POE 6 Hunt Begins

POE6 begins tomorrow, I am guessing officially at midnight. Since I found one gift yesterday by accident I decided to do a little sleuthing and found a few more gifts to get you interested in the hunting and gathering seasonal event. Not all stores are ready of course. I found a few globes on signs *wink*. But by tomorrow you should be fairly safe to start hunting.

Hanaya's ice skating shed comes with pose and ice skates vendor (sizes for gals and guys). 
ChiChickie! Hair Salon's unisex cap and hair is texture change, tintable with hair color choices -- all via hud. Hairbases are included.
Legal Insanity has a set of his and her sweaters; the gals version comes with white dress shirt.

And I couldn't make this post without showing off the very cute yin-yang shelf from Sway's which I found yesterday and reminded me of the upcoming goodness.  It comes with and without decor items as well as linked or in separate sections. So lots of choices for decorating.

I decided to attempt to do the complete route (it's been awhile since I have been out and about) and will show you my favorite finds as time permits. Meanwhile dust off you hunting shoes and get ready to search. It's a long path but you  have over a month to complete the journey.

Poses by:  LAP (nla) and Diesel Works

Advent Second Life 2013

It's that time of year again. Tomorrow Advent begins. I did a little sleuthing trying to find who will be participating this year. I only have a few so far but I will update this post as I find more. Meanwhile if you are in a group or have a shop that will be doing an Advent calendar or 12 days of Christmas, please feel free to comment to this post and I will add you in.

Scroll down for fashion notes.

Updated Dec 14

Swayland -- I spent the morning over at snowy Sway's looking for GOLD PUFFY STARS which hold the answers to the daily riddles. Find the stars, go back to the presents with that number on the specific day and get your prize.  I found a lot of stars this morning but only the lower numbers so I am thinking the others are not put out yet. It IS early after all, I am just anxious. I did find NUMBER 1 finally (woot). Doing better this year than some. Be SURE to note that there is a downstairs with lots of fun items to peruse and at least one star (my memory is blurry by now). The POE hunt gift is out so keep on the lookout while you are star searching. Update: Only the first half of the hints are out as December starts. Note on the pole tells us this. I suggest making your own notecard with the passwords IN ORDER as you find them. Then it is much easier to find the correct one on the corresponding day.

Mieville Christkindlmarkt!  (fixed I hope) - Note that you cannot directly TP to the board OR fly. It is in a corner.  Lots of little shop stalls and a definite holiday feel here. All is sparkles and golden trees. The link should take you right to the calendar.

Yasum (group only) - one gift a day and you will end up with a complete low prim mesh skybox and furnishings. So saith the group note passed on to me from a friend. I have no info yet on where the present area will be (in years past it was a TP to arrive at a giftbox location). Update from notecard: The first two days are a holiday cabin (out another year) and then after that the skybox items will appear. There is also a free group gift Santa (good Santa and bad Santa versions).

KittyCats - UPDATE: here is the location.

 After some research I asked a customer rep if there would be a traditional KittyCats Calendar. She said there "should" be and to watch the forum post and group notices. So keep your eye out and I will update here when I know more. Traditionally you could get your gifts (one per person) at any time.  Also when I visited the KittyCats store I found that the FIRESTORM KITTY VENDOR is out right as you walk in. So if you missed getting your black and orange kitty, get on over there. They are permapets so you never have to feed them. I love Pearl (and better go visit her as I haven't been a good mom of late.)

22769 (12 Days of Christmas) -  starts December 12th Midnight Dec 13th now -- according to the signs. Update: Look for the BIG outdoor Christmas tree HERE.

Viviane - tp to the calendar. Appears to be for everyone as it has been in past years.

ALB Dream Fashion - (as of Dec 9 GROUP ONLY) happily the advent board greeted me when I landed for the POE hunt.

JCNY - Update: This seems to be a gift area and not an advent countdown as presents have stopped appearing after 5. OR maybe just a stall. LOTS of fun with tons of lucky presents to check while you are there.

Abranimations joins the party once again this year in a fun snowy landscape.

Ginza Jewelry has a red house shaped advent calendar filled with daily boxes. 

Needful Pixel (Adult) - find the right star on the  Christmas trees and touch for each day's gift.

Artistry by E - Follow the snowflakes to the very pretty tree with presents. The non-group gifts appear to be all in red-green combo.

Dulce Secrets - presents under tree one a day (dollarbies).

Kinzart Productions - a big pile of presents greats you at the teleport area.

Storaxtree has gone posh of late so be sure and visit. The advent booth is easy to find - behind you. You can pick up previous gifts also!

Fab-fae - the same advent booth as Storaxtree, the gifts appear to be free the day of their arrival and dollarbies if you missed them.

Loordes of London - the THIRD advent booth on one sim (how handy) you should be able to find this easily.  Items disappear after their day so be timely.

Falln Angel Creations - a tree made of colorful boxes is in the center of the room.

DarkMoon Creations - couples dance balls. Find the tree. Presents are under it. Well natch!

LC Fashion - Find the correctly marked stocking on the tree to claim your gift. Update: you can now pick up the previous gifts.

EMO-tions (group) - gifts for guys and gals each day.

LeCock (adult) is a shop for L'Uomo avatars but not all gifts are are specialty. The present from the 4th for example was three colors of antlers which work for girls as well as guys.

Ruxy's - (as of Dec 8 GROUP ONLY) in the main courtyard, find the bookcase of colorful boxes.

Formanails -  large calendar at the landing point. Today's gift was (no surprise) mesh nails.

Picture This! Poses - pretty gifts under they tree. You can pick up the PAST ones too.

Alli and Ali Hair (not exactly the correct name but I get tired of fixing that "and" sign when I update the page *wink*). Advent Calendar sign to the right as you enter the main shop. Click each day to get a RANDOM gift.

You can also find a SL December hunt list here. 


My Potlood Trench Coat is new from Ducknipple. I really like it! Color hud of course and there are some optional spiky metal sleeves as an add-on if you choose.

These really cute shoes are just out from Eclectica. Now I have to admit that I saw these before they arrived (I am thinking on Pinterest as I haven't been reading blogs lately) and I was REALLY hoping they might come my way.

They are beautifully made (click the photo for a larger view) and come in several color themes. While they ARE a vintage style I think they pair nicely with classic clothes like the trench coat.

OK. I just looked up in wikipedia and the Trench Coat was invented in the first world war. So THAT works -- even historically! Look for Eclectica Bowed Court Shoes.

My very pretty and sleek over the shoulder hair is actually a MALE release from eXxEsS -- CHORS. I am sure it will look great on Chav but I am not sure how often I'll be willing to share!

My location: Winter Scenes 2013

Poses by: aDORKable (marketplace still maybe - includes gift box)

Tree Lots

I haven't actually put up a Christmas tree in well over a decade. I prefer to see them in their natural state. The typist however lives in a land where a portion of the folks make their living selling holiday greenery and I do appreciate that it is a renewable resource. When said typist lived in Barbados there were actually trees there shipped in from Oregon. I can't tell you HOW EXPENSIVE those trees were.

The good news for us virtual folks is that you can have wonderful trees (natural and with lighting) easily this year. On the right we have trees from Sway's, on the left from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed starting December 1. Both are lovely and come in various styles as well as with lights from Trompe Loeil and in glittery colors from Sway's. I am showing you the old fashioned natural versions.

Since prims are getting precious at MOSP and I already had a house with holiday decor on premises, I decided that adding a tree sales lot to the full sim city was a great plan -- and fun.  Back in my youth I really enjoyed going to pick out the tree. Sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes "noble" -- each year was an adventure.

My sweater and scarf set (one item) is a new release from Ducknipple. Tons of choices for both scarf and sweater, I went in my usual form for the neutrals. This is exclusive for The Main Event.

These boots are also a new release from Ducknipple. They are exclusive for the Winter Trend 2013 event and come with a choice for wood or black soles and many colors for the main boot.

My jeans are really really old from KOSH. Glad I kept them!

Poses by: Diesel Works


I spend a lot of time up on my rooftop these days. It has become my spot for unpacking goodness and indeed it embraces much more atmosphere than my building pad.

New from ArisAris, the  Pointedly set. Top with jacket (all in one), leggings and unrigged belt combine to make a stylish statement -- definitely citified.

Shoe-wear needs to be both sleek and statement making with this set and these Miamai Moon pumps are a perfect accompaniment. The hud is both easy to use and extensive with many choices for nails and metal trims as well as skin tint pane. Find them for a few more days at Shoetopia

Hair by ploom

Poses by: Diesel Works

On the Road - Novus


I have been a long time fan of Steampunk -- for years. I lived in a steamy community a time or two and enjoyed it immensely. So when Chandra sent over a snapshot of a gown she was  working on -- I was excited.  The textures are beyond luscious.

Being a gal of my word I ventured forth to a NEW Steampunk area, Novus.  The colors are certainly steamy there *wink* but Victorian merges with tankers and trucks and I personally found that a little disconcerting.  Still I got some photos and I DID stretch my wings. So points for me.

This Duchess C. Influx attire from deviousMind is available at We♥Roleplay!  You can find it HERE .    (I always get lost over there.) The dress is materials enabled but I am a lazy gal and waiting for Firestorm to get the new viewer OUT of beta (there are some issues). So as you can see, it looks *damn* good without them - LOL.

My footwear is ultimately appropriate and newish (I was waiting for suitable attire).

These Victoria boots from CARGO come in several colors (black, blue, brown and used black). They are rigged mesh and come in standard sizes plus deformer. I am wearing a small which is my normal size. Nicely textured and detailed, they are also "server friendly" so you won't be losing your shoes when you teleport - LOL.

Always a good thing.

Metal colors can be changed via hud.

You can pick up the demo here.

Poses by: Diesel Works

On The Road - Pangloss

It's a picture perfect pink world at Pangloss. Romance and fantasy abound. Supersized books and animals dot the floral landscape and lovely music fills the air.

From the land tab:  "Everyone has an unique and unknown world churning underneath.  The ability to set yourself apart lies in whether or not you're willing to pull up the roots of who you are, and then plant yourself on the surface for all to see."  -BZ

New releases:

1 Hundred. Smexy Sweater (many color choices)
Ducknipple Sappy Legs w color change HUD (yes - pants and heels are ONE item).

Poses by: aDORKable


This week's meme asks how geeky we are. I am apparently 61 percent geeky -- and that works for me. Now geeky and nerdy and whatever are all variations on a theme. See Berry's post for a great chart. I am right down the center line (dreamer - inventor - intelligent - GEEK - obsessed - workaholic - fanatic). Well I don't think I get to fanatic often and I DO take work breaks. OK, not many. Not often.

Before we get to those not so important questions -- note that the Geeks’n'Nerds Fair has just opened. In the background you can see some fun things from Second Spaces. Computer cords, pens, games and other geeky and nerdy items add lots of atmosphere to your scene or home. 

There are also some great power strips and cord items that fit in more stately abodes.

Several variations (some much more complex and messy) are available.

My pose is from a set by Diesel Works available at the fair.

And now those meme questions:

What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above?

I think Geek fits me pretty well. I am most likely on the edge between geek and intelligent. Dreamer works itself into the mix quite often.

What was the first computer you ever owned?

I can't remember the name of the first one. It had NO software and you had to write your own programs (yes, really). At the time we were convinced we would never need another computer (OH, how naive). The first one whose name I recall was a Leading Edge.  Amazingly I remembered the computer from college (a roomed size thing) called the Alwac 3E. It had pink tape for input surpassing the cards LOL.

When and how did you first get on the internet?

It was early in 1996 I believe.  I wasn't interested in the internet until it got PRETTY and became the World Wide Web.

Which geek fandom do you subscribe to?

None and all is the most correct answer. Enjoy most of them and have watched most of the shows but not cemented to any one.

Star Trek or Star Wars?


And as I mentioned above my score was 61.


The typist was watching a television show the other evening, the protagonist loudly affirming that it wasn't cheating unless you were caught.

Now that has never been my point of view, but it got me thinking (OK, it was the next day in the tub where I do my best to ponder and solve world problems). We have a variety of issues in Second Life, not just the hijacking of our creations. Long before that --- LONG before -- a history of head hiding in the sand began. Not by creators of course, by The Lab.

Even though I haven't been around all that much of late, I frequent the SL Forums -- mostly MESH and MERCHANTS but I try to help out in other arenas if I know the answer. Not all that many folks are forum groupies. While I joined during instigation week, I didn't actually post much until a couple of years ago. The helpful folks in the mesh forum got me through the trials and tribulations of learning and I am deeply grateful for their assistance.

I learn a LOT on the forums as I generally never read the official Linden blog. Recently there was a post pointing out a new requirement for Marketplace merchants. Now this sounds reasonable enough. It appears (appears mind you) to be aimed at lowering the thievery and indeed the selling of stolen products on the Marketplace.  But let's look at this a bit more closely.

Let's overlook the probable (I did a small sampling among friends) flaws in the payment info system and the likelihood that it wouldn't be too difficult to "fake out" that requirement. Check forum posts if you want more info; I don't intend to pass along "cheating" methods *wink*.

Instead let's look at the Mesh thefts and illegal mesh items that abound on the Marketplace. Creators on the forums are forever complaining that fake account folks can upload stolen mesh faster than actual creators can legitimately build it. It has been going on a long while AND you can only upload mesh WITH Payment info on file and WITH the mesh test taken. So, in my mind the new requirement is just a step at placating the disheartened merchants, not at actually cutting down the selling of stolen goods on the Marketplace.

The Labs have given us plenty to be thankful for (it's that season unless you are in Canada where it has passed). Project Sunshine and the new Project Interesting will likely make life easier for many folks. I know Project Sunshine is working well for me when I am out in crowds (not often - granted). What they have not been good at -- historically or of late -- is keeping out cheaters.

First there was the copybot scandal, made possible by Linden Lab.  That was November 2006, long before my time. I have talked to some old timers and they agree that it was much like the current TOS issues with many merchants closing their shops rather than having their goods copied. The Lab's comment back then was that you couldn't copy scripts so it wasn't all that big a deal. That didn't sit well with TEXTURE designers, and clothes were all system based textures back then. I can still remember the copybot sentry scripts that would greet you at the entrance of most shops. Certainly annoying, but also understandable.

So from my point of view, Linden Lab isn't interested at all in protecting us, simply having it LOOK as they they are trying. LL seems to have taken themselves further out of the DMCA process with the current TOS; testing in court will be the only way to know if that is true.

Those of us still here are here. We have accepted in some way the "state of the nation". We may still be fighting on paper or in our hearts, but it is a quieter fight now -- something I expect The Lab counted on. I have no trust left and I do still believe there is more to this. New improvements to the platform, added "protection", all encompassing TOS.

It is their platform so it can't be cheating.
Content creators made this world.

You decide.

Festival of Lights

Out for The Neighborhood and just for Saturday you can find a pack of Festival of Lights items from Cheeky Pea. Two styles of Menorahs with candle lighting menu, three choices of wall stars, games and matches (found AFTER I took this photo).  The ezra table is from Second Spaces and goes very nicely.

I can't really tell you the tradition behind the Festival of Lights.  I am not an organized religion gal and while I have studied many beliefs I seem to embrace parts and pieces of each. That works for me.

If this is your holiday then you will definitely want to hop on over and pick these items up while you can. And while I do not claim to understand the deeper meanings of the items, I certainly appreciate the artistry.

They have a place in my "moving in" house from barnesworth annubis.

I am writing this at night and I am happy to say that my jpgs uploaded well -- that Blogger thing. Oddly enough this same sort of issue happened before -- months or years ago, I am not sure. I could upload at night and the photos were fine, but try the daytime? NOT good.

ANYWAY -- I thought I would show you my in process holiday abode. While I of course have a ton of items that I could use in this house, I decided to just let things come in as they would and let an eclectic style arise. So far it is working nicely.

The table from Second Spaces appeared out of nowhere tonight. The notecard tells me I have had it for a couple of months. It slipped by evidently. Things do. Automatic accept is good in many cases but other times not so much. OR we could just say that serendipity let it appear when it was needed. That works for me too.

Have a great weekend. Op Ed Sunday is scheduled to appear for you folks that like to read my musings.

Midnight Bathing

Simplicity is a lovely thing. Clean lines, smooth textures, calmness.

Out for My Attic from BAIASTICE, the Orly Lingerie set in ten luscious colors, both darks and pastels.

My backdrop is of course the ever so tasteful Trompe Loeil - Kumotori Bath House. Find it at FaMESHed for a few more days.

Hair is Kate from BAIASTICE

Pose by: iBang

Snow and Sun

Bright sun; crisp air. I lived in a climate like this for several years. I loved it -- most of the time.

New out today for My Attic, Carljin hair from MINA HAIR. Color packs are deeply discounted during the event. The knit cap is beautifully textured and there are texture can color choices so be sure and peruse those!

Click for larger photos; I'm still fighting the Blogger jpg resolution delema :D.

Also out for My Attic, new "Baby It's Cold Outside" (this round's theme) poses.

Five in all by PRETENSE.

And if you have a Trompe Loeil house, check out the new snowpacks. There are snow additions for both new AND SEVERAL OLDER and popular models.

You need both warm and sturdy footwear in the snow and these KOSH Collider shoes come in both plain and two-toned version -- and lots of colors.

My favorites are gray and violet but these worked better for the outfit. SO difficult to decide sometimes.

Find these of course at -- SHOETOPIA!

Pants, socks and armband are antiques.

When I Was Young - Introspection

see previous post for fashion credits

Regardless of your current number, how old do you actually feel?

You know I gave up "age" when I joined Second Life six or so years ago. I am whatever my profile says. Chic is anyway. The typist is old. We have established that. Does she feel old everyday? Nope. Some days yes, some days no. Most days it never enters her thoughts.

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Never trying. If you never try, you never learn what you can accomplish.  Sometimes you make it, sometimes not. Both results help you along your path.

If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

Well the short answer is that I would be long dead *wink*. The more possibly correct answer is - no differently.

Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

Both. Fairly equally.

Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

No contest. The genius.

Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

On good days, yes.

Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now?

Certainly not as much as it did then. But getting through that time made me stronger. Stronger is most often better.

At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Generally when I am creating. Now and then when the gentle breeze makes me stop and wonder at the beauty all around us.

If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

I did quit my job. And early and with a giant "pay cut". Money isn't a biggie for me. I have what I need. That's all that really matters. If I actually won a million dollars I might go back to work. There is plenty that can be done for people with a million dollars as backing.

If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?

I don't have a lot of people in my life these days. I see the folks I care about fairly often. I think about the others with fond memories. I would most likely call up my surrogate kid if he was around. Then again, he might be busy saying goodbye to HIS friends. I would understand that. Say what you want to say whenever you can. Then you have no real need for goodbyes.

What do you feel is the difference between being alive and truly living?


If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?

Not all of us are.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Nothing. I have never worried about the judgement of others, only of myself. 

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Enjoy each time in your life. They are all important. Don't be in a hurry to get to the next step.



First off let me apologize if this page is loading slowly for you. Blogger in its not so infinite wisdom has changed the way it uploads jpgs -- not "all" the time it appears but during the SL day (who knows).  So PNGs you get and along with the pretty pictures, some slower downloads. Hopefully they will remedy this soon.

THAT out of the way. Woot!  A great new pose set out from Diesel Works, Erotique. Lots of drama. Happily I was already dressed in naughty girl attire, so walking a few yards from my current home base was all I needed to do -- that and turn on depth of field.

My mini over leggings look is a new release from Ducknipple, Rabella. Color hud of course.

Hair Syra by eXxEsS. Top by 1 Hundred. Nails by Chandelle.

And here is a close up (click for larger view) of a new Shoetopia release from ArisAris, the AA11 Distinct Shoe. Many colors to choose from.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Erotique set


OMG it's Op Ed Sunday again and this has nothing to do with the August TOS !  I am not sure if I have given up or moved on or simply no longer have the energy to "go there" any longer. I do know that I am still not uploading (three months and counting).

MEANWHILE -- let's talk hunts.

I have been over at the unnamed grid for the last two months, stretching my abilities making all sorts of things I never dreamed about simply because I WANT THEM and they are not available. LOL. That necessity thing. I have made clothes and shoes and animation idles and even some pretty cool trees, all while waiting to see if I can feel comfortable building here again (OK I lied there is that TOS thing).

But after two months of 60 hour weeks I have made lots of content for that grid and am considered a bit of a wonder woman (small grid; it is easy to impress). And while I have been in SL daily to blog and take care of MOSP and even be on a TV show, I haven't been doing all that much. Now that I have made  a lot (A LOT) of content for that other grid (my primary goal there) I am ready to return in part to SL.

What to do? What to do?

MOSP is in good shape with some nice new builds courtesy of some of SL finest. Prims are getting close to the counting point so starting any large installations with content by other folks is kinda out of the picture.

Well, I could HUNT! I love to hunt.

And here is the theme of this post.   Now and then there are still "good hunts" on the grid, ones even us oldsters with voluptuous inventories want to partake in. They do seem to be getting further and further apart these days. I went through the current hunts, looked at the prize photos and ---- well this is a friendly blog so I won't go any further. Let's say I wasn't going to expend any energy.

I do believe it is a great thing to let all the new designers partake in the 'having a little shop' experience. I was there once. I still have 'a little shop', it just does pretty well after all these years and a hundred items on the Marketplace. I get it. I really do. And maybe for the new folk the thrill is still there. But for me? I want to be able to show you guys some great stuff. It is few and far between these days.

We can blame it on templates and yes, I have done that in the past. I currently blog for a few folks that use templates. I am aware of that. They, however, are EXPERT texturers and as another blogger long ago wrote, that in itself is a talent.

It is not MY talent and I am well aware of that when I made all my new clothes and shoes and hairs (oh my). I am getting better, but Photoshop and I (I use another program) are not the very best of friends. I am good with colors and patterns and style. I am not good at intricate pixelated goodness made with a drawing tablet.

So where does that leave us? I am not too sure. I don't feel the inclination to go forth and spend a day looking for stuff that you or I would never keep. So I suspect that until a stellar hunt comes along (the Rainbow one was a goodie) I won't be going in that direction. Lucky chairs aren't what they used to be. It seems like the freestyle lifestyle has in part left the building -- if we consider quality. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!  For sure. But as an old timer now who can look back, things have indeed changed.

It's not a bad thing. Designers work hard and deserve some lindens for their efforts.

As a designer, I am not planning on joining any hunts in the near future. I can't find one that I am enthused about and while they have -- in the past -- brought in sales revenue, the last few haven't been all that helpful.

So I think, in my "time off" from building I'll be going into explorer mode and hitting the road like I used to do intent on showcasing some fun and photogenic spots.

That seems to be my current plan.

Stay tuned.

The City Cobbler

Along with all the new releases at Shoetopia there are gifts (we like those) AND gatcha machines.  The gatcha areas are easy to find and you'll want to check them out for sure.

From Cheeky Pea -- the cutest ever cobbler's room set. So much fun and the details are superb. I hate to admit that I remember a lot of these items. Some were antiques in my time, some not.  Great additions for "clutter" in your home. And we all know that those little details make all the difference. The chair is "rare", the other items "common".

Also in this photo, some new limited edition boots from  *League*, the  Lauren Wedge Boots in purple. These come in various rigged sizes as well as a non-rigged version.

My studded jacket is new from Ducknipple. Look for the Wacko Jacket.

Pose by: the chair.

Quick Pick

Just a quick shot to let you know there is a super cute mixed pattern open shirt over at Miel for Fifty Linden Friday. It even fits chubby gals and Lani hasn't had anything new in A-G-E-S so she is a happy camper. It comes with a hud with about 12 colors (all the same pattern).

Pose by: Amacci

Weekend Laziness

I am settling in little by little, the new industrial loft from barnesworth anubis my home base for a time. I love the spaces and the shadows -- and of course the view of the city from many vantage points.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, the Chubby Armchair from {what next}.  Two plaid and two plain fabrics to choose from, the pillows are texture change. The chairs include a nice selection of animations for guys and gals including activities.

Shoetopia opens sometime today and it is looking good over there with most of the booths filled will goodness. Whether you are into boots, or sandals, or sockettes you will likely find something you can't live without.

You can find these By The Way mesh boots (unrigged) at the ArisAris display. With really lovely detailing they are perfect for those times between casual and dressy.

Hilton Sweater (color change by hud) by Ducknipple.

Pose by: the chair

Cloud Walk

Long ago and far away -- in virtual time anyway -- I walked the Shoe Fair in BAIASTICE sandals. I still have those sandals. I wear them often. They have lasting quality.  Shoe Fair isn't "Shoe Fair" this year, it has been resurrected as Shoetopia, opening soon.  There are no halls here, only open arcades and ethereal clouds. You won't want to miss this.

These Ellen Ankle boots come in both suede and smooth leather, eight colors in each. The smooth leather versions cover the neutrals scale in style with varying browns, a subdued red and a navy. The suede versions get a color boost with lemon, fuchsia, purple -- you get the idea -- as well as black and white.

The short boots come as rigged mesh in varying sizes as well as unrigged with built in foot adjusters. Perfect for pants or over tights, these are sure to be a plus in your winter wardrobe.

My outfit of the day includes a recent release jacket from BAIASTICE, the Fie blazer.

This of course is the zebra pattern. Many others are available.

Hair Pixivor by Vanity Hair

Leggings beyond antique.

Poses by: Diesel Works

Snow Walkin'

It was Blogger Day over at Shoetopia. I zipped over early this morning to an ethereal build, all white and fantasy-like with clouds setting in the valley -- or maybe there IS no valley and the venue is IN the clouds; just as likely.

As is the norm, there were lots of designers waiting until the last minute, but there was still plenty to see and there ARE some spectacular shoes to be had.

Of my personal favorites in the lazy days category (a place where I often hang out) are these Hugg Boots from Apple Fall -- the first shoe release from the well-loved store. These are gorgeously textured and super comfy. I so want some real life ones like this!   Perfect for the snowy days ahead.

These are the simplistic gray version -- so my style. Other versions are of course available. 

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Best and Worst Meme

Shoetopia opens SOON!  That is definitely on the BEST side of the ledger.

These new boots from lassitude & ennui are named Jolenta. Find them in many colors at the venue. Woot!

My outfit is from 1 Hundred and called Hottie. Shorts and top are sold separately. I "think" these are from The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. With so many things coming in and no notes showing up for me with deliveries (thank you SL) I am going with that hunch.

And you know what I found when I moved the new barnsworth anubis industrial loft up to the city?  There is a staircase inside. The building fits in well right next to my warehouse gym :D.  GREAT shadows abound. By now you know this is a COLLABOR88 release. Expect to see more photos here though. I am in love.

Very fitting pose, a new release from the Betty series by Diesel Works

Hair is Kimberly by EMO-tions.

And now the meme.

Best thing about Second Life: Enjoying the beauty and creativity of others.
Worst thing about Second Life: the new Terms of Service

Best thing in your inventory: WAY too many to decide upon one winner.
Worst thing in your inventory: No winners here either. I toss anything I will never use again *wink*.

Best earliest SL memory: Camping with friends (the money kind - not the roasting marshmallow event type)
Worst earliest SL memory: Getting ejected from a sim for no real reason other than the owner had apparently not taken her meds that day. Nasty talk. Much yelling on her part.

Best thing you learned because of SL: Blender!
Worst thing you learned because of SL: Trust can be misplaced.

Best thing about blogging: Getting into venues early without the crowds.
Worst thing about blogging: I will quote Berry here and agree: " Being lumped up into the same category with other bloggers that don’t really blog for the love of blogging, but do it so they can either beg for free things, harass designers or use it as a platform to spread hate and unnecessary drama."

Best thing to do first thing in the morning: turn on the computer
Worst thing do first thing in the morning: shovel snow

Midnight and Snow

I spent the early morning on my building pad. Dark night and snowy hills combined in a minimalist landscape of dramatic calmness.

* barnsworth anubis - industrial loft for COLLABOR88
* Atelier Visconti Fountain Tria
* Ducknipple Ezel dress with color and pattern changing hud.
* eXxEsS : SYRA hair
* lassitude & ennui blossom sandals

There is a bit of fantasy in this fountain, and an oriental flare. Animations as always are chosen wisely.

From Trompe Loeil we have another industrial build (note to self to get over to COLLABOR88 and see what's cooking this month). This build comes with three parts; a super long main house, a smaller guest house / workshop building and two open air modules. I love this long hallway!  For those of you really into details, the ambient occlusion bake on this is phenomenal.

Not in the market for a new abode? There is a super chair from Trompe Loeil. Beautiful lines!  An industrial chandelier is also new for this month's round.

This darling wooden dog lamp was out from Sways for Fifty Linden Friday. It missed that post, but I am guessing it is still around at the shop. So if cute, clever and doggie are all adjectives you love, zip on over. It comes both plugged and unplugged and also in blue or pink.

Poses by: the fountain

The Calmness of Neutrals

It's been "one of those days" in my world, when the powers that be conspire to keep you running in circles -- or so it seems. Happily I logged in to some new goodness with the calmness of earth tones. Getting grounded is good.

I am enthusiastic about this new open to the air skybox (or land house) from Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88. Simple, with great lines, it has an outdoor area which I appreciate. I somehow want to see it in snow with some scatterings of flakes on the patio. I had some great snow textured prims from {what next} some years ago, but they disappeared in one of my oh too frequent database fairy perges - alas. I think I still have ONE somewhere :D.

My outfit and hair are also from COLLABOR88, this time from BAIASTICE. Cropped pants mix with an oversized and eminently comfy top, perfect for wintertime lounging.

Now the well-used, well loved furnishing in the background SHOULD be inside. I know, I know. But I wanted to be out in the sunshine, so here they are. Find them at FaMESHed from Cheeky Pea.

And for you Fifty Linden Friday folks, don't miss these great wintertime "sick day" itms from Second Spaces.  Oh my! As I looked up that last URL I see that it is SNOWING at The Nest. Need to get over there. I am so ready for snow (virtually anyway).

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Timely Reflections

More from TRFF:

Hair: .ploom. Chelsea (small) - Ploomage (color huds)
Skin: Mystic Canvas [MC] Rocky Skin High A-Cup
Dress: Goth1c0: Vintage Skull Dress Teal

Furniture by UR for The Challenge, Mid-Century Modern.

Poses by: ploom @ TRFF

Playin' with the Boys

It's a Man's World -- or maybe not. This evening's foray into my review packs sent me on an androgynous trail. My skin is for guys but when I tried it on my normal shape it looked pretty good (ya know how that shifting genders thing can be). So I decided to dig out one of may androgynous shapes and do a styling.

Here's the lowdown:

Skin: Speakeasy :: Mason Skin (Rockabilly Fashion Fair) By now you MUST have the LM *wink*
Jacket and leggings from Munique (Rockabilly Fashion Fair)
Tie: KMADD Moda ~ Tie ~ Guitar Hero Red on Black [full]  (Rockabilly Fashion Fair)

Also from TRFF, this very cute guitar pose (guitar comes with) from Tabou.

Not to be left out of Y chromosome territory, a fantastic Foosball prop with poses (there is an adult version but I in my primness did not open it :D). from Cheeky Pea for The Mens Department!

Yeah guys!

Poses by: furniture, guitar and Torridwear (NLA)

Tonal Values

This is yet another post for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair, now open.  I had to smile tonight as I unpacked more goodness up on my building pad. It is -- well "cluttered" would be a correct term -- but in a good way. With so very many (and I DO mean that) packages to unpack, it will take me awhile to make my way through things.

While there is plenty of goodness to be found at the fair, I am mightily impressed with the skins. Honestly, this is almost better than skin fair *wink* with a slew of folks that I haven't heard of before. Whether they are new or I have just been out of touch, I know not. Either way, it is a good sign that choices abound these days.

This is Mystic Canvases [MC] Rocky Skin High A-Cup Nude. Now this is not a new store, but I can't remember trying on a skin before. Of the four skins in the blogger pack, I picked this one as it is the most "me". I love palish lips and smokey eyes. I am also partial to desaturated skin tones. So for me, this is a winner and I will be adding a big "SAVE" notation on the folder. There are Lola's Tango appliers available.

My outfit of the eve is from {Indyra}, the Raucous Top and bonus leggings. Comfy and well fitting, they keep with the low saturated theme of my evening's photos.  The guitar is from TRFF and from [geek].

I am in the Kuro In The Woods house again, part of The Challenge for creators. The bedroom set is from bauwerk at 22769.

Poses by: Vista Animations

Mid Century Modern

There have been times -- and I am sure there will be again -- when I wondered what on earth I could show you. Now is NOT one of those times. I have a slew of stuff and at least forty boxes to unpack. The bounty over-floweth. I will do my best to show you as much as I can, but the five posts a day work ethic has left the building. My plate is very full at the moment.

IN THIS POST --- A really cute outfit with wide and straight legged jeans (with cuffs) from Paperbag at the Rockabilly event. By now you should know all about it, but here is the web page and by the time you see this post, it will be OPEN.  I have to say that honestly I cannot remember a venue that sent out SO MUCH stuff to the bloggers. My IMs were capped today and I have been deleting my email messages twice a day there are so many. There are some really fun and stylish items to be had , so if this is your style you definitely want to venture over.

My skin is [.Riel.] Aurora-Rockabilly and while this is not my typical skin, I have to say I really like it. Super striking with bold makeup, the face is very lovely. So if you are a pale skin gal, be sure and check out the demo. 

It is a new month for The Challenge Creators and the theme is a fitting one for the Rockabilly event -- retro and all that jazz. So you will be seeing my house set up in a few more posts.

Featured here are items from .:UR:. , the Reader Living Room Set,with texturing done by Lilly Juno. Now in the past UR has presented full perm mesh objects to the Challenge but the notecard suggests that these textured items are available. They are extremely nice and definitely mid-century so if retro is your thing, I suggest you venture over and check things out.

The house is the Mid Century Modern item from Kuro, In The Woods. For whatever reason, the doors are my favorite part. Who know? We all have our history. Bold colors and clean lines rule here.

Poses by: LAP (nla)