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Love in Blues

We tend to think of love as girlie, pretty pinks, hearts, flowers, "bunnies" :D. And it IS all that.

But the Y chromosome set loves too. They don't always show it the way gals do; you have to read between the lines --- a lot. But once you understand the language of that manly kind of love, it's easy enough to live with and smile from time to time.

I give you Love in Blue.

From Cheeky Pea for Kustom9, Chalky Paint Tables (many colors with absolutely gorgeous textures)  and the Polaroid Light String with five places for your lovey dovey photos :D.

From ChiC buildings for On9,  "Love Grows" and Planter with Foliage - His (both come in pink versions also).

And from Sway's for Whimsical,  [Zodiac] Wall art - Pisces. Win your sign from the gacha; share with friends.

The  [Ihina] Rug with fringes (color change) is also from Sway's.


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