Golden Skies

Electric Blue is our color for this coming week and while I am a day early, I plan to spend much of tomorrow at Hair Fair (media day). I was a good girl and went with the color swatch this week. Often a rule breaker, items in my closet  -- one a new purchase --  encouraged me to be grateful that the example color was calmer than my personal imaginary Electric Blue.

It would be difficult to miss this tattoo, a special last week from Para Designs. I have to admit that the color did influence my spending *wink*. There are two versions in the pack, a colored version and a black version. Three transparencies are available for each type and all layers are covered. 

Your eyes aren't deceiving you; I am wearing a newly released skin from The Body Shop. Vania is a dark toned skin. Her face is lovely with a big dose of vulnerability -- well most of the time anyway. You can see from my top shot that she can be a sultry little vixen when the mood moves her *wink*. The face is quite beautiful and the I really love the makeups which blend various earthy colors (don't worry there are some brights in the choices also) to make some dramatic eyeshadow tones.  Many of the lip hues are subtle, something I really appreciate.

The under-breast shadow is really too strong for little A Cup me, but since 95 percent of the women I see in our virtual land are more endowed than I, that won't be an issue for most of you. So if you are in the market for a  new skin -- or if you are ALWAYS in the market (you ho you) then try on some demos and see how they feel.

I couldn't resist taking my bike over to the Mother Road for this shot. I knew there was a blue choice in the menu. This was a gift long ago from the shop I featured earlier in the week, 19 MOTORCYCLE. I seem to be riding a TAD bit better these days. Still off road is safer for me.

I want to mention the ANImate pose hud that I used in this post. I have had it for a long while, but didn't really use it often until I needed it for positioning models for photo shoots. It really is a handy gadget, letting you animate up to twelve avatars at one time. I haven't worked on that skill, but it does a great job with one or two. Here, I used it on myself for a very easy shoot. The hud comes with 100 poses, some of them really different. I patiently tested for ones that worked for me and deleted the other making it an "fits Chic" hud. You also get an empty hud where you can load your own poses. I did that for two extra huds. Even more organized folks could have huds for "hands above the waist", "dancing" , "glamour" etc.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Dark Brown
Skin:[TBS] Vania Mk4;  ::Para Designs:: Eclectic Color Medium (v2 Layer)
Clothing: PARADISIS Flirty Jeans : Blue Bleached; Dark Eden Duct Tape Pasties
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [B] - LF - Khaki
Accessories: Mariposa: Jewels: Acat Color Option 2

Poses by: ANImate

Month's End

June seems to have been one of my busiest months in remembrance. Memory is faulty of course, but amidst the blog posts there have been jobs and meetings and events. July may be just as busy. Some things have worked well for me like the Accessories Fair, others not so well. But even when I get a bit down (any further than a bit is a rare occasions for me) I know that I can go out exploring and take some pretty pictures for The Blog -- and I will simply feel better. Very cheap therapy *wink*.

My new release for the morn is the outrageously decadent pirate chapeau -- we couldn't possibly call this beauty a hat -- from *SoliDea FoliEs*. Maker of some of the most breathtakingly different accessories and outfits, this is actually pretty tame for Mila Tatham. It is one of the items in July's Italian Taste collection. The theme is Dark Lady and all items are $50. My eyes, featured in the previous post, are from the same event. Grab either or both before July 5th.

A mixture of wench with a touch of deco, I find this hat charming.

I started off my morning's journey headed toward the pirate ship at Wretched Hollow. The last time I tried to visit the sim was closed for remodeling and today my landmark brought me to the back of some shops. Wandering was in order. The sim expanded the number of small cottage stores which are very picturesque. The pirate ship was still in evidence, but before I reached it, I found this courtyard -- and the fountain.

Now I have had this fountain from KOSH for some time. I love it, but it has been lingering in my inventory waiting for a photographic opportunity. This was the perfect setting for the 19 prim Crow Fountain, so take a shot I did.

Now I am off for more exploration and work on Electric Blue, our color of the week.

I was asked to remind you that HAIR FAIR STARTS ON JULY 2!!!!

I will be reporting with a sneak peak sometime tomorrow.

Style Notes: 

Hair: .: vive nine :. Wang in Steel
Clothing: [bellballs] My Shrunken Vintage Top (Grayscale)

Accessories: *SoliDea FoliEs* Dark Lady Hat

Poses by: Amacci

OTR : Egyptian Dreams

With my closets neatly cleaned and items relegated to appropriate drawers, I was in the mood for a reward.  The Nile was a perfect place to show off a newish tattoo from Randomocity called Egyptian Dreams. This role play area gained notoriety during the Accessories Fair and for good reason. Photo ops abound; exotic views appear at every turn. My outfit of the day includes some just out patterned jeans from Le Poppycock. For those of you in warm climates the set includes shorts. For those of us on the West Coast of the United States who haven't seen summer yet, the longer versions are more appropriate. The sets come in a variety of colors and patterns. A very cute and versatile bandeau is included.

Another brand new release are these Italia Dark eyes from THEORETICAL EYES. These are part of the month long Italian Style bargains. Grab them by July 5th.

I have been looking for a new pair of peepers that would photograph well from a distance. I was very happy to see that these texture eyes come in three sizes. This is the largest size and happily they solve many recent issues. Even in this pose where the eyes look up, they are still well visible.  There are many other lovely colors and shades of eyes at the small shop.

My pretty exotic necklace is a recent release from KOSH. I was thrilled how it nestled in the tattoo.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Onyx
Skin and body parts: ++ Randomocity ++ Egyptian Dreams Tattoo ; Ramya*DOLL* DARK TAN /SMOKED; Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black; TA EYES Italia Dark (Large egg)
Clothing: Le Poppycock *Les Shorts* Dusty magic (long); Le Poppycock *Bandeau*
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode: Fae [A] Khaki Green
Accessories: KOSH- SADE NECKLACE V2; [PM] Fae Wedge [B] - LF - Khaki

Poses by: Diesel Works, Helamiyo

Wrapping Up June

It's difficult to recognize that it is almost July. Where did June go?  It was indeed a blur. 

Looking though my  newness folders I found a few things that slipped by as I was busily blogging hunts and the Accessories Fair.  So here are some items you may want to note.  My classic oriental shirt is from the Silk Road Hunt 2; ORQUIDEA Vintage and Modern clothing to be exact. It is the prize for the guys, but being a tomboy at heart (at least sometimes) I stole it away from Chav.  My earrings are from the Moolto Hunt at Gems & Kisses.

Now I have had these super cute accessory attachments with poses for a LONG time. I loved them; I was just in other modes. The coffee cup and cell phone set with a variety of poses is named Like A Slebrity. You can find it at Juxtapose.

A collection of poses for guys (works for gals too of course) is available on the MENstuff Hunt. Exposeur's Fashuneestoh set is lots of fun for either sex. I love this wall lean which I put into a poseball for easy alignment. And if you missed my post at the beginning of the month on this FANTASTIC free house and furnishings, you have a few more days to hunt for it. Find two pagodas at C&D Designs.

I took myself over to my favorite oriental sim to shoot the top photo. I love the calm colors and distinctive details at Edo Japan, and even though my outfit wasn't Japanese -- it worked for me. I hardly ever post "look what I found" shots on this blog, but as I wandered around the sim I discovered this charming shop and these outstanding looking mechanics overalls. There are sets for the guys too. So I just wanted to let you know - should you be in the market for something quite different -- that you can find these at 19 MOTORCYCLE. Be sure and explore the environs while you are there.  Click the photo for an up close and personal high rez version.

The next big event on the horizon is Hair Fair!  If you haven't heard, you can join the demo group and have lots of goodies delivered to you in the quiet, lag-freeness of your home.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ++AY.LinE++ KDC.LB hair[[Charcoal]]
Clothing: ORQUIDEA Mandarin Shirt; PARADISIS Satine : pants white
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-black pyton
Accessories: Gems & Kisses - Super Spike - Unisex

Poses by: Juxtapose, Exposeur

Last of the Hunts

It has been a big month for hunts here at Chic's. I have to admit that most locales are a blur by now, but I do have some new landmarks in my folder; this is good.

I finished -- in my fashion -- the Silk Road Hunt 2 today. These were not the ending numbers, but ones I had missed along the way as well as a few that weren't out as the hunt began. I can't say I saved a lot of goodies from this hunt; tastes are after all personal. Mine may not be yours, but I have to assume that if you read this blog often, my tastes are at least "sometimes" in your WOW column.

As with all hunts there were a few stars -- at least in my book. Two, happily color and pattern coordinating, prizes are shown here.

My very short mini or very detailed oriental teddy (take your pick) is from Dressed by Lexi. Classy and well made, this is a great addition to your wardrobe. The color is listed as BROWN in the description, but I would call it more of a rich wine color :D. So pretty, it comes with hair ornaments and earrings as shown.

The Oriental mirror which would also look lovely in an Art Deco setting is from le Monde Fine Furniture. It is part of a pack of decor items.  I especially like the lens flare on the glass; not necessarily realistic, but it definitely lends an added touch of glamor.

See all my hunt picks for June by clicking on the HUNTS tag in the sidebar!

Style Notes: 

Clothing: Narcissus Hunt Gift by DBL

Poses by: Amacci

Weekend Shopping

Most of us love to shop in some form or another. While the Marketplace is quick, I prefer wandering in picturesque shopping neighborhoods. Whatever your favorite method this sometimes aerobic activity takes, it is always appropriate to have a Little Black Dress (popularized by Coco Channel long ago) as a canvas. This saucy number from Jazmyn D definitely fits the bill and best of all, it is free on the soon to end Moolto Hunt. Highlights include a gored prim skirt -- we once called them "flip skirts" if I recall, shoulder pads and sculpted cuffs. If you missed how this hunt works, here is the info page.

Update: Jazmyn Diesel wrote me this morning to let me know I had found an OLD Moolto Hunt item and not the current one. She is leaving the dress out so you can still find it. You know what that means? There is another bag out there to search for *wink*.   If you have the hint for the store found in the previous prize, that may help with the new one - LOL. Happy hunting!

My very cute earrings hale from Addiction. The  Journey Set is a new release  for this weekend's Lazy Sunday event and includes two styles of medallion necklaces.

The necklaces come scripted and unscripted as well as for chest and spine (how nice). They include a black chord with silver clasp.

Click the photo for a larger, high rez version.

The set will be out after Sunday in case you are reading this as the week begins :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Black Coal
Clothing: Jazmyn D: Fierce Black Dress [Moolto ]
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-black pyton
Accessories: Addiction Journey Earring

Poses by: Niqotine (NLA)

Turning Back the Clock

Yesterday I had occasion to take some portrait photos. I needed some portfolio samples for possible additional employment. Liking to keep busy, loving to take pictures -- it is a good fit for me. I am not sure if the job will materialize, but I had a fun time and some friends have new portraits for their walls.

I seldom play with all the features that my graphics program packages. I know you want to see how the clothes look, not be amazed at post processing choices *wink*. But I found a combo of a few steps that I really liked and wanted to reproduce them so I wouldn't forget.  This is Chav (me in boy disguise) in the new Saturday bargain tattoo from Para Designs.  Find both black and colored versions in three tones and all layers right near the entrance.

Not an avid shopper, I gave into the lure of ink and purchased this mostly for me, Chic. But it looks great on guys too as you can see. There are tattoos down one leg and the back is mostly bare. What I liked about this design was the flow and the finishing of the edges.

Tattoos seem to be making a return in SL fashion these days. Just like other styles, the move in and out of Flavor of the Month status. It is nice to have them back!

Here is the original photo, before effects were added.
Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Jack ~ Onyx
Skin: ::Para Designs:: Eclectic Black Medium; Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver - Black; -Belleza- Ashton Deep Tan GG Bald (chest hair)
Clothing: INDI - Jeans black

Accessories: INDI - Belt black

Poses by: Diesel Works

Marvelous in Mauve

It was an easy choice for MAUVE in our 52 color wheel.  The time is speeding by so quickly, hard to believe we are in week 34. Not everyone that started is still participating of course, but there is still a staunch group of supporters, all having fun!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Onyx
Clothing: MYsticHopeFarewell Bordeaux

Accessories: Eclectica Flourish (rose gold)

Poses by: Juxtapose

Shanghai Beauty

PixelDolls has an exotic new release out. A touch of the Orient lends a fair dose of mystery to this long -- and very backless -- dress. Two styles of glitch pants makes it easy to turn this lovely number into a jumpsuit or role play garment. So many choices. I kept it simple, as designed and was very pleased to be able to use a new locale I found while searching on the Silk Road Hunt. Other colors? You bet. Stop by the store and find your favorite.

Style Notes: 

Hair: EXXESS Scropio black
Clothing: (PixelDolls) Vigne  . Black

Poses by: Juxtapose

Wrapping Up - Accessories Fair

The Accessories Fair is close to wrap time. You have until the 26th to get over -- or get over again -- and pick up some wonderful items. Check the AF11 blog for the round up events. I have really enjoyed my time featuring items from this year's desert theme. I will miss The Dig and The Oasis.

I did get back over to The Oasis yesterday to find this detailed belt from PXDTOXIC. Hints never appeared for day three of the Treasure Quest, but my wanderings gave me an idea to look near the shop and I did find the free pyramid. That made me a very happy gal. There are lots of great role play accessories for sale inside, so take a peak if that's your thing.

I won't be entering the photo contest, but if I were -- this would be my styling.

Style Notes: 

Hair: .: vive nine :. Wang in Steel
Clothing: RONSEM* TEE; GCD - G Jeans Coffee with Cream; CONCRETE FLOWERS- NEWSPAPER VEST-important chores-
Shoes: (r)M~Shoe Repair "Punk Boot" ( b l a c k )
Accessories: K_gs Blazer 1.00; [LP] Leg Bandana Lazy Kittehs; Virtual Pioneer Safari Pith Helmet; PXDTOXIC - AF2011 belt - free Treasure Quest

Poses by:Everglow


For me there is something about going back in time;  a lure that beckons asking me to "relive" eras of the past. Several new items make up this post. It began with the stylishly 1930s (I'm hoping) cloche hat from Eclectica. From there I added a matching necklace (well of course) and move down my body.

My blouse is part of a dress from Lisa L. If memory serves correctly (and it has been a very busy month so no guarantees) it was a hunt item. Skirt with belt hales form Mischief; you have seen it before but not in this color.

Please note the very cute little lamp in the background. It is a new release from KOSH. The Sexy Time Lamp comes in three sizes with this being the smallest. An easy to use hud let's you change lace color, turn the lamp on or off, and other important things. There is even a dim setting for romantic evenings. I can remember draping cloths over lamps in the past. Fun!  At only 6 prims for any size it is a true bargain.

I swear I had chosen a different pose when I took this photo - LOL. But apparently I cycled through and really liked this one. You do get to see a different view of my house so that is something. The IMPORTANT thing is the very cute hat. Now the necklace is nice too, but I LOVE the hat. I am guessing late 1920s to early 1930s but I didn't research so I could be off on that. While I could easily have worn something from one of those decades, I decided to put together a look in the theme of "look what I found at the vintage store". That was fun and shows you that vintage doesn't always need to stay in its own decade.

Both hat, band and hair have color change options as well as resize. It is also manual mod so you can "tinker" as needed. In this case I darkened the brown hair just a bit to go with my new dark tan skin tone. It also has a kill script option for when you are venturing into crowded territories.

Style Notes: 

Hair: with hat
Clothing: **MIS** Up or Down Skirt Onyx; *LL* Pale  Yellow  Dots  Dress - Shirt
Shoes: *DD* Carlotta Oxfords Dark
Accessories: Eclectica  Felt Cloche Hat; Eclectica Manhattan necklace - quartzite

Poses by: Amacci

Not So Basic Black

Woot! We have pictures again. Thank you Blogger!

As promised, here is the photo of the scrumptious teddy from Angel Dessous. Free on the Moolto Hunt.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ::DBS::Vaneza-Ebony short resiser (free here)
Clothing: AngelDessous TheContestBlackStars

Poses by: Amacci

Bad Bad Blogger - Accessories Fair

The Universe seems to be telling me it is a day off -- or at least that's my take on it. cannot deal with photos this morning. It uploads them, but can't get them into a post. I finally thought to look at the "add from the blog" option and found six lovely pictures of my backside (see what you are missing!) in the archives. Those cannot be placed in a post either and even older photos won't work.

Alas, pictureless!

So here are my tips of the day. 

You can pick up some nice new free hair at Bishwear (black only). Find it next to the new release vendors.

There are some great looking (free and almost free)  AF11 Treasure Quest goodies out today.  Unfortunately the clues aren't up yet. I went over this morning trying to find those little pyramids without the clues; not a good plan. *wink*  So bookmark the Secrets of the Lost Pharaohs page and  hit that refresh button now and then and the hints may magically appear.

The photo that you will see eventually is of the extremely sexy teddy from Angel Dessous  on the Moolto Hunt. Patience is definitely the key word for the day.

/me skips jauntily away from the computer and out into the fresh breezes of the garden

Small Town Gal - Accessories Fair

Small town gals like to feel pretty too. Simple things work for them most of the time; home-made is a good thing, bargains even better. Such is the premise for this late night post. My cute, summery patchwork dress hales from KoketKa, a new to me store. The Julia dress comes in a variety of mixed pattern colors; happily the first one I opened worked perfectly for the accessories I had in mind.

Both shoes and purse in ecologically "green" bamboo are from Duh! and even better they are free as a prize on the Summer Breeze Hunt.

The dress itself is made for baring shoulders and reaping the full benefit of summer sunshine. Oversized prim buttons add a fun touch.

I added a little bolero top to bring the outfit into dressier territory. Why? To go with these spectacular earrings from Indyra Originals (INDY&CO) at the Accessories Fair. These are one of two limited edition RFL items at the shop. A matching necklace is also available.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Lena ~ Dark Brown
Clothing: !Koketka store_Julia dress_v1; This is a Fawn - Slub Knit Cardigan [winter blue]
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Bamboo Espadrille Flat
Accessories: ::Duh!:: Summer Breeze Bamboo Purse; Indy&Co.: Farouk Earrings L (bright)

Poses by: LAP

Crystal Horses

Crystal horses, glow and shimmer. Butterflies and endless nights. Welcome to the 109 Prim Circus.  There is a story associated with  this post, as their often is. The last chapter has the heroine (that's me) arriving at a magical place of creativity. With some exploration behind me, I discovered that I had been there before -- just not to see the horses. Surprises are good.

The Greatest Show is a new release set from ~jazz & liqour~ (PIXEDOLLS). Also available in black, it comes with all a budding circus master might need, including jewelry, hat and even a flexi whip.

For the photographers out there, these are raw shots, cropped and with frames added; no effects have been added.

Style Notes: 

Hair: [LeLutka]-SETH hair - AlmostGoth
Clothing: the greatest show . red
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Flora Boots cream

Poses by: Diesel Works

Exotic Dreams - Accessories Fair

I have loved being an official blogger for the Accessories Fair. Last time out I was a vendor and I did a bit of blogging on the side. This year it is eminently more fun. I get to enjoy the event and not worry about those nasty monetary issues. Don't get me wrong, I did well at the fair last year; I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the big city theme. But having a dresser full of lovely accessories is even better.

It is obvious to me as we move into week two of the fair that I will never have time to feature all the deserving offerings -- there are simply too many wonderful things in this year's event. Still, I am determined to do what I can to show off the outstanding  designs that are available. And, since the Hair Fair starts a week after the Accessories Fair ends? Well I am guessing I will still have the opportunity to work in some upper body encouragements with hair style posts.

The highlights this eve include a new release corset from Blue Blood (so pretty) as well as accompanying jewelry from [bubble], a new to me store. This is the Guinevere set in Copper which includes armbands, circlet and ring. There are versions of this in other metals as well as an sister set called Morgaine in blue tones. Camelot fans will see the reference here.

The jewelry is quite lovely and could be used with role play garments as well as move into the Boho arena. Visit [bubble] at The Oasis.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Emilia ~ Dark Brown
Clothing: +++BB+++ Caustic Corset GOLD/FADED RED; Dark Tone - Solid Tintable Lycra Tights  (NLA)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: [ bubble ] Guinevere Copper

Poses by: Juxtapose

Looking Back

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day. She is no longer in Second Life but she reads The Blog faithfully, keeping up with Chic and the changes in SL. She commented on the quality of skin and hair and clothes and really, just about everything.

Most of my readers spend a fair amount of time in our virtual world, and many have clocked in more than my 1267 days. We see our world improve over time. New technology, better hardware and software. We know things are better now with alpha layers and multiple attachment points (I am still waiting on that one :D). But really, how bad was it before? I am sure we didn't think of our virtual lives as being ugly.

This is my friend Wonder, older than I by some months, he is listed as 1552 days old. There is no question that I have clocked in more hours in world than my bud; he wanders in from time to time, but not that often these days. But he, and many of you, have memories I cannot match.

Wonder has been giving himself a makeover with a few tips from my blog and a gentle nudge from yours truly. I invited him over for a quick photo shoot and he now has a new profile pic. The only thing older is his hat and hair from a Make Him Over Hunt some time ago. He looks good!

I asked him to find his oldest profile photo, just so I could see how he looked long ago. He sent it to me and here it is. This was apparently a very expensive skin at the time.

The date on this unretouched photo is May 2007. We've come a long way. In the spirit of "I'll show you mine", I found an old blog photo from Second Life Colors, where Wonder and I met. It has the three of us in a group shot. I was so young then - LOL.

So let us take a moment  to appreciate our content creators. Without them and their constant striving to improve their skills, we would be living in a very different virtual world.

Style Notes: 

Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY BOSTON C2 ~ NB III
Skin: Ramya*TARL* Hairbase / 3 tage bart / Bare / Chesthair; MENStuff Lounge Gift from ::MORTALITY:: ; MENStuff Lounge Gift from Jaryth's Barber Shop Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver
Clothing: [American Bazaar] smexy black tank

Accessories: [Fairy Tail x elysion optic]teamASH GIFT

Poses by:LAP