Fast - Easy - Fun and Free

So many great things on the feeds this morning! Yeah! It seems like both bloggers and creators have reinvented themselves a bit. Change is frequently difficult but oftentimes needed. I am in there with the changes - new direction folks. And in some ways I am getting back to my roots. Hence this post featuring freebies. I know I have been lazy recently, but I have been out exploring this week -- hopping over to Midnight board calls and finding new locales; all with an eye toward those pretty pictures.

I didn't get a lot of perusing in this morning before I came on this fun post. I zipped over to BOOM to pick up the tube top and while I was there I found a free pencil and pen set nearby. Note that the pencil would work better -- I am sure -- if I actually had bigger boobs *wink*. Find both on the right hand wall by the black grab bags. My skin is one of two that I picked up last night from the Midnight Boards at F'd Up. I found two new skins on the Midnight Boards this morning and there are three lucky boards to check in the same inner room.

I am very impressed with these free jeans from Ivanka Akina. They are part of a big pack from the freebie wall at the TP point. Two other similar styles of jeans are included as well as prim parts. The top from the set is cute too. Upstairs there are some pretty looking summer tops, and there is a new group gift (currently worn by a model there) if you are in the joining mood. According to the message when you TP in,  there will be (perhaps has been) a new group outfit to find each week.

That's my freebie news of the day.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Modern Red
Skin: =-F'd Up-= Felicity - Rose
Clothing: *BOOM* Fast, Easy, Fun!; *IA * hipster jeans-FREE1
Shoes: A-BOMB Phoxxe Shoes-Patent
Accessories: *BOOM* Boobie Pencil; Flavor! ~Cheer Pom ~ Black and White

Poses by: LAP