. Furniture as well as a round tub with shower come in both PG and A versions. 

While setting this up on its sandy spot I couldn't help thinking of that line, "take me to your tent" from a movie way before my time (looking it up) The Sheik - a silent film.

Poses by: Vista Animations

FLF - Lazy Summer

It's FRIDAY!   And that means lots of great items are out at bargain prices for Fifty Linden Friday.

If you are planning on a  fun but lazy summer, then the {what next} Provence and Valencia deck chairs are just what you need.

* texture-changing - 3 frame options and 12 covers both prints and plains

* 15 animations with self-rezzing props

* 2 land impact

How can you go wrong? (Yep, that was rhetorical *wink*.)

Fission - Shea - WGF

This has been an exceptional World Goth Fair and here is another release that show just how good it is!  From Fission, Shea in gray (other more colorful versions are available).  Tons of details and an outstanding price, if this is your style you REALLY want to get one or two. Both standard sizing and fitmesh versions available.

Hair: MINA Hair - Elvire   (new)

Poses by: Helamiyo OMG Shoes for Sneak Peak.

Take Me Dancing

Now I don't actually do a lot of dancing in Second Life. I have faint memories of long ago swaying to the music. But a girls gotta dream. I have a dancing outfit in my readymade's folders. It is by BAIASTICE and it is lovely. But I have to say that for personal taste, this one tops it. Scrumptious is the best word I can think of to describe the soft fabrics and subtle shine. Well glorious would be a good term too.

There are plenty of colors to choose from of course; I went with the darkest and most mysterious version. Find the Baiastice Lekha Dress at Uber

A new posh hairstyle is out at Vanity Hair -- Lunatica which has the option of streaks (shown here) and plenty of great colors.

My not so new earrings are from Bliensen + MaiTai; Lilo - Onyx - Gold.

Now the GIRL in me loves the dress for its beauty and feminine feel, but the mesh maker hiding under the curves was indeed fascinated with the detailing on the zipper.

That is an impressive piece of work!

DO check out this lovely new release.

Poses by: Vista Animations

An Ashen Midnight

Details about at the World Goth Fair. While there are colors for sure, there are also plenty of neutral to be found. I am a proponent of the quieter side of the color wheel.


Beautiful Freak - BF haunted forest nails for Maitreya and Slink (10 color hud)

Livid : Vamp Contouring_Dark Shadow + Highlight + Eye Circles (previously featured - a fav)

Livid : Bat Ring_Silver

Spyralle Old Lace Tea Gown Ashes (other colors available - LOVE the sleeves!)

Spyralle River of Tears Facial Tattoo

Hair: MINA Hair - Aranka - Natural in gray (new)

Poses by: Orc. Inc.

World Goth Fair - Space Station

Some take your breath away beauties can be found at the World Goth Fair still going strong.  From Eclectica,  Steamgoth Necklace and Earrings with texture change hud. This are simply spectacular!  

And from  The Stringer Mausoleum, *TSM* Bramble - Dirty Gold hair  in a huge variety of colors.   Definitely striking!

(hair base from Discord Designs) 

These great boots from  Eclectica  -- Steamgoth Laced Boots come scripted with color change accents as well as either silver or gold versions. SO pretty!   Also at the World Goth Fair.

Holding it all together we have a sleek and sexy little black dress (other colors available of course) from SLC. Look for "Bombshell".

Poses by: Vista Animations, Chip Midnight (nla)

Livid - WGF

I don't hang around graveyards all that much but this outfit from Livid for the World Goth Fair is both fitting and spectacular. The detailing is lovely! Look for Batcave Dress_Miss De Beaufort (there are similar styles too).

This is one item in the Vamp Contouring_Dark Shadow Pack (4 different styles, tintables). This is very nicely done and gives a subtle yet eery look. I am sure it will some day find a place in a film. Striking!

Hair by Vanity Hair

Pose by: Diesel Works


From Senzafine for the World Goth Fair, Violetta. Full and flowing, the tiered skirted gown speaks of times past. Three color pack huds are available.

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Wondertree
Hair: EMO-tions Ellen



Two new releases combine for a perfect pairing.

From 20.FIVE the EhOh top and skirt with five colors to choose from via hud.

From MEVA, bangles, hat and shades (extensive texture change hud) add the finishing touches!

Hair by EMO-tions
Pose by: LAP (nla)

Dark Nights - WGF

While there IS color at the World Goth Fair, I seem to love the simplicity of black. This is just one of a huge selection of flirty little dresses from Plastik, the Nyla dress.  Some brightly trimmed versions are avialable as well as many styles with writing and symbols.

One of my favorite pieces at the fair is this  Bone Chimes decor piece with sound from NeverWish.  

For Maitreya or Slink, these Dark Passions Koffin Nails come in a wide variety of color tone with a very easy to use hud.

Hair by eXxEsS

Poses by: * dimma * Ghost Dancing Poses for World Goth Fair

Country Roads

New from ArisAris, the I Stay Whit You dress with texture change hud that gives you many dresses in one. This is my personal favorite!

(Marketplace link)

Hair: eXxEsS : TRIZNA A

Poses by: Vista Animations

World Goth Fair

The World Goth Fair is open! There is something for everyone in the dark night venue. Get your black on!

There are of course a few other colors in the mix :D.

My outfit is from Dark Water Designs, the Mad World shorts and jacket. Accent color versions are also available.

Pose by: Black Tulip @ the World Goth Fair (special WGF pose pack)

Shades of Black

Some super spectacular new releases in one of my favorite colors -- black.

From lassitude & ennui, for The Secret Affair, the Foreboding set which also includes a crown for royalty types :D. Silver and gold versions are also available.  I am VERY found of mesh nipple covers. What can I say? Lara and I have bonded and I like to show off. This set is also perfect for an upcoming film I am planning so it will get very good use. Get your set! You know you need these.

And from 22769 ~ [bauwerk],  Dark was the Night for One Word. Almost over so hurry! Some very impressive textures as well as nice animations make this a seating area to take note of.

Poses by: the furniture


From AD Creations, the Oltre mesh dress - available in blue, pink, yellow and black versions.

With so many optional pieces to choose from, the number of looks is vast. Dramatic or simple, you choose.

fountain by Atelier Visconti (RFL Fantasy Faire item)

Poses by: aDORKable

Getting Cozy

Ready for Spring and Summer? You will be in the top and shorts from Flowey. SO MANY colors to choose from. These are quite feminine and still comfy. A winning combination! Find them at COLLABOR88.

And while you are shopping at COLLABOR88, don't miss the Second Spaces - Hannah outdoor lounge (this is the cream version). With both singles and couples animations and a land impact count of 9, it is definitely a winner.

Hair: eXxEsS : SAVINJA  (new - previously featured)

Poses by: Vista Animations and the seating area

Cool Breezes

It is getting warm in my neck of the woods. Time to move outside and enjoy the cool early evening breezes.

From {what next} the Amberley Tree Bench which comes with optional guitar and summer hat. Place it around your favorite tree (mine is from LAQ) and enjoy singles and couples animations along with props. Guitar, hat and pillow are texture change with LOTS of options for the pillow.

Pieces can be purchased separately or as a set. There are lanterns too!

The Trompe Loeil - Garden Bard Abode comes in various versions with optional gardens on the right, left or both sides. This is the garden-less version. Definitely vintage, it is perfect for period sims or those that love shabby chic.  Land impact as shown is 48. Find it at COLLABOR88.

From BAIASTICE also for COLLABOR88, the Gina blouse and Vigo high wasited shorts. The detailing on the blouse is phenominal and depending on your shape of course it works well with the Lara mesh body.  Plenty of colors to choose from, pieces are sold separately or in a fatpack.

And from eXxEsS, an off the neck cool styling in long pigtails, perfect for the upcoming warm days. SAVINJA come in two huge color hud packs.

Poses by: the bench

Home Show Exotics

If you are feeling in an exotic mood, then head on over to The Home Show 2015 where you can find this scrumptious meditation set from Roawenwood.  This is a couples set with massage animations as well as sweetheart cuddles. There are some very lovely low prim plants too that can fit into any decor.

Since my role play costumes folder is pretty light these days (that Lara thing) I invited a friend over to pose.

I especially like the Love Story animation sequence and used it in a recent film (from another great RW release). So get your honey in tow and see if you can add a little romance -- exotic style -- into your life.

My girlfriend's outfit is an old hunt item from Mirage; you might check the shop for something similar.

Poses by: LAP (nla)



Some super new boots are out from lassitude & ennui. Happily they come for many avatar types including Slink, system and Maitreya.  

After a purging off all things non-Lara, I am low on boots. Happily many favorite lassitude & ennui styles worked and I was even able to "mod for size" some of my favorite heels to fit Lara (insert happy dance).

But one can NEVER have too many cool boots.

From the notecard as I thought it so clever:

Coming to We Love RP (Blogger does NOT like the shortened version :D) on May 5th, flat lace-up leather boots in 6 colorful colors. Perfect for steampunk, medieval or vampire RP. Or just, you know, to keep
your feet warm and dry.

For the second year anniversary, these are half price of the later store charges so get yours now.

Also for guys!

Now I really didn't have any appropriate matching attire for these boots -- at least I didn't THINK I did. Low and behold as I searched through miniskirts and shorts in my somewhat svelte inventory I found this really cute DN Mesh: Lion Skirt from Ducknipple.

Not far behind that discovery was a super cute top that fits so well I don't even need alpha layers (woot), the Ducknipple Paula Vest (hiding in my closet unpacked in need of a partnering it appears).

On close inspection I found that the boots had a color change hud for trim pieces AND the skirt had an exact matching hue. Serendipity reigns -- and "I" have a new outfit.

Hair: MINA Hair - Elvire
Poses by: the scaffold

Industrial Strength Coffee

I love my "city coffee". Strong with half and half please! 

Of course mine is decaf (very out of style these days) since I am already hyper enough.  

Out for the Mens Dept from Cheeky Pea, the industrial coffee morning set comprised of lots and lots of great low land impact goooooodness.

Pieces are separate and if you understand how the land impact bonus works for .5 objects you can link smaller items together for extra "prim" savings. This is definitely a stylish item for those of us on a budget!

NIght Fire

Ancient winds - distant music.

From Senzafine, "Elaisse", available in eight color combos. The perfect gown for a dance in the moonlight.

Hair by EMO-tions
Pose by: flowey

Desert Song


Trompe Loeil has many lovely items out for FaMESHed including some lovely romantic decor and some beachy goodness. I seem to be in a non-romantic mood (yep, a story there) so I am going to feature MY favorite release of the group ---  Trompe Loeil's  Driftwood Archway - Branches Only.

I love the lines and the simplicity and the somewhat post apocalypse feel. It fits perfectly with the military release from Ducknipple, Helga outfit (one piece). Color change hud of course, but I went with a traditional military brown.

My new hair is from MINA,  Elvire also for FaMESHed

Boots by lassitude & ennui - Phoebe (tinted)

Poses by: Helamiyo for the May Day Mix It Up Hunt. ($3)

Subtle Ripples

If you haven't been over to Fantasy Faire, now is the time!

You don't even need to be that much into Fantasy to find some great items!  From Bliensen + MaiTai  these very detailed Soleil sandals (there are matching jewelry pieces in the same style).   Perfect for role play AND for us guys that just like to laze.  Rigged for Maitreya and Slink feet as well as unrigged.

From MINA for Shiny Shabby - Yuliya, a great set of slightly messy braids for summer fun!

The Baiastice Ilary Dress for FaMESHed, comes in a variety of colors and prints; some for summer and other for Fall (not all of us are moving into the heatwave days).  The top comes both solid and partially transparent and there is a zipper that links the top and bottom. Very creative!

From 2769 ~ [bauwerk]   for The Holiday-Beach round of The Challenge, the Holiday Beach Raft featuring many great details and a some very pretty textures.  This seats up to three avatars.

Poses by: the raft