Pasta Making Time

This is the best Fifty Linden Friday I have seen in awhile so make sure you check out all the offerings.

Here, a pasta making board from Dust Bunny. Beautifully detailed. Beware if your computer isn't hefty though; this is heavy mesh. You can see the demo inworld at the sales point and check it out. Very pretty!!!

Other kitchen items include:

--ANHELO-M51CM-186GA :: coffee mill
KOPFKINO - Farmhouse Flair - Utensils tray
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles
Decor Junction Mesh Vintage Wall Scale

ChiC buildings Victorian Kitchen Wall with Sink and ladder and dishes (part of a kitchen set on sale at the Hop and Shop)

Boat Lounging

New from Tromp Loeil, the Hyannis Boat Lounge which comes in natural as well as a lighter version. Both pillows and cushion have texture change options.  Beautifully detailed, it has long LODs for outdoor use.  This takes up a fair amount of room and weighs in at 14 land impact.  Find it at Uber.


MOoH! Tied underbust dress color change hud (same pattern but different hues) and numerous mesh body fits including legacy. A free item on the Teleport Hub group. Find it here.   Landing point is far far away from the vendor. Follow your arrow to the Group Gift area.

Hair: ELIKATIRA Juniper gift at Hop and Shop

Pose by: the lounger

Painted Shadows

A happy shadow accident, this looks like some fancy painting after effect but it is not.

Sometimes magic happens when you aren't looking.


Seniha. Alba Set at Cosmopolitan

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cheri"

Second Spaces - Nola shuttered cabinet - white/open

Pose with books  by: Nantra

Meet The Lindens

The Meet The Linden talks start today at SL16B.   The stage has been moved today, so it is HERE not where you expect it to be :D.

EDIT: If you got in congrats. The auditorium seemed to be on lockdown which seems pretty strange. With only 33 people it couldn't be connected to. Flying didn't work (many tried) and the auditorium and surrounds (road too) disappeared in the mysterious transparent way it can.  The place is full now. It was working fine for me at 10 when another talk was going on.  Hopefully there will be a video.

50s attire not required, but fun.

Here is the rundown of speakers:


{AnaMarkova} Valentina  Lara Peach
[evoLove] - Cat - Eye - Sunglasses - Silver

Vanity Hair: The Hamptons-Auburn

Pose by: aDORKable

Fantasy Flowers

Feeling in the mood for some fantasy.


deviousMind  Sylvari - LARA vineHarness and Armband *

Roawenwood Spring Fae Chair in Purple  (currently closed see below)
Roawenwood Fairy Grasses Color Grasses


Pose by: the chair


A sunny and bright early morn at the Farmer's Market. Sidestepping the dogs and the strollers, now it is time for decisions.


Baetik : Sanaa Top (large variety of colors - fine knit)

Baetik : Sanaa Pants (plains and patterned - cropped and tailored with loose fit - includes version for legacy avatars)

Well rigged;  both at Cosmopolitan

Necklace: Meva Thors Hammer Necklace Brown

Hair: eXxEsS AMAIA (new release)

Pose by: SEmotion

Hop and Shop June 2019 - Store List and Highlights

It's that shopping extravaganza time again! Shop and Hop is a Linden sponsored event in connection with SL16B.

June 20th through July 7th


Dead Dollz - Izabel - Azure

Hair: Lamb. Angel

Come celebrate, save some lindens and pick up 100 gifts -- how can you go wrong?  This summer's event features a large percentage of female wearables and plenty of hair. Home and Garden is well represented and there are fantasy niche brands sprinkled amid the more mundane genres.

There are a few shops for the menfolk, but  gals once again are the target market -- or at least were the brands who applied!   Each store should have a gift. My personal recommendation is to keep your inventory open so you can see if you really have the gifts you believe you picked up.

There are twenty shops per region and five regions to explore.   You can cam shop from adjacent sims, but my experience over the last few days leads me to believe the end zones work best for picking up demos and scoping out new creators. Most shops have either photos or the gift item out so that you can see; much less work when you only pick up what you think you can use.

Most (not all) shops have items discounted from 20 percent to 75 percent. There are some new marketing ploys this round too, so read careful and be good little consumers.  Note that some vendors (even the old legacy prim ones) will ONLY deliver if you are standing very close to them. This without lag and before opening. No clue as to why.

Dress down and stay on your toes if you venture over during the first couple of days.


.miss chelsea. Kaia Jumpsuit Plum (sleeves are optional)

Caboodle - Camille Tied Sweater - Floral - (matching skirt not shown)


Victorian Garden Gazebo Set - ChiC buildings (not a gift)


(top photo)

-Narcisse- Ashley Monokini

(bottom photo)

Tres Blah - Ginger Halter with Fatpack hud - plains and patterns

EarthStones Ferris Necklace

Hair: [elikatira] Juniper - essentials hud


Eliavah ~ Amaranthine Blouse

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Miya hair-

Along with my photo outfits, some of my other favorites gifts include:

.peaches. The Queen's Peace

*Vanilla Bae* Catalina Dress

Seniha. India Boots // Teal

[InsurreKtion]  (three gifts)

!APHORISM! - Thyme Winter Sweater (red - sizes for both gals and guys)

ASO! SL16B Sandal (9colors)

fashionably dead Youthquake dress (many colors - plains and prints)

LYBRA . SLB16 GIFT (denim and print mini)

Lowen - Chloe Bag (many colors with choice of gold or silver metals)

Here is a full list of participants with the sim assignments (minus some that were added to replace those that never showed up - so if you go to s region and find a brand missing they apparently didn't attend *wink*).

::ZED:: Designz for MEN and Bella Moda    Halcyon
:UNA:    Gilded
!APHORISM!       Tinseled
.{PSYCHO:Byts}.     Golden
.ICONIC Hair       Tinseled
.peaches.    Tinseled
[ Aleutia ]       Halcyon
[^.^Ayashi^.^]        Gilded
[InsurreKtion]       Aurelian
{amiable}        Golden
{Buing}        Gilded
{le fil cassé}       Aurelian
{Limerence}      Aurelian
{ViSion}      Golden
Addams       Halcyon
alaskametro<3 halcyon="" nbsp="" p="">alme.        Gilded
Alpha Male       Tinseled
anxiety        Golden
Apple Fall       Tinseled
Apple May Designs     Tinseled
ARATA       Gilded
Ariskea    Aurelian
ASO!      Halcyon
Baiastice       Gilded
Bauhaus Movement      Tinseled
Blueberry      Gilded
Blushed    Aurelian
Bombae     Aurelian
Caboodle      Halcyon
Candy Kitten       Aurelian
Canimal      Halcyon
Casse lustre    Tinseled
ChiC buildings      Golden
Dahlia        Halcyon
Dead Dollz    Aurelian
DUFAUX | mesh boutique      Tinseled
E.V.E       Golden
EarthStones      Halcyon
Eliavah        Aurelian
ELIKATIRA        Halcyon
ella       Aurelian
Envious      Golden
Evie       Golden
Fallen Gods Inc.     Aurelian
fashionably dead     Gilded
Formanails     Halcyon
FOXCITY    Tinseled
Foxy       Tinseled
Garbaggio    Halcyon
Hangry       Aurelian
Hello Dave    Halcyon
JellyRoll  Gilded
Kaerri        Aurelian
KOR       Tinseled
KuddelMuddel        Gilded
Lamb       Tinseled
Lapointe and BastChild     Golden
LURE        Golden
Lybra     Golden
Mangula      Gilded
Masoom        Aurelian
Melon Bunny       Tinseled
Miss Chelsea      Aurelian
MIWAS        Halcyon
MODA       Halcyon
Mon Cheri      Halcyon
moss&mink      Halcyon
narcisse       Aurelian
neve    not    Aurelian
New Faces       Halcyon
no.match_       Golden
Petit Chat Original    s  Golden
PinkRayne       Golden
Rama       Gilded
RAPTURE        Halcyon
Revoul        Gilded
RIOT     Golden
SEmotion      Golden
Seniha Originals        Tinseled
Silence.        Tinseled
Silvan Moon Design       Gilded
Sintiklia       Gilded
Slink       Tinseled
spectacledchic      Gilded
Spoiled        Gilded
Stardust   s    Tinseled
Sweet Thing.      Golden
Tentacio        Tinseled
toksik    Aurelian
Tres Blah      Tinseled
Valentina E.    Golden
Vanilla Bae        Gilded
Vanity Hair        Aurelian
VARONIS        Gilded
vista animations        Golden
What Next       Gilded
Wilds of Organica        Halcyon
Zibska        Gilded

Poses by: aDORKable, Posesion 

Waiting Game

Birthday regions and Hop and Shop stores open tomorrow at 10.  Over on the forums there is MUCH speculation going on re the new style of Bellisseria homes.  All will be revealed soon. 

Meanwhile I spent the eve resting and relaxing at the pool (in a new gift from the Shop and Hop).  Stay tuned for all the news manana.


swimsuit (not telling until tomorrow)

Trompe Loeil - Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse PG

Hair: (not telling until tomorrow)

Pose by: the pool

Opening Doors

the seduction of moonlight --


Ricielli - Lyssa Sleepwear Shorts  ACCESS birthday gift (free group)

KUNGLERS - Valeria rings (with texture hud) at SENSE EVENT

:::NOIR::: Carina Necklaces at Cosmopolitan

Hair: Amacci Hair - Kayla

Pose by: Status [nla]

Lemonade Lounging

New here at Tres Chic, a big collection of frosty lemonade in classy wire top bottles -- and with Bento holds. Happily the hold also work with some furniture giving you even more photography options.  Choices include a crate option in various colorful flavors which gives out lemonade to guests. Typing "cheers" in chat instigates a toast.  Single bottles and groups of bottles act as decor props and there is a wearable option that comes with a hud that let's you choose between four Bento holds as well as turning drinking on or off. Find them all at the No.59 booth.

From Cherry Bloom at Cosmopolitan, the Alexa dress with panties comes in six basic plain colors or choose the fatpack for a large variety of plains and prints.

Decor by {what next} and ChiC buildings

Hair: no.match  NO LONGING at Hop and Shop (gift)

Pose by: the chair and aDORKable

Mellow Yellow

Once again Scandalize has a great group gift out for Vanity fans. The Leidy gift comes in two styles (with and without cross strap) as well as plain yellow and ombre (with teal). Popular mesh body fits.  Find it near the entry landing point in a corner.

Mesh India - Wonder Background backdrop

Poses by: Couple Pose **Bittersweet**! at Cosmopolitan Monday

What's New in Bellisseria - June


Our Bellisseria covenant has changed at least four times now -- maybe more since I don't bother to read it daily. And with the covenant info differing from both  the wiki or the Knowledge Base article, well it's pretty difficult to tell what rules should be followed.

A long and heated debate towards the end of May looked at the commercial aspects of living in Bellisseria asking what really was "legal" and what was not allowed.  The waters were murky.

On the June 4 Patch Linden address the question of commercialism on the new continent with comments that were clear and precise. Yes! 

So for those of you wondering, here are some forum quotes .

If a content creator is using a Linden Home as a display model to feature content they’ve created specifically for a Linden Home, this by itself is ok.  What you may not do is put up signage on the parcel that advertises it, your store, brand, redirect people away from the home for purchases, etc.  You can not sell items off your parcel.  

*  Also, the little cafe/pub type places that have popped up are really awesome and fun, but should also follow the same sorts of guidelines.

When Jeremy Linden's  Knowledge based article was updated (somewhat) for the new homes there was text referring to "commercial areas" (that seems to have been removed now) and several of us were discussing that on the forums.  Patch's update gives more hints to what that may have referred to:

We have other plans in place to satisfy requests for something like a yard sale, where you could feature Linden Homes add-ons in a communal area already in place, to come soon™.


Plot Roll Number Three

The next edition of the traditional homes appeared on Belliserria June 5, 2019. By the June 6 several regions will filled with homes, place-markers for homes and layout grids for homes. It was great fun to watch the process.  

Below is a shot from above with borders, and houses. Also in the process were bright green "Monopoly-like" pieces to show where house would set -- this for visualizing I assume in the landscaping process. 

On June 7 new sims were added to the Bellisseria continent filling in the landmass and adding areas for houseboats and a large communal houseboat area.

June 11th unveiled many new houseboat slips as well as a new dock and airstrip landmass with plenty of places to party. Or?    I am guessing maybe another "pickle hut".

By June 12th the map of the new lands looked like this:

With the empty grassy regions filled with more traditional homes, the ratio of homes over houseboats will be substantial. This seems optimal since the last roll was 709 houseboats with many folks taking a houseboat when they actually wanted a house.

By June 14th, many more houses and plots filled in the empty areas.  With plenty of work still to be accomplished there is no official word yet as to when the roll will happen.

And as my report posts, we can see the layout on the map for the new regions. It is looking great over there.

Plenty of work yet before Bellisseria can welcome more residents.



:BAMSE: Deadeye Glasses - Silver (anniversary gift at Cosmopolitan)

Alli&Ali Designs Susie Hair Dark Chocolate V2 (voting present)

Backdrop: Paparazzi - Fade to Black - 13

Pose by:Amitie

Quiet Moments


Baiastice Pierre Dress - available in many colors as well as a fatpack with bonus prints. Popular mesh body fits as well a legacy.  Find it here.

*AvaWay* ZOI_Bracelet

Hair: Wasabi Pills Cleo

Pose by: aDORKable

The Willfulness of Spring


Seniha. Erica Set with Erica heels at Cosmopolitan  (full color huds with print options for the top).

Deep Static :: DS :: Annie Glasses at Vintage Fair


Pose by: Diesel Works


Love the look!


[G-SHOT] YELENA Crop Top and shorts with phone (extensive hud available) at Cosmopilitan

 alaskametro "Norma" shirt - Black (applier)

Deep Static :: DS :: Nancy Sunglasses  at The Liaison Collaborative

Hair: lock&tuft - hype - pushed back (huge hud with lots of choices) GIFT at Cosmopolitan

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Grime Block Balcony
ChiC buildings cargo crates and crates with tire

Pose by: Everglow

Gym Bound


Native - Nora Set Hood, Shorts and Tub (many color choices or extensive fatpack hud) at Cosmopolitan

BONDI . TheOscuro Sunglasses at Cosmopolitan

No.59 H2O Splash water Bottle

Paparazzi - Fade to Black - 11

Pose by: Helamiyo and the water bottle


Happy Pride.

Fancy Decor * Marketplace * Free * Indoor LODs or LOD4 * beautifully modeled.

MMM June

It's Monthly Midnight Madness time. Grab your HUD from the group archives and head over to your favorite spots.  Claim your prizes before the clock runs out, or if you are sleeping in, purchase the items at a low cost (sometimes even free to store group members.

You will need to drop most of your mesh parts in order to have an avatar complexity below 25,000. That's the new target that must be met for prize delivery. 

Here are just two of the gifts you can pick up before noon -- or until they are gone. 

Left: from Salt and Pepper
Right: from The Forge

Poses by: LAP [nla] and aDORKable


It's a good time to be premium if you have been trying to get into Cosmopolitan. Not only are this round's offerings creative and fun, there are presents --- and we all like presents.

Soon, getting in will be a bit easier. In the meantime along with some great Home and Garden items, summer tops won many thumbs up from my gals. So here we are with a few of the items you can look forward to in the 7th Anniversary Event.

Left:  adorsy - Cosmopolitan Anniversary  Gift

Middle:  **UTOPIA@Design** - "DIANA"    with **Real Evil** Spiral Earring Gift

Right: {ViSion} //Top Tisha

Hairs:  Navy+Copper - Black Tea  ,  NO.MATCH NO STRESS -- new at Cosmopolitan,   ICONIC:HF:KATHERIN

Poses by: aDORKable, the Raindale - Larmare bar stool (gift in pink) @ Cosmopolitan, and ChiC buildings


It's getting to be that sun and surf season, frilly girlie dresses in bright colors and all the other good things that happen when the sun shows its smiling face.

From -Sorumin at Cosmopolitan,  Beach Dress (well that's a simple designation). Lots of bright stripes and plains as well as my favorite, this sunny print.

Grab your quarter and take a chance (no rares) on these cute camp canoes from Trompe Loeil.  Both singles and couples animations.  Several pretty colors.

Hair: no.match NO STRESS at Cosmopolitan

Earrings:  (Kunglers Extra) Eliza leaf earrings

Pose by:  aDORKable

Clean and Tidy

Another fun new release at Cosmopolitan, the KOPFKINO - Washing Day gacha offers so many beautifully model items for your home laundry and mud room.  A big set includes several items that wouldn't fit into my shot. Oh my!

The colors are gray scale with blue.  A caveat here as these items are for the most part not a "game assets" meaning in this case you could think of them as "primmy". So they will not work well for folks on land impact budgets. Still, if you have the land and a hefty computer, this is a lovely set. 

Oh, and there is a coordinating piece to pick up as a gift. Don't miss that if you like "cheeky"! 


No games

Just simple elegance


KUNGLERS - Lola necklace with texture change hud @ Cosmopolitan

Baiastice_Janis Shirt


nails: alaskametro

Pose by: Diesel Works

Sand Between My Toes

With some great new releases and a plethora of anniversary gifts, you will definitely want to make your way over to Cosmopolitan.  You have two weeks!


Little Fox - Loverdag bikini with extra colors in the fatpack hud

Hair: NO.MATCH NO STRESS  high and low land impact versions included

Raindale - Shellrane beach shower (with and without doors, PG or A) 12 land impact

Pose by: the shower

Daring at the Diner

New group gifts are out at Beautiful Dirty Rich -- two in fact, comprising a full outfit. Add your favorite bangles or earrings and you are set.  Top three mesh body fits. Look for Bora Bora.

Hair: MINA Hair - Myrtle -

Poses by  aDORKable