The New Second Life Avatars

New SL Avatars

They are impressive!

We have come a long way since texture shoes (yes, texture shoes!).

A new group of avatars can be found under Avatar > Choose and Avatar. Wear the individual avatars to have the outfits, skins et al, appear in your inventory. Pets are included and mixing and matching can be done. Many outfits work well with your own shape and adjust somewhat, but these are not universal fit garments.

Avatars are legacy with mesh outfits -- some of which are exceptionally well-made. The animation overriders hiccup, but are certainly better than nothing at all!   Outfit comes with wearable pets, perfect for the teenagers.

It took me all morning to get this shot (that's me as the guy). There are a lot of VERY rude people. I wouldn't call them greifers really (well maybe some). But staunch photographers persevere in adverse conditions.

Poses by LAP and aDORKable.

Photo taken at ARRANMORE.