H and G Gachas

H and G Gachas

Out now at Cosmopolitan the Palani Decor Gacha from Mesh India is just my style!  Lovely textures with classic country touches it goes well with ...

my favorite Emmeline lounger from Trompe Loeil, soon to be available at The Arcade.

Pull those handles!



Getting primitive on a dusky morn.

New from Baiastice for Uber, the Georgie Suit which comes with on-off sailor collar and bow tie. Being a simplistic gal in love with patterns, I opted for sans collar to show off one of the bonus fabric choices. There are many pretty solid hues to choose from also.

A perfect "do" comes in the form of a new release from Vanity Hair, Honey -- available at The Dollhouse Event.

I didn't have to look long to find the December release Trisha necklace from Meva. With a big choice of metal tones, a few clicks gave me the copper accessory that I was after.

Pose by: EverGlow

The New Firestorm Building and Shopping Tools

Remember when jellydolls and Avatar Complexity came on the scene?  It changed our world -- well for q portion of us anyway.  Some designers paid attention also and our clothes and hair got "lighter" and that's a GOOD thing for our overall SL experience.

The newest release of Firestorm adds to our information with three new features that let builders -- and shoppers -- see what they are getting. This of course if there is a demo out to view. On the SL forums we don't always agree but we have a pat line when folks complain.  "Try the DEMO; No DEMO; No Buy."

I reminded myself of that today when a popular creator had a very pretty set for sale on the Saturday Sale list. It was $50. I ventured over to the shop which was filled with vendors and almost NO demos out to view. Now I know this is a "well respected" creator and the items are lusciously textured, but still == NO demo. So I passed.

The MESH board of the SL forums has been interesting to read lately. So much info that before we could only guess at -- or get the info through many steps and in a not very easy to understand way -- is now at our fingertips.

NOW you can inspect an object in the build menu and not only see how "heavy" it is, you can see what distance it will break up and disappear. This isn't a replacement for visual testing of course, but it is very handy for builders when they are testing their own creations.

I am using Mesh India's work here as an example. Partly because I have a rule with blogables and I don't keep things that I don't blog or truly believe I will be able to blog in the future.   The close up above is from a really lovely chest available at this round of Tres Chic.

The MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet isn't low prim but it is very pretty and fairly SANE from my point of view anyway. It also has great LOD for long distance viewing without turning your LOD setting up to 4 or more. Since the new tools have come out, not only have I used them daily in my own work, I have been inspecting some work of other creators.

I found a very small bench (very small) that had NINETEEN textures on it and a vertices (think more vertices - more lag even if that is simplistic) count that was astronomical.  Another gacha item from awhile back caused lots of conversation on the board with enough vertices in the match heads to make a small building -- you get the idea.

MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet

Another VERY helpful tool that has been added is an enhancement in the Object Inspect pane.  It's a big one now and tells you LOTS including the number of textures used and the download for those textures.

click to enlarge
This is a screenshot of the inspection pane on one of the buildings that I created for the upcoming Fantasy Faire. It has three textures total and a reasonable vertices count. It is various sizes up to 35 x 38.

THIS screenshot below is for an item that is less than one meter in the largest dimension -- the bench I mentioned.

My point is that not all mesh is created equal. Some is more efficient than others and some will "cause" lag. Put enough of these heavy mesh and unreasonably textured  items together and moving can become an issue. It is up to BOTH the creators AND the consumers to pay attention. 

The folks that have been complaining about objects "disappearing" at a short distance and not being able to move in their house after they added their furniture now have the tools to make better choices when purchasing.

And, if the consumers pay attention, it won't be long until creators not on the LOD 2 or less, good physics,  game asset bandwagon --- will hop on. This would be a good thing for everyone.

One more tool, most likely used by builders rather than consumers is the physics model view. You can now see the shape of the physics on a mesh object. This could be particularly helpful with houses that may have incorrect physics. Again, you need to be able to SEE them (demo, demo, demo) before this will be helpful.

This is a build of mine that will be showing up at the Imaginarium in a few days.

There are plenty of opinions on the MESH forums about what is "best". Some folks may create very low poly, lag free items that work but are less than glorious in their look. Others (not on the mesh board but they might read -- I do not know) make gorgeous items that fall apart visually at three meters for the Firestorm default of LOD2 (the Linden viewer is 1.25 - even lower).

I, like Mesh India, try to find a happy meeting place where things can be reasonably low poly, have good LODs and still have nice textures.

Anyway, this was to let the folks that CARE know that there are now tools available via Firestorm that will let them make more informed choices should they care to.

Happy Shopping.

The improvements in the inspect floater including VRAM usage, contributed by Chalice Yao and Arcane Portal, based on code originally by Cinder Roxley.

And the great LOD info was courtesy of Beq Janus. Many thanks to both.

Freebie Saturday Nine

freebi saturday nine

Whatever your style, some very nice gifts await you this week.


Teleport Hub Group Gift by Gypsy Chic @ The Hipster Fair. This is a complete set comes in Maitreya, Slink and standard sizes. $10 group join fee for this very active freebie group.


A super (free group) girt from PREY in standard sized. Works well with eBOdy and worth a try with eBody free :D.

From DURA a new (free group) unisex hair.


A reminder that if you have made it over to Shop Your Heart Out, you can still get there -- most likely with no crowds.

This {le fil casse} entrapment bodysuit for Maitreya is just one of the many great gifts.

Hair: TRUTH / Astra Valentine gift also from the Shop Your Heart Out event

Poses by: aDORKable and ChiC buildings

FLF Concrete at Sway's

FLF sways concrete set

Two fun sets are out at Sway's for you Fifty Linden Friday pleasure. One shelves (empty or charmingly full), and the other lamps (floor and table in an accompanying style).

See from the neighbor's yard LODs and materials are evident so check out these great values.

Ahoy Matey

avery at FGC

Are you a secret pirate wench? If so, there is an outfit waiting for you at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Avery from deviousMind comes in plenty of luscious colors to try for. Boots and boot belts are also part of the set, but I just love walking barefoot in the sand.

Maitreya fit only.

My blowing slightly in the breeze long hair is a new release from eXxEsS,  Palma  -- especially good for action shots methinks :D.

Pose by: LAP [nla]

Gacha Garden Redux

gacha garden redux

We are two thirds through the month and the crowds have dissipated over at the Gacha Garden. NOW is by far my favorite time to visit. Wander without lag; you know the pleasure.

Here are a few items to look out for -- and of course pick up all the great gifts in those pretty purple (and sometimes not so purple) gift boxes.

In the background is one of three versions of a Hall Gacha Set from ChiC buildings. This is one of two gachas I have out at my personally favorite event! The other is a rustic outdoor eatery for role play and themed sims.

Now I showed you ONE look of the Audrey set before, but with some styling choices, the set from MEVA can go from period to bad girl in the blink of an eye. This is the Audrey dress 2 in black (Maitreya fit).

The clock on the wall is my favorite from a big set of time pieces at the Sway's tree or whatever those fantasy bushes are :D.   Something for everyone in that set.

My hair is a new release from eXxEsS, FERRARA. Look for it at the main shop. I really love this one. It reminds me a bit of Mousse which I have worn off and on for a couple of years now. Favorites are GOOD things!

And my moviestaresce shades hale from the Nanika booth at Tres Chic. They have a super cute tassel that hangs behind the ears should you be wearing a shorter cropped "do".

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Night Scene

night storage

New events open this week. Shop, shop, shop.

From Tres Chic:

E-Clipse Design Moon set in many colors and big three fits. Perfect for at home lounging, the gym and late night wanderings. Shown are just two parts of the release which also include a harness and some fishnet high waist undies.

From [Since1975] a Smart Watch with color change hud and timezone changing abilities.

Fashionable, minimalist design is hefty enough for guys too. Resize scripted.

Hair by Dela, Sadie -- also at Tres Chic.

The Lancaster Worktable debuts at ULTRA and includes the many-drawered chest as well as the industrial lighting. Lights turn on and off individually.  Look for it at the Newchurch booth.

Poses by: aDORKable

Freebie Saturday Eight

threesome - Freebie Saturday

It's been a bountiful week for sure in the gift department. Too many to name but here are a few in artistic, tease ya form. If they look interesting be sure an venture out to gather.

Left:  Julia's Scandal Marcus Sweater GIFT. Many many mesh body fits including standard sizing. (Free group needed)

Middle: Hilly Haalan  GIFT Pam Valentine's Dress in black (actually maroon) Free group needed. A red version is in the pack.  Check past group gifts in the small building near the landing point. There is another very cute dress available but color coordinating undies are mandatory and no one seemed to have any LOL. Even Xia wasn't brave enough for version 2 and she is pretty brave *wink*.

Right: E-Clipse Valentine gift for guys (one for gals also at the E-Clipse gals store).  Lots of great looking wearables so check out the walls when you are there. (Free group needed)

Photo taken at the Photography building at MOSP where you can use the studio with photo backdrops taken in Second Life.

Poses by: NLA (antique)

Valentina - New Full Body Free

Note March 4: This will be on sale at Skin Fair (very very inexpensively -- I don't post prices) BUT you must be a member of altamura group BEFORE Skin Fair opens as the group apparently will close? That was the group announcement today.  This would be the full body version of this body giving you Omega options and likely the ability to turn of the head with alphas and use another.

A new free altamura full body avatar is out at the main shop for Valentines. She is a bit healthier -- in the body fat category-- than Jenny and has a very pretty face. Light skin tone and plenty of alpha cuts might make this just the right body for you.

This is Valentina pretty much as she comes out of the box. Slink shoes obviously fit. I sized down her breasts a bunch to fit into this dress and changed her head shape a tad so that this rigged hair would fit.  All in all a very nice look.

The pluses are "no neck seam" and lots of alpha cuts. The minuses are "no skintone changes" and likely not as easy to find clothes for.

But, if you or your alt is looking for a free way to test out the mesh body waters, you might want to give Valentina a try.

Currently the group is free to join.

Photos taken at Timeless Memories.

Poses by: Behavior Body

Valentine Gifts

It's a bountiful Valentine's out there. A few tips from my friends with fashion groups -- I so don't have those, sent Divine on a gathering expedition. With so much generosity afoot today, I suggest you check any groups that you have turned off; who knows what might be out there waiting for you.

Three super presents are:

ISON's Valentine gift dress. Slink, Maitreya and Belleza fits, the Maitreya works well with eBody Classic and could work with the eBody Free version with some breast changes in the sliders :D.

Exile has a Heart to Heart hairstyle with bun in back. A color hud is quite colorful with this black and red being the most demure. There are hearts attached to the hair but if you so choose, you can turn them transparent in the edit menu :D.

{Poeme} has a very pretty box of Valentine's Day Cookies for Poemistes! Find them on the coffee table. Free group needed. You can also purchase transfer copies to give to your love interests!

Have a great and love filled day!

Pose by: Shylo Coba

Spring Walk

spring walk

It isn't QUITE Spring in my neck of the woods, but it is getting close. And happily it can be Spring if we want it to be in our virtual land.

I got myself a super creative denim jacket. It is oversized so that various garments fit underneath. It is ripped here and there (very convincingly) and is just plain fun.

Here's the scoop.

N-Uno - Sofiya Jacket V2  -- V1 has super long sleeves.

N-Uno - Sofiya Bodysuit

N-Uno - Sofiya Bra

This is a gacha at The Chapter Four (sponsor booth outside the main building).

Some super cute tied up hair from no.match @ Cosmopolitan compliments perfectly. The band has texture change options but the default matched my outfit in the making perfectly, so I will explore those another time. Look for "No Class".

Jeans are {MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans -- a great fit!

My location is Templeton Farm.

Poses by: Status


A beautifully textured shack with plenty of character and details, the cinphul //  solitude [shack prefab] has just enough room for sitting and contemplation.

Find it at On9.

Landforms by ChiC buildings.

Black Valentine

black valentine

I have had a great love or two in my time. I guess it depends on what your definition of that adjective and noun combo might be. Wondrous moments mix with sadness -- its more or less the way things work.  If everything is perfect, we would have know way of judging the ups and downs and appreciating the hours, days and even minutes that make up our relationships.

So whether you are "in love" in that pink kind of way or remembering loves of long ago -- or don't even want to THINK about that "V" word, the day is going to happen.

From Roawenwood, the  Anti-Valentines Valentine Gacha - No Love Birds! which is the special Gift of the Garden reward for playing.

Cookie trays and plates in both happy pink or solemn black make up the offerings with one super cute box of ladybug heart cookies -- a mix of red AND black for those of us that are undecided.

Head on over to the Gacha Garden to try your luck.

I should note that I resized the No Love Birds cage a bunch for this photo. I really like it BIG :D.

A bunch of the gals went out hunt hunting the other eve, each going in a different direction. Sadly there was very little to report, but Sami did very well on a $5 hunt at Have Unequal.

The shorts and top are separate pieces and apparently hard to see. You are looking for a black guitar (not too big). Sami followed the hints (one pointing to the gachas and one pointing to the 'black' room) but ended up derendering items to find what she was looking for. So a hint there LOL.

This is a very nicely made set for Maitreya.

Both her shoes and necklace are older and likely not available.

Pose by: aDORKable

Freebie Saturday Seven

Freebie Saturday Seven

Are you ready for Spring?  Well "I" am!

Lots of great goodies this week. Too many to post them all so get out there and look around.

From Left to right:

Magika - Troubled Heart gift at the Linden Shop Your Heart Out Event 

S@BBiA::Bomber Jacket with Knit Tops (Gift)

TRUTH  Astra Valentines Gift at the Shop Your Heart Out Event

!Rebel Hope - Valentine's Heart Choker SYHO event

erratic / nicki - ruched dress / SE pink floral  SYHO event


Precious Designs ~ Happy Happy Days Dress Maitreya (fits eBody FREE)


::ZED:: MESH Dark Red Hooded Business Suit with shoes   (includes shirt and tie with hud)  SYHO event

Poses by: LAP, Diesel Works, aDORKable, ChiC buildings

Country Gal

Country Gal

New releases come together for a country look.

pr!tty - Boomi @ The Chapter Four

{AnaMarkova} Valentina @ On9 (opens tomorrow the 9th)

.::Nanika::. Clara Necklace White @ The Chapter Four

Pose by: aDORKable

Lonely City

lonely city

Sometimes you can be all alone in a crowd.

Sometimes simply all alone.

Photo taken at the Machinima Open Studio Project, here.

*AGATA* Mabel Tops (jacket and sweater combo garment) with texture options @ Cosmopolitan.

Mowie. - "Zarina" Leggings

Baiastice_Klum Bag-Black-Shoulder with pose

Ricielli - REYNA Boots

Mesh India Wrought Basket Gift (Gacha Garden Gift)

The Looking Glass boombox

KraftWork Alder Pod Food Stand (modified)


Pose by: the stool

Favorite Places Meme Revisited

This week's Monday Meme is one from the archives. To that end I found the "Favorite Places" meme that I did back in 2013 and with my own twist on the twist, I will revisit those spots and add my newest favorite.

A week or so ago I wandered through some not so old favorite places in my "photo op" folder to find the majority of them were gone. Happily three of the four I featured in 2013 are still around.  Some never left, some have been recreated, and one is pretty much like it was back in 2013 :D.

Magical Garden 2

First up from my 2013 list is The Looking Glass. The Looking Glass has changed over the years, but some old favorite builds still remain, nestled among newer creations. It is still a go-to spot -- especially when I am feeling nostalgic.

babbage 2018

I have always loved Steampunk, and Babbage was a frequent haunt back in my youth. I still visit now and then. Much is still vintage SL, but there are a few new impressive buildings. I would love to see a brand new Steampunk sim arise; some have over time but their pixels have dissipated into the mists.  Still, nostalgia is a warm and fuzzy accompaniment on a rainy evening, and the Age of the Prim was very much the high point in some ways for Second Life.

girl and guitar

Third on my 2013 was MOSP, the Machinima Open Studio Project at LEA7 (or perhaps it was LEA20 back then). The film and photography dedicated sim disappeared a couple of years ago, but it is newly returned at LEA6 with an all new build where original mesh reigns. With plenty of photo opportunities and 20 minute open rez in keeping with its predicesor's theme, I find it is once again my "I am in a hurry where can I shoot" spot.

Visit MOSP 3.0 here. 

Vayne at TCF

My newest photo op love is the Sapiens installation at LEA29. Endless industrial minimalist hallways with some impressive fractal art mix with elevators and floating balls. Oh yes, and STEAM :D.

In the Clouds

in the clouds

I had other plans for the photo of some of the new Baiastice releases, but seeing the shimmer of satin against the gray clouds, I chose simplicity. Sometimes that is simply the best.

I am not sure why I am so entranced with this Etika Ribbon Necklace, part of a set which includes dangly diamond earrings, but I was  -- at first sight.

It isn't the first bow necklace I have tried, but this one seems to be infused with character. Likely that is just me being whimsical, but it is how I feel.  Find it at the Baiastice booth at Blush.

With many colors to choose from, it wasn't hard to match another new release, the Baiastice Shangry Lingerie available at FaMESHed.  A bra top as well as nylons (not appliers) are part of the set. Again, many colors as well as patterns are available.

Hair: pr!tty - Dakota - :rigged: - [Half Down] :Fades

Pose by: Verocity

Stop Action

Vayne at TCF

The Chapter Four opens tomorrow for its February round and you wont have to walk far from the landing point to find the spectacular new release from Have Unequal; the last little building on the right. If people aren't polite though, you may have a bit of a time getting away from that entry spot.

Vayne at TCF

The Vayne Outift is unbelievably detailed and vast with almost 40 pieces including rares and ultrarares.  Striped bonus bras are 25 pull gifts.   This really is amazing work and I am thrilled to have the set!

A little steampunk, a little western, a little futuristic -- it all comes together wonderfully.

So venture over and fight the crowds OR wait a couple of days for a more peaceful time. Either way, if this is your style, it is a great month!

Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS

Poses by: iBang and aDORKable

Freebie Saturday Six

It is hearts and flowers  -- with maybe some chocolate and champagne thrown in -- month. So get ready for lots of pink.

To that end a duo of pretty and feminine items for your pleasure.

From Metal and Stone, a dollarbie choker, perfect for when skins don't really match. If that is you, a choker wardrobe is high on your priority list.

Happily if you love this practical and nicely made neckpiece, there are eight other colors that you can purchase for $10 this February; white and black basics are included.

Also available in many colors by hud, the free Ben's Boutique Loya Dress on the Marketplace.  Many body fits including eBody which Di is wearing on the eBody FREE version. With a color hud included this is go to  fun and girlie attire for the season.

It is always a thrill to get some really great free shoes and for those of you who don't know, Pure Poison still has many of its group gift gacha machines out. Join the free group and play the machines (once only of course). These are Slink with fit on eBody but Maitreya and Belleza are most often in the packs as well.

The backdrop for this weekend isn't free of course, but should you love to love photo backdrops, the Paparazzi  Love Scene 2 is perfect for the season. Find it at Cosmopolitan.

Pose by: ChiC buildings and aDORKable