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TNPLH and Other News

This is really a continuation of my very early morning (yawn) post on the hunt for the ruby slippers. But since I always try to look like a fashion blog for the feeds, we will start off with some news from Tuli. There is a big set of tattoo layers out at the newly revamped shop. Demos are available.  If you are are a member of the humongous SL Tuli group (fee), there are some goodies for you in the archives - yep ALL the tattoos. I missed the official announcement as I often do but luckily saw a blog post and checked the history. And for those of you not in the VIP group, there are other freebies out at the shop including a pack of teeth tattoos -- one shown here.

My photo above is actually a sneak peak at my TAUPE outfit for next week's color challenge. And my backdrop? My favorite find so far on the There's No Place Like Home hunt. All will be revealed by Saturday morning never fear.

In the meantime, I have decided to list a few more of my favorite finds on current hunts -- mostly the TNPLH which I am in the midst of. Necessity dictates that I clean up my messy from unpacking inventory and regroup a bit before I venture onward for the rest of the hunt. So I decided that some thank yous were in order. While I could send notecards to the designers (and I will to the ones that made me squee :D), a descriptive listing helps them more I suspect.

So here we go in no particular order - well actually the order they appear in my messy inventory *wink*. These are from the TNPLH slipper hunt unless noted. And remember, I didn't find all the prizes and I am NOT finished, so I suggest you hunt for yourselves. These are simply my personal gold star gifts.

FD Decor - Low Prim Furniture for a nice modern lounger and a great retro triple pole light; I am pretty sure I had one of those long ago.

*Finishing Touches* for a background changing window and shutter set with table and decor (rose pink - mod copy).

Cheeky Pea for lots of goodies including a Boho set with lamp and texture change lounger poof. I especially like the framed art that goes with.  I also found another hunt prize of a dorm room shelves, those board and brick ones from college days. Fun. And there is a Royal Tea Party (fee) prize somewhere there too.

NoName Sofa's for a complete ultra modern silver leather(?) living room set.

GGs Home and Garden  for one of my personal squee gifts, a set of lovely terra cotta pots for Spring planting. This shop is NOT on the official list; I found it by reading the hints page (reading is good). The pack of plants include both small and large planters as well as one with flora. This is a NO COPY item, so I went back for a second copy. Both small planters are now filled with New Trails ferns and adorn my newly built brick patio on Winterfell Harbor.

Mudhoney for a fun set of stacked drawers in weathered gray wood and touches of blue. Caster feet give them a distinctive flare.

MELIA for a super cute and tiny snow igloo with cooking tools and animation. A really fun prop for winter.

CONCRETE FLOWERS for a classic rustic plant shelf with aloe plants (copy and plants are separate). A great addition for a kitchen or dining area or a garden room.

Grim Bros for a richly textured with black trim wabi sabi suki lamp (copy). Another prize is included.

Raven's Heart for an orange glass fancy floor lamp (copy).

 UTStudio for a package of building textures of interior walls with moldings and lighting as well as some nice floor woods.

[M]  for a morning cabinet with books, accessories and hot drinks (mod).

Texworks for some excellent clock face textures. Find the Whiz prize for some antique astrology card textures.

Dakota Touch for a very pretty multi pieced drapery set in a peachy color. Mod - Copy

Relive the fifties for some fanciful ANIMATED butterflies. Wow! as well as a a pole birdhouse similar to the snow covered ones that abound, but without snow (it is almost Spring) and with moving birdies.

Whew!  OK. I am tired but my inventory is in much better shape. Hope this list gets you inspired.

Pose shown above by Olive Juice from the Seasons Hunt.


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