And Some Things Stay The Same

The queen of digits, Strawberry Singh, wants to know how our shapes have changed since the introduction of mesh. My digits photo is empty of numerals. I am a lazy gal and you can see them all, just the same as they were over a year ago in my previous post here *wink*.

I do like the new height meter which seems much closer to what Linden Labs believes is our height. I also did my own test by building a 2 meter cube (phantom) and standing inside it. We were indeed the same.

And as a post script. I am taller than my 2 meter (6 foot 6ish) size in the top photo as I added shoes. We want to be stylish as well as accurate!

And now to answer some questions.

  • How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?
I love mesh, when it fits of course. My shape is anything but "standard", being first flat chested and second minimally buttocked. (Yes, know that isn't really a word, but it should be!) I prefer long dresses and pants over short skirts which seem to always have a sitting issue (a different issue than the old days, but who wants part of themselves to disappear when they sit down?).
  • Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?
No new shape for me. I admit to tweaking the tiniest bit if I need to get rid of an edge overlap, but most garments that don't fit me have large breasts and a volumptuous derriere which I feel very uncomfortable in, so why go there? Instead I sometimes put on a standard sizing shape and turn into someone else for a few minutes so that I can feature something on my blog. After that, the items head to the recycle bin. 
  • Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?
While I hope that proves to be true, the precursor garments that I have tried actually fit me less well than the standard sized ones. So while I have my fingers crossed, I am guessing it wont make much difference for me. Happily there are some designer's mesh that seems to fit me well; these are typically not the full perm models, but personally made mesh.

Pose by: EverGlow

Sprucing Up

I always look forward to Spruce Up Your Space weekends. The theme as you may remember is Summer Vacation and this bench and planter set from Trompe Loeil is in the mix and actually my personal favorite of this round. It is mesh of course and ridiculously low in prims (dances with joy). I just did a quick count and the planter that in the olden days (before sculpties) would have weighed in at sixty prims or more is ONE PRIM (excuse me, "land impact") now! Oh the joy.

The planters come stand alone so you can add your own foliage as I did in the top photo or choose the one prim topiary that is included in the pack. The bench is only four land impact points and there are various colors available to fit into any type of decor. Seven animations are included. I set this up at my friend EE's house. Now if he would just LOG IN to see it, we could share the bench and chat a bit.  Very pretty, and "I" at least plan to enjoy it. 

My very cute mesh dress is from Sleeping Koala on the Taste of SL Hunt which has a couple more weeks to run.

Pose by: aDORKable

Lucky Letter D

The story starts off with boots, role play boots by definition but ones able to span genres. These are on the Role Player's Hunt ending tomorrow at stop number #63, ViGo. The shop is settled in a village courtyard in a role play area; no worries though, the arrival message let's you know that your safety is assured. You are looking for a silver sword with black handle.

While I was looking for the boots, I spied some very nice garments and such as well as two lucky chairs. Making a note to return later in the day, I did just that to find a "C" on the chair. Yeah! That was followed by a "D", an "S" and two more "D"s. So my friends and I did well. Sami has a very pretty shrug that can be modern as well as medieval and Divine came away with a closet full of very vintage outfits. Each prize actually consisted of several versions of the same garment, a bargain.

Since we all wanted to see how things looked, it wasn't difficult to convince Divine to give a brief fashion show. I took some photos to share with you.

There is one chair that is 30 minutes (our winning chair) and one that is an hour. Having a run on the chairs brought back fond memories of my youth, a time when one of the biggest sports was watching the chairs and chatting. I am sure that still occurs these days, just not so much.

These garments are all from KnickKnack.  Find the lucky chairs in the courtyard along the shop wall -- one on either side.  There are shoes and props for prizes as well as clothing.

Poses by: LAP (nla) and aDORKable

Water Flight

The things photographers go through to get "the shot" *wink*. So pretty, I simply had to post this. The new hair is Water-Love from EMO-tions. My mermaid outfit is an oldie from Yasum Designs.


I have been fascinated by the androgyne look for some time now. While I am definitely a gal, I do venture over into the boyish realm; menswear and I are good buds. The Femboy Hunt starts in a couple of days; indeed some prize vendors are out already. According to the hunt blog photos, there are plenty of skins and shapes, hair and clothes, etc. to choose from.

You will be looking for a sculpted lettering sign that says Femboy. This is a $2 hunt so you may want peruse the photos before you start hunting. There is no "train", but all stores are linked from the hunt blog page.  This is the Morgan shape (5 feet 8) from $10 Shapes. It is indeed a chameleon and looks good as a gal, guy or true androgyne. I like this look with the ~Tableau Vivant~Noctis Group Gift skin the best I think. Look back in the posts a couple of days for more info.

This truly gorgeous kimono is a prize on the Make Him Over Hunt. Find it at the tomoto shop. It comes complete with sandals and while it doesn't work well on a traditional gals shape, it is impressive on a more boyish one.

My posting spot for the morning is Japan Kimono Street. According to the rental notecard, the sim  reproduces Sakai of Osaka in 1574. It is serene here and very beautiful. The rents are average for both shops and homes.

This is what the prize object looks like.

Have fun hunting.

Poses by: Focus Poses (current MHOH prize)

Dark Belly

New from AD Creations, Dark Belly. Part skirt, part pants; many buckles and plenty of detailing, it definitely makes a statement in black. Find it at The Couturiers's Docks @ SaliMar_Art Sim.  The set includes a strapped hat reminiscent of the early days of aeronautics as well as printed nylons. I opted for some black leggings and was disappointed that I couldn't find a hair that would would work with the hat :D.

I had to smile as I wore this around to day. Bra or pasties are definitely in order unless you are a very brave gal. It's that mesh lag phenomenon where you are naked for a few seconds upon arrival. Surprising when you are not used to it - LOL.

Pose by: ANA-mations

Dance Fever

Some days we just need to have a bit of fun. And this was one of those days. Woot!

(*chanimations has a new stage set out. Lots of lights and glow and neon.
I actually recognized this set, or the precursor of it, as the one Chandra used in her first public burlesque routine. I was in the audience. The set was a standout for sure.

According to the website (I admit to not trying out this feature):
The walls and screens are individually color scripted and allow to
mix-and-match the following colors:
• black,
• white,
• yellow,
• orange,
• red,
• pink,
• purple,
• mint,
• green and
• blue.
Honestly, I was too busy playing and the default colors worked just fine for me, this time anyway. Read more about the particulars here.

Poses by: Diesel Works, Behavior Body

Denim and Pearls

Who says you can't wear pearls with denim? Well not me.

It's been a very tough morning in SL. Three crashes, odd viewer issues, alpha layers from hell. Ah yes, the joys of our virtual life. Since "I" didn't make any changes I am guessing it will all work out eventually. Meanwhile I am happy to have taken these photos, so here is your morning post.

First up a very pretty Serenity Set (includes earrings not shown) from Addiction Jewelry is found exclusively at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival. You have a couple more days to visit the Carnival as well as lots of other venues. It has really been a busy month in SL. Lots of hunts are ending too, so scroll back in the posts to make sure you didn't miss any goodies.

Speaking of goodies, this nicely made mesh dress which while denim is still pretty dressy *wink* is on a dollarbie promo from Soulglitter on the Marketplace.

Now, as you might guess seeing that "I" am not "me" in this photo, flat chested girls with no hips need not apply. But if your shape follows the standard sizing numbers, you are in luck.

I am actually wearing the medium size on Marti from $10 Shapes who is a standard size S. But what's in a size letter? It fits perfectly.

SL9B is over and I ventured over this morning to take my build down. The dream jar was a very big hit with tons of folks taking them home. I hope their wishes come true, one by one.

Poses by: Diesel Works, aDORKable


Wrapping up the Summer Breeze Hunt I leave you with two additional loves. First is this beach wrap which works amazingly well over pants (even mesh). Find it at Sunshine Lace, part of a pack that includes some nice sunglasses and other goodies.

The  Ikebana -  Simplicity Orchid (primmy but lovely) and the sleek plant stand (one prim) is from Geisha Dreams, a very serene place to visit with lots to see.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Midnight Drama

So there's this skin. It is free. It is definitely unique. I, unlike many of you am not a skin ho *wink*, but a long list of circumstances lead me to this free group gift skin from Tableau Vivant .   I friend saw a post that lead to another friend's investigation that lead to me venturing over to the shop. I was extremely impressed with the androgynous skins there and of course wanted to stay in the loop.

This is very much a fantasy skin and these are actual screen captures with little Photoshoping meaning that I did not lower the saturation; this is the color of the skin. Dusky and dreamy and otherworldly, it lends itself to places only our imagination can go.

My equally dramatic hair is a new release from EMO-tions, Water-Love.

My catsuit is from Sassy on the Hot as Hell Hunt (group entry required; you need to apply). Ginkgo Earrlings from KOSH, tattoo from Endless Pain (current hunt item) shoes from Kalnins.

Pose nla

Chameleon Breezes

Today's post features more from the Summer Breeze Hunt and a new release from $10 Shapes.  This surfboard with multiple poses is part of the prize from BoatHouse. There is also a very cute sun shade prop and two decorative surfboards for added ambiance. Since I had no beach land to rez on, you will just have to go find that little sand scoop and open your prize to see.

Oddly enough this is the very same beach I took photos on the night before last. All the very beautiful builds from Markus Inkpen have disappeared as well as follage. There are buildings in the far distance, but not all that photogenic so we are going with minimalist this morning. All the better to see the lovely water reflections, my dear.

These board shorts are from Ostentatious on the Summer Breeze Hunt. A gal's mini dress in the same print is the prize for the ladies. 

Another very cute prize is this lifeguard chair complete with beach grass, preserver and board.

Various poses let you choose what works best for you.

Find it at Lustre/Shoreman Designs.

Click for a larger photo.

Poses by: LAP (nla), aDORKable

This swimsuit is one of three color choices from Just Take It.

And now here's an interesting tidbit of info for you. Guy and gal in this photo shoot are the same new shape, Casey.

The androgynous shape comes with minimal bust and two foot sizes.

I have been taking vendor photos for Sami this morning and that got me inspired to do this post. It really is amazing what the chameleon shapes can be. I spent a long time finding what I thought were good skins and hair for these guys (used in the vernacular).

I personally like the more male look for this shape; on another I preferred the more female look. It all depends on what you are after.

So it was a challenging and fun morning for me. I made sure Sami had the shape up at the $10 Shapes shop before I finished up this post.

Hair by Dura, shoes by Duh!, male skin AKERUKA Damien Shaved Light, Female skin gift (nla).

Places - Isle of Amras

For those of you that love finding great photo op spots, and especially for those of you that became seduced by the Medieval Fantasy Hunt,  there is a new build at Isle of Amras. This is a visitor friendly role play area which seems to be (I didn't go to the entrance tp point and read the literature) a world that is being rebuilt after an apocalypse (old modern buildings tipping in the bay) and is in what I think of as feudal times.

The sim has been rebuilt using mostly mesh and it is a wonderful to see. Pick your Windlight setting and go forth! There is an extra body of light in the sky at Isle of Amras, which made two in my version choice of the late afternoon. I always wanted more than one "sun" in the sky or maybe several moons; it just works better for me.

I have to admit that I almost rented a spot at the sim. There are several rentals available and one that faces the harbor which I liked a lot. But, things to do and places to be .... I can return and visit.

My outfit is an oldie from Firefall and may still be in the lucky chairs; things haven't changed there much of late. Happily the outfit is standing the test of time well. I waited a long time to garner this beauty and have worn it often.

Poses by: Vista Animations

More Breezes

This Sunday's post features two items from the Summer Breeze Hunt as well as a matching (so lucky there) release from Addiction Jewelry.  First up is this cute layered mesh dress from  NiNight Creations, a SBH prize. And if teal isn't your color (it is mine) there are plenty of other color choices on the wall. Standard sizes are included in the pack. I needed to add an extra "shorts" alpha so that my hips wouldn't show through, but that is an easy fix and most fashionistas simply MUST have something that would work *wink*.

The oh so pretty banner lofting in that summer breeze is one of a pack of four colors from Spyralle . They come in sea, gold, rose and silver colors; all are lovely.  The originals are mighty large (think wide open waters and quarter sim lots, but with a tiny bit of builder know how you can size them down to more homestead size *wink*. And I have enough prims to add one to my deck. How cool! Find that sand shovel and you will have yours too.

In the new release category, I present the Temple of Light earring set from Addiction Jewelry .  This lovely design has a matching necklace, but as a minimalist kind of gal I opted for a smaller statement.

I was tardy telling you about this, but find the set out for Lazy Sunday RIGHT HERE

Click the photo for a larger, close up view.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Summer Breezes

I completed the Summer Breeze Hunt this afternoon, coming away with lots of great items. There are plenty of goodies from housewares, to textures, clothes -- and lots for the guys. I will be showing my favorites over the next few days. The official hunt blog with hints but no store names is here. You will be looking for a colorful sand shovel (hand sized). Most of the time it is bright pink, but don't count on that. I found blue and green and red and tan as well as the standard pink version. Sometimes they are small. I did find most though and I am not the best of hunters!

Shown in this first post is a very pretty pier from PRIME. It comes with a variety of single and couples poses, adjustments and the ability to swap positions. The pilings are very long so even hillside lots could use this.

This swimsuit hales from Paris Metro and comes with the butterfly tattoo as well as a nice Panama straw hat and these glasses. I am wearing the Zombie Hunt hair from dDx that I showed you yesterday. I zipped over to NN City this afternoon and watched folks killing zombies. Not my thing but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

These well fitting sandals are a prize from WilDsOul. They come with an easy to use hud and happily one of the programed skin colors worked nicely for my tone. Yeah! You can add tints from the palette to find tune if needed.

Click the photo for a larger photo.

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works

Free To Be

I think I am just going to let the picture tell the story this morning. Here, though, is the backstory.

*LpD* Make up - *LpD* Skins - *Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare* MakeUp
[AD] Mesh hat - [AD] Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare * Hat

and yes, it is a cooperation. I have no other info but I am betting you can find the set at AD Creations and possibly at *LpD*. If you have trouble discovering its whereabouts, IM one of the designers Aliza Karu or Nevery Lorakeet.

Hair is one by Truth still in the subscribo.

Poses by: Lauria's butterflies (nla)

Hunting at SL9B

MHOH has a mini hunt going on at their build in SL9B. Find the Pluto symbols and garner some nice gifts for both guys and gals.  My favorites are shown here; a nicely textured tank from EPICOSITY, and some shorts from SARATORIA.  There are ten prizes in all and while the area is small (a 1024 lot) camming skills are needed to find some prizes *wink*.

Get over to SL9B and get your hunt on

My shape is Adam from the Adam's Apple Hunt courtesy of $10 shapes. Skin by Akeruka, Neo, a new release.

Pose by: Diesel Works

Girls and Boys with Guns

NN City is having a hunt starting tomorrow, the 22nd. This isn't your regular hunt. You'll need a HUD and a gun (comes with hud) to kill the zombies appearing all over town. Turn in your points for prizes and take a break from hunting to party with some live music.

I won't be participating with ya, but I did have fun dressing up in futuristic military gear, my gun a freebie from the Marketplace awhile back. Movie props come in handy in all kinds of situations.

What I did want to show you is this really cute hair, one of the prizes from Discord Designs. Mackenzie comes in a color pack. There is another prize choice called Stampede available if you are more into the punk - Mohawk scene. Either way, journey on over this weekend to score some points and choose from some great prizes.

Poses by: LAP (nla), aDORKable

MHOH7 - A New Look

Make Him Over 7 has started. I have been on many of the MHOHs in all their versions. This one stacks up nicely.  The official hunt list works well when you get stuck and there are some super prizes. Shapes, shoes and poses abound and there is a good selection of skins too. Lots of mesh with its "I-like-it-but-it-doesn't-fit" issues are in evidence.

I did something new this hunt. Since it seemed that most of the prizes came in folders, unpacked, I decided to go through my winnings while I hunted. Happily there is the "add" feature now for most of us, so worrying about nakedness is not so much of an issue. And that was way fun. My outfit merged and melded and there are plenty of things that I will be keeping that don't show up in this post, but here is the final all new look. Everything but eyes are new.

My favorites of the skins is this Akeruka Nando Full Tan. Very nice. The final best shape (and there was another that worked for me) is from R-STYLZ. Skins and shapes are of course VERY personal, so my picks may not be your favorites. Be assured you will have many to choose from. 

Amacci won hands down for me in the hair department as I love guys in pony tails. This -K!NG- Steel Necklace fits very nicely and definitely makes a fashion statement.

I can't say that I was thrilled with the clothes; there were some nice things, just not my style or fit as the case may be. That being said, their is a great jacket set from Poison. I have shown a similar version of that in a post awhile back, but if you never won on the Midnight board, pick up its brother (black and chartreuse). GIRLS this means you too! Happily there is a ladies size in the pack.

I chose this jeans and tank outfit from [TK] C Co. as part of the look of the day. My biker boots are from MayCreations and fit perfectly with the slightly bad boy look.

Shoes and skins are plentiful in this hunt! These superb Troy boots from Muism are my favorites. Wow! So this post wouldn't be complete without a big thumbs up for those.

MHOH7 isn't for beginners. There are plenty of tiny mars symbols as well as some larger ones INSIDE cases and in very cramped space (visible but tricky to click).

In most all cases you will need a MHOH group tag to garner your surprises. 

Click the photo for a larger picture.

Poses by: Stakey from the hunt.

Free Finery

A quick post featuring two hunt items and a gift.  My outfit is from Sassy on the Taste of SL Hunt. The shiny and feminine top pairs with the wear with anything brown jeans for a comfy but dressy pairing. This of course isn't "me", it is one of two shapes (one for guys) on the Hot as Hell Hunt which starts tomorrow. Find it at $10 Shapes (obviously already out there :D).  This A&A Lucky Hair in Dark Auburn which I couldn't get a good photo of inside is the voting present at Alli&Ali.

This photo was taken at LEA17, The Returning - by Marcus Inkpen,  which just opened.  A gorgeous build, it is very laggy. I have tried a few times and filming seems out of the question. It may be the forest of trees as I have noted issues with them in my productions. Nevertheless, visit if your connection is a good one. It is lovely.

Poses by: Diesel Works


Less than a month to Hair Fair!  Always fun; I am personally picky about my hair -- in RL too. So exploring new looks and possibilities is always welcome. And then there are the builds, often very creative in that minimalist way (the lag thing).

 click the photo for a larger version

There is a photo contest going on of course. The theme is freedom. Wondering how to portray the idea and not be terribly obvious, I settled on this shot. It also gave me an excuse to return to Kingdom of Sand (adult but not age verified) which I hadn't visited since it rebuild. A little tricky getting down to the ground (think of it as a hunt; follow the red footprints and read floating text), but visitors are welcome with a tag on.

I am wearing one of the beautiful Arcane Dancer Silks from Deviance. The shape comes with the set and I admit to slapping that on rather than adjusting ALL those prims. This by the way looks fantastic on Chandra who apparently wears it quite often in her off hours. Now and then we teleport to meet and I find her in dancer mode *wink*. My hair is Valentina from EMO-tions (currently off-line for Tuesday restarts it seems).

Poses by: Juxtapose

What Happened to Words?

"Tip, Tip. Come here Tip."  " See Jane. See Jane run." 

Those were some of the first words I learned to read long ago.

As I wander through the feeds today I note that most posts are missing the strings of alphabet letters twined together to give us ideas. There are only mentions of designers and sometimes, if we are lucky, links to their stores.

I have to admit this disturbs me somewhat. It either indicates that the typists in question can't put together a sentence or are simply lazy. OK. I admit I am prejudiced. I actually like to hear what the people writing their blogs think. It is a great new release? How does it fit? Will it stay forever in their virtual closet? That sort of thing. It is easy just to look through the photos and forget about the information. I, however, LIKE information. That's my comment for the eve.

AND here are my thoughts on one of the new releases from JANE. There are a bevy of just released styles, all similar, out just now. This was my personal favorite. If you are into girlie or retro -- or especially "girlie and retro" *wink*, this is for you.

This is the Rachel dress in chili. I love that color name, "chili". It is hot and steamy and fun. Going for a retro styling, I added some hair from Dura, a Runway Perfect hunt item, a bangle from my stored files of Baubles and analyst glasses from Deco.

It's a cute look. It may be YOUR look. If so, get over to JANE and try out the demo!

Poses by: aDORKable

Coco and Cream

How tiny can a waist be? Well back in the olden days around the turn of the century before last *wink*, gals went to great lengths to have the smallest of middles, ones that a man could span with his hands. Hence a lot of fainting went on. We do need oxygen and corsets inhibit that breathing ability greatly.

The new Coco Mon Coeur outfits from deviousMind remind us of those long ago days. Luckily we don't need to actually breath in our virtual world and we can have that hourglass figure without the accompanying pain.

The corset is rigged mesh and beautifully textured with a silky look. Skirt choices and bauble necklace come with. Now this didn't fit tomboy figured me, so I tried out the upcoming release from $10 Shapes, Marti. Perfect although I had to go up a size from Marti's S sizing. Since the model was not going to be "me", I decided to really switch modes and became blonde (.:EMO-tions:. * LORA*/blonde) with the new Blanca skin from Akeruka. It was a lovely day over at the deviousMind sim. Oh, my boots in the top photo are from lassitude & ennui, Selene mesh boots in white and cream. Love them!

Poses by: Diesel Works and aDORKable

Taste of SL and Moving In

I went on the Taste of SL Hunt this afternoon. It is a fairly short hunt and for the most part easy with smallish stores and BRIGHT hunt objects which often rez quickly -- hence in view before other items turn from their gray state. I had to do a LOT of searching in order to find the official hunt blog.  The good news is that I finished the whole hunt, something I seldom do. The iffy news is that there is no list of stores that I found and actually the landmarks don't even give an idea to what store you might be going to (not always handy). But I made it . The hardest place for me was Blacklace number 2 where the hint, while accurate has MANY areas that fit the description as well as another spot on the hunt (number 11) in residence. So once you get past 2 it should be smooth sailing.

I saw a couple of posts on this hunt featuring the same items. I have no idea if that was because they were review copies or if they just loved those items :D, but no review copies for me. I did all the work. It was fun really!

I have a few outfits from the hunt that will appear in the coming days, but here is one that I thought was summering and might be of interest.

Off the shoulder belly shirt by J.P.D. (Hmm. Blogger in its wisdom has changed the way links are added. Not fun or helpful for me.  Apologies if things are wrong. Hopefully they WILL fix this.)

[Atooly] Anna Skirt Polka Dots (another print comes in the pack too). I should let you know that the small version of this skirt was too large for me and the extra small way too tiny, so a big difference between sizes; not necessarily standard.

.evolve.  hodgepodge.satchel (different versions including unrigged - mesh of course)

There are lots and lots of poses and props in this hunt, more than the norm for a short excursion. That works for me. Shown here is one from Juxtapose which I visited yesterday on another hunt. Had to smile at that. This girl has attitude!

I am taking photos in my new bedroom -- color coordination is always high on my list. I moved into a house with a 500 prim allowance. Now I mostly wanted those prims for building and filming, not so much for housing. But what's a gal to do when faced with a free house -- and a very BIG one at that (about 40 x 40 two story).

Well the trick of course is prim value. And I want to say that my decorating yesterday taught me a LOT about mesh and its value. I currently have the whole house and yard (we must have trees) decorated using 179 prims. Most of my furniture is mesh. Now I knew mesh LOOKED great and yes, I knew that it is often low prim. But until faced with the challenge of filling this huge space while leaving lots of creative prims in my coffers, I really didn't get it. Most of my furniture is from Trompe Loeil. Happily I made it onto the blogger list somewhere along the way. It is always a pleasure to unpack and photograph even if I never have the occasions to use the lovely items. But today I did.

You'll see more in days to come. My downstairs is mostly the newest NYC66 release with sectional couches at 5 prims and three seat benches at 2 prims -- you get the idea. I coudn't believe that the dining table for SIX was only 8 prims. Anyway, I am impressed. I admit to canalizing a skybox of its furniture and texture change painting (perfect when you have a ton of huge white walls to fill).

And much to my glee, I found a mysteriously returned folder called "backups 2010" which disappeared a year ago and it in my so loved rock fountain kit from Trompe Loeil, now happily a showcase piece in the atrium office area. 

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that mesh can be a huge help to your prim budget, just in case you haven't really understood that :D.

Poses by: the bag and Juxtapose