Mischa Ethereal Islands

It is easy enough to forget about romance. Sometimes we are pulled in too many directions and there simply is no time.  Or perhaps we just convince ourselves that is true.

But beauty doesn't ask much of us -- just a moment to enjoy.

A deep breath to take in all that lies around us.

A few moments in time to remember that we once wanted to be a fairy princess or the knight in shining armor.

Mischa Ethereal Islands from Trompe Loeil for Uber. Floating island, lamp post and roses with candles come in a set. Lounger with many many texture options can be purchased separately or with island. Both PG and A versions available.

Garden Romance

Valentine's may have passed but there is still plenty of romance at Uber!

This lovely strapless gown with optional collar comes in many lovely colors including rose. Find it at the Baiastice booth.  Perfect for dancing, the full skirt glides artfully with each step.

From Cheeky Pea, the Ethereal Arbor Set which has versions for any prim budget.  The basic set shown here included the arbor  (3 land impact) and the bed with pillows, throws and lighting (10 land impact).   A menu let's you add greenery, drapes and some lovely delicate white flowers. These additions will increase the land impact substantially. Both PG and adult versions are available.

It feels like Spring is on its way.

Hair by DIVA

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Pretense and aDORKable

The Colors of Spring

It's not quite Spring for those of us in the Northern climes, but it is getting closer every day. Can you feel it?  I can!

Sway's has lots of great items to get you in the light and airy moods of the upcoming season.

First up, because we all like a bargain -- Sway's [Floria] Hanging Plants  in both five and three pot versions -- rainbow or white.   And Sway's texture change [Lemar] Crate Stools -- both sitting style with animations and open to house your "stuff" :D.

Find these out for FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY.

You can find Sway's Guitar Shelf at Lost and Found. It comes with decor or empty.

A Morning in Fall

larger photo here

While Spring  is on its way in my neck of the corporeal world, Fall is indeed my favorite season. Over at Saint Pete City, the leaves are golden and falling. The sun is bright, the morning crisp and subtle smoke floats in the air.

larger photo here

From MEVA for Whimsical, the Cubes set which includes collar, bangles, ring and boots. Both black and brown leathers can be found.

I am especially fond of the collar which looks a bit like a tie. Many possibilities are roaming in my mind as I type.

The Bustier Dress from Baiastice is a fitting companion and I am still (STILL) in the new Chocolat hair from eXxEsS.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: [KoKoLoReS] and aDORKable

Bright Lights Big City

larger photo here

Super cute new retro hair with hat from Vanity Hair for Tres Chic's Fifties Glam Theme (Miss Fisher), meets up with the ArisAris Never Doubt Dress, a fitted mesh gift at the Hipster Fair. A super fun way to move backwards in time.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: aDORKable

Gacha Gacha

You still have time to make it over to The Gacha Garden and get a complete Cozy Dinner ensemble from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Gray scale and subtle tones let these items work into many decor schemes.

large photo here

There are many item to collect. My favorites are the wire frame chairs and the book inside the cage.  The shabby rug is also very convincing! 

Take your chances and see what you get to bring home.

Hipster Fair

The Hipster Fair is all about neon, glow and brilliant hues of glow in the dark paint. I was very happy I had changed into my new Hipster Fair release from Ducknipple BEFORE I visited. Everyone walking around was, indeed, "hip" -- or at least they LOOKED hip *wink*.

The complete outfit is an exclusive fair release and even includes jewelry (earrings too) and some great rigged boots that work perfectly with the jeans and fit Maitreya -- and likely many other bodies as well as the default avatar. Just turn on the new alpha for feet and you are set.

 Very convincing fringe adds a finishing touch to the nicely designed draped vest with tank (a combo).

Hair: Chocolat by eXxEsS

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Everglow and aDORKable

Wrap Me in Roses

Some luscious color combos make up the new Cheeky Pea Spring Shaded Garden Snug out for LTD.  Add one of the new Opened Back Blouses from MYNX  (tons of colors AND sizes) to make a perfect pairing while we wait for Spring.

The Snug weighs in at a mere 10 land impact and boasts a lattice shade roof. Perfect for quiet conversations.

And then there is the back of the blouse. Buttons add a special touch.

{MYNX} Heart Hoop earrings add an extra touch of romance; and we can all use romance!

Yoga Pants by {MYNX}

Hair: Lelutka Material (old)

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: the snug and aDORKable

Shiny Shabby Anniversary Wrapup

Venturing back to Shiny Shabby in the early morning hours of Saturday, I found the streets much less crowded, pink snow falling and photo ops at my fingertips.

*LODE* Accessory - Blossoms [single peony]
/// offbeat /// winter cap color 03
Tracei Floral Cluster- Black earrings

American Beauty Turtle Chin Knit Dress Dark Grey
R.icielli - EIRA High Heels navy 
.Inhale. Pharisees Leg Tattoo

DIGS  Hortensia Sink
+CONVAIR+ Pipe Chandelier 
[ kunst ]  Dandelion pallete art II

I am guessing that by NOW you may be able to get over to Shiny Shabby and help celebrate. It is quite a party!

[sYs] CHARLEY bag
###  [PUMEC]  - MARIKO -  March Lelutka head applier with makeup hud
Storybook - Serendipity - Polka Dot dress (light gray style in the pack also)
+elua+ Latifah hair

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: aDORKable and tea soup

The Story Behind the Story

This post is the story behind "this post" :D.

It is Sunday afternoon and both bloggers and designers fill seats at the theater hosted on Hope 5 by Prim and Pixel to learn about blogs and bloggers.

* * * * * * * * *

Now most of you know that I have been building as long as I have been blogging. I am not a top tier creator but my SL earnings pay a good percentage of my monthly bills.

I have well over 5,000 SL blog post under my belt.

So "who" showed up at the event. Chic the builder or Chic the blogger?

The blogger won.  Happily the sim was running well and typing was quick and easy. Quite a few of us had things to say as our fingers replied to the voice conversations going on.

We spent most of the hour talking about how to find "niche" bloggers, specifically for Cain Maven of Maven Homes who builds some incredibly lovely --  and large -- homes.

It is difficult sometimes with one leg in the designer world and the other in that of the press. I usually find myself defending the bloggers though. I don't think designers as a whole understand "us" all that well.  Happily I have a great group of folks that I blog for. I like their work. They like mine. I tend to believe we respect each other.

The details of the conversations aren't all that important; they seemed both fair and balanced. While I suspect that I am an atypical blogger -- keeping only those things that I know I might use in the future or are just too wonderfully nichey (yep, I know that isn't a word but it should be). Still we are not all greedy folks who just want to stuff our inventories to see who can reach 150,000 items first.

Cain was generally upset that his houses often become the backdrop for furnishing, fashion and OMG skin posts.  Now, I am REALLY smiling here as I was undoubtedly in that list of sinners.  A year ago, the DAY I got my Maitreya body, I did a blog post on one of his smaller houses.  And yes, I was showing off my new body, so in love with it. You could of course see the house prominently in many photos taken and it may have generated some sales or interest. At least I didn't fill it with furniture and decor.

I take no offense whatsoever at being one of his failed blogging attempts (my words, not his at all). And again, I am still smiling.

So THAT'S the story behind the post of yesterday -- which as of this writing I have not done. I am heading over to Expo now completely clothed and with no intent at all to even be IN THE PHOTO.  And perhaps, this time, I'll do a better job *wink*.


Now I don't think anyone will understand why a blogger blog, what drives us and calls us with a Siren's song. No doubt we each have our own reasons.

I enjoyed my Architectural Digest-esce photo shoot yesterday eve. On many levels, it had me smiling -- and I sometimes forget that part of the puzzle.

My post turned out more like a poem than an ad, which seemed to be what was wanted.  But  -- at least there was no underwear *wink*.

Go forth.

Be you! Be strong! Be true to yourselves!

Sky and Shadows

I am seduced by vista. Open spaces, endless skies -- they wrap around me, a comforter on a chilly evening.

Views in all directions;

room for friends and family -- laughter, toasts and warm  goodnight kisses.

This is not a house for those that want to hide from the world. Its residents live out loud, bold in their understanding of themselves; ready to leap when the moment calls.

It is a house of dreamers.

A house of lovers.

A house to escape, unwind and remember how to use our moments to their best.

The Barcelona

Maven Homes
Home and Garden Expo - Hope 8

Small photos - expansive house.

See the Flickr album here.

Shiny Shabby First Anniversary 3

A few more great things from Shiny Shabby's Anniversary event. I went over Saturday Morning in the early hours and picked up a few more gifts so this won't be my last Shiny Shabby post for sure. Today, with thinning crowds I could even see the new releases -- and that was a treat.  What is Second Life without texture?

*COCO* Gift_Boyfriend Jeans (Teal Blue)
Essenz  Congo (Peach) heels (really lovely and I'll bet you want some other colors)
[elikatira] Kiki hair
Plastik  Bhajin Earring (various sizes and also a charcoal version)
Empyrean Forge Taos Ring

The Cube Republic Peyote groupings (many in the set)

A perfectly matching {MYNX} Opened Back Blouse in nude (new release) completes the outfit.

Serenity Style  Rusty Chest set
[Toiz] watercolor frame (blue)

Above, a leftover from day one's post that got too long and before I realized how much there was to feature :D

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: LAP (nla) and an lar (gift at the event)

Shiny Shabby First Anniversary 2

Honestly there are way too many great gifts at Shiny Shabby (opens at noon) to post them all. I have one more feature after this, but I wanted to show you my personal favorites.

[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots, boot jeans and belt. These are unisex and I am wearing the smallest size. I need a bit more "bum" as my surrogate mom would say but most of you have that :D. Great for guys too. Boots in third photo.

N-Uno - Leather Bag - Brown   A really fun Boho bag!

=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Lila" (most in fantasy colors; this is the one "natural" :D)

Real Evil necklace

Empyrean Forge: Taos ring (color change and VERY lovely)

Bauhaus Movement - Cody's Goggles

larger photo here

Put it together and you have a great outfit.   Faulin top by Ducknipple from last year.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Poise, aDORKable

Golden Girl

larger photo here

There are days when all seems right with the world, when everything you want appears in your grasp and the landscape is bathed in a reflective glow.

On those days -- you feel like a golden girl.

HAYSURIZA Eyewear and bow Play with gold

These glasses come with a huge menu of choices, but really. How can it get better than golden sunflowers?  :D   Earrings are also in the set.

Hair: eXxEsS Chocolat (new)

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: aDORKable

Shiny Shabby First Anniversary

Shiny Shabby celebrates one year with the official bash beginning at noon on Saturday. And in the best Second Life tradition, designers are thanking us (clap - clap) with some lovely presents.

Larger photo here.

It has taken me most of the afternoon to unpack and coordinate. And of course some designers weren't set up for blogger preview day so I am missing their presents. But here are a few. More tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: aDORKable

Hunting for the Guys

My old blogger buddy Wonder did a little hunting last weekend. Here are his personal picks from the Jack and Jill Hunt and the Menstuff Hunt. He didn't hit all the shops, so this isn't a definitive listing by any means.

At the top of his list is this great jacket and underlayers (hoodie plus tank) from Rispetto Designs, the Devin Jacket (Jack and Jill).

His jeans are from HORR on the Menstuff Hunt.

Skin from 7 Deadly Skins on the Jack and Jill Hunt and hair from Rawhouse on the Menstuff Hunt get him updated nicely.

The guitar pose prop (with guitar rezzer and music) hales from RnB on the Jack or Jill hunt.

Pose by: estetica

Mystical Fire

large photo here

A beautiful new hair from eXxEsS, Chocolat,  mixes with some exceptional gifts from the Jack or Jill Hunt. You don't want to miss these.

Empyrean Forge -  Imbolc Bands
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails  appliers, Black Tie Affair

And a gorgeous underbust ink- -[ TrevaH ]- Manaya Tattoo

Lumae Eirtae - Solaris skin

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: Orc

Love in Blues

We tend to think of love as girlie, pretty pinks, hearts, flowers, "bunnies" :D. And it IS all that.

But the Y chromosome set loves too. They don't always show it the way gals do; you have to read between the lines --- a lot. But once you understand the language of that manly kind of love, it's easy enough to live with and smile from time to time.

I give you Love in Blue.

From Cheeky Pea for Kustom9, Chalky Paint Tables (many colors with absolutely gorgeous textures)  and the Polaroid Light String with five places for your lovey dovey photos :D.

From ChiC buildings for On9,  "Love Grows" and Planter with Foliage - His (both come in pink versions also).

And from Sway's for Whimsical,  [Zodiac] Wall art - Pisces. Win your sign from the gacha; share with friends.

The  [Ihina] Rug with fringes (color change) is also from Sway's.

Forgotten Memories

It is strange how memories resurface; it seems they are never really lost.

Long ago and far away I saw a film called "The Portrait of Jenny". It was already a classic; I was a child. There was something about that film that haunted me.

And yes, you guessed it, there was a lighthouse -- or at least I remember one. Memories can be tricky at times.

From Trompe Loeil, the lighthouse many of us have been waiting for. A tiny poster at COLLABOR 88 proclaimed it upcoming arrival, just a tad tardy.

Well it was definitely worth the wait.  The Marin Lighthouse is spectacular and a reasonable 85 land impact with beautiful textures and enough windows that you can see forever.

A cross genre build, I can see anything from Coastal to Steampunk fitting into this lovely space.

If you have ever wanted to leave a dream -- get yourself over to COLLABOR88 and walk into the past.


Do we all have an exotic side? A part of us that wants to go beyond everyday thoughts and worries and reach to find a bit of mystery beyond the sometimes boring constancy of life?

I do.

From White Widow  -- Lagaan C in white, black and henna. Appliers are included for many mesh bodies and you are able to choose the denseness of the ink.

From Kunglers -- Shani earrings and necklace in amethyst (ruby is also available).

Find them at On9

Hair .:EMO-tions:. * TIZIA (old)

Baiastice mini top


Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: Helamiyo (Geometry 1)

The Other Side of Expo

Now you may think there is nothing for you at the RFL Home and Garden Expo.

You may think you have everything you need OR you make your own home and garden items.

It's true that you won't find your next pair of stilettos or that new updo hair you have been looking for, but you would be surprised what is hiding out among the cottages, mansions and tons of furnishings and decor.

Did you ever want to grow a garden?   Well even if you live in a small apartment in the city -- you CAN. Virtually that is.  You will need land of course, but a new adventure might be just what you need.  Head over to Hope 6.

My Expo plot is right next to the Breedables Fair and of course I couldn't help camming over to watch what was going on there.

This is Grizelle. Isn't she C-U-T-E!

So perhaps a pet might be in your future.

I love Pearl. She is such a GOOD kitty.

Hope 10 is where you'll find your new best friend.

Over at Hope 3 you can find full perm items including textures, mesh and animations.

This modular closet set is one of the many items available at Fabric Lab - Hope 3

Pick up some textures and do a little do-it-yourself redecorating.

Fabric Lab


Undies applier by Lacuna

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Poses by: aDORKable (nla gacha)