A Hunting We Will Go

Hunts have been starting all over the place but two new ones approach, Jack or Jill and Zombie Popcorn 6 (OMG - SIX?)  I have the scoop on the gifts from KOSH and CONCRETE FLOWERS. Unfortunately I can't exactly tell you which hunts these are on -- busy designers and all that. But truthfully, it doesn't matter ' cause you really REALLY want them all *wink*.

There is a very pretty and large gypsy-esce necklace complete with earrings which I am wearing but are hidden in my gypsy-esce hair - LOL. The eye shadows are to die for. I love wearing eye shadows but somehow often forget. I am going to leave these OUT in a obvious place in my inventory so that I can enjoy them. TEN COLORS in the pack.

I am thinking this really lovely necklace which has a kind of magical earth vibe to it is the Jack or Jill prize. I can't see "Jack" wearing either the gemstones or the eye shadow :D.

Both hunts start February 1 which is pretty much in an hour as I type this.

Have fun!

Wrap Me in Fur

 I wouldn't of course be wearing this in real life, but happily no virtual animals were harmed in the making of this great new jacket from Egoisme. A few pixels may have been erased but art sometimes calls for sacrifices.

With ten colors to choose from it was difficult to pick my favorite. But TODAY it is ocelot.  Now this fur could easily be a topper over a little black dress. It is very chic *wink*; but I personally love the mixing of luxury and leisure. There something that says, "I am so rich I just don't have to worry about what you think."

With that in mind, I donned some favorite jeans and a simple turtleneck sweater. I added a holiday gift necklace from Fallen Gods, some boots and I was set.  The jackets are made completely of prims (no cloth jacket layer) and include alpha layers to hide any part of you that might want to peek out. The prims are mod which was handy as I need to make the lower arm parts longer for my very very long arms. That won't be needed for 99 percent of you, but you might want to tint a lighter color version and make it -- well, the color of the week when you are stuck, LOL.

These are available for the guys also.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Banned - Oh My!

[click for a larger photo]

A strange day just keeps getting stranger *wink*.

I was heading over to a new furniture design venue this afternoon to find that I was banned from the region. OK. I know that can happen when someone only has a white list of entrants.

I was also banned from the neighboring region. Hmmmm.

So, I wondered if there was truly something wrong; a venue that was apparently open and accepting visitors (and buyers) would not just ban folks.

I got a friend to check and see if they could get in and they could. I was indeed bereaved at this point. Being a resourceful gal, I snuck in anyway (well if peaking over a shoulder counts). I have only been banned twice -- to my knowledge. Once about three and a half years ago a furniture store person (who I have happily forgotten) banned me for teleporting Xia in to pick up some camping money. She insisted Xia was a "bot" (bots were new then) and while I explained that she couldn't be as she lives in the same RL town as I, the owners blood pressure knew no bounds and I was summarily dismissed.

The other was a dress designer who banned ALL-- and I do mean all -- fashion bloggers (there were not that many of us then and if you are old enough you might remember this episode). She and I had a long amicable conversation, but she was convinced that banning everyone was the best move.

So either my past has come back to haunt me OR I made an enemy somewhere along the way. Since I never truly give a bad review (I opt for "none" in that case), I am puzzled but will move on.

Meanwhile, I did see a few really impressive and unbelievably low prim items on my very brief  afternoon jaunt. So here's to the folks that keep us low prim lot guys living in luxury. Keep on working hard and making beautiful things.

Just sayin'

Season's Palette Hunt 2

It is mid afternoon on my part of the globe and I have "finished" the Season's Palette Hunt. Now that finished is in quotes as I got stuck big time when I got around to the beginning. LOL. So much of this post is just to warn you that they aren't ready for you yet. Some empty but for landmark hunt prizes, some still not set for sale. It got depressing, especially since the middle and end of the hunt went fairly smoothly for day one. Ya just never know. It may look like I am sulking, but I am not. I am enjoying quiet time with the bear in the .......

My Closet Seat from Le Primitif, number 42. It comes with lots of poses (only one person can sit as I got Lani over with no luck) AND some color change choices on the pillows. All good. I am guessing this is meant for the small fry among us, but I like that as it is actually people sized. It is copy only but if you really don't want a teddy bear in your bedroom, I am guessing you could put something in front of it like a suitcase maybe? Anyway a very nice prize.

There are plenty of well-made gifts in this hunt. Lots of great furniture (with poses that didn't fit my ridiculously long arms unfortunately) some houses and a selection of clothes. Not too many things were my style and so I will be leaving it up to others to show you. My short set however is both minimalist and varied as it comes with three color choices of tops and two of shorts. Find the prize at SEVEN number 43.

If you are heading out to hunt, I suggest starting at  C'est la vie  number 24. Along they way you will find Bliensen + MaiTai number 32. Your prize there is a cute set of earring in ALL the palette colors, perfect for any outfits you find to love. There is also a necklace which seems to be sized for the guys.  From there you should be OK except for stop number 36, [Circa] C&D Designs. The landmark in 34 goes to a store, but not one in the hunt. Confusing. Happily, Nikki, got me back on the right track through group chat. There is another nice windowseat at Circa as well as some low prim cassocks that I loved but whose poses just wouldn't fit (sigh).

There are also hints now on the official blog

So that's my report. Go forth, have fun. Be prepared -- at least for the moment -- to fly home and unpack boxes and to find empty prizes. Ya gotta love the challenge.

My boots and hat are from a Yasum Designs outfit, what I was wearing when I hunted. Yes, lazy me.

Poses by: furniture and Vista Animations

The Rose Story

I promised those gardeners out there that I would continue with the tale of my free Tuscan Rose from PlantPets (Concert Hunt). With two new releases that needed a backdrop, today is the day.

First up the new releases. From KOSH for Lazy Sunday there is a collection of wall mount decor pieces. This one with candles is my favorite. I wanted some candles in my new tiny place by the bay, but nothing in my inventory seemed to fit. These are great and very low prim. Yeah!

New from Addiction Jewelry is the necklace and earring set. The necklace is long and great with sweaters. Lots of fine detail work adds some glamour to even casual attire.

The Fanfare Silver and Black Pearl set comes with necklaces, both spine and chest attachments, and  includes resize and non-scripted version.

Click the photo for a close up version.

Note that this jewelry does have shine if you are not running shadows. I had no idea shine didn't work well with shadows. Smarter now.

Poses by: Diesel Works

And here is the rest of the rose story. Click any photo for a larger picture.

As you remember I rezzed my seed and asked it to grow.  I waited for some time, about an hour and a half. The message in chat said my rose would be delivered to me. Silly me I sat and watched the seed for a long while expecting it to turn into the rose -- sort of like bunnies do. After awhile I decided that the rose was on much slower time (true, but there is more to the story.). I logged out for the day.

I returned late that eve and was going through some inventory when I found "another " Tuscan Rose in my objects folder. "Odd," I thought but I rezzed it to see. It was the actual pot with the rose, apparently delivered quietly in my absence. I needed to touch that and tell it to grow. Oh, my. Silly me. So I watered my soon to be rose and went to bed for the night.

The plant grew fairly fast. When I woke up there was a stem and twelve hours from its birthing it looked like this.

I found I was not terribly thrilled with the color of the pot and so I tried tinting it and that worked fine. I suspect I could change textures and even shape If I wanted to, but I didn't try that.

Lani checks on the plant too. I added her to the plant's friends list so that she can water as needed. The first buds appeared closed and light green. Later they changed to red and as time passed, they opened.

Now roses aren't my flower of choice; there are lots of other plants in the store that are more my style. But this is a wonderful way to test out my green thumb. I have left my plant growing at "normal" speed, the default. At that rate I need to come water twice a day to keep the plant very happy. And of course I want my plant happy.

Owners can set the growing rate to very very fast to speed up the time until a baby is ready to come into the world (52 days). Edit: The maker assures me that speed has nothing to do with those 52 days. So I am going to turn mine down slower and not worry so much about watering.  At least I think that is how it works.  For this first one, I am just going to bide my time and let nature take its course. The plants are temp rez as I mentioned so won't work for everyone. Happily my tiny mainland plot can support a couple. The PlantPets pots range from 2 to 5 prims with this style being 3.

And yes, Lani loves the free mesh overall set from Coco. The whole world featured it, so you didn't see it yet again on these pages -- until now by accident *wink*.

Season's Palette Hunt

The Season's Palette Hunt starts in about an hour. I did a little early sleuthing with some good results. Not all prize vendors are set to buy; not all are filled. Happily though in my very brief sojourn of the eve, I found them all. Two I will retrace tomorrow and hopefully pick up the prizes.

The hunt objects are fairly small and even when out in the open can be difficult to find so going with a friend or two might be helpful. My favorite gift of the first dip is this very pretty dress with shrug from Sassy. I love the colors! And the print reminds me of my new cherry tree; so pretty.

Another very nice find is this long MESH dress from Leri Miles Designs. It comes in two sizes and one just might fit YOU!

So thanks to the folks that got their items out in time for the start. Go forth and look for the colors of Spring. I am ready!

Poses by: Vista Animations and Long Awkward Pose

Shopping on Sunday

A couple of quick grab them Sunday releases. First up the Oversa necklace by KOSH which is part of the  La Venta Eventa. Hopefully you are smarter than I and know where that is. It may be at the shop OR not.  I have no more info. VERY pretty necklace however *wink*.

Also for Sunday there is a very nice MESH fireplace from Trompe Loeil.  The Lion's Head Fireplace weighs in at 13 prims and comes with fireplace change textures. The vases change colors as a group also. It is happily mod/copy as my ceiling was lower than some. Part of the Spruce up Your Space event, it is on sale through Sunday and will then be regular price at the shop. Find a demo at the store and cycle through all the looks available. You can tint of course if you are in the mood.

Poses by: Posemaster

High Art

Linden Endowment for the Arts sims can be great places for photos. This morning adorned with a new release from eXxEsS I decided to venture over to my neighbor's installation, the Mausoleum.

The newly released Aeterna outfit comes with a swirling open skirt. The skirt's lively demeanor brought with it ideas of spells and potions, definitely magical (or majickal if you prefer).

This is a "board room to bedroom" outfit. Drop the skirt and you have an enticing boudoir ensemble, boots included.

The real stars of the show, for me anyway, are the jewels; statement making for sure.

Click to photo for an up close and personal look.

The detailing on the bodice is also lovely and stands well on its own.

The set comes with a fur stole, in this case blue, but there was no way I was hiding my jewelry *wink*.

Edit: I just got a group notice that a pose hunt just started at the Mausoleum. Look for nine beer cans scattered around the sim and pick up some "manly" poses made by the artist, Misprint Thursday.

Poses by: aDORKable

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Every now and then I like to lose that good girl persona, leave it far far behind. Some new releases and gifts meld to make just the outfit for my late night stroll in the garden of good and evil -- and the dead of course.

.:EMO-tions:. hair * WINDBLOWN IV*/darkbrown
RAMYA*YOKI* MODEL * avangard * MILK  group gift skin (previously featured here and possibly still available)
lassitude & ennui's Ophelia Roses and pearls necktie free on the Cafe Hunt. The great, recent release, mesh boots are also from L&E.
Blue Blood's just out Ivonne set (one of three skirts and all the BB colors of course) formed the basis of the styling.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Location: The Looking Glass

The Colors of Time

The word "patina" comes from the Latin for "shallow dish". Figuratively, patina can refer to any fading, darkening or other signs of age, which are felt to be natural or unavoidable (or both). So it is very fitting that my upcoming color of the week post features vintage.

This was not an easy color for me. I am sure there are pieces in my now voluminous wardrobe that fit the theme, but which ones and where they are elude me. Happily a prize on the Concert hunt was perfect in both style and hue.

Snowpaws Watercolor Lyric Dress is both ladylike and vintage.  I added some recent release jewelry from Eclectica, Enchant pearl earrings and necklace and a just out Sweetheart Hair from Pomme D'amour.  Not making it into the shot, but happily coordinating are my Audrey color change heels from Kalnins.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Giving Birth

I absolutely never cared about being pregnant in the virtual sense. Still birthing bunnies was fun and now I am working on birthing a rose plant from PlantPets -- the prize on the Where is the Concert Hunt.  Unlike bunnies which take an hour, plantpets run on real time (the 24 hour kind). I have no idea how long it will take the seed to sprout but I am thinking several days. If I remember correctly it takes 52 days of a "happy plant's" life for it to have a baby of its own. I love the not having to buy food aspect. Yeah.

I suspect it will like its spot on my front deck overlooking the bay. Sheltered sun. I'll keep you apprised and be sure and post "baby" photos *wink*.

Oasis Morn

I have a lot of lovely garments from Angelwing. They are packed away in my "costumes" folder; I take them out from time to time. You never really know when something exotic may be just the dress of the day. This new silks outfit complete with lots of jewelry is free on the Where is the Concert hunt.

I want to issue a little warning about this hunt since I have been promoting it. They have been collecting names (well of course in order to verify that you completed the hunt and might go to the concert), but this morning I got four chat messages from "the hunt" about joining hunt groups and the like. I did NOT join any hunt groups previously by the way.  Hopefully this will not be a reoccurring event and hopefully the messages will go away when the hunt is over. But, just so you know ----

Location is Tajuk Oasis which is a role play sim (OOC tag required). Thanks to Renee Parkes for her post with a pretty picture the other day. The grounds photograph beautifully but I have to admit that finding a Windlight setting that would show off the garment, the buildings and me all at once was a real challenge. So I went for the garment cause we KNOW that's what you are interested in *wink*.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Where is the Concert? Seeing Red

I have been seeing red lately. Partly because of this cute new release NATASCHA outfit including glasses as well as a really nice flexi tie (not shown) from  EMO-tions (releases SATURDAY) and partly because of the goodies I found at the Rose Theater on the Concert Hunt.

The furniture pack from the theater is one of my personal favorites on this hunt -- it replaces my Victorian furniture lost in the database meltdown. Yeah!  I am not sure when I might be living in the Steamlands again, but it is very good to know I have furniture for a fancy house should I so choose.

There are lots of pieces in the set including a couch and armchairs (not shown). Pieces are all no copy so be sure and pick up an extra box for backup. The hint on the blog is something like "it waits for no man". I spent a long time looking for this even though it was really pretty easy to find. The theater is a big place and if you take a wrong turn -- well, you get the idea. So MY hint is to make sure your sound is on and listen. When I went back this morning to make sure the theater was where the furniture came from (again no landmarks and few clues), I found it very easily.

One more bit of info. While it might look like the table is levitating in the middle shot, it really isn't. Just a trick of placement on a big expanse of white floor. But it MIGHT be levitating as I now have a magic wand complete with spells, also from the Concert hunt. This just went out last night at The Arcanum. I got a message in chat come to me mysteriously. This was actually a little disturbing since that technology could easily be misused.

I was happy to get THIS message however saying that the prize was now in the ticket which had been moved. A second message gave the new hint to "go through the red curtains and sit by the fire to read". The ticket isn't far away. Hopefully that  SLURL from the blog leads to the spot where the red curtain is :D.

I have a few more items from the Concert hunt that may make it into these pages. There are plenty of nice gifts. OH, that reminds me -- there is a PlantPet as a prize. I haven't unpacked mine yet, but I am anxious to. No 'food' to buy thankfully and I love plants. It is a temp rez system according to the FAQs I read at the shop, so probably only useful on the mainland or if you own your own sim.  I am looking forward to watching it grow.

Poses by: Vista Animations and furniture

Where is the Concert? Waiting for Spring

About this time of year I start looking forward to Spring, both virtually and in real life. I finished the Concert Hunt today (minus two stops) and some of my finds definitely reminded me of the upcoming season change.

Shown here:

Home by JLZ footrest (oversized obviously) with a really nice animation that fits me perfectly, both for shape and temperament.

Flower circle with GORGEOUS butterflies from The Looking Glass. Also includes the picnic basket shown as well as a seating rug and tree stump. 

Music room skybox in the background also from Home by JLZ

The skybox complete with yard and flora can obviously work on the ground. It needs a 1024 lot to fit and comes with decor items such as a piano.

Inside it it open and airy with lots of curtained windows as well as music decor on the walls. It is mod so you can adjust as you like.

My outfit is from ViviDesigns also on the hunt. I love these white jeans which are true hiphuggers, not crotch coverers *wink*. The sculpted bottoms work very nicely.

For those of you doing this hunt, be aware that there is a store list on the website so if you get stuck you can do what I did -- find a store you haven't visited and continue on from there. I had to do this quite a few times but eventually I accomplished my goal.

Poses by: Amacci and Vista Animations

Where Is The Concert? Hunt - Part 2

I continued on with the concert hunt this eve getting stuck at some horse farm and thereby giving up my chance at the concert *wink*. BUT, I have to say I am impressed with the prizes.  Shown here are a great outdoor barbecue set with all the food you could ever want from ENVISION PREFABS,  (so sorry, wrong landmark in the the prize box. Thanks to Maria for alerting me and asking for help :D)  a really lovely tree (no copy so grab two or three) from Willowdale Estate, and a pretty dress (not the only one I found this eve) from GIZZA ( I hope that is the correct LM as two were included in the box).

On the personal side we have some lovely mesh hair (my first I think) from the ALICE PROJECT (sorry no LM included). It is also COLOR CHANGE! Woot. My cute top hat is from TLG.  And THERE my lovelies is the problem with this hunt. For whatever reason there are very few landmarks in the prize boxes. There are also NO landmarks to the next stops. Hence, now that I got stuck I have no real way to know where to pick up. So I will just choose a place I haven't been and go from there I guess.

The clicking and getting a map is very handy, but since you often don't know where you are going really and have no idea of where you have been (there IS teleport history for some folks) it makes it difficult to return to stores you want to visit. So, be prepared for that pitfall.

AHHHHH -- TLG is "The Looking Glass". Thank you teleport history box. And with that I am heading back to see if the prize giver will let me have another tree *wink*.

Poses by: Juxtapose

Year of the Dragon Hunt

This morning I reported on some hunt skins with one being on the Year of the Dragon hunt.  Happily Sami got enthused and decided to try out the hunt. She did a smallish section in the middle and came away with a few nice things. Her report is that the hunt includes many stores with perhaps new designers. The hunting wasn't too hard but the hints were of importance.  Her favorite fines included this Tai Chi set (unisex) from Cilian'gel. A short dress is available for gals in the same basic style. The sleeping panda bear with hold pose for photos is from Posh!

This really lovely tea service is from RnB Designs Furniture. The set weighs in at 25 prims.

The tea service (linked to the table) is outstanding.

I will definitely be going over to look for this. It is a no copy item, so pick up two. You never know when a database meltdown or other tragedy might occur.

If Sami continues on her hunting journey I will be sure and update you with her favorite finds.

Poses by: the bear and furniture

Monday Hunts and News

By now you must have figured out that I really like these chairs as visual props. I also am quite fond of my almost empty 120 meter building pad up high in the empty skies. It's hard to find empty skies these days, so I am enjoying the minimalist view!

My quick post of the morn highlights skins from Soulglitter.  These appeared in my inventory when I wasn't looking -- some of you know how that is. Two hunt gifts as well as deeply discounted full avatar pack are the main themes. Close ups below, but while I have you in "long" mode, note the cute little shrug (VERY cute little shrug and I love shrugs) from [Cynful] on the Where is the Concert Hunt?.

My scanty attire is partly to show you the skin and partly to to show you how very long that semi-sheer undershirt from Sassy! (see last night's hunt post) is. Wow. This is a must have for those of us that sometimes like to keep our tummies covered. 

And in honor of the Truth District sale which I hope Lani gets to when the sim is no longer full (if that ever happens), I am wearing old but still very cute Truth hair. OMG! As I was typing this, avatar count went from 31 to 51.   The sale lasts a week thank goodness.

Both skin with a nice dragon back tattoo and cleavage options  as well as eyes are yours from Soulglitter on the Dragon Hunt.  Sorry, no info. Just go to the shop and click the hunt poster.

This messy makeup skin is your to find on the Shattered Heart Hunt. When you find the hunt skins you will get notecards about full avatar packs that are on special for the duration of the hunts. These come with lots of goodies including a very nice AO. So read that notecard if these fit you well.

Get out there and hunt my lovelies.

Important note: I just got a message from a friend that started the Dragon Hunt. At least one item was set for $25 (pretty hefty for a hunt) so WATCH before you buy. Hopefully this was just an error.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Where Is The Concert? Hunt Report

Awake in the night, I started on the Where Is The Concert Hunt.  The grand prize for completing all the stops on the 52 store tour is an invite to a private concert group. From there I am guessing it will be a who can TP into the show thing. Now, I never had plans to go for the concert tickets, but there were plenty of great shops on the list so I thought I would try my hand. Amazingly I completed the first quarter with not too much trouble. You WILL need the hints on the website (link above).  

This is a touch the item to get the prize and open the map to the next locale. That all worked well. Of course you don't always know where you are GOING so that is a little tricky. I found myself checking the store list fairly often to see which of the stores to head for. The all seemed to have their posters out so that was good. I didn't find any missing shops in the section I did. I started at Purple Moon.

Now you aren't going to keep everything you pick up on this hunt, but there are some nice items and except for a few odd landing spots, it all went smoothly.  A quick rundown of items I found this eve include:  Outfit from Sassy!, skin (one tone) from Carisma Creations Design, hair (color change by hud) from ChicChickie!  and very pretty earrings from Exodi (part of a huge color pack).  There were other nice prizes that may certainly make it into another post.

But for now, the typist is heading back to bed as Chic has a busy day tomorrow *wink*.

Happy Hunting!

Poses by: aDORKable

On Thin Ice

This afternoon I completed my installation at LEA12, my quarter sim plot. Ahead of schedule with nine galleries as well as landing area and a machinima in the can, I am a happy gal.

Gallery meets exploratorium in an interactive journey with a reminder that as nations, individual and species we are each day -- walking on thin ice.

Corridors twist, turn leading visitors on a personal and sometimes interactive adventure.
The artistic and hopefully thoughtful  exhibit includes a machinima, Party at the End of the World.

I will be filming a live review for the next three days, but I hope to get in a little hunting too. And on the hunt scene, this outfit can be found at 20.FIVE. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Never%20Land/157/56/21  (Blogger SO doesn't like that dot in there :D. ) on the Urban Winter hunt.  It comes with prim bottom, hood and arm warmers. The pants are very nice but also very low. Happily I found one of my favorite -- I thought it was gone forever -- variety belts in an old outfit folder. I wore the Addict belt none stop for a few weeks. Much fun. Glad to have it back.

Poses by: Vista Animations.

Iron Maiden

This week's 52 color post is brought to you by the hue "iron". Not enough color (ok clothing) in this post? Well here is an alternative from the beginning of the week *wink*.

I just couldn't resist posting this new hair  -- along with a few scanty adornments. The use only for photo locks are the new Belladonna release from EMO-tions and come with this very nice pose.

For you freebie hunters, I found this barely there draped top when wandering the other day. Pick it up along with a few others in different colors at 20.FIVE. Here is the SLURL. This is the $25 store from Ducknipple's designer. Who knew? Items are made from templates but look good. Find the top in a gift box by the crates.

And a three word or so rant. "Posting vendor photos? Really!"  Blog or don't. Enough said.

Poses by: EMO-tions

Just a Hint

I am feeling arty today so I am leaving you with just some hints of new releases and free items.  In this photo please find:

AKERUKA Lisa Lips 5 Tan skin; just out. Very pretty with various lipstick colors to choose from.

.:EMO-tions:. * ANNA*/darkbrown; released today. Very short and great for hats.

Eclectica Little Black Pillbox Hat (Pearls). Menu driven color change pearls. A recent release.

Ducknipple Bokita - Pinktit dress, free on The Cafe Hunt.

Memories of winter chair  with pose: (see yesterday's post)


A new group gift dollarbie is out for AKERUKA group members. Damien comes with an optional tattoo eyeliner layer with hairbase (worn). The light skin features facial hair which is very nicely done and some fine but bushy eyebrows.

There is also a version of the new Kia release out for gals. Outfit "Fashion Victim" by Egoisme and Gabriel, blogged previously.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Little Touches

It's the little touches in life that add to the enjoyment, that round out our experience be it corporeal or virtual. Atelier Kreslo's offerings for January highlight those seemingly insignificant details that add ounces and pounds to the reality scale.

The teacup? Who doesn't like a steaming cup of tea with TEABAG?  I am not all that classy. Teabags and I go way back *wink*.  Both wearable and rezzed versions are available, coffee too; four cups in one take away bag.

A poem is clipped to the bare branches attached to the chair. I dare you not to cam in and read it.

The new collaborative venture pairs furniture designers with posemakers; this month's duo are Art Dummy and Flowery. Four poses are available from the chair menu. Adjustments are included. The ladder-backs come in a variety of woods, are no mod, no copy, transfer and are available in a plain version without branches.

The shop is staged as a cafe with lovely lighting possibilities as you can see. The drawings on the wall are from lindini2 lane, this month's featured artist. The works are free! So stop by and pick up some special seating and a little art.

The memories of winter chairs will be sold only at Atelier Kreslo for a month (till February 13th).

Cafe Hunt : Wrap Up

Wrapping up this blog's coverage of The Cafe Hunt, know that there are many more worthy items that didn't make the pages. Meanwhile, this really well made loft house can be your new home for free courtesy of  Pestle&Twig #48. The flag grouping outside is the prize from monaya*gardening # 34.

There are decor items for inside the house should you so choose. The bar set from Zacca #67 goes perfectly with the very cute coffee pictures from meberry #32. My lightweight cowl sweater in a color just a bit creamier than I like my brew is a gift from NEEDFUL THINGS #39.

The new hairdo is one of four colors available as a group gift from Dura. Find one pack in the North hallway and the other in the south. Group tag needed.

These new boots (click photo for enlargement) are NOT part of The Cafe Hunt, they are my favorite new release from Baby Monkey.

Aside from a really lovely texture on the top cuff, they have a hud with so many color choices you would hardly need other boots. Well, of course you WANT other boots, I get that.

Still, a great choice if you are new and low on pennies.

Last up from The Cafe Hunt, just because I love to cook and really hope to use this in a KITCHEN someday (I have never actually had much of a kitchen in a home), I wanted to note this very nicely done canister and spice set from bitter vanilla #10.

So those of you with prims to spare and a place to put it (or the dreams of that in the future) get over there and find that steaming coffee cup!

Poses by: LAP