Second Life Advent List 2014

It is going to be a VERY busy month and it all starts TODAY. So many wonderful events going on including ------ Advent!

A present a day from many content creators across the grid. 

Meanwhile -- the fashion notes.

This new, black or white by hud coat hales from ArisAris.  Sleek and form fitting it is perfect for any of the chilly months. Look for Essential Coats (Exclusive in Frozzen).

Selenia hair by MINA for The Arcade (woot).

Get your WINTER on!

*********************  ADVENT LIST ************************

Updated December 13th 6AM

If I couldn't find the board by 11pm Nov 30, it didn't make it on the list even if it was advertised :D. Many more have been added. There are a lot of prepacked boards out there. I culled this list but there are still a few in here as I can't remember which to delete :D.

You will find your favorites. That's the point

Landmarks go to the calendars when possible so use your beacon if necessary.

Swayland -- This year you are looking for holiday ornaments (balls) in various colors. Then as in years before, match the answer to the gift of the day and reap your rewards. Going early on the 28th I found most numbers up to 15. It never fails that the day I didn't find is the item I like the most LOL. But in the past gifts have been available for purchase after the day has passed. So check on that. If you haven't done this before it is lots of fun. Info notecard givers are available at the site. You can see the gift for the day on the website here.

KittyCats -- Sometimes items are FOR your cat and sometimes cat themed. And now and then the reference to kitties doesn't seem to be in the mix. Always a good time. The first day (and maybe onward) there is are presents for BOTH you and kitty. Don't miss this one.

Later note: In case you have a kitty and didn't know. You apparently need 15 prims for the collar ( I am guessing that is to rez a "new" version of the cat WITH the new collar?!) and you can lose the collar from your kitty if you don't have those prims. You can get it back but if you are short on prims -- don't try the pretty collars.

Fierce Design - also a Santa's lap to sit on and get gifts. 

Abraminations - group only

Alli&Ali - Same as last year - potluck with a chance to pick up something new each day. Note as of Dec 3 (all day) this does not seem to be working well. Hopefully it will be better soon. Several folks didn't get deliveries.  Fixed

A Touch of Magic (Dollarbie) - a numbered tree is inside the shop. Each day a new item is revealed. Not clear now if items will stay for the
 duration or be taken away.

ALB Dream Fashion - update NOW group only - $300 join fee

Forest Mall (adult)

AMD & AMT : A whole new world  (group) 

MadPea Advent Hunt ($100 Hud)  - check for more info on the MadPea site as the hunt begins.

Alice Project - two boxes by the tree (one for VIP group)

Drama Libre - A fun place I visited in my youth. 

Parfum de cristal - traditional advent calendar in a gorgeous snow sim. 
(Gone on day four)

Cero Style

Isis Boutique   

Celtic Wolf - advent tree on the wall.

ASD Holiday Market - (group only - adult sim)

Vampire Realm

Aaron`s Kitty Store KittyCatS by Vegan and George (group only) small calendar on desk.

Hibiscus Hastings' Gallery of 19th Cent. Art

22769 - a 13 days of Christmas will start later in the month. Find the large Christmas tree and the package tagged for the day.

Chop Zuey - 12 days of Christmas will start later in the month. TWO boards - one group (fee) and one free. In the center of the entry.

Dulce Secrets - 12 days of Christmas will start later in the month.  Big box under tree.

Akaesha - Naught or Nice calendar. Not really an advent calendar, clicking brings up a map to a location where you can find a "naughty or nice" bag to click on and you MAY win a gift certificate. The girl that was there with me did win a $500 one so they are in there. There are also Naughty or Nice gifts.

Sweet Revolutions - group only hunt for the package each day. Free to join.

DMC's Intan Couple Dance Balls - Various boxes you have to hunt for in the store.

Timeless Textures


Skye Qi

Living Vintage Couture

Virtual Impressions (group - free to join) 

StoraxTree - $5 this year but there were some very nice things in the past so putting it in the list.

Lantain Flox (box on ground with floating text)

Freebie Cosmos (group only - free to join)


Mrs Santa Christmas Market  - actually more of a hunt somewhat like DMC's. Find the hunt item for that day in one of the stalls in the market.

Imortals Avatars 

WEIB Sales Room

{NaYu} Design

Roots and Wings - not a calendar, just a poster in the middle of the room.

Needful Pixel - time is set for Europe (the unpacker can't seem to get the product delivered - maybe the same issue as Alli) FIXED. Sorry the landmark goes outside. I can't seem to get in the building although I did when I was making the list.

Yasum Design - a complete house and furnishing is the gift given throughout the season.

Wicked Island Shopping

Loordes of London - (group only) there are no numbers on the tree boxes; just mouse over until you find the active one. The board will open up one last time on the 25th if you miss one (timing isn't automatic so problematic for some folks). 

X-Clusive Animations - adult sim - no child avatars

Pose by: Diesel Works from the NEW Zahara set

90 Prims

click any photo to enlarge
Can you decorate a whole house under 90 land impact? Sure you can!

A post on the forums lead me to the quaint setting of Forest View Village where you can live very inexpensively. There is a catch though -- you only get 90 prims (LI points).  That figure scares a lot of folks, but with all the smartly made mesh out there these days there is really no worry.

I love a challenge and I was darn sure I could decorate this lovely mesh (7 LI ! ) house in style even within that budget. So I immediately rented one of the houses and got to work.

Long ago and far away the Hotshots Contest had would-be interior designers competing on decorating  rooms. There were plenty more prims in that challenge but the things have changed with the advent of mesh. Too, there was no clock ticking this time -- only the one telling me it was REALLY time for bed. 

I tried to get all the goodness in the photos but you know how hard that is. There are plants, wall decals and even an overhead fan in the bedroom that didn't make it into the shots.

I used some of my favorite pieces from here and there and a few of my own things.

I found a few items that escaped my recollection skills and of course some current releases made it into the mix.

The key to my choices had three parts. First they needed to look great. Second they needed to be low land impact (I cheated in the bedroom a bit with some very cute storage that adds up to a bit more than I would like). And third they needed to flow with the theme.

I still have 6 prims left for holiday decorating, but all in all it is working for me.

I love clutter in virtual land and the fact that you can get so many intricate items as ONE object with minimal land impact is definitely a plus these days.

So that's my story. It was a fun romp.

Wild December Starting Early

It's going to be a wild December.

Last year I averaged over two posts a day and I think I took the week after Christmas off!  This year is looking even busier with plenty of  posts in the queue. So check back often as there will likely be something new.

I won't be doing a  lot of adventuring (well I am featuring several events so those will be out of the house) so expect to see a lot of snowy scenes and white backgrounds. As year end is fast approaching I have been reflecting on my blogging style. I am not the most arty cookie in the jar as they say; my aim is to keep you informed. So pretty and clear photos with the info you need is my aim. That will have to do this month!

One big event for the holidays is the Peace On Earth hunt [starts TOMORROW] with lots and lots of great gifts to pick up. My first official post is tomorrow and VERY CUTE, but since so much is happening I wanted to squeeze in a post early.   

This outfit is just PART of a huge set from ShuShu, the So What outfit. It also includes purse, beanie, scarf, banded and studded top, garter belt and probably something else I missed. The database was being feisty this morning and wouldn't let me add alpha layers so I opted for my favorites from the set.

The boots are wonderful and rigged and the legwarmers can be worn right or left or both (fun!).  The texture sweater is not part of the set, but it is a bit chilly to go without *wink*.

The lamp and table in the background is from CLEO DESIGN as a release for this month's Challenge - Fairy Tales. Beautifully detailed and super cute, it joins lots of other creative releases; see the list here.

Pose by: aDORKable

Getting in the Spirit

Out for the weekend special at SLC, some super cute holiday attire. The Winter Love outfit comes in a variety of colors and includes over the knee socks and oversized plaid boots. This is a great deal.

In the background a sneak peak at The Arcade release from Sway's. The Cozy Nook comes in three color palettes and also includes curtains, plants and photo frames. The books are impressive and weigh in at TWO land impact for ALL of them (oh my).  

Pose by: Diesel Works

The Arcade - December 2014

Coming to The Arcade in a day and a half -- the Tromple Loiel advent gacha.

This is the gacha key. My "calendar is unscripted and set to its appearance as if it was fully completed".   Now I am not 100% sure just what that means *wink*, but it is SO CUTE. I am guessing the numbers light up when you use the key for that prize.

BUT my sleuthing adventure game skills had me noting that there are twelve objects in the scene. Twelve prizes to get. So my best educated guess (certainly not always right) is that for each different key, you get a prize AND get one of the pieces of the little scene.  It weighs in at 23 and is fairly small. You could easily place the base into the ground to hide the numbers -- and that's just what I am planning to do.  

Now here are SOME of my favorite pieces. I am going to have a hard time deciding what to use in my new house (more on that tomorrow).

Objects are mod for size and increase (or decrease) in land impact accordingly.  

These are so inexpensive you will definitely want to try for them all! 

Geeks and Nerds Fair

The Geeks and Nerds Fair is in full swing. Lots of really fun items to perk up your living spaces can be found.

From Cheeky Pea, the Los Robles set with bright colors and plenty of details. Both PG and A versions of couch and chair are available. Do NOT miss the ball lights which didn't make it into this shot but are hanging happily above the couch. 

It isn't all furniture of course at Geeks and Nerds. Find these cyberpunk rigged boots at the lassitude & ennui area. There are plenty of colors to choose from.

In the background -- on the left, the Cheeky Pea Los Robles chair from Geeks and Nerds as well as the COLLABOR88 release from Second Spaces, the modern alchemy lab table. There are three colors to choose from. Drawer repeat on the back side for in the middle of the room styling.

And for Geeks and Nerds, Second Spaces has some cool accessories. Honestly I need that ASCII chart in real life - LOL.

The lead photo was taken in the Geeks and Nerds offering from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] -- theSpacecraft Sleeping Nook. This is so fun!

Other Fashion notes:

NEW  - Jasmine Cardigan and Top by Ducknipple. Sweater an be worn separately. Color hud for both sweater and tank.

Hair by MINA
Glasses by {theosophy}

Poses by: furniture

In Under the Wire

As the month draws to a close there are a few things I need to let you know about. Some are closer to the deadline than others, but still -- shop now.

Out for A Tattered Page, this bed and night stand with accessories from 22769 ~  [bauwerk] . Find it at the main shop.

The vintage posters are part of the COLLABOR88 release from flowey. Very appropriate for any back in time styling -- in this case steampunk, there is also a very nicely made distressed vintage apothecary cabinet. Hurry Hurry.

For role play folks the Market Stall gacha from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] is a dream. Tons of food products and barter items perfect for adding some authenticity to your country village. Try your luck at The Secret Affair.

Thankfullness 2014

I don't "do" Thanksgiving these days. I abandoned turkey and trimmings for a quiet celebration of what I am truly thankful for.

This is post 3800 3700 -- at least fashionwise. I suspect I am around the 5000 count if you count all my blogs over time.

I found one of my favorite photos, taken in my very first skybox back in 2008. Most of the items have disappeared over time, either by plan or database disaster; but I still have the boa, a group gift from Callie Cline.

I recreated the photo of my first virtual Thanksgiving -- at least in spirit. I can't remember WHY I was mostly naked (artfully so anyway) but I do remember the photo session.

This was a good  reminder that we do indeed have much to be grateful for.

Poses by: the furniture


I did a little hunting the other day; the current Dirty Turkey Hunt was my target. I didn't hit all that many places, but of the items found the REALLY BIG SET of goodies from Plastik were the standouts.

I love these heels!  (Slink medium)

There are several styles of heels and two patterns of dresses. As you might imagine, modest gals need not apply *wink*. 

A better pairing could not have been found than this new release necklace from 22769 for  [L'accessories] The Aida Necklace comes in various finishes. The swirls of the dress are echoed in the wraps of the beads; colors work very well. This is the gold and black version.

Now I wanted some new hair to show off with this. A short trip to the Marketplace garnered this really nice prim do from .:CHEVEUX:.. A blonde version is included in the pack. Unless your head is tiny, you will want a hairbase for this. Very nice and a dollarbie.  There are some very nice looking hairs in the shop and demos, so check those out.

Go forth and get the look!

Poses by: Everglow and aDORKable

A Place in Time

A dusky early eve in a fantasy world. Is it? It could just as well be current times. Whatever your pleasure there are some new releases that work well in many times and places.

A fun new rigged mesh wrapped pony was released from Vanity Hair. Look for Guns and Pearls. The hair base is not included, but I am guessing you already have a favorite pony hair base. I am wearing one from EMO-tions.  Many color huds are available of course.

My Luna top from Ducknipple can be any of twelve colors with a simple hud click.

I am standing inside the recently released  Great Harvest Market from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. Find it at The Secret Affair.

While this is a very traditional build with really gorgeous textures, it could easy work in a rural setting as a barn like structure.  The 22769 guys have been VERY busy lately with lots of impressive releases. I will be showing you my favorites but you will likely run into others at a variety of popular venues.   

Pose by: LAP (nla)

Sweater Sets

Many decades ago there was a popular mode of dress called "the sweater set". The ArisAris ~Sinuous Outfit reminded me of those days. This is NOT your 1950s sweater set however  *wink*.

Roomy slouchy sweater, beautifully textured bandeau and saucy little skirt that moves VERY well  -- all combine to make this the "new" sweater set style.


Even better news?  There are nine different garments via hud. As I was trying this on I was thinking how nice it would be to choose between sweaters and skirts and such and not just by color. You know what? You can. Very cool!

Now when I was looking up the correct decade for the original sweater set popularity (I had it right by the way), I found a fun website where you can test your style. Not sure how accurate it is but mine came out appropriately. Those computers are smart!

Give it a try here.

The Bliensen + MaiTai - The Wastelands - Bottle Cap necklace comes in two styles and is sized for both men and women. Find it at Genre this month.  Lots of fun!

Hair by Vanity Hair

Poses by: Diesel Works

Secretaries and Numbers

Out today for The Neighborhood a great secretary from Second Spaces. It comes with and without "stuff" and there are SIX places for personal photos. THREE color choices let you find the perfect model for your style.

Hard to believe but this is only FOUR land impact. What a value.

N-Twenty1 Day

Out today for N-Twenty1 from Cheeky Pea, the First Fall Bench Set which comes in four colors -- A or PG animations.

This is just darling. The sign says, "how would it be if you come and had tea withe me".

I love the parcels! 

Don't miss seeing this!

Secret Fantasies

It's getting sexy over at The Secret Affair.  This is deviousMind's "Ianna" Arcane Dress which comes in 23 colors. Add in some rare drapes and ornaments and you have a cornucopia of silky fantasy.

This is a fitted mesh garment that happily hugged all my minimal curves. OK, I needed a little breast tweaking (oh so flat even though the skin shading suggests otherwise).   Colors range from pastels to vibrant hues as well as jewel tones. Lots to try for at the gacha!

Pose by: Orc Inc.


AD Creations has a big selection of Calavera outfits for you to choose from. Makeup is also in evidence. This is the Calavera patch dress, my favorite. The headpiece is included in the set.

These were from the Sugar Skull Show by Solo Evane on November 14th. Find all the releases now at the AD Creations  main store.

Pose by: LAP (nla)


The theme today is "rustic" which of course comes in all flavors. Out from  Roawenwood for the Gorean Gatcha event, a big set for your tubbing pleasure. There are two (rare) tubs with the other being in a copper finished. The tubs have naughty animations and the flowered rug is a gift at the event. The accessories can be used in various genres with ease. I plan to add mine to the gypsy camp.

Over at The The Liaison Collaborative, Atelier Visconti is thinking in a different  rustic terms.

I love this weathered fountain. It speaks of the past and memories; generations that have passed by.

Also from Atelier Visconti, a simple but beautifully textured rustic bench with 46 animations -- both singles and couples.


This is the time of year when thoughts turn to family, history and traditions -- for some of us anyway.  Two new releases are inspired by the past.

This November's collaboration at Atelier Kreslo is from Trace Osterham  of Theosophy and Flutter Memel of Flowey. The Lysgard Chair weighs in at an amazing 2 land impact. Six original sitting poses are included. All eight colors of the Lysgard Chair will be exclusively available at Atelier Kreslo until December 12th 2014.

view from front entrance
Just out for COLLABOR88 (yes tardy - that darn real life) from Barnesworth Anubis, the Tudor House (aptly named) with details galore and room enough for ALL the family, extended family and even the neighbors. Three floors in all, you could spend many hours decorating the myriad of available spaces.

exterior of the secret attic version
This is also available with snow!



It was a reprise visit to Don't Panic for me today.  My friend returned from her trip and since we had played many of the Pulse Halloween games together it seemed fitting to explore the 2014 version. Since I knew I had missed a lot of the areas, I was sure I would enjoy a return trip.

Amazingly we finished in under two hours -- and no I didn't help all that much.  Along the way I found the black kitty in the pumpkin (woot) and a good portion of this outfit.

These really gorgeous horn are from Devae. The stately head horns are in one prize package and the body horns are in another. A note says that these will be available at the store after the event ends (not much time left). Other colors will also be available.

The dress is one of the many prizes from Sn@tch. 

Happily there is a new release to show you from Bliensen + MaiTai that coordinates beautifully -- the Rawwr - Claws. Find them at  We Love RP.

Eyes by Mayfly

Poses by: Orc Inc and aDORKable

Snow Picnic

Some folks have winter snow already -- either real life or virtual. I am looking forward to the later for sure. The Christmas tree lot with sales booth has been set up for awhile now and a new release from {what next} fits in perfectly. The sales lot folks need to keep warm and have some hearty foodstuffs so they can keep on working. Yep, they do.

total land impact of full set is 14

The Winter Harvest Picnic set is out for The Liaison Cooperative starting today, the 15th. It is bound to be a festive round! 

FLF - What Next

Today only!   Grab this great rustic hat rack from {what next} on a Fifty Linden Friday deal.

I have a perfect spot for it; do you?


From 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival  -----


The details are fantastic. Now I had two issues to deal with in setting this up. The first was that I had no idea how a blacksmith's shop should be arranged. Google to the rescue!  It is probably still not absolutely correct but hopefully believable.

The second is that my ground is uneven with no way to flatten (that up in the sky thing). Happily the stone base could be deepened and enlarged so that the bellows could go in a good spot. So the original building's floor is not this texture or size.

The shop itself is the rare item of course. It includes a nice little area for some blacksmith privacy. Well, not so much really -- it is open in the back for ventilation LOL. Those were the days!

Lots to try for. I especially like the bellows.

If you would like to see this in all its glory it is up in SOIL, here.

A Desert Storm

I love the desert. The peacefulness, the desolation, the closeness to nature -- all call to me.

From ISON, two new releases that pair nicely together. The bandage back top is asymmetrical and amazingly enough those bandages stayed where they should be through forty or more pose try-ons with only one instance of strap oddity. The armholes are cleverly designed so that invisible areas are not an issue.

The side lace pants have convincing wrinkles and are an excellent companion to the top. Find them both at COLLABOR88!

I am still wearing my KOSH anklets (scroll back a few posts if you missed that info).

Hair by MINA (Lena)

Pose by: aDORKable

Literary Gals

Back in the day I did a lot of reading. As a child I consumed (yep, that's the correct word) sometimes two books a day. I have to admit that while some of the modern culture has driven right past my doorway -- the absence of books is not one of them. I still LOVE books -- certain books; my books. Tomes of all types are also one of my favorite decor items.

Before we get to the intellectual part of this post, let's take a look at what I am wearing. From Ducknipple a menswear set for gals with an extensive hud that let's you change jacket and tie textures as well as an "any color you want" color picker for the shirt. There are a lot of jackets in this one garment; great for inventory control. Look for "Danny"!

Now if you are really old like me, you might have this hat-hair combo in your inventory. It was a gift from Christmas 2009. Wow, that is a long time ago. I found it while wandering through hair earlier in the day. It is definitely one of the oldest items in my closet. Thank you Maitreya!  I remember how difficult it was to teleport in to get all the goodies (there were lots), but I did. Good times.

Back to our tale.

Cursed Events started a new -- well let's call it a challenge, shall we?  A Tattered Page is design with a pinch of going back to school. A book is chosen and the content creators base their release on a phrase of the book -- and the section has to be cited (no cheating now).

There is a shopping guide on the website for easy perusing.

I am not an official blogger for this event; bloggers needed to read the book also (insert gasp here) and I am not a big fan of long ago fiction. This round the book was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

The ring in the photo above is the offering from Bliensen + MaiTai, the Wedding-Night ring. Three other colors are available as well as other metals.

And for you literature buffs, here is the quote that inspired the rings:

"Devil, cease; and do not poison the air with these sounds of malice. I have declared my resolution to you, and I am no coward to bend beneath words. Leave me; I am inexorable."
"It is well. I go; but remember, I shall be with you on your wedding-night."

Profile photo 2010

Journals by 22769 ~ Travellers Clutch
Poses by: Vista animations